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Wie J>t.f aul Sailg ^xw. 



thn Kepubllcan Union Hli<clorii of llic Kecond 
'^onKTOiiitluntl Ul-lrlct nrn riviii>".l<'tl fo irnd 
l>.il kmh-i toa I'liavi'utluu (ubtfhuUiHB at loni-r- 
r-iulls H:i'l »i II o'ciirk A. ««.,»« the c.ty ol M. 
fiul, on liuir.ida- . Ill" -"tU <l«y of bi>ii|<in- 
b'f, ImVI, li>r tlK- purpoHi" •>'• iionilniilinK " t'l'; 
<iiilati> for KrprfMinMtiv in Coc^rto Irom r*i<l 
IMiitrle.. Til" • couoUoi will be calUIiil 
to D«>li^int>'i* a.i followi! . 

Aaoka I 

Hentuu I 

Orver :i 

Co** 1 

Ohi^iHO I 

Mc4 k»r 

Millii l.«a 







SI. I.MllD 


.' U-iruii 


Wal.a haw .... 


r. »l. MKri'AIK.Ch.lrinan- 
K, W. fUMKR. 
A. K. «TirKNKY, 
W. h. lilt 'W, 
t', A. UfJs/, 
«'ong'l Ci.m.ur'.'(lCuDK'l liUtrlct. 
• at'lutll'Kl 

I'.ilW VVlDK,. 







Mcl.HUli. ...... 



W« oaiinot anil will not untlcrtako to 
|>nbli»h >-»iii'iMtiik-ntiona written on bvlh 
. ,.A ■ of l!i.' iihoi!t. 

L'iuoonnuo" i» iitlornit'd that wo 
havo uoi yet bi-en nhU' to obtain a cop/ 
of th'> l>:ll to wLich lu! ivlcrtf. 

*«• Sevural conimiiniraiioiii r'nmiii 
unn:>liot J (or witnt o( iho |.ri>tiir a(IJii»s 
of th ■ Wfitora. 




TLo (juiicrul who (ic;<ti^v liin lU|{ aiul 
bia army and {locsovorto Ibo unetny tmy 
■jt up al!ei;iitiuiis ol [>rini'.i|tlo in ixt'usu 
lor bia a|>UAtaii} ; but tbu (itmral wbo 
uot only Ji'.iLTtj Ilia iIjj,'' but iho 
post anJ Ibf trr;i4uris entnisteil to bis 
keeping; into tbo bAuJa of tbu eneuiy, can 
allege no apology for iiUL:b an in- 
fidelity to a aai'red truit Ho is not 
only a renegade. lie is a villain. 

Iliatury pnoiTVis tbc namca of but few 
sucb men, iiiiil pnctrvts ibiui only thai 
tbo inlamy niih wbicbtli'y aru ajsociited 
may ataud lor a pcipetual warcii'^; to all 
tbo gcueratii'iij ol men. Tbcro was ot« 
sutb man in America at (be ipocb of ihu 
Revoluiion. There is anolhi-r now. 

All tbo vast, resources of executive pat- 
ronagi.-, wbiob tbo KipuHican party eir 
trastfd to the atewardsbip of Andrew 
Johcaon, are about to bo turned over by 
that .irib-apo9tate to (be enemy. This 
patronage does not, in any sense, belong 
to him. It belongs to the dominant par- 
ty — tb^ party which mukci tlie laws and 
U reapoiiiible for tbeir proper adminis- 
tration, and of whom the I'rcsideut wbieh 
it elected id merely the agent and trust* e. 
Bat Congress bavins; most unwuely neg- 
lected to restrict tlitj enormous power of 
appointmcn* and removal now visted in 
ia (be President, the legal power remaioa 
witb bim to do what bo baa no moral 
right to do, and bo is about to t'Xcrt it to 
the utmost to weaken, and, if possible, to 
destroy, tbu party to which Lu owes Lis 
election, and tr .m which be received 
the trurt bu so shamifull/ abuses. 
Ail the immiuse wealth of public patron- 
age unJer tbo control of Andrew Johnson 
IS now olfered to bribe Republioana to 
■uppcrt his polijy. liepublicanj in cilice 
are boldly uud openly admonished that 
tuey will be allowvd to retain ihtir pla.ea 
only on that condition, and promises of 
lucrative positions arc freely (((uandercd 
aaioip^ Ivepu'ilic.ins out of ctlico as the 
reward of desertion to tbo enemy. 

Now, under these ciieumstaiees, who- 
ever goes over to Mr. .Johnson's party, 
and proba-dy no one will, there are just 
two classes wbo caMnot do so without 
persoinl dishonor : Republicans in ollice 
aad Ui-publicans wbo aro seeking for of- 
fiue. For any one bjlongin^ lo eith> r of 
these cUsMs to support or pretend to sup- 
p)rt Mr. .loliii^ou's poli y, is lo openly 
accept the bribe ostentatiously tendered 
mt the price of bit aposrasy. It braads 
bim ir.'Jeli'jIy wi.b the p.^rsooal 
dugraeo of having betrayed bia 
friends, iini sold bii priiu-iplfs for a pe- 
cuniary oii^id THtuMi. Ii sinks him be- 
neath lb.! moral bvi I vl dx-i mercenary 
proBlitute, wbo, at le*«t, has enough of 
lUeut virtuo lelt, to shrink from a public 
proclaioaiion ot tic ffc fbe receives from 
he.' cuai »'i!eri*. No honorable man, no 
man nut lost to all sense of aclf respect, 
cxn do ftu^bt else iban spuru the profer- 
r^d bnb. of clUc in cubange for fjia 
political opinioti.i. ll any Republii.-«n 
oUit •• bolder ehoull happen to be the 
sut'j' ct of .1 miraculous » onvtrsiou to Mr. 
Johnson's po!ii;y, there is but one course 
open to bun as a man of honor, and that 
is to immediately resiijn his olJi':e. 
He can 01 ly accept Mr. JoLnaon's prin. 
ciplos without personal disbtnor by re- 
lecting tbo bribe which he ofTers for so 
doing. If be actcpts the bribe and tbo 
principlis together, or consecutively, 
they will be indiasolubljr linked together 
in the public beliif inthe relation of caisi 
and tlfcct, and the sentiment of contempt 
and detestation which aucfa a belief in- 
Bpirea is ibf .saddest fate which ran befal 
any man wbo is not so constitutionally 
depraved aa to tind his most congenial 
associations among the outcasts of socie- 

From Judas Iscarriot to H' • • lict Ar- 
nold and from Ilenedict Arnf Id I'own to 
Fostmaater General Randall n • ' ■ > ever 
lived or now Uvea, wbo e\.r f ined 
anything by dcacrtingonc part) lo -ept 
the bribe of anoiher except . • be 
despised and abhorred by '.. h. 

lowM); brief account ol the sort of 'irne- 
ral.i who bavo andcrtakcn to luarNlial the 
Bobliers of tbo Republic in support of 
" My roliiy." Tbo fact that iJencral 
Stccdman has been bribed to desert bia 
party by the promise of being made Sec- 
ri>'ary of War in now m*de certain : 

(lOiionil Sloiiliniin .-loo.l liiKh .lurinK «lio 
wHr. Ill) touKht well, anil lalkoU iho most 
riKluiil kind ol rH.lie:iliMii. He even wcntm) 
t«r as lo make a i.|>eeih in favor iif neuro siil- 
IraK"' 'the war olliio lunuil li>.< liiuul. 
Kraiik Itluir b!i.i lie«n in i>nrlfier»lii|i li'r smiie 
limf Willi jho roppcrhertils anil retumfil reliels 
in Miss.iiiri. (Jen. Moouni wiim tlio fopper- 
heail eHndidato lor Secretary ol Sia'e of New 
York last tall, anil was voted spainst l>y the 
soMicrs. (iordon (Jriiiiger was violently pro- 
ulavcrv during the war, nml is so slill. This 
iicciiimls lor Uis ^iKnl»lllro. »icn. MeClcrnand, 
of llKnois, went iver to the Coppirhend* a 
vear ago. Mo .I'larrellcd violently witU (irant 
at Viek.sliiifB, was eonst'.|Hcntly sllKliled, had 
a very sevcrn ntliiek of horo lieiid, 
which still ailliels hiiii. ficneral Frank 
lin WHS a MeClelhin kind of n Ucn 
crnl. "Jlio eoiircc of Gen. fUKtrr we nro una- 
hie to aeount for. C.en. A. Mel). MeCook 
w«« diiitlnBiiliilie.l duriiiKihe wiir lor his fall- 
uieji, and as a eoiisequeiiee fell into di.srepute. 
lie naturally poesaKumsit tlie earnest men wh.i 
put down ilie ret«Mlion. (ien. llousseaii is not 
,1 new cMivert lo itie copperhead puny. (Jen. 
I'rook is a ){oml man. lie is in had company 
now. Why ho is lUero we don't know. iJeii. 
Sol. Mircdith— well. Is ho not known in the 
Hiiint Disrritl ' and is not Iho s.' ol his 
(•reatest lif-htinR exploit to lie found in tho 
iuilroavl dep.t at lli« liiiiond ? ilis Kreiilest 
notoriety while iu luo military aetviee was 
olttaiiieJ at Paducah, Ky , and the reeonls of 
the War Olll.u will show how Ins perfornianeo 
there was rooojtni.'.ed. Ho lost his "star." 
(ien. This Kwinn. jr., is where unyliody who 
l,n..« s ilie poliiieal uutocedcnts ol the lumily 
would look for him. 

This eoiuplcles tho list of tUo "dislinKuish- 
cd' names, siOKled ont Irora the si^ualures i.i 
Ihd ra'l. 

That kind of ehalT won't eateli lUo soldiers. 


juiiXM».'«'H -Qj|^|,^Qj^ j^^(.JQ(^ ^r >tillwaltr Mcsseii,i,r. by having 
'J'lie Ciiiciiiiiati '/Itt... j;i»«*» tne lol- ij* iuaide p»i;es printed at a Uriad and 

liiitlci newspaper c.lliee, gives iU read- 
ers reason lor tbinkiti';it has itself joined 
the arm in arm party. The second page 
uf its la^t insuo has the I'luladelphia 
"declaration" headed, "Tbo True Lnion 
IMaKoim." /.vil' 

.■naMCKi.LA.-VKtki •» i-raenM. 

Tho Idaho flatesmiin o( the ;''<illi ull. 
has an account of an alTslr of honor whieii 
lately truiikpirrd in lloihoCiiy. A "Colonir" 
of Southern exiraelion, named O. II. Hall, 
gross'y iiisiilled Jiidfje KomiiIh ronph, for 
which he instantly got abUck eye, and would 
hava got a80\etc rummcUinRlmi for the in- 
Icrtcrcneo of friends. The Colonel's Southern 
hlooJ was lircd with indignaiion, and he sent 
a ehallenKc to the Jiidftc deinnndinj: satisfac- 
lion for his wounded honor. The challcnRc 
v.w neeeptcd, weapons, grounds and fceomla 
el:osen. Tlionllair was to eoiiie oU early next 
nioruir^', wilb rillca at lorly paee.s. Tha 
.liulge w.Ts eool, kepi llio tnatur quiet, and 
was on lhe»(round ready lordiity. The I'olo- 
nel hlowed ihc whole IhinK around town, and 
tried to pvi himself lurcsU'd The ollleers 
knew his weakness and let hiiii run. In lie 
m.'ruiuK Ihc Colonel liegan early, and alter 
biddinR Ills w ife gooil bye three or four limes, 
he sueeccded in linding an olHicr that eon- 
liculcil to relieve him ot Iho unlorsceu diOi- 
cully he bad got himf>eU' Into. 

—A commillie ol eicbt i:egroeB have 
left AtUnta. (ia , lor WaahinKton, to lonfer 
with the aulhoritKS for tiaDspurlation to Libe- 
ria tor Iho thousands ol Ircediiieu whoso 
only wish is to be where Ihey cuu be e.msiU- 
ered eapaldo of vnlinK and hoUling property. 
Some alarm Is caused among Ihe plaaters by 
Iheso siiiiima. y proceedings, and the blacks 
arc receiving favorable oilers to induce them 
tt stiy. A circular has liccn circulated among 
tho prinripal movers, «Bsnring them Ihat sul- 
fratfo will b« cxlcoded to their children if not 
to them. 

— Among tho applicants for ailmission 
to the sa'iic of the execution of Starkweather, 
at Hartford, was one man who seemed to loci 
burtatlhe refusal. Ho said be thought h« 
was entitled lo ?eo the prisoner hung. "What 
is your name .' ' asked thaSbeiill. "My name 

is , und 1 live in Manchester. 1 lay four 

months sulfering in eonsciuencc of Ipcing 
poisoncil by Ihat stoundrol, and I think I've a 
right to SCO bim huug." "You aro right," 
siiJ tho Shariir. "you shall ha^o a ticket." 

—There is clli.ial authority for deny- 
ing the siattmcut Ihat the Sccrotury of the 
Treasury has given instruaions thai no mon- 
ey shall bu paii oat ol tho Treasury under 
thu provisions of the civil appropriation law 
tor additional bounties to soldiers. As soon 
as tbe regulations goycming tho payment 
shall 1)0 agreed upoa hy tho Commissioner 
and I'urnishcd to tho Treasury Depart- 
mant, and not until then will be [.resented for 
the decision of tbe Sicretary tbo question of 
whether thu law carries with it an appropria 
tiun for the law specified. 

— Henry Ward Ueccher baa lately been 
pitching into tho practiej of working railroad 
conductors 00 Sunday. Tho other day Mr. 
Ueechcr, in his peculiar way, was ni. iking ia- 
ipirirs of thu v-uiidiielor, to whom he was iia- 
known, as to whether the SunJav riJiog 
could no*, be broken up. "1 tl/ink it might 
Ik-," said the conductor, "but for that con- 
lounded Bcecher. So many fancy people 
from all p:iria visU his cstaMishment that it 
makes the road prolltablu. If ho would imly 
shut up, the thing coaUl bo done.' ' 

— The account of a (luy I'awk'a plot lo 
b!o\y up the Houses of rarlisinent, reported 
by tbo cable, waa greatly exaggerated. A pa 
per containing nine pounds of powder and a 
slow matib was picked up by the policeman 
on duly. It's object is not apparent. 

— \ resident of ono of the rural dia 
tricta was In tu'.»n a few d.ivs ago, and bear- 
ing sometbiog said a1>oat tbe (Jcrman Diet, 
in<|iiired what was meant by this diet. "Oh," 
said a bit of a wag, "it is one glass lager, ono 
pret/.el, and oue Ixjlogna." The countryman 
ai'knowl'dxed himself entirely sali.slied. 

— Tbe colored convention at Nashville, 
during Ua last session, rot apart tbe lirst of 
January next, as a day of fasting and prayer, 
on account uf the deaihi f Abraham Lincoln 

—At Troy, New York, n few dija 
since, a msn hired a son uf John Day. of .\1- 
banv ; procured an ia.-utane<. upon the lile of 
the buy, and ibcn endeavored to kill tbe lat- 
ter to get the msurance money. 

— The New York correspondent of the 
Louisville Courier says that K. /.. O. Jadson 
(Nod Buniline) ia now a homelesa wretched 
vagabond and drunkard in New York. Did 
dissipation and vice ever lead to any other 
end : 

—A fello*/ wbii baa bad the "mitten" 
more than adu^cn times, sajs that the eusl<>m 
of joining hands in lualrimony is ta id to be 
tsLeu from tbe practice of pugi.ists shaking 
handk t>eluru they b.'^jia '.u light. 

R«v. T. W. t'onway, for aome time 

Assi-staii' (Tommissioner of the Freed- 

men's Hurcau for Iho State of l.juisiana, 

has (»ubli.«bed a rejoinder to Ibo attack 

made upon bim in tbe Fiillerton Stead- 

m III Report, in which he takes the hide 

ollof Fullciton most beautifully. Ful- 

lerton wai AssiaUnt Commiasiooer in 

Loiii.-iaca for a moulb, and this is what 

Con way. says of him : 

(icn. KulUrton is in a large degree, tho au- 
th'ir of the prciicnt unhappy conditiuu of I.:)U- 
isiana. On Ins in that State, he inlorm- 
cd mc that be bad certain lustruitions from 
tbo I'res:dent that he was very unwilling to 
e.irry out, but that hu must do so, being a mil- 
itary olllcer obliged to obey tbe orders uf his 
ftuperlor, and that bo must put an cod to 
most of the operations of Ihe liuresu in tho 
.state. How faithfully he olHjycd tho I'rc^i- 
ilcnti How tbo operations of the Dureau 
were almost wholly kuspcudcd let tbo facts toll. 
• ft* ft •*•• 

1 would be glad to moet my accusers faca 
to face in a military court, or in a court where 
there w^uld be a promise of justiee. Ucfire 
such a eourr, when the charges against mysclt 
and sumo ol my ottlcers had been dispensed 
with and uc:ed upon, I would prefer Iho fol- 
lowing ch.irgos ag.uust (ien. Kullerton, yi:£ : 
Having reduced tho colored people of Now 
Orleans to praetieil slavery; having broken 
up thu free school establishment of the State, 
so fur as his Jurisdiction extended; having 
di.Oianded the asylums for Iho orjihans ol 
colurud troops wbo had died in the service ol 
tho country, and other orphans of frecdmen ; 
having urreslud hundreds of freedmen ana 
conliui'd them in jail, because they could not 
produce employment certlHeates from white 
luen ; having imprisoned t'nited Status troops 
who bad jast been uiustercd out of tho urniy, 
lor no other ro.isnn than because they could 
nut show, by credentials from white inhabl- 
tnnis, thai they had imploymcnt; having, 
without proper consideratiim and care, and 
without due regard lor tho welfare of tho 
country, restored the vast estates uf leading 
reliels wbo bad pledged their lives and lor- 
lunes to destroy tho t'iii'>n, and with having 
made relets his einfidenlial advisers during 
bis administration in Louisiana. 

■rue cnv 


or I'liK 


The cry of all the Jobnsonitea ia 
' clU>.c." 'J hey plainly tell tho I'reaident 
that if bo docb not place tho otiicee at 
thi'ir disposal, they can do noibiog for 
b'lu Tb>) New Hampshire delegates to 
tbo 1 biladclphia Conv^jntion visited 
Warhir^ion and presented an addreaa to 
the I'retiileiit, in which we read the fol- 
1 jwirg : 

Wu traukly declare to Ihe President of the 
United Slates that 11 the Conservative party 
cannut be sustuiiied by Iho wbolu power and 
liatroiiHgc of the Admiiiistratioti, it will be 
a usL-less ellort to altcuipt to sustain its policy 
ill I lie eoiiiiug contest with the real enemies 
u( Ihu I'nion, and we feel con'ldcut that wilb 
■ he earnest co-opcraiiim ul iho Kxeeutive 
Depuriinents uf our (jovernment we can rp- 
lurn three Consecutive mcmlx'rs of Congress 
at the next elcetiun. 

Delegations from Indiana, Illinois and 
Wisconsin, all w- nt to the rrerilent with 
the samo story. Tb>;y cannot sustain bis 
policy wiihout tbiy are paid for it, or ob- 
tain any support for bia policy without 
thi: means of purchasing i^ What a pa- 
triotic scl ol fi llowB they are to be sure. 


HaiLitoAO nut VE ao» 


Since c.ntinuous railw.'iy communica- 
tion baa been opened between St. Paul 
and Winona reducing ihi; tim" of travel 
between tbu two points some twenty odd 
hours, the public are entitled to the ben- 
efit of this speedier mode of transit in tho 
transjiiission of tbe mails. The through 
mails to this point are now brought up by 
tho Bteaiub -ats. which arrive hire some 
twenty-four hours later than the paasen- 
gera by rail, who started on tbu aame 
boats. When tbo water gets low 

tbe lime •'/ *^^ ''^*^'" '°°^*^ *'" 
be con«iii»ral.iy iiicreaied by detenliona 
oil sand bars. If tbe proper ellorts were 
made by our delegation the (iovernment, 
we doubt I ol. would readily consent to 
Bend I be through luaila by tbe rail route. CuttiKK. — This gallant sou 
of Mars, wbo has so suldcuty forgtitttn 
or repudiated his sworn testimony cf laat 
Match, it is now aaid, is "booked for a 
Lieutenant Colonel .y in Ihc regular army, 
in leturn for tbe prominent part be played 
at tbe late Lack- jaw Convention." Aa by 
the new Army Hill, pai.icJ by the last 
auaaiou, a large number of oUicera are to 
bo appointed to the new regimeuta, thia 
will probably explain the aingular pbe- 
nomanon exhibit:d by tbe acore or two 
of names signed to tbo call for a "So'- 
djers' and Sailors' Convention at Uleve- 
laud, to ratify thu I'biladelphia platform, 
by men who profess to have been light - 
ing tbu rcb'jUion for the past four years, 
but wbo are now ready to give up tbe 
fruiCa of victory to their enemies. They 
ahould, however, remember that tbe aame 
power that creates can undo; and that 
before their appointments have been C3r.- 
firiucd by tbe .Senate Congress may re- 
peal the bill ! 

'I'liK Augusta (.<!.i) <''m9titutionalist 
bin (be following : 

The New York Tribune .says that within 
three days afier the riot at New Orleans, thou- 
sands uf "liiionisls" left that city. A good 
riddance. It ihiy had gone a iwelycmonth 
ORo, and all such O'cn as Horace Orecley, 
Sumner, and Stevens, bad been hung about 
the same time, there would have been no dis- 
turbance in New Orleans at all. 

This is some improviment on the rebel 
plan for ending Mjo war, which waa 
broached aome three years ago. That 
was, to call off our armies, and let the 
South alone. Under tli.) stimulus of "my 
policy," and tbo encouragement received 
from tho I'biladelphia Ilread-and-Butter 
men the conditions of peace now are, tbe 
murder or c.\ile of tbe Union people of 
tbe South, and tbe hanging of tbo govern- 
ment's supportera in the North. 

SA.INT I>.A.XJXi. 8UNDA.Y. AXSGXJBT 36. 1866. 


i.n Li, 

NUMBER 200. 

Important from Europe. 

The li' farloUa lo Re- 
mflin ill Kiirope. 

Mu.\iiiiiiuiliaii'K Kropire (lone to 


The Mtixiean government reipiirca, 
even with the Klricfcst economy, live 
hundred thousand piastrca monthly for 
its indifpi-nsablc expensi h, and for some 
time past it Itas not been in the rcn ipt of 
more than tw tiliha ol that sum Irom the 
customa. The financial condition of tbo 
Me.\icin government is tLus reduced to 
the lowest ebb. 

To War Claim Agents. 

tiicllciuuitiiiii Huwwow 


A Gonulno Dispatch from 

Si'ii're CrlUciMii <iii tlu* 
Orlruii.>« lU'licls. 


\ I'lot i<» A<.«.ii*<»>liiii(«* Sliorhliin. 

Uil'ORT Til IT HE IMS ms SliPliMiPMl ItY 

(.i\n;ii, suiii«\.\. 

I'uo.ii Kuuori:. 

■rM* l».« AilMHllr <'i*lil«-. 


ate«o(ln« AITray Ml .Vaaktlllf-ft'lr.* 

NVSUVILLK, Aug. '^4. 

A shooting allVay took place last nigbt 
at a saloon on Cedar atreet, between N. 
W. Taylor and II. C. Jenkins, Council 
man. Two ollicera interfered when llrj 
fi^bt became general. Capt. TalterBon, 
one of Ibe clUcers, receiving three balls 
through bia clothing. OlUoor Sayrca re- 
ceived a severe wound Ireiu tbe butt of a 
pistol. An investigation will be held 

A fir,! broke out this morning in a lo- 
cality known as Smokey Ilow and de- 
stroyed aevcu or eight w-,oden buddinga. 
Tbe loss ia considerable. 

VuN>*, An;,'. 

Al'STKI.X.N WimiKS. 
'I'lie feeling in Aiistri.a ia pea.'O lor ibo 
preaeni, but war in lulnre, lo ic-eslablish 
her power in (iermany. 

Ml Ml II, Aog. ^3. 

The districts Havaria cedes lo I'rusaia 
are those of Orb, (ires/cld, Uillcrs and 
Thann, in Lower Kran.^onia, containing 
•l(l,UOU inbabitaiits. 

KL0iir:.M'K, Aug. '23. 

The Austrians continue to remove na- 
tional relics and objects of art, from 
Venice. Two thousand and (ivo hundred 
Italian prisoners have been relcaaed. 
Ili;ii.M:, Aug. '.';>. 

IK.ll l; I.N hW 11 KRI..tM> 

All the defenaive meaaurea of Switzer- 
land have bei'n dtscontinueJ. 

I'AKls, Aug. 'J3. 

The Kmpreaa o( Mexico baa gone to 


To Assa<litcil Pr«>»«: 

LoNiio.v, Saturday, Aug. 2:t. 

Tbo following dispatches have been 
received : 

TUB t U.Nce.S»IOX to lll'NOAIlV. 
Vii.NNA. Saturday, .\ug. '-'•I, i: m. 
The Kmperor Francis .loseph, baa de- 
termined to Btrenglhen bia Kmpiro as 
well aa bia hold upon tbe all'ectlona and 
loyalty of bis subjec's by granting a new 
constitution and ministry to Hungary. 
It is announced olbcially ilul a new min- 
istry will soor. bo formed lor Hiingaty 
upon the basis of Ihc constitution gran'cd 
ihe Magyars in 1«1S. Tho revocation of 
whi h waa tbe ca'ne ol the Hungarian 
revolulKn of ISW. 

fllK MKXK'W KMIMUK liO.NK 11'. 

I'akii, .Saturday, August '.'J, v. M.— 
The Kmpresa Charlotte will not return 
to Mexico, and it is conceded on all 
aidea lliat tbo Kirpiro in that country ap- 
proaches ita end. It ia authoritively an- 
nounced thit if additional French troops 
arc sent to M- xico i' wiJIoT.'y be in Lum- 
ber* to prof tci the inteie^is ol Friuch 
aubjec'B during tbe fall of the Kmpire, 
and to aecure a quiet evacuation of Mex- 
ico. They will nut bti u^cd lo austaintbo 
dynaity ol Miximilian. 

pRAiii t:, Saturday, Aug 'i-'t, v. m. 


The cession of Venctia to lialy is fully 
accomplished before tho treaty of peace 
between Prusfia Austria, Italy and liava- 
ria wai signed. A-istria freidy and unre- 
aeiv.dly ceded Vcaetia to Victor Eman- 

LoNoo.v, Saturday, Aug. 'l-'t, v. «. 

I'I\ It. WAU IN .lAfAN. ' 

Advicea have been received today from 
I'oint de dalle. Island of Ceylon, via iha 
Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean, that 
a civil war has broken out in Japan. 


Lim;|(|-ool, Aug. It, \: M. 

Liverpool brcadatufls market dull, ow- 
ing to more favorable weather for crops ; 
and pncea of foreign cereals have a down- 
ward tendency. 

Saiiukay EvKNi.M., Aug. L'j.— The 
Liverpool provision market is generally 

l.o.NDo.v, Saturday evening, Aug. -'.J 
— Tho money market ia firm, and the 
cloaing ({notation of conaols to-day ia 08} 
for money. The American atocka mar- 
ket is ateady, and tbe cloaing i|uotaiioos 
to day are : U. S. i'-'O'a, 7u4 ; ErieUsil- 
way shares, \\\ ; Illinois Central, 77^. 
!«•••• Uj ittuaasrr, 


A diapatch from St Petersburg has thu 
following : 

I'llOlVf Ni:W OKLKiNN. 

■ r|tul>ll<'Ma C'oavpatloa w( Hocbvs- 
Irr, !Cvn I'ork. 

UOCIILSIBK. N. Y., Aug. i\. 

At a Republican convention feeld this 
evening, Hon. Thomas I'arsons, Charles 
Wilson and Wm. Wagner were appointed 
dclegatea to tbe Syracuse convention. A 
resolution was adopted instructing the 
dell gales to vote f jr the rcnomination of 
(iov. Ferton and Canal Commissioner 
Uruce, and tbe adoption of a radical plat- 

Henry Churchill and Frederick Doug- 
lass were appomted delegates to tho eon- 
veniion of Southern Union men to be held 
at I'bitadeldbia on the :i lot September., Aug. i->. 

liKN. ^MKtlll>A.N^S KKI'I.Y TO I IIK I'ltKM- 

i>KNi coNi I'.ii.MMi ma itiorx. 

lien. Sheridan in bis reply to iholVi-a- 
ident's call lor information concerning 
the New (Jrleana not, alter detailing tbe 
evciiia of (he riot concludes as lollowa : 

"Tbo immedititi; causn ol this terrible 
alFaii- was the asaembliug uf ibi: Coiiven- 
lioii. Tbe remoto ca'iso was the hitler 
and autagouislic leulin^ whi b bai bei-ti 
(flowing in tbi commiiiiity since the ad- 
VI 1. 1 ol tbe present Mayor, wbo, in the 
organization of bis police force selected 
many dtHpeia'c iin ii, and somw of them 
known murderera. l'coi>b' ol cU-ar views 
weri« overawed by want of confidence in 
the Ma^or, and Ibe IcAra ol Iho thugs, 
many of whom ln> bad selected 
lor bii police force 1 have been frc 
i)uiMilly applied to by proiUT.ent citizens 
on this suij', and I have bi-aid them 
l■^prestt l<-iir and wai>t ol coiiliib-nce in 
Mayor Monroe, evi j- sipce the in<imatiou 
ol this last coiiveiiiion. 

I lauft condemn iIk" lourM! ul neveral 
of tbe city papera lor s'lj.jioi ting, by 
their articles, the liiiti;r fecln-g ol bad 
mi'ii. Aa to tbe Kiercileas manner in 
wli^i b III'? convciilion waa br iken up, I 
feel obligid to cotilcis strong repug- 
nance. It ia useless to aitenipt to dis- 
guiae the hostility that « xibfa on tbe part 
uf u great many here lowarda northern 
men, ami this iinfortuna'o all'iir 
has so precipitated matters that there is 
now a teat of what shall be the 
stains of Nortbcrn mfti ; whether they 
can live here without bi>i!ig in conntant 
dread or not ; whether they csii be pro- 
tected in life and property and have jus- 
tice in the courts. 

II this matler ia permitted to pass over 
without a thurougb and determined pros- 
ecution of those engaged in ir, wo may 
look out for frn|iit;nt scores cl ibi same 
kind; not only here, but lU oiber piai'ea. 
No steps have as yet been taki^n b) the 
civd authentic^ to arrest citiz.-na who 
were er.gag.-d in this massacre, or police- 
men wbo pcrj.ctratcd such cruelties. The 
members of tbe (.onvciitiou have been in- 
dicted by tbe grand jury, and mniy ol 
ib'-m a'ri .-'ted and held to bail As to 
whether the civil authorities can mete out 
ample justice to the gudty parlies, on 
boib sides, I must say it is u>y opinioo, 
uiiKjuivocally, that they cannot. 

Ju-'gc Abel, whoee course I have 
closely watched for nearly a year, I now 
consider one of the most dangerous men 
we have licri- to tbe peace and (juiet of tbe 
city. Tbe leading men ol tbe convention, 
li. King Cutler, llahn and others have 
been political agitators, and are bad men 
I regret to say that the course of tjov. 
Weill ba^ been vaccilating, and that du- 
ling tbo late Iroublea he haa shown very 
little of tbe man. 

C'igned) 1*. H. .SHERIDAN. 

Msj ir Uen. Comd'g. 
Nkw Oiii.i ans, Am;. '22. 

MAVOl: MU.MiOK b.St'UllKI>. 

iMayor Monroe called upon the military 
authoritiis last nigh', and impudently de- 
m.AndcJ to know when tho suldicra were 
to be reaioviil from the ci'y and th;i po- 
lice allowed to resume their functions. 
The only reply deigned tho Mayor waa 
his being shown to tbe door by a aer- 
'^ and two tolilicrs a*, the point of a 

A fl.Ol It) .V.«;.-iA.S.SI.NATK .sllKUIHA.N. 

A pl'it to M.ssaatioalc <Jc:i. O'uctiJau 
waa dincovercd by tbe miliiary uight be- 
fore last No at rests have jet been made, 
and tbe pArti* ulars have not b-ien made 
public. Wo only know that tbo design 
was to accomplish bis duatbby the explo- 
sion of a s'lell made for the occasioo. 
A raiiTioN KKO.M Tin: i.uyal .aikn. 
Nkw Y'otiK, Aug. '21. 

A petition to Congrcec signed by Union 
men of Louisiana respectlully represent- 
ing iba' after four years coinba' the 
ariudforcis ol the rebels an- > traitors, 
ibey are not prepared or willing that 
these same rebels and Iraitora ehoold re- 
turn among them, lo assume au'bority, 
maltreat with cjniumely and contempt 
and otherwide abuse them. The pelitiju- 
ers act forth at length thi'ir grievances 
and call lor protection. 

The TrihioK says wo have a report 
from Washington, which we credit, that 
Gen. I'bil. Sheridan has been relieved 
from bis command and 'ien. .1. II. S'.ced- 
man sent down in bis place. 


There were 'Jil cholera Jeatha in New 
Orleans on the L'3rd. 

rito.n NEW voifii. 

Ai.M I.N Ai!M —A Washington dia. 
patcb ol the I'-'J says; "Among the 
ootorious visitors at the White House 
to-day, were (Jeneral Dick Taylor and 
tbe Hon. 11. J. Itaymoud." Doubtless 
they entered the Presence arm- in arm, 
Binco that performance, at its first prc- 
aeutation at l*biladelpbia, was eo aucccss- 
lal in tapping the fount of Presidential 

'I'liK Democratic Convention li for the 
Fir.t Congressional District Is to be held 
at Uwatonna on the 20tb of September, suppression of the rebellion 

Uurea aad Onlarlw Itlilp Caaul. 

ToHON ro, Aug. 2i. 
The Huron and Ontario Ship Canal 
Co. is making progress. Hon. I>onaId 
McDonald and Adam Crooks, E.'ii , have 
the direction. Hon. Wm. Cayley accepts 
the position of secretary. It ia aaid that 
the work will soon be put uud r uontract. 

.'War* !llHrd«.r« ua Ihe rlulat. 

Nhw Yoiih, Aug. '2'). 
A special to thu Tribune announces 
additional murders by tbu Indians be- 
tween Forts Reno and Laramie. 

Hkhk is Ihe way in which Secretary 
Stanton is treated by the supportera of 
that policy to which ho haa tbonght it 
"politic" to give a pasaive and seeming 
countenance. The New York World 

8a)S of him : 

It is to bo hoped that the general e intciiipl 
and loathing with wbieb Secretary Muntun Is 
now regarded even by the Radicals, whom, 
alter serving them to long, he has uf late 
strivi n hard to betray, may not mislead I'res- 
idrnt Johnson into supposing that it will bo a 
pardonable thing for hhu to sutl'er ibis scand 
alous nieniher ot tho Cabinet ol Mr. Lincoln 
l<» creep away into otiseurity under Iho cover 
of some piotcctmg ollleial appoinlniCDt. 

No, give these reptiles the power and 

they would brand with infamy every man 

wbo ever lifted band or voice for the 

Aaellit<r Hurdrrnr Uua«r. 

ClNCI.V.NAll, Aug. I'l. 

Samuel Covert, murderer of the Koosa 
family, was hung at liubaiion, Ohio, at 
noon to day. Ho declared biniiclf inno- 

riro la Sa. ■/•Bis. 

Sr. Loci.s, Aug. ',^1. 
Collins &, Gillespie's livery stable, 
mule shed of J. P. Early, and lumber 
yard of Chapman iV. fhompson. ou liroad- 
wsy, were all burned last night. Lo's 
estimated at about $JO,CKJO. Mos'ly in- 

On the 8;h the United Stated Extraor- 
dinary Commiaaionera, accompanied by 
Gen. Clay, the American Minister, had 
an interview, at tbe palace ol Peterhof, 
with tbe Emperor, towbim they present- 
ed the following address : 

SiKK : The resolution which I have the 
honor of presenting to your Imperial 
Majeaty is the voice of a people whoac 
millions of lips speak from a single 
heart the ties which have long bound to- 
gether tbe great Empire of tbe East and 
ibe great Republic ot the West. hAve been 
multiplied and strengthened by the un- 
wavering fidelity ol tbo Imperial Gjvern- 
ment to oir own throughout its recent 
period cf convulsion. The words of 
sympathy and friendship then addresied 
to the Government at Washington. 
by command of jour Imparial 
Majesty, arc ri.\cd in ibc eternal 
remcmbran'c ofa gratelul country. Ae 
one of the wide family ol nations we 
yield our willing homage to that noble 
act of humanity which is tapecially re- 
ferred to in the resolution of Congress. 
The peaceful eiictol an oalightened aov 
creign haa cooaummated a triumph over 
an inherited barbanam wbi -b our western 
republic baa only reached through long 
J ears of bloodabed. It ia therefore, witb 
profoun'l emotion that I otiertoyour Im- 
perial Majesty, to the emsocipatod sub- 
jects, to all tbe people ol this vast realm, 
our heartfelt congratul itions on tbe prov- 
idential escape from dangers which led to 
this spontaneous expression of rcgiet lor 
the attempt, and thankfulness for its mer- 
ciful arrest and failure. The 
story of the pord from which a 
kind Provid:nce busVlelivered jour Impe- 
rial Alajecty brings' with it the remem- 
brance of the mighty sorrow wb^ch so 
lately filled every loyal heart in our own 
land at the auddcn lo-a of our chief, our 
guide, our lather. Wo thank (Jod that a 
grid like this waa apared to our frienda 
and alliea, the Rusaiin people. May the 
Father of all nationa and all rulera pro- 
tect, proloifi and bless the lile which be 
Las to signally preserved for the service 
of tbe people to which it belongs, for the 
good .of markind, and tb.j glory of his 
holy name. 
^ Asst.Secyol tho Navy. 

Oli.llvCT OK t'AKLoTTA'.S VI61T. 

Th«i Paris correspondent of the Lon- 
don I'vH aays : I have precise infonna- 
fion as to the object ol ih.; Empress Car- 
lotta's vi>it to Paris. It is to obtain a 
release lor the present from the obliga- 
tion of paving wba' is due to France out 

New Yoiih, .\ug. '23. 


Two milkmen were to-day fiucd $.j() 
each in the court ot special aessiona, tor 
putting water into their milk. 

"Three ateamers took to Europe lo-day 


Collector Smythe is actively engaged in 
tbe work of removing ollice holdirs from 
the custom house Since bis irsiallation 
he has made over two hundred appoint- 

K((I'ALIZ4TI0N OK ItUllNTlliiH. 

I'he lO'W Ulsnks (tt the uulleollun ul 

suimiiKs iLiiis m .^MTiu^Ai mm, 


Vouoher (Reooipti Form Wo. 5. 

i;uili>r III.. Uw ul .luly •», iw^'s Is 


ik-ut by luull, pu.<t.i>«l«l, u|iuu receipt uf the 
l>ri<>«, si.oiip«ri|alre. 

■»ltiC«i>l PHItfTinCI <'0., 

auj{10 Ht. I'aul, MIon. 



English Double Barrel 

With Miili";;4ii)' lioK siiJ 1 umliu'i. brionglog, 
all la prlmn orJor, 

1'h's gun WA- imiNirt.'d l..y a gputti'iiion for his 
own uv, aud will b« sold at cost at lli« t-tuni ol 
C. PHitaB/, 

auaVA-tw Cuiiifr fhird and KuUrl .-treuts, 


riiis Uouia Is U'jw opi^u fur llic rc>C'j(>tlon of 
(iu'i<ti. Is n>'w GUI and out : Is situated on 


St, Peter, Ricti and Eleventh 8tr«!et4, 
ovunLooh'iya the citt, 

Country unci liivar, 

( v>iiv>.ul lit to all I o'.nt'i, vllh s' vernl auru... ol 
Kruufiil ntrietM.d, linrly shadrd, and Is one oftlie 
most CeUghtlul nituatious in tin* city. mnij 


Op.'a and Top, for f»V at reasonab'.a pricof. 
Ahoa t<Al>DLK I'UXY. 
Aply at Ib^Sho-ing Shop of 

21 iw Comer Hh and > xcbmgo ttreuts. 

utiier UiKe uonilKiimeutLf 

N^e>v Freneli Lemons 

Which will boclu 'd uut at 

H. PiaEHt.ev. 

u.jji.'l Iw Ihinl Dtreet, St. I'aul. 

W. & .T. M. RYAN, 


GvVl^ElVA., ILT^., 

OflVtr tor (lati*, iu lots U cull iiori'hisars, 

l,0«U HurrrU .nt>** Pork, 

ai«t> iS»rrpla Priiii« lllraa Ui>.. 

3tlO "riiirc** I^uf Lard. 
10,OI>U MMgitr I'urra t MitviaiarU Miama 
I4*.«U«« Pliain»u<l« wn*ua««>dMli'ldPrB. 
&<*,OUO Pauuda Clotar NIdw Uacva, 

bO Bwava Bmihr«s* lliacan. 

auKlV Ut^j-lm 


To the Traveling Public. 

Ull u-id after IbU data the 

Light Dralt PassouKer iiteamer 


vrill liiaToJit. Paul for La iJroiHC and lnlorm«. 
dlalq|ioln'i on 

Tueuday, Thursday & Saturday, 

A'l' !♦ A. M. 

Tkt) Qutvkraa Ntanaiuvr «■ tho VI otcra 
ml Iho lp|M*rmiMlnippi. 

««-i-aj>mi;nukiu uwimu i«y tukchii*- 

CK!ir,ts weliavn niiil« no advance on scciunl 
of luw watur. 

for KrelKhl or fasaa^o apply oa board. 




lirw %^ttti\$tmms» 






Or Double 8i>rmf; 


They will not Benu or ItHKAk, Uk« thu sloxle 
aprlog. liut will ALWAYS I'ltaaKitvit their pkk- 

Kltl-T 8Ud IIK.V.UT1J-U1, (illAPK iu all CUOWU- 
V.U ASSK), tllLULIll..., rilK A rr.liS, UAIL- 

uiiAi) CAK8, and for r no. men A of. or house 
DiiKs.^i— i»aih hoop belBR composed of two 
flop'y tencpcred steol »priug«, hraldtd tightly 
Buil nnnly toRelhpr, wJgn to edge, (f rmlng 
one hiop, and ma^ioR Ibo bTiniMiivh'r aud 
.Mosrri.i£xiiiLi;, aswi-llas thu duimble 
and sTtt.isii SKiliT iivi:u madi:. Infacttbey 
are Ht;rrninu u> all others, comblolDg ComfOrt, 
EcoBOray. Lichtntoi, I lecano<> and Durability. 

In.iulr» for BaAULKY'd V Kr.l.lPTIO 
(or daubic; SPKINfi SKIUT. For sale evcry- 

Manufactored caoluitlvoly by sole owner of 


WK«TI»,BHAUl.Blf *«JAW¥, 

97 Chambers, and :o aud aO Keade aUeets, 

New York. 

Ch«l«r«i at ak« W«aS. 


CisciNXATt, 0., Aug. '25. 
The number of deaths from cholera, 
reported yesterday, was -'6. 


MtMi-iiLs, Teun. Aug. 24. 
Fivu cases of cholera are reported to- 
day, one of which was fAtal. 

In tl'li city, on tlie 24tli iniit., the ycuogctl 
child of Chat 111 iiid Addlu A. NtuUuU, aged liz 
months and a half. 

?'au(ril from their teridcoce all o'llock v. M. 
ouSactli). Krloi.ilH of thi- fjmlly nrP Invited to 
atteii'l. ^^ 

To Siran«4{r8 Vhiliiis Minnesota. 

A^oK I, Au/uit nth, imfi. 

K» a p'ca aat stopping plAC* for rtrangers, 
h»alth a »-lc<tr», ■portninen and others, this 
pleasant v.lltje catiaot to excelled lu ihn Etata 
uf Ulnut^Jota. Gold hutel«, pleaKanily situated 
on hlfh airy grau'ulx, au.l i-iitirely IVea fruui 
mOHvjulluiti, UaIc) of board lower iliia at any 
otii* r place for tho samu claij4 ot accamuioda- 
t)on<i. Iha haul of huuiiuf; Rrouods, and llio 
b^ht o( liihloR laken. Mr. btarhuck, of tho Cin- 
clnnatl /iin<<, who U i-pen'tlnR the rummer at 
one of our hoiein with his one han- 
ilred U-h ill one day, about oce hall 
of vvhii'h w 're picke.-.-! and hiss, wriihIuK from 
Iwo 10 iHventeen pounlseach. Mr. Woodbury, 
from New York, kill.<d fifly-eix prairie chickeu« 
on ■ day last weck.and twent>-llvAln three hou's 
the next d<y. Deor are plenty within olb 
hour's drive Home vl-ltors sloprlnif here aro 
•u muoh pl'a-eJ with the place and cuntry 
round abont Iba' they have purchAsed rcBldencea 
In town, and ctMcm are looking for oprortunitles 
todolhOiamo, Come and *rc Annka I 



lakTcomo hotel 

Tbo new and dellghtfal 

Hotel atlLialco Como, 

Wan opened June Uth, suit will rontinue 

Open UnrinK the Watering Season. 

It U one cf the flnent mmmer ri'Bort« In thi' 
West— commodious, eirgauily furninlifd, and 
complete In every respect. Breakfaeta, UlnuiTB, 
Suppers and Kofreohmcnts of all kinds served 
upon ihesh rte«t notice. Fine Boats fur bail, 
tog aud Fi»hlDg OD the Lake. 

formaoeut Bocu-derM. 

A few RooJ Roomii will bi r<'»« for 
BoardiTK wh'.» may wlnh to remain at Lake 
Como f.)ra week, month or lon/fer. 


|cl0 4m-lstp _ 

T. mTmetcalf, 

Ft ea.1 Estate Brolier 


j^chawu Btrvwt, Ui<(we«-u Atk land tttb* 

L>ui>lex Klllptio Wkirtfii, 

For Kleagaoce, Durability and Eco-iomy, su- 
perior to all others. 
ForaaleatWHiiLKSALK O.MLV, by 

s. I.. roBBPAveu * co . 

IM Third Street, St. I'aul, 

Duplex JElliptlo l?l*lrtii. 

The mint I'pular, Styli:ih and liraceful .Skirl 
worn, lor sale by 

c;A'riicAK'v& i!0., 

nt Third »lr> et, St. Paul. 

Duplex Elliptic eiclPtai, 

ThcLlgtileel, moil Agreeable and Perfect Skirt 
m»dc, for eale by 
U. Vr. mCBRHOLL * CO., 

augl&'Smlatp IngcrBoll's Block, St. Paul. 


will open Ihli morning a Fresb *to«k «f 

Men's, Boys', Youths, 




lie ke«p) ooDslantly on hand a large tlocfc of 





MA.r>H: "X-O ORDKR. 

lOS Tliird 




IS T «, A W 




Straw, Fur and Wool 

or aM r>'<A<t«a <»ad (la* aawoM BtylAa. 


Ladies, Misses & Children's 

Straw Hats and Caps, 

Id every variety, trimmed and untrimmed. A 
haadtome line of 


Floweiti, Featbero Ai Ornaoieiita, 

AX iiv-iioi^esajliE:. 



lOO Xlalrd »«ti-oel 


a W. ROBINSON& co7 

Chemists & Druggists, 

Pure Unadulterated Uru^ 


"Tollut Ajrtlcle** lu H«»tas, 

And all arllclet appertaining to the l>rag Buel* 
neei at the 

NeiTir Drug Store, 


227 Third Btreet, 


•T. PAVI.,BilVB 

^0 NOTES! 
:« o 



lodisli, fljssical, Uaibi'iiialiril iDil Srienlitk 


lhi» ."■c^iool wil r opin the Kail Tfrm 

HoBdMy. •vptrmbrr 3d. 

A iloriugliliuiilneiig eduriilon given. Tuilloii 

J. KUUARD:Ji;05. 

-.'ll" half 111 aJvanci. 

V.IU liJV aiidD.'ll Real Kstiiti' oa coimiilitiilon. 
Pay Taxei-, i;oll«t KentB, audatiPud to ullother 
bjalnnu la hii liD<-. promptly and thoroughly. 

Uturd In Travflcrs' iDnurancet^ispasy of dart 
ford and Accidental IcHurance Company ol 
Colnmbu*, t'hio. Lii-k 1.")suk.\s<i-: I'uliciks 

IS I'ltOVllit.Nr l.ll-E J>!>L-UA.SCK CuMfAJCYuK 

CiiuAOO. augir Islptfebia 




or MABTFOBar. COX>., 

John 8. RlCB. f rodidenl Uoase of Bop. ol Ct. ; 

Lfcifs .1. Hknpek. hrpeWent of Atna Kire 
Infuranoe Company, of Hartford, Conn. 

All Y» S. hr.i.i.«AH, Mayor Cliy of Hartford. 

Ar" aclivelyat work an Ollicera aud Direct- 
ore of this Company. 

Capiial, besl'les «<:cumuIaUon»i, ♦SOO,©*©. 
Aooumu'.alloDS without capital give the tjoropa- 


Third Street, St. Paul. 





Paid up Capital $600,000. 

(•ovcrnment Uoada, Coin, Land Har« 
rants and Half Breed Scrip 


Prompt afUntion given U> tbe eoUeoUon of 


Ag«nta for tbe aale of 

p^ss^OK xioKsrrei 

from Liverpool and Qaeeaetown to New Torfc 
and Saint Paul. 

Drana on RngianA, Inland, Otrmany, Frameii 
Sutdenattd A'orwoy. 


National Bank of St Paul 

Ptaid up Capital 02OO.OOO. 

Tbls Bank ia now In aaoomtfril op^mtlon •■« 
tondera ita efir\ioe( to Banks, Bankers and otberi 
In the transaction of legitlmato ttaokingbosineai 
Srzufla for Sale on 


and other principal European oitieg. 
Coll'-clloni) ui>os all acccKrilile point* la 
Hortbweijt wUl be made and remlttea for on 
of paymont at ourrvnt rate* of ci^chacgc. Blj 
Oiit Market iiaf;r nald lor Uold, Hiiver and 
eign Kxcliiiugp. Tb <■ Kunk Iv an agent for anb 
aoriptluna to the popular L/DltedBtatef 7-SO liOan 
and thf-ve notci> will at all tlmee be kopt on bana 
for sale In innu of from Fifty Dollars npwmrdt. 
E. 8. KtMiiCRTUN. President. 
JOHN HI(X)I.J:I, Vloe President. 

I>. A. MONKOBT, C»«bler. 


JOHN N1C01.S, 
I. C. (iKOBOE, 

3t. Paul, July ttli.IMa 


F. B. KAKWK1.L., 





•ft f-ly-lit 1 


JMlarine Bank of St. Pan) 

PAID LP CAPITAL •100,000. 


Gold, SIver and Ezehange boaght and so • , 
Conpone paid. CoileotionB proinntlT maiten •! 
remitted at current rates. 

Agents for tbe popular 

7:30 U. S. Loan. 

JOHN HOI<t.AND, Tioe President. 

(). B, TU&BKUL, Castatw 

Jchs nolUnd 
E W Holman 
O B. liirrlU. 
D. Baoford, 



|0. Pro«l, 
I D. Wells. Jr.. 
Kdward WeMi, 
I B«wtoB Bradto ' 

.«vM|tliH t'rei* Mt>par4a. 

Ml uriiis, Aug. Jl 
Rei.ortH o» .rops Irom tbo interior aro ; ot tbe jiVot-eccffl of the M-xiran Custom 
very uiilavoraole. Tbo want ol rain ia Homo. Thtj invgjions ol the lOdurgcnt 
very aorel/ ^uU. The corn crop will gen- bands have greatly reduced tbese pro- 
crailybca Uilure. Weath r unusually ceeda, wbieh are now confined to the port 
cool. Thwrinoineter 70. ' ' of Vera Cru;;. 

riiuB Arc-Tiox salb «f 

At the rLtlilinc- of .IAS. WYLIE, on Waba. 
shtw atrv-et, will be csnilnuod TO-MOBBOW 
morning al tea o'cock. 

rAIRrHILn dk CO., 

angCil it Auctloni-er». 


At Pul»lio or l*rlvrtt«> Hale 


liilTliirU hlri-el, iieiir lliuliriURe 


■trtal Eatatr ut Auclloa. 

Wo propof" to X'll a> Pd^IIc Aiic lol on 
Wcilne'iday, HeptemtH-r llli, and on the flmtand 
tliiid WMn'-pdayii of each mjnth tli-rcul I'r.ut 
our iirn^i- at 10 o'clock A v., all rrop.Ttv Hut 
miiy D" jip.'clallypntert'd lor Ihiiipuriii-i', without 
liiiiliaiiuii aa to prlc«'. M-i.- • f ih" prip^ity to be 
fold will b.< publl-hi'd. and nlll liio beiurnishcd 
prior to ihr dBy<f la'e. W« wllla>o .ell on Ihe 
prcBiiaes at »»v llmf, farm*. Houses and L' U 
Laoda, »c , aud iovit" pmn-rty owHvrs to avail 
thcsiiPlvrs ol thiJ raofhod ofdspsting ot thi-lr 

'^A'l-'pitlVATK.SAI-K-W.' otli'r fjr cal.i onlir 
proncrlv ov.-r vilik-li wr ha>.- <-xolu-lve o .n'.rol, 
»i.d have the miii<t extetal»H lljt in tht city em- 

To strangers and Others. 


Tblafiae IIot-1 i» b'aullfaljr elluated. Grounds 
high, airy and onllrrly fr<-3 from mniiqultooe. 
Boil', Fishing Tackle, hue Bird Dog, Ac, kept 
for the cxcluaive and ireo ufeof gu'sl*. titua- 
twenty-flve mll-s abcvo St. Paul, on tho Ball, 
road, [and on the banks ol tho Mlasisslppi »nd 
Bum Birers. E. K. I-lTrLE, 

aogirup Proprietor. 

Real Estate -A.^eiicv. 

RUUKKI' 11. KDsK «ill att<»na to all bu8in«'»» 
sPL><>rtainlng to reMcotaU'Bnd to lli.- ^ro8ecotioIl 

laimfl. i:.'»i.i'cM'jlly refers to ijov. ". 
B. Mar-haU, Uen. II. U. bioley, U. W. Ingeriioll, 

of War Llaimn. 

Esa Vred." UrltOoU, Knq.. liol. J. I. .Morrlain, 
Col .1 J . sii««. «t.Paulf lion. A. <l. t^hJtfleM 
and xlone fc Motiner, Balle Plalmi, Uun. 
m>3-i»tiiif ^^ 


Oenl««-w 1« l.*«tal Kwtato, 


For every huudrod dollar* of III liabilities. Its 
ratio of a8§-t» tn nihility, with capital Included, 
ll g(^itprthan'ha'ofatiyCompan> In the United 
States that began limine ■« previous to IMIS. and 
la mote tban KOJU IIMKS the average of aU. 
With its capital excluded it has 7.25 above the 
average ol all the other Oompanios; and It 
sbovs a beUer ratio of cltar tur/>fua ntth U» 
cAi'lTAt, KXtxuDKli tnan tbo avroge of ail 
other companies, Cnpilnl inclwlfl. It gives you 
a dividend of moio tban 

Thirty Per Cent 

in Advance, 

By reduction of premium rates. Am! at Mutual 

CompaLica ufually doclaru dIvKends, you 

will tInd It Cjual to more than a 

Fifty Per Cent 


It has taken mcro lile apnUcaMota In and 
aroard Hartford, its homo, during the past 
twelve montia, than any company lu America. 
All kinda of pollciei hsuod. 




No. 221 Third street, 


Hayeilaet receive 1 by «xpreii, direct from.tbe 
celebrated manufactory cf 

£3. C JBurt* Ne-wr York, 

'AtruU aisortment^of 



Ladies', Gents', and Misses' Wear. 

We make to Order any kind of BOOTS AND 
SHOES that Is worn. Call and examine our 
Itoek. Jei«-l»t^ 





Rosers* Stone SlooU, 

Third-8t., St. Paul, Minn. 

Hake Bales of Kurniturc, Slock, Werchandlne 
and B'ni Estate In Ua^osey or any of the adjacsDl 
oountles. . , 

They also r«eivc Kooda on commiirlon 
sell at private aale. . j . .„ r„. 

They have a laree Hall In the second atory for 
the fafeof Furniture. Th-y are prepared tibny 
Furniture or other goods in larjre or amall quan. 
Ue«. or advance liberally on coaslRnmenta. 

They keep always on hand a ifooO stock I 
Staple Dry Goods, of Clothlnft, of Boots and 
Shoes, of Hat« and < nps, aud Kotiona, which 
thev sell at wholesale or retail, at much less tbaa 
regular price., ,^^cH«.I. * CO 

OTlO-eod tflsm 


Bridse Square. St. Paul. 


A I.Am«B ASM* 

FineHairGoo<ls,Long Braids, 

mm Half Wi^, 8lde Braids 

At ri^cea wfclch mmfy Com»r*t**tmm. 

AU (roods warranted to be made la tbe nioal 
careful atid taatelul manner. 

Ordira by Mall or Expree. will reoelve proBi(i 

rrivat.! rooms for LAdies'Balr i;resaiiiK,£b(jr. 
poolnft an I Uyeinj. 

The 00 ly Brown Dye applied and for sale. 
~ tcntlon to Lad' " * " 


Panlcul.\r attention to 
Hair Cuttini 

adies' and CtaiUri-n's 


brsclu* Improved and unimproved busine-n and 
realdeuc propery In 8t. Paul, 1 arms aud Ka-m- 
lav Lin 11 throughout Ihc State, lota lu luperlor 
City uul BayUtild, Wis., and property every' 


MOBtjAN A «cCLOUl>, 
Keal t sute Agents, tJt. Paul. 

S, p. h'tll.RUM, 

rroi-'rfy bought and sold, taxi^s pUd.oolloc 
Uons Dtadc and Ulles examined. Offloe In In 
gersoll-e Hlock. op stal r<. aprlUlytat^ 


Thca'cck, IfWoanJ flxtarfs of one of tbe best 
and oldest alandi lor Kruit and Confectionery In 
the city. Ap;.lylo W.U.BlTfEB, 

Jackson I'.roel, ticar lh« International. 

ftU£Z« lw» 

For bl. Paul aud the State at large. Addre§a 

cr apply to 


Sttite A.gcctxt, 


St. Paul, Minnesota. 

»H8 Smdltw Utp 


Faoker'B Patent, Torrey's Patent, 
Massa'B Patent. 

The above embrace all the best Kroeicrs In use. 
An assortment of all alxea kept and for sale by 
Union Block, Thlrd-at.,. St. PanI, Bflnn 

A large stock of all sizes. 

Plain, Gilt, and Gill and Rosewood, 

For sale to the Trade at very low prizee. 
Union Block, Thtrd street, SU Pant. 
lauJdAwly lat". 


O. CUUTIS wiU »eU hU Uoase and Lot, eor 
nor Canada and Tenth streets. For particnlan 
tnijuire ol bim oiHoe, Mo iv* Third atreet. 

at. Paal. in ii iftH 

B—m. AMn sum rABSTBatt mm 
th< bee ttyl* and at the lowen ratett 




Hungarian Grass Seed, 

A obotce lot lor talc cap. 

Office on Third Street, 


From a quarter of a certury'p Fxpor'.ence Dr. 
Uu M. promiaea exrellvnce of norkmanahip and 
at reasonable charget, aud refers by pemititon 

Mr. Oak»B, (of Bomp & Cakes) gt. Paul. 

l^ol. ani Mis. Belote, Internatiooal Dotal. 

Hr Fdirerton, President of ^d National Baak. 

Highi Kev. Biahop Gracv. 

Kev Dr. UcHaaters. 

Col. Robertson, and Pbyaioiana of (>t. Mai 
generally. mohl-ly-lstt 

DrB. Simonion & Beecher, 

81 Pasl ITcits Stsaa Job Pr.ntUg oSo*, 


At tho old stand of Dr. 8., Ingeraoll's Block 
&V.l'auL AU Dentlatry done In the li«5t man 
oot itud at roanooable ratt^a. auKiM-lylV 













9 K-l^-a-L,-..* .- !^**-. 1 "-U-"i -AJjJtiiJo 


= b 

ii«M>MAM IB 


KriuiblU-aii Stale Coincnllou. 

Il..< i;nlo>i ..Icclorrt ..f tl.- SUI.' of .MiBH*M.t» 

o» lhi< lo>ul l" 

lo (•"'' 

■ III-' 


ir rrp- 

tlio Ctlll 

rihcl Miil»'< fItiUl •»' 

till) til iixrul tiiivi rii 

C-K-uUlivK 1i' t'onxr'""' 
itlltonx on wliuh I'l*' '>•" 

allow. •! lo i.i». i;iil'«l'' '" . . , 

»„.l«l.o uvo.....M.r-l.o..a.m.-ndu,.|.< 
K«il''r»l lou-Cilutiiiu, Hri<>l'>«l 10 
It ismvi-nlio" to '••' '"■'"' '" '" 

I.) Ill- 
■ -nil <•' 


ll.ll . I» '''■ •'<"'l. """ 
tkr I1»»li«lay of Wrplriiiln-r. H**>U, 

77l 0-.I..C* A.M.Ior iluM'o'PO"' »""""'"*""•' 
ea„J|.u...* lor M.t« Auditor ...lU t Icrk ol tUo 
»„,r....i.. Co«,t. to b« M.,,.o.f.l u. I.I.. m-xt ,o«- 
e,.Vloo.lou ...a for t..u«»clu.K mkL "H." bu- 
r..-. .. may,...rly come •'"•--'•;^;"- 

count 11'^ 



Hlur KuilB 




Cruw WlBK 

«°hl»«Ko ....■■ 
l'oHon»uoa. ■■• 



Ut^ilu*' • •»■••"•• 














MetrKcr • 

Ut-l<-K»lo< '■ 
nknioil will til' 

A (oitlil) 
ni«r r 
lllll ID 

hU Ihi- 

lii|i..cii, wiii:il M. L'lU- 
ijrl'.r'. 'I'll.- t Jot 111 

f\ 4i><l fti II iiiCKl at 111' 
dt'i'idi'.l to roiiiiilti to Litii 
! ;<ll (li«- er 
pitiiu" ii> iiho 

M. Cra 


Millf I** 






I ilrr l'»ll ■ •• 



KtKlwootf ' 


KlEM .•• 

M. I.ouls ...• 

Soolt » 

»li«rburn» ' 

stblojr " 

8'p«rn« * 

StPfle -■ 

Todd > 

Wttbtnbaw •' 

Waii-'ca -■ 

Wu»li>iiXt»> i 

WmouwMn ' 


Wricbt - 

. 11 

m uuorK»u '"<■•' counUi'ii not 

iil'ji'o'. to ItUe kcUon of tUc con- 

r. D. D^^ i»i>w, 

I'.r. MOl I I UK. 

K K.rhOWK.1.1, 


a. Bi.AKi.i.v , ChBlrnmn. 
K. W. «:iir»it, 
K.a. \i>rM»ss, 
Vkko Jo»>. 

(in.. C. """^^,y,^ jj,„^ I entnl Coroniltf*. 
8t. r«ul, AuKMt t 10. I"'"*- 


" Four hundred ih muBod ""^n" 
Have »;<ino to uicci lliclr <iimI ; 

Kuur hundred thouMUiul K"""'" ™^n 

From iit>. iiiuiiiitaiiiMil"' uiiu glen. 
Ik-nontli our hanner trod ; 

F.T li>vc of vomiiry lirmly mood, 
.\iid Muicd the VuMi with their l.looa 

" Four Uuiulrcd thous.iiul men," 

By millions lovcrt «nd loit; 
A fca ol ngoniiiiig tears— 
A wi»»io «il dflboUicd years, 

Ot" heariti stonrs sorrow crossed,— 
.V piicelcsu Kacriiicj— 'iwiis, when 
We gave " four humlriil ihouKund uieo. 

The littlLiul liauiiors lliiuiiliiiS high, 
The t»u)!lc» BOUiictiDg victory. 

Forth Irom each hruicu turual, 
llay du'wu awhile ihc »ikI>» "'<«* •••'«'*i 
While wc t.irRct the urieti. and fears. 

Forget each eUaiige to note — 
Forget to asH— What lioi we then, 
For »uch a hoot ol Kallaul ineu r 

rcacc ranic ou lluticriiif! silver wings, 

Wiih freedom by her cide; 
la uiiy (jod looked down to »«ve. 
To »top ilMj tlBUghter of the hravo— 

Vet, mill uuuiughi the |»iiiio 
That liiihtlv holds \h>- 1""". even wluii 
U iv«. •• loiir hundred thousonU lutn. 

What reeonstrucliou has Oi'cii wrou».'hl, 

lo save that which liotl ha.s made 
He shape* the lutaru iu Uii will- 
He 61 lioiils. He chaMe; s, ^luules us still, 

Ana Mill will beoh«>ed; 
Yet, halnnp, we loreei tin--, when 
It cost •' tour huuilrtd ihousaiul lueu. ' 

Vain politicians!— who can boant 
Of thiii itreat saving scheme* 1 
And iuiii'iied word^, ami <T>.oked creeds, 
bland 10 ihe place ol noble Uicds 

And Tnitn s eternal thciue , 
And— hiwto we to give p<.wer ugaiu 
To those wlio flew the pnll.tnt slain. 

L'Xik at the hoot oi liloody graves, 

'Ihe liUf;ir msiks ot (iod — 
And He who muiiea la H« who snveB. 
Aud ail thai hecuoiuii ol graves 

Are goiiii; li uiril» on tho roml ; 
I'au wo not »e«.U iheui i— read iheiu ! when 
I'hey cost " loui hullJredthou^uD'l men," 


he now til 

nl l'rua.<in. aatOOtt! 
Bii.fesa. li.i'l 

»n1ll:n'tur«« d 'H <"♦■ Wosiifn .«! 
onlors. liiiuiiKitiii)' lo ilhoiit aliiin 
ilred lhon.s.«n<» tlollitrs in vjtiii 
tmir liavMiK a» J''' r,«' ive.l no n,oney,.om 
„„.nco.l to lusiKOt. llr wroli i 
r.,M:mn .u.l.iiwy lor iiilori.nif lo.i 
r,r»ni '•> ^'^''"' S.hoH«ot«fb II 
thai no one c»M be mo-.t. worthy ol ton 
.iJ-rtfiot. I!nf, saM tJii- <o,.nt tic 
i',o\'.A. III!' I'liissiitii Aml'.i'"i''<"' i»t I ar- 
iii ••May i afk why joii aeokOns iulorma 

ti""^" , . , . 

Al. CiamiT folil tliti wliolo story. 
'I (.-iir very inmli ihif )oii hiivf Imch 
tak.Mi in »iy ii horriMc »wiii<llir," xuiil M. 
liii C 111/., "liut sliow iiif lilt' leltirst,*c..of(hc(.'u«.Dr 

Art (i.)on as ill.- I w.ler di.«|ilvynl his 
colleclion, t'oinU lioltz tl. •I.tretl thai 
fhfV wen- not in tha hanilwritint; ol ihn 
(iiiet'ii, lull said Ui:tt. tho roMtl uriiis 
(inil iho I'otinl SthiUljjotscU's, .-.iunst tire 
«)»mivmle<l f»ft';tf 'Vif«'mnspei;ti«« lit dual- 
iii|» withtht'ui. lli^ tli<'rt;lorc uiivi.ieil tht' 
ji-wtUcr to kt'i|> hn own t onus I, ami k" 
ilireitly lo r.tilin, wlitrt- tin: (^hmu ihni 
was. and i .\^Uui tliu wiiwlo lUIaii' (o h. r 

M. CriiuiiT t oW ihi' I'oiiiil'a uilviif, 
bad an au.liaicn with tl"' <i mii in which 
L«> WM lolly convinced that, ho bad bivii 
du|ied. 'rhti i^icon nearly fninted wiih 
emotion ul Iho idea ol her iimiu! havte(» 
liten cmjiloyt'd in so inlanious n tratinar. 

t'O"- . II. 

M. Cramer utiirnti I lo Iho I inssian 

Aiuii.iJs.idoi ami a»k»:d hi* uihico uh to 
Ihc next step 

M. do tioll/.— Keep ijuiot. wrile to the 
lalau Count thai his orders shall I'u exe- 
cuted, and tiikii yeur tncasiires according- 

M. i'ramer took this oxfidJent advice 
and received another llallfrini" episilu in 
return, in which it w;ii vaKUi ly hititcil at 
that the I'mstian decoration ol the eagle 
would alsa bo olV-rcil as a testimony ol 
eatecui, clc M. Crmntu- wro'o iit the 
end ol a month that all was ready, and 
a.sked il the second hox. like tho first, 
should be scut to ( )j>penheiin. 

A few days ■(tiT, a man pw-sentcd 
hiuiscll at tho jrweller'd establishment 
with a letter from the tJouiit, eaying that, 
on aa important iliplcmatio inioion in 
I'aric. hi: ilesircd lo take charge ol the 
jtiwcl* pt-rsoiially, andri tuiestcd that Ihey 
might be tiolivered to tin: messenger Ol 
course this man arrested, but he 
lound no dillioilfy in proving his iiino 
f»iicc ; be \vai only the hotel coinauasioi - 
er. The police look the reiiuisitc jirc- 
cautions, and succeeded in arresting the 
lalse chainborlain, and, what was ol morn 
importance to M. Cramer, in obtaining 
possession ol all the tliatnonds. They 
were concealed in a trunk. 

The icaudal of the allair ii, that Ihn 
Count is a veritable Cjuiit. holding high 
rank at the Court of I'ru-sia. His lather 
yint lor many years (ioveriior ol < ologne, 
and the mo t popular ol governors to the 
soldiers and ulizcns. A pas.-ion lor 
gambling has reduced lie young man to 
brtog tli-sgrace upon his name and lamily. 


lu <'p«'t> I'^Ci'iitMUs 
pniiitincs. J.ndiei 
rovivo all our 1'oiiid.i'lour 

and ri.oall Itoue'iet'a 
III powtit r and l*d^ 


jerkiu* ami IVathenil eap.s or "toii«»" 
rtiiiind us of I''ranei8 I. "air 
11 in gr.Mit tieniuiiil. Let none who 
ar.i c.illed bald eiriiplain il as 
many ax three hair.s si ill p;r.:ist in grow- 
ing III the .eiiire ol that Mnny surlate 
which they i onceiieilly call their crowns 
ThcHe tlirei- struggling hairs constitiite 
• apiial- 'i'iiey will in eh any |irt>'i' sumr. 
day, and inu .t be coaxed into bristling up 

Hei'.ire 1 tilo.ic lu) htlttr 1 must enter « Idw t sphtnut'on.s nl ternix used in is lot- ceM.iiii articles ol die«s. with 
out whi. h yuur reader* would lancv they 
were ill the dark. A tcinl«rt« inllien, or 
tallien bell, is nothing bill a long, broad 
plaid, or chine sash. Th>' ci inlure ru.sae 
{ Uussian bell ) is mad.' ol black corded 
silk, with ends, iiria'ljt^r tails, on e». h 
sill", a roiieiie bfhiiid, and Uussian clasp 
in front. A ccinlur.' espugnole (Span- 
ish) bell) ka« tbioe tails behmd. 'riiir 
l,iiii/.uii tiimming incun-s llowing loops ol 
ribbon on thi- shoulders. These ate the 
luwest tttfitisories. 


Through garden paths she sollly nio*es at 

Ill virginal while roUw, that, trailing low. 
.siuiKo iroin iloivers an inceiisu round her leot 
(It ever varying odors, that uprlMi 
And till Ihe'air al.oiil my uiiKcl lair, 
.\iiil ll.ial away lo ilic I'lue distant heH\eti. 
Wall 1 aiuest eyes ^l.o druiketh in ilee|> sen»o 
t)f liutli and iiOBUty, lying cvorjrwhert. 
From mealiest weed to iloud thul sails uliove, 
.s.., half unknowing, gaineth that sweet grace 
Which Na'.ure givue U> lho^e that lovo her 

My lady in her giii.lcn seems lo mo 
dr more than earthly lieaiity as she slands 
.So statolT "luong her lWw«rs, looKing the 

tier vale and stream lo far oir mountain lop. 
Where lichen, heather, and grey liuustone 


Are iIujIiM with eiimson glory Iroui Ihe west. 


iiieuU. l Itc will k 
gins «bt-ti yfltt <:.'( 

'iiowinK y 


ijl ' 

all M'ur " nieti 

ihe laat curnCi . Fiii'tN will i;el a 
into II Corner and then •• Ihtuw biiu 

' lie- 
oil " 

with thr mnst hearth'ss eiiielff .' They 
tall that '■ faiiimoning" )ou. 

I he game is decided m lavor ol the 
pla\t r who getshis •• meir'otl' lirst, which 
ihlluri somewliai from the gaw" ol war. 
In that game the player wiiiu who keeps 
his men on ill" longest. 

iisi4g!tiunion is a favoritti {^ine with 
youtii and age. and serves to while away 
hoiiis tint niij'.lil otherwise hang heavy, 
and has the merit ot reipiirnf; n-j p.irtic- 
ular Ihoiighl or ability ti» play it . 

ICc i'%oiuiiintiwii ot lluii. J. n. 

•|iii. lolli.wiugiN l'rule»)K*rl/'iiflcU"w'» licl 
gem, i.ulilishe4lnlheA//.»n/i< lor.'^ejrtciiil'er: 
Vs 'lii^.NHi.iTiM. riiK IHviN * Oowmi.iA. 

Til I no HOMIH I. 

1 lilt mine eyes, and all the windows lihi/.o 
Wiih forms . it .Saints and holy men who 

died, . , 

Here niartymland hirealtcr (^otilied ; 
And the >;ii«t l!0.M' upon ita leaves OW- 

IhliM - iimniiih. anil llie iiiigelie loiiiidelavH, 
With s|ileiidiir u|iou splendor niu ti|illcU; 
And llcuirne, again at Dante's Mde, 
No more ^ellllke^, hut smiles her wonts ol 

And then the organ -aiuilN and unseen choirs 
t^ing Ihe old I.alln h)nins ol I'cace and 

love . , u . 

And lienedlrll'ins of the Holy t.htiKt; 
And Iho nieltidious ItelU aiuong tbe ipires 
li'crall the htiuse tops anil through heaven 

I'roehilm thcelevBlInn of the Iloa.: 
**.••« — — ' 


Traii!«ilioii rerimi Hoops Ho* 
lilK OmI. 

Tho Btylos of PoitipRdour und th» 
i!;uipiro Couiiug iu. 

SwIiKiitiiK iH (>*<* 

Niiinc oi 

Pans Cotte-i)ondeui;ii S. Y. Woild, 

A new edition of the •tiueeii's Ncek- 
lace"- the tjiieeu, in this instance, being 
lortunately above euppiion. antl the 
(raud beiog discovered in time — is the 
talk of Hans and (leriuiny at present. 
The incidents relatetl cannot bo called in 
tiuestion, and will soon be given to light 
in a more enlarged form by the UitetUe 
des Tribiinaux. 

In the mouth of February, Monsieur 
Cramer, one of the mont celebrated j<!W- 
ellers ol Paris, received a letter sealed 
with the arms of Fiiissij, of which the 
following is a copv : 

••MtJNsiKLU: llcrMsjesly lhe(jue»;nof 
Prussia intends to crealu a special decor- 
ktion lor distinguished women of all 
countries. My sover' ign having bad oc- 
casion to admire the j'lweU coming Irom 
your workshops, deigns to confide to you 
the execution of the models of the order 
which she proposes to create. As in the 
iMUies oi ail I'ruasiaii decorations, there 
wll be three classes til erossts. The 
first class wdl V>e necessarily tbe must 
brilliant, and Her Majesty allows you ten 
thousand Irancs for this workmanship; 
four thousand Irancs for that of the s-c- 
end class ; and two thousand live hun- 
dred Irancs lor the third class. Can you 
fumiab us, within a very bhort period, 
these crosses, iet in diameiids, according 
to the designs which I will .-^end to jou, 
if the atTair should be decided upon ? 
••Chamberlain of H. M.,the Kiugof Prussia. 

The Parisian jeweller was both llattercd 
and delighted to undertake so msgniti- 
cent a commission. He replied immedi- 
ately, accepting gratefully the orders 
which might be conlidcd to biiu. 

Some days alterwards the Chamber- 
lain sent the designs executed by the 
t^aeeu beraelt, who, added be, had writ- 
ten undeineaib the sketch several notes 
with her own hand. 

The most entire sccriey was leconi- 
mended, for tbe (jueen did not wish that 
tbe creation ot this older should Imj spok- 
en before tbe day lor the distribution of 
tbe first crosses should arrive. And, be- 
sides, the t^ueen feared that the jiwcUers 
of Berlin would be dissatittied at her ad- 
dressing herself to Parisian luanulactutcs 
The Count corjured M. Cramer to pre- 
serve with tbe greatest care the Queen's 
drawings, as they would bo rctjuired ol 
him when the decorations should be com- 

borne weeks alter the jeweller sent ell 
to Utrlin a cross cnrrcui'il. <l with dia- 
mouds, and in reply re'-i ivetl a b'tter ul 
itlicitatious *ud an order lor twtlve 
croeses ol the first cIwum, which tbt (Jueen 
destines for all ibn 1 male sovereigns ol 
Europe. A ihird letter soon followed tho 
first two. In this the Chamberlain ad- 
vised M. Cram, r to watch over his work- 
men duiiiig tbe whcb time ol Ihe execu- 
tion ol tbu work, upon the success ol 
wbiih would depeinl mU'.h more impor- 
tant purchases. As the Chamberlain was 
a most iutruiate friend of the Prince of 
HobeiJZolleiii, he had obtained horn liiu 
A most sulcuan piounse that tbe rew 

" " bo fur- 

Wheu the diuinoud cro.-sts wire ready 
the j--wpllir wruie to iM|uirc if ihey must 
be forwarded to Iterliii 

••No," iiplicd Count Schallgolf ch i "I 
auihaiged with a dij luuiatic icissicii, 
but upon a t;Lrlaiu ii»> I oliall te in i <> 
logtic, and in pi«Mrg I will call for thu 
drtor.ilioDa at mv l<iiiikcrs, to wLosu a>^- 
dresf you ui.iy aend thi-oi." 

M Cranief seit ilio oljVcta lAjtho ht.u'c 
ol Oppcubiiiii cV Co., ::bd iuloiiueii thcut 
that tt.ey woiiM bt. irtpiired to ililiver 
tl eiu to tbe chaiuberlaiu ol tho King ot 


1 he banker t^ppi n ceived, a few 
da}B lu.'er, a letter stalid with iht Qnten's 
arms, whii h ii formed bim that the writer 
could no' s up in Colt)pne, but that, he 
would be ready lo receive tbe package 
intended for him at tho railway sia'iin, 
at d a rn eipt would be given fo the cleik 
who mifbf be ihargrd with tbe. commis- 
•ion. When tie tram ei.l< rt d the nta 
tion, an elegant geiiilemax aligl.ted, went 
directly to the clerk, and said: "1 am 
the Count hthsllijotsch Here is my card 
and the receipt. (iive me tb J Ipx " 
Five niiiMiles Bfterwaida ibc Cou(]f Xlti% 
P^rto Uerlio. 

ctown Jewels fcl Moldavia sh.uld 
lush- d by no olber than M. Ciau 

I'nrls Cor. K. T. He>ra'i]. 

I aiu aiiaid yojr rc.ulirs *ill think I uui 
l,.kiLg il gieat liberty wi^b ihtjir toictions 
wbeii 1 announce the coinitig la-hions . 
but wbtrever a tliio event is anfic^)»ted I 
have ever thought if more sat is factory t'> 
know tf.e worst thai lo live in 
Murtoveritis universally true that ill 
news tiavels last; so ihat any well 
meant delicacy ol leeliiig on my part 
weiild be 8uperabiii;d.-»iit and lasiitlitius. 
Headers, I therefore imptess o.i you 
ihe I ei.issity of keeping calm wbihi you 
b^arii that we are all bt;lore autiiun to go 
about ill skirts as nariow and tight as we 
cm convcnieiiily walk in. and tbat ncM 
wintt r we are to look like Mesdames Ko- 
camier, Tallien, Abrautcs. t^c. A crowd 
of historical a.s8ociatioi!« and absurd 
souvenirs somewhat eonlnsu my trr.'tlii 
whilo ibcsc names drop from my pen on 
paper. A phantasmagoria of female fig- 
ures are in white satin skirts, cut umbrel- 
la shape, (with the handle downwards.) 
Aud not a fold to hide the anatomy ol 
humanity. I fancy I see some in leg ol 
mutton sleeves ; others willi their waists 
encircled by belts just under their arm- 
pits, and tbe heads of all stirmounteil by 
turbans voluminous enough to content the 
elevated ideas of a Mussulman. All 
these ladies sidle up and down a well lit 
(Jrawing room ; the thin ones all angles, 
a.s il their nicmbern were bung on wires ; 
the fat ones intent on delcating fpoiita- 
neous combustion ! They stand u|> in a 
circle, each led to the dance by a civalicr 
in yellow leggings, a sky-blue enat and 
brass buttons, with bis bead only just per- 
ceptible under tbe two towi ring poiiil.s ol 
an incredible ..^l.irt collar. 

both ladies atid Keiiilenieii buw an Jow 
as the "conveniences'' and the nature of 
their upper clothiog allow, after which 
]ireliminarics two guests advance alone 
and slide through a minuet, the lady 
oourtsuying a great ileal hiid perioiiuing 
the feat nl bending her arms gracefully 
over Ler head without splitting her 
gloves at the elbows. The gentlemt^n, 
tuuan while, has to do the smiling patt and 
a vast amount of iiantomiinu wi h a three 
cornered Lat ; his blue coat tails du not 
llap till the t:iitl, when the accellerated 
motion oi tfio dance ileinands a certain 
display of energy. When those two 
have sullicicntly cdilitd the bystanders, 
either seated or stauding en a ring to ad- 
mire their evolutions, others volunteer, 
aud a gavot lolltiws, c*i.U part/ dancing 
in cadence, 'urbans and all. 

Hon bona then cin ulate, with glasses 
ofrugar and water ; and at this point, 
wilhuiit the help ol any stronger rclresh- 
nients, my deiiri'im increases. 1 see 
Uobcspitrre ytnl Marat rush in, Uuche 
and Charlotte Cotday follow; ail join in 
an achroniHai which is nothing less than 
Ihe wilde&t can-cun. The ab.iurdiry ol 
l!ubt spicrre's aeti'>n startles me ; 1 awaku 
to reality, and discover that iht; future 
lashions have carried mu so far back that 
1 am tjri;eUiiig the present, though 1 
have auipb; matter fur earnest discourse. 
I must have an etl'ort to recall my scat- 
tered etiise». 

'Ihe Cliche traine, or new crinoline, 
which I tlescribid in my last, has this 
week bi en introducid to the Parisian 
public by one of the fashionable posters. 
This leads me to tay that ibo real fash 
ioi.b have on oilier occr.sions besides this, 
lieeii cot.vtycd to Mcw York, befurt; the 
Frencli huve known of their existence. 
If was so with ihi! Ncapoli'ati catalaui 
It, Ins been worn here in high ijnarters 
and kept by luillitn rs in tu.ierve lor the 
elite ol society long belore any melilion 
was made of ii in I'e best pulilieatiotis on 
•'lis modis." 'Ibis Catalan has been 
much a|>|iioved; it is now nolhiug but a 
M|uure ol maii'.r! colored or j 't, lieads with 
a few rows of the same, under the chin and 
over the chignon. iSirings are discarded 
and all the in-w shapes ; circular falls ol 
blonde aiiil lace are worn iusteatl. 

The new bonnet is ealbd '•oiibli." It 
IS u very duiiiuutivo chapeiiu iinleed. 
iio'bii'g t,;it a riMiiid <l gcU'ereil straw, 
edged with vuilets, lil ic, har.sea-.c, <>r 
at.y c-the.r llo»'er su'iiiig thi toilet if i.< 
worn with. It i:< tied under thechigron, 
and kts been named oubli because it is as 
lighi and ihiiias tha' llat biscuit vkhichve 

■•torn til" Uiwlou Journal. 

A recent number ol the Loudon Itc- 
new has an article on this subject, which 
shows how repugnant this kind ol alli- 
ance is to the plain coiomou senee of the 
Knglish people, and bow revolting it is 
lo the moral sense of mankind that such 
an arrangement should be tolerati^d in a 
country where the marriage rite is looked 
upon as a permanent and sacred eiigagt - 
ment. It appi ar.i that this new kind ol 
relationship fust originated iu (iorininy 
a little alter the llelonnation, wliun tUJ 
supreme auihority ol tins Cuurch begin 
to cease and the law making po>ier was 
wholly concentrated in the petty 
The precedent was first establishetl by 
the Lanilgrave Philip of lltsse, who lad 
been married for sixteen year, and was 
the f«tb«r ■ f eight children ; but, liiuling 
If impossible lo take his wile, with her 
train ol court ladies and latiueys, with 
hiiu to all the diets of tin; empire, adopt 
td th:! exptidient ol provi ling bin sell 
with a fcupplementary or traveling wife 
Ijr these occasions, and s. locteil Mar- 
garel Van do Suhl. one ol the maids ol 
honor to his sis'tr Kbzabelh, and ills 
said that this bigamous alliance was not 
only sanciioiied by »i\ lles'ian theo 
logians, but by l-utber, Ibicer and 
Melainihon. This custom, having sucli 
a tioble origin .and cleri-al ^alu•tioll. was 
alt rwauls adop ed liy other Kings and 
prince.'. altb<>iigb ipiite o.s oben tin' order 
was reveiscd and Mw. lelt-hand wilo was 
the lir.1t one taken. AHonbng to tli«^ 
(iciniaii laiy a morgnnatic a iio 
uiarriage at ali, di.'soliibli; whrin vcr iIk- 
nialrt serenity sees lit to unite liiinsidl to 
one of hi;i own rank. It gives neither 
the seeunty of a perinaiKMit contract nor 
civil position to tlm wiln. ot'd to nccoiii- 
pany it with a religious tiirfmony ia 
nothing short of tlt;secrafion. Xblhwitb- 
tit-iiiding these ol j '.itintii?. morganatic 
marriages arc bf'.li very common ninong 
the princes ol Cirmatiy, .and lln: attention 
of the people cl England haj been called 
to this BUhject recently by the fact ihat 
tbe Duchess of Cambridge and Princess 
Helena, daughter of Quetu Vicioria, 
have both allied llMuselves to tterman 
princes who had entered tins relationship 
cl doubilul rtspeolibiliiy. in comment- 
ing on this .sta'e ol thing.s, the Jicciew 
hopes ihat these ••petty kings and king- 
lings" ol Gcrininy will soon be swallowed 
up tiy tbe prospective mediati/ation which 
Prussia now threa ens those liule princi- 
palili,;s with: for then, says the A'cr/fir, 
"when all these princely paupers with 
whom the children ol our royal family 
have been accustomed to ally iheanndves 
are reductd to the condition ol subjects, 
their nominal rank will not be greater 
than that ol our noble houses ; it will bo 
an incuilculable saving to thu British ex- 
ch< iiuer when our young piinct^s and 
priuccises are irought to marry into the 
great ind wealthy lauiiliea of Kngland 
instead of importing their spouses from 

lion, .lames .M. Ashley, well known as 
a radical Uepublican rnionisl member 
ol Congress ol ability and iincjinpromis- 
iiig principles, was renominated lor that 
position by the Uepublican convention at 
Toleilo on the --'d. In acknowledgment 
of the uomina'.ioii, ho spukc as lollows : 

XfKKCII «»r Mil. .\HIII.KV. 

Fiva tiuics tbe Ki publican and I'liion 
party ol ibii district have thus honored 
me. Ac cpting Ibis nomination, permit 
me to iitedge ) on anew that 1 will at 
least be aa (.lillilul to the trust you con- 
fide as an honest heart knows how, and 
il may not be immodest to add ihat, in 
such an hour as this, the people m em to 
judge I'nlility a viitue ol value. We have 
before ns a loeg antl weary struggle, in 
wbicb, it wo couijuer our victory ahall be 
glorious ; but our uiillmehing lidelity will 
bring us tiiuinphantly tluougli. Let us 
re-enlist under thu good old banner ol lib- 
erty, aud sweat to each belore high heaven 
that never with our eoiiseut shall any trai 
tor again sit in any seat ol auihority or wield 
any cflieial power, ftjicat cheering.] 
ihc men who have been consistently true 
to universal liberiy are the mm who have 
saved this nation. 1 be government 
whit h Sicilies prole, lion to ibe bumbleat 
ui its citi/.ins 13 the only govcrnmt-nt 
-hich secures protection to all. I'he 


people ol the IJuiled Slati « have an eaih 
registettd III heaven to make wholly and 
lorever free every slave emancipatetl by 
Abratiam I. neolii. 

It is with regret ihit i cunb'ss that the 
Thirty ninth Congrci-s, iu its first .set 
hion,'(ailetlio secure all that the pe .pie 
hoped It would secure for tin- buinlibst 
ol our tituens; but this 'b leat— il ii bf. 
.IS .om-' ol our Irieiids think, a delcat — 
IS only temporary. You bear wilnets to 
the truth ol the assiir.ance I gav-' iho 
President ol the United Stat, s a year 
ago.ibat the loyal men ol the United 
Jjiates will camp "I'on tho battle lield lor 
another thirty years, il need l>o, until our 
dcmaiitis are concedetl. 

And now it is a ipiestiou with us whe- 
ther or not we shall eufranchiae the rebel- 
lious and dislranchise the loyal 
[•'Never!" ••Never!' in loudehoius.) 
Nevtr was there a more rigli<eous or sig- 
nal retribution than tb« awiiil lat* ol tbe 
Louisiana Convention ol \Si>\. The ua- 
tijii or people who do not rule in 
righteousness hall perish Inmi the earth, 
ilns IS (iod's justice. We h*ve 1. arnetl 
tbat policy is the right band of tiespoiism. 
.Justice M Ihc ideal ol the »tatt;.suian ; 
policy is the ideal of tbe politician, 
r-^ That's so. "J 

Sonic ol my Iricnds hop;: I will iio pru 
iltjil in this canvass and make no blunder, 
rtllow-eiiizeiis, 1 fear but one bhimlcr— 
that blunder whub is m >rc ll.aii ii criiii': - 
couipromisu with despoti^iu. Ihii Con- 
vctin.n will exi>fft no explanation Irom 
u;c fd my vo'.es and acis in Congress. I 
have a record of which I am not ashamed. 
I'.y lliat record I inteiil to stand or 
lall. iso man has lain awake one 
night in this dis'rict lor fear that I 
would go ov r tl) the i I'-i&y. [^^r uts ol 
laughter, and cries ol ' t>. no, not much"] 
Il any man Likes any issue with my rec- 
ord, 1 1 1 g cl him net to vote l.-^r mo lor 
1 shall not thangc. The platiorm laid 
down by our .state. Convention do' a not 
lullv metl luy views imr yours. I know 
thai the loyal pcopie ol Duio are wiih me 
i.i tlcnundiiig absolute etjuality for all 
loyal citizens i.i lu<e I'ne law. and it any 
man in this district diflcrs with me here, 
1 ca:ini)t represent him. I h'J issue is 
clearly made up; it cannot be mistaken, 
at:d by the blessing of God it shall not be 
evaded in this district. No earthly i>ow- 
er can stay tbu onward march ol that 
great Union party whi -h, lor live years 
past has legi'Uted lor liberty and justice, 
[vjliet rs J II w>! are but true to ()ur- 
selves aud faithful to our opportunities, 
wc shall make a nobler history Ibaa was 
ever read in any earlier age. 

A .M.i I iii.MA I ICAI- correspondent sends 
us the lollowing foimulB, which may prove 
useiu! lo tho.-.c (ntering into ^ociety : 

To find the shortest way to a lemale 
heart under any given eircunistant;t s ; 

first (lasi— II she is married, but not 
a moiher, praise her buslmnd. 

II she is in.arried, and E mother, praise 
her children. 

Second class II she is, and 
engaged, praise her lover. 

Ii she is nnniarried, and disengaged, 
praise IhtbcII. 

Wll V I did I.ol do whi II his wile turned 
to salt ? Got a frc-h one. 

I i;a kki iLtrt are decidedly Yankee in 
their melody ; Ihey Mng through their 

"M\ yoke is easy aud my burden is 
light," as the yonnu fellow ^aid when bis 
girl was silting in his lap with her arms 
around his neck. 

It is singular Ihat the more you ilamp 
Ibe ardor of a trou'.ilesome talker, by 
throwing coll wattr on his i rfasions, the 
sooner be dries tip. 

A.\-wii: III MtiivAN.NK. Ihe nee 
lib gun is not lliualeii with gun-cotton. 
.\.N Irishman, ou being lold to grease 
the wagon returned in an hcurafti rwarti, 
and said, •• I've grcasctl every part ol tht^ 
wagon but them uticka the irhccla hwy 
on ! " 

•• III! the minister put a stamp on you 
wbtn you was marrieil, .Mary i"' 

•• A stamp. Cliarli I What lor, pray : 
•• Why, matches ain't hgal without a 
stamp, you know !" 

tiNK ol the sex writes, ralber spitiily, 
" thu thou^-h a lew American ladies live 
ill iilleiie's. the majurity as yet work 
tlieniselvts into early graves -giving the 
nun an opp iriunity lu try two or three 
in the course ol lleir own vigorous 

" Is A M.iN and his Wife one?" asked 
the wife of a in a sta'c of stupefac- 
tion, as she was holding his acbmg heail 
in both hands. 

•* Yes, I suppose so," was tbe reply. 
" Well, then," said she. " I came homo 
very drunk last nigh*, and I ought fo De 
ashamed cf iiiysell." 

A r>Kt IK. t)iie asked bis In ml why 
he marritd so little a wile.^ "Why," 
said he. ••! thuughl )ou had known flat 
ul all evils we should choose the " 
Wiiv is a lender hearted philanthropift 
like a horse i" Uecausc his steps arc ar- 
rested by the cry ol woe. 

Juiv lliiAi.ia.AN, having been re 
quesfril ti> opfii soiue ojsters, alter 
knocking ibem about lor some lime ex 
claimed: ••lipni my eoiis.'ic'fe, l>ut they 
art! niigliiy li .rd to peel." 

If )()nr sister, wbil" fiigsr.ed with her 
sweetlieari. asks yod to biiri,^ a gl^ss ol 
water from an adjoining room, s'ai' on 
the errainl, but <ou need no', nturr. 

Ite. This fall may be bmugbl about by 
n«xl winter's frosts ; and wlmn if happeiiH 
'rable Hock will only be a tradition ol 

" These < haiiges are, however, only in 
Ibe parts ol lli-^ eitlaraet where Ihe water 
puuis over the precipice in Ihe greatest 
volume. The liinilB ol the mighty tor- 
lenl otherwise preserve their t.iaet limits. 
) till can step lo Ibe edge ol the catarael 
till tlit^ very utoin s, anil logs, and braiiih- 
tui, that you stepped on a do/.n ^tars 
ago. The wild lluwer on the brink of 
the. Niagara i-aii bloom on the brink ol 
tho rushing stream unharmed. It is one 
ol the mo.ll marvtlluus lealures ol this 
marvellous t:alaraet, that tbt? irresistible 
torrent llow.s always within the same 
bounds. It is too mighty to be ancM;ted 
by inllueiices which uUecl other slreams." 


•'Tli4* Old IVIiiii'N l»rti«l. Nlrnii- 

A recfii*. author tells of a Virginian 
Iravding in tbe same lucality, 

|lr«| (&i>oil$. 

§tg 6os<ls. 


At 132! 


¥ ¥ 

W<i have just rctPivtd a large as Mirloieut ol 

all wulci ami wuii h wegencialy ibscu-vs 
over lees. 

The j lekt.y eoflume is another new fa 
vuriti). L 1-. i;tinip<'8eil of twti skirts in 
iwo dilTerm.f colors. The under pviii 
coat und jc'kin can I c blie, tbu over- 
tkirt and sb-eve* iigbt g^ay. 

I noticed several »ciy ladylike 
fourii aux wbil b wi:re not loop-'d up over 
under pi'lticoiits. One of lh< in was made 
ol black I'.nd white striped taffe.a, wi'li 
white cbiny otrer black riobon round tbe 
hottom, up tbe fleams and on Ihe 
ilirs. Anoiher was made of eniiiald 
grieii moire, trimmed wiih thick white 
silk i ord up each smm. These lull dress 
robes, in scanty proportions, do not look 
so singular as those which I have seen in 
muslin and light materials. 

Wo are now in an age ol transition, 
which meai » auan.ijy. Shepherdessts in 
Watteatt costumes ilit by onpi on th» IJoi.'j 


iiv "auia. 

t'lOia tlte CliiUunBti limes. 

Thu no'ole game ol backgammon is 
almost invariably played inside of a cou- 
ple ul volumes ol Macanlcy'.i history cl 
Fugland, usually Vols. lil. IV. ibis is 
tho only instsnce in which there is any 
yammon in Maeauley. They use circular 
tiits ol wood to play with, tallu«l "men." 
Tlio game is most intere.'-tinp. however, 
when there is one woinuii in it. Tbe 
game is played with thirty •'men," al- 
though a venerable grandmother of ours 
says she has played it with more than live 
hun 'ri tl Young lathes prefer to play it 
with but one man, ue.l lo- young and hand- 

The lirst thing to do is to "scl the mf n, ' 
allcr you set yourselves. Half of the 
"men'' are white and the other half black, 
which is a more eipial proportion than we 
find among men generally- There aint a 
t|u*rier of them that arc uliitc. In thv; 
little game of backgammon between (irant 
and, recently decided, (irant had the 
white men and Lee had the black men. 
but before they got through Grant bad 
the white men and the black men, too. 
Tb«> "luitn" beiig set to suit y«-u, the 
bliirl. 1 having their rights accordin'; to the 
latest rulings ol the Kreednien's Hureiu, 
and the uhilis supporting them properly, 
tbe game begins. 

Thepla)sare in ide according to the 
throws of dice. What /'iroe* our bean 
has fek at the twinkle of white li.igers in 
front ol us as a charming partner shook 
her iliee. Aim ! she "shook" ns not 
long after— but of this no more. Ader 
shaking your dice — ihey should be wtdi 
•<hakcn bcfort! taken -vou spill them into 
one ot the volumes of Maeauley 's History 
ot Knglanil, and move according to the 
spots Ihat are up. You can get along 
iwicc as last v»ith •' doublets" as you can 
withoiii, which is hardly the case in lami- 
ly allairs. Wo know' a family thai has 
;;nt 'em, and they don't g'-t along at all. 
Some players move very rapitlly, others 
very slowly. A* lor ourselves we prefer 
iitd lo ■•iiKivc" oltener limn every fpring 
•• Men" art! liable to be "sent back" 
occasionally, begitinirg life anew, as it 
Were Many a uian bus wi.-lii 1 that he 
could be sent tiack iu bk.- luanntr, believ- 
ing tba*. he wouldn't, make aa many 
o. tuolish rauves i| he coulil be .illowed to 
(iliythe game of lite over again. I'li' 
hiiw ulten proniisi'S ul aiir-ntlment are 
broken •' ir. you will fry me j'lsf this 
outM ■' W'l! have seen u minerabla cul- 
prit plead before the bar of justice lor 
another ebance. We have seen him re- 
leased upon his protuije to reform, only 
to be "taken no" again and '-sent 

We had iniciiiled this article to be 
mainly i';B!ruciivi:upon backgammon, but 
h.ive u;'Coosi;iously been led into a moral- 
izing vein — 'here is sue i a parallel be- 
tween ilnj gime ot life and the game of 
backgainnioii. ll'it one does not always 
know what one is going lo write before 
ho gets through; il he did, he wouMn't 
co:nmciice very olien, and perhaps it 
woiiM be ijuito as well. 

When a " blttek man" is " sent back" 
if is not done nnd'^r ih'i Fngiiivf! Slave 
Law, lital lavf having ditil ol »■!>'. pruc- 
lamstionj and ('onstilufional .\mcnd- 

Au Amcriruii Urllc iu Furiti. 

One of tbe most distinguished Ameri- 
can ladies residing in Pans is Mrs. Lord 
lard Konalds, a lew years since the fa- 
mous Boston belle. Miss Fanny Carter, 
who married a young millionaire of New 
York She createil a great sensation in 
Newport by her gaiety and beauty ; and 
her driving black ponies four in hand, 
with a groom following mounted on a 
tilth, caused her to be set down as a fast 
lady. In New York she was cijually 
prominent for fashion and brilliant par- 
ties, but her great distinction was for her 
tuusical accomplishments. In I'aris her 
singing caused a sensation only e<|ualled 
by the homage paid to great artists at tbe 
ban Carlos or La Scala Slie is pro- 
nounced '• the Paili of the .sa/oiw," and is 
said to be the best lady amateur singer in 
Europe. Tho Empress and s:veral of 
the highest anuiig lb- nobles have 
paid ditvcted attention to this 
beautiful songstress, and regrets have 
been expressed that so glorious a voice 
should not be used l^r the public. In 
skating she i-s pre-eminent, as all the win- 
ter /Wi.s on ihc ice have tcstitied. She 
is now iu deep mt^ifninK lor In ••sister. 
Miss .Josephine Carter, who died in 
March, almost inimeilia«tly after having 
appeared nl a grand f'cle given by the 
Minister of .Marine, in whic'j there was a 
prot;es«ion cl ladies representing the 
principal nations of the globe. Miss 
leaner was ••America," and appeared re- 
clining on a palani|uiii, uinler palm trees, 
borne by Indians and sailors, llcr dress 
was ol white lulle, over silver, decked 
with medallions in colored satin, repre- 
senting the dilfercnt Suulhern Kepubbcs ; 
the United State* lia;; between hersbjul- 
ders. Bud Auieriejin birils, of varied plu- 
mage, jierched on ber shoulder, and nest- 
ling in the gold fringe of ber robe. All 
I'aris was deligbled with this /In;, lo 
Itss than a month, two of bright 
and blooming girls who bad taken part in 
i'. were borne to the touib. 

— ♦♦-♦-.-•• — — 

Tlie Mnrrtitir I'isiiciy. 

A Paris correspondent of the London 
/■ i>/<i thus liesiTibcs tbe manner ol catch- 
ing sardines : 

The. nets, which ar.' of the lightest pos- 
sible material, are paid ouf in a long line 
bibir.d lb'! boat.- which drags the entire 
Il ••i!t of f.e's alter it steatlily. -A man 
stands ill t!ie .-tt rn and throws across and 
acro.'S the net handiuls of jireparcd cod- 
roe, cominJtly called ••rogue.' As it 

falls on cither side ol tbe net the fish dart 
through the fiefto catch it and art; caught 
by tbe ptMs in doing no. The long stink 
trammel I have mentioned would retjuire 
ten or a tlnzi-n men to haul it in, but aa it 
is workcil on board thesteamlioais chictly 
It is woiKul by the engine. Besides tbe 
above rt:t8 tfey use the large seinp, or 
5eati, and the ground scan, the mullet 
net ii'.d tbe ithrimp net, aud there; are 
Hom»> lilt ne'i4» I could not get. At limes 
a pr^>digion» number idgr.ty inu'let are 
got by putting a long ikI aero** the 
month of a cruek at lo,* wjiter .and weigh- 
ing dawn the corks with{c .stones. 
When the tide has come up to its full 
bight the ends of the net are shiken vio- 
lenilv, the stones to;iplc oil, aid thj 
c .rk's rise to the fop. and every lish that 
has entered the cnek with tbe tide is en 
i:lojed. without any disturbaneo or alarm. 
<V gentleman 1 met told ine that he hail 
been out on the day I saw bun and taken 
between three and lour thousand pounds 
weight of mullet in that way, a large 
8bo:il hiving entered the creek, tbe whole 
of wbi';h were capturetl. Some species 
ol tbe gray milbt will, however, when 
thus enclosed, leap over tbe c rks. aiid 
when this ia apprehended il is reijuisite 
to prop the net up above the sarface 

Vou will not be uii'sei! Don't It.rget 
this, little boys 

Sijr.tiir.i.KH, an old ba-hclor, shows his 
slocltmgs, which b- has jus: darned, to a 
maiden lady, who contemptuously re- 
marks : "Pretty g' 0.1 fir a man darner." 
Whereupon SiiuabWcs rejiins, " Good 
enough, for a woman, d.irn her." 

A voL'.Nii O'ljisitc, innocent of any 
hair upon hia f^i o, wci.t iir.o Piialon's 
Usf week, aiil :i -.iing biuisell in mie cl 
the chiMrs, told the oper.dor to shave 
bim. VUi baitier lathered his facn, an.l 
then sat down III aiuitli' r ehnir and be- 
gan to read a paper. 

"Jlalbi, iellow," says tb.'. dandj', 
"wfut ar.- you waiting ior'^' 

"I have done all I can sir," repli<;d the 
other. "I atn now waiting for your beard 
lo grow ." 

'Tiiii j inior Longworth, ol Cincinnati, 
was reicntly introduced to the poet Long- 
lellow. Upon tbe peculiar reseinlilance 
of their name:] being remarked, the poet 
sait : 

"Worth makes the man. and want of il the 
. .» »-♦• ♦ • 

Diirallon of l>rcniiis 

The duration ol dreams is their most 
curious b-ature. Notwilhstanding the 
I pparent length ol some dreams, and tho 
various transitiuas and successive actions 
of the ilreamer, it is generally held that 
the actual space ol lime occupied by each 
dreamer does not exceed a lew seeonils. 
This i:i partially proved by reference to 
dreams caused by noises ; one or two 
have been mentioned. The firing of a 
gun awakes the .sleeper; he is wideawake 
belore the sraok./ has vanished; and yet 
tbt! noise his sugjjested a dream in which 
he has lived and h< teil for days and even 
lor weeks. In Lord Brougham's "Dis- 
course on Natural Theology," he tie- 
scribes an author dictating to an amanu- 
ensis. The author dictates a sentence ; 
then overpowered by laiigne, drops 
asleep, is awakened by the secre- 
tary ripeating tliJ last word of the 
sentence as a signal thai be has got 
il tlowu. Not more than two or 
three seconds have elapsed, yot in 
ihki liiuu lUu sUioprr has had dreams ex- 
tending through half a liietime. in an- 
other place the same wriicr. who in his 
youth worked very bard, dc.reribed bis 
etiorts to «;oaipletc a corfain woi k in spite 
of bodily exhaustion. He ha 1 a basin of 
cold water bi^Jide him, and when he felt 
sleep overpowering bim would plunge 
his head into it. More thin once says 
he, he slept with his bead in ih-; basin, 
and ilreanied long and i^labuafe tireams, 
though ol course his immersion must have 
been liiui'ed by seconds, ai hu could not 
draw his breath with bis bead under wa- 
ter. Mr. Babbage, the laiuuus mithc- 
matiiian, traveling with afiiend in Iraly, 
tell asleep Irom excessive weariness, in 
tbe carriage, and tlreamed not oneilream 
but a suecessiDn of tireaius, concerning 
his friends in F.tjgUnd ; when he awoke 
bo found his eom|ianion was answering a 
ijuestiou hi; bid put just belore he fell 
asleep ; so that slumber t!ould not have 
lasted many seconds. Lord Holland, 
overpowered by fatigue while a friend 
was reading lo him, lell asleep and had a 
dream which took him a ijaarter ol an 
hour to commit to paper ; yet when he 
awoke he found that be had not missed a 
sentence of tho work that was being read 

to htm. 

— » . « > < 

4;hHiiKC(i III KiiiK'irn Ciiliiratl. 

The Niagara Falls correspondent ol 
tbe New York Etening I'oal has the fol- 
lowiog in regard to the charges which 
have taken place in tbe falls : 

'•Tho well known and universally ac 
eepled theory ihat Niagara falls has 
worked Its way up from the lowlands 
about Lake O.itario. thus forming the 
mignilicent gorge of Niagara river, re- 
ceives support from the obvious changes 
tbitthave taken plic; diiri:ig the last lew 
ye.ars. The Canada fall no longer de^ 
serves the ii»tn« of iha "Horseshoe." 
Tht! beautiful curve that it presented a 
score or even a dozen years ago is now 
lost, und the centre is r»th«;r a deep, re- 
tiring gor e, coming to a jagged point, 
than ihi) grai.elul seniieirele which it for- 
merly was. In the American lall the 
change is fully as perceptible. From tbe 
Cana;la side <t still presents th'; appear- 
ance of a wall of dazzling alabaster; 
but, when examined from the American, it is foand to be broken and irregu- 
lar— the rocky precijiice having certain 
points worn backwards as much as 10 
feet. The process appears to be work- 
ing much faster than hitherto. Table 
Uock is very different from what it used 
to be, and a perceptible crevice marks 
• he line wh?ri! the next fall ul rock will 

ho, on 
testing Thn whisky ff his Arkansas host, 
found it rather raw and unpalatable, and 
mixed it in the shajie ol a ••mint julep," 
which was a novel idea to the Arkaiisian. 
The latter, however, was dcligbtttd with 
tbe lit w style of drink, indulged in it 
i|uite liberally, and learned th'! method of 
concocting it. The mournful result is 
told thus : 

The Virgi.ian continued on his journey 
towards Texas, and in due coiirst; of time 
set out to r«!lurn. t)n arriving at the 
house belore menlioniMl, be. concluded he 
would call and renrw hi.s aciiuaintancc 
with his friendly host. Accordingly, he 
rode up to the gate, and set:ing one of tho 
lioys of the family s'anding near, asked 
him, "How is the old gentleman, your 
lather, my son f" 

The boy with a air of the most pcrfct;t 
indillerence. replied, " Why, the old 
man's dead, stranger.' 

'• is it possible? How long since?" 
•' About two weeks, .stranger." 
•• Ah. intlecd! Pray. what was tbe mat- 
ter wiih the poor old gentleman, my 
sun P" 

" Waal, now, slrangcr, I'll tell ye what 
It war. Thar war an old lellar from Var- 
gine, he eoni'd along this way last sum- 
mer, and be up s and li arns tbt: olil 
man to tlriiik greens in his liker, and you 
can bet your life on't it knocked him 
Itgher nor a kite !" 

Upon Ibe Virginian's suggestions lo 
tho boy that it might have been possiblu 
tho bad ijiiality ol the whisky exercised a 
more deleterious inlluence upcn his fath- 
er's health, than the mint, be replied : 

" !^<>, stranger, it war not the whisky, 
for we've allers used liker in our family, 
aud though it made, old iiinni powerful 
weak, yet it never phu/.cd old pop arry 
time- no, it war the greens, as sure as 
yer born." 

» « ♦ > • • 

—It will be recollected tbat immediate- 
ly alter tho passage of the fiounly hill, the 
Seerclary of War appointed a tioard to decide 
upon the pri per cou.struction of the hill, and 
to frame rules to gtivem tho various dejiart- 
ments in making p.iyments under It, provided 
liic hill was so drawn lis lo warrant payments. 
It now apiicars that tho iHiard had prepared 
Its rcjiort, setting lorlh that tho la« explicitly 
authorized the payment* tube made, and also 
liretenting ali the rules necessary to tbe va- 
rious classes of liishuisomcnts under the law. 
i;y direction ol tho i'rcsidcnl, this report has 
liccn withheld. This suppruxsion occurred 
iu connect ion with the order to the becond 
Auditor not to pay any lK»untit;s prjvided lor 
nl the late setsion of Congress. 

— The Neb."a.'ka City pspers give Ihc 
p-irtl.'ulars of Iho murtJer, near that city, last 
'ruc'tlay aficriioon, of a boy eleven J'cars of 
:i^o, nuiucd William U. U*lliillon, wliile he 
wasdriviiie a lolot his liilhcr's cattle to He- 
pastures, liy a man named Cash, who diovc 
the cattle into Nehraska City, where he sold 
some ol tbcm. The Ifoy was missed at night, 
which caused his relulions to look after him, 
and his IkmIv was found in a creek with tlirec 
tmllel holes in it, sli.ntipg thai the murderer 
hud shot him three times. The murderer left 
Nebr.iska Cisy on Wednesday morning, and 
was afterwards seen armed and mounted on a 
Heel hoisf, near the resident* of I'.ishop 
Talhtit. AImjuI two hundred citizens had 
turned out and were scouring the vicinity for 
the villain. 


nra. Wlnslon'a Noothinij: Nyrnp has 

bt'come so popular that virlou" par' it's have put 
out Brtlclcn calllnKthcm Mrs. Wlnslow's. flf-ase 
t«ko notice tlist llie Mas, Wisisl.ow t«t thr 
ART OlHKBAKTtCLK. |e5-dfcw3in 


Aiuong which will bo leund Ihe latest and 

Most Fashionablo Styles 

One Squari'. 



t :■" 

1 M 



1 00 

» M 

1 76 

6 no 

* M 

« 50 

» 16 

H 10 00 

5 00 

lis 1/ M 


IS to 


iths . ;;« 00 

16 00 


I>IIKHH G0013H, 



OFFKRS ill.'j KnTIIlR .'JlOt'lt OF 



B iL S Q U E S 



Omon-A.djotniiie th« Bri<Jt4i«. 

Hat<j.-t Ol Advorti.sinA? 

iUno Uai«.. 
i I rhn«- times . 
fc t Six day..... 
5 J two weekn 

S tOii<^ month.. 

} I wo nioDlliH 
2 f Ihrisi months. 
A I Mx nonllis. 

i Tweire months 

1. A<lverUsem«iits ordfrml to bt; kffit on th« 
first pattf, rat« at lUmUr prion. 

2. S|Mi^l plactt advurtircmnDts, double col- 
amn advi>rlt(em<>otB, BLd Bdverlisfments with 
outn, "Hp4iclBl Notio^'a" and "lAtcaX Koticon," 
Oiw-hii^f ati/iUirttwl, 

5. All changes rate at iweuty f>'uUper i.quarr. 
4.'nk<«tliiiK Matinr Notloas, In local or mU- 

o<*llitn<-uuH columai-, one dollar per rijuar<>, tudno 
notiw loafrt<-d for Ws than onn dollar. 

6. AdvertUemeniR Inct-rted in " Want " 
column, lOcnnUpcr llun fur eacb in.ertion. tio 
adverlinoinrnt tor IfHss than M cents. 

1. InrilriiluaU iirflrriiig llu iKHcrttoH nj Po- 
titiiMl U'lirrtiarmriilK Kilt be ihargft full rofet 
anil hfliprrtiinnthj rr.tix, FiiiMr fur Iht »amr, 

7. Kellglous and Churitablc Notices wiU rat* 
at liiilf price. 

I S. Marriaxe and l>«alh Kotioes, iiiaipl" ud- 
nuuntM!meiil,j liriy cent ^ t>ach insertion. Ubitu- 
ary notici-s, ii u centn per lliiff. 

U. Advi.rtisementii in tloi Weekly— for any 
period Kilhln three inunthit— fur «<|Uar«, 
one dollar fur <'u':h insertion; lor each add! - 
tioual sijuare, one dollar for th<> On't insertion, 
acd fifty cttuta for each additional intitrtlon. 
Over thrfui niuutlis tbe ral«« art; tlic naaia at 
the L>BlIy in thn above table. 

1 , L^'KBl anil Uovernment Adrertising. 7t 
C'l. per squars f«>r tlte *rat insr-rtloD, and 3iS' 
CDtH per s'luare for each additional iuscilloo. 

11. Attorneys orderltiR Legal Advcrtlfemeula 
are regarded as BcoouDtabl<« for Ihtt ramr, unlosa 

I UiiTC is a s|mcial agrf:em<:nt to charge lo another 

12. Bo paper given in (x>iuide7Blion of Adter 

i:t. fitraugers will be reijuired lo pay in ad- 
vanue. (Quarterly payments on )eart> adver 
tlsem>-nlH are du<i at any time during the 'juarter* 

We Will from IhU tlale soli bi 


A tewol which we will enumerate, vit : 

Tlio best FrintB 
and Under. 

20 Cents 

Delaines 20 to 25 Cents. 

Domestic Ginghams 25 to 
30 Cents. 

Heavy Brown Sheeting j 15 
to 25 Cents. 

Bleached Shirtings from 15 
to 40 Cents. 

Tills Is no humljug. Via lacaa just what w« ray. 

JL.. e. BUXtT, 

\4,t!i Tlilrd Htreet, 



WnbavetiiiH day sold our entire atook of SI A- 
1'1.K AND FANCY UKT UUOU8 to Messrs. 
C. M. WHEAT » <•<)., who will continue the 
business at our old staniJ, Ko. l.'.'J Third street, 
t^thollc Block. We would a«k for them a con- 
tictt.tlon of 111"* lltHTal tratronage linretoforc Ixi 
stowtyl upon us, assuring all that in our fuc- 
oeesors they will Und geutleman in whom tliry 

nay contl.le. 


St. I'aul, July Kith, ImWi. 


Ihe fullowlDg rale, of kubncrl|ition fur the 
PUKHS will take effect August Ut, V^>f< : 

-\v K *: K r. Y . 


One copy uue jear %2 OO 

One copy six uiuutbs I oo 


One copy one year 

One Copy six months 

. 3 «»«> 


l:j2 Third sired, Si. Paul, AJIbii. 


Auguat :-'0, l>«i«>. 


Th« (treat Knousii jAkmkdy.— »w 

Preparft frfrni n prfrcripHim of Sir J. < larke 
H. li„ Phvuician Kztraordinary to the iiutm. 

This Invaluable m-'dlclne is unfailing in Ihe 
cure of all those painful and dangerous diseases 
to which 111'' lemale oonstilutlon Is subj-t^. It 
moderates all excess nnd removes all obstruo- 
tlons, and a spoedjr cure may be rolled on. 

To Slarrled I.adlea It Is peculiarly suited. Jt 
Will, In a short time, bring on the moothly period 
with regularity. ^. _, 

Kjioh bottle, prIC! Due Dollar, Uiars the Gov 
-rnment stamp of Groat Britain, to pr<>venl coun- 
terfeits. .... V ._ 

C.\UTION,— TTWJe riUtih"-^tdnot »f ««*5"fcir 
rrmaltf during thr If/RSV mRKK MOKTBi 
of I'rrgnnno', oJ Ifif'/ "»•« "irf In bring on MU- 
earrittg'. Out at aiig nther limt they art tn/e. 

In siT cases ol Nervous and Spltial Aff-'Otions, 
Pains In the Back and I.imhs, Katlgtie on slight 
eaertlon.raliiltBtionoi th.' Heart, Bysterios and 
Whites, thi:sc nils will ellect a cnre wiien all 
other means have failed ; and although a poweja 
All remedy, do not oontan Iron, calomel, antlmtf 
«y or anviliinghurtlul t the constitution. 

Full directions In the pamphlet around eaoh 
i.aokftge, which should be carefully preserved. 

rtohl liy Bit l>ruggir.ts, Bole Agent for the 
United Stales and Candida, JOB Mt)S K3, 
•^7 Cortlaudt street, N. Y. 

S. B, -♦! and stamps enclosed to any author- 
Ited aaent, will insure a b-ttle. oonUlnlng Utty 
Pills, by return mall. 

ootl2-d>'«d& wtnoylW-iwr 

A Card to I.nvai.ids. — A Clergy- 
man, while residing In South America «s a mis- 
•ionary, di covered a aafe and simple remedy lor 
the cure of Nervous Weakness, l<>irly Decay, 
Di>eas« of the Criiiary anl iSeminal Organs, 
and the whole train of disorilers brought on by 
btnrlul und vitcious hatilt. Ureal numbers 
Iiav3 l-e.'n fully cured by this ii»blo rt?medy. 
FruDipli-d liy a dei.ire to bcHelit tho ulllicted and 
unfortunate, 1 will send a roclpe fur preparing 
and using this medicine, in a sealed envelope, 
lo any one who needs il kkeb ok tiiAUtiE. 

i'leaso en<Uo<e a post-paid envelope, addressed 

Address, JOSKl'U 1 . INMAN, 

Slatluu D, Bible House, New- York Chy. 


A<;E>-rN WA?fTE»-M.d 

I.. s.Il an .-irti. lellial .ill w«<' 
wiil Am-', tt i" V liKSll 

Ani.i; nf?i 


k Fclicil,.. 



f, il.illv I.tuflljl" 

Stiiniii fir |i.i|>i'ri 


Uluwel l^ll-.'.ClliCBec.lll 


An exjierieuccd nurse and female physician, pre- 
sents to the attention of mothers her 

Soothing Syrap, 

Tor Clilldrcii Trdliliifr, 

Which greatly lacihlatcs tlie prou.!SBof teetlilug, 
by soltening Iho gums, reducing all Inflamma- 
Uoni, will olUy At.l. I'AINand epafmodio ac- 
tion, and Is 

Sure to Regiilale the BoweN. 

l>i>p.<nd upon It, mothers, It will give 
rest to yourselves and nUfi (i«« henUh 
to Kfottr minnti. W- have put np and 
sold this article for over thirty yosr-, and can 


WO have never been able to say of any other 
medicine -NKVicr. ins it KAii.Kn is A siMii-a 
l!«sTA.M E TO Fint'T A t I KH, when timely 
uso't. Never did we know of an instance of dis- 
Hsfisfaction by any one who used It. On the 
contrary all are delighted with lis operations, 
an I .^peak In terms ..f commendation of Its mag- 
ical elTects and medical virtues. We speak In 
this matter "what wb u<> kxow." after 30 
years' eaperlenoe; AWn riKtiE oi'R r.Ki-CTA 


HBKB i.Fn.AKK, In almost every Instanct. 
where the infant is sufl^friug from pain and ex- 
haustiOD, relief will ha found in uaeen or twen- 
ty minutes alter the syrup is administered. 

FuU directions for u^ing wi I accompany each 
bottle. None genuine unless tho facsimile of 
CU11TI3 A raRKINS, New York. U on the out- 
side wrapper. , . 

Sold by all DruRgl-'t ' ,|.roaghout the world. 

rrtcwOnly 3> « «■"•• P" ■•«»'•• 

mys rt.twi.m 



Have added largely to tbelr stock of 



WhicUtliey offer at 

Very I^ow r*rlceH, 


Best Calicoes, 20 cents and 

Heavy Brown Sheetings and 
Shirtings, 25 to 15. 

Bleached Muslins, 14 to 40. 

Domestic Ginghams, 25 to 
30 cents. 




At "Very LoAvI*! iocs. 



Ingersoll's Block, St. Paul. 



ThisFcliool has just completed its tenth year. 
Its history hat tm^n one ot prosperity and 
growth from tho commencement, i he lac t two 
years tlii-av.'rage lUily attendance ha' been mure 
than two hundred, aud many have been refused 
admlitancii for want of accommodation. 

la now un«ler contract, to be open for occnpanoy 
at the commencement of the K«ll Session In 
b<ptem>>er, ard it Is hoped that hereafter all 
cm be received as pupils w;ho apply. 

The Library, Aoparatus and Cabinet are re- 
oeiviDg yearly vuluible adMiions; and the pur- 
po» is kept etci.lily in view to lurnl«h every 
faoldtv for a tlioroufih course of instruction. 

The Kactilty con<lst« ol four male ami eleven 
female teachers; all exprrh-nced luMructors lu 
their several depBrtmenti". .. „ 

•Ihe Hohool is fuUy graded from the Prepara- 
tory Deiiarlm'^nt, throut-h the entire course of 
Academical und Clas-lcal studies. 

For iiarticuiajs and catiUy)MieBj»rtdre«i 

25 West Kpurth street, Cincinnati, 

Keferring lo tho at)ove card, we luive only to 
say that our obieiH in cumiug to St. Paal is to 
opun and twild up a 


Dr'V G>oods House, 

And * n order tliat we may lie enabled to do 

this wo olTer the entire stock now on 

band, consisting of 







At Cost for Thirty Days. 

Tbi< is not intended to deceive, but means ex- 
actly what we say, and we only aak an opporta- 
nitv to convince all of the fact, for it Is to our 
Interest to rvduce the stock now on band n or- 
der to make room for a 

Pall and Winter Supply. 

Come and judge for yourselves, Mr. JOJtNII, 
WALKKK, lAte of tbe house of Uiller Bros, t 
Walker, will remain with us, and will l>e pleased 
to see his farmer patrons, together with bU who 
may feel disposed to pay us a call. 

c- n. vriaBAT a- <;o. 

St.raal.Jaiyio, i»oo. ' jii-iy 

t) A. I r^ Y . 

til MAIt.. 

One, jn-r copy .....%10 OO 

Six months, lercopy & OO 

Tliree mouths, per copy S ftO 

Lees than thr.e mouths, one dollar per moatfa. 

Delivered by earlier lU the city, %■'< OO p*r 
annum, or %I OO per montli 

News Dealers, iM'r hundred, l^'f 7A. 

Norn K r > 6i list kiiirkb.— In otderiu;; Ihe 
address of your pajic-rs chan^i^d. to prevent de- 
lay, be sare aud spt- i^fy what <-ditlon yon take — 
Weekly, Triweekly or Daily. Also give jour 
jirttml and futar.' addreis. 



Ms. Paawl, niwss. 

$11) <&(IOl)ji. 


tfe bate e.uimeuced selling t-ui Hock 



Some we »ball sell without regard to COST. 
We will seli )ou 



And come v vry good 

Dress Goods at 25 Cents 

iio tKime iiuick 


• hey are all gone, 

1- • sell 



We are uiKlerselling 

every other Ho use in this 
City on all kinds of DRY 

GOODS. ¥e are doing 

so knowing that the peo- 
ple ] my their Goods where 
they are sold i]i('. Cheap- 
est. JOHN H. CAMP, 
142 Third street. 


(jrenfly Ucducetl Prices. 




19UMM.l2:iC SM.iV\VJ-.8, 



ISMse >a KOosi CSr«> Ksss-a we «*r« 


Catlicart & Co., 


No. 13S Xliird •treet. 


Brown utid Bleached Muslins, 
Stripes, Ticks, &c., 

As Olioap as the Olieapest 


AT VKKr 1.0W ritiUKK?. 

'Iheiie Uoods must be sold. Je we must have 
money to buy our stock of FiUI Utiods. So uukte 
right along. Btineaibpr the place, 

218 Third street, St. FauL 



l»«-»Xlalrcl Htreot. 

. . » — --* 







ST. PA.t7Ij.1MUrM-. 




L ' iaAa-- H 


j_ ' „ j^ !<: ■ ■ 

■ tmmmm^ 

4f\\x{ ^(\vxxi\»n\\tnii^. 

T^ VA<\rK AN Al.. |.,V INBASa- APn' 
IION V«> UIK.rilYUKsr. IWlll- Ni.lii>'>i» 
h..r..i.v giv.n thai tli.< ,...|ltl..ii of V";";I'!n." 

Hornii »n<J •■• "^ «li«iiu>"i> I' >« • u "i-;'' "', 

11,.- Citv i-l.rk. In ordar of lh.> ('...An., n « «"!"''"; 
lo v».«ln III'' «ll'«v attk' <\ on II«p r_»i ■'' "' ' 
A.l.h,lou. .... NlaloJ In -i.l I-"" ■■;•;, •h?.'"rH 
ftll.v. tiuu.ii,rf ffom Moi.r. .• -Ir..- t « Ih"- «• »"■•; 
of blo.L oivo. ;iii.l. Ill l.«l i.uiiil" I'll 
itiiliiioti, 11,1.1 mat 111" Cinii""" > 
«.iat*il I .. ,.,l.y. <';:• '^irjiVaVi; to l.« r ..n-t 
iotir o olc. < 1- M., « tho « «•>, 7" j„ |„i,rn-t.Hl 

.•r of III" I'm 

II 111 «aiJ 
iiui'll ti*** "11 
lay of Ocio:cr,nt 


C»BttttPi.J ..j.ll'i'li^uf"- "' 

K.T. miKNU, 
,raiiI,Aiij;ii-t •-■'•<■ '****• 

mun t'ouiiitl. 

MHi* Iw 

liun.l.-.l ■«■ 


H«ul will glVf 
UoUurt (orilio acici'Uou »iii! 

-The city of Kt 

a r.war.l o( Kivf 

ii\ ic- 


Sbb I ili.< incmllurv who ►.l Hr" to m- ■•'■"" 
*;^„oo. UOU.0 i» Ur.\^S"V'K.VjK; M..yor, 
St. lliul. .luly <Uli, l""'. !i" 'J_ 

ill liU iiin 



Commou CuuucU 

will Ih« 
for till' 





■ o 


V. H. 


j^t. ^0\\\» 3^tlvfrtisiruwttt$. 





372 ^ 371 Warer-st., 

OtfiT at all liini»ii lull Hum of STAN UAKl> l)0- 

UK^l'll'.S al Kiiflrrn .;Mo/<i<k'«». 

AUo auniit.uitly rocolvlUK Jobn la 

Dress Goods and Wooleii«, 

Which can Im 

dolil unili<r valuo, 

Wo arn Im- 

R . T. FRI K.N U. CUT CUrk. 
, P«bI. Juno •i\, l»«W. Joi^-lf 

NOXK^B.-V'-foni" knowlnn of any mil 
»aiiw to onl-f wllhlti til." cliy 

A roKlntiT i« 
kopt In III" 

will, by rom 
.a„ntotlp« II..- fact to ;h-. Uv n-rkat liUollU-.. 
hi»v» thi' -lamo all.-ii li'.l to al on.'- 
" -.rkVoin.'.. for III.- piirp""*' "' '•"■ 

, ., .. nn.l »iioh nthnr niatt"rii a» re- 

;,„ McnofthK llwillh Innpfctor, «•«• 

*'"" * "'wKKiUlMIfallli IniJX'flT. 


Black Cloths, Doeskins, 

l<"'liie CJji-wwim** !•«-*«» 

St. t'nul 

1. r 
•lunp i:lili. 





mmw lEvi'iiu ii\ii.w 


Tailor* liad.-, ou wliUH w '"" to>»l>« » 
Willi any Uou»r In Hi" oouiniy. 



























■ n 





























*« I 
•-. r^ 




O H! 

(hic (iood Second Hand Fiauo, 
Ono not BO Good, Frico $150. 
Thrci; t^ccoitd lliiiid M«>lodvuiiK, 





Commission Merchant, 


MiuueApolis to Owatonna. 

1mO<S. 1.**<>»». Ii-*ti4 5. HATUKDAY. August JJth, l.vW, 
•Tfain* will run In »oc jrUanca with the follm ioK 

Oui liicilitiuB in EiiBlcni ami 
Kuroi^^ii MiU-kcsta uio t^iuh ub will 
eiuiblo iiri tu ooiiipcto with uiiy 
iltiuso ill tho wcttt, and wo want 
overy MinncBotu and l"wa Imycr 
to givo 119 a call, fc^pfciiil advan- 
tajicB nllc'rcd tu all caak iiwii. Wc 
olFtT l;irj;o linos of Coaka, of uur 
own AUiuil'actuio, a lowoot \ms- 
sililo luicop. 

F. U. SllEKWlN iV:CO., 
;J7J and 271 Kiist Wator stroot, 


apriS dAwiT ^^ 

roil riiK. iiAi.R t>r 


Tobacco, Hemp, t'oJtou, 

AnaW»«l.(n aud Houllurn produce ginrrally. 

No. C»2 i'oiiiiiUTiial slrtt't, 

llntWJ'oii Olive imtl ljuc««t"«»l»».. 

H'V I-.OIJ1H. 

I'rompt nttontloD glYrn lo Kllng all ord^rn lu 

trant.-d to my care. 


IiM^x Uinu.>a'H>ll«.. 
Arriva Minn-apoU^. 
Irf-uvH Karliiuli. . .. 
Arrw* Km b.i 11. ■ ■• 
I..-w.> iiwat' imi 
Arrtv.i tiwitouiit. 

. 1 W A. M. 
. .1;: IS r. Ml. 

. r.ii!) A. M. 
. . 1 1 5 j < . M 
14M-. M. 

.. I.I.'. I'. M. 

».10 I-. 
C. Hi r. 
:».r» 1-. 

7..l•^ 1-. 

.joa.-.iing Willi Tralo.H ol li.e WINONA » 
SV PK.TMt KAII.HOAL) at Owalonna f<r 

wit, lr;iM>i of till- Minc.'fola \ alley Rallrosd 

'"Tnil'n-soiii;; north >wil iiol »l.)p al Korl Sn II 

"the MoroinK Tfiiio goinn Houlli anJ Hi; 
K;..ii',c rru'u uoiiiR Norlli wi'l u"t Mop a 
Wf^t.ji "r fjMiH Kock. All oth«« l<jilu< ^lll 
«topat Mlou-hulit. Kort tu IliuK, We»cott ami 
C»stl<' Kock uD .--iKnal- 

O. C. M«<MI*AMM. 
<Jrii<ral .S:ip«riDtonil*ot. 
Jtlnm-ipolU, Aujjiist ;-. 1, l'-«'l. «"«-'• 



Winona & 8t. Peter R. R. 

fora-'OiiiiK with IIik 

Minn. Stage Co.'s Line for La Crosse- 

P»«t.nKeT-t Icavlni! St. Paul In tho morniDK 

lioina i-a-t l«»v«« Ka.«in at rt A. «• and? .30 
r.». (ioinsWc.t lc«vMWlaona»l5:liA. M. 

■"i'or' iTk-'tn apply lo ll»o Mlun' iota Sta^r 
Ccn....ny.u,nc.. jj ^^ ^tKINS. 


Inaroh l. tf-S.^ ""''''- - 

Ht. r»a,iTl and Pacillo 

R A I L Jil O A D . 

Ouanrfaft-rMONUAY, May 2Sth. IW, Pas- 
acDRcr fralus will run ai toUawa : 

tMvra 8t. Psul S.OO A. M. 

•• .St. Anthony M5 

•• Manomln 9 1" " 

•' Anoka tf.ts " 

Itwca 10.05 " 

•■ Klk Klvor 10.!W " 

Arrlv.1 at Ulg Lake H 00 ' 

Cash Wholesale Clothing House. 




(ieiitlriueiiN Furiiishiug KoodN, 

ftfdiYfi. I.<:ke ,tHit t:^ni,Mi>l\ »lif,(f, thuuyo. 
«y Particular atteutlon paid to ordrra. 



Crockery & Glassware 

4rO Riiixd.oiph-Ht.« 
OIllCWOO, ll.4l^. 

AMorl'-d packuKi-K of trock.Ty for tho country 
tra «. All orders promptly_ai[ou<Jo(1 1 o 

BlSSKViCo, mL% IlWf ELliCo,iB.Sll\W i Co, 

St. Lout.. Liltlo Kook, Ark. | ht.fmilh. Ark. 


(icncral Comiuissiuii Mcrcliauls, 



No. 63 LocuBt btreet, St Louia, Mo. 

Particular attention «4v<'n to the »»le of •'lour. 
Grain. IToduc and lTo»l-l. u«. ""«","'•' 
kinds of M.-r.hanai-.< prompt ly "''"» »' "*^;' 
rate*. One of our tlrm hu eaUualyo 
attention to tho purcbaiw ol Oood», 

l.lboral o««li advance* made 

Parker Paine, K.«.i., St. Paul, Minn. 
Paao.ll Bmlth. Kf<)., K.-1 Wing. Minn. 
ThoH, bluipnun, Kk(1 , >» Inona, Minn. 
HtateJiiavlnKii A' LouU, Mo, 
Principal National Uauk* of Iowa. 

\AUi(>i.s run i:m. 

an enilh'rrt .|iianlllv ol Inntruni-iiU of all 
dmcrlptlouii, allow Hk""". •* 

■ ra«riEH ■HON.. 

ll'2 Third «lr..'t, .St. Paul. Minn. 


Hi'Ki.i »M (jKsm M.'a Ormi , ( 

W viii><.i'"<. O. t'.. Aii||u«t lOlh, l.Mt't. t 

An Army Mi»!lcal Board, loc.iniiiKt ol Jlrivet 
rolontl .). B. Il'own, .Surgeon V. S. A., I r.-,!- 
d.-at Br«-»ri Ueatmant rolunri II. R. WIrli, 
.Siirueonll.S. A.. Uvl. I.kill. Col. Aucln.ii> IU>- 
«e' Hiirneon T. H. A., and llrev.l Major Wiirr.u 
VVet«t.r, A«»l«l«nt Hurxeon I', c A.. K«w>rd_ 
.r, will lu.-et in iivw \utk .iiy on Hi. -;;ith of 
.s-,,lember next, lor the '«»«"'V'"",''f ''"i 
dLUl'-:. lor a.lniU.lon Into llio Mrdloal J>U1I ol 
Ih.' I'. S. Army. 

AppllcaiitK iiiu»l l»'o\.r t»i Illy or.!' yiar» ol 
ii!it< and pliv'tc<lly round. 

AiipllcatlonKloraii iavltatUin I.. »|.pf arNlur.- 
Ihe Hoard khould t-e ad IrenKed fJ tho huru-.m 
(i.n.ral L'. ti. A., aod niunt «t»te tlw lull uamo, 
re-l.l.n.e. and .Uto and place of Mrlhol Ih.' can 
dic'ute. I'emlmoulal^ai touharact.-raDd i|uallil- 
.•lUoiM inu?t h- lurnl>.h.d. II I'm applicant ha. 
lMM>n In the Wortlcd Service ol Ihe Aimv duilnjt 
Ihowar.iliefact ahould lie itated, tox''tlierwllli 
hi-. loiin.T rjiik, and lime and plac- ol (ervlo--. 
and f.'illininlnl< Irom Ihe oflSccrx «llh whom li" 
111* M.Tved nhi'uM alito lie forwaid.'d. 

No iillowaiio' n made fjr 1 1 xp-iuool per 

»on« uiid.rpoliin th • .■xamlnatlon. a" it lain 
InoWp' n- lUe prcre.juUll.' to uppolntmenB 

III re ar.' al pr.- lit i-lxtv vmiiii.leii Initio 
Modioal htall. f.irt\ nix ot which are orlRlnai, 
l.<'liii(or<-atvd !•> act of Coiifr.r., approv.'dJiily 
•.(Sth.lf.ail. .lO.s. K. IIAItNK.^, 

SnrKCi.ii ti.'neral r. d. A. 

aujlo i-o.liiloi'i'- 

(loiicral romiuissioii Mrnlianls, 

■aylO-vod iin 


(I'ommission and I'orwardiiij; 


•T. LUtlM. MO. 


Doivn Go Prices I 

Wholesale Druggists, 


A. II. Wll.lll 



A. U.WlLDERcV ()()., 

Btl<»C*»H»<«>I*K lo 




(ieiH^ral (loiiimiKsioii MercliaiilM, 

«'«r. t.«w«<r I/««»e«» A »lbl«<y •«••. 




, conMlKomenI*. 

1 1 . .11 



.I.-W p 








A. 10 




.^.00 r 

. M. 












tiOlNO KASr. 

l.o«ve« Bl« Lake '•*'?.•*•..•' • 

•• KlkKlver 7« '^^ 

" !ta»oft ""* „ 

Anoka *-^ ,, 

Mttuomin IMO 

•• Ht. Anthony f.!* 

Arrt\calSt. Paul V).m 

l'urcha.=e. tickets at tho Htatlou* before enter- 
tnR the cursat adUcounl from the rcKular Uain 

'"*i\^..enRer Trains meet at Manomln. Perionn 
wishing Vo make a short pi. a«ure trip can take 
til," 8 V M or a 10 r. m. train Iroin St. Pau to 
Mauoiuin. lit luil-s, aud roturn to ot. Paul at 
?0 TO A M orO.-.:. f. M.. without change of cars. 
Uone from .St. Paul -.iyi hours, morning cr tvcn- 

'°^;n.enK-rs must (jet their B»^K«l«'' «''''='';;'' 
before it It will be curried over th- r.m.l. an-1 on 
{!,, arriv..! <.f tin tr.ln at plac' of denlnii-lon 
must pr.M-nt tUe check and take posi.e9».ono 
their their btig?.(<e, as the company will not 
be resiM)n<lMo fjrtKe »ilety of any bajKaffe 
Sfter ifs arrival at .tatlon for which ft is cl.. clc- 
"d_it beinK no part of the bunlness of tins 
company u7 receive aid more baKKaK" uul, -n a 
eiHjcTal contract Is ■;-';^'",';'i';;'i'^jio. Sopt. 

A. B. 9c O. H. MILLER, 

IMl-OllTKllS AMI) .I.UlltKUb .'f 


WoslcHholui's Podct Kuives, 


an p4tate-st., Cliicago 

Sole Aj! -nta lor Iho c'lebratcJ AMKRIOAN 
HLK OO.'.S HLB3, guaranteed equal to the 
best Kngllsh bronda; every Bio" wMrtnted. 

aprlO-Pm . ^___ 

Torrence, Manning & Co., 

WlIOI.KSAl.K. imAI.K.ltS in 



Kuiicy Dry Qoods, 

a» Lwke * i» trabtaali A«enu«, 


New York olllce 14H Uuanc street 


PuiwardiD» aud Cuuiiiii>sion 


No. 23 South Commeroial street, 

ULKKUKSCK-Tblld Ntlonal Bank, Mechan- 
ics Rank.. St. Louis. 

Lllirral advances male on conslRninents. 

ParU.:ular aHenliou paid l« «lllnK all kinds ,ol 
opiers lor .wunlry merohanli". J>'7wem 


190 and 192 WaBhiugton-at., 


Turpriiliur, Wludow OlasH, 


Painters' Slock Com|deU', 
WliHe Wahli and oilier liruHlits, 

And all other 


In H"*t taiiel/. 

Howe & Slevens' Dye Colors, 

Ht CbicHBO l*rioo», 

A mil line of the famous aud rellnb e 

Nichols' Preparations, 

We solicit the atleuilon of the trado to our 
.luck of tirocrles. which have be,-n <»r';l""y 
snlfctrdto in.*t the wants of this mark. I, and 
whiub we ahall aim to sell as low as any. 

We aro sole Ageuls in Minnesota for 

Fairlmiik's Standard Scales, 

Andslmll always have a supply on hand lor ini- 
mediate dclivi.ry. Wo ar« also agents lor the 


14.>th Pluiid ana 8ell'U»*U«M. 
With a Itill supply of Ke|ialr«. Also lor the 

Case "Sweepstakes'' Threshers, 

with Uap»lrs. Wo sluUl liave tor ntle 


and Coinniissioii Mercliu,ul«, 


Uuooud Door Below Morohante' HotoL 

We have la Store om of tl>« LA,B0K8T STOCKS ta tWi nwkat ol 

Tcbaccos and Cigars. 

8t. Paul, January 11, IhM. 


Kaso-rn mannfactuio, with Neck ^ okes. 

Whilll.-i , Wagon Covers and Chains, 

tugrther with 

Single uu«l inkiibl*! Can lugCM, 

Krom the ojttenslve manufactory ot UAKVKY 
A. WAuLACK. IJuffalo, N. i. 

Approrliilli.t; tho lit.. r;,l pat rcnage bestowed 
tin the old II. .u».. w" .hull .-mleavor to main- 
tain tlio favoralJ.i repuUtlon enUblir-hed by through careful att.ntion to th^ Inierests 
ol all who may Uivor us with tUilr bualuoss. 

aprlh tf 


p. r. Mcttt.«a.i.Aa. 







•" i 




'■■ ho 

I «« 

I bo 

$ OCS 



E ** 






Excelsior Hair Restorer 

IH the Lest pr 
lor tli< 


la evnry county In Minn.-sota, to s.-U the 

Qeniiino Improved New England 
FAMI1.V sEwi.N*; maciiim:. 

The only small Machln«llial gWes gon-ral satis- 
taction. Kotall price HHS*.**!*. 
All Mxluri'S inc u.le.l, e.\cpt 
H.-.inuin'» Stsir S«<\v.iv Kxlru. 
And lor sale with a good supply ot Needles, 
from Nos. 1 to5, also the best .luailty of inacliioe 
oil al my room', l«.l Third slre-t. ht Paul, op 
poslle Murger Bros. Music, up htaiks. 
Tables wlih Tread'.i« eaua, •10. 


with a complete and tborouKh slock throush- 
out. ihe attention of tho trkde lnvltt;d aud 
patronage sollcltid. 

bt. Paul July i", IWKI. 


(OXri!«l'B »o •»■!»;■!■»« 




I1..NKV A-MbS kCU.d BK'JT, hOK »ALK. 



bfOUi; AND M)K 
UY lllb bLM, 


Manufacturer of and Ucalei In all kinds ol 



l\X,m\ ST.. Mil W)flll TO rilU.\l!R IIJ' SIXTH 

Rapalrlng of all kinds promptly attended to 
and all work warranUd. .,».k-. 

Nothing but thfl best sel-ofed Jasti-rn tlmh«r 
sted. ro.ib2lly 


Pbotoa rtspk. for lOai* »'r»iu««», ♦«.»«. 

Kor thirty days 1 will work at th-ae prices in.l 
guarantee salisfictlon. 


Excelsior PhotOKrapli (lallery, 

Ktarly oj>po$iU l\t Bridge. 
8t. Paul. May . 1M«. "»y« 

Portable niid Stationery 

f-Jliinslo IVtillH. 

Richard's Power (^orii Sliellars, 

Kor Warehouses, Dislillerle., Mllli nnd 
Karms. S'laliing. Pull es. and •••livatorjla.-hin- 
orv built to ,»rd. ♦•. sug' 




. until 1^ 
for the delivery 

W.J. Manniso, 

jamks Wb^t, 
N.S. Walkkk, 

o « 5 

i-S a 


sa . 

? 5-113 15=^"S 

|.= ls?^9oat^ 

.2 5 S' 



■a S- 

kJ Ci'iiStS' _„ 

/, ao ; • gs SS •■— It 

name and 
muT't, with 


di:pkw 6c poll i:r, 


Nf'. 1 1 Hroiid Street, 

>JK\V ^ORK. 

Solicit n.-ouuts from U;»iUs, «„«kers, and olh. rs. 
Interest =llo>v. d on deposits tubj.ct to el^ht .In.n 
All kin.; • of S. cnrill.» bought and M-ld for the ueiial 
comml'. 'on Sp.H:lal attention civen to (lovirn 
nient S,- rurilles. 
folleoti"ins niaib- on all points. 
(1,1, '■ V- in-lury of ^' 'I'' ' 

mam:xmmmmmMma. *^ 


"^Wimbish's Expr-^ss, 

Carti.-. r.issensc'-s. baxgige an'. ■■ descrip- 

tion of light Krelght anywhere au . - ywhere 
in t!,.' aty, at the lowest rates. 

tllBces at M-rrlll's Book store, 1«0 ' 'if'' l"*' 
uui Sink', lirecery store, Jankson sti n.-t. 


.■ „ _ > S Wjt S - 

5" fl -* ^ ti ft. 








Trunk Manufactory. 

Also a fuU supply of 

Saddlery Hardware 

Whips, Collars, Horse Coven», &o. 
C-. paoAi., 

irornor Third and Robert streets, .St. Paul. 

orKicK OK Ciiinr <irAiiTK.iiMANr«B 

PtSTBUr OK MlVIKSliTA., 1 ing.Mlnn., Au<. -M, iwsi. PMOPO •»*!.•» •» ■»* 
p Icate wilib, """'vedal tills ollioe 
M Thursday, Au BSt :ioth. l-i." for the 
at Kort Snelling, Mini..-. >la. cl 

:i»,00«» Mn»h*'a Ou«». »•» »•»» •••• 

ton lona «r Hiar. 

3.>Oror<l. of Wry Hi»isl Wood. 

.Tr,.()nts ind Hay to be deiivrrcd on or before 

, J i .h d.y Sf OcioW. l.siW, and the Wood on 

^tilKire Jiniiary I -t, l-.". •<> J 1" '"i^' ''""""'" 

prior to those dates as may ba renulred. 

Also, at Kort Uldgcly.Mlnnesoli, 

».««W» Itu.boU of Out., »■ .lacl... 

And at Kort AberCroralHe. I>.r., 1 !,oo'l buslieU ol 

*M. Ins^^k*; v.noo V'^-'r-^ViVbu's^heU li 

l'o7t Ab^^^°oab" ?m?;; on com^plellon 

oi contract, and the balance on or before Oo 

'"miosalVjir the whole or any part of the 
amount reiiuired will be reoelv.d. 

Bids for'. erirate articles and separate posts 
mii-t b.. on ^lleet8 of papiT. 

il.dders win give their names and address Jii 
full, and in case ot Arms the pr.MlM 
ttddr. I'l of each in.lividaal m.-niber 
the name of the llrm bi; statfQ. . . i,i 

A prTntod copy of this advertlseicent will 
enclose.l with each prop sal. -rinen 

All bids most b< iiccoanwnied by a writl. n 

gnaiinteo intlic following lorin, vi/. . 

* We , and , of tiie county of , 

State of . do hereby agrre that — — • 

Is able to tullll a eiulraci lu accor.lanoe *•«'»'• 
propo-ttlon; and that fliouM ii» proposition t« 
acoeot^d he Will at Onco ,nl.r into a ooutr.ct In 
:c?!?.tance therewlTh. Miould »«»»»"«';; 
aw;.r.l-d him we are prepared to become his 

"-r ""r.-spo^i^i'Mfit^^ii:!" ";'voSc.'i.'r. 'Z'Z;. 

:;rrmcaV:r."tllcrki:.r.ho District court, or the 

"•BldJ;.'rrlitT."^.'ed 10 be present at th. 

"".'"'.pi^^lmJi.„n. who have preYhmsly 
failed to comply v. 1th «"•'', /'°™''"'''>ji 
persons, and»ons Irr-sponslble, will not b« 

'Th.>"II*nd.r^i«nrd resenrcs the right lo reject 

anv or all bids. , , ,. ,., 

A bond with good and fallsfaclory (ecurlty will 

be required from the person or p..r8ons lo 
the contract may be awart'ed. 

olntractors will ftirnlsh the necessary revenue 
stamps lor bonds and I- jutracts. 

Bids to b« .-ndorscd " l/oP"**'''.'''.^-"!"," 
. ."and addressed to the under- 

Captain H.thU.b, Infantry, 
cWlO. M.r 1st rict Minn., 
Vort SnulUiiCt Minn. 

Having a buter wlio Is cousUutly in the fcatt- 
crn Market watching lor bargains, we have un 
usual faoilitl<-« f>r ».-,'|'ln< a 



W»k. .1. WiMl*i» A' t^'«>' 



l«U«0CS8Ors to WAWO*, l)lt»»MOKK fc Oo.,) 

BKKIU, t'AHKS, tKAiiiKlllS, 




1.K UAKUbl.. 


r. V. nc«ftVBJi.i.An. 


Ueneral Agent. 

ireparatt-in ever presejit^d to the 
.. ._ie llalr, and the only ariiolo pos- 
•okIiik all the merits claloi.Mlior It. 
ArresU Its falling olTor liiruing gray, cures all 
dis. as"s of tho scalp and inikos harsh, wiry hair 
lieauttlully soft and luKurianlly glossy: but 
abovo all Is the miirvclous rapidity with whcli 
To Its oiislniil <;oor. Use It af.'wtlmes andlol 
our gray htil.-s have dlsappeard as U by maglo. 
■ T 1st MOT A UVK. 
Hut strlki's at th,- root' of tie. hair, rupplyg 
th. -Ill Willi new lift ani coloring matter, II in a 
ninrh bill, r iln-Bsiiig llianOilor t-omalum, and 
avoids thi-irdeleli-rious effects. Ills elM^anlly 
perfumed, i- 1 a-iily applied, and is In alt respeois 
axn-.-able to ilo- «<uses Ii, altt-r a falrtiial. 
this doi's not prove tu be I lie lM'^.t pr.-paration 
h..|ore the pobiln, th" niDie-y will l>" r.-luu.l.-d. 
Pul up ill large hotti.'s and sold by all druggi-ts 
at 1 100 p<-r bottle. „ ^ , 

Dll V. a. i'\' >CK. Proi.rletor »Ianc».,>8ter. 
N. H. KLM.I.KIt, IINCII It Kll.l.KK, 

Ueuerhl N.iriliw.slern Ag.-nts, ( hia^'o. 
H. W. MOBIMMOM, Airssat, ■». Ciaal. 

H U O A. «. H . 






l-»o^vJol•ecl imd 


r. r. nt««t'ii.i.AH. 


w«, uaoe «•«■«■ ""o *mo 

U. U. JAVA. 
Ko, sale »^,. ,. m^^i^y^. 

UAE.r CM «••»•», «'oa«i«»T- 


Ghi-oous, Colonics ;iiicl 


Remodeled, Refitted & Restocked. 

A splendid stock of 



L)yo Stiifi's, «fec., etc. 

INTniiiiery, t'aiiey fSuaps, 



In great quanlily and variety. 

ParliLulu Bitenlion psid to Compounding 

Agonts lor tb" c.-lelir..ted KlIKr RA HAIR 
INVlOuUAlOK. Alullassortm.ntof 



Tho AlpUia laad Oaar^ia lavvator vf 

Sewing: JVIacliineM. 

Persons and parties wishing to purchase Klias 
Howe's latest Improved and lust working Hhuttle 
Ptitcli Sowing Machine In tho world, tan do so 
at lv:< third suoet, Kt. Paul, up ktaikh. 

the uud'Tsign-d Is prepared to furnish any 
size and style ol lini'h that can be found In any 
'ol ti.ebest »e*ing Maoliiue estab-Uhments ■ Ise- 
where, both Kninll) and Mumifaiiuiing Machines. 
All are invited lo call anc s.-,- i loon work. 

J. U. .I* IISMKA.!., Agent, 
W.\ TUlrd street, Bt Paul, Minn. 

ri:i :<ni 

Rich and Rare Goods 



Cii-jiy-lionslosl l»f*opIo liavo thoir 

lork.s ^c•^lo^l•l^ by it l.i llio dnrl.. luttrtnm, 
»,l/.in liessrs of youtli, and an- )iH|i]«y! 

Yoiin.; I'lojilo, viiU />r//i',/atlid ot iirt Ilinr, 
linvo tlic.;o iinf»i:)iiMn:ii,li- ( tilors <-tianf,'i'<l to 
H l,i'.-iiiiitul niilMini, mill rejoice! 

r,oi>lo wliosc iKiids nrp coTc>rP<l vith 
Ilandnijf su\i\ lltuno'^.i, um- it, iiinl liftve clean 
ii>:it» :inil fli .IP ami liciillliy ;-i;iliis ! 

Itiil.i-irctidod V«'l«T;in!-i li.ivo 
lli«-ir i.iiiiiiiiiiif,' locks tipliloncil, and llin 
li:ii«- i-|M)is ( iivi-reil with a luxuriant growth 
of ll.iir, anil il.iiir.: |.,r joy! 

Yciiiii.; f ;.'iitl<'iiii n U.-.0 it because it i» 
riclily iH'rluiiii >l 1 

Yoiinrr I.ailii-s «sc it In-causc it keep* 
tlicir ll.'iir in place! 

Everylxxly mi'*' ami will nsie il. iN^cause 
it is the tUancni aud biif arlielc in llie 
iiiurkct ! 

For Sale by Druggists geneiully- 

Dixos, AplU ^id, luac 

Mr. It. R. rifjylnf. Itmg'jiiit , 

IIKAK Sin: Vou re«iomln.r that when I p«r- 
eh-i.-d 111. I.'ji'l.- ol Itinif's Vo|r..ialile A mbrosia 
tlir'-e W'-eks ago, my l.»lr was very g'ay. I an 
liat.pv to tay that Iroro iis u^e It ha- li.-.-n c ■.• 
pletely n'-ioro.! t<. its na«iral c.lor. black. 1 
h-jv<: iilr-.i II- lo'-lil te.'. .1 sev rttl timo.,Bnd 
ha. •■ no 111 fl'atloii In B.-iiriiig n'V frlinrt. that It 
Ir no hiiniljiig." but Uiil il »i I do a'l tliat is 
claim.-d lor it. I c<.usi.l.T il .-ui-'iior I" -.iiiytliicK 
ol the kind In market as a *'Ualr liressi..g," 
keeping the seal). cl<-an, head tree from dandruff 
and the hair soil and slHty. 

J.g. AUAMH. 
Carriage Manulacturer. Dlaon, lU. 

hT. I'AII., April 2-t. VfM. 
I can vouob for the trot h ei thealsive stat** 
meet. WM. KKNNKUY, 

Snpt. of 8t. Paul Gas Worlt. 

KUW A ••» H. ■•««•, 
Sole Wholesale and Jf^tntl Agert. St. Pa. I, 
Kjnn. a|Ti6d»w«ni 





We are prepar«-d lo furnish every doicrlptlon 
of the above articles in anv d.slred quanttpr. 
Kverv dccrlpUon of Hakcry done to ordei . We 
wlr^nt all goods a No. I article. Orders ftom 
tT^^mnfrysollJltSd an.l promptly llU..d at the 

'7ChT.Kr"-Bt rrr.«, Lau... and Kou.. 
i;all at tho 

Norlhwcslcrii Steam Bakery, 

Corner Robert street and Lereo. 
-lyJanH ^ 

aOO HoxoH Coiiipri.siu^ 

Kino Nary, Natural l.*ar, fco. 
Kor 8*10 b, ,_ .,, „.^„jiu,A,. 

And Kegs, Comprising Sugar Drips. Amber and 
tjol'len and Sugar House. 

Korsale^ _P^,. «c«i;iJLl.A^ 



of Btiimosota 

Al'.<iiys on land. 


Proprietors. IntrrDutional llol.'l Builiting, 
Cor. Jackson aud bevenlh streeU. 

Jy« '.im . 


Corner Fifth and Robert Streets, 



Carriages and Sleighs. 

kinds ol repairing prom, tly attended to. AU 
work warriinted to give satisfaction. 

mobl« ly 

Boyal Havana Lottery of Cuba. 

Conducted by th- Hpanish Oovernment. 

%mm w WLK J»^^*'< ^^"^"^ 1' •^™' 

Priice cashed and Information f^ral''',";* ; the 
hlgh»ft rates paid for Doubloons and aU kinds 
of Uold and Silver; also for all government Be- 

Holid Hilver AVare, 

\^ arraut<-d equal >o coin. 

Table 8p««!i!*, Messerl Spoimm 


Solid Silver Tabic and Tea Knives. 

Table Korks, Dessert I-. irks, Pickle Korks, -ar 

dine Koras, Cheese Korks, Pie Knives Cake 

Knives, Hu-t«r Knives, Che.-.. Knives, 

Soup I-adles, Sugar Spoons Mugar 

Sillers, Silver Napkin Kings, 

Jelly SpooLS. Berry Spoon-, 

OjSier Ladles, Musiard 

Spoons, .Salt Spoons, 

Ice Cream Spoons. 

KOG 8P001TB, Oold Lined. 

Preserve Sp'ions, Sliver Cups and Ooblets, Tea 
Strainers, Tobacco Boxes, Card Oas^s, Spectaclf 
Cases, Poit Monaics, salt Cellars, hruil Bnlves 
Child's Knives, Korks and Spoons— all pure Sll- 
ver. A large assortment ofSlLVtU Pt.ATlLD 


A large lol. In (.old and Silver oases adjns^d to 

heat and cold— warrtnted good timu- 


100 Cases Seth Thomas' Clocks. 

A fuU line of 


Coroc and see the Diamond Hoods at 

1». C. eRMBSLMAF'*. 

The largest assortment of 

Gold and Silver Watches 

In the State. 
Diamond, Oiial, Pearl Ku by and hm.-iald tUngl 
and I*in»,t)nyx, Amethyst and Garnet Jew- 
elry .Solid Gold BracelPts, Gold Thimbles, 
Gold Necklaces, Gold Chains, 
Calarge lot.) 

i^olid Gold l«i«)ss, 

BBCkl«*,*ls>«<v* Buatoaa, M»ud., Mfy. 
IM<i»l., dM. 

Store in Greenieaf s Block, 

opposite (Concert Uall, near the Post Offloe, 
D. C. C>RBBSl.BAr. 

. «t\o* C ' 

dic<"« *,-,«nieCor"Jl-TH'KO' 

I vo^'^ 





"" .K pa.iti» I" p-in*!"" "., a.n< 


z.v\ ' 

and 6" ^d 


jaU^ '^^ 











No. 2 Jackson street. 

Unaranteed to give more power with ssme quan- 
tity of water th.nn any othir Wheol known. 


Send lor Descriptive Circular. )y« tm 




I. Hi llvl M.>J <1. 




At I heir new 

l^v«rv uiKl >!»«a1« atat»lo, 


Arc prejiared to Rupply the 

(In luo.l.ral." terms. 

j^^ rl.eir llorses are line, «:arriagns and Har- 
Bv-s.-. all new and of the latest style, 
an I Im 


<i|.. i:iiirig «n.l .'.iM.iilMng 

?^ IT M, G K O IV .* 

Oiseaaes of the Eye and Ear. 

«ij«ce, 117 .s..«/'i CUtrk3trr,t. 
P.O. Box, is--. <HI«IA«0. 

We have exnm'Tii'd various te Hniouialsl. lb.' 
form of lett.T- 
■ , ill I I 

1>I Kl.EHS- TUB SKCItl.. rAKV oS'SrATB, > 

St.Paii, August 4th, IWMI 

thut ill pursusili- 
act to' I" 
pul.ilii printing. 


of an act eutltliHl " An 

til' purchase III pip^r lor the 

itiproved Mar.h Isl, IwlH, 

propo-.a!* will tie riMxdved at this offlc- 

Tlim. K. l-AKKhll 


J r. I1II.I.KY, 


Attorneys and Counsellors at Law. 

N.I. UiU: 'I'll ir<l »«l >•«'*♦* 
(Over Nelhaus" Store.) 
ST. P.<VtJI... MINN 

giv.'U to i.rrpartng and 

.•xtiic's rr.^mro""'e'> and lioiu" 

i...,rnils ill I CTtifleit.'. of lire fr.iin p"r-..Hs 

r wi'l"'r..|wi mion, w .i-h hn-" been sho^¥n us 

ko lir I » Walker, and thev give st-ong'.r if til.. l>«ot'.r-s skin lu tr :,liiK 

71!,'..!..,... .i» th'i y-V and Knr, Dr. W. Ins nn ap 

." m".nt n 'me of t e larijesl l.ontnn ..... 

I".'' , "!. ! i. lo.verv r<'sp.H-t illbernilv ,.duo.le.l 

1 . |.,.tvr nces are of lh» highest char- 

.>uri /f<'^u'''»c'>a. J/n™*. "**". 

|.rvucii»r'lUoial eyes Inserted. Price. «15 00 



until September .-VI. tsilrt. for furnishing the lol 
liiviliiir anionii' nn.l Kin.l ol, vU . 

Tlir e Hundred ll.ams Uook l-up-r, sUu 24*11. 

Tbirtv Keanis Kollo Post. 

Kilty 'K"ams Klai ( ap. 

Seven R"am» Demy. 

Nlii.' K. .iius C.ilore.l .'Medium. 

Kour I!. -a" s Print Pa| er. 

Thri'.. l{>-anis I .-gallap. 

Two Iteanis DmiMe ('ap. 

Hvt Mieets Bond Paper. 

All bids must conlBin samiil'sof 111. M'\era 
winds ol taper prcp^^ed to be lurnislicd, and 
ttlte distinctly the prlw P»t pound or ream ol 

'^A'ltei'.U.'.n il cali.Hlto tho foUowIng paragraph 
in "eotlon 4 of th" act ab^ve name.J 

"An.l every p-rson or persons lo whom oon- 
trart. -hall have b.en awar.Kd. and who shall 
,™-l.'l lir re.u-e I., eni.T IdIi the bmds riv 
•mir.-.l by th's act. shall lorL-lt and pay lor any 
.iirh negh'ct oi refusal any sum not l-ss than 
ilfty uor m'ire 
r. .-ov.'ri.d in tl 

■"*'s'.'|.l" paper must b-i delivered at Ibis olBce 
in ..u .h and at -uoh tlm-'s as may b.- ri- 
.Hiir..d. which will pr ibahly be about one half In 
N,'r,.mber, tsi:'', «ud the balance In Kcbtuary, 


Particular attinlien giv.u 10 i. 
pr.isrcutlng with promptness and d -p^ch all 
claims lor soldlrrs or others undrr lb. late acts 
of Congre.s,oran> ..Ki.r l.iisiii..^,. arUing out of 
Iti- late wars, i-illlier Indian or K.b"lll<>n, not 
et lleally and satisfactorily «.'tll>-d. My W usb- 

ogtou corr.'.pondenis are Messrs. Sanborn A 
ilug , Attorneys at Law. aufl! ly 

than llvo huudred do'lars, lo be 
uaiui and lor the use of the 


H.'Ofclary of State. 


mercUairxt Tailor, 

L>..i<1.4r In tli 
Bro'i loioths ai). 
Tow. St. Paul 
■ Oold. HI 

«f HBR 

fcet. Just nsoeivj 

Jj-i. «-^' M M''"'' 

y.i-nl ihinc Ooods 
., I'hir.l str.'"!. Cptsr 
.-h al«au-.'.<d to s'lH 
|vor"oV «Jr*«nt*oks. ' *"* '^ 



..., wTrranted the t»«it In Mar 
d id for sAle l»T, 

at. !•»■'.*•*" " 

A. H, WILDM » (50. 

Winoua Carriage Works, 

Tho largest and extern ivo 


.u the West. We manufacture to nrd'-r and keep 
constantly on hand all kinds ol 

CarriapreH, UvijyfSieH, 

SLUiailH AND 8ULKlt:8, 

We use the b«*t material nn.' i™,''''''"' "'": 
Being exienslvc deal-rs In all klo.l. of 
3 Wagon material purohased from 
enable* ui to « ll less thsn Ch'oafo 
nrices. WOODS «ti KAMI, 

^^iU Winona, MinneMta. 

I'lrriage ai 
llr.t hands, 


A,.K!IT ri.Tt 

Faii'l^a.ralt'w Scjxles- 


ISr IBB* AMI* i.i«roRM 

SirrABhK I-OK 





riNB OM) PAl.K SllKUKY. 











UAJts, ko., printed la tH* k««( ttyie «■ \^% 
OtUy Prass Staaa Job Prlatl&g UtlM. 


SANBORN & KING,<>mo> w n-t JL,«.w, 

Room .Vo. 1, WathuiijloH liuilding, 

C»r.»tli ••••••«*■< ^•■■•y'**'*'***'*"" 

WASlimoTON, D. c, 

will prosecute aU claims against the Govern 
ment and give pirtl.ular alientlon to the settl.^- 
m.°t U tffic-r.' Ac. Hints, ihe «:ollecllon of 
Back Pay. Bounty an.l Pensions, Ih' l^ollecllon 
ol Pay lor 'lurBis l.o-iintho »=crvice.»c.. »c. 

All Im-liiess ei.lmsted tous wi I be attended 
t.> wllh protnptn.'ss anl .>n r.-asonabi.' terms. 
1 iNTiil arrangi-ni-nts wiiib-mii.le with mem- 
bers of the proUsslon uu' rusting bustne-s to 

ourcnre. .. jt_»_ 

Post »>l»e«^Bo»_7»0; J y81-dfcw3 m 


Saddlery Ilivrdwixre, 

TRUNK maniika(;toky. 

Kur I'rivlni; .n Kly Time. 

*'ly N»*l*« »»«»il I-.lnf" «li«-.>l». 

IKAifiJ. CoUart, Camagi 4 *"i?S^ Hanuii 

^t f^. PROAl.'*, 

J«27-dfcw Oorn»r Third and Robert its 

Has au immense variety ofUrocerles, comprising 
ever J tiling usually kept by a wholesale grocer, 
which he offers to dealers for cash only, 
always at lowest market rales^^ '>llf 


Wholesale and Retail 



Importers of 
HM.OHER8 A».XICls.lS» 


European Produce, 

I>calers In 

ereen and Dried Fruits, 

I and In all kinds oi 

Tobacco A Segars, 

Oor. Third ft Market Sts., St. Paul. 

Oetober *. IM*. 


Bankers. It Wall-st.. N. T. 




Call aiiil E.\amiue our Slock 


aolirVs-ON Ik. BtAHOlM. 


Family Groceries. 


The undersigned, having Just opened a choice 
ineuiin.-rsiau "..uoc^ m (..g mt their store 

Signer"h ind SlMe, stre. ts". will ke.ipcon- 
^"tly on hand a lull assortment of ail Good. 

'"A^share ofthe public i-aUonage Is respoctluUy 
soUolU-d. ^«» a»om * WBI.I.B*. 

January 17t h. IW« lanlH-ly 

imn MILlUlMlllill W 



Call on or ad- 

-r^<»«»H A«.iK!«»* »»A.'%¥B» TO 

J?^^>S'3!s^\.KJtii/^!v:^i:^- ; 

*"u. ingto portraits of s,„rthern and nouthern 

i;..n. nil", in ».rgli-h and Oerman. , ., , _ 

111. auth.i'is will known as on.-of the l>e»t. 

_ . .Kr*. rk Is a very altra. livooue la bli.dii g 

:Sd 'I'^iuTrMlin.? ";.' ,s who have delivered 

"o I can now is- suppli d with .M 2 

Kxira Inducements olb-red. 

<*"••• It. <\TRBAT. 

117 South Clark street, Chicago, ill. 

Khinul.. Birr.l M*cMuery, comprie- 

mi Hhmfle Mills, »"•""« »•"."• ""'"'"P 
Moundewand Planers. M.-,iding Jointers K.,nar 
m"g aTl Cut Off saws, bhluglc and Slave 
Jor/ters, AC. »c. AU n. w. Of our own make 
ani warranted. h;li.KK A KORi. 


m-i and'.'il Midlaon street, Cblcaso, 


THK I.ANE & UOUl,li% , 

Poi-labie ( ircular Saw Mill», 

f>.>rt.-il>l»» 8t»-:nii Knaiii*«>*. 

Shingle IMtachincM, 



Cor. John and Water streets, CIn.lnnaU. 
aw Applicants for descriptive circular, will 
specify the maehlnerv they ne,Hl. JelO-ly 


Have received lsrg» and splrndld a«- 
sorlmeot of 


Solid hUvor and Plat.d iVare, Watchi's, Kancy 

Hoods, in fact kverythlng generally found 

In a Uniciass KsaMl.nient. 

Uaviog purchased our goods mostly since th-i 

d.>cllne In god, we are p-eparsd to offer them at 

the lowest possible rates. Please call and ex 

'"•••Partlcular'atti-ntlon given lo Hue Wa'.ch 
R..palilng and Jobbing. 

A conlin.ialii.nol lavors from our old custom- 
ers Is sollcii"'! Kir ths n.'W llrm 
ers is soi ^^^uBM^a ^ BROWB, 

(\ Third stre.'i. one door b.low bliaw's Hat 

)ru''<iie and i't 
Afjiincsufa llouit, ht. 



To supply adefldenoy long cxlsUng.haTe printed 

»nd ready lor sale the following Blanks 

for use in Probate Court ; 



APPRAISERS' APPOINTMI.aiT, (with eatllS,) 











ifor sale by the quire or single sheet. Address 

PRESli I»RIlfTl»« CO^ 


pa]irer»s"^P uXthr^Ve^'and^lror " ''■ 

A. H. >Vllder & CJo., 

lor the transaction at St. Paul of a 


General CommiBSion BuBiness, 

At the sund ■{'tMy^^-^""^^^.,-'- «' * «• *^ 

Cor. M.ow»r !.•*..• •• -tM*>, .Sr»s.». 

Mr A L I,arpe..leur A ill remain with the now 
«rm and w.-'niW aim to maintain the reputation 
Sf™lie old House by a carnlul •«-»""» '°'^f 
?nteA«W of aU who may tavorjjs *>^l}^^^>«^ «"»»• 


Jackson street, 

First Door Above Third street. 
Uppoille Merchuits' Hotel. 


Will keep constantly on band 

Shirts, Drawers, Hosiery, 

Tr unkM* Valii*e». A.C., &,o. 

Istte only Physician, as a Spe- 
cialist, now In Chicago tlia' can 
be entirely relied uiion. Go lo 
him, aid not suffi-r that horrible 
din aee to remain In your sjstsin, 
di.rcnrirg \ en r face and, be. 
,M.r deslroviug >cur t.ipltess 
and future prospects of lite. He 
has made PftlVATK'h 
study for tho past twenty v^ars, 
and Is" therefore the P'^son whom all nlTlicted 
should consolt. No one ever heard of aV^^"' 
of his not being cured since l'" ''",''*■"" '" 
•his dtv Uis reputation has vouchers in all the 
dty pap'-f" hi" V»'i't'ts, and the m.dical pro 
fission botii h. re and abroad, as b..|i.g the most 
skUled 'specialist here, and a thorough master of 
an Vexu?l diseases. If all others tall. d. n't de- 
spalr7glve him a call. It Is only a common oc- 
Zron^' with him to cure such ijases^ Hi" 
rooms are separate for ladles and gentlemen, an* 
the most complete In the city. «, ,. „ 


Doctor Kigeliw devotes much of Ills time lo'Dc 
treatment of those oases caused by a ferret 
habit, which ruins both body and mind.unlitting 
tlie unfortunate individual for either business or 
Bocii tv The sad effects of these i-arly habits. 
or the excess Ol riper) ears, is to weaken and 
debilitate the constitution, destroy Ihf I ' vsioal 
and mertal powers, diminish and euIe.Me the 
natural feelings and exhaust the vital eiergles 
of manhood ; the pleasures of lUear« marr. d tli.| 
r,>iid.-red a term of unceasing misery and regret, 
finch persons, especially those oontempialing 
marriage, should lose no Ume In making imme- 
dla-e appilcatlon, as by Dr. B., by his new tre,l- 
ment is enabled to insure a speedy and pt ma- 

"^Oon^u'hatlons f^ee and oonfldental. Oflire No. 
try south t;lark street^oomer of .M?""^' ^« *.' 
block Irom the Port Office. Post Odi^ Box IM, 
CMi^o. omce hours from ».*•,'? •,««*> »;•",•• 

SeTd lor his "Guide to Health," pubh.hed 
monthly, free of charge. , _, ^, ,„ ... 

NB— ladles, send for a descriptive circular 
Of Pessarle Remedie,the best preventive of eon^ 
mutton known. Bent to any address Ireeol 




K.r. MAitvni. 

)eis 3m 


St. Paul. March aoih. IHM. 




Fenniis, Flooriiig, iHiiiensions. 

■•tsrSI.. »l»«»r Lussslser, Hldla*. 

Sliinglen and Lath, 

Constantly on hand and for sale. 





L'slTop"!'""'^' Kapti-'t ' 'i"--''' street, near Jacason 
ponier work done to oreer. 


Kuildiiig on 
kinds of Car 


A full assortment of 


JElnbtoer Faeliiners 



S. rt.aHAUEB * HMO. 







ina Tbird 


MaHEIHB* ■»•« 
. offiveinthe sbiuh bmiu,..^ .r "--•-- 
fcKhelre's farpenter Shop, on Kittli strict. De- 
ri «« Ptons «n*d spr-clflcatlons for buildings of er- 

■ JIBl^Mtl.A'. ATTO»a»B* A» 

H LAW acd Kstate Ageri 
I.eod ocnnty, Mlnneeota. 



sin-K»l JKIN IK» l.Kli Willi sId.. motion 
., Ankl,. *i<o th.' V. S. Armv and Navy 
•Ilifl litu-r Is l\irni lieKo soldiers by theU. b. 
(■ vernment without charge by applying to 
lull i-r as BLV M. D., No. 73 Pine street, Ht 
r^u'is'and r1»Vi:iU0»' tre«t, Memphis I-un 
I.en.lfora pami Wet o. Onln* deiorlpUon and 
,astruoUoni, my^e ly 

store ht. Paul Minn. 


m-. n. w 

H.J. TAYbOR, Agent. 
St. Paul, June I, WM. 

'F-V. heyderstaedt 

Has received another tupply of the 

rdebraledMaiikato ant! Dayton 

r I. o XJ R, for .ale to the trado. 
AU« — h-n.l- . I— -•»'.'-f "•"«"• 

•UK" . 




Ktixct, xaiiit raul, 

win.i.r.'*i •■■ I1KA».KU 15 


stoves, linners' Mock. Sheet ron, Nail", 
Uls-s Putty, Axe-, i-bovols and spades, Buid 
crs- liaruware. Mining Too s, *armlng Impl» 
ments, Tin Ware, fcoftc. imum k 

T.«v nff 8, air.'d the services of Mr. JOHN K, 
' ?/ ^nicular attention Is called to RoeF- 

•KBINU, PLl MBlJili, AC., and Will 

warrant a satisfactory and tight roof. 


Uoods sold as low as lu Chicago or .>t. Ix>uls. 
of K MAUVIN It SON aud save Ihe ex- 
■^•nse of tV.ighi. Assorted Crates exactly 
adapt«d lo ihe country iraae. 


Lamp Goods very Low. 

A Large Htock un Itaud. 

189 ic 191 Third Street, St. P»ul 


The copartnership heretofore exlHllng between 
the undersigned 1- this day dissolv.-d by mutual 

.». CUA8.H.OAKB3. 

~°""" E. BORLP. 

St. Paul. May^lst. l^- '"^^ 

**«5)AL.Ju,t received audfOr^ale^liy^^^ 


Bt. Paul.Mav 11 


In al) cases ' 
aprlk-tv _ 


Bartlett Sewing Machine. 

Pric-f S;:to.oo. 

Trea.lle Atl.ichment Mve Dollars Extra. 

Every Machine Warranted 'ihree Years. 



V o Hox «9". or call at our otfce over Mrs. 
Baker's MUlinery Rooms, on Jackson BUe.-t.St 


Qo to M. N. Kellogg's 

1 1 '1. 


Pr*sMerv*'<l Gr1r<es»r, 

Toilet and Family ^oaps. 

Hemp, Canary and Rape Sefd. 

Brushes of ev.-ry kind. Baskets and Willow 
Ware. Uai-ins, Prunes, Daes, I'lgs, 

IViits ol 10vei'>' Kind, 

In fact evrr)tl:in» >9U waM, 


jyiat2».'p 1* 









I ' 




. * 


one larfo Burglar Proof Safe; also one 
lixrge sUe Klre Proof. In peri'cct order. loauire 
ot Uin uud»r»l*»<^ Oi of TUeodoia Borup. 


St.l-Ml.lttlUt.UM, »J»lf 


Ti^Aspald.l^u'' WK.»»"tii;.C,Bo»»P»o«.u,J, 

We are now prepared to deliver ICE lo the 
ciliicnsof St. r»ul. 


•Mce ■••«»"■'• Block, Xlilrd e». 

apr2a - 

;^.^VH B*amB, DAT ■••*• 

R^i"GEB?JODRMAL«, »o.; m»ac tOMJ bound in rh. Uit =tyle bv tk. PmJS 
f»t«UA# " " -*'• 




der>onvlll« l*rlsoner. 'Ihe mrst interesting. 
Absorbing and Ihrlllltg Book of the Age. An 
Agent got &7 subscribers In live days; anotber 
!'.a3 already ordered 30C Hooks. Ad<lr.'sB. 

M Washington street, Chicago, 111. 

and all expense", to active 

lilur ttlt.U tlM Dall} PNM 

per BibBtk 

and reliable 
ag«'nts I will pB> the abnv.. salary, or give a com- 
in^B.ion teat will pav (.2 per month to iutro- 
dure our "NKW UN DEK KhKD BAKKK 
MKWINGMAC'UINE," which is kCkt.o..l.-dged 
by all vho us.- them to tie thu largest and best 
('.'0 Machine ever manufactured. Kor circular 
aud terms, addre.a, 
jjltO-Um C. C. BECK WITH, Chlcag*. UL 

PmnM r»(B-nB« o*arABT, 
Book and Job Printers, BookUmAen, Pirnt 

jMleia ind Blank Book MaBafantniert. ' 


*n^ .r ^ ta utUMiHULi^U 

• ^ m ' s<a. 

•jkt H/UNT r'AOli PKKWH. 8UNDAV, AUGU8T 2fi, I'MS- 

T td 1^ <J! 1 T Y . 


4 niiirfs Arm Torn wir by ii <'ir- 
«;uliir ^uu. 

Anolbcr ibapfir in »Jio fc«i(ul list o» 
ii-AiilinU wIulU havo owturri'i) ilurinj; tin- 
past w«rk 16 to bo reoonletl lhi« morn 
iiiK- Kirly )eitLTd»y morning U W. 
Miiiitli. K-i|., wlio Willi Mr. l^rwin, ki'i'pi> 
M wood uiril o" ilcveiilli ■trivt liclow tb«' 
Inliiniili' ii'l Hold, Wiis (•iig»t»t!iJ in re 
fi-tiiiiK » ciicular «aw which hail 
jj.^t »lit;litly out of K'-'*'"- "'•'"* "^ '"" 
finpioyei'S wtTt! turniiij; llx' a*'*. wli'l<' 
Mr. Smith wai u«iiij; a lever to move ihi- 
heavy tramr on whi. h the naw w»» plaofd, 
While the fnw wn« tliun rovolving with 
■ome rapi<lity. th'- K-ver unfortunaUlv 
brol.o ill two aud Mr. Smith was vioU-m- 
Iv thrown iijiainM, lli»' »aw, which slriuk 
him on the uiit<ii«i<< ill the rifihf aim, at 
the elbow joint, (hnttiTing thu bocta and 
aliniint; :hi- arm. The ir,»id«j ol 
hiii liii thit;h a.'su came in contact with 
the Riiw. iiiil ciiug a severe though not 
ilangerous wound. 

Ml*. Siniih. Hirer tht; accident, with a 
btroi»in ani) prcscuco ot wind that wa.* 
truly t Ulnar kahle, coulcy bad hi.s 
arm tiriiily bound to provciit \o»» 
of bleed, then wnlkr-l into the cllicv. 
and aent (or Prs. Msirphy A Wharton, 
who proiiii>fly Itpaiifd to his relicl. 
When Mr. Smith was told that hfa arm 
would have to bo amputated, be rem irkcd 
' 1 know it. but, don't take off more than 
is n^ocsnary !" It wi» ampntatud just 
above the elbow. 

The wound on th*! thigh was levoro, 
and lauu' within h«irau iuoU of severing 
the ffnioral artery, which would have 
made the a. c il.n' a fatiil one. 

Mr. SjBith was doin{; well lust evening 
and be in.sioK* that he will noi-n he around 

•'Xbv JPraii'ic," — A currcspondtml, 
"li. L. H..'' nin\» U9 a pceni with the 
abovo title, whi> h h (rel'y good, but 
thert' la aieatcnable Irar that there is 
more poetry tlun truth i:i it, uud that it 
was written hy one whose t.\pcrieoco in 
prairie life wan rather liiniied. He says : 

The prwirio for nic ' 

Ttii- |ir<iirio tor lue ' 
With never u nuriili iind never a tree, 
\Viili nou^lii t.> niur ita nmooili cxpan!>e, 
Wtieru L>liili90uiu t)ret'<U!i ever daueo, 

Tlio oiien prairie tor me. 

It is evident "(t. L. li." never tried to 
bud bis cctlee and cook his bitb with sog- 
gy butl'alo chips, and never had those 
"blithsui&e breezes'' blow a shelter tent, 
blankets and things over its "smooth ex- 
panse." We (Jill, and didn't liae it. The 
poet continues : 

Ueaulciius ouJ wild! 

Ileauleoub and wild! 
And eleuros ttie face ul an innocent child. 
O' 'lis lt>erc you »liuuld see ttiu bright sun 

And Klorioukly bink in the Mcsicra bkius. 

iiie t>eauteuus prairio, aud wild. 

If be hud teen the Misiiouri coteau ap- 
pjireotly a mile or two oU°, and yet trav- 
eled two J.ijs through the "bright sun," 
without water, belore reaching it, the 
"beauteous prairie" wcuid scarcely have 
recalled very loud recollections. 
Hove pure uuU free ' 
tlonr jiure and tree! 
Is tlie Htnuikphcre ot tins piani-licsrirgEcu 
l)li tleliver uii' trum Ibe suioke-nddt ii town ; 
Give thu pmirie to me, wilu its turpct ot 

With its air &o pare and free. 

Uh ! yes ! Ity a live montbn' campaign 
to tbe. YellowMvce aiid beyond, and 
you'll Miig :i ditlei'siit tunc, and ' suioku 
ridden towns'" will do (or a rpell ! 
Kuiv varied (lie scene ! 
Hon- vsried tbe beetle! 
la S|irlD;; it* garb ii ot' limiticbN (sreeu, 
Willi tumtuer iK'tiiues, spots of yellow ato 

In fill, bomlTo «r.iy tclli ot irosi'* hitter 

Dot In Winter 'tis shrouded in spotless white. 
Kver cheerful aud iicaiiiiful scene 

That'll do ! A lew trips next winter to 
Pembina, or to Aberenrmbie and Fort 
Wadsworlb, is recommended to "(r. L. 
B.," ai:d if Le can then write stanzas on 
tbe "beautiful scene," he will be deser- 
ving of fame .' 


About ftt Paal.— A bio number 
of iha New Yo:k Journal if' Comuurce, 
contains a letter from a correbpouJent 
who has bjtn scjournirg m this city. 
The fol. owing is an exfiacf, giving h's 
impression of Saiut Paul and vicinitv : 

Of ilie Mcuery ftiotifc tlio Upper .Mississippi, 
the ha.t has not liutu told. I he vaUioUiuK 
pmiriCB O! Mlouet,ota uad VVise<ni»iii Ijcro end 
10 hilis of ex(i!ii>itu Iviuiv, I'lVcrvU Miib u 
deep and rich iViUape, hordrre't wiiU mujostic 
foreoi.-, uiid croivK d with ilirt-. whieli assume 
a tbou.'aud fumaxtic shape-, a.-; we pa-«s along 
The toeks, as »ve ucjir St. I'aul, Ihckuiu more 
bo.d, and the rivei' luoru Uiiirow and wiudiDK 
An abrupt luro tiriiiKs (h« whoie eiiy ioto 
view, and II I< w uionieut:! inuru liud us iit the 
levee and at our b<iici. 

The unrvea ehanietT of the pniund on 
which .St Paul siani:8 im unt.ivor.ilile to tin- 
appei'.rRDce ot thu town, asoiie wulks tliruiif^b 
It ; ))U( It evidently has nor prcventid ihe rapid 
dtveliipuieat of a lar^e and iiu|:ortxnc cl y 
Some of the sinetK arc already nuilt up vviih 
lar(;u and liitit'tul Ktorex, whose stones have 
t)ten ti a^,!Cll Irnm ihe cellars over which Ihcy 
sund.aiid attraeilve rtsldcntes, suiiOundeil 
W.ih lM.auiilul KruuuUs, rise upon thouvenuts 
whieU surround and lead to ihu cuy. An af- 
teruuou'x driv. uj) lUe rivor i, wurth tin. wlmlc 
journey to st I'.mi. li i , oni>. eiastless succcs- 
aiou of natural heuuticN. We eriibs the river 
at Fort .Noel I UK by a ferry boat so arranged i4S 
to be moved i'a..-kwurds and forwards wiili the 
current. We look upward to u sub^tan lul 
fortress wbi.U stands up«.u u bold plat- 
form ot roik eighty loot aU.vo 
the Miiinesuta and NliN.,i^M|,iii rivers 
whose waters here im-ct in a nentU- and lov- 
ing eiu brace. WiddiuK up tUo eiilf aii.l fol- 
lowing the bunks of the rirer, wo look out 
upon a vast and inaf;nili('t'nt prairie, covered 
with lields oi wavinfi f;ra;n, iiist now tailing' 
beueaiii iho styihe cf ihc reiiper— not thu old 
conventional cradle ui the K .si, but a larpi! 
machine drawn by lour horses and fullowid 
up by seven or ei;(ht men to bind up the 
sheaves which it hiis gathered up with the rake 
behind i'. We j-mise to visit the l>euulilul 
spot where — 

"The Falls ot Minnehaha 
Klash and xk-aiii auiiiiir ilieoak trees, 
I.all^b una kup in'.o Ihu valley." 
and thiu ride on to Miiiuenpuiis and the Falls 
Ot .'^t Anthooy. 

The local editor of tbo Hannibal ffaity 
Courier is the wealthiest newspaper man 
ii the West, lie sums np his worldly 
possefsions in thiswise; Mrs. Local (par 
value) .■? 1,000. COO; ono live years old 
Local, tJtX),0 ;0 ; one aeven wcekj old 
Local, .•?l'.JO,(J0O; cash on Land VJ cents; 
due on account, $1; sundriea, 1^ c<;nts. 
Total, .f l,7oO,0<Jl ;,o. 

illbert Ik. AtkiUK, t)-le;;raph ope- 
rator at I'rcacott, died at that place 
yesterday morning ot typhoid fever. Mr. 
Atkins was well known in St. I'aul, where 
miny friends will regret bis untimely de- 
mite. H • wa« a native of Ojwego, N.Y., 
and was a nephew cf U. A Sijuires. Ki.|., 
formerly an operator m this cifv. 

FertOlUll. -Henry C. Wentworlh, 
E«<i., agent of the Michigan Central 
Railroad, is stopping at th-j International 

Rr.M. iJeirATic at Ali-iiua-. —Morgan 
and MeO'Ioud have concluded to hold semi- 
moniUly Sak-s m Auetmn of Ueal KMate. as 
win be seen by rcierence to their advertise- 
ment on our lir.« p^ge-iheir lirst sale to take 
pkce on Wednesday, Kepi. .,. Is not 
the least doul,'. u( thu success of theii under- 
lakiflg, and wo ttdvif;..,„.uers de^iroiii to .vcl), 
to V.St their property at ouec. 

Tu Miii.iMiKb.-Juat rc-xived a few 
TurUnsCantog, I>uton, OUco and Velvet, 
by the dc^en only. 

SOlTIIWOklll,- I'OTiri 

Tilt: reduction in the price of goods 

made by the litiii of InKcrsull ft t'o , has at 
trai-led erowds of pureliasers. Thi- iK-opIo 
uadcmtnnd where bargalni arc to be found in 
Dry GoodM. 

Naw CaKfKrH.— Mr. .John Maiheis 
hiM just returned from the Kastwilh a largo 
and var:<'d sIiM-k oi splcn.lid farpctN, and all 
kmd» ol I I'liolMcry, whii h makCM his supply 
nnsnrpiissed In this i-ity. His store i- ia t'ou- 
eeit ILill nioek. and nil iho.-..' di-MriDs' any. 
IhiiiK' in 111; hue aro invited to look ovar his 
.sl». L, as ho i^ < onlidcnt thu as regards c\- 
tellenee ol >,',iodKaud reasonalilcness of prices, 
he e.m warriint loniplelo katisfaetion. lie- 
member tho plm e— I'oncert Mall IlloeU, oppo- 
Mto liri --uleafa clock. 

!Mkii!i;\tki» Initiation,— In drawing 

t!io attention ni our readers to the t("< 
lo 1ir>. Kelly X lUiu.iajr, which iipiKiarr* in 
im.ither ciilunin of tu-day's Issue, wo would 
remind tliciii that iheso Kcntloiucn buve, for 
iiisny years, given their undivided ullcnliua 
(o Thriiut and l.iini; disuase", and !iave, prr- 
hjpK, done more to |Mipii!Hri/.< the luMd/ntiim 
system of treatnioiK, than any physicians on 
tho coniinent. In n few dayn, wo will pub 
lish tho tirst of llieir kecond scriis ol Utters, 
on tbo curability ot I'on.siinipiion -ihu most 
prevalent and latnl discuso known to the lui- 
man race. 

" ~RiVKKNKW8. 


Ntirlhera iicUe, lUinlcilh. 
Pumscl, LaCroMiie. 
t'bippewa, l.a(?rosso 
Key City, Diinleitli. 
Mollio Mohlcr, I'rciiCott. 


liamsel, TaCrose. 

fhippcwa. La t.'ros.>e. 

Northern liello, Dnuleilh. 

Chippewa KalN, Maiuesoia liiver. 
BUATS LKAMMi llll.s l>A^. 
For Dunleith— Key City, at n \. «i. 
For I,a I'rossc— City ol .St. raid, ul .i i. m. 

For .^t. l,"uis—.'<oeUpr .Stale, ot Id^ a. ». 
For nunlcith— War 10 v. m. 
For La Crosse— Addio Johnston at G r, m. 


Till' river is stilt slowly receding, 
though most ot the largo boats are ttill mn- 
ning regularly. 

Cai'Tain Mul'lton, the over-popular 
commander of tbe splendid stcsnier City of 
ijaial Paul, goes down ut live o'clock this ove- 
ning, and, ai usual, he will have a largo listof 

Tiiu Mollio Mohler brought up two 
bargo loads of iron yc^terduy, which is the 
last lot necessary to eomploto the .^t. i'aul tw 
racitic road to St. Cloud. 

ILioca 1 JN oticeB . 

MuitK Nkw IJtiuks. — Cunningham 
Brothers received yesterday by express uu- 
other lot of new books, ineluJing the follow- 
ing : 

"Among the Uuerrillas," by Kdmund 

"Noble Life." 


"Fieeo Homo." 

"Mute Singer," by AnnaCuta Kitvhie. 

"Lucille," by Owen Meredith. 

"Felix llolt," "i^tory of Ktunctt," and 
many otbcis. 

Cunningbamb' Book Store. K".i Third street, 
is tho best pluco in the city to get lutu works. 


I'AHSKfiiiEUa UOlfiii E.18T 

Will save Three D<;IIsrs In laro aadlOOmlK-t 
In distance by parchsxlng Tickola and Rolug 
vUi tlio cirand Haven route. One of tbe ateam. 
ships 01 this line leaves Blilwsukuo dally (.Satur- 
days Hzoepted) at s.:iU r. M,, making dln-ct i;p:i- 
uectloas at Uraod Haven with Kxpreaa rrsins 
tor all poiu Is hast. lliroui(h tickets f^r sale by 
CII.&IILKS TUOMl'SUN, ouracr of Jackson 
ntrrrt a: d J i-vve, nl. f aul, and at all tlin prmoi- 
pal agoncicn ot th't Morthweaiuru L'nlun i'acket 
t:un.|>auy on the Kivrr. TtJU.UAH Uk:Li., 
Ueneral hupfrlnb'iKlt.nt, iH-trolt, 
\V W. WTI.MI.N, 

fnylO-Cni Ta.'Krnijfr i»K''nt, MU-Aaukoo 

Anothkr invoice of Email de Paris. 

Etui M^itirttaux, Satiin liuUiJit, Fettac/tio 
\ut Cuiiijilexion Pottdcr, just received at 

tt. O. SWEENY k CO.'S. 

Nkw Uailkoau Buotk.— Fiom St. 

I'aul and Minneapolis to Winona in ten hours 
.Surest and most expeditious routo to the 
East. Through Timo Ciird— Leave St. I'aul 
at S {> A. M ; Minneapolis, .S ID a. m ; Wi- 
no, S 00 A. M. Arrive in St. Faal ti 15 i-. k ; 
.Minncapoli:^, 6 20 i-. m.; Winona, 7 r. m. 
Trains leave the deiKJt of the Minnesota Val- 
ley Ivailrcnd at tbo west end ot tho bridge, 
St. I'aul, and iho Miune!>ota Central Uuilwuy 
Depot Minnenroliv, daily, on and iifter S;itur- 
day, August 'lo, lStJ('>,eonuei-ting with evening 
boat from Winoni. TH.-sencers by lbs routo 
4)ass through the tille.^t ;<giieu!tiiral districts ot 
Minnesot;!. Faro Irom St. I'aul to La Croiso 
■■i<i!0 ; from Minncupi'lis to l.a Crosso SIO 'ii. 
ttllf Jl •J.v 

— — ««•■ 

ri:UKi!4ii Flesh lowil:* and liriishes. 
I h>. k'H I'Hir l<i-H(u'ati,i-, S.-.i advertirrra.'Dt. 
Kluwvr \ asffs in Kt-ln, sinl all tho aovfl.lies In 
I'erfuni' ry. Call and I'xauiiaf*. 

II. W U'jUINBU.NI CU., Uog.^rs' l!louk. 

.IfoT open'-il at 11. O. S«etny <& Co. 'a, 
'Jll Third striei, II new aud »eIeotcd asaort- 
ment of Toilet aud Fancy Ardrli-M, r«iating 
Materials, Soaps, I'erluuieries, Colognes, Both 
Waters, Extracts, Ac. Iv<iry l:ru.<.hes and 
Combs, Iluiraio diito; I'lilf liuxes, rowders, 
Cosmeti.ines, a la Fr^n<ais, Kinml de Tans 
Ac . ^v. 

Coiiiii ! Cottiii ! Coitiu ! CoutiU !— 

PIbo'.h euro fer foiisumr'tlen \* Ihe most plols- 
ant tu the ta«ti>and cur.- l of sUkiioMt reme. 
dk^. It l-i rot na'iMa'iii.'. 

It. (I. S>,VKKNV, kCO. 
nil;: I Iw .«.-<I>' AneEt»,l:t.Pjiul. 

.Ifhr riceived a Ire-ih supply ol Car- 
well .'-' Slat.k'H p:i'i'niuii(iii^ con'-iailDg of l.olui 
lla'ni, K.ixer (f Calajfaya l<u:k, klxrr of Kark 
and Irun, and olh"r artie'es too uomiroas to 
n.i'utiun. Cal nn't i .xuif.iiit' at Itiibiimou jk Co '» 
I'rug ,Slcn'. 

Gu lu BiiYANT, Stj:aito:4 & I'lu- 
auiM St. Taut Ccminiro'al CoUega ard get a 
ttuniai-sa hdiicalloi. becd or "Colltgi* Slonlh. 
ly, ' which Kivcj full parlh-'ularj. Address, 
lcl.1? en! dtwiwi/ St. I'aul, Minn. 

SiKKKHCoiii; Viaws cl tho world, tbo 

largest collection in the Stale, M WHIT- 
NEY'S, 174 Third elrcct 

AsTO.MtiniNd. — Th'jmasCohen, oINo. 

9.! Neith l-ixth fliro, Wllllainrburi^li, wlu) hid 
the rf.eumatltni for 13 jears, and has walked on 
Gri;tchrs for rlx treElhs, hus Inen ririurid to 
pptfoct health by a ffw do •» of MKTCAI.^'s 
Gki \T l{iiiii'.vi.tTl>' Khtihiiy. lie Is willing to 
confirm thH Kialemcnt en oath, if r>Mjulri>d, 


Fi.YNN & Li'NCii, boot and shoe deal- 
ers, 180 Third .slrce:, have conktuntly on baud 
large and giMid assortnicnt.-i of Ladies, Misses 
aud Children's Ilalinoral Uuiters, &c. Work 
made to order, and repairing doue on short 

GuuuKiuu'ct Link uk 8tkamkkij i-ok 

CHUAd.r— K;>KE « .-«ur Two IXiLLAKS— Ska 
Bird, Cai-t. H.; Cu.\ikt, Cact. 
J. ]f OUIIK. — Oce of the above bealx leave Uoud- 
rlch'a Siramloat Dock, (cot ol Main street, 
.Mllwaukei', overy i-veolng, i-xcpt ^iaturda)a, at 
7 o'clock, touching at Uscino and Kcoo»h«, and 
nittkiiig sure conn ciioBsat CM.ago withall thn 
morDlua trJios for the East, South and South- 
west. I'hruugh tlcketa can bo purchasen Irom 
th« clerk." o( tbo boats to all point i South aud 
t:asf. Th" raio of faro, (Urst-class fUta roona 
and mials includ d,; are, Haolne, Urst clans.rSe,, sue; Kenoxha, tirrt-c'ass, • I is', «> c- 
ond-olasH, 7 e; Chicago, llrrt cIuks, i'i 00, seoond 
ohisB, •l..^u, lt« tl'.-k>>is erf irood on theie 
Itoats. 'I li!> st<>ttniera of tills lie<- an* large, Urat- 
class, sble w!iecl t';('<}euK'r step.inor , wlthole- 
gaudy luralrh.^J s^ukIu au'l d< able ala'.f rooms. 
FreUht «,irrled lc;<a than by rail. iilUi-xaud 
Docifeotol Malustic't. ti. IICKSON. Agsat. 
fastenger »«d llct-t Atent, MUwaultce. 


MiNNK iiA-UA and other views ul Min- 
no.><otH .Seenery . 

WiiiLNKv u Ihc only pubil^her ol Iboso 
viows lultiu dty. 

He has a large eulUtclioii aud is oonstantly 
addiiif: new views. Ilo supplies all oilier deal- 
ers. Iluy (d Wbilney, selecting lioni a lull 
aw.ortr.ient, tho only one in iho Stale, aud 
gel tho fort, winch ho always keops 
tor his leiiiil trade— 171— Third Street 


• •• 

Ui;ai> Hdvei'tiaeueut to slrani;<n8 visit- 
ing Minnesota, in another column. is.-iw 

(u> TO WiiiiNKV'a, 17 1 Tlird strcof, 
for llnir llrushes. Nail Urushcs, Clotlios 
Itrushest llcrfumery, Toilet Soap, r>>umatI«N, 
Tollel rowdur, Fowder lloxrs and I'nils, 
Toolh I'anto and TowtU-r, llnirOil, I>re':sing 
Combs, Ke., Kc , cheap -si In the city. 

MiNNiuoTA VtKWH. -For vi W» p| 
UiUM'Kjti ^c.'l.■vrT. ifi to Uariln'a AM (iaib-ry 
an-l ae * the ifii. */ '<**'! torijfst»*ti**itntfHt in th^ 
ftl'lt all sii-'s and all prici's. i.hotil<l 
not bur bel'irp exandnin,! ihl-) eulb-oilon at Mar- 
tli.'.« (.r*'> ry.-.'ni Third «l <-■■••. niy.vf 


OMcial Report of Goaeral 

IlK^ KiOl. 

Mayor Miiurod HDd oihor OtlleiaU 
Iho niiilty luon. 

ijp>ti<l li.'iiMbh li> Iho If, V. Tribuiii-, 
uKN. iiAiitnV oriii'i.ti. i;Ki'oui. 
Nkw t)ui.K.»N.-<, Au{;iist IH - (;,.iierii! 
Haird's t llii-ial rep.irt ol \\\c inns.-sacri) wa< 
lorwariled ycstrplay by (Ion. Sheridan to 
tleii. (Irant, with a nMpectlnl dfiiiind 
that it be made pii'id'c. ITut report cm- 
braces a history ol all ll:(^ circninKlaiues 
connected wilh the maisacre, and proves 
uonclusivelv that it was pr' concerted and 
lire arrat>);(:d by thi; Ucbel Alayor, .John 
r. Monroe, tho I.ieutenanl-txovemor, 
and others inti rested in breaking up tho 
Convention. 'J'hu report i.s also a vindi- 
cation of Ihe course putanud ly Uen. Itaird 
who claims to have taken every precau- 
tion consistent with tho lacls Ihi-n known 
to him, and, but lor the tr.'iichiry of the 
police and Ucbel Ci'y and Stale cllicial.*, 
it is claimed that the precsution taken 
would have been siillicient. It remains 
to be seen whether Ihe I'rcstih-nt will 
dare rcliisi! lo allow the publii-ation of 
this report, aud (ieiieral bheridan'a dis- 
patches to (ieneral (irant, after their pub- 
lication has been demanded by Citneral 


Gen. Alfred L. Lee, an ollicer ol Cav- 
alry under liinks and Sheridan, was a 
witness to thu luasdacrc in New Orlcins, 
which he hitcly described in a speech to 
bis fellow-cilizena ol Lravenworth, Kan- 

Let me narrate to you aome of the 
scenes of that day. My rooms happened 
to bo about a ei|uaro from the scene ol 
slaughter, and 1 could see very much of 
it. Capt. Loup, a captain ol tho lat New 
(Jrlcana Infantry, who Lad just been luus- 
tercd out, was standing one block from 
me; hu was approached by two policc- 
mcii ; one placed his pistol at ins back 
and thot hiiii down, and iLc utht.r stalibed 
Liin in the side, si curii<{^ his imiuediatc 
death. There was u nulile ui»n who re- 
preser.ted the Kcnlinient ef ihe 
city — l)r l)'j.iiie. II*! was not a lucmbcr 
of the Convention, but he was in the hall. 
He attrmptcd to escape. When about 
hull a block from the Ctipiud building he 
was struck with a brick and knoiked 
ilowi). I'olicemen wire standing; near, 
but instead of arrcsiii<g ihu assaulter they 
steppsid UI) to Dr. l)o5li.: and (lelibi-ru!ely 
lirtd into th.; body of the defense bss 
man. \ ciliv:.n (taiitliii^ by drew his 
sword Iroui hii cane and thrust it into 
his body. tSlill Ihu ilui^tur wai no! dead, 
and was druj^ged by the policu llitoogb 
the crowd and placed in u common dirt 
cart. I saw this myself. Ouei^uliccuan 
sat oil his body and one aut near bis 
head. The poor man attempted to rai*e 
bis bead, until saw a policeiMan raise his 
revolver aud strike huu on the face atd 
mash his nose Hat. That noble man 

1 stool on my bnlcoiiy aid loukcil on 
tbnt crowd of li'O policenun, niaddem d 
wilh liipitr iind drunk with liiry, atisiittd 
hy firemen and thuf^s, a^isiste-J by ~W or 
;tUO ciiizi-ns, oiiihis lield-day of tiaiightcr. 
I saw paisiri^ an iniUM-cut black iictn, 
wilh tt niarkel-baski t on his atm He 
was met. by n knot of poliuemen. They 
said, "Vou an- from the hall, are you!'' 
lie said. "No." Ibev raid. "Yes you 
are." He sfaricd to run. Two police- 
men ran ufrer him, and iis many as a 
dozen b'ldcts were i-hot into hi* body be- 
lore ho It. II. A cili/.cii tbtii klamped with 
his b'itl on his facp, atid he wat beaten to 
d<;a'h with clubs. 

Within five miuiite.i ultc: tits, I t>aw a 
policeman approauii a black man, and a pistol to bis bat'); shor him i.'own. 
About ten miiiuies alter, a preat, coarte, 
brutal rulii in upprua. htd and kicked the 
dead blai k (rorji.-i-. While he was kiek- 
iL-|> the corpse, a struct car passul. in 
It was a I'ri^ht yellow women, bhe put 
out her head tu look, and this rullian 
raised his hand and strui-k h-.-r upon the 

Another nc^ro was shot down on the 
street and iiad been left fur dead, lie 
laid there until notice of bini bad cea.sed. 
A po!icem,.i> came alon^ and noticed that 
thv man hud suuic life in hiiu. lie saw 
I he policeman, and iLe pour, ignorant, 
delu led mail ramcd bis hod wiili a peti- 
tion lor aid. Instead of fjivin^; him tho 
aid L(! reipicefcd, he (;!kve liiin such a.i he 
bad been instructed to. Ho raited his 
dull aud broke his neck at a blow. 

A'J' r.AlltU'ti IIUAlietUAKIKnS. 

These things sliow ynii some nt the lirn- 
taliiy wlii.h prevailed on Ibut dny. 1 re- 
nmiticd on my bah'ony and wiliica'ed 
these ac- iic-i a.-; lon^ us 1 could cn'Iure 
them. A single man was puwer!e.*s. At 
leii(;ih 1 left tny house and rode lo the 
headijuartcrs ol tlicdtpartment. 1 found 
(len. r>aird in his cilice, surrounded by 
his stulV. I said, "(itn. I>;iird, can it be 
poasible that you are ignorant ol what is 
occurring iuthucity .'" Ilci<aid, "What, 
G..neral, is there a terious dillioulty in 
town?' I told him 1 should think there 
was. 1 said, "1 came here as an ex clli- 
cer ol thu I'edcral army, as a citiz-jn ot a 
Northern {state, to protest against the 
shedding of so much innocent Mood. It 
is a shame upon our military authoriiies." 
He said, "Wh) , (ieiieral, what particular 
ihiiigs have occurred:'"' I triid to tell 
him. I told him eo many men had been 
shot; that (iovcrnor lUhn had been 
shot; thii» Mr. Fish had been 
arrested; that Dr. Ucttie was killed. He 
said, "Are you turc tlmt is so — I get so 
many conllicting accounts." 1 told 
bim It was so, and stated that it 1 bad 
been in command of tho city, 1 would 
have taken a battery of artillery and 
swept the streets of the ruflianlv cowards. 
He sai.l, "Why, General, ii I had done 
that I should have killed as many of your 
I'arly as Ihcirs." 1 told him 1 had no 
psiity. .Said he, "1 mean the ncRroes ."' 
ri.auRhter.] JSaid I, "General Itaird, if 
you go en Canal streef, you will not »ee 
over lour ncgrccsi, and lley will be pur- 
su'd by citizens and police, and two at 
least will bo kilh d beloic lliey c.iu es 
cape." 1 said, "Eighteen millions of 
men ar«i waieh'iig >ou ibis ilay, an 1 this 
del.iv willcost y(;u dearly."' He said, "1 
havi! ni ide no delay ; 1 have ordered men;" and tUln^I^' tosomo of his sfafT, 
gave sointi hurried oriI>'r3. 

1 went l-Lck to my heme, aid in about 
halt an houi a battery ol arlilicry and a 
regime. •;( ol irlaiilry paraded on the 
street. At lint linie'iie;;rord were being 
piaiu>id by a crowd ol men, and om- was 
k III d witiiin k^nlil ol ihe Rui Ions of a 
United t>tat« s cavalrv company, but not a 
shot was lired by a L'lnlcd Sralcs soldier. 
The rioters dispersed, uctrtial law was 
proclaim- d, the carnival ol slaugbier was 
over (or Iha' diy 1 . 1 1- v»> ihat. ut iha* 
tiiuv. ubout twtiityllvc loyal whites and 
one hutidrfd loyal blacks lay dead, while 

live hundred ol bullM-ulora lay wounded, 
tho result of one day's work. 

Hut, gentlemen, we had a right lo, and 
did believe that wla-n tho telegraph told 
the lal'i ol our wrongs wc should be 
aided. Kiit what was wur deapair when 
nn (irder eame to cm- llerroii, .i rebel, 
the Attorney Getuiral ot the tHate , tt.ttiog 
tho civil aulhorilies ni'isl be siulaineil. 
I'l fl dirpatch rn.\>\: ' Von may hhow thin 
to GtMi. Hlicriiliiii. or whoiucver may be 
III coiiiiii.tiid, and ho will sustain yen.'' 
Then our dcspnir was gieat. 

Ml Kill I «,»%•"■■< l'l;W*l(ll».'<. 

Hhuridan, thu noble, great and trne 

mail ol (he war, was not there; ho had 

guue to the Uio tiiaudu. Il^t he has re- 
turned. I have Leatd some cfili» rr- 
gardiug his ditpnicboa to tho North, but 
I HI 1- it stated llat the d:^pat(^•'S { iib- 
lishi d as Irom liiui were but garbled ex- 
tra'-is, atid I Ic'l yen gentlemen, I be- 
lieve It. 

I havu so'u.rthing to tell you uf Sheri- 
dan. 8ome thn-e wreks aco, and two 
wteks lielore I I'll New Oil ans, 1 
waited on Geocral 8b-ridan and told bim 
I was about to leave the >>oiilh and cnino 
North again. 1 fold him my HUtemeuts 
might appear ooc-si.Nd; that possibly 
some might iLiiika raiioal iinssle to tiust, 
and I wi»bedt.> ki^ow In in In' opinion, 
as a cuiihoi vuiivc, (Id army ollicer, and 
one then and llnrc in aullioiity. In 
jiiiticn to (ien. iShendan, 1 will sajr that 
lie said lo ii tt h > il <•'! did ml wish to ex 
preaa bit opnuous in such manner at tu 
p|iread all ct'.d ; that hi^ was but a rimpb 
■.uldicr and could avr.w no creed Imt his 
orders. Ho told im: what bu ihou.{ht of 
Southern rebels. 

1 must til; you lurthor, tUat about si.\ 
months alter tie war lb* re were many 
aaso'iatieiis lormi d, known its rt-iiif as- 
soitiatious, such 4f tiib.ion's liri^ado 
Kelii 1 Assoeit'ion and the Hajb' HngadH 
Itelicf A.-^sueialiou. Thestj asso-tiaiioiis 
were madi- (ip o( .siddici's, n'td the pnsi- 
deult ol tho aisociatioiis were thu ohl 
couimanders of hri;;«d.'s, and thu vice 
presidents were lb;- ohl ul im !s ol rrgi 
iiienis, and »0 down. Thtty h-.ld meet- 
nigs itiid weic to all inl< nts and purpoM.s 
a military organi/atioii. lien. .Slieii Jan 
bared tber-e or|;:iiii.'itioi.s as a nucleut 
lor luith« I (iiituibances, ard he made up 
his mind lo hup|.re.'8 them, ll.i iaiiod 
an order «!et lam g that all r« li« I a-.-oi u- 
iiUKS and uH associations lor the i-nctn n 
olmonuiiieiils iii'inded to rcmuiemoratc 
the lale rebellion should b" dissolved and 

When thjy heaid of it, ihry came ai.d 
begged hiiii not to issue !i lie said. 'I 
know ol no compronii.«e ol ilu'y ; I have 
made up my mind to is.-ne it, and i?hue it 
1 will. rhrtc weeks iigo I thought your 
organizAiion was mutinous, and at that 
tinui I ordered a battery el artillery Irom 
the Bio (irand to sweep the streets ihc 
lifft motion you made; you were not 
wise enough to take the hint, ami now 1 
disperse you by order." 

Gen. Sheridan said, "/ ftar Sorlhcrit 
;/it';« iluHt uiiJir;.luitd litis thiivj. In a 
word these rebels arc willing to come 
back if they eao place the rebel tlag right 
alongside the, 8tars and Stiipcs. VliKy 
want to preach rebellion, they want tygo 
bat k to Congressional halls, clothed with 
thu mantle ui authority ; they are very 
willing to come back il Lee and Johnson 
shall stand uu the same pUnu as (iraiit 
and Sherman ; they are willing to come 
back it this Kebjlliun shall bo mad^- a 
thing to be proud of, and ils memory 
shall tall a.s a gluriou.t iieritagc tu their 
children. 1 consider these gorgeous fu- 
neral processions an insult to me and to 
everv man who ever wore the Fedeial 
blue." [Long and contiuaed cheers J 

i'oi.E'rif.'AL Nit.nM.%ie%'. 

i;Kr.\i> A.Ni» llirrKK Piiuiii a.mmk i.n 
Xi.w Yi.i.ii.— Tho Dcmoiratlc aad Nation:d 
t'Dion forcus have amalgamated I >r the fall 
campaign, and a correspondent s^js of some 
*if thu preliminnry canva-isuig for places on 
the til kct, that " It ba<l beon contouiplatcd to 
etve tlic lirst place on tbe tirltcl to .Mnj. tJen. 
Dix, who h IS been lor hvc years past drifting 
alioul, politicuHr, wlihnut being able to at- 
tach himself III any p"ili'K-«l party. l!ut llcan 
Uu hmond dceluro'l that Ihis should not Ik-; 
he woulil ei'l u (onvtnlion cf his own brst, 
I nd plac>.< u Demoeratie ticket in Ihu field. 

I be ;:rra!i(reinciit was then m .dit tu nominate 
Henry f. Murphy of Uruoklyn, tonuLrlv (;on- 
hul at ill-. ll.tKuc, and nownicm'er of ihu 
.^eoab- ol the .Stale. .Mr. Murphy is Mr. 
Wet d"s prcl'eieuco, and has been looking wilh 
a .'•oiiicw hat eager eve toward Ihe gubernaio- 
riai ehuir for several years, lie was elected 
to iLe Senate on the Inion tieket In INiil, but 
litis evir !-lnee aeied with lli« licmncrats. 
Kobirt ll.rruvnid AlluiiK-, Uto .Minisii-r to 
Japsn, it was agri rd should i-e nominaied 
l.jeuienanttjovernor, Ite w«s.><iicukir of the 
lloose ef AMierablv in lb.5'1. and is a friend of 
Mr Weed. The thing is considered as ' set' 
to elect KavnioiMl to CongroAS by aid of the 
Coppirhead viiti ; and to defeat John A. t!ris. 
wold ID tho Troy llisiricl. (Jideun Keynolda 

II ihe Coppcriohnson man who Is t) succeed. 
.\ll the other candid'itcs for ("ongress, in dis- 
tricts where there is any chanro of success, 
will lie of the old Copperhead order." 

MiS.S.'.ctH SKTT.-;C()NiiKK:<SH)NAt. Dl'K- 

fiATiox — There will jirobably be no other 
changed in tbe Massachusetts dologalion be- 
yond the substitution of Duller lor Alley, and 
(ien. Charles Duvens of Worcester lor John 1). 

llaldvvin. lien. Ilullcr largely tills tbo public 
eye, in consideration Ihut be is to lia elected 
ill Mr. Alley's (Essex) district, where he has 
■'s<|iiiitted" t)y bulldtnir a bouse at (Mouecs or. 
Hen. his'uricnlly re^illed at Lowell, but that 
was iti Uouiwell's dj-ttrnt, and lioiitwell was 
not to I o disturbed lie might have moved 
bis l/iivrll h'luse a few rods and been in 
l!.lIl!:^' di.-^lrief, as niinii wag sugeesled he 
stiould do last year when Ituoks was a candi- but (bo experience of last year has dis- 
su.ided anybody ffdin tho attempt to unseat 
iho ex ."-Speaker, and acvordiiigiy lim. has 
pilchid hi-t lent on the rocl.y coast of 
Mastiiuhusolls Itay, with u cuuvea- 
ient .l//<-v open to him fir Concress. 
Ilevens IS an old Whig, and run ns a Hemo- 
i-ratic-coaliiiDn-suMierh' catulidiitc for IJov- 
ernor, iu istij, against (<ov. Andn-w, ond in 
any I'ther N'atcthnn Massachuaetts be would 
have won. Km he has never allied hinisell with 
tho Dcniccraey, and he repudiates Johnson, as 
any man who would represent Worcester 
county in Congress must nieiU do. 

Tk\a.s Loyalty.— Now that the State 

lioveruiucnt of Texas has been fully restored. 
It U ul' some iutvrsat lo know of what it is 
composed and what it propi-scs lo do. Tho 
Icglsla'nro is now in session. It is composed 
almost exclusively of lato reliels. 'the (iov- 
crnor and Ucuienant Governor liavo been 
inaugurated. They wore bolh ori^'inally 
opposed to secession, but when the war open- 
ed they IhiiIi entered the rtbel armv— the 
former beeoiuing u Ucueral and iho latter a 
Colonel. They are now ardent support-rs of 
"niy policy," biittrly opposed loCongresti.snd 
have no /:i>od will lo the loyal men id' Texas, 
w bo rutused to b0(x>ine, like Ihomselves, ihe- 
< retieal Unionists and traitors. 
The loyalty ol Ihc Legislature may be inferred 
Irom ibis lad, to wit ; Il convened on 
the (illi instant, and up to Iho last dates 
there wss no Hag alwut the capilol. 

SuKitn>AN*.s Di«ii'ATCHK». — A WatL- 

ington correspondent of the Chicago Tribune 
says it is now dctioitcly atcertained that licn- 
cral !?lieridan"s dispatches concci-ning tho 
New Orleans niassncrc were mutilated and 
disnirted by Ibe I'rei>ident Iwlorc (hey were 
given to the press, so that iheUr true meaning 
and import were entirely lost, and perverted 
to the psrllsan ends cf tho Kxeculive. The 
ditpalcbes were received by {jeneral (irant, 
anil by him tr;intniiiled to ibu War Depa't- 
ment, as is u.sual. They were thin sent to the 
rresidtnt. When they eamo Irom tho Whito 
llouso Ihey were man entirely dilfcreit shape 
from theoiiptnals. (Jeneral .*<berldcn is deep- 
ly indignant at iho outrage, inHsmueb as be 
cannot publish the ilNpatehts hinisell williont 
violating tho rules ol the service. 

I.iwaTuikk DisTUiiT,— The Uepub- 
lioao Cnion Convention at West Uuion, Iowa, 
on Wednesday, renominated tbo Hon. W. H. 
Allison for Conpress by aeclnnialioo, amid tho 
most uuboun'bd applause. The Convention, 
wbleli was very enthusiastic, )>iissed resolu- 
tions declaring that Congress has ihe rieht to 
decide upon what terms tbe rclK-llious ,Ntales 
shall bo readiiiitied to a par|icipati:>n in the 
(ioveinnunti)l Ike country; oxicnding ibclr 
ea'nesl synii>.ilhy, and a pledge of hearty eo- 
opcratiou by all lawlul means, vO all peo- 
ple and every nutiuualiiy who iLiinifest a de- 
sire to establish tbo principles ol universal 
Itieduni ; 'in I insisting that the coniinerejat 
lionur ol the iialion, and the spirit olihe ii;;.t, 
demand Ihe immediate mudilieatliin oi our 
neutrality laws. Mr. Allison will be 
cd hy a largely increased majoiity. 

5 Cl I II. Iki-uii.— This g'jiitlcmau, one 
of the apostate mcmbcit of tbo 
Natiiinal Kxeculive Committee, has us wo 
mentioned yesterday, l>c- n cau(ihl la a big 
cotton steal. A Wu-shiiigioii dispatch sa>s 
that tbo Aommistiaiiun men tuivo U en labor- 
ing to iniluce the planter who made the 
I bart;cs uj;aiiis' Inn to wiltidraw them, i hus 
l«r iLeir cllorls have been iu vaiu. 

Mtctua.kN Bixrii Dusiiiicr. — .\ De- 
troit dUpateh says an exciting contckl 
haa developed Itself for tho nom- 
ination for Congre.'* in tbp Sixth liistrict. 
There aro three cnndidaleo in tiio I'cid, John 
!■'. I'ricgii, presmt mcunitunt; Itundolph 
.'^, uud Jas, O. liiriiey. 


f' I . t'lm I. liKM>. The people ol this 
ilouushiag |>h|i-o ore (u eelcbrate the eomplo- 
lion of Ihu FaciOe Uailroad lo their city— 

when il i# eumpluUxl. Tho .'^t. I'loud /Vmi- 

•X III', of llio'Jid, always lull ol Inttr-'sliog 
hx-iil newn, lurnisbes tbe lollowiiig items. 

ItAKH lt|iil:\. -('rrimi lit eontran-- 
tors geiieially li,.,k out bit No 1. Thi y are, 

■s a rlasi. siifcwil and e:ilciil«(iag, and it is a 
dl|tlc:ilt Dialler for one to get milch tho ad- 
vaiiui4eoi nr.other. Thcli>ll«»"iogi'eeurreiii-o 
wi.'l show, hiiwuer, lhalt»Cn the slmrpesl aro 
liable 'u Ik> bincn. At a Into bidding for gov- 
ernment stippliei, iiivuUmg a prntii ol a mini 
her ot tbousanils ot dotlnrs, soaie four or live 
etiBirailora were assdnhled at the r|uarler 
m iHler's ollb e on the desi>;na'.ed day '1 here 
was a gn a- deal ol littempicd •'CJinbinalion," 
but all Irtiled.wleii Iwu of Iho eonlriiiti'rs 
agreed with a third tu keep out of ibc w.iy, 
leaving Ibe mnlniet between No :iuiiil anothor. 

No I. Th iiMileralion, »-.iltl a I'lcec. was 

priMiip'ly paid, and No. :> tell euliU-b lit. Iili 
ngioe-*«is'-|iheeliiika" wImu, ui"'Bo|iuuinglho 
I idK, No. \ wiUi dl^cov»^ed lo I « tlic fotliln ito 
mini; so the lait r pockets the prolils, nnd 
Nil. :l his memorandum— "^I.'HIO out." 

I'uitLii i< .- Mr. N. Kchair.;r, of this 
rity, (tlvis UK Ihe following arennnt of tho 
pnilille and proldalile yield ul a eivc owned by 
him This ewe was just imc year old tlio .'dh 
day of la«t Fi biuary, and eelebrutod its lirst 
sniiiver.sary wilh three lambs, nail last week 
produced auoilmr— making fvvr before il wo< 
a year and a half old. We don't know much 
abiiui such matters, bul this is said to bo a 
"big thing" in llie sheep line. 

lluiisK^ Ukcuv ai;i:i.. - About six 
weihs aco fJeneral Adams had lour horses 
stolm wiek Mioriil Micliiey, urnied 
wilh n writ of replovin, obtained posse^M0n 
of them near Chlppewn Apeni y. A great 
deal Id credit in given ihe Sherllf lor his jiidi 
clous iiiaiiaeemeul of this allair. 

'iKKMiii K AtriKK.Nr. -On Tuesday, 
.is Mr. Fendinand llartmnn, livirrr about two 
miles from lown, was engaged in loading 
whe.1t, he tusstd his lork on Ihc wagon. He 
throw a hil.o too bard, nml it wentcnlirely 
over, ono prong entering C-c eye .if his sim, a 
lad of ubiut seven years, passing into his 
brain, nnd eaiising instant death. 

iMii.NiiNi.^i.iA Oif.MV. — Mr. J. L. 

Whiilev.iil Hiiibiidi.iu MouiMiKMlia Ci'iinty. 
was in town this «. 1 1.. IIcmi'.i ibo pople 
of tha- ii'iiii'y 'lie rapidly pcrfeciU'g Iheir 
iMfjani/atiiin. They will vote this fall on tb'j 
county Mat ipiesli'iu. ISurbunk will doubt- 
lie the point kolrcled. They are also allempt- 
nig to have a post olliee nnd mail route ts 
Inblishcd. ttnd,thev inosl.'iissuredly should have 
their rei|Uesl granted. Monongulin is a pood 
Itrpublican county, thank the Ixird ! 

iiir St. I loud 'liuiiS. now under 
Iho muiuigoment of .Mr A. J. Keed, lornierly 
of Ibc Winiina /><"i<'i-r(i<, euiues to lis in a 
new aud .huudsomc duss. Its pcdiii«s are of 
llie I lemiK-ralie order known as"slitl " 

TiieCuoi'8.— The Si. I'cUtr Tribune 
>a|s lh.-xl ia that ?ii tmu ol Ihc Stale, crops, al. 
most wiihuut e-vception, will be nearly double 
tiiosa of last year, and ihd lablo of exports 
w iil bo correspundinRli' iDcrcuscJ. The '/'/ tliune 
also savs that iho last bushel of the wheal in 
store ia tho warehouses of iho Miunesota 
Valley bus been taken below. 

K\crrK.MK.M Art)\VAii>.N.VA Ani;i\ ai. 
Ol Tiie FiBhT TuAiii.— A correspondent of 
the Winona nepuhlican. writing from Owa- 
li.nn;i, Aui;. Jlst, gives a description of the 
arrival of tho lirst train al ihat place over the 
Winona road : 

Yesterday was u great day in this place. 
Tho lirst train ol cars, on lime, over the Wi- 
nona .1 Kl. I'eter r.iilroad, arrived, drawn by 
Ihc lo<-i)niolivo "Winonn, " under the com- 
mand of Mr. W. O. Van ilusklrk, the pioneer 
engineer of tho Winonn .V M. reter railroad, 
and under Iho eonduetorsbip <d Mr. 11. S. 
Teall. As the time drew near lor its arrival 
the people iK'gan lo move hurrieiliy about 
the streets, wiih tho evldemx-s of reali/.ed 
hope and (xpecLdmn strongly depicted io 
ihcir countenances- His Honor, the Mayor, 
Mr. .'sionghton, .mil .Mr. KIdridge, and many 
other |r>f the prinmncnt eit./.eus, with Oeuoral 
Chambers, at o.ico proceeded lo organic and 
prepare lor a proper icei'plion ot iheir new 
visitors. This was done by Iho r;illyiiigof lue 
brass bind of Owatonn.i, that gave tbo iiiu-lc 
for the occasion with grea; credit to liiein- 
Kclves and pLcasure lo the multiiudc. Then 
the artillery was planted upon the depot 
grounds prepared lor ttetion. Aa iho cars op- 
proaehed they were saluted by live rounds, 
a Ml thus It was announced lo tho surrounding 
cooniry tbiit thu flrst train ot cars had nriivorl, 
and that Otvatoiina was in conntiliun v^■illl 
Ibc Mississippi river by rail. 

In a lew minutes tho sound of the whisllo 
was heard from the North, which proclaimed 
Iho of Ibe tram over lh<^ .Minnesota 
Central K.dlruad.uiid anuounecd thu ultimate 
relationship of Owatunn.i with St. I'aul. As 
Iho train neareil. the a'tillery tliundered forth 
Ihat ttie head waters of tho .Mi^sis.sippi were 
that day j lioed tu Winona by iron rails, aud 
that the rich B^irlcuUural region whu h these 
two r. ads traverse brought in ullisnce 
with Iho great market.-, of the world. They, 
loo. were weico red eiilliusiaslically by tho 

A Rli>KUAiii.K I'liiki.— Two la'ionra 
put up on Monday eveuing last al the Nation- 
al Hotel in this city, b ivmg licen engaged for 
Foinetime in working together In tho harvest, 
n lew miles in iho ouniry, tliey were assigned 
to tbe same room for the night. On tho fol- 
lowing morning one ot them rose at nn early 
hour and scaled Ihe hotel bill bir both of them 
and took liisdepiirluic, leaving his companion 
(|uietl> sleeping without so much ax bidding 
him go<d bye. Tbe l.iltcr upon awaking, 
found lo his eunslernation ihul bis friend was 
missing, and a!su his (Jiei'nbacks to thu 
amount ol hfty dollars, tho earnings of tliu 
past lew weeks, by tho sweat ol his brow. He 
lioally went in seiirrb of his friend, refusing lo 
1)0 comforted. — irnirts/ciKi Herald. 

i.iCliti»K H I'l^iir At-roftst tli«> 


The AlUntii; telegraph is a j;reat blcjs 
ing. 11 the fullowiii,; story bt; true, one 
of thu tint feats it (lerforuicd was as a 
cigar ligli'cr lor ii:i Knglisli, 
who pai I a thousand dollars, in Lcndon, 
to have his cigar i;;tii!ed by au electric 
spark sent across tin: ocean from New- 
foundland : 

l.'KfCHctiient, ol I'aris, in itu London 
correspondence', tc'.l.-; a good htory ol an 
Knglitb nobleman, in connection with tho 
Atlantic ocean f-ligtaph. Upon the 
news ol tin; sui;tcssliil laving ol llie c.vtile 
becoming known in London, ^o ihij story 
runs, oin! of the nio;<T proniim-iii inembern 
of the House of Lords drove ii|i to tlio 
central cfli'U ol thf felcffrai li lu.d w«m»d 
to n.-iid IX uit^usitge lo Newloiuidland. 
He was politi-ly iofurnie.l ib-it ILe line 
was not yet opened lor business. His 
loidabip, nothing daunted, said that bo 
held a largo niiiiiiier nt shares in tho cura- 
patiy, and |)ut down two hundred (;uiueas. 
I'pun this he wai proiuiicd thai, an ili'ort 
should be inadi: lo send his inessago 
through. Wha" he .sent was as follows : 

"To tlie'i'clrgraph 0|>crator ut Hart's Con- 

" .Stndun the birongest elcclric spaik your 
maehinas arc eapablo of, bu: givo one min- 
ute's notice liebirehand. " 

In due time, his lordship waiting pa 
tiently some twelve hours, the spark 
came, and my 'ord lit his cigar v;ith u 
lighter thus ilei'rric|illy ignited from 
Ncwtoundland, a.^d walked otf j^atistied. 


«»l 4'liroiii«- 


— A Cbicago dispatch to the New York 
ll'ur/if says the Hoard of Health of that city 
have decided to establish a sort of iiuaranlioc 
regulation. Tlic (ity physieiius arc instructed 
lo employ two compjlcnt physicians to visit 
tiuins on the St. Louis and Chicago, and Chi- 
cago and Ureal Kastern railroads at a distaneo 
of not less than ton miles trom tke ci:y, lor 
the purpose of ascertaining if Ihero aro chol- 
era patieats on board, and If so to remove 
them at once to the ne^v cbolcr.i hospital south 
of tho city limits. 

— An order Laa been issued from 
the War lieparlmcnl carrying into cUecl 
tho provisions of section 'i'i ol tho new- 
Army Bill, for discontinuing Iho Uurcan 
and oUlco of tho Provost Marshal CJenc- 
oral. The order takes elfeci on the JSth 
instant, and after thatdalc ail business 
relating in any way to the Provost Mar- 
shall Ucneral's liureauorihc raiding of troops, 
wilh all the accounts and cbims connected 
therewith, or whincver incurred, will be i-on- 
ductcd ihroogli tbe .\djniaDt Geucral's oillco. 
Tbe AiMulant Oneral Is authorized to retain 
SHcb ottiocrs and clerks now under tho Pro- 
vost Marshal Uencrul as may be required, and 
to rodui-c tho force when it can bo done with- 
out detriment lo Iho service. i::.\.istiug orders 
in tho Provost Marshal Ucucral's Udrcaa re- 
main in toreo whenever applii-a'Jc, and the 
oillecs In the respective States and Territories 
will be continued until othcrwitc ordered. 

~\n actu!il rupture has lakcn plac^ 
belweeu (iencral .Sweeney and President 
Ko'ierts. Sweeney leans towards Stephens^ 
A few daysago bis hcadiiuarters were taken 
possession of by Ko^ierts people, aid they ore 
no longer to lecjguizj him asmllitiry leader. 
Nine olHcers of the Fculin i5r I'bothood fro m 
ItLlmil hue, Hist arrived. j 

The lulluwing leslimoulal is Irom one ol tbu 
patients of I)rs. Kelly ft Iliimsuy, and speaks 
in Kueh plain lauguiigc as to require no com- 
ments from us. lis interest will Iw doubly 
•iiiianced to those who aro kuUeriiig Irom 
Throat or Lung Alfeetliins,as these gcnllcmen 
aro now in our eiiy, and purp.>so rrmMinln;: 
lor a lew weeks longer ; 

"I>ri. Krily a Kamaay : 

"(ji-Mi.i Ml \ ~l led it my duly to oxprots 
to ) (IU my gratitndo for Ibe inarvellous cure 
(I may -uy) of my wile, who was «-iiiii|iletoly 
/o»i/rii/,<, when slio eoniDienccd your treat- 
ment ol Ifdiahdion. Iter's was an unusually 
uggniTnted ciiso of Catarrh and lironehitis 
combined, l-'or siwral years, her bend and 
throat had troubled her, uud at last the dlscaso 
bad reuiJiid her lungs. She bad been under 
thu Irealmeiit (d severkl of rair inrist eminent 
physicians, uf bolh homn opatlue and aUo- 
puihie schools, without deriving any licoi lit. 
She was so bad it wns with dliriculty she could 
swallow a particle of water without strangling, 
and ench kuccccding day luund her worse. 
Her physician said "he could do nothing 
more lor her, but to keep her 
along euinforlably. nnd ihat she 
i-'iuld not possibly live oyer three inonthi. " 
Hut thanks to a kind Proridrncc, we noticed 
your loiters iu some of tho papers, nnd having 
faith io your system ol' ireatmcnt, decided lo 
(smsult you. This was last NovoiubiT. Vou 
intimated to Mrs. (;recu at the lime, that her 
ease was very critical, ond thiil i'' she did not 
feci any particular change lor a mouth, or 
evifn six weeks, she must not lie discouraged, 
tibe commenced your treatment, and faith- 
fully did she follow your liistrutlioiis, for 
some live weeks befmo c.Nperiencing any 
clittugo whatever. Wo then began to observe 
n gradual improveiiient, iind tell cucourngiHl. 
The discharges Irom the and tbioat per- 
eeplilily lessened, the Ihickeucd, f;i-uniilated 
mtirouH iiieiuliruiic .seemed more heullhy, she 
bri^thedmure freely, aud could swallow with 
less dilliculty. She continued treatment for 
a few uionths, until all obstructions and un- 
f.ivoraliln sysloiiin dluappcariil. I am happy 
and Ihanklul to inform you now, tiiut, (with 
exrcption ol the thmal, which is .still delicido 
on exposure tu damper cold,)sbo is perleeUy 

Yours very f inccrcly, 

,'iJ Dey street. New York. 
I'.S. Any further inforniatiun may bo ob- 
tained by uddreiisin,-; nio as tiKive. 

Njii; — Drs. Kelly ."v Kamsay's rooms urc 
in thu "Irvine lliock, ' Third street. 

— During the confinement of Colonel 

Sireight and companions in Libby Prison, 

souie of them though indillercntly provided 

with drawing materi.tls, so well imitated 

Culled Stales notes as lo Iind ready purt-ho-s- 

ers among rclicls in exchange fur provisions. 

One of these counterfeits was received by tbe 

I'nilod States Treasurer lo-day, the owner of 

it innocently supposing that it would l>o re- 
deemed by that ollicer. 

» * 


Tkxipkkanck Lkctikk. — There will 
be a Temperance Lecture Sunday i-. m., ul 3 
o'clock, at the Methodist Church, Si Anthony. 
Iho lecturer is none other than Mrs. II. K. 
lii^hiip MeCiinlicy, one ol tbo lady pioneers 
of Minnesota. It is hoped all wi 1 turn out to 
hear what an old resident ol nineteen years 
ill tho State, and a competent lady lecturer, 
can say on leiapcranec. "Come one, eonic 

lly order ot Ihc is>mmitteo. 



For the 8t. Authouy High Mm\ 

AHdie'H or apply to 

iOiA'iIMJI- H>l;0AT10N, 
uuxl'.'i -il iil. .-(.blhony, UiBu. 

1; HASH, l^dlllt ANUIII.INU KaCTuKY, alt- 
aatoJ ou Kill Water I'ower ia Mlnnpap*!!!., with 
Machini-ry, consisting of Ihrw plaining, ttuor and 
hilling mueliiuHM uan DaitlHU fUino. , one gig 
raw-, lour circular saws, two morlKiijg, one 
ti-nantinK and oDi. borinit niachlnH, one lurninr 
lathe tugi-lhi-r with luiiit>er aud work on hami. 
all in K..od coodtliun. Apply on the premises. 

iiuii.'iiw* j.ti.eMiru. 



As h'lr.'ium ol shop Best cf wages aud 
e >iittant rniployiiii'nt. Must hi* an A I woik- 
man, ciimpeiHot tu doauyaiid all kinds of Jot)- 
blng. Ai-u lor a short tiniK one or inor« Jour- 
neyineu Tinners at gi)»d w-ag's. apply at store 
onjllrldgc street, Mlnn<*ipulis,of 

aur-*:! iw* l.U0ASHHO8^ 


We am now receiving a sple-adid stock cf 

Whili! iind C»lor(^(i Blankets, 

Of all iiualitler, Iraught law and to be sold at a 

small advance. Cill and see tbpm I Thi-y 

ari> jast what you want for a Mlnne- 

HOta Wlntsr. 




In great viinfty eni cheap "cf oourf n,"' Always 

lo Ik' found with uu, a full stock 

of soa-ionaiilc 

HXyVf^r^E OOOfJS. 

'tV- atni to buy 00(1l> ii tVUi aad (tuarontee 
bitlHlaction In rvHty case, 


■ « mi.-v.%»<: aFf>i.iP, 

All Ihfl atandiird inak' s in new and desirable 
i^l>l;ii for 111" Kali Tisde, to be O|.i'or I in a day 
or two. 

Itustic and otiit^r t<hadi's, hacd-iomn and 
chenr. M.e us a cs'l, 


Ml NN K A.l»OIjllS, 




"WtioIeiiiilM auUItetuUX>»tiler« in 


A full and complete assortDieat of 





Office and School Furniture, 

0<<Dntantly on hand. 
UpboldteriniZ Ue»n« to P»rd«»r. 

All orders will rncolve our pruiiipt uttontioo, 
and all gooJs d<>llver<>d at Depot >> In Mlar.eapoUa 
tad ttaint Anthony lrc« of ohnrep. 

I'rlOHs furnlsiird on application. KALES- 

BuoM AND rAciuur. 
St. ^Vntlxony, IMinn. 


!R.eta,il X>epcti*tnient 

Opi'nfd at the Mill exprcfi^Iy forthreoDvenlt'noe 
of farmers, oouniry and town pi-oplc. 




ring and Summer Coatings, 

Of Park and Light Brown and i!haded (jrey 

colors, made IVom tho Uucnt Wool and 

cspecUllv adapted to tho cooler 

latitudes of Iha North west. 


InbUak and whl'eand blick ani brown plaldi 

Id sprinv .l) Ir, made i-xprr^t-ly ol pure wool, 

lor iiautaloun ntuU'd aud vi-diiuga. 

^11 "Wool Tweeds 

Of suptrtne quality and soft silky tlnleb. of light 
gradua for eumner wear. 

•Avrn »■>. **f9'*f*m * <)».* 


ittouctanj k Commcrfial 


I Ity T.-li'grai.h. | 

Nkw Voitu, Aug..'l. 

.> r vki lowi.r. Uonuy l.j.'> per cent, at rllnjc 
.(un-t al 107I4. 
(.•i.d "IkiiihIu'. I50-„ udiI oIo !Cd at M'.'. 

siufixit insi'Arrti, 

Ni.w YmiK, Aug, ■-■>. 
'I 111. iiuinry irn'k"! I< fjirlv airilvi' nt U per 
I' tul, nilti a iiiorii ainploili'iuaiid for lilli' cupllal. 
Cuinini'i-olHl papi-r Is m'jni |>li-iitdul uiid leayy 
alixiil pi r ei'iil 

ilidd WIS as liiivui Iir lodiyand . ui 
M7 . 

MilwAulirw iMowoy 9lBrli»l. 

M 1 1 . w Ar K P. I , A ug. :•&. 
liuld bujiiig ul l.liiul ir. 

iVm 1 writ MUick .'Marbfl. 

!• KW YoKK , Aug. -■■>. 
Ian ^t^ck market in dull mid n-jiular. (ii-.i-rii. 
iifntsarn hixhi-r but tbu vuliiiur of b'mUciis l-i 
small. llallruattK am Hi-aV, ia .-.yiii) a'hy wilh 
Krli", which In di-pi<--svd by liKavy i-uli-i l<clo:i' 
Iho Nrst ri-g dar -i-sslon. Niw Vorit Ccutrul w»« 
ijuoifd at lOI; Krl" ;-'V; I'hlcaro aud Itock 
idiind H '.I'l ; Mi'-!iifa» .southHrn >ij'. . 


:T«'h loib ■*ra«luc-n .tl^rkrt. 
|Uy Ti'.legrr.rh.l 

Nl W t ifKK, Aug. l.>, 

Il blur ipiiel and couimon eridi-H • iiv , 
l.ivver; til. . '>i. . «.'J3 extia Stan.; h «£.'..< lo.tii (ur 
II. II.O. 

Whriil,cii'iin;Mfi cmib-i, t In.ii^ tond' m-y d^wii- 
w.-iril, 1 1 Ml Milugukir rluli; mLxnd 
HijriDK: i^.M-yi.'.*! old while; WeslMrn rp^riilnr, 
no rex-iptH and llrm. t'otii \>- loaer; siuS ' .- 
fur Inferior; ^■I',, *j >-;;', .0 iiiixi'd wi--.ti-rti uud 
wcKli-rn yfllow. ua'ti h^avy at !i»i. IJ; .c; Chi- 
rnxo 4; \iM; Mllwaukac .'i4>i5.'i. 

Iowa wlil.ikv i|Uli-l and nominal. 

I'elriilrum llrni; ■,"<o f.»r erudP : 4.1^:13 for rc- 
llni'd in bontl. 

tikw yi):iK,Aux. "i— 0:01 I". M, 
Ciitl.iii ai-live and prici-i wilho'it deoldi'd 
C'liini'i.; ai,H,n'<4; tor laiidlln); nplasdt. oiid :i3' , 
.'Hi iiiiidlin);. rl'MDM. 

l-'lour dull, aud ruotiuoa ^radi-a lii'ibi? I^wfr, 
Willi.. :«()und ur • williout iliridcd chaui^i- ; $1} .'l^•J 
li.i-ilpx'ra ^lall•: ♦^.ij.iIiKi'.i cxt'ii R. li.O.ind 
(111 Hin]i 110 iride hrandu, cloaiDj; qulot. 

Chlruro B*rmiuc« MwrLo*. 

Ciiii'.\<ii.i, Au/. Zi, 
i.RMN.— V,h-»t llrra St ♦I.Or.. Corn active, 
ano tiriii at.i- \. Oats Urm at '.".ii, .^-.".1'.., 

Mil«unk«>« f*r«Hlac« Mlarkr*. 

MlLU-AfhKK, Au},'. 

I "ir uuininillv unchanged. 
WliHat, Not, *-.'.iio. kyn iV.' •;'.'> 0<>ntK, 
ji.j.:,rp centn. Oin:;ii3:i-jci.a-.«. 


W. bAWHUN. KIIU'T A. KMITil, I., K. Kl-KI- 

DA1J7SON & CO., 


Fureigo and Domestio Exchange, 

«OJjJD 6c BlljVJillt <;OIN, 

U. S., City and County Bo ads 

JLarui Warrantt, Paiifig* Ticktii, tjC, tic. 


Thlrit Klr«»»>t. Saitxt IP.iuI, JMiun 
UULU aui:nt Foil 


ClotV CaHii-ts and Woodnn ColDns of thfl lati a 
i.t/i«'CiUi'.ltally on liaod. H.'iiri.eiiaM!OarrinKf-B 
aad evi!»)-thit)i i»ci'«8arv fort Ijnncral ronit.-'hcd 
on til- ri.orteal notice. 

ttssMi-ncp 00 Canada Hipcfll,,'abov« Tentb 


A maffuitlcent, lirat-cUiiS 

Hydro-Oxygon Clock- Work 


Wi b a b-nuU(ulnii«ortmi?nt of carefully itlfrtod 


Alhj, t'utUiisf , iHlecnfoeteipiiro Waxed tcreea 
and ot!i(*r appurli-ninzcs, all In prrf 'ct order for 
pablicexhlttitlonx. Apply to 

aa'i'i car. of ihlrtwntb and tit, I'cter-ats. 


favjBi' omcaiK, 

Attoi-npy at Law. Offloc ov*r I'arkPrFaineV 
Back, Ihlrd8tr«>.n. St. I'aal.Mlnn. movS 


:£YeRY}Nlf£HEu *. - .? 


TOH!I v.. ■III.TOIV. !.<»«,; 4JIN. 
rOItT, IM''l*NA, nTKNCtI, PL* IK l-N- 
t;«AVKIl. MlIlurN Ho'-r K andf<. Sl»t 1 Stampii, 
Nairr Platnu, |<-l anil Bajnraiie Clii'Ckii ma'l" in 
the bfHt Kiyb', Krabroiili-ry I'laii', Bra»» Alpln- 
btiaiil It^areH, Shi-»t Bni-K Indfllbtn 'Uk, 
llrufhpf , l'ram«« ani the very Ix-sl .stencil TiioIh 
and Mr», and SlencJl t'uttfr'n Koodii Ki'n<»rally. 
One Hundred b-^cil and Travflliu;; AkcdI* Want 
ed. Kl- rr lo J. K. Uridley, first rational 
Hotel, MlnnPapollH. oufi 17 '.iw. 

New and flood Sheet Mu.sic, 

wilh Piaao .ArroiMpMnlni«|iBl. 

KissMi: wiiii.crjt Dfk*m.K(i, WuiimtrttctU, 
tf) o.'nta. 

".Mxa mi> aHter while I'ui dreamlDK, 
! rl mo dri'im acaln of tacu." 

ft. T, SAY (ii>i)l> N|i;iiT, iri'mtirlh, 30 cent*. 
"Krom drn^ini of lovo fair maid arisx." 

Bk kiMiTii Dm:' StMTEuNKi.' , Song and 
Choral, /.'aii/..i, W c<>nt«. 

I l.iivK -rHK LriTLK Bii-ri.iiji; Btri\M,/.. 
V. II. Vrcfhu, .'111 eta, 

TiiK C■r>M)^^l L kkom CuSsrANTi.vori.K, 
OoinlcSorg. Biinffby the KloreoctK. 4U ctn. 

WKAiti.Mi OK riiBUit^cKN. A fine tranaorlp. 
tlon of thli popular aonir by Ilanmbach, <iu ct?. 

Kaiuy WkiiIiiki^ Wai. z, Turin r,.Mii*». 

Tho abt)»'' ni'w and favoritp nli'eoe of cliolcfl 
muaio sent paid on rcci-ipt of tiricn. 

I'MVKK 1)1 r.><i.N k CO., 

Pul>liiih''r', 277 Waeldog.ou s'ro't, liotton. 




All iierDODu aro hereby warned not to b^y or 
nr):otfat.H a C^rlUlcati- of Drpsait of Vfilliua 
llroH. ft Dunbar for thief, hundrpil dollars, nam- 
|rfTi-il:;i'<.s. dated .St. I'aul. .luly 'n:h, INi^, and 
ptyatili* to my orrtiT, the Faid rcrtillcatfl of de- 
pOHlt being I'jat ard pi} ment having bei«a atop- 


at. l>aul, AuKuat -ilA, 1880. 


ICIKKI.A\I)'.3 mairDili:i'nt m-w rui-ra' 
Ili-itorlcal Wor«, th-! lujst rcinarkablo. Ihflllliiir. 
IntPii-ntlof;, attractive and ta-t ri'lliiix book of 
mod«irn timi-ii. Tocleraynii-n,ieachi"r.-i,di-Bbli'd 
FoMlorx, BoldlffM' widow K and all otliiT Intclll- 
(fenf jMTHon-, wo onvr iini'i|ualli'il facilitleg for 
makiuK luunoy. isend 6lam|> lorp-irticulara. .1. 
A.bTUDDAKt) »rO., Wi Washington • fr.-<>t, 
Chicago, III Box •.•■,".1. hUK--!-'-.T* 




1-A iit»«I 1« IVorth He«<>n<l ntreet. 


Wines and Liquors 

Ky till- It Jill - anion Umfi, fjr iialj by 

TT . ►.-'aTX.-a- -a -a.j.. WHha-.e a larR.- anioHnt of prop-rty lor aalr in 

I St. I'aul, and aJloioInK towcn, thrijurlioat 
I UiH Si»t.-., Un.uiiMlDK to parllt.* rKlly auxioah to 

Real Estate Agents, 


J-t*l'.rJ>ii-«l.nir«'et,neii. the UridK«*> 

Wf buy and »-'\\ I'roiKTtv oa CoBmUiilos , la 
a purlH of 11.,, Mall- ani >^Uo...,-i,.. aad cannot 
I t^v I" -atiiily p^rtii-D di- Iruui. i« ••■ii or inv<.st. 

Cur .'till ^ Jiiekioii hi-i.jSt. I'niil, 

,, ,,. - . „ . — rpinuD*- 

■ Iv.-. \\noU<r [lUMui-Ka propf-rty Id hi, Paa 
on all lilt, pilncipal Ktr'-.-t- Hi.n^. ,. »„rt loinat 
all prir -K r.iid In oil paM« of th.! city Ki Midi-bon 
lulji in <-udli-«H ijuautily, l.-om tHO Uj $ 10,000 
<-ach. Couiiiy 1 r .jK-rly, Kari ;», Karmin^ Ijind, 
Ui)l<"i, l.'kK H<-ri'l' iiceii, 'limlt-r and liay 
fiandH, &c., frr.Ti tltntio |x-r acrn, in all paru 
Who r -fci I h; pi-rml slon, an a Kur.r(inte» f.)r I of tbia .slHfaul WlHOiuiiin. 

,,,,, . ,., . , ,, . ,,. ,. . .. ^ , I W't eaouot (.III lo BOit any on«. dolrxoi. ol t . I.W!..r« ^^ dl-y and ll«,d-tb.i i.orclU»lrK. and ,-elCf to our BullHin on BfS 
»amohuviD|( b<«en tcatud aud appruvid by IhttD. ' ..... .. _ 


Tavea paid In all partK 01 thin 8tau.and 
»««•.;«. Ht<U<i^^ &M«CIX)JD. 

iuc'il5 il&wlv 4t'.'f 


Ol .M-l'.AI. lU.V. ...lAKII.liS, ST41I .,1- MiS.M.. 1 

Ai>Ji,rA.NrOi'>KH4l.'aOK.'H-K, J 

br. Pai ,, Minn, A«Ku»t 10th, l«fl6. > 

Ludi-r act 111 July -,it,, ini., »ioo additloaal 
bounty will b" piid totlir.!cy<-ur» mm w li., nnrvcd 
tliflr ti-rm of oiiiiktmnnt, or who wi-rt- noon-r 
111 ctift'Kid by r-anon of woonln ri-celvd in Ibe 
llneol iiuiy. Al.-o t.) uldiwn, minor chtldron 
orpari-niHoi llirM,, years mnu, who dli-d whUi- 
intliD Lhiii-d .MatiH Kfrvlco, or of irounda or 
djHPa«p contractra In mi oh i-frvlce. 

Kifiy riollari. h.ji.nty will bg jmiIJ under liko 
conditions to two yi.)u-a mi-ii. 

HoldliT" <ntilli-d to i:ie l>-iurity un-l. r lli ■ ;.l,r,v.. 
act will Ki-ndthfirdihcharftr pai,t-ra tu Iliix ollic.-. 
uud if diach»r/rd by ri-atun of wonnda will ttaft 
wlion and whi-ri-thi-y w-eri- wiunded. 

Wi.lowa of di'ciaa.d aoldii-r.-. or lallorti, who 
have ulnar children undor th'' tf^f of Id yi an;, 
will III' rnlilli'd to two dolIarH additional pi<o.iion 
lor every auoU child ; aud orphan ohiidrf u ul di-- 
cran-d lioldii-rs or aallora a:c entitled to the aamc 

WIdowH and jruardlouH of minor children ap- 
pl)iDj{ forthe inrrruiA ol imu-ion inurt prove 
llie eatw of liirlh of »uch childrcti, and that they 
ore tho ItglimatH children ol Ihi- <^c-a>>«d ^ol■ 
dii r. 





MutlfMOu, VTiw 

Capital, $300,4>OOI 

Ia>*ar«ta A;riaiBa* E«a« af Lir« or Wrr- 

Mttniil S it^ •■ r ▼ l»,ii .tii^ Af-€-i<l«-ii(. 

/Veairfeii/— SAMUEL D. UA.5IINGS. 
r«ce 7'r<-*«'J<n/— THtJMAS H. AIJ.EN. 
2>#aji«er— D. K. TENXEV. 
Gmeral Agent-K. O. DAKWl.N. 

LL-i'lL-sKAltf'iiii.ii.Ciovi-rooriif Wia.Maditon. 
1 ln•H.^. Ai.i.i:x, .-w. Sun-, Mi cial I'otnt, 
„ , ,'.SMirH, bt»leTfea>iurcr, FoxLakf. 

All appiioBtlona for renaloui, Eounlie-i or I Lfstkr bi-xr< s Pexlon, Bro. »C'o. Milwaukpe 
Hack Pay of aoldlora or their hel'o. will rocfivn I JuiiN A. Ulichp.k, Duloher, Ball & Oooorlcb 
tr.inpt altt'uUou irimi ihl» • fliC' n:i.j. nt' Uilaraukee, 

I h.mii;k to claimants by applyioK to the under- .S.S. MKHtuj^.G-n. Man.V. t s . V. K II MU. 
'■'»ni'<l. : IlAKVi;r 1. Ki.'Mkkv, b:<-3mb<i:t I'ro.. I aCroaaa 

i.,>-tteraaddri->iMd tome relaliox to any Ci'a-a of A. K. Ki.Mimi;, l>ou-.c;an* Klmure,4jre<.n Bay. 
acHlcrn' or sailors' claiuH will rcciivo a prompt I C. C. biini.K*, Supt. A l,-. T»l. Co., H<•uo^ha. 
rejly. ...... 


AdiuUBl Gpneral and .Slato AK<>nt. 
«i*-("ounlry pap -ra copy OM-time- 
auftll Iltdkltw 

Sale of (JioverDiDf Dl Property. 

I OKTSNKLM.M,, Mls.N-., August -2 1, :!sC«. j 
Thi» undi'relKnod « !!I oiler for cali.' at I'UBI.IC 
AUCTION, irooa thi- Wari-hounes at KOKT 
i.NI'.l,LI»(i, Minn., at 10 .\. m, Monday thi> 
third dav of f^<pt.'mt«;r, l-MJU, thu lollowiui; 
ViAi!Ti;i:.M.\sTi.i!'s .•jToiti;s, vU : 

I'l Cliairi*, 

I Sam>lI>. llAbTiKi.s.Ut>f Slate 1 rfiK., Ma<liKn. 
I Sixi'N Mii.i s,l>re<'. UaukMadUoB,UaiUaoD. 

Vi Tablea, 
1110 rtovea. 
Ho Wagon -I, 

II Ambulaucei., 

.'ili'i Seta Harce.«j, 


■il Kob^ledii, 

'JTl Joints Stov.pitc 

;4 Water Uucht't!., 

Ali'j, a largo quiulily of Mi c Ilin 'oun Tould 
aD<l .SiorAa. 
Xeima cjah in U. 8. Kucd-t. 

'IUKl>. )-caWAN, 
Captain loth Inf., A. A. Q, M. 
aug-21 td 


1.^1 BOAT FOn SACK, 

£ev.-uty-life feet lone, lileet wide, and built of 
Ihe very beatmiterial. jiho la warranted staoDch 

iiad tl((ht and in jfood orjir In o-.ery regpoct. In ' Mayor I'riBce," t. Pa-il, Ulna' 
ciarge ol John C'ie;:ar<, Upptr Li-vee. 

Apply to A. U. WII.UKR & CO, 


N. B. ,fr.-e Nt, Nat. Back, .M-diaon 

D. K. Th.N.M.«. Ii. W. » II. K. IVnn^r, Madlaon 
.S.ti BK4X, h't-n. AkI. M.Mut. InF.('o.,Madl-oD 
A.G.Uahwix of M. K. Kullcr fc Cj.. Ua'.iaon. 

E. W. Kkvkh, Mayor of city ot Maiiron. 

B. K. HoeKlNs. Vioo frea. Madison Mut. Ina. 
Co.. Madison. 

AC O.CiAl l.un», K»cr«tar.T. 

ThiH Comp-iuy ia.uea poIi9i«a uf iosuraaca 

Loss or Life or Per-ionHl iBjar}, 

cauacd by any a':c!d<-ot. at an low ratea of pr«. 
mium SK aro ofleri-d by o hi>r dr^it olasa oompa- 
Bfe-i. Iia capita! ia am;>!u andiiia p.-caeated to 
}our favor a^ a 

Nortli"wowt'«a:'ii Ooakt|>:any, 

Rmttraclnff am >n|; Ita ftockh-)! era many of tbe 
m ::t pruiiiijeul cipUrUla;.: aad l.Btiaeiik men ot 


Aetlvi>. and energi'll: Agcnla waal<~< in .St. 
Paul and throufthout the autc. UUUU TEKMii 
WIM. IJKGIVK.M. Addrpsa or apply to 

D.S.BJOHiNSTOiV, Stale Ag't, 

(.llBce on tighthjitr.^l, rp;odit« reaiilirncc of 



Wanted to Borro>\' 

On i;u3d Keil Katale cecarity. 
Addiesi Box XOM, St. i'aul. aui;-Jl.(Jl* 









or IVov ^'«>rlt City, 

Caah rikplial piald la, bpairfea accw- 
■uialtatlou. ^£00,wa«<». 

Hair Hegencrator. 

The vioft wondirrul diirintrq 0/ ihe age. 

Will posltivi-ly ronloro Gray Qalr to ila original ! 

color, whether black, brown or cuburn, and 

belDfc u deltghtiul drexHlne, Il Imparta to It a | 

biRuilful ftloaav and heaithy aipearance. It I 

will also promote a pronth of hair on bald ! 

heads where the Kland- orrootKOf the hair ar..r.ot i^tyjwhollera not a'l ^wed to draw divid-nJi or 
diforpan I.d, aril clIecTual.y removiUK all dan- i„»„e.t «n iavestmi '«. by ihc proi.ioniof 
.'l?'"'^J'^?r.„ i!',.r i*^*"""' "'V^'P- '"• 1 thi'tr c!i»rler, unit 1 - accumuUtinnn have 
"T"J'h *V.iw i^i A, ' iVP V'"' " °,',T''°7 ' reached 1*0 million doll. . 
rriuudod 1 rioc tl.Oi-. All ord.-jd ►houl.l b.- ai- . All d-f cri|.:-..„a of In-u. . •« giaot^d 011 flrat. 
(lre«6o<lIo c).»n h allhy hi-e-onl.-. i.. -1 paid iu Ihtrly 

I ,«r,.i^.V ' .^. . "T'^"^'*' 1 dam alter due njticeand pro^. fdeal'i. 

JeMthli-ain »> holf aa e ARcma. ' 'li,e rait-i auopti-d b-/ tliic(....,*iiy an- bi-ed 

i not unon the nile ot mortaMtv la ob.-icrv<'d 
araoDK the fiinerrt population, but upon tbe >■'••■> - actual TcoMi-d cxp'TtrnM! if ttip ni.>nall!y 
iWOMTH — F» I t* > - I a-Bong itmiircd nr rilictcit lire* In this c.'.untry 
4--i'*xr M iiivtK to ^.-llilii. h<..i H.»,k- ! f,jr thelaal twcnty-llvc ^i-ara. In thin way the 
lii|r.l>«<a( lini«lM><l upti onl.v |»i-.i«iicdl j aelnal coat of iBeeranCT haa bein very clobely 
Fiamil.r Aa-niiix Miac'liinvi la ij»x. ro - d« enain-d from the only ira» ard' re table 
eomn laiMt p".i.'..i wilh Keic>ium"i. improved | aoiir<-< Inr a- c*! dttv The ref"ult j-i a jicaie of pre- 
patent Inoper movenien'. *„ I»I»lf»e Kf- I mium«o» who e lift- polities, varvlEif from 
ClCCWaollt-IO Wo w nt to hire iniini'di- - . r 

alely »aM» tir.s-cluaa <taHVuaalWK Afc-.-oaa ! Thifty tO Forty Per Ccllt LOWCr 

fijoxrv iPE» 

by the iiioniii. Greate-it ioducem<.-niH ever of- 
leii-d. l-'or tormt addrens 

.'tuSKact Water i-tre- 1, MilwauKee, Wia. 

e^l'^IX A.IVr> GrAXtrritSRi. 


Ilaa t.ikeu the nbjve uamed Saloon, 

On JaclisoiiL Streets 

Vrat dowrt* Hliii;;-anortl>'a, 

And will keep It In KttSr-CL\83 STYLK. JhiT 
liar will alwaya be aupplled wilh tho 

ihau cnar^ed by 

Alutnal Life Inkuraice Coiii|iuiiie», 

Tbui< makinx acaahdivideoil in advance ofUiirly- 
Ibree per cent per annum, 


la, therefore, aV.f to offer on thi" description of 
poltoy a acale of premium w-hlch.aa compared 
wiUi Ihoao ut mutual companlea, ia fully eij-iiva- 
lent to a 

Caab UiTidvMii ofFiri.* Pvr Crnt. 

Payatlo at the eu>) of tlve yojra, which la aa 
largn a« that avcr.^gnd by lb.) moat ancc-aiifal 
mutual compaciea. a fuller and more explicit 
aluicmeut of Ihe advanlim** of iueurinK vith 
thl.1 c-impany (more particularly on the "ten year 
plan"} t< fcether w-ith table ul ro'ef and all a'ther 

Pl.>:.»_4 Uf:«<.« !:»..<>.. X. P:— .... I>lan iti^cetner w-uu Utileul n.rei'apdallather 
UnOICeSt Wines, LiqUO'S & UlgarSi l information, win b>> given on sp.nileatlon to 
'•<'».TIE ASI» «EIi MB," i f„«.j;;'- 4,',;,';r*'j'^ WAMKU in a I irirclpal 

0. CURTIS, btate Agent, 
Office 193 Ihird-st.a a. Paul. 

a-ig'.;i 3m 

llii. ^^T.^l.^-■!« VECrTAni.r II a 111 li.^LM 
jnvririably ie>U>re.-i ^'le^v. liiiii to itH /.ngi 
n\l color, without .<t:tiiiiiig ibc i-/in or 
cbXliing. It leav.-M tlio imin d/-, dead 
and\rrisri hair. Foff. moist nn/ glusxy, 
ca'.ii?e\i', Iu eiirl, .ind keepH n iwilu jilace, 
while V i>:-i)i:iotP8 ils (rroi', t|/ und pre- 
Tents it 

/.' i-u;i.'</\T jjf_ttftrr oil tir cl-'Shi11. 

Niam-r^iiS. jiroptiratioiifi «f oil, iileuliol 
ami t^uij'liuiWiavc b.-en j^uipil upon Uto 
piiblie, !itiil lilfcinf; t(jl:i\m fiiilc'I to givo 
^a'i.sfu^-lilpn, tl^iManuf^liircr.'! have ilo- 
HCrvi'JIy eolne 1 

Dr. fiwaiii]'^l-|[iis Vegetnlde Palm 
lo cecouiplisli nil l^ypie claims f-jr it, aud 
aiilhcrizcibis utrcmmo rcfunJ ihc iiiouey 
wherever il fuila liNfOB" f^!^ti^fln-ti••ll. 

It ii an entir#v i^w nnd seii^nlific 
juepnriiliou, jiroij^eed 'n\he dlMiilalion of 
rail' and fr,-igriiii«l<nver.M,\liiL-U n-nJers il 
not only the b#t ronewci^n the world, 
litil iiiiikeH it Jirlieularly :\i-et;ible um a 
liiiir dreie«iiidr tu both old Vid yoiina;, 
while its liiiJfa imrity uiid llo.t\ odur mo 
in Firikiug i^nii-ii>.i mm mo ir.\y 
fure.n litiii 

The prof rielur huH letters 1 
the iiiofi 
bl- reejj 
llie I'uliu 

liDii'l Ul :iiiy dealer UP,;!* ilimil yoil a dif- 
fer, lit iirllele, but if yimr«>iiliiii d»ea 
ant ki-ip ilus, sen, I fora Iri.-il Iwl- 
Uf lolln; nearest ;iKeiil, or iboproiirietor. 

If f..ri;iev liuli-,Keii<l fi.r.Vii. I. 

1 1 lor liair dri-s.srii:;, s.-ml lur So. Z. 

; II. Hwiiiii, prDprieloi-, No. Ul HoulU Wh- 
lei ^llii-l, Clilea;.-'.. 

l-iir Male by all tlio wliidosulo driigt{iata 
111 I'lik-iKio. 

Ilorrell'a .llauuotlr l-'lulal la u aiar« 
curti for Hkruaiaii«ua and .Xt'urMljflK, 

For aal« by 

■utt Ann u. uiuuff, 

«t I'aul. Minn, 
lun-JoJ.' oaw&wiy 

Auction Sale of 

On eaterday, ijeplembsr lSlh,at 10 .\. ■».,! will 
eell without rcaerve, my llouso and Ten Acica, 
on St. Anthony Roid, one and a .j-ja-ter jiiilea 
from St. I'aul. The house cjhI $10,000, H atone, 
well built -.inil fiirolHlied, made.'u style, fourteen 
apirtment«,well and ci.itciii under cover, goud 
cellarti, ,%:. 

There i.s a largij and conveniiiillv arranged 
Ilirn, wilh largo 8tub'.o and Carrince i;jom«. 

Tenusof Sale, uno-quaKur Caah, and tho bal- 
ance in ei|iiBl paymenta in 3, 6, '.i aud !'.: months, 

ThOM) earing to purchase such prrporty are in- 
vite J to call aud exauiiue fur theiu^i'lven before 
the day of aalo. K. H. IIU Hf. 

F.\iHrHli.ii kCO., 

Aactloueer^, eod-t-aeii-ls. 


Gcrneal Transporlalioft Agent, 


Given on Freight to 

New York, Boston, Philadelphia, 

And all piiooipal p3iota Eint, 

Tiau« Caiaraiatevil if Uaaircil. 

Freight Agent lor Ihc Lower Divieion 


»*-OffiC8 and Warehoueo on the Levee St 

**"'• augS ' 


St. Xaviers Academy. 

Vi7i Wabash Avenue, 


aianufacturer of thfl 

Hoop Skirts, 




Bustles, Xciii, &c. 

A large and most ooraplete atock of the lateet 
itylca of Hoop Sklrfe and Cornets consiautly on 
hard. Merchants aupplled at New Ycrk pricoa, 

bkirts repaired and mule aa good at cew. 

Goods warranted for three monthe. 

Floase call and examine. 

K. B.— 0^der^ irom thi" country promptly at. 
tended to. Poat office Box 1,744: ■•. 13* 
Third ■(r««t. •«. P«b1. apl9 4thply 


Proposes to kell the coming eeaaon more aud 
belter wood for tho money, cither 

Wliolesale OT>IReta,il, 

dealer. He haa iJl 
$3.50 i>er cord up. 
on hand beat dry 

Thun any other dealer. He haa iJl qualltle«, and 

1 rioeo from $3.50 i>er cord up. Ha? aliio 

on hand beat dry 


Under tho dhection of Ihe : - 

i:uei. 'Zvt 

Will re-open for the a-lulssion of pupUa en 
IMonUuy. Septemljer 3..I. IwGtJ, 

In the new Hcminary. 


An active, Intclllgput, lierman or Norwegian 
boy, between the ago ullllteenaud twenty year,i, 
tu learn the Dry Good!, buslnesH. 


•"I^^ '•>*■ lit) IWrd atrc et. 


Uellvered iu any iiu.iu!ity ; nice kiudiinga, he, 
lias al-o on band a large amount of 


The only baled Hay in market. AJr.o 

^ew Oi-ierlit Htraw, 

H'OR BKDDII«r<jr. 

Straw Tibca filled and delivered, llrdera 
•olloltedand promptly at-erdiHltn at hid WOOD 
ANl> UAY YAUU, corner Fourth and 81. I'eter 

(\ A. pnescvTT. 



A»» CtlLIL'h KfUOOL, roR 




I) fi?.^* )?*■••. •'■•■*"• •»«*»• »» 

10 1' exeooie* ftll 

Wl'i; li.Bli.. r< r>j,. u?.,. ,.;,, 

apply ai liio CoiiBUi.g Aodiu 

Toungladlea will cpi-n under ti«r oh u caie, on 
Monday, tlie 10th of ^plember. 

■ lie i.'?»H,el liir 'oirfier ehlldrtn will ofen at 
lieric«idenc« on Monday, Auguit '20ili. augl7-3ia 

I «-=««'-? 





SAlirr PATTL. AUGUST 2R 1866. 

i»iiKnii»Aii-« ninrATi-uB*- 

The reo^ut horrible event at New Or- 
Ittuia haj not only awaketied tbe public 
m nd to a viviJ rcaluation ol ibo practi- 
Oil consequence! ol Mr. .loLniou'* rt-ac 
Uonary i>alie>. but it has »)rouahl out into 
bold and sUriliuK r«-'''*' '•»" «"«^'^'«»*' 
wicked uud uuatru^uloiu character ol 
tba man with whom Providence lias 
UlliclcJ the nation •iuoo th« rebellion 
wa^ subdued, a^ U to iubjeol onr initiiu- 
tioiis to a final und diiciiive 'rial. (>' 
Mr. JohnBOn'i direct r.'si.onsihility for 
tba*. maasaure. an an a;ce«»oiy before and 
alli-r the (act. thtro .9 no room for cjuo»- 
tioa. U U proved by his cllioial dispatch- 
es to Voorhii'8 and llcrron, and it ij i*«U- 
con'esjed b> him in bi« oprn juililiiaUon 
0* iho lU'itl. 

Bat if thedetjd was cru'J, and JovJisb, 
and cowardly— the means by which the 
l'ro«iilcnt undertook to justify his friui 
mal part in it were hardly lens villainous 
than the butchiiy iUelf. Uy the Uiost 
iu>i>ud«nt UlsL-hoods ho sought to mika it 
appear (hit iLo raissacre was nothing 
more than a riot in which the I nion men 
wen the aggressors and the police the 
innocen' victims — and for this wiiked 
puri.O»o he dohberJUely gave forth :» (alfe 
und gaibled version olono oJ (Jen. tihuri- 
dau's di.pitcbes upjn tho subject, and 
nu •i>t.ff--c 1.1 I that portion of his dispatch- 
et waich pUc.d the e»ent in its truo char 

• "tr. 

Fo-- four wctks all the michincry of 
P.tsilentinl power has been eniplojod »• 
hide those dispitches from the country and 
to prevent 'h^ true history ol tho New 
pfleaiis bu'eboiy from reai-hing tho pub. 
ho m an tuihoritative lorm But the 
tacts, reveithtless, have been strongtf 
than the Prenidont, and, at last, when the 
public VI rdic: hid alrendy been irrevoca- 
b"y made «p. the indignant demand of 
iJen. Sbei!d:»n and of thi5 byal press of 
the Xirtb ha^ prevailed to extort from 
the President thesu new and terrible 
proots ol thj gi;;\ntij crimi< committed by 
his myrmidons by bis authority and with 
his sanction at New Orlean*. Wo puh- 
lisbed one ol those di'palehcs in our last 
issuo. Wo pub!i?h oth*:rs to diy, on the 
same 8ubj'"ct. 

On the al ol Au^just. lour days after 
the massacre. Gen. Sherid&n telegraphed 
to Gen. (irant: 




\rox.xJMK vi; 

D. H. Grj|T>t,0»n«r«l: ,, 

Tlie more lulormatlon I ohtain ol llic aluir 
in llii-i citv. iho more revultinn it tieeonie.s. 
It »■« lilt not; it icij an absuluti mattaera by 
thi' fx>/ir->, whit'h u-a^ not ex'-tfil'd in murdir- 
oua cruel:!/ Ay 'A<'« "^ '''<"'' P'Hotv. /' W'«* a 
muritrr wMe'k the Mayor and police oJ the city 
perprtr -Ird vith'Ul n shadow of necetutit- 

FiDlKeruutrt. I bcUtv* u teiu premeattatfd 
and prtarranj/eJ , 

It was "no riot," "it was an absolute 
massacre by tht; police ;' and to assist the 

An draw 

Mayor aud police in this 
and prcarr.^ngud massaore," 
Johnson ha 1 lour diys before telegraphed 
to the rebel A'torney General Ilerron as 

follow.^ : 

A. J. Hcrron,Auoruey Gem r il.New Orlcan. 

Vi)u will c*ll on Oen. Sheriiiari, or tho (tfl- 
cer In eoiiiiiiand, for tujfcien- force to tutlam 
tht civil .iHthortlii in iuppretting all illegal or 
nnlawfiit asfinbltcs, irhii uanpor a4aame to 
extra f any power or autboriiy williout nrst 
■ ... . .... ,j (jm power or authority from 

u Siata. If there be aoonvcn- 
ompiiscil of delegate!, ebusen 
ircsu Irum lue jx-ople ol tUe whole Mate. The 
peop c must tH! tirst consulud in regard to 
i!jaii.;itii{ the organic lawol' tlie State. L'uurp- 
111.; mil not bo uilorated ; tbe law and Consli- 
tuium mujtui; bustaiacj, aad itioreby pe:icc 
ana order. A. JOHNSON. 

The PresiJcnt, by Ibis dispatch, order- 
ing the fo'.cible suppression ol a \ olitieal 
assembly, which ho undertook to pro- 
nounce unl.iwlul, made himeell responsi- 
blo lor all the eorsniuencea which follow- 
ed this resort to violence. He 
was not, thurcfore, particularly welj 
pleased with (icneral Slieridau's 
dispatch denouncing the execution of his 
order as an "absoluio massacre by the 
police" " prLmeditattd and pre-ar- 
ranged." Ho did not like to have the 
mutter put in that light. It made him 
leel uiocf ortublc. lie regarded it as 
an approach to mu'.iny on the part ol 
Sheridan, or at least as a piece of very 
great stupidity. Sheridan ought to have 
know.i iba'. that was not the sort ol dis- 
patches he wanted Irom bis Generals. 
And so on the lourtb o( August, b« sent 
to Sberiilan for another di'patcb, and, to 
avoid acciJciits, insUuded him before 
hand prccUciy tehal sort of a dupalck ke 
uiiskid to be ^eni in anttcer. Here 
ia tbe President's despatch. Notice the 
infamous ■ u tini; with which the intirro 
gatorles are Iramed so as to su;.'gest wLat 
ars»ers are e.xpecfed and would be mosi 

pleaK'ng at fci adtjiarters : 
MtJ (i.-ii.sU'rl''an,' ooimardlDK, NiwOrlr'Sus 
We hace b,e,i advised here Ibat prior to ihe 

as*emb .rt? «•• ibe l'!••K^'„»p'l .;»';!».'i.',';.\',';i"^ 

couvititioii elected ' '" '" "' " 

gpieclu-. wite nude 

perpetrated such cruelties." Tbe ProM 
dent wants to know whether "(he civil 
autborilies cannot inele eui ample Jul 
tio«." la which Gentral Sheri- 
dan replies plumply. "U is 
my opiniou, unequivocally, they 
cannoJ." Gen. Sheridan was impliedly 
re.piested by the President to retract bis 
testimony that tbe affair was a " premed- 
itated and prearranged massacre by the 
Mayor and Police ;" he refuses to do any 
thing ol the kind. 

Thu dts[«tah wai to* much for th« 
patience of |b« President King, the 
New Orleans editor, who was present when 
he received it, said he threw it under the 
fable. Me has since, it is said, come to 
the conclusion that a General wko ia too 
obtuse to take a bint is no fJeneral for 
him, and that Sheridan has been super 
seded by Sfcedman. Wo doubt it. 
Them are some things that even Andrew 
Johnsoo dare not d»— and that is OM of 
them ^^^^^^^ 

-■IKAa»<t. I MLV." 

We have some interesting private ad- 
wees Iroiii Washiugfon to tbe etlect that 
the work ol decapitation haa been com- 
menced in this C'oiigrctisionsl District. 

liiiprimit. (Jen A. Mitchell, Post, 
master at St. Clou J has be«n rtoioved 
and Uiiuben Richardson, appointed in hia 
stead. U uben Richardson ia a l>emo- ol Iho school of Nasby. The 
whole Distric*, might have been 
■etrckeU in vaio lor a more coBpl«te 
epscimen ol the <jenus Copperhead, lie 
cover voted anything in his life but the 
straight Democratic ticket, and that's 
about all he knows. 

iiccumhis. W. H. Mitchell, Register 
or R'ceiver, we lorgct which, of the St. 
Cloud Land Olli^e, superseded by C A. 
Udman. I'hres w.^eks n<;o (Jilmstn was a 
tliiuinij radical. 

Wbtn we lojiid hi.< natuc among the 
two or three Republicans in the hat of 
.lobnson delegates from tbia Siate, wo 
were Homcwbat at a b'ss to understand so 
sudden a cor version. He has received 
biN pri e Oj» upo'i the .lulas ! 

Tertiiu. Edwin Clark, tho Chippewa 
Indian Agent, has been removed, llia 
successor's name Las come to ua confi 
d.ntially, and as it may not be correct, 
we wait lor an anthoiiuiive announce- 

The Waabirgton corrcspcndpnt of the 
Chicigo Tribune makes the following ex- 
posure of the attempt made by the John- 
son cabiil for electioneering purposes, to 
prevent the soldiera receiving their boun- 
ties under the law passed by Congress at 
it'i I'lJt session : 

The eontradiclion tclejrraphed over the 
couutry last uiKht, to tUu ctleci ibattbo Secre- 
tary ol the Trettsury hatl not issued an order 
forbiddinu tho payment ol" bouniles under the 
l.ile act of Congress, is in iuulf uofomided. 
Sueh an order was in possesMon of tbe Second 
Auditor last week. The furUier statcinont 
ibat the Treasury Department is awaiting ib« 
eonelusii^n of the report of the om mission 
appointed by the Sciretnry of War to nsoer- 
tuin if tbo 1.1WS would justify the payment ot 
tUe li iiintics, and to frame rules govcrnioK tbe 
diabiirsoraents, Is also a inii»tatement. The 
(acts ure stated in thcoilespatehes two nighu 
since. The report of tbe commis»ion was 
r-»dy to be made on Mondar, and instead. It 
was witbheld by tUo Prc-'iident. Tbo report 
was in favor of the payment of tho tioun- 
ties. Thowbolething was intended as a sctTet 
attempt lo prevent the payment of any hoan- 
lies till after the clertions, and in tho mean 
time to create tbu impression Congress 
did QUI reallv intend snr payment, but simply 
passed some" unmeaning words l)y whieb to 
deceive soldkrs and obtain their votes. The 
chances are that the unexpected exposure ot 
ihiM transaction will serura the publication of 
tho repi.rt. It is said, however, that there u» 
a. settled deteruiinaiion in administration cir- 
cles to prevcut tbe Ucpublicin party Irom re^ 
ceivint' any ot the go<jd will which wouid 
spring Irom tbe general payment of bounties 
betore tbe elections. 

IIkkk is doubtlesa the Irui explanation 

ul Graiit'r oieseii -e at Andrew .lohnsun'a 

rcceplioi/ ^'•*or^^''j|l"''"» ('""'mOtee ; 

Mue»i»»Tiifi«r~.^^ OOcj'oti ~"t* 

c nee III (tearral (iraut wiu. • ftT i e 

Iri.m the VfeUaOefphia ConrenUDo visiir.. i .o 
White House to eomiiiuin' no the result lo 
tho rountry. It bus transpired lint UBueral 
IJrant was not present of bis iiwn accord, but 
tbrougb a pro.>rr:iiiged plan of Mr. Johnson 
and ibo miMiagers. Just U-foro Ihe appoiiiii d 
ti'uo eanie for tbe interview, the I'rrsidcnt 
Hcut lor lieneral lirant, faving hi- wanted to 
sen him "ii Iiusuu-ks. When llio (icneral liad 
hastened over Irom his liiad.iioiri. r-. »nd bad 
entered iho President's room, the eonimillee 
from Pbiludflphia way at onre announced and 
ushuretl in, and (ieneral IJrand bmnd biiiiNell 
a victim ol the sanio cunning wbiib so admi- 
ratily controlled tho grc»t Convenlon. 

" Mv Police" is bearuig its bilter 
fruits in Arkansas. A WashiiiKlon cor- 
respondent sa) s : 

Jiidgx r.liss llanell, of Ihetnrcuit Court ol 
Faviiieviile. Ark., has wriiien hero to reoui St 
that hto nam* may tie siMxed to the rail lor 
tbe ad ol Septeiiitier convention. Tbe I uioo 
e ndidatea have all lioeu defeated In bis sec- 
tion of Arkausis, uud since the eiiei'iiriipo 
uient given l.y Andrew Johnion to SouiUern 
rebels, the eondtliooof CnJon men has bcrome 
duplorable. The rel>ol opinion in the 8uie 
appears to lie ihit tbev will bo al.le lo revive 
Ihe old Democratic parlv under Andrew J bn- 
son. Ihe question is fast becoininfj a very 
serious one wbetlier fnion men (wu muintaui 
themselves in ilie.^laie. 


NUMBER 201. 



Terrible State of Things in 

Aiiotlu'r IVlroUuiii Kxnlosloii- 
Horrible Scenes. 

AllPiiipt to liU|inir rublU: €oii- 
AtlrnrR In th« EsilcrprUe. 

iu l*i-». InilUnimi'tory 

to a iiioti, couipoBcd it 

i,d colored peiS'ns, urging idem lo 





arm »nd ..luip tneii.seives for protecting ana li.e conveniiou in its illegal aud un- 
ftuihonzd pro eeding, calculated to iip.u.n 
and !.upe.-i.tde Ibe State Oovtrumtnt of L<uis 
iaiia, which had been recoeni/..d by 
the G^.vernuii'iil of the I mud Malts. 
Furlhir, did Ibc m;'b acfCuiblo and was ii 
raiae<l tor ihe purpo..e .i as^i>iing ihe cou- 
ventio,. lu IIS usurpation? »«";« »"> '''^' 
been I ak en irom persons jinee Ihe JUih ult , 
wh . wero supposed or linown lo be cniicueu 
with tbe mob? Have vuM-.Ui in.lividua s 
be.n .sb.i .111.1 tiiii'l I'y '»"* moh. wiihi.ut 
good, and m vl.latioo ol ibe 
peitce and g.H,d order i Was not the assem- 
bling ol this convention and the gatberlu^ ol 
the mob lor protection the main CMiseot the 
riotcns proel. dings ol Ibe civil autHoitics oi 
lew Urloans ? Have step< been ' ;i t>y tne 
i...,,.iv<,io arrcKtund tr) -n i itewiio 
. t in this not, and lb. SI > have 
itenses in violation ol i • • t^sn 
ample j.i-iico be meted by the cit> ^-"i- •''"" 
to all oUeodtrs iigaittst the law - Will i cne 
ral pleas* Inmish me a brief rcpiy 
above iniumes, with such other mi. 'i 
as be may l.c in possess! m ol by It > >'ia. '• • 
Answer at yi ur earlus'- convenience. 

Ob.-erve, il you please, bow this "r-'r - 
dentiil villain endeavors to ciam Gen. 
Sheridan with a theory and a history ol tbe 
inasf'acre torged to his purpose. Kecellect 
thai Gen. Sheridan, alter four daya investi- 
gatiou into tbe f-icts, bad aiready decUied 
the alliir to be "uo riot," but "an abso- 
lute massacre by the Mayor und police," 
and that it, wus "premeditated and pre- 
arrangeu'"— ill I >tt see how this Execu- 
tive Sijaecrs altcmptd to make this frank 
and noble soldier tbe accomplice of bis 
infamy, by urging him to repudiate his 
own testimony and to bear lalse witness 
with a tale invented lor the purpose. 

Gen. Sheridan's reply to this interwt- 
iDg'cb we published yester ay. It 
is jullicient i.ow to say it was not Iramed 
entirely in accordance with tbe instruc 
tions of bis coaimander in chief. He re- 
fused to certify lo any oi tho aUtemcnts 
sugeestcd by the President as a justi- 
tjcatiou oftbc masB.tcre. The I'reeident 
rc<iue8tcd him to consider the members 
of the convention, and those who sympa- 
thized with it, as tbe guilty parties. Gen. 
Sheridan persists in placing the guilt 
upon tbe sbciitdcrs of the rebel authori- 
ties- Tho President wants to know il 
ateps have been taken to arr st the mem- 
bers of tho convention ard the mob who 
•Misted them. Sheridan replica that "no 
iteps h.iso been taken by the civil 
authoritfs to arrest citizens who were en- 
gaged in this ma«aTe. or policemen who 

TiiK blessed indaence of " My Policy" 
IS atsuagint; lb" bitterness ol restoration 
and reconciling tbu rebels to the hard 
destiny ol living nnder the same govern- 
iiinn* as tho Yaokees, which was so admi- 
rably illustrated in the recent massacre 
at New Orleans, is prettily exeroplilied, 
also, in the following notice served upon 
a Union man in Bowling Green, Kentuc- 
ky since tbe election in that State, which 
reauUed in a iJemooratic victory : 

"Mr. , 

"t'lu: You are hereby notified to quit this 
Siste within three days. If found alter that 
period unur life will be forfeited. 


.\ number of Union men and particu- 
larly Federal Soldiers, ia Wealern K-en- 
tucky have received similar notices from 
tbe " Democrat «; rommittees" of that 
section and are fleeing to Louisville and 
across the tJhio to escape from the ven- 
geauQo of th-so executors ol "my 

The Chicago Post of August -Md snys an 
attempt h-HS just liren made to impair public 
contidenee in the iniegrity of purpose of Mr. 
Crosby in his great Art .\ssociation enter 
prise. Some irresponsible Individual mall 
ciously.ns it wonid seem, and rcrtalnly with- 
out any grounds, had telegraphed to several 
eastern newspapers that the people here had 
lost all eonii ; in tho scheme being carried 
out, or tho prises over awartled, and that cer- 
tiiieatcs were selling on the street at about one- 
fourth their original cost, and a general belief 
that thcsB allegations were correct might >ooa 
have become cnrrent. The people In Culeugo 
know that they are not correct. No one bus 
ever expressed tho slightest doutn, either of 
the integrity of Mr. Crosby, or his ability to 
cirry out to tho letter Ihe advertised project 
of the Association. Tho sale of iho tickets 
has been, wiiliin ito pan two weeks, brisker 
than ever, and Dover haa there been tbe 
slightest Indication of their depreciating In 
value. In the following card Mr. Crosby reit- 
erates his ability and determlnalton to carry 
out the plan of the AssouiatluD. Mr. Nieker- 
son guarantees his undertaking, and the com- 
mittee appointed to superintend the awarding 
of premiums, endorse both. The people of 
Chicago require no such guarantees, but on 
the contrary the whole ofty would be ready, 
if required, to guarantee l)oth the committto, 
Mr. Nickorson, and Mr. Crosliy himself, who 
or*glnated, and who is suecessfuily caVryiDg 
out tbe Art Association scheme. 

To tho Mcmb' rs of tbe Crosby Opera Uoase Art 


The sale of ccrtiQcatos in the Associatiou 
bus already been so great as to enable me to 
state that the distribution of premiums here- 
tofore announced will bo made to their tnlis- 
faetion, or tho money refunded. 

U. U. CItOSIlY. Aeluiry A. A. 

Haviug tho utmost confidence iu the ability 
of Mr. Ciostiy to carry out his enterprise, I 
hereby guarantee his uadtrtukiug as above 
announced. Sam'i M. Nickf.ksos. 

Ciiu Aoo, Aug. 21, 1S<)(!. 

The undersigned members of the Commit- 
tee, appoiotcil to superintend the awarding of 
premlnms to memiicrs of the Crosby ( >pcra 
House Art Association, take pleasure in stat- 
ing that wo have full contideaco in tho intcg- 
riiy of Mr. Crosby, and in the responsibility 
ot Stm'l M. Nickersun, Esq , his guarantor, 
and assure the public that wo believe tho 
aliovo proposal will bo etfriod out in good 


J.VMKs U. UowcLV, frei't.lJ Natn'l lUnk. 
J. C. Fauoo, 8up't Am. Kx. Co, 
A«os T. , Tress r C. «. * <^ B. K. 
J. C. DoBK, PresI •••nt Board ofTrad"-. 
J. A. >.LLis, IVe.'t id Natlonsl llaok. 
Cl.l.NT(>S Buioos, twlog, HTlggl fcC«. 
K. O. UaLL, Hall, KliaU'k k l o. 
Kka!(i'|s a. noKr>f^N Ex Lieut. <JJ\ . 
» ■ ♦ ■ • 

Tho Chilian Oovornmont Trying 
to Bay tbo Suadorborg. 

Nbw YoKK, Aug.27. 


A special states that the names of dixfy 
thousand deserters from Pennsylvani* re • 
giuients have bcenoblaint d for use in tbe 
coming elections. 

orKiiKiis ro iiK MieTKiiKK uui. 

A'l volunteer ollioera now on staff duly 
will soon bu mustered out. 

i:i).M.MI8.SIO.SKU KUOM Clll-N*. 

A Pekin. China, c-rresp ndent of the 
7'im«-s states that tbo Chineae (Govern- 
ment have decided to atnd a commissioc- 
er to tho United States 

PAY OP aou>iKiW. 

A 'Iribiine special saya the Paymaater 
Ccneral aniiouocM t:s:i- tho re.;«nt proi' 
lama'ion ol Preaidert tloca not in any 
manner sUVct tho pay of aoldiori. 
ufc:ci'N!*iKi;cTioN IN ii-xas. 

A letter from Captain IJingbam, from 
Texaa saya, we in Texas arc on the eve 

ol another war which will he more despo 
rate than tbo one ou' of wbivb we have 
just emergfd. The lormer leadt^ra iii re- 
bellion, save some daacn Union men 
elected to fill unimportant county ofUcea, 
have all been < lecied, and thvy are more 
hostile and rabid than they were during 
war or beloro the State seceded. Unless 
troops arc kept in the most important 
towns there will not \>n a Ui-ion man b ft 
in Texan in six months. Tho duloyal 
from other Siatt s are coming in more or 
less everv day ami thousand' are return 
ing from Me.xico who went olF with Pi ice 
and Shelby, and a more desperate set 
never before inlesled any country. Mur- 
ders are an every d»y occurrence. ITie 
civil law is defied and trampled upon, 
'llie freedmen are held in many parts of 
Ibe State in as strict bondage as beloro 
till' war, and Uni-«n men dare not speak 
their b!>ntiment8 openly. Secret societies 
called the K. C. G. are organized all over 
tho State, and unless the State is held 
under strict military rule we will have 
another outbreak in less than six manths. 

ItkltLlM, I'Kl MU, Aug. 'M. 

The KioR ol Prussia has nieeived a de- 
putation Irom the Chamber ul Dcp dies, 
who presented tbe address voted by that 
body. Tho King mado a speech lo re- 

p'y- ^ 

Mam rtcTi'UKrt VT tiik Soi'Tii.— Tho 
Holinii ( Ala ) Ueetenger siiys Ibat fatlories aro 
springing up M over tho country. At Cam 
den, Wilcox county, a wealthy company h-ve 
laKen Ibe milialorv steps to erect a largo build 
iiigai.d Ull It wlih ibe most appri.vod nii 
rhmerv. At Carrolon. Mis*., a factory is 
now in operation, which m a khort tiiuo wdl 
employ on« hundred and eiglitv ►po'd'es. In 
M«rrnr» ewintv thov aie ni»klng arraugo^ 
Uiuulk lo uiauui cluru on a Urgo siaie. Ai 
Cuba fcuitioo, Sumier ciuniy, a laemry Is 
sliorilv lo be In operation. Ihcse are sonie 
of ihe'indieallons th«' the South will soon bo- 
cuinu Hi led with facluiies. 

TlIK 1)U0UI1HT AT THK SoUfll.— TtO 
drouth which has so afflicted tho S«mth seems 
to I* traveling norttiwcsL It lirst orevailed 
lu tho middle portions of th. Uiilf SiHt«» and 
of South Carolina. Tbiu n parehid the cr»pn 
in North Oeorgia, Aluiiamii and MissisMppi. 
It Is now alniosi desoliiiue portions ol 'I'eii 
nesbce, and la beginning to l)fl tell In Keniue 
ky An ludmna pnpir mijs: "A gent.emau 
Irom Ki-ntueky inioruis us lb it tin) tobacco in 
the Crecn rivir country is ►nir.-rliig 'r in loo 
much dry weather. The ctirn also nco 's nun, 
and fears are eniertaioed of a short crop 

A l)KTiti!MiXKi> FiririDK.— Dr. Geo. 
IS. Illaekburn, of CloclDnati, was determined 
onmieide. Sumo four or live weeks ago ho 
iioide an ailempt to iske his own Hfe, ' y 
shooting biiusilf in llio beail lour iiiues. Tho 
rttempt proved Iniile, iind, umlir canlul 
troaimcnt. tbe young pliysieian was soon able 
10 leave his ror ni, and la'i week resumed llio 
pr,ietiei;of medi.ino wnh bis paniier. Dr. 
Biglor. Thursilaynioroingbiscoai.bat and 
Ihiois and nudieine case were touud on the 
whBrfr.<)ai at tbe foot nf Smith street, and it 
IS iiierelore a well aettk^l lact that bo U no 

—A gcnll-uian j 'st leiu.-red Iruni a 
vL-it to Culpepper county, VirgiuLi, nays that 
when he news of tho result of tho Philadel- 
phia convention reached that beellon, rcl)cl 
lisps wrro boioled In honor of tbe event. Very 
f,w t nion lligs wero displayed. 

—Underwriters ol Ibe sleaui>-.r i^lagno- 
li.i, rvcently burned atst. Louis, refuse lo pay 
the in.'urancc on the ground that the owncr.s 
hadiiolioc that tho biat would be sol on lire, 
and (lid not use proper precaution. 

t ' ' ' 

To War Claim Agents. 


^cw 3^clv(rtisscmcnt!Si. 

Tho u«w Hlanks for Ihn oollvottun of 

8uL»iEi;'s CLUM8 m m\\m\\> mm, 


Voucher (Boceipt) Form No. 6. 

Uodnr tbe law ol Jaly •», 11<*I, Is 


b«Dt by mall, jwnt-pald, upon receipt of the 
prIoA, tl.oop'ir quirr. 

l>RB<*«mt!VTI.1I«i) C<»., 

augia Ht. Paul, Mlon. 

~W. & .r. M. RYAN, 


Offr for r.alM, ia lots tj rail purcbssers, 

l,OIIO Bisrrvla .Ural Pork, 
»«(» S(i*rr«la ■•rimw .VteM Sio., 
3VU Ttercea Loaf Lurd. 
lO.OlMS Muri*r<'urfdf'aa*aiBr«l IlKma 
a**.<M»«* isiialn and CaavMiMr*! ftli'ldrra. 
.>l^,<tUU ■■aunils C l«<»r «ld» llMCoa, 

ftW HoKct nr<>«krasl llisrun. 

auglV Utr-lm 


To the Traveling Public. 

OB u«a ani-r this data tbe 


>of II. 

HoiiACK Gkkklkv putu old Thurlow 
Weed " lU the pillory " in Tuesday's 
7/ ihune. \nd when bo gets him there he 
Li's bi:n thus : 

The alTection of u liar ft)r bis lie— the tena- 
city with which he clings to it and fondles It, 
In splto of expo-urc, and reprobation, and 
loiitiiing— has hc'doni been more striklnglv 
rviuced thta in ilie tull<iwiii|E cxuact." 
[Whereapon ho quotes Weed-] 

III ano'ber place ho refers to him in 
this alleclionitn style: 

Uow is it that Ibis iafamoua old villain is 
nllowcd thus to prostltuio the colttmns of a 
journal liuiltup and siill sustained by tbe loy- 
al suntimenC ot tbe country r 

This sounds harsh biit i is more than 
justified by the cool and impudent menda- 
city of T. "W^* effusion in tbe rimes. 
Isn't it. urjouRb, lor exansple, to provoke 
the paiioree ol a saint to hear the old 
rascal say ol tbe, proprsed convention of 
Southern loyalists at Philadelphia: 

The Radicals have called upon such South- 
ern I'nionuts as are in favor of ifiiimiun, 10 
lucct in Convention nt Philadelphia. 

TuK New York Democracy is an army 
without n general. Dean Richmond is 
dead, and with b m diea the organizing 
genius of Demo :ratic politics in the Km- 
pire State. He was a host in himself, and 
liepublicans have some occasion to 
repeat the cry of Richard — 
''I think there bo !'i.\ Uichmonds in the field." 

Tiik Charlottesville (Va.) Chronicle, 

Ihuf alludes to the affectine scene in the 

John-Copper-sou Conventian : 

South Carolina walking down tbo aisle of 
tho I'biiailelphia t^onventlon, weeping on Ihe 
bosom of Mass.^chusetts, is one of the most 
touching plctuns since the lavingof the Atlan- 
tic cable. If that doesn't melt tho North, they 
aro a s'olid race. It seemed to us in a Il»;ure 
John v.. ITailioun penitentially embracing ibc 
knoes of John Qamey Adams, crying . " Oh ! 
my lord, have mere." 

Tub Skiks Hitiiiiu i.n the Oi.u Key- 
STUNB. — A Washington correspondent 
says that private advices reoeived from 
all parts ol Pennaylvanta unite in saying 
that the Uiii m party will carry that State 
by an unprecedeoted majority. Judge 
K-;Iley, who, when be left Washington, 
esiima'ed that tbo Congressional delega- 
tion would stftnd uncb*nged, now writes 
to a Iriend that the Unionists would prob- 
ably {[tin three memben . 


— Governor Morton, Lieut. Governor 
Baker, Senator Lane and Col U. W. Thomp- 
son are tba dolegaies at large from Indiana to 
tho Philadelphia Union Convention of Sep- 
tember 3d. 

— Mr. James M. c>coville. Speaker of 
the Kew Jersey Benafe, whoso action prevent- 
ed the eleciiuo of a Republican United States 
Senator last winter, has written a letter lo a 
Pbiladelpbia Journal, in which he announces 
his approval ol tbe Consiituiional amend- 
ments passed by the last Congress, and says 
be proposes, at the extra session of tbe legis- 
lature, if one is called, to do bis duly asa Kc- 
pnbilcan upon all questions, tlrst satisfying 
his own ccasctecot. arid Ibea gratifying his 
constitutnts and tVicnda. 

— In exhuming the bodies iuteired in 
tbo new graveyard at Mobile, a short time ago, 
one ot the cofllos broke, and revealed tho re- 
mains of a Federal soldier perfectly petiiUcd, 
und looking as natural as life. What wsb fur- 
ther tcmackable, he had not ticcn buried up- 
ward ot nine months. TUO ground where ho 
had been batiud is low, and damp most of the 

^A)oung Amcricnn lady was riding 
in tho Itols Ce Uuulognc, with tbe daughter of 
one of our ctHcials In I'mis, when a gcntlo- 
laan cirovo past In a plshn equipage, ind re- 
eogn /.ing the c> at ( f arms on Iho carriage, 
supposing she was otu: ul the family, bowed 
very gweiously. Tho young lady not recog- 
nizing tho pcr.ion, stared at him and in much 
contusion and iadignaiion, turned to her com- 
panion and said, " Did you sen that impudent 
man bow to mo ? " " Oli yes, that was the 
Em pet or." 

— Tbo numerous changes in the Tost 
Ottlce Department are beginning lo be felt. 
Tbe Ueneral is too busy in politics 
to pay niucb aitenlion to his proper duties, 
and h's new subordinates are more anxious 
about Itecplog Ihe cracker line unt)ruken thin 
to sec that the mails connect and are promptly 

— The Pay Deparlmtnt hia received 
instractions to suspend the payment of boun- 
ties to negro soldicrr, and to transftr this 
class of claims to tbe Second Auditor's liu- 
rcau. It will be remembered that about two 
weeks »ioce the I'ay Department announced 
olllclally Ibat It wus ready to pay those claims. 

— ^A double murder occurred in Som- 
arset county, Maryland, on Sunday. It ap- 
pears tkat a man named James Cooper shot 
bis wife's brother, named Tumell Johnson, 
and a Mr. Jos. KUingsworth, who was en- 
deavoring to restrain him from further vio- 
lence- ilolh were instantly killed. 

— A negro at St, Louta wu seized 
with tho cholera, when tbe physician bled 
him and prescribed bi-carbonato of putossa, 
to be used lo tbe form ot an onguent. Tbe 
negro misunderstood liMtdirectims, swallowed 
the preparation, and in an hour or two was 
pccfecUy cured, although be was in a jtate of 
relapse when the pbyslcisn was called. 

— Ninety whisky distilleries in Fhila- 


New Yohk, Aug. 27. 

Dean Richmond di.-d last night. 


J„o. Haslam was called outol bed last 
iiitbt by lour acquamuncos, who assault- 
ed and mortaUy stabbed him Fhny 
were arrested and proved to be four burg- 
lars whose trial is soon to come OR at 
Philadelphia, aud llaalam beiug the only 
witness against tbem tbia method was 
taken lo get rid ol hira. lie la not ex- 
pected to live. 


A ttntni-;ut hjuse cj.rainiiig a Urg;; 
uumbttr ol families on Third street waa 
bur.ned last night. Tbe Cbicl Kiigineer 
of Ihe fire department bravely rescued a 
woman from a burning room. 


Cholera statistics show only eleven 
cases and two deaths in this city ou Sat- 
urday and Sunday. Very lew cases are 
reported in Brooklyn. The disease is 
rapidly disappearing. 


A train with eight c»r loads cl petrole- 
um on the Erie railroad, oollidiid ycst- r- 
dar, near Nairowpbarg, N. J. Siveral 
cars were smashed, and Ihc petroleum 
caught fire, exploded and burned the 
whole train. Three houses, a wagon 
shop, a cnrpenfer shop, a hide bouse and 
00,1X10 leet ol lumber caught fire Irom 
tbe burning oil, and were entirely de- 
stroyed. Mr. Wdliam White, endeavor- 
ing to rescue bis children from one of 
tbe bouses, dropped one, and while at- 
tempting to rescue it, all three were fatal- 
ly barned. Tbe two children died and 
the lather ia not expected to recover. 
Mrs. White, bis wile, jomped Irom a seo 
und storv window, and immediately g*vc 
birth to a child. Shu ia not expected to 
live. Tbe conductor of the tram waa 
badly burned. The loaa of property by 
fire is about $80,000. 

r4;»T.— • n Miudayjnoru'na. Au«ust -ri':, a 
J packa«.< conialolsg a Kress IbI.t.i ol 
-irip-'d !• road. i li" hud'r w II bi. nuiUhly r- 
ward.'d ly Laving llie miu" «l toeHir' 
K.N' \ JaVI/ U, tldidnrot. augv 

M lia* ■*¥*«•'•«'"••»■" •^■•"- 
riln itie Upisl Ciiureii, will ir-if-a on 
M .iidiv, l-.i>t.Mnt.r.H. Clati- ' In Knnci tnl 
latiu wldie otve Inslruotlou eac!i altvri>o3D. 
aug'ti lu':e-lhuisk*uu 

Wlll pirchufl Ihe »t ok and 
bullalogof athrhtnit ooanlrv store, il'uati- six- 
teen ill Ifs from St. raul, lh« pns.'nt proprl«t*r 
tMUlng desirous v{ luovlDg luto the city. Korpsr 
Hoularsapplya*. A. U. WII.OKR* D.'SOBce, 
Law.r Levee. - auK-.'S-Ulpi** 

Urait Pat>H«nger Stoamer 


Will leave SI. J'aulfor la t;ro«»c aod Interme- 
dlatapolu's CD 

Tuesday, Tliurtiday & Saturday. 

Thv «taick*»s StswiausiT uw «h»> W«t«ra 
or lilt) C|i»«r Htaalaalrpl. 

CE»T,a*wotiavc mtda no advanoo on account 
of low water. 

For Krelght or I'aasage apply on board. 


^(W ^AvaU^mmx^e 



WIU open this morning a Kresb stock &f 

Men's, Boys', Youths, 



To Strangers Visltins Minneanta. 



rwrtiltl«« •' UrSlBxaco frwBi .«•■•• 

NkwYobk, Aug. 27 
A Santiago, Chili, correspondent ol 
.July 16. b, stales that seventy guns have 
been purchased of Massachusetts lor six 
hundred thousaud dollars without car 
riagus. This orduanci; includes lour iM 
pounders, six UW pounders and one C8- 
pounder Ulakoly gun. Ibe remaining 
consisting ol several pieces of artillery. 


A Chtii aacnt writes from New York 
that be has been trying to buy tbe Uun- 
derbere. He says that Mr. \V. H. Webb 
wants 92 .Mil), 000 lor the iron clad. Mr. 
Webb otftirs to dtltver l«>r eomplet< in 
Valparaiso, at his own risk fur $3,500,- 
OOU— oce million ex'ra. No one here 
expects lo buy the 1) uidetbcrg, Ibough 
her acents are dwing their best to get tbo 

Mr. Deujaaiin Vieuua McKenn* is to 
be appointed to till ifau place ol the Chil- 
ean Envoy to ihe I'niitil btatis in place 
of Senator .S. F. Ana Biruagc, present 
minister Irom Chili to that U«public. 
iitronrKO naval iiatti.k. 
The Captain ol a bark from the Mat 
vice, ata'cs that on tbe :^7tb of Mav, be 
witnessed from tbe topol a hill on oue ol 
tho lalands, a battle between two Chilian 
and three Sjanisb vessels, but could nut 
learn the result ol the fijiht owing to a 
sudden storm having arisen. Ihe Val- 
paraiso papers attach no importance to 
the news, but consiikr it on tbe lontrary 
unreliable. Tlie (tovemment otlicial or 
gan docs not givo any credit to the Cap- 
tain's story. However, McKtuna was 
in Lima, and he expected that three ves- 
sels which be bad bought were near home 
and as no news has yet reached Valpa- 
raiso ol said vessels, iher« is reason to 
lear that iho CapUiin's story may have 
aome loundation. There is the gr«a'er 
reason lor lear on this hea<l as the vessels 
would neceisarily be but poorly armed, 
and manned, and might easily have been 
caught nt a disadvantage by regular war 

Riadlcal t'atva Convvaliwa in Mt>a- 

Cl.NCI.NNATI, Aug. ~7. 

The sum ol §L'iM),tHIO was realized Irom 
the sale of pews ia the new .J.;wi«h syna- 

A convention of radical Union men was 
held at Le.xington, Ky. on Saturday, and 




Oriental Powder Co. 

«ft«r HrpUiwibri' lal. 

Corrter Third and Siblry streets. 

riav *»ld nonu«rtsl>ol>a Whinby. 

Old Duui-liaa IVhUhy, 

Ui<i ISyr M'iiUkr. 

■loilnBd €>ia. 

VvK"*' ■ruBsl.s , 

Old Rol*> Nkvrry wild B>ur« Juio 

Part Wlw«*. 
Cn Uratt aud by tin Pottle, for siIo by 

1. 1. UKAvnonr. 

25 Barrcl"« Heavy MciJh Fork. 

For sale b, ,. ,. ..^ir.HOftl. 


U )uu alnh to Ufto a «iii>"rlur article o. 

t!!lpoi*ting: fowder. 

Buy tint iniDufacturpd by 

The Oriental Powder Co. 

1. 1. mwtJkvnmiT, 

Agent Ori< ntal I'uwHrr Companr, 
Corner ^ J anil bibley sL e ts. 

Af«H.t, AuKUit lllb, 1M\I'>. 
Aa a p'cuii-it ^tuppluK pbo^ for ftranjrws, 
health ii<»k.>r», rportamPa and others. Ibis 
pl<>asaiit v;lla.if; caanot fcn .•xcrll'-rt In 111" SUlo 
of UlDDKSOIa. liood hot.*!', plMSMinlly silaated 
on hlKh airy uroiiads, and eutlroly f.o* from 
mo«<iulto»» Hatei of boird iowertlian al any 
othi-r flaon f^'r tb« naiuu class ot ace >miauda- 
tloiis. lb" bi'st of liuutlDK Kfoandi, and tho 
b »t of li-tiing luki'K. Mr. htarbuok, of tbe Cln- 
olnnalf ■limn, who f-« sijcnifng the summi<r at 
onn (if our hoU>l» with tils wile, auxht one hun- 
dred H-li In OBO day, about one bill 
of whioh w<>re pic>«i'n»l and b»«s, wri/blnft from 
two to sev«Dt«un pounds each. Mr. Woodbury, 
from New York, kill id tifly-alx prairie chicliens 
on', day last wftk, and Iwenty-flva in ttireo hours 
the next d»y. Uonr aro plenty within ono 
hoar's drlvo Some visitor* slupplDK here are 
«o mujh plKSteJ wlih tbo place iind C"UBtry 
round about that they hive pardiued realdeneei 
In town, aadotborsarelaoklaaforOi)|'OrtuniUeii 
to do the lamo. Come and see Anika I 




He keeps constantly oa hand a large stock of 





Third Street, St. Paul. 






Third Street, 

J. W. miADLEI'S 


Or Double Spring 





/Vt Pnl»llo o»-l*«*lv.»t«s Malo 


lOl Thtra Mtroel, nwar tli«MridKe 


lleMl Calalo us Auclioa. 

W« iTopono lo si'll a' I'u'illc Aiir'Ion on 
Wrilnp.'iliy. Seplenih«rtlh. aad cn the Brstand 

lilid WVdu-udiyiiof each mjntli tlrri-«f cr.a' 
onr offlo St 10 o'clock A v., all rroperty thit 
may 0- niw dally enter* d tor that purFo-e,wlinoul 
liinllalluii as lo prlc". U-ts ■ f tbH prjp«i t> to Ix- 
► ol.l will l..'pii'll-li>'<i, nn'l »lll •>!•" heinrnlKlitd 
l.tlor 10 ilie day r t • als. Wo will aso nil on lb* 
prcii-lses nt »n» tliu-, Karm<, ll»u»f » aod Li t* 

i-aads, »c.,and Inv to property owaers to avail 
ihemiMilrps ol IbH iiirlhod ofdspotin.? ol their 

""Ar I-'KIVATF .SALK— Vt'o om-r f >r sale only 
pcon»riy oy»r »hlch we hav* exolu"lve r introl, 
and lia>«' the jrt)«t (jxtei si-' list In Mi' cty em- 
bi-acInK Irnpmved and unlmpo^e'l busine s and 
renidnucH prop<-r y In 8i. P»ul, Furais and Ka'in- 
lac H 'hroufihout Iho Suie, 1 it» in upirlur 

liy anl Baytleld, Wl-.. and property everj- 
where. MuKUAN A «U;OLUir< , 

au20 IHp Ittal I state Aumis, St. Paul. 


Real EHtate Oroker 


J«scka«w atrcteS, beswrocn ftsh luad •lb* 

Wilt bJV aud soil Keal Estate on coinmlssl'-n, 
Pay Taxe*, collect Keots, and alien i to aH other 
biain-"* lu hi* line promptly »ui tuoroughiv. 

li'U< d In Travelers' iB«urano«' ompn.y of >art 
ford and Acoidoulal Inn'iran'-o Ooinpan- ol 
coliuniiu*, <'lil'. I tfK Iss iiA><~r. lo kies 
IN Pr.iJviuKST Life iMStKAS. k CoapASV or 
1,1,1 AUi>. •agl' l»tpf»i'lfl 

They will not Bbsii or Bbsak, like the sluglo 
spring butwlU ALVAva rRKSBiivK their rKR- 


u..Ai» c.vKS, and lor ii..jmen ade or iiouhe 
iiui.s.s-eatli hoop belBK CJinposed of Iwo 
Bnoiy tompered alec 1 rprloRS braided tlghUy 
and flrnily logeUi"r, <«)go to edge, IfiruJng 
one h-.op. and laakins t'ic bru...N;iKST aud 
.MOOT ri-Exiiii.t, a« well as th- -Mosr i.i UAbLE 
and suLisii SKIRT Kvcit madi:. In fact they 
are surani'R to all others, comblolng Comfort, 
Kconomy, Lightness, t leganco and Durability. 

(or dJttble) SPHINO HKIBT. Kor sale every- 

Manafactured cxcluslyely by sole owner cf 
Da tent, 

97 Cliambers, and ','.• and 80 Beade streets, 
Bew York. 


H T M, A 1?V 




Straw, Fur and Wool 

Of tail rrtadea mm* tUm w«w«as aSylca. 



Ladles, Misses & Children's 

Straw Hats and Caps, 

In every variety, trimmed and untrimraed. A 
handsome line of 


rioweis. Feathers & Ornaineiits, 



lOO Xltlircl Mtrect 


R, iBoHpao9.CAaa. j. k. Tuo>r«oii,ren 

OF sai:nt PAUL, 

Paid up Capital $600,000* 

*D«pl«x Elliptic mVcivtm, 

For Eleigance, DuraMlUy and Ecoaomy, eu- 
perior to all oihert. 
Forss'.ea'. WnoLKSALE ONLY, by 

#. 1* ■•owBfAueM * ca , 

IM Third B rcet.Bt. Paul. 

Duplex Elllptto el«irt« 

The most PpuUr, 8tyll*h and Graceful Skirt 
worn, lor naln by 


132 Thir4 etr^ et, St. Paul. 


tort hne ling Umn , Aatu«t 28, l.<i A. i 

p ICite •lll'-e recr ved at bli olB « ontil 15 
'.'clock M , -aiii'il. , -epi«,. b r S.h. fjr Ibe de- 
llv'!.-y a» E rt *l>ercroa»ble, U. I , ot 
AOW «;»r«l» of «»» si ■i'rclHinli.tol* 

The Wood to becord <l a' f^« Pen' and sahjeet 
touiih In-pectl B on itin Qaartem h iff of Kim 
|-o«l may dire t. eiv^-y t> . omuumi' i • lUJ 
dlaiel, on e-)n-pl^fl''n of eontrac . '.to ■<rd« to 
iMid.'ilvrrea on o^h.'fo^••^ov-mber 1 r is<;« and 
ttie t)4lanc«> on or ba'ore.lAnu»ry Ut, It 7, and In 
nKhqin-'tltba p lor to lbca« dale. ai ma) bf 

r>'ri"d- . «. •■ 

I'ropoiiatii for the whole or my pirt oft'e 
amount r.'.iu r.'d wl'l b- received. 

I ldd-r« »l.l f ive t lelr ■ am. » and addref* In 
l.ill and In can • 0' flr' » tb ' i"''''''-" "«'»«''»'' 
»iblre<« of Pi<-h Indlvl'inal member mual, with 
til.' nam- of the Uriii I'e mat d 

.\ prined copy of tbl« odvcrtl* meutwUllJC 
en'doiwd witli each prop-sal. 

All bio" mu«i Ik- »cco . pat-led hy a written 
gaaracten In i- e fallowing lorm, vli : 

We , and . ol the county of , 

Male of , do hereby agr.'e that — — - 

U ablelo fullii a contract In accor.ianc." with hie 
propeaitlon; and iliit uliiuM blf propo»ltlon be 
ao>»rted, be wM ul once ent r Into a coutract in 
Sconrdancn therewith. tjhouli a contract be 
nna-drd him we are prepaid to become IiIk 
ieriiiiile.'. -Ignert by two re.ponclble pi-rious, 
who-"." r"pin llillliy nhall Ut vouched for by a 
c.Tt'nciteof a Clerk of tbo Wntrlct Court, or Ihe 
U.S Ulntrlrt Attoruiy. . , .v 

Kldderit are ^e.^ue^ted to be present at the 
tp'iiiiiK of b'lli. 

Propoi«alii from p^r-onB who have prevlnm- 
ly lal e 1 to comply villli their b d«, from dlnloyal 
pcr«on«, and p.r*on-< lrr«*;-ontlble, will not be 
received. , 

Thn «ndori<Uned r^rn'rvci the right to rrjeot 
any or all biili. 

k bond wlUi gool and patlsfajtory lecuri'y will 
lie r. 'I'llred Irom the per»on or person* 10 whom 
the contract nuy be awnrded. 

t;ontracior. will luriil«b the ncoesiiry revenue 
•tuup) lur bonita auJ ooutracta. 

KlOii to be endorsed -Priip ifaU for Wood at 
Kort Abercroui')le,"«nd addre'a-d to the uodcr- 
« aned. 

Captain 111 h U. !>. Infant-y, 
augiS'td Chlei Vi. M. DUt. Hiaa. 

To ^trauge]ra and Otherfl. 

Thl» fln« Uof>l In b-autlfuly iltuated. Orou-dt 
h gh, airy aud entirily fres from mosii'illorf. 
Boats Hehliig Tackl", fine Bird Dog. kc., k'pt 
lor the e«clu»lve and Iree unoof gu-oti-. Ulua- 
Iwenty-flva miles abota St. Paul, on t'le Ua-l- 
roaJ. and on tbe bank« ol the MUeUdlppl «ad 
Kum Klrcrs, R. E. LlTfLK, 

anglTlp Proprietor. 



DiAplo3c Elliptic **Ulrtsi, 

TbeUghtest, most \greeable aud Perfett Skirt 
mnde, for aale bv 

augl6Sml9lp Innersob'a Blocbt Paul. 


Chemists 86 Druggists, 

Pure Unadulterated Drags, 

XoUot Artlolo* In Sets*, 

Aad all artloles appertaining to the Drug Bast- 
nesa at the 

Neiv Drug Store, 


227 Third Street, 

Uovr.mment Hnuda. Coin, Land War* 
rantH and Half Breed Scrip 


Prompt attonUoB given to the oollMtlOB ol 


Agents for tbe eale of 


tntm Liverpool and Qu«eDStowB to Hew Totft 
and Saint Paol. 

Draft* OB Kngiand, Irtbmd, 0«niuuif , P*m»M» 
Swedamaml Xonoag. 


National Bank of St Panl 

Pskid up Capital I^SOO.OOO. 

Thia Bank le now in eaooesefol opei»tlOBBa4 
tendert lu Hervlces to Banks, Bankera and otbst* 
la thetranaaction of lefrltlmate banking bBiiaeos 

i;>raftai tor 8aJe nn 
and oihcr pricoipai I'.aropeaD oiti«>, 
CoU-cUone opoc all aocecHlblt polnta IB 
Korthweet will be made ond reroltteo tior OB 
of paymeBt at current ratv-a of exchange. Big* 
eat Market Rata.-, paid tor Gold, Kilver and riw 
sign Exchange. Ihii. Kunk Ib an agent for SBb 
«oriptl..nK to the popular L nited Statep 7-SO Loaa 
and theae note* will at all timet be kept on haao 
for aalc In anme of from Kift) DolUri- upwarda. 
E. H. KDfJKBiON, PresldeBt. 
JOHH KIOOLS.Vloe President . 

D. A. HONFORT, Oashter. 



0. PRK8LF.T. J. B. BRADIs«. 

P. BEB&BT, K. B. 81IITB, 


•».PMl,jBlyltl>,li» . ^. 


Marine Bank of St. Paul 

PAID UP CAPITAL •100,000. 


Gold, Slver and F.xohange boagbt «Bd no o. 
Oouponf pold. (JkjllectionB proirr'*^' «■*«* • " 
remitled at current rates. 

Ageste for the popular 

7:30 U. S. I..oaii. 

NfcWTOK BBAD1.BT, Pr«»l<lot.' 
JOHH BOLLAMD, Vice President. 

John Holland.! 
K W Uolm^n 
O B nirlll, 
D. Ranfnrd, 

O. B. TrBBisJ-L, OBi'hiri 


I C. ProBi, 
D. Wellt. Jr., 
Edward ««U, 
?»K»t<vB Rra^I^T, 


■V. rAvi<.mia> 

AllVANCK jl 

<.N0 N'llESI ) 




or Nov Yorlc Olt.^'. 





delpbia wcrccloscd a few days ago for iiiiuiu- i delegatea appoiotcd to tb« I'hiladelpbig 

tacmr ing without Ilccnsa. I uonvcnlioD Resolutions were adopted 

—Tbe Cbiluto Governmtiiu hta bought I uensuriuR President Johnson, and en- 

a lot ot ordnance from Ihe State of Mas.acbu- j J^'ing «»'" recoostrnction policy of Con- 

s«iu. li would U'glad tobuy ihoforinidable I E'Css ^ 

ratu l>nnder»K>rg, an J Mr. Webb, Ihs builder. 

F 0L30M & BANKER. 

)f>or«,l«i*si In R(^a.l KsstatOt 

Comrryancra land Sur«ryora. 

S. r. rOLSOM, I. A.llASKEf 

PropHrtT bonght and sold, taxna pald.collec 
tlOB* made and title* examined. Offlce In In 
gxraoU'a liloek. np sutrs. aprlV-lT-litH 


In^is^ Cias»iral, Mithcina'icil and Scicililk 


llUa fc'cUuol wi I r opfn tor the Fall Ttfrm 

■•■dtay, •cpsrntbar 34. 

A tbor ughbarlne«' eUucilioo given. Inition 


(;,Mh Ciaplital piatd ia, bralil«>a iaccn- 
•ualutloaa. 4l<00,<seO. 

8to:kholdera not allowed to draw dlTld.<nda or 
Interiat on iovintmestn, by the pro»Uloni of 
thi'lr cliiirtcr, un II tin- accjmulatlons have 
reached t*o million d^l:ara. 

All deeorlpllou!! of InsUiance granted on llrat- 
oUes hallliy llvei onli-. l-OM-e, paUl lo thlrt> 
dayi alter due njtloi" and proif cf drat''. 

Iha rate» adopted by the company are bued 
not noon ttie rate ol Biortallt» as observed 
among tbo gen-ral population, but upon the 
actual r-cordi-d experi>nrn of t!i« mortalliy 
among »a»«reil or stlceteU lives In thin country 
for the la«l twcnty-tivv jeam. In thin way the 
actual cosr of Insurance haa been very closely 
determin' d from tho OBly true and re iible 
■ourcf lor » .c^» datv The renull ii a ccale of pre- 
miums on who o Ilfi polliles, Tarjing from 

Thirty to Forty Per Cent Lower 

'Iban obargei ty 

Mtttnal LilJ ln»urance Companies, 

Thu« making a ca»h dividend Inaivanoe of thirty- 
three per cent per annum. 

xiie: univkksai:. 

Id therefore, able to oir.<r on tbH deacrlptloa of 
p..»oy a ecale of premium which, «« compared 
wllhtho'eol mulua! compiniea. Is fjlly e'>a- 
leot to a 

Caab nivldvB « ml nf'.r 1»«t C*wS. 
r«Tabl» at the end of fl '« ye"-i, wli.chlaai 
large a< that aver g-d by Ihe most '•ucc-"fu' 
"i/^^al oompani.'. A lu'lcr "•}"'"• ^--^l""?!, 
.taicmenl lit the advanfge. of in.uring "Hh 

JOHN H. Ki<; f resident "oj*';;," 7 'J? •»*£'; J 

luo IS .1 msi'KK.. r'r»»l'"ent of .Etna rire 
In»nranoo oi^mpany, of "arllo'd *^^»"°- , . 

Ai-Lrw 8. ST i.L A«, Mayor . i,, of lla'tford. 

Are actively at work as (Jfflcers aod Blrect- 
ors of this Company. 

raol!»I. bei.lJe» ticcamBlatlons, faO0,0"O 
Accumu'.itlona without capital give tbe Compa- 




No. 221 Third street, 


HaTe''Just reoelTBd by Fxpreas, direct irom.llW 
oekbrated aaaufactory of 

rACtull asfi.-Ttmentiof 


Ladies', Gents', and Misses' Wear. 

We make to Order any kind ol BOOTS AND 
SHOES that U worn. Call aBd ex"n>inj our 
stock. JeU-latH 


For every hundred do lara of In liab li'les. Ila 
rello of as,-t« to llab llty. wLh "P'^', ''"l^'J.^^^J 
1? ..roster than • ha« of any Cnmpan In 'h"J>"«tPd 
8iate» that began bu one s previous lo IMiS and 
fs "•"' than HO.:U .1.IES tlio average of aU. 
Wbhlt« capful excluded 1- h». 7 25 above the 
average ot all the oiher i-ompanle.; and It 
»ho.s a better ratio of cUar surplus vtthits 
i;*riTAi. t.\CLUi)KD tiian the average of all 
other companies. Cauil^l incMe.l. It Rive, you 
■ dividend ol njote than 

Thirty Per Cent 

in Advance, 

By reduction of premlora rates. And a. Mutual 

Companlea .. sually dedsre divi cud»,}ou 

wiU Und it eijual to more than a 

rifty Per Cent 


rwelTB moot IS. than any company in Amtiica. 
All kinds of polie.O) Issued. 


—one half lu advance 

oAurs to dellTcr tier at Valparaiso at his own 
risit for three inillioos and ■ hall'. A report 
has arrlTed of a navai battiu l>ctwc«n two 
Ubilian aod Utree Spaulsb yeiseU, bat it is 
cpDsidertd aorellabi*. 

Cli*leir» MS Ctwctasiwtl. 

Cl.NL'l.VNATI. Aug. lir. 

Kleven doa'bs from cbol«ra were re- 
ported on Sunday. I'Ctb. The diseasu b«a 
lost i» epidemic etutracc^r ud ii rapi<il7 

rpHB Ai:<'Tio5r sale of 
t^ U Ft IV I T IJ K, E 

At the rucldcocc of JAS. WYLIE 
ahaw ^troet, wlU \i* cjntinaed TU 
■ornliig Ht ti<a o'fi ocV. 

SA^UfiUM\.t^ * CO., 

isg7iM( Ano»)on»er«i 

O.CURTIS. State Agent, 
Office \n Ihlrd-st.s «. Pauls 

auglVH yip 

Ileal Kstate ^geiicv. 

B?.«^itTll KOMfi ..ill attend i?»llbuslne» 

I •"*?.,' li.Vo real esUteand to the pro-ecution 

'., ^a Waba- SPi'ij'^ufm?. Kearo-tatly uov. vv. 

1 M.iHH.iw o uen. H.U blQley.lJ. vV. lugereoil, 

1 IIUKKOW K. It^'"''*"' ^'r; "ii K«a..C0l. J.r,. Merrlaw, 

I*'} ', ''j''v=a- M. i-au ? Uoa. A. O. Cbi^iHeld 



The new and delightful 

Hotel atLake Como, 

Was opened June Hth, and wUl continue 

Open Unrlnc the Watering Season. 

It Is one f f the finest summer resorts iu the 
West— co-nmodlous, elegnily furm^h. d, and 
oomi^^e in everv respect. Breakta^t- Dinners, 
fup^rl and H-'fr-hmont. .1 all kinds s^rvwi 
OP on be sh MM! not CO. Kine Boats f.r S>ail- 
Ing and Fishing on the Lake. 
jfo»-mn.«**iit Woftrdorti. 

A few good will b« res tv^d ^o' 
Boarders who may wish to remain at i-ake 
Com., f ir a week, month or longer. 

J AM E» cia««»'"».«''»i»'»»**'' 

|cl0 4ml>tp _ 


Packer's Patent, Torrey's Patent, 
Massa's Patent. 

The above embrace aU the best Kreeiera In Bse 
An assortment of all slies kept and for sale by 
Union Block, Third st., St. Paol, JUbb 


A large stock of all sIipb, 

Plain, Gilt, and Gilt and Rosewood, 

For sale to the Trade at verr low prlies. 
Union Block, Third street, St. Paul. 
laal-dAwly lutfl. 

Bridae 8q»xare. Bt. P»t»1. 



A l^AKOB AAsiossTMrivror 

FineHairG(K»(lh.Lftng Rral<ls> 

Wlgts Half Wijre, MtJe BraWs. 

AlW»yh ON BA.-D. 
AS rrteea wklrk B«fy C«»pw«ls»«w. 

All goodf warranted to be made IB the moa' 
nareful and Ia»tetul manner. 
Orders by Mall or tocp esi. wUi receive pr. aaft 

* Mva'fc rooms for Ladles'Balr Dressing .HI b«- 
poolna anJ Dyeing. . j. . 

The oely Hrow a Dve applied and lor salc^ 

Particul»r atttntion to Ladies' B»d Cnllcrm'S 

^''^ "'i!'.l?5GE S(JLAJ«. 8T. PAUL ^ 


For St. raal and tho State at large. Address 
cr apply to 


Htute A-crent, 


St. Paul, Minnesota. 

' ftuR-hndfcw lito 


O. CURriS will sell his House aad Lot, eor 
Ber Canada and Tenth streets. For particulars 
Inquire ol him olIlOJ, No Wi Third street, 

bt. Panl. 

m I- lac« 




Hungarian Grass Seed, 

A oholc* lot lor sale asp. 

BIUELOW, tfl'RDOCli 4b CO. 




Office on Third Street, 


From a quarter of a centnr>'s exp'r'enoe Dr. 
De M promises ex eliance of workirariihlp asd 
at reasonable charge.. , stud referr by ixrniiBSlou 

Mr. Oake*. (of Borup A Cakes') St. Paul. 

Col. an'^ Mrn. Belote, International Hotel, 

Ur ICdcerton, President of 2d NallOBBl Bank, 

hlgbi Kcv. Bi~bop Uraoe. 

Hev Dr McMasters. 

Col. HobertsoB, and I^ysldans of lit, Paai 
generally. mohl-ly-tetH 


The s»ock lease and llxtur<>s of on* of the best 
and oldJst stands for Fruit and Confectlonnry In 
tho City. Apply to W.H. BITTER, 

Jaokson au^t, nnr the InterctUonal. 


Drs. Simomon & Beeoher, 

At the old staB4 of Dr. 8., lD|«rsoll's Bleak 

8t. Paul. AU l^aatlstry <ioB9 la iJta best man 
Bcr kBd at raasooaUfi rattti. auUi-lyl^ 



_ I J ! .MUuemma miSKS 




i^S > 

?hc ^aittt px\x\ ^^ti'&p. 



Ke!2iit)lU'aii iiUxXii roinentloij. 

TUrt i:i:lo.i^ of tho ht»tt' of Mlnnivol* 
who :;i • tti lavor of uoeirtluK aiul m»»lniii|', 
t!)« tUlit ■ lit tho loyal |.ro|>U< tluotiK'! tin ir r«*|i' 
r*» UDtivi'i In CouKrt'H't to lupfcil!))! tliucon- 
Ultli.K ou which tli« Uto r>!H'l KtafH ■ hall bo 
•U.>wcd to ua.ticipato In (hfr iiiMi. r«I liovi ni- 
!B«?ut, andwhn l.»>-o- Ih- proposiil vni'Ci'iii pi 
to tlio l"' .Ural ri'»-«ltutioi<. nrr ri'nurrt.'J to 
• 'nil ill' I f;<ifii !•• n ctmv.ulloii to h ■ Im-MI- ir. 
m't» I . U^l , in ^•- !'»':'. Minn , i^n W rtlnra- 
4|M7.(h<« lOilKlttT »r ait-ixnubrr, IHM*. 
a. II o'* \ >i ,ior 111' (lU |K»rtj U' uiua 'Ug 
i-nnilt ill*"* f"' ftaw Auilllor aoiM'lrrli of tUo 
Sui>t> ni'- ('"II t. In l)» »ui p'lrtcil ut lh» ncx ({''0 
iral<'l'c'^'"':i anil fir tnn» ut'iK •uchutliei l.u>l- 
rwii' a«n»i»y woimrly cow<'hil ri' (ti'c.>nv«mUo«. 

Ihi tev<r.a CointK'K nlll u« intiUml WtV.t 
/;tt .-< ■» f4li0ir». Til 


M r«ilac 

b-n oa 


1 lii- t-wtb 

. urrmou 

Hrowu ■■■ - 

M.I " IT 

i'Ut' •'• . .>.■ 


r*«» •••• 

Crow WluK 

uii<.i>a •• 

ttrr tail . 

c •>«■<> • 


to* i>ll««od . 

HaiBM'V ....A.. 


Kt .Ivr. oa ...• 

R uvillo 



-t (.ouU 



Vrtr<* ru 




bu. u«(»in ...• 

8 rural 

Uous oa . .. 


I«»Q 1 



\\ a» atisw 




Mu h u{tun 

L«riui-a •••• 

M at. nikau 

V ->. 

V* II iia 



^Uiiht'r . • 


UeU'Ritet Iro.n uno-(;.«Biii'il counilva vol 
nia.eti will l..- nut'J o. to Jhc aciloa t>f ih* cun- 


B. Hi <KM V, t liaumao. 

h. \\ I I Ir K, 

E. 1. Y in ..N.i, 

Ocj. C Morr. 

I'uion SI i'.< Central Cunuutlte:*. 
St. I'aul, Augi't o U01. 

«'. l\ DAVIS'IS, 
J UAMll£>Flt.Lli, 
r.''- Mc LIR-, 
It F. 0..OWK..L, 


Tliey A»k l>ro«< t-iittii 
th« H«*lM*tii. 


Tbf loJIowiiig ij tljo petiJio" lo Con 
g-*f.. of ;!:« 'ovul L'liionisrs of New Ur 
Ijsu'. »lltiiif(i to ill our tele.^^rapkic (lis 
pn'chi'S of Sunday : 

*' We, tlw un<liritii;U!,'!, Union luiri of 
thi! Stan- of Loiimidisa, icsiiecifull/ rt-p 
r>'SfU! that, at IT tour yeara luiuiiitihiig 
th<! »rmt'l loti'i's of r. Ii Is ami traitors, 
we »ro not pn-frtnil uor \it willioij that 
th-ut! .iiiii" frffli :"i<i fraitor* Ahuuld re 
turn aiiioiKj us to a«Miuie authoriiy. mal- 
treat. ai>il with tOiiti'inpC, aid otberwibe 
abuse us. Tim lin-fs arc patent and be- 
yond n-iestion. It is a wi'U knowti fact 
that thi! n^al Union inon of tLis St.ite arc 
10 ibo uitiiority, the returned rebcU and 
traitors having tbti lialani'O of power in 
thiir h*nd», and it in publicly avowed 
that tliu Caufeileratt) elcuicnt miiat rule. 
Matti r.i havf asMimed rucli a that 
if not vtraiigled in tbe birth, we, the Un- 
too tarn, will bavti no fcuurity lur lile, 
property er boner. Tic reruniid rebels 
•mi traitors ara daily growing luore pow- 
erfil, aiil dai.y insults ami at>U80 are 
heaped upon us by tbeiu. Tbpy no soon- 
er find a r'-turn to power than th^-y eom- 
menee a series of abuse ol us. They lose 
no opp.irfutiiy, hut upon all occasions 
use vil- epiib»*fB toward us. l)ur resi- 
drucL'S are noarki d. ami attempts bav« 
befn made to tire the dwellings of some 
of a* who are mosi conspicuous. We are 
told thut we are spot'.ed, an^l dally tbrear.i 
are beard ugaiuiit us. Tbey not only 
abuse and curse us in |irivate, but public- 
ly scorn ami vilify us. Ne\v»[i»[>crs, of 
wbicb we have but two in our iormest, 
can'r be bongbt en tht? street', btit like 
private p ipers duripg tho inq'ii''i'ion ol 
ol'l, ari! ptiscd fr'iot band to tiand. We 
would ii.tinilelv prefer to return them 
their arms and tigbt tbeoi iitoptin lield 
tbftu tb'iB to pcrinic tb<^iu under protec- 
tion of our Govern::iciit to a.<iuuip 
to diet-.ite lo ui and ynvern us. Our 
Governiiieiit, under a nii:<applied mer- 
cy, bas gr-auled lo pri.ioners 
of wor, guilty of ib« highest 
crime known ugiinst tho Sfufo — treason 
— I be ^irivdegn uu>:iiown, that of 
dicaiinn f'« ilior eoMj'ierers ihe ternid 
upaii wb'-.b tho coi q u-iern may live !!i 'he 
land ot tb-ir lonb. Againat all ol wbicb 
we protent. Wt^ protest fg'unat b;'ing 
turmed rebi-ls and traitors by those whose 
bands aru vet retkiog with tb>^ bloud ot 
Union men, who bolrtly and with unsur- 
passed fcllro'itery, tiot o;ily in priv4'e, 
but throughout tho iiaily p&pers. corm us 
rebels unij traitors, and ^t^lc ih< mselvcs 
the Union men of tte South, and Ibis too, 
while tbey are keeping up their Confede 
rate organisafi'ins and u'terly 'gnoripg 
that they are prisoners ol w^r to our Gov- 
ernment Wo protest ayainst being 
rub d t)y prmonem of wur uiuJer parole 
We pro'i'xt against being ab'j:.jd by 
them. We protest agaies' b.-ing made 
to feel tho ve 'gemce of b.lll d iraitois. 
We protest aeaiust being u^ed ai the 
lamb of aicritictt to conciliate traitors, 
knowing ih«t oar thrift wou'.il bo short if 
onc'.i these would bo ;;^>-is-ini iiain pow- 
er, is tbfy liwe [irovid loticlupively In 
their a. ts of t>reui«diiate(i, vo.d blooded 
butcbery ut [Juion m> n < n IVlonday, tbit 
30 b of July — the S-iinr IWibjloini w day 
ot New t'rl.ani We proii »t .-<g*irst be- 
ing left tu ib'j tender mercies ol (ht uxs'is 
sins' k'-.ivcs and pistol.". W« proie.i 
most ( .'apcia'ically Lgamat being m-ide 
tbe slavt 9, so to spejk, ol these priBui' ru 
ol wir, who hate us w^ta hii uu.ilierabli 
bate, who despise and curse us W.isir 
for ttia tbit hundred* of tbuutand-: of our 
Union soldiers p' risho': ? W^ii it for 
this V.'.- w.'.^;ed a war lorlLe Uni n.' 'V;i-. 
It lor ibis that wc have eiuhdrrass.d onr 
whole Und witbir iitorc ? Wan it (or lbs 
we epii^l uii liuns of irea^urc? it 
for itii.i wu b.'.vu iniwlu iuvAli'li au'.l c.ip 
pies ol our ibuucai'ds ol Union men P 
Was i'. fur ibiM we ile^luU Andrew Jutti 
sou to tbi} ollicu from which ill starn-.'i 
events caubrd hiui to becoiuo President ? 
Wfis It lur this we corcinernl 1' 

We tbertfuie c>\ll upon the, coiujucrcr;! 
and the loval uiiiz''ns ct ibena'i'jt. lu pro 
tect us. We not nly [i>ai:ion l.ur, d.'- 
maiid proiuc'.ion Ircui the Coogiess of 
our couuiry. And sbiu duty bound, As ■. 


Lellrr froiu M«><Tt>tnry i^IcCnl- 

Nkw Y<>KK, August 2o. — lo reepons.; 
to au iiivitati' n tu u'ttnl a dini.i r ol 
fioa' eiers, and others, in l>^)^ton, S.'ire- 
tary Mc ullocb sent a letter declining 
the eourfe.iy wilb the following remarks : 

All bough it was bojied that ere this 
the currency of the cjuulry would Lave 
been brought neurer to the specie stan- 
dard, I aui sure ibat tho peu^ile have 
cause for coniiratulution tl.'at our tinancei 
are in as healthy a condition as bey arc 
Smee .March, 18i-'i.3, the war has bi m 
brought to a successful concluitioi], iiu- 
meiise ariuii'S bavp. been ili.ibtniied, every 
soldier lias been pai'l bi lure bein;; ni'JS 
tered out of tbe service, all maturi;>g ob- 
ligations of the governm. nt have been 
sati.ilaj'orily [.rovided foe, whilii the na- 
tional debt is nearly $J0O.OO(J OiK) le.-« 
than it was estimated it would be a' the 
present time, ami tho reduction ol it ha.s 
avomi;' il lur ibu past year oion^ than 
$Ui,(>ii<) WU per lu.intb. If no oiber na- 
tion riilted up a di b'. so rapidly, nonn 
certainly ev( I cemine e. d tin' rrrfucfion 
of US iirbt so soon af t-r its creation. Il 
our curro <:\ is d'-prcciati d, we have ^o 
far fseaped ihn finam iai troubles that 
usuallv oct'ur anmr g imtiong at the ''lo-e 
of rj(pen»ivi! w.-ira and whiih tberu wa-. 
reisoii to apprehend wiuld happ. n to us 
at the teru.iiiation of the ;;reat sua jgle in 
wbii h we have hf-en Clig 'ged 11 the bil- 
siiiess ol the country is conducted upon u 
cban^iig and ui certain'S, it bis be. n 
sulj.ct to no nevir..- ruvoluious. If our 
tsxea are he«v\ , C'ur n sour, eh arc aliti..'ft 
unliiu. 1.1 vih le tbu .li-po:,i i..n ol the 
people to be..r cheerftdly Ibyir bur.ens is 
arurpri»K .v.,. ,u ^l„.^. ,. ij , |,jv,, ibc 
greareft nc. in tho hoi.o. and gomi 
|»rb of a fr. e peiipli.. 

In my opmioi the neople of the United 
Sfa"'8 are to ntuktj r. tm'jlicani.m illustii- 
ous aoiOPg Da'i..t8 by tstabH-hing t'-c 

lae" that ^cl■llril\^•a Of a ri yubli' in Itov- 
eriinielit are t^ s•(v^tlOt all "■ < tin'isi. 
and that the pi^'oplu who iiapotu l:tx«ti 
upon llieiiiW'lves arc Hivji.t jealous ol tbOIT 
national credit. I do not. however, dis- 
giiisi' tbe fad gr< af, tiiiaiicial dillicul- 
tirs aro ititl to he ovrreonie ; that otir 
pr^'scit prosperity is rather apparent than 
teal; that we arc ineu.siiring values by a 
f:il.Mi st.TiuVi d ; that we ari', in i K 
pamd to all lb« dangers which attend an 
inflated and r.'dceniab!« enrret'cy, whioh 
dtn;ir,i:.lirs labor, the trup eoureo of ra- 
fiunal W^•iU'^, r.nd etiniuUitea :|ieetiUtion 
tin'l r.'sN.iTr'-.iTi.'e. wtiifb I'lt I iiivrri.ibly 
to ibiilili!;.'! ess and «|.!iior;d .'..itio.i. 

r. lorn iLe couult'v become* ng.tin real 
h . 11 -II- roil!., t!o Hpeeie stand.ird imut 
'•' r. jrotid, piik:cs reduced, nulu-'ry 
s:iii lateJ, tho protiui-ts ut Uie e.-uniry 
ii.ei.nsc.l, I'f b l.n'ie . I trailn between 
tl'O Uni rtl .Strffi » a: d other tintigns ceaso 
lo I i> fl-cii'sf iM. iiM griat inli'mtts cl tht! 
ciuinirv cTi. .1 It protc'-i"! '</ wi:U' 
(ind iiop4irt)'il le;;i<tkfioOt and sU suutienn 
of the riiUiii: V be brought ^paiTi In har- 
uioi>iou.< and paciical relatiotis with the 
general (iovcrniilfent. 

I'hat ilo coiiiitry cill In again Ihus 
reall> prosperous is as oerlain il'.'.nylliii'g 
in tbilun.ri'. Ill it It .s!;i)tild be ^.i tit un 
early d.k) and tlntt. Ion, wi.boiit finaMial 
troulde«. it is only no''v(SArv that proper 
Icgislatjen Im b.ii by Co' i;r«»!'. 'C^nomy 
in piiblii' e.\j enilituris, and lideli \ ouihe 
part ol ilnse who »ie cntiuj^i d wilb iho 
luannciuient of puMic iev< iiU'. Trii.''t- 
ipjl ibaS you will pardon luu (cr writing 
s.) lot'g a li'i'er in iickiiowli tifjin^: the. lo- 
ceipt ol voiir very kitnl i;.vi -iiion. 

1 remain, very nn'.y. \oiir ol.'t serv'l, 
l8lt!iiedl Ul't.U MclULLOClI. 

^'^■e. of llie Treuiiiirr. 
Me-.''i>. »* III- ''iiKly, N.itlirtiiiil I'nayer, I bin. 
M. Ualts, U. W. lUali aud oiUirr, bo.Hton, 



KItiO aiHl Fall ol u Frlrul<^iini 

kiuuiebo ly who Lis been badly billtiii 
in bis invcrf'iu n' at Pitholo, Pa., con- 
tributes this iuterc.<iting account ol tho 
rise and la! I of that place, onu ol the 
most uot( d in thi kii>);<loiii of rettolia : 

About a year iigi 1 vifiti d Pifhole, 
more lioiu curiu^iily than fr.iii any desire 
to speeuliite, and fjund the eb uienfs ut n 
new and p(i(iiilou9 city. Thousands of 
people were met on every avenue leading 
to tbe prupp''criv'u ni- Iropolis ol the oil 
region ; teams by tbe hundred blocked up 
every pas^ag.- ; large gangs of mm were 
busy cutting new paths ihrough the forest 
to make room lor ibe inllux ol humanity 
which was constantly pouring in, a never 
ceasing stream ol men women and chil- 
dren ; wagons loa'Jed with lumber, mer- 
clmndize, engines and niuchiiiery, drawn 
tfbmecimes by eight and ten horses, ai.d 
every conceivable species of vehicle were 
met at every hour ol thu day and night, 
drsgging their weary pilgrimage over 
rocky path:< and through almo.'.t iiiipene.- 
tr.tbld woods to ibit Ali'cca of oiidom. 
IvitBring the eify. all wat biiHtle antl con- 
lu.iion ; ev.'ry bouse, uhed and tent was 
cunverfed into a boarding bouse, with 
lodgings and uiuuls at fabulou.i prices. 
Many individuals, not relishing thu man- 
ner of sleupiiig, took up their abode in 
the woods, with tho "cunis'er"' of heaven 
as Mrs. Partington says, for a caverin.i^, 
a fallen tree for a pillow, and the leaves 
of the trues tor a couch. Uihers deposited 
ibei.Tstlv.'s in tho lo'-ks of trees, where, 
aft T tying th-.mselvca to prevent fall- 
ing, tbey g<ivo tliemsclves over to 
dreaois of big strikes aiid thu purse ot 
Forruniius. It only took two days to 
run up a large hoarding hcuse, alcr ihe 
lumber and iho material wi-re on the 
groDod. but it required a good inanv 
months belore the material could be pro 
curud in sullii.*ient quantity to meet tb.; 
necessity ot the place. Your humble was so infatuated with tho pros- 
pect if large tl .wieg wills that bo 
bitily spent i?3(),(K>0 in "Si-tteenths " 
each pixtcenth working interest bi'iug in 
a diflferent well, so as to divide up ihe 
ri.^k ^if raueli as pos'ilile. Kvery well in 
whiiU ibo money was sunk, has since 
proved to l.o wha' is vulgarly deiiouiina- 
teil a "dry bole." The Pool and Grant 
wells, whiub were reported at onu lime 
to ha twelve and thirteen hundred barrel 
V. lis, made everybody iTazy ; a forest of 
d. rricks sprung into e.xistence, inittlons 
o! dollars were iuvesied, and the glory 
and l*mii of Pitbule extended to the re;- 
motest comers of ttjo planut. In tact, 
'Piibnlo wa-i "ki: g." At one time the 
total produe'ion of Pi'hol*' was said to 
be between T.i'UO and lU 000 barrels per 
day. Two railroads wero iiiifudialely 
commenced i\nd can md through ; a plaiik wa.i ('L)'.!ted Irom Tiiusvillo ; a 
large sit -inch I'ipn was laid to Oleopoli^. 
ctpablc ol carrying tlf tbo v/bolo 7.')0fJ 
"arrets daily ; another pipe wk'j laid tu 
Henry's Bend ; two others wito laid to 
Milli r Farm, ai^d two luoro to Titusville. 

() shocking del'jsion ! O dream nf an 
hour! tho whole proiiudion ol Pithole 
to (lay doei no; t .\i;e.ed TiOO birri-la pi r 
dietu Tho roa'is hatjiog tu the Ur- 
tiimc' city have no ir.ivi-leis; tijc coii- 
^tallt rumble ol wiig.jiis wlii.'h used to 
re e:ho 'through tbe ii heard no 
ui jrc. The "city" itocll, wib its gilded 
an I airy palaces reoitins, but the in 
h:ibifatiH Ihuruof have ll-.'.t, el them 
K'lddur but W'ser nitn. Ths splendid 
Alurey l''ai >ii lloltl, where tbo oil pnn- 
eus wuru wont to b.old their brilliant 
Icvats, is d.'serled and silent as the grave, 
Hnl the whole ^urroundl^g country i.i 
abandoned. A lew men have become 
lut.lioeaires by the eii;.tm .Ui prtcen wiinb 
till* charged l.jr l-aws, bu'; ihey b«ve 
leic the p'ai'c lor inoro congenial locali- 
lei, to Ii joy their lonuu' ». Up to lait 
Tnurs 'ay lU'irning Pi b )le wai reported 
to be pr.iduL'lig berwieu ,SU" and 1 000 
t^arrels per d«y, but au union unatu lire 
dea'royed nearly all that was lelt ol "hi- 
fj .'i!u"it g wells. 'Ibo Uiiitii will, wlii.h 
•> <• civo'te.l wi ii nca ly one-third of the 
wliol" product, li!ii! many o'bers belore 
it, biiiiiienly retu-ied to yield a tew days 
previous tu the lire. i\s a final roort it 
is now proposed t-i fill each bole with lor 
pudoct, cQiiiK et, iheui all together with 
wires Bi;d 'Mnv •be bottom out." Il 
ikcre is any od I. 'ft it will inevitably come 
for^. ( will sell my »i.ic;ccnths lor uni' 
ball cent, on the dolbir, and doubtless 
most ol the ether interests can be bonghl 
I'll the same price, 

» « ♦ « ♦^ 

Tlir Viitty lifi iiiuii ^(tutc». 

'i'hcrc is uio;c tru k thin Lx:ravag«ncc 
in (hDr(;llv>wing ironical description of tbe 
brmanciit, Oto., of iLo petty (icimm 
S'ates, wbiubi.i translated from a Piusdian 
paper : 

Waldctl: — Two leaves of army bread 
havo j isi, been buked. 

Butkebiirg— Corporal I'ltzbogbits been 
appointed :^il lieutenant. 

Streliiz — b'lfty yardi of blue clothhas 
bi en buu;;b'. to foruish tlu army with a 
new uuilorm. 

ilaiubiig — i'Liio is au a<lvi.rtiscm:-nr 
fur sealed proposals lor contract to furnish 
three cavalry horses. 

Hreincn -\ new cover has been put on 
thi! Binniunitioi. wagf n i-f the contingent. 

Coburg-Got! a— A tent has Letn put up 
on till? r.rrtheastern frontier. 

Alimiburg— A sack cf sand has arrived 
to tieuid i;i fovtilyin{» the custle. 

Ill ol.urghr.incn — A grindstone h*8 just purehaeed. 

Luebei k— Ibe JuuUcul UazMe has re- 
ceived orders not lo publish the litrtngt'i 
olibi! army. 

Weiiiur -A Uussar Las been thorough- 
ly equipped. 

N.i<.san— fhero is a prospect for a loan 
of thiriy-livell.irins, (tifioen dollars.") 
»-« ♦«-•- — 

All '• ImpoiifiiiiHr <.'riNiH" at 

.V letter frnm Rome in tlio IndeptndtHce 
lie'ije iisserts that the Popn has declared 
t(i l.n cjinlinals the m c-ssiry ol giving up 
t'j l''ianc» nil authority in he city, in view 
of un " esii.Hl-d crisis." This is under- 
s-O'mI to look lo the death «if tho Pope 
und llie in -litlity ct his government, «x 
cept wilb French ai-l. lo pieserve order 
during ibu I L'ciioii ol bsruccessor. 

.su.'u an tt.Tiiiigeinent «. uld b equiva- 
lent to a guaranty to tho French Emperor 
of tho nominaiion of iha ue.\t Pope. 
'ri:*t sacms to be 'h" only conifor' tie- 
lit 00 • de o( F'in2e; for Bisoiark 
continuously snuba Napoleon. 


illr. NMkby AlUiids llir I'iiUaa 
dclpliui <u»iit<-iiiiuii. 

fl..!!! Illl' lol.liU UlSll.l. 

(■ .M nil X llnM". ^wi. Il I* 111 Iho ( 
f'Uil uv ICentuiky ), Au^uat 1 1, IS«'.i;. S 
I'cjtco IS ioto mc ! 1 bev spiiut many 
hippy [wviotla in tlie conr.-e iiT a eventful 
lile, but, I never knuwd what perk'ck sal- 
islaotion »u.-. nil now. Tito first week I 
wd£; mar.icvi to luy l^uoizjr .luna it wu/. 
lev. tor inileneiidint uv llm otlmr 
bli''a''i,» iiu itlnil to tin; man lod slate, I 
beleavcd that tbe wos iho utiditided pos- 
Bissor nv a l.irm, or rniler hir f.itl.'er 
wn/, wich en the uld hum's l!eeea^e wood 
be hern, atid lilt) ptospeck uv a lil.^limo 
with a umublu, well built woman, with a 
farm big eiion{;h to vupport me, wilb pru 
dtii^v! I'll her part, vn'.r. Iilii3 itself, and I 
uiijoyud it with a d<':;rfe uv mucbneKH 
rarely ekaled, -.::'.:. 1 I fuuixl out that, it 
WU.C kivired mine di-eply with niurlgagiii 
tbati It wu.'. over Ut(< ly tu b« with crops, 
and my tire i.i nv lir.ppiiiers Inisteil. 
Sivci t 17. wi:.- ilii.i weik, i." wuz misery 
u)ndciiiN.'.d wh.'u cjuiparuil lo tba season 
1 b' v ju-it pa-sed through. 

I wu.: a delegnto to riiiladelpLia ! I 
wuz-a't cli^cted uor no^hin, and budu't 
any ercilcntials, but tho door uv tho 
wigwam I passed tievertheleftS. 'ibe 
door keeper wii/ a old Hiiiiiikrat, und 
my breath !j Ip. .1 in.', luy iiorc, wbic'i 
rculy blotsoms like tbe lob ter, wuz uv 
yoose, but, I Bpcv:t my htviii n gr^y 
CDJt on, «vi;li a stand up colia-'. wt h a 
brass star onto it. wu/. wat linishe I iho 
b /.i:il. riio So'.ilberii ib legates ti'iq^bt 
shy uv nie, lur the No'lheiii ones, bless 
(tieir souls, llm niinnit they saw the star 
on the collar nv my grey coat, couldn't 
if I em. If for iiie I hry addressed me i: 
Iveriiel aiiil Gun ra<. and sed "lb s wii/ 
troiily sti uiiiu.riied lionor." and paid 1 >r 
my drinks, an I 1 sucu.'eded in borrowin 
a bu, idled Mild twenty dollars of cm the 
Grst day, I mite bev doubled it, but ihe 
fellows wuz took in so easy th'it noliimn- 
ceeriii wuz n quired, and it really wnz no 

I'bo Co.■lven^h'lll itself wii;; (he most 
allnctin gatberin 1 ever witnist. i bed a 
aeal b.-side Kand-tll, wlit wur, a inanagiii 
the cone-rii. and I eood fee it all • I.e 
crowd rushed into the buibliu and lilleil 
it, when K.iiidall ile.iircd a'tcntiun. He 
b< lu 'ho Post matter General everyone 
ol em dropped into hii seat i i though he 
bed bin shot, and there wuz tbe per- 
leck quiet 1 ever saw. Doolitile. who 
wuz itie Cheeruian, winked at Uaiidall, 
and nodded his bead, when Kandull an- 
nout ced '.hat the delegates from South 
Karlioy and the delegaies from Mas^a- 
ehoosits wood enter arm in arm ! With a 
slow and n.easured uti p ihcy cum in, and 
at a signal from Kandall the chcerin com 
incusi— and sieb cbeeiin ! Then l>i>olit- 
tio pulled out his white hankercher and 
applied it to his eves, and every delegKie 
simultaneovsly pulled out a white hunker- 
C er and applied it to bis eyes. 

To me, this wuz the proudest moment 
uv my life, not that there wnz anything 
partikilerly itispiritcn in the scene alorc 
lue, for there wuzzent. Orr, from South 
C'aroliny, looked partikerly osbained ot 
bissell, VI though ho wuz going thro a 
highly neesary but extremely difgustiog 
ceremony, and wu/. determined to keep 
up a slili' upper lip ever it, and Couch 
looked up to Orr as (hough he lelt tlat- 
tered by Orr's condccension in walking 
at all with sieb a umblu imlividjooal. 
Hut to luy eyes the scene was significant. 
1 looked into ibi; luchor and wat did 1 see 
\:z them two men. onu sneekin aud tother 
a.ihaincd nv hij.iell, walked up that aisle P 
What did I iicc? I Haw the Deuiokiisy 
r.'stored to its normal condition — I saw 
thi! re union uv the two winga — in f.ict I 
saw tbu entire Dimokratiu bird rivuniied. 
The North, one wing and the weakest; 
Keufiicky, flic beak, sharp, hungry, and 
nipacious ; Southwest, the strong active 
wing; Virginny tho b-gi atid claws ; Ohia 
tho heart, Pennsylvania the stomaeb, 
.South Caroliny tbo tail leathers and Noo 
Jersey the balance of the bird. 1 saw these 
jiarts, lor livo years dissevered, come to- 
gether, hsldin nigger in one claw and 
Po!.t OfBcis in thu other, eay in, "'Jake 
em both together -th'.;y go in lots." 1 
.law (L ) oI.l Uniou— the bold, shivulrous 
Southne:- a guidio, cuuiroUinand directin 
the machine, und ass-ociuiu to hi.^K. If tbe 
places uv honor, and thti Diiuokrat uv 
ibe NoiiU ioU..rai 111;.- u puj.|>y I'i't: at 
his h' els, takio sicb tat things ez be uood 
soap up — thu Souiherner asb&med uv his 
iis-.(iciationa bat torcod lo yooJC eui — the 
N'.n'lherncr uticomforiablo in Lij p:c«- 
enc« but tied to him by self iutercs;. 1 
saw a eaiuiu b.'ick tho good old times 
whuii thirty-four Sfatis met in convea- 
shun and let eluven rule em, and tz I con- 
templated the scene I too wop', bi' i" wuz 
in dead e.irncst. 

" Wat aro you blubberin for !' ' aikt:d 
a enthuosiastic d^ef^atu in fr.jiit uv mu 
who wuz a swabbm bii eyes with a hand- 

" Pin a Postmastur," scz 1. "and must 
do uiy dooty ir, thia crisis. Wat ara you 
thtddn pearls for,'' retorted I. "Are 
you a I'osriaaj'er?' 

"No," aez be, "but I bope lo be," 
at;d ho swabbed away with renood vig- 

" Wat's the matter with Ike eyes uvall 
the I I legates," stz 1. . 

" Ihey 've all got Post Ollises la en;," 
sez he, and be worked away fsster than 

While get'inf» a fresh hiindkercher 
(wnh I borrercd from tbe hind co-it 
pocket uv a debgito near me, and wicb, 
l.y th'j way, in my delirious joy. I forgot 
to say anvMiin to him abon^. it,) I bioked 
over Uie Cjnvonsbun, aod agiu tbo teera 
wellcl up Ironi my heart. My sole wuz 
full aud uv. I Ilo «io, and I slopped over at 
tiie cyir'. I here, b. (ore me. sat that 
hero iiiek Taylor and Cuth Bullitt, and 
there wuz ibo Nelsons and Yeadons and 
tbe r< presenfii'ives uv ihu tiist families 
uv the Sou'h, an 1 in Puilailelpliia, at a 
('tinvOMiou with all the leadin Uumocra's 
uv til- N jviIi, <•. ptm Vallandigbara and 

Wood, SUd they wuz skuUin ,irn;in<1 

f.itliin call, with their watcUlul eyes oo 
tbe preee'lins Hen) is a pio»p"ck I lleic 
1,1 latnij : Tbe Presideu*. loio oiu* confi 
(Jenee ! Tie; I'l'ttniiiier a running the 
Convention ! The hands u playin Ui.iie 
and the Star Spa' gled Ba'.ner nl'.ernitly, 
so thit no body cood complain nv par- 
ti-ibty, or loll rcelly which side tbe Con- 
cention wtz on, or which side it, had btfcn 
on iu thu past. Ah! my too susceptible 
sole tilled up agio, the teers starteil. but 
that vent wuznt cnutr, and I fell faintiu 
onto tho floor. i'wuiity or thirty 
North'- rn Delegates seed mi lallin, 
and kctcbin eitj uv the gray 
coat wi'.h tbu bnifs star unto it, roshed to 
ketcli nit.', find tbey bore mc out of tho 
wigwam. Scd one : "Wat a teehinscne. 
overpowered by bis fcelins !" "Yes," 
scd 4Avt'.ier, "Uo deserves a apintmeu! ! " 

1 didn't go back to the Convenshiin, 
coz 1 knowed it wont no yoose, and be- 
sides, after all the teers that bud bin shud 
tbu members wringin their bandkerehe s 
onto tbu tloor, it wuz sloppy under foot. 
Conciliation und tenderness gushed out 
uv eiu. 1 knowed it would be nil right 
— it ccu'du't bu otherwise. There wuz 
bonds whiiih held ti.e members together 
a: I pr;vented tbo poisibility uv trublc. 
.Johnson, bevin a ambition to head a par- 
ty, must liev a par'y to head. The 
Nortburn delr;:ashun. which had former- 
ly acted with the Abiishnists, couldn't do 
not'iin without the l>.-moeiaey North. and 
both on cm combined euuldn'c do nothin 
withoui thu Demoerauy SontJi. The 
Prcsitlent cooil depend on tho Dcraocra- 
ey North coz he holds the olfiji's ; thi* Do- 
ni ;eracy North cood depend on the Pres- 
ident coz be inu-it Lev their votes; the 
I'fi li'le .t cood dej> od on the Drinocra- 
ey Stuth coz tbey wiinc him to make a 
tight agin a Abli.-hen Congris, which is a 
uin^unstor^shuiu lly kc pin uv em out and 
prevntin i in from wjUopin their niggers ; 
lie! DeiiiDcracy South cood depend on the 
Presid.tit coz be must bev their li.prc- 
seitlaiives in tliuir aeats to beat the Ab- 
lis^iii.^t.i in t'tjii^ris,— .til cood depend on 
all, e.i b i:oid depend on the other, coz 
e'leh laet!on or ruther each stripe bed its 
little priva'i' ^.se to grind wi h it coodent 
dn wi-bout the others f) turn tbe grind 

Tbu Son'hcm delegites noma o:i era 
wuznt so well pleased. "Wha" in Ib-jn 
der,"sed one uv cm, "did thev mean by 
pilin on th-i ogony over tho Y.inks we 
hired? -by pi'."Jgir. on m to gise up the 
ij e uv i-eec lien, a^.J b; jdedg'n oa os to 
piy tV.o Nashnel Yanke..' debt? ' 

"Ah I* SI .1 1, 'eiMj ovNf the Tuiigb My friend, they dM&'t mean it, 

Ol (.1 thoy did, we didn't. Il a oath so 
bar .1 to break? Wonbl it trouble tbit 
eininent patriot, Itreekinridt^e, 'ilier all 
thu times he swore to uuppurt the Cuusti- 
Intion, to Mware ii wunst more '' and would 
It iroid'le bnu to break it acy mora (ban 
it did ilk '111 i' Nay. verily. DismisN 
iheiii gluomy (huts. Vallan'li;;hani wuz 
kit'kui out, but a Ibftusaiid mules, and all 
nv em eld and experit nceil. eooden'l ki.'k 
him our uv our service. Doolitile talked 
Northern lall^ cu/: i's a bavit Irt got into 
<lof>rin the \/:t!-. hut he'll git over it. 
Ka\ niiin.l v. ill lni on our side this year, 
certain, tor last year be wuz agin iis, and 
liy the time he is ready to turn agin he'll 
Ini worn to t>t) HOiiil u pint that bu wont 
be worth heviii, und the Ibnoeraiy ul the 
,\'orlh wii.'. nlliiz ourn, and 1 1 they wiu- 
Z'-nl. tbe ( lliees .lobnson b.'z in reserve 
will draw em like ki<le stun. 

" Jly deer !iir, 1 wun«t l.nowd a Irish 
xannt who wiiE sence killed in n Ktnian 
ran), enqdoyu.las a artist in wed di^'giii. 
It wuz his lot (u go tu the bottom uv the 
excavation and load tho binkets with 
earth. Tbu dinner born wounded .ind he 
with the alacrity ebariieleristi.: nv the 
race, ^pr■.ng iut') lb.' bue'cct, and tol.l cui 
to hi.i'', awav. and they histed. but ez tin y 
hiated I bey niiiooz. d tlii'iiifelves a drop 

pin e:irth onto Itiai. "Shtop! "said Ll-, 

tejl they .litlii'l. " .Shtop !' nri d b-'. "or 
bi; gorra, I 11 eiil. ih.i lope." My d"ar 
sir. Kai.d,>ll, .ind Do.jlitile, nnd Sewar.l. 
nod •lohoiion aro n hisli.i us on: uv the 
pit we lull into in IMiiO Their little talk 
about dib',1 an.l <lavery and sich, is Ibe 
earth (huy'f droppiu ont^ u:i t'lr lun. bet 
shel we like « jeots iii'. tho repe ' Nary ' 
Let em bi.'^t. und nheii we'r <:ilu out and 
Oil sol.d ,';ro:uid. ru km, el we desire, 
turn and chuck • ui iu'o the bole." 

" All went I If ^ati^liell— the Northern 
iii(;n, (or ibey earned h> ni't with em iht ir 
oomuiiahuiiA — 1, lieliii thaiiuy Post Ollice 
wuz seekuor, tor el. with the .-how we've 
got, we cati't re-elec- .Tohn:'on, tbe gloiy 
ul the Democracy bjs depuricd indeed. 

Troolv yiiiirs. 

rKTRl>Li;C.M V. NA.SUY, V. M., 
I Willi la Postmaster. I 
♦— ♦-<» • # — 


I.rllft- iroiii ."fir. K. llnsbrrK. 

KiliU>r> 61. i'aul I'rws: 

.\ C'linniuniealion nppcarcil In > oar paper 
uf TucM'.iy last, whirh U so nulair, ; nd .'^o un- 
true, that a reply uu my part is deomeU no- 
cessary, and Mhiili my |iublie duties have 
proventeil at un osrlicr day. The Irno utate 
<f llie la.'.i', ol' \vhieh your eorrr spen.lcnt 
C'liipluins, li simpiv this. 

1 Marled Irum Milwaukee t» La Crosse with 
four hiinilreil Norwegi'in einigrunis, auJ Irc- 
ing auxi'iiis to hrio^ them to Minnesota, u^ed 
my best tlforts lo that eud. Alter tbo cml- 
Kr^int.H reached La Crorno, they had the nltcr- 
l!ii;ivo or coming up tho MLssisnippi in a body 
on tho stc.imcr City ot St. I'aul, or coining liy 
detaelimcnt.s on tho Chippewa. Tho Chip- 
pewa bad previously attempted to carry cmi- 
({rants, and bud failed to give ratislaction. by 
landinK them at Ucd Winf;, wbca Capt. Jicr- 
loann had promised to hriiiKlbem to St. I'ruI, 
I'rcHcolt, and Hastings, a'-iMnl.ns to previous 

lu tbiH case, the Cbipjiewa had not capacity 
to carry mure than one lourth of tho four hun- 
dred uasscngers which 1 had under my ch.irge. 
What was 1 to do? Divide up the party, lor 
thcmcro purpose of accoramodaling a boat 
that had already violated its promise, or 
bring them altogether on one lar^o boat i 
Most decidedly tho ony thing I could do was 
tu bfiuK luy eu'igranu on the City of .St. Paul, 
and no man ol scnso would bavo done dif- 
ferent. That is tho wliolc ease in a nutahell. 

Your corrcsiiondcnt says the situation of 
Ihu emigrants at La Ci'om>o lieloro starting 
was far from ugrceablo. That was tbe very 
rt.ison why I was oaxious to gel them better 
.situated 111 a largo, j.-ood b'lat, iustuad uf 
baviug them cronUvd in a liulu steamer like 
Iho Chippu^va. The slur upon the Milwaukee 
und .^1. I'aul railroad is untrue as ilis unkind. 
Nv r.iiiroad conip.iny in Iho wt^t has dime 
more aud acted fairer towards emigrants ihan 
Ibis road, and this can ussily bo proven. 

Another statement is cDtiri:iy faUu. 1 took 
no iia4»eufters from tho Chippewa; I made 
u aiatcnicnt to tho enii^jraols as 
to tho meri a ol Ihe two txMts, and allowed 
them to take their choice. I did not "com- 
pel" them to do anythinf;, Tho Csptaiu of 
tbu bad on a foi uitr occasion shown 
that he was a bumbng and incapalilo ol doing 
what ho pruhit'icJ, aud ofeoursc, he could nut 
expect much cneouragcnient, especially in a 
cane where a Iart;o boat liko thu City of St. 
Paul had us much us iht could do tu accom- 
modate the large lot ufeujigruuts wib tboir 
bagj^ago. There was no "bargaia and talu" 
between myself and tbo packet company. 
This is as false ns the statement that the dlf- 
ferencR between the rales of tho Chippewa 
and City ot'St. I'anI was bftwecn one thous- 
and tlfieen hnndrcd dollars, when iht vhole 
ptkeof pnsiayejur tht who'.t pirly aid not 
rtae't the latttr turn. 

As to your corrcspnndent's sneers at my- 
self, I can irt-ai with contempt. My record is 
open to exsmioailon, and I need only refer 
to thuso who kuow mo at Sl I'aul, or Mil- 
waukee, and between five anil SIX thousand 
cmittranis whom 1 have brought to Minneso- 
ta I scorn Ihu imputatl'ins east upon my 
honesty ucd iatcgrity, und csn only appeal 
to tlioso who know me, Ixi'li as a man and us 
an agent of my couutrymen in securiug thorn 
bonus in Minnesota. 

As to thosuicxenl thit certain Scandina- 
vians wi re incensed at uiu at L i Crosso, it may 
th) true, I'r ionio persons nt La Crosso were 
about as nnxiiius to hsvo tbe cniii;rants atoo 
thcrt, as Capinin liurnnina wastof;ct them on 
bis ixjai— lor their oau benefit exclusively — 
while my duty was plain, und that wa£ tu 
btini; them UP to Minnesota a* cheaply and 
comfortably ns posiil)!e. 

N.'T, ua>uii»t (bv!o are tbo facts In 
tbe eisu. The writer of the blesiner Cblppe- 
w.i, has done mo Rross injii.iti<«— he has mad i 
mssstu'.cniL'iits, many of which it is not neces- 
sary lor mo to deny. I bavo la'jorcd lor the 
pood uf Minncjota and for my e-iuntrymcn— 
I h;ivo done un immense amount of work for 
little or nothin.:, and I think it very b.ird ih.t 
1 should lie attacked in so shnnulul a manner 
when there was nu roa>.ou at all for it. 


A rcciiiliir Uitllrond. 

A corre8po..dcnt of tho Cincinnati 
Cummcrcial gives a facetious account of 
a biauch railroad in Oaio : 

One's traveling experienco is never 
complete until he has niadu a trip over 

what IS known as (ho branch of tho 

. railroad. Tho dis(anc» is sixteen 

miles, and I doubt il there is another 
road in thu United States that gives a 
inin more riding for his money. It pass- 
es through a low, swampy section, and 
has never been graveled, dufp ditches 
being cut; oa either side to keep tho track 
from iounda' ion in wet weather. These 
ditches arc always filled with wa'cr, and, 
as tho train rai.ves slowly along beneath 
(be dense foliage ol (be overhanging trees, 
tho bull frogi gsri at us from their cool 
retreats. They (tho frogs) la'.ely held a 
convention and resolved il the road didn't 
make better time they would take it and 
run it "i !i their own hook," 

The road is laid with thu old strap rail, 
and in many places where this is worn 
away tiny "go it" on ihe bare timber. 
No sr.i b thing as culvert or cattle guard 
is knoi^n. Th;s was a source of great 
in^onvenicnco to the f.irniera hereabout at 
onetime— not (bit they ever ran over 
any, but tho cittle could stray away. The 
"honest yeomanry" stood ihi.i awhile, but 
linally put up their fen 'OS the stmo as 
though iberu was no eueh road as (be 
• Branch" in existence, it was then ne- 
ces.»ary lor a man to go ahead and lei 
di'irn ths bora. 

The ru is only ono stopping pla-o on 
the roail. llerii we took the si'lo track, 
to let the hand car p.tss. Persons get on 
and otr at will, and even woraon and chil- 
dren appejr suddenly in (ho j as-t-Tger 
coach and disappear again before you 
know it. Tbe locoaiolivc is an obj.-ct ol 
interest. Imagine the first ou« you ever 
saw. It is really InaTVcl.^n^ ihtt she 
siiiks lo (ho track. Tho tti^iiuer i.i a 
queer old genius, too, aad resembles his 
eogino aa much as it is poss ble f ?r a uiin 

to look like a loeuniotivA. And ho un- 
derstaiiila every inch of the toaii to per- 
ficlioii the I itrvis, juinK, bruktea iron, 
iV> .. ill lU' I knowN just wben to jump 

Win II tho Irai!''. leave.i I'lnillay, the em- 
plu> CIS litko leavovi tboir luiiiilies with 
t'ur.i. Thu parting between the cot duel- 
iir aiid his Vitu was pccitlUriy all'cc iiig. 
IVIr. .Sprague, ul Ibe t'looks lloiiie, nev- 
er allows bis guc«is lu leave on this read 
will.'onl lir.Ht nellling iip their nrritars. 
Tben^ arti too many ebanees ;lgatIl^l him, 
and Sprague is fond of ti sure UUnff. 
- — - — .# •-^■*-* ■ -- 

'i'lio 'I'wu lloinlsiklicll.^. 

Ill hi I sp... i'% at F.v.'iiiMvdle, a f.'W days 
ago, (In. Willleh fai.l: "Duiin;' LSl'il , 1 
Ivund iu;t.ell in your luidsl, wlicu that 
dire(ul lioiiibshell, din.i'ted by a leliellious 
slavft !iri.sroi';uev, exploded in Fort Stini- 
ter. 'I Ids shell was loaded with a four 
years', bloody, us. Beldoin the world 
b«s rerii. Now anothi^r buinbshell bus 
til en thrown in the luiJs' — a boin;lii II not 
eist ot lion -a mere word, bu* a word 
which pruvcs iLut our victory Las not been 
uonelu.''ive ; ami which, it lolloweil np, 
wdllnl to a mor ■ disastmus eitnslro- 
phe tk:in (bo bombshoH ol Fort Sumter. 
TUis word has been insptted by the cv 1 
g. niiis uf na(4on, William H. Uuward. 
It is promulgated by thn enibodimont ol 
ttitblessn"Bs. the Blairs. P is lu.:ally 
j'iKfified by (hit p:!trif«ct. Kiting. Cm- 
eeivedby that !;i ifof .'Soutliern aristocracy, 
Andrew Jnbtisoii This word is, that our 
Congress has been an ill.'gal. u'leonstitu- 
lional body ; that iis laws are not biuiiiog 
tor ih ' iiuiion. What means (bis woril i( 
It is ai'tcd upon, as to all iippearanec it 
will be? It m''ans (lit! oirerthrow ol the 
only legislalivu p jwer ol this republic, by 
a revolutionary act ol (he Kxecutivc, 
united wiih thiiaruiud traitors audencmiea 
of our Counioiiweulili." 

-•-> • « -♦— — 

A JT|otl<'l i:iid»rs>riuc'ut. 

Tht! Postmaster at llloomsbiirg, Co- 
lumbia ccuiity. Pa., having received ono 
of Mr. UandaH's requests (o endorse tbe 
Philadelphia Cunvci.lion, endorred it as 
follows. Wi- commend Puetniasttr 
lieckley's style to the postmasters, asses- 
sors, et ' , of Minnceota, who v.iliio the 
canse of the Union mere tlian they do tie 
few bundled dollars per arinum which 
ill. il' ollii'i] yields ; 

roxToniei:, lti.ooM.<-iiri:o, i'.\., 
August;, ISM. 
Hon A. U. Kanlsll: 

Sill. — 1 have just received your call lor tho 
I'hilaileluhia Convention, under tbu trunk of 
Senator Cowau, and I hu-.ien lo reply. 

t most heartily sppruvo of saiil rail, nnd for 
the loilowiDK reasons, vi/. : It will place all 
Mieh reiie^'fid'..s usCowun and yourself in the 
ranks ..I the Copper-lti bel ileino.r.icy, ni.d so 
ftally show np your baseness und tre.iehury to 
yuur friends uiid your country, as tu render 
yoii powerless fur barm. 

1 hold Ihe best posu fll.'C in Columbia e lun- 
ty. It is at your disposal My political priu- 
ciplrs and doetrincs lieloug lo inysell. 
Uispeelliilly, Ac , 


A Big Siiuke Story. 

Kiuiii 1*10 Waveily (Irtiv.i) rU.ealx. 

One week ago last Sumlay two ot the 
boys belonging to the l'li<rii!j- otlice re- 
ported that tbey S;iw n bugu serpent iniss 
over the dam, and go dewa the rivtr; 
tbey said he was two teet in diam'jter and 
16 or liO feet long. We supposed they 
were "yarning" and did not credit the 
report. l)n Monday .Mr. Glazier and 
.Mr. Mason were dorrn the river t;ome 
two uiiler, when tbiy heard a splashing 
in Ihe water, iii.d loi.kicf; in tbe ibreetian, 
they >tiw P. huge monster swinnning up 
stream. 11.; wai about I.''* ftct Imig aid 
IS ini Led broad acru>8 tbu b':)iid ; a'.id 
when swimming threw up vaven in his 
wake like a Ifrj-.e boat. 

A day or two Mr. .McIjcI- 
riek, who lives on Dry Uun bayou, found 
him in his potato patch, und bad a severe 
bat'Je with him, but having nothing but a 
club Lu hull very little lll'ectupou liin. 
He busily bit hiiii and went t'lr some 
weapon with which to kill him, 'out wlnii 
he returned, he had gone into tbe river, 
and escapi d. 

What tbe monster is, or whrrc be came 
from, is a mystery. 

Coii%'cr«iioii uf S«vcn-Thirli<;N. 

Tho folluwiog »rj iLc Treasury i-ole a 
regulating (he conversion of (be 7-30 notes 
into o-:.'U bonds : 

The 7 oD Tieasury uoles dated Aug. 
\o, ISO 4, arc coLvertible into six per 
cent. 5 -'0 year bunds, under the act ot 
March 3, lUG.i. Interest on bonds is 
charged from Juno 1, IHfil, to date of 
convert ion, interest being allowed on 7-oO 
notes to s'tine dfite, il tbo coupons due 
Aucust V). ISiii), hive bucn detached 
'utlioient currency must accompany (he 
notes to pay (he accrued interest on tbu 
bom'a, otherwise ^uch interest will be dc- 
du< led from the principal of thenoles. 
All notes payable lo order must be en- 
dorsed by llie payeu or in blank or to or- 
d'!r ot thy par'y transmi'iing them tor 
conversion, who must endorse ruch notes 
over signalurH as follows: "Pay Ibe 
Secietary of (ho Tmasury lor redemp- 
tion." AU notes cndorse.l by adminis- 
trators, executors or assignees, or attor- 
neys, must be accompanied by cetlifiealcs 
ut tho power ot Ihe endorsers. Abou; 
five millions of thu i otes h«ve been con- 
verted within ibe ]ia8t month. 


nira. ^Vlaalow'a Noalliliii; My nip liau 
b'COmeao pnpulur that varlou' par I.-m liave put 
out artlolcimPingtlii'm Mr*. tVlosIow's. ft -ase 
Ukc notioa ihj iliis. Winsi.ow oe tii» 
HuiiTniso StuiiP la H'»r «»»»!«MK<;rrii with 

ANT illltKlt .MITICI.H. )e5.d5w:ini 

A Caui> Tt> I.vvAtlcs. — .\ Clergy- 

miui, while reai'llng (n Boulh America ■»» a ml* 
ilonary, di c lyornl n mU nn-1 i.l...i.l.! ii-meilv lor 
(i.o cuie ot NTfOls Weakni'Sii, Karly Decay, 
Ulsets-s of th^ Urinary ani r-eniinal Ornan.', 
and 111.! wliolf train of «il"or»lfrn bruuchl on l.y 
binelul anil vl>oi''u<<<. Ureal Dunibcrs 
hiv.i be<"n fall-; ciiriMl by this n»We remeily 
ProraptiHl liy n .li'Hlre t.-l braFilil the allliclej and 
anforlunali', 1 will .rnd a reclpn for prcpirlna 
and u<liiKilii!i mi'dlclnc, lu a '.'alfd rnvi'lopo, 
to a.iy OI.1. ivlio n. I'd* it krkk iiKi ii,<i:i.k. 

I'lKtie enelo it a {-o't-pilil eavlope, addrossM 

Addri'Sj, .lO.SErU T. l.NUAN, 

l^taUoD I), 1'4H« Houto, Kvw York City. 


.iUEXT.S WA.\'i'iiU-a»l.' k Kcniale^^g|* 

Wf^^^i^*'^\ut\it'k f.ii.l ri;J ^niiup f,ir |i.i|ii<rs 


An fxporicnced nurse anil f.'nalo phyrlcisn, pre 
scats to tho attention of irothcrs bar 

Soothing Syrup, 

For Cliiidrcii Tcctlilncr, 

Which Kreally lacilltatea the proot de of (".iihing, 
by softoulns Ilia iranu, rcdaclna all iDllamina- 
tlons, will allay AIX I'AIN and fp.asr»odio ac- 
tion, and Is 

Sure to RcgiilatR the Bowels. 

D.^pi-nd upon It, niothurt, It wlU five 
rest lo yourselves and re.'W" onJ ht^itlH 
to I'cur injnnls. We have pml np and 
sold Ihid article for over thirty years, and 

S.VT IX OOJlriliKXl-It AND TKCTII Of it Wll»l 

w.' have anyor U'l-n a', le to say of any other 

Dll».11cin<!— tCKVK.-. IIAa ITKAIIKD IX A HlXOI.a 
IHr.TAMK -ro KKFKIT A ccuB, wlion timely 
nucil. Nover did we know of SB instanac of dit- 
sitiafjcilon b- any on" who naed it. On the 
ocmtrsry nil nre rtf|lj;hted with Us oppr;itioiss, 
an' np'-aV iu t-'rm» "f coTi:n'»ndr»|ioo ef Its maR- 
l-al elfrsts r.n.l medic«l virtues. We sjwaSla 
this ciil'.cr "WHAT wu no kxow," afi/>r .10 
years' exrerli-nop; Axn ei.r.oa ofR RKrirrA- 


HKR« DKCLAen. Fb evory Inatonoe 
whcro tlin iDfAnt Is sulTerlcK from pain and ax- 
bS'i'tlco, rell'-f will I* found In Ofteon or twen- 
ty t:iinut'B alter Hip nycvp i» odmiBistere'l, 

Full dIrPClIonH for uilug wi 1 accompany each 
twttle. Nona |p>nnlnn nnl^si (he fac-slmtlc of 
CCRTI'^ ft P niCINS, New rork. Is on the oat- 
•M« wrnp^ 'r. 

HaUl hra'l Ornrrlsts thronjrhonl th« world 

PrlctiOBly .13 f>nt» it«ir nottle, 

ni n d .* -7, 'm 

A^ of a i:iir| oration, iiiiii. raid l.y virtaeof III.' 
priMrtll"ii-. lit nn ael oi Ihii XsiKixlalure af tit" 
.MitiOf Sllnii.'HoU,.ippriive<t^KUHt IJ|li, IS.'.S 
KOtlflPrt "An ttii lor tin' ir.iaUon and rixulull6t( 
of oorpoiallonH.'* 

rill. nnniH of llin ci.rpiiratlnn ii "IhnNorth- 
wunteru I'l'jil Cuupauy,"iuulUMiuilyofiit. I'aul, 
Wtnni'aola, ts thn priiiclp:.! place of^trani'nctlnK 

lliu K*ii.'ral niiiuti- of iliutualscKn I.. I>i< iiuim 
auti d Is Ihti iuauuf.icluie aud lalo ut iMuit lin'l, 
wlIMn lln» Ht«f««s ol Kiinnpsoti, Wl«confilo, 
llliuol*, luiru nu<l liiiliina. 

Ihi. uiaouio <.| i.ipilal hi«(U .iHlliuilteil la 
Hvn IIiiiiiln.U riioii-'jnti Dollars, and 1« Wi lie 
paid ill, ' ui„. third per eculum ill 
thi. lime of KUiincrllilii^ ih.i nam.', uoil lh« rr 
twtnier at riwii (mi- or llm.f as ttfeaUUori> 
<l«lr»d b> ISA Blsrd ot i>tri<ct .rs. 

1 h • llm.- ul Ih" eoiii'Ti.Te.-m.'iil iifllii' ei>r|i>ira 
ll.iii i-. AiiK'i 't nil. Ihiiti. aad lie' llu'K of I'M tef- 
■uiiintl'iu .laiiuary tut, IhM. 

Ihi. iillairn «' 11... o>r|iiirallin :irr l'> l>i con- 
■lu(-l..| l./lhie Mrrctoir, Willi ur.i ell cl.'il lioni 
III" ^'iH-kli..literri of III., oiirptiratloii. mi.l (alliir 
III.' llrBi.'li'cilou) on I In- .1 nl day ol I)(i-.:<inier of 
»»eti jo»r. IVri la al»or. I'r»'»l<tiit, Vice Pnd 
Hi'nt, Kticri'lar. ami fi.aM'ir.r, and u (e-neraf 
Uauuclnir ak'-iiIoI tbn Cani|>ai.y. 

'I hi< hl|{li.'H[ niii.Minl of lud'-lili-iliieHi or liabili- 
ty to till- oririrnll'in Ik at any liumto .lub- 
ji-.l ll«<li, Il MltyTh n^alld Iioflirw. 

i'rlvul.i propeny 11 to Imi exempt Iroiu the 

K. B. (XinnniCII. rri'.^idcnt, 
(i.A. PtUOKlAKDi.-Vice i'4e,ii,l.'nl. 
A. J. CiO'iUulCII, .See. an.l 're«Huri"r. 
A»KU> ''III. l"!''. tUKs augr oawM 

8X«.TR «r !ni^!Wri« 

hpefial 'frrm— July L'Wh, iMHi. 

Ill III ' matter i>r the estalo cf lyman Dayton, 

(ll'l-eSM d. 

(luri'jilliiK toid flllnir Ilin |H.lili< ii of l.)man ('. 
Oattiui uJiuirU'r.itor of itaJ.l e^tutn, rH|.re ent- 
iDK.atn-nir olh>-r Ihlngi. thai raid dro as. .1 .ll.-.l 
m'l/.Hl .'1 1!" i.iiu ri-al fBiati'. It Is iiec-'saary 
toa.'lia part of -ui.l real eHta'r, and pr<yliigl«f 
llcen'O ( sell the -ame : 

It is ord« ed that 'Iburaday, tV.e Qtli dav of 
S. ii'»inl»er, A. i>. Iki'hI. at ten o'c!o- L In the fore- 
nnoii at Ihn odlep uflhe.lud|;eor Probati* lu th« 
city of .>l- I'aal, l»' aHiilauuil lurllia heariuK of 
»nld pi'tliion, niel t'lat ihe lielrK-at law of raid 
d'O'tsed, und nil nihorprriions Interri ed in said 
I'Klali', are r.-<|Ulr.'d I.i npiM-ur at a iti'Hiiion of said 
I'rn ato ;ourt, th.-n iiny there to h>4 hold n, to 
-Ikiw caa-'e, il any litem tu., why ttinpinyerol 
>alJ petl Ion'>,ilil not be x^'Hiied and i<al<l 

H. K. <;UI>WKI.t<, 

tuet. j)','l-.'i' .l.ld;;eof I'rohite. 

Li,t!ikTfs «r .'Hia.'«B«w'rA-(;oa:ai 

Ppeclal feriB— .Inly 'Jlnt. IMW. 

In III" mn'ier of Iho e-tati. ol Sjmael II. file 
yens, ilei'eai..'il. 

On r a.liiiK iiii.l lilii n the p.-tiiion ol Kllza 
S'.-ven«, i,r-a)liia.r rreascu-. Uicr.'in fitfTh, 
III .1 >li 1 may lie uppaluled adiiiiuistrator of sa(a 
eslato : 

It I* ordpred that Tbarsday, (he 1«lh day of 
AuKart, ISo.. at elwrn o'clock ia the to'enoou, at 
thf iifflceof the Judre of ('foVaio In the city of 
SI. i'aul. bn B'sbn-ed for Ihn hcarineo saidpp- 
litloii, and It at Ih" h.-iri.-!il-l i\v ii( muI-I drei aied, 
aui all oihi r eerh.iiiH liit'-ri ^t.■d In ^nlil e-tati*, 
ar« re.( "ir .1 I . ■p|i."ir at a i" •.-iiiii of the I'ro- 
(jate i!oiirt, Ih.'n nn J tlin e to b« holilen, to show 
mu-p II any Ihero be, why the (rayerofsatd 
peiitiou nhould not l>a jpanted, 

U. K. niOWKIJ,, 

t les J J21 -It Judge of Prob»tP. 


^►pfcial Term— .Iuly','0ih. IKld. 

In the matter of the estain ot Uavld Hurley, 

Un reading aud fliin/ tie petition of Miehiel 
Hurley prajiUK thit adn Ini'-lrution on the eHintc 
ol raid d"ciai>ed may 1..' itrantol to Idm for tie 
rranona Ihtndu sri forth : 

It is or. ere'l that Kildjy. Ihn 7lli dav of Sep. 
'eniU'r «. P. IS"!', af ten o'clock in tie' forenoon, 
at ih« olfiJP cf tho .lodge or i'IO^ate, In lli« cl:y 
of .-'t. I'aul, be UKciKueil for tlie tiearlng of said 
IM'tlllon, and that ihe li-lm at-law 1 1 •al.l d"- 
cea>ed and all other perionn intprp^tt-.l in said 
rsuiH, aril re.|alrpd to R|iiir'ar at a ees ion of ttie 
Prolmti t'oun, tlnn and Iher^ to Imho'.den, lo 
Khowcaniie, if any Iht-n- tin, vrhy thn priyerof 
raid peiltioi should not be granioil . 

It. y.VlUtWKI.h, 

laesj.2l4t Judge ol I'robite. 

STA-TK OF niiaifKMOTA— <;oDa- 
1 >r Ol KAVl.Sh:y — I'llOBAIKCOUKl. 
tp"cial Term— AuguBl ^1, IW^i. 

In the inuit>'r of (ho guardianship of John 
Aiii<".i lluniplir.'y, minor. 

tin r.'u ling ami lillugthn p-tition of William 
I.. Amei. f!ui>r<ll>n of said minor, reproiipnting, 
uiiiong o'h'-r tilings, that said minor Ih seized ol 
.erlnln real ei.|atp, und praying for license to sell 
111 ' ^alnc : 

It la ordPrPd tha' Weilnes lay, the Mh da" of 
S"pteiiit)er, IKiS, nt ten o'cloek in ihe fornnoon 
lit the otnce ol tli.' .ludgnnf Prolate, in (he city 
of Ht. I'aul, be anflfnfd for llie hearlni; of Kild 
p.'ll Ion, au'l tli.1t til.' ne.xt < 1 kin t f naid minor, 
»n.l all i«'r>-oiis inti^ested in said ehtate. aio ic- 
•juir. d f> apM'ir at a se-^iiun of the I'lobitA 
(.'ourl, then and tI;oro to bo holdea, to show 
rnuse, if any tlete l>r, why the pr:iyer of .aid 
1 e'.iiiiju Hlioj'd no: he granted. 

il. K. CBOWKLL. 

Uics-au;;7.|t Judgo ol I'rubaie. 

STaTBC f»F MinniBMOTA- coi n- 

Id th« matttr uf the eilato of JCphralm rierce. 

7o tiK tehom il miiy cotfern • 

Notice is.hcrt'by given that we IIia sulxcnters 
»cii!o.ii;i' l-lh.liy ol Auiiist, IHi'ii!. appointed 
and rciaii.M-eor..-'d hythelion. K. K. < rowr 11, 
Judge of I'rola p ot raid llamiey county, cnm- 
ml-Hioners to receiye, exmnine und adjunt all 
claims and demands of all pprsons against tne 
rui'ldeieuNi'd; rix raoolualrom ami after 
nald day of appnintment have b<"-n a'lowrd and 
limlled lor creiiitom to prenentthrlr clalni« to us 
for exaiiiloutlon and allowauo-; and that wo 
will, on the tail Saturday of each and every 
m.inlli. for Ih-'nexl six months, at U \ M , at tliP 
elliv-e of .Miiiroi* Nichols, in H Idgu Klock in tbe 
city of Hi. I'aul, a't>'nd to the d H.iha'i;.i of oar 
duties a« said coinml^kioncrs — Ihu ttrbt inec^ting 
tu ba held Aueuul '.'.'. h. 



Datod August liilh. IM). tuuj aof '.'l-3t 


OrWl-l. OK ClIlKI (JltAnTLKMASTKIt, i 

DKTRIl-r ilF »Ii.n;«I!..»i>ta, > 

Kt.&llel ing. Uinn., Aufl.-il, IimM. ^ 

SEAIiB» PltOI'UNiaUi IS iit;- 
p Icale will h* received at tlii-i ofTioc, umll U' 
M, Thursday, Au nsf .•;iHh, |m'<1 for the dPiivfry 
at Fort Knelling, Minnesota, ut 

3l*,Ot*» toiiahr >■ OuiN, iu liiHt-ka. 
»OH (isea of llia^, 
»0 c*rda wr nrr Uiai •! W «»d. 

lliu Oata aad llav to ba delirrrvil on or before 
(nc '.'.th diy of Oc'ofK-r. 1Su6, und thn Wood on 
or hi fori* January |.t, IS'lT.andln faehfiuinlltles 
prior to tboro date* as may be 

Alto, at Fort KlJgely, •Xlnnei.ota, 
• .«IUU buabvU of Outs, tm aaclia. 

And at fort Abeicrombie, D.T., 
].'.t,0-.:u kwahclaor 4»u(a, la Mwcba. 

Two thousand hurhels if Oils to be de- 
livered ill V^n Rld^elv, anl '2 005 busbetn at 
Ko t Al.-^rcron M-., Imiiiedtal. ly on comnlution 
ol contract, and the bi.»ure ou or beforo Oo 
tober l.t, l»i"ii . . , . 

I*rono™i8 for tli* whole rr any ptrl cf the 
amount req-ilred wi'l be reopiyfd. 

Ui.ii for re|>imt» a-ildes and s.'ijarate posts 
i£u-t CO on d U.'rent rlieetn of paper. 

lild.lers will give their aaiaes and ad-fress in 
full, .ind in cai-ol tlrmith« precUn niin» and 
a lilri -.1 of cfieh Inilivi.lial e-emhcr muxt, with 
tiM narap of the ilrm be stat" d. 

A prlntel copy . f this adrertiiejacnt will bo 
en- lo'id with each prp sal. 

A I bidD niunt be uccon p»nlcd by a written 
guiruutio- In Ihn follonlcg form, viz : 

We , and , of the county of —^—, 

tato of , do hereby agr. o tliat , 

Is a')lp tn inllil a c ntra -f It. ar -oriHucn with Ms 
t.r irorilloa; and t':st .liould i Is piopo. lUoo be 
a ccpt' d, he wUl -t eiice ei.ier ini . acontr>ot iu 
nceo'-ilaii.'n t^ere.>■llh. .-hou'.d a contract be 
uwnrd.'d him we or* prepare! t3 hpoomw bU 
-.-euriiie*. Sit:n"d by two rcspousil 1" personr, 
whose re-poD^ibUlt> Kind b. vouched 'or bv a 
oertinc-itp uf a Clerk of th'j District Court, or the 
U. tt. lli-itricl Allnme . 

Plitd.-rs itre requeiled to l>e present St tbe 
ciiening of bids. 

i'i<ip..bal'i from person* who have prevlounly 
fail.'O to comply with their bids, Oom dlslnyal 
jHTsenK, and porsans Irreapontwle, will not be 

Tbe unrtoriiiKnfd recerves the right to reject 
nnr or nil hl.l.i. 

Ationd with good and satisfactory cecarity will 
b" te<i 'Irod f oin the iierron or persons to whom 
thp oonTact may be a»ar ert. 

(.'onti actors will furnish th" necessary revenue 
stampi for boLdn and ci>ntract><. 

Bills to bo ccdorxcd " I'ropoKalii for at 

si£n'>d . 


,"and addrpssed to the under- 

Captain leth U. » Infantry, 
Chief Q. H. I'istrict Minn., 
Fort SnolUng, Minn. 

Wimbish's Express, 

Carries Passengers, Baggage and every dnscrip- 
tioD of tight Kruight anywhero and everywhere 
In the dty, at the lowest rates. 

UIDoes at Merrill's Book store. 190 Third street, 
aai Sink's Groecry store. Jackson strpet. 



At their now 
l^-vfivy aiicl ISnlo Mtnl>lo, 

Arc prepared lo fupply tho 


On modorato terms, 
a^ Their llorii'-s are fine, Carriages aad Dsr- 
ar'nes all new and of the Utost style. 

New and Good Sheet Slusic, 

Willi Piwaa Accoiupunlinrnt. 

Kisi Ml. wHii. tt I'M Occam !»!., WimmmteiU, 
III cntB. 

"Kim me Kilter while I'm dreaming, 
I ct me dream again of t.ite.'' 
I'l.T.SAT Ooon Nir.iiT, iri'in"Wi, .10 cents. 
"From dreams of love fair maid arise." 

P.r KivDTii DAniixi; STsmaNKi.' , Song and 
Chorus, Itankt, SO 0i>nt«. 

I I.UVK 1HB LlTTLB Hirri.I.Mi SlKLAM, i. 
r. // Crofhu, .•?nels, 


Collie Song. Sung by Iho Flor.'no'B. <0 ots. 

AV 'AiMXii OK riiKlJi: K.N. A line transcrip- 
tion of thl-i popular song by Banmbich. lo ets. 
Faiuv Wkihimu Wai. z, TurMcr.aoots. 
Tli'i abov.' new and favtrite pli-ces of choice 
mnnle sent |>o?t ralit on receipt of price. 

iiMVKK Dir.Si-N*CO., 
rnbllihcrs, 2:7 Washiog.on siroet, Boston, 

JOHX Ct. HIK.'VSSir. I/OCiaifM-, INHIANA, .-iTKMI'hl'liAlk K N- 
lii^AVKIt. Miller's Fio-r H-and". .st-el Stamps, 
Man-.e PlatPS. H ifl ard Hsge'ne Ch.'cks mu i'> In 
tho bent atile, Kmbrold.ry fiate', Brtts« Alph*. 
btoaul Figures, sheet Bra-s Indc lible nk, 
Hrnshef , Fnimi s anl the very be«t .Stencil Tools 
and DUs, and Btencll Cutter's goods gon-^'raliy. 
One Hundred Lr.c.l ml Irayellng AgcuU Mail- 
ed. Ke-er to .T. I . i.iill'v. First National 
■ ■ o'.el, Mlnn.-apoilJ. -^"K '" ■-'"■• 


At 132! 

We have Just leciivcd a \»x%a ai>:orlmcLt ol 

NE w r, O O D s , 

Auiuug ubiihwiU bu luuad lite lat«at aud 

Most FasliionablM Styles 



#1% ^»h. 

\\k u Ui from Ibis date sell at 


A few Of which wp wUl (avmerate, f la : 

The best FrintB 20 Cents 
and Under. 

Delaines 20 to 25 Cents. 

Domestic Ginghams 25 to 
30 Cents. 

Heavy Brown Sheetings 15 
to 25 Cents, 

Bleached Shirtings from 15 
to 40 Cents. 


l:j2 Third Street, St, Paul, Mian. 


August UO, lt<00. aBa21 



Have added largely to tbelr stock of 



Which the; offer at 

Very X-iow P'rices, 


Best Calicoes, 20 cents and 

Heavy Brown Sheetings and 
Shirtings, 25 to 15. 

Bleached Muslins, 14 to 40. 

Domestic Ginghams, 25 to 
30 cents. 




LAUIES' MESS (i001>S, 

AX Very Low Ji*i ieess 



IngersoH's Block, St. Paul. 



This Echcol has just eorapleted its tenth year. 
Its history bai boen one ol proaerily and 
growth from the commencpraent. I Iip la^t two 
vears the average d.ily nttendanoH bns been mora 
than two hundred, and many have been relured 
admittanco for want of accununuiiatlon. 


Is now unrfer contract, to bp open for occupancy 
at Ihe commencement of thn Full He^nlon In 
ti»ptem'.er, aed It is hopPd that hereafter all 
oan ba received as pupils who auply. 

Tho Library, Anparatus and Cabinet are re- 
ceiving vparly valuibln ad:iiioni<; and the pur- 
PO-.P la kept stcartiiy In view to (urnl-h every 
faciilt> for a tliorough course of inslruciion. 

Thn Faculty con-lsti of four male and el.-'vrn 
female teachers; all exprrienood Instructors lu 
their several departmenti. 

1 he Mohool ts full) graji-d from the Prepara- 
tory DepartmPnt, tbrouK'ta tbo onllre course uf 
Arademical and C'as-lcal ntudles. 

For purtlculajs ard c»talo»ne«. address 

I.H. VmiTF. 
2!> Wot t }cuith ftte'.t, Cintlrratl. 

eugll 6t 

CX)8T ! COST ! ! 

¥ * 





B ii. B Q U E S 


This Is no humbug. We mean Just wb.t we ray. 

x^. c. nxjufr. 

14L8 Third t^treet. 



Wnhavethls day sold oar entire stor.Vof STA- 
C. M. WHF.AT A CO., who will continup the 
businpHS at our old stand, No. l.'iU Third etrept, 
Catholic Block. We would a^k for them a con- 
tlr.uatlon of thn llbi^ral patronage heretofore be 
stowed npon as. assuring all that in our i.uc- 
oersors tbey will Had genUcmaii in wliom they 
may oonflde. 

llllI.JLBn BR«*I. 4c VrAI<KBIl. 

St. Paul, July Iflth, IsiJi".. 

Referring (o tho above card, we luvc only to 
•ay that our oblcct In coming to St. Paul is to 
open and boild up a 


Dry Goods House, 

And - n otder that we may t>e enabled to; do 

this we offer tho entire stock now on 

band, oocsistlng of 






At Cost for Thirty Days. 

Tbii in not intended to dooclve, but meani. ex- 
actly what wo nay, and we only ask an opporta- 
uUv to convince all of the fact, for it is to our 
Interest to reduce the stock now on hand u or- 
der to make room for a 

Fall and Winter Supply. 

Come and judge for yoar»elyp«. Mr. JOUN 11 . 
WAL.KFK, la'eof tbe housn of Miller BroK. k 
Walker, will remain with us, and will be pleased 
to BPP bis former patronn, together with all who 
may fsel disposed to pav us a call. 

V. n. WHEAT * CO. 

Bt. PCDi. Jaly lA, 1866. y iTlr 

\Ye are uudeiJielliiig 
every other House in this 
City ou all kinds of DRY 
GOODS. We are doing 
so knowing that the peo- 
ple buy their Goods where 
they are sold the Cheap- 
est. JOHi\ fl. CAMP, 

142 Third street. 


Cathcart & Co., 


iVo. 13f3 TUlrd street, 
ST. I>A.T7i:.. MTTV-» 


i'ftif ^aittt f aur ^m. 


OXHo«»— A.<l.ioinina Utm Srld«*. 

I-tatGH of Advei-tisin/iir 

>ne dm' 


X days 

One Sijuaro. Each add. ^aarp. 

%07& $60 

........ I frO 7b 


fc (Six days ;; 00 1 fiO 

■<Two WPPkH :i ."to I 75 

^rihreeweekil 6 oO 2 SO 

i lUut month fl (W » ; 

t, > i.*" "'"nUi" 10 Ul & I 

g f Three m'.nthH .1;!S0 6; 

A ( rilx moii'tui IH Ul 

(Twelvemonth" i« 00 



....« 00 

00 16 00 

I. AdyertlHements orderPd tobekepton the 
Urst paae, rata at dinUiit. p'loe. 

'i. Special pJaoB a<lv.iril-.emoDU, doubl« col- 
umn advertlcements, and advertisements with 
euti", "Hpi»elal Notices" and "Local Notices," 
<nu-half mddUunuU. 

5. All cbangPH rate at twenty cents |»r ..(uare. 
4. Heading Maffnr Notloes, In local or mis- 

ePllanPons oolomn'.nnedollar perrijuare, andno 
ootlcn Inserted fbr tots tlian one dollar. 

6. AilverlUompnls ini-erted la " WaiM " 
column, 10 cents per linp for each luscrlluB. No 
adrertlBement toT Ipsss than .V) cents. 

0. /ndii iiliialt on/4- rituj the. intrrtirtt ,ij t'o- 
MU-'ii nili:rrlUauctite tcUl Oe cUargfd full rata 
and lul I ])' rumully rmpuntil/te for Iht tame. 

7. Religious aLd Charitable Notices will rate 
at liulf price. 

tl. MarriaxH and I>eaUi Notices, (•impl* an- 
nouncement,; nfty cents each inserlioB. Obitu- 
ary nolicei., ii u eenlM jji;r llui', 

tl. AdvpT tlseinentu in the Weekly lor any 
period within Ihne monilif— lor the first mjuarr , 
one dollar .-a.b ioeerUon; lor each ad<II 
tlonal sijuare, one dollar for the Cra Innertlon, 
and Qfly opDtH for pacii additional Icnprtiou. 
Over tttrne months Uie rates otp the siu* a^ 
th" Ually in th« abovo loblv. 

I l.pgal an ! Uovernmeiit Advpitlring, 75 
opr persijuari! for thA Irst Insertion, and .^7;^ 
oenti per rf.^uurp for poch additional inxertion. 

II. Attoru.'yn ordering Legal Advertisements 
arp regarded as accountable for Ihe same, unleaa 
Uicrc ts a special agreement to charge to aoothpr 

1^. Ho paper given In oonriderat Ion o( Advar 

n. Etrsugers will be re.juired lo pay in ad- 
vance, Qoortnrly payments on j early advwr 
tisemeats arc due at any time during Urn quarter' 


Ihe following rates of fubtcrlptiun lor tlie 
Prfsh will lake elfeci August 1st, IbOC : 

W K K K tl Y . 

nv Man.. 

One cop/ one year %!t OO 

One copy i.ix u.outh!! 1 oO 


Onii copy ono year ^» OO 

One copy six months 3 OO 

IJ A I t, Y . 

i:r MAIL. 

One} ear, per co;;y ^lO OO 

Six monihe, i er copy i OO 

Three months, per copy C ftO 

Less than thr-e mouths, one dollar |>er month. 

Delivered by cariicr in the cily, ^ft OO p-a- 
annum, or ^1 OO per month. 

News Doal.'rs. p..r hundred, t^i Ii. 

NoTiCK T ) firBsruiBRRS.— In ordering the 
address of your papers changed, to prpvent de- 
li)', be sure and specify what edition you take — 
Weekly, iri Weekly or l>ally. itlsugive)our 
prcteut and future adorets. 

Addri -i-i, 

PUE^tt PR! ar-TI so CO., 
W(. Paal, HiaiB. 


We bave^cjmmecced si- Ling cur etock 



home v tluiil Sell witbODt regard to COST. 
We will sell yon 



AEd some very goad 

Dre&s Gruods at 25 Gents 

So eoiae quick before ''py are all goce. We 
wiUai. <dl 



Greatly Reduced Prices. 




We l>stT« ia g-ood Cirtay \»wmm» srw 
aeiliBa:** %1.** pt>r ji»aB«l, 


Browu and Bleached Muslins, 

stripes, Ticks, &c., 

As Clieap as tho Cheax>eist 



Ihcae lioods must be sold, as wo must have 
money to buy our stock of t'all Goods. So comt 
right alout;. Jirmumbor the place, 

218 Third street, St. Paul. 




ISt^Tlkird ••-itreet, 



IN Ml>flvrK60XA. 


{ ■ 






! ' 




I ■• 

tai l a a-w ji i .1 Bsrs 

Si X..J.J 


f v^ 



I ' ■« * ■ - ' ■ 

^m imJkm 


JLIA-JU 0£k 


^l:^ :^^i. AUUMi' "i 



AS ORWINANOB t3 •luxml an .ii.Iik'UI'' V," 
tjtle<l 'An ordlnanc rrUllvi- to Scavf »««>■• 

Tl>.' (oiinuon « ouncU cf tin- city »f ''•• ''""' 
• III OTilikill DH lv>.lOW'< : 

_ M-kttVQ JO ^.a»on8w'- '•""•"J' ■*" 

drain, >uii i i r i ri*> • y 
movxt. iiiiil i"> ri >i 
rr uUii r iiii' ai'.v. r 

u. h I. iH as tijy Irutn liun- !•> 
• I'.-nimon t'ouiull 

' tt.iiu M't Sit r its publioiktioii. 

'•"-"'•^" '•''•»'•'■'"*■ W.r.MlKUAV. 

rri^iJ'Utof tKUiicil. 
K. V. kui*_M>,CU»C;.r». ,^ ,^^, 

A\ OliL)lNii<t:iircl»U»0 to Stiwc". 
B« it'orJa tu.J by tUo CommanCouaca of Uo 
cityofBI.I'»"l„. „.„..„ ,^,,1 <^„. tnr. or 

III, . I o licr 
tliii city ot St. 

,„.,,-.... .-.. . 'pndliie Mwll bo pun- 
rot exi<'i'<HB|l ciio hnndrKi <1iil 


Ouuotlul' ►»l'l "O- 
.Ti .' Any I""'"" "O"? 

'Vi'. ■. 3. Till* o'll u»no« kUV.I tsUicluul ciiJ 
be I'ufuru' iriitn «ml «n<Tlts (lassaK"- 

rM.r.1 A»-»n 10.d. i..,o.^^ ^ „,.,.«.vv, 
Vf sU'ont of LJUUcU. 

K.T. llUfcSK, City CKik. 



rU'N T»» lUKt;»lV Ml.- ST. PAUL —Notion l» 
hon-Uy (siyrti that thrt p^tlfou of 1«»«u<>of" 
Boruu aud K .s Cli»iu|'lin liat bcco Hied wi"i 
till' filv I'll I k, hv ord»r uf tho CoiniiKii roiimiil. 
to»«^»lc iliHull.v in»tk d oil till- I'latof ",'"" 
Additiao, i*. M.U..J ill »«ld l"l'" 11,) "I" I'"'; 
ullt<y, ruDiinx fri'io Moiiriv 
of block on- an.l.i.tlotii..^ _-, ^^^.n^,, „,, 

«lr<i'i to »*!•• ii-n"-; 

„!dl>luii, HP.I |r."t '!•• f'nim.n 
Dool.U u «Jav, III" ►.•coiidd:iyol 
};".?aol..o. .• «.. .ttfco .lly M»l,»"l..- rail 
dott-raiiur ili.' "'at it. «.^d whon al. lutiT.«t>'d 
ciDUltei.d ujdlM ll'.atd. »> older of t!l<" tvm 

mouCoanul k. T.FPIESP. Clly Oik. 

St. P»u1, Auftn t •-• Id, l.-iU. eui-l Iw 

i2>-'/\/\ WRWAWO.-Tho city orn 

ip,)i H F I :iul will rWb a reward ol !■ .vn 
hundred Dollar* for. he <»«e.ctlon •ndc_.nWo- 
tlon ol till' IncuKjiary nlin 
wnSctiUul II.U90 In 1^1 


..•f lire lo tlio Jefler 
. Koutlli Word. 
.K)>'N 8. I'lMNCK, Mnyor. 
t-t. r»ii'., Jul> 111!!, 1--0.1. IJ<>-'| 

TOTttm or rNOPOl**!-*.— Noti<» 
hf r by nireu Ibnt i riponitloKi will bo 
r»<v<v.-d ny "'• fHy < '•'l' ot hln olBco for Iho 
«jil« lo tho eliycftfn O' rcj ol '^n-i ii.or-or 
leI.ll,fo^l• u?<'d a» a t.nrwniriilac.' of d-od aiil- 
nial».aiid t > bury ouch offal a- it miy W fnund 
tn-oc larv to r»m~T(» from tho city. The loca^ 
lion moKt b- ut :ei«t on inii« out«id« ef. and 
within lour mil "Of lim'.tt. I ho pro o 
»ltl'>ix to«' IhK nunib.T0f opr.-^ lliHvrlc.. 
for acn" and 1 >catl03 of land. By order of the 
OotnmouCoundl. ^^ yR,,^i,, citv Clrrk. 
St. raul. .lune 2t. 'txM. __^ >'-'dL__ 

NOTir».— Peffoiii koowlfig ot iaj nul- 
*an.i- to nxUf within Ih.-ilty will by com 
^„„,,.„i,,,M;'eftiet to 'herif. t^l.Tkat hi»offlco. 
Ii . , ,1 ottinh'd lo at onott. A r»>«lntrr i« 

I ■ I I rkN oiUck for the purpo"i' of en- 

,, .,,,.. and ruoh other tnittem ei rc- 

,iu.r.. Hi.! Ait.-nUoii of the Uoaith 
■mintHl daily bv ruy.'*'!'. 
anuniHi ua. y^ ^_ <vitl<ii! r.n.-alth In»pectrr. 

St. l*aul,.I. ue Mlh, IH«l». J'''«-'f 



MIJ^t\lir I tEVfltU IIIIIW 

MiiiuaapoJis to Owatonna. 

11-400. IJ^OO. iMOtl. 

Onandal cr 8A1UHDAV. Au^uot JitU. looJ, 
fiainj vUiruuinuccjrtlaucu *illi Iho folljv. iog 
"XlMbi KjA-liXi : 

r«>iiv> SiiiinoaioDii... 

.. S.MA. M. 

2.40 f 


Ai nmpjlii.. 

I inlt 

..I-.; i« r. .M. 



.. 7.00 A.M. 

a.'.* f 


\. . It, .. . 

..11 r.o '. .M 

7 .>.> r 


tcl'.M DAutUIW. .. 

. 1 +» p. M, 

Arrive Uwatouai 

... I.U>1-. M. 

It Trains oi the WINOWA * 
,11, iOM> at Owatonna f.r 

, ifrii polu'rt, and at M«ndota 
ui tht! Mi icesoia Valb-y Bailioad 

will Uai.iX 

for St. I'aul , , ^ ,. 

Trai!ii Kolug nsrlU wid not 810,1 at t ort bn 


The 5lo nlnn Titiin RoluK Ron»h cnl the 
Kvf • i- * Iran Rolutt Nortli will not ►lop a' 
WeKi-o't 'r ('i<''o K.ick. All othe Talut will 
.topttt Mii'U iialii. I'ort Vn llii.({, Wei.cottan.1 
Ca.<lU' Hock ua ciKoal. 

u< u iral S ipariatHu.l"nt. 
Mlnnetpnlln, Augu;"! rH, 1»«8. augit 


Wiuoua & St. Peter R. R. 


with tlm 

Minn. Stage Co.'s Line for La Crosse. 

leaving t-t. I'aul in tho inumlog 

V .- 


•ni<e . 

* Inonu t'i« •aiaeday. 
i.ului -adt leaveu K».»on at 6 A.M. Ijna 
p. M. ?ioing We.t itavoJ Winona at 5 -.15 a 

l-Dd-i f M. 

Kor Ticket' apply to 
Conipany'tt offic.'. I. -^O" 

tho Uinnenota Kt;'gc 

St. I'sv"! ttuitl E»aciiie 

K A I LJi^ A 1) . 

■.;Hth, IxWi Pm- 


iMroKiKaa ANu Jouni- a;) OK 


372 Jt 374 KaNt WaU', 

Ulhr at all Uin.!« lull lin«« of HFANUAitU DO. 

JlUjriC^i at tUvluirttt Ku^tnni iiu<>:<Ui<:n3. 

AI«o ountUatly reoelvInK Jobd in 

Dress Goods and WooleuH, 

Whicn ran be 

ii.>lil nndrr 


\\ e are in- 

Black Cloths, Doeskins, 

FHne C7a>*wiinoreH, 

tcr Jailor* Irade, on whU-li we oau comp«« 
with II ly llo.ifi- In the connfry. 

Uiii fiiciliticM ill Eiialcra and 
Koioi{.;ii Murkett* uio niicli iid will 
eiiuliltj lit! to coiii|icto with any 
il()ii!>t) ill liio west, una wo wai.t 
every Mimiesota ami L'Wn buyer 
to give 118 a call. Special advan- 
tages oJit'ivd to all ((Us/i wen. Wo 
otier lur^jo luiea of Uoaks, <tf our 
own M.uml'actnre, a lowest |>o8- 
siltlo i)iicee. 

372 and. ^74 Ea&t Water street, 


i««o. ~ isooil 

Cash Wholesale Clothing House. 

^'OIT!., Il»OXllEIl8» 




4^eiit!i>iueu*s Furui.shiu*; tiioods, 

Chambcira, -AH uDd AO Wtabuata At.. 

tleiicccn halt and Iti'.,itloli>h streets, Chicago. 
$SrVi.nlax'.ai atleo'ion pnld to orders, 



Crockery & Glassware 

4:0 Kainiolph-t^t.» 

Aellort^d packoKi'd or iiockery lur the country 
iraio. All orders promptly attended to. 

II. XI. KKrciii;M, 

W. I'. Kf.UKJKI.U, 

A. B. ft Q. H. MILLER, 

iMivM'.rKr.ft AM II JOBUKKS or 


Isl A.1LB, 

Wysleiiliulni's Pocket Knives 


em e*tn-te-a»t., OUioajffo 

yol' AK'Utu tor I ho oelobratvd AUKBICAN 
Kl!.K, C'^.'i MLfcS, guarantctid oijuai to the 
li'^^t l'nrli'<h braad.i; every Ule warnuitoU 


Torreiico, Manning & Co. , 

%v .Iiii.l Die* LKK.l in 



i<'jim;y Dry C roods. 

Hew York ofDce M8 Uuaac atreet. 

OKO. a. TliriKK.'Ht'E, 

W. J. Mahniso, 

JAUKS Wcvr, 

N. a. \YAI.KKIt, 

Onotu!9n.TM')N;>,\Y Mny 
MDRer Train* will mn a* inllow* . 
(JOISU W1.:3T. 

Lmvc« St. raul S-^'V,**- 

" St. Anthony N.^j ^^ 

" Manouiin " '" ,, 

" .\iijka 'W ^^ 

«' Itasca iO.05 

Elk Kiver.. 10.:W 

Arrive at Big Lako il 00 


Lravc3i«l.i I^k" 11?/'*'- 

KIk Kiver 7» 

" Itiirtja "•'■; , 

'• Anoka J-" 

•« Monomin '.'O 

" St. AntUony K.« 

Arrive It St. I*»ul lO.JO • 

l'urohi<eticlcetaftt theStatior- he 
lE«ihi'cariiutadliioountfVom the r 

r;i4s(ni;.r Iraian m.-.t ot Minon; 
wi-hlnts 'O m«k«a»hort pL a^uro t 
tli.K v.M.or ^■m r. m. train Iron 
Muiiomin, 1» mil-*, and return to 
Vn"io ». M:or5.^5 1-. M.. wilh.iat chan,;e of ■• . -. Ir- m at. I'aul a^i hour^ morolnii or even- 

'"I'ViMininrs must K-'t their Daggage oh.U'k.d 
tH-foro^rft will ii carried over the road and on 
lh« TrrivU .f th« train at pIto« of dertlnatlnn 
muit preMMit the ohe-k and f .ke po«e»- on o 
t?"?r tClr bi-n^e. a^ th- rompitiy will not 

, n'-ival at station for which it In cheeky 

part af tho» of this 

..r.' a-d more tiantoRB unless a 
i) made to that eOect 

3..t0 I 

4 'iO " 

I 45 " 

.^ -'S • 

545 •' 

«.l(t " 

0.45 " 

3.00 P. M. 
a.TO '• 
.^45 " 
4.10 " 
♦ 45 ' 
5.IS " 
5.68 " 
' T enter- 
ar train 

r -rionii 

in I intake 

i-'ul lo 

to 1. I' al at 

j^t. ^ouw gidv^Jrtijscmcttt!?. 








t 3 

























ei - 

"3 S 






Commission Merchant, 

>iil< niK NAi.R »r 


TohHctco, !fnii|», ('oHo;i, 

And Wcatero rnd .ioutliera ptodace geaeralty . 

No. 02 I oiiiiiiercial street, 

B«»twt>tM» tiliv«> .•in<l Ijoc»i»»t-«t»i., 

ST l.OlJlss. 

I'rompt alten'loo 8i\cn to OUlig all order* id- 
trviited to mi care. mchc-iy 

BISSEY i Co. JOVKS, I'lXiWILL iCo.lJ. B. SllAW k. Cc. 

Hi.l.oulK. Llule Kock, Ark. | rt.bmilh. Ark. 


(iciicrul ('oiniiiis^iuii 




No. 63 Locust street, St. Louis. Mo. 

Particular attention ilven to lh.-> "ale of Flour 
<!raln, I'ro.tuoe and l'rovl»l< nn. t)rdor» for all 
kinilii of iIerchBii.ll»e pr..roptly tilled at loweflt 
rates. On« of our llrm ttovote* Us ejicmslTe 
attention to the puichane of (iooda. 

Liberal ca»h advanoes madaon consignment*. 


Parker Palnc, K.^q., .St. i'aul, MIna. 
Panail Smith. V.k\., Hed Wiug, Minn. 
ThoH. .Simpson, Ksq., Winona, Minn, 
fitate .'Savings Association,. i^t. I.ouIa, Uo. 
I'rinoliMl National Haukiiof Iowa. 


Forwarding and i'omini^sioD 

No. 23 South Commorcial otroet, 
ST. X.OUL-^, iSIO. 

Rkkkkkmck— NUonal Bank, Mcchan- 
IC4 Hank, St. I.ouls, 

Liberal advannnf male on oonnlgnmentH. 

Parllcular attentlun paid to nUlog all kind« .ol 
orders for country merohanti. }e7-w<lm 


Htniifaoturcr of and Oealei In all kinds of 



j.iciiS<).Y sr.. .\ii.iT iKxii: ki cokvhk ur si\fB 

It.'patriug cf all klads promptly aMuaded lo 
and all work warranted. 

Nothing but Um be.t solnctcd Kastern tim'.>ar 
a*Ad. mctui-iy 


Plio4uii>upha far tOal* Vt»taiPm,%i.yO. 
Citrtxa <!• I'Uit<>, |M>r doaon, 4.1.4M*. 

Kor thlny days I will woi t at theio | rlc' tn J 
(uarantre ><atlrlaciion. 

A. rtlN(JL.AIH, 

Kxeelslor I'liotojcrnph (iailery, 

.Vfirlfi it,>po$Us the Itml'jr. 
et. Paul, M«T . IIV'I. myl^ 


^M 5"5 


•at" =3S,?So9°'2a£. 

:^ i ('r^;< 

o i. « ■? »• i 2 J 






Trunk Manufactory. 

AMo a ftall supply of 

Sa,d<llor*>^ IIfi.x*cl>va,x*e 

Whips, Collars, Horse Covers, &c. 


Corner Third and Rotort streets, Ht. Panl. 










^ tperailiig sod cousulilng 
S IT n G 13 O IV 


Dlseaaos of tho EyoaudEar, 

niJlct, 117 SotU\ Vl'irkatrret, 


I I L. .1 variou* to timcnialHli the 

. <t-ac'K fr. tofo""ign and home 

' • of cure from prr.iom. 

il have boen Hhown us 

1 iliev Rive stronp I. Il- 

..... ol Ue- D.j-t jr'a skill in trtalii g 

ti' •■ve and l;ar. Dr, W. hai an ap 

.1 t .e largeiit L«Qdon llo»- 

r"'p"ct allbTally educited 

.■II are of ttie highest char 

, .f V, ..II. ■ I if -nihlirna, J/im'i, is'fo, 

KrcachartUlolnl eyes Ini-crttd, Price, $15 00 

c*«li. "'"■"!_ 

>Ierclin.J\t Tailor, 

jS.-NIi CTiOTIllKK.. 

.... , •,. n-* . '"a;", l^irnishlns (foods 
'•|r.i strrmt, l.'iipef 
u Ivane >'l to ntli 

...;... ,....r..r ...,-. .— - !»«»-" 



.., j^.f.,.,-.. are hereby ;o b>y or 

V - rtineitn of r>»po!>lt .f Tl|;iu-i 

1 r I'l-e.' humlre-t dollar:!, n im- 

■ ,sf I'aul July 'Ofh, Imit, and 

. lu, oi.J. r, the ►aid certUlcote of .'.; 

, ,.«t a«d l>»>«e-t^'{-|{-|[ 'Zl^i?^- 

.st.vtkii" Minm sot*, 

OKrU^ieoirTIlK SF.<'ltKT»llYO' Stvtb 

St. Pai'i., AuguKt 4th, INM 

NoTif-e IS usRBBir oivaar 
that In ]inr*urnce of an act enllthd "An 
act In provlili' lor th . piirclian" ol piper for the 
putib printing." ni.proved March Ut, IxM, 
>e.iled p-opo-al.'* will be received at thi. offlcn 
unlll SiipiiwuVr .'Id. iN.rt, for furul-ihlng Ih.- lol- 
loainc amount ami kind- of pi.^r, vU: 

Thr.e Hundred |{eam4 Book I'lper, size I4x:iT, 

Tliirtv Kiam" I'oliol'Oht. 

Kilty It'ams Klat Cap. 

Seven !{■ aran Dnmy. 

Nln.' K.ams Co'ored Medium. 

K.jur i;.-a-i » Print raper. 

Three lleimti I egal trap. 

Two It. ains Oout'lc Cap. 

Kive Hundred bheefs Hond Paper. 

All bidn inu.t coi:taiii Komuleii of tlie several 
kinds ot raper pr'ipOrrd to ho furnished, and 
Ktate distinctly the price per pound or ream of 
each kin.l. 

Attention it called to the following paragraph 
in fection 4 of tile act above named : 

"And evirv peri-on or prr'oni to whom con- 
tracts hhall havu been awarded, and who shall 
negl'it or re(u«e to enl.'r Irt.i the bondu re- 
ijulred by thU act, shall torfrflt sod pay for any 
Kuch neglect or refu.<al any .urn not Wan than 
fifty nor more than live hundr.-d dolarn, to be 
r "covered in tho nam < and tor the use of the 

.Said paper mast hi delivered at this olllon 
In fU"h aiiionnn and a! -iich times as mav b*' re 
i|jlreil, which will pr'ibutily tm about on.' Inir In 
November, lMr>, tiid the balance in Kcb:uary, 


aui.& Secretary of State. 

Guaranteed to glv« moro power with aame quan- 
tity of waler than any other W heel known. 


Send for DesoriptiTe Circular. Jy>l 3in 

.1 K. IIILLKr, Tll«€l. B. l-AKKKU. 


Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, 

No. Itjy TUirJ street 

(Over Nuihaus' Store,) 

8'1\ P..Vl/r*. MINN. 

P 1 A N O S I 

[)\K (iu«)«i Second Itund Fiauo, 

lr»rico, Sh»*^00. 

Ouu uot 8o Uood, Price $150. 

Three iSt-eoud Hand MeliKleoum, 


And uu KBdless i|uanUly ul lM«lrmui>.iitR vl all 
di'SCripUuu*. al tow Ugures, at 



lVJThir4 street, Ht. 


I'aul, Minn. 


(•ri-ul I'iituo l-'tirtv li. .UcltiUcoii 


WAUH:o()JIS l.N 

Cli» \V'ki>.4liiut[rl<*u Nt«-«M;t, 

.Vcic \urk ir.^rrr. <;»«1 M>0 Uroa^lieny, 
W!iole,.!il«i Ag<-nt< for the I'. S. for 


I.KI.I llHArki* 

liolil ^l<Mlal Piano Fortes. 

A" to the r''li»'1vo m^rlt. of t*ie>.e rianos, w.' 
would rf f.-r to Ih" n-r Iflcateii of extv Hence In 
oar po«t.'->loo Irom rtiairer.,-, Oo tci»l«,.Mr«, O. >-a>ter II. VniiKtemp., I.ouIn ^t<ab 
and K. Muxlo, Musical l>lrf><;t<>r of the Italian 
0;rf>ra, as »No from s..m« of the mont dl-ttn 
piii.<t.c.l I'-or.'.i.' and Amifen^s in Iheconn- 
trv. .Ml In'.lruiii.'nt.i Kanraii'.i. d for live years. 
Also agenti for 

A. II. O tXUhl A t-'O . 

Ami (Mlier Kiml Thhs Pianos 

We have the lar/e't aud b.''ff ns^ort d sirrk 
of Vlano* In the city, shioh for nnver and 
swe.'tieis of tone, easy *ul agreeable tcucb. 
and l>''u.ity of Unl h hate, by Jud|;i', t< .'U pro- 
noutic. .1 unrirntl»-'f. 

^^Parrieiilar ktt.'ntlon pal.| to th.i "o'ct'tn 
of lu.irum.'ntK for di«tant order", and a privil- 
ege ot excliufifn grant, d at any tiino within six 
months, if the Instrument should not prove en 
liri-lv snli'factury. A Iib>-ial dUcouni lo Cler- 
g>njin, leai'lHT.i an.l .^ch.)'.]-*. 

Wlirl 'Kule ■>.' .I.r. will tin. I It to their advau- 
tag.i lo give u* a rill.a.* by gn-atly ierrH«.*e<l 
iii.'ilitl. 4 ware < naMe.i to Ul. all oril.r< with 
dispateh. I'ursoos In want of a really KIrst 
Class Piano wi I do wi li lo uUI b.'lure purchas- 
ing ei8ewheri>. 




Harmoniums, Me'odeonsdt Organs. 

MaoufHClurcK and ImpurUrA ol 


STRiNtu, ArroiiDKorr", 


biillM.i.Ol IfAKS. 


Ard othT Mnsieal The .silver 
and llrass tnst.uments, of our mnrufaclare and 
lm| ortallun, are used bv mo!.t all of the Im-sI 
li:in.l. in the United Stales, and w'l.'iK'ver ex 
hlMled have always received the Oold 5ledals 
and highest (irrniiums. IJavingconnectlon with 
manulacturiug houses in Uerliu. Leiustc, l>n-s 
den, Kligisnil, Paris xvr ar.' prepar.'J to fiirni"h 
Dealers. Bandi and Inillvlduai*. with verynrtl- 
cle In iMs line at the lowest manufacturers' 
price.., Kcmeml.'r th" place, 

(j9 Wasliin^on-sl., CIiit;a«o. 111. 

AVir I'ori*, e»0 nrondien]/, 

Reputation Established I 

Jtirs. S, ,3. •ttlcn is truly 
a public bcucfa'tresa, and 
her tcontlcrfnl success is 
UHiircccUiiitcd. 'iter fame 
and Itc't' diftcot'rrics hare 
gone abroad^ and tO'day 
she is in htr iitir the larff' 
est matiufacturess in the 
world. ^' 

Everybody Interested. 

§\*oHlh antl old age are 
tiUkcbtHf tired Itn the use of 
Jtirs. S,.M.*!illen'^ ^ World's 
Uair Restorer and fftair 
Mfressitig. They act direct" 
Iff upon ihe ro^ts of the 
hah\ i-ur.Hsiis luxuriant 
groivfh and bcrtuly. Your 
hah'y ifchemged to grey or 
white by t.irhness or other 
causes, will soon be restore 
cd to its natural color and 
beauty. Dandruff' eradi- 
rated forever. The Hair 
falling stopped. The most 
delicate head-dress or bon- 
Ut t ran be worn triltftut 
fear of Hoitfng.'^The most 
delightful fragrnacf to the 
hair is imparted. Mf you 
Wish to restore your hair, 
as in youth, and retain it 
through life, without tie- 
lay purrhase a bottle of 
^lirs, S. Jl. Jilten^s n^orld's 
Uair Restorer and Oress* 
ins • 

Sold by Druggists throughout the World. 

"9 PlllNCIl'AL BALUa OI'FIt C, 
198 & iJOO lirctBwich St., IVew.V*riu 

03t'.£V. dwo < I % W I T 


s • Nll-'l 
UvL M«) 

Do^vii Go Prices I 

VIVTER, ROSE & tmii, 

Wholesale Druggists, 



liirpeutiue, W iudou iilass, 

oils, WHITE LElll, \mMi\ 

PainterK' li^tock Cuiuplele, 
White Wash and olhee Urushen. 

And all other 


lu Krcat variet>. 

Howe U Slevens' Dye ColortJ, 

ut Cbluugo I'riueti, 
A full lino of the famous and n-llab e 

Nichols* Preparations, 

With a complete and thorough Rto:k throush- 
oul. I lie atteutioa of the Invittd and 
patronage solicited. 

bt. I'aul. July X«), IMO. Jy2l 





Having a buyer wao is constantly in the Ka.l 
ern Maiket watching tor bargaius, wi have ua- 
usual facilities for keeping a 




AViH. ^f tiSiuKli Ac Uo. 



(Succrmori to Watson, Ur.»»MOKK * Oo„) 

l.4MrAniKE!iS Wi DIALKK8 i.1 


COIN If liiCTIONir.ltY. 

■ "We an- prepared lo lornlsh every dercriptlon 
of the above articles In aur desir> d quantltv 
Kvc ry diccrlplion of Bakery done to nroei . We 
warrant ail goods a No. 1 article, orders from 
the country soll.^ited and promptly Ulled at the 
lowent cafti I riee. 

Ca«h pild lor BuiiKr, L.vup, and fcooa 
Call at tlic 

N'(trlb western Hteain liakery, 

lornt'r KoUtI rtlrjel and I,<'v. e. 

iNEW HTOtris. 




No. 2 Jackson street. 

Particular attentlrn given to prcnarlBg and 
prosecuting with promptness and dlrp^fch all 
claims for poldlt rs or olDoera und»r the late acts 
of Congrrfs, or any other Imslner. arl-Ing out ol 
tie late wars, Indian or K.-beiiloii, not 
et finally and nat sfactf rlly letlled. Mv V asli- 
toD corretpundents arc Messrs, tuoborn k 


ug. Attorneys at Law. 

aug'i ly 


AoKST rilH 


Winona Carriage Works, 

Tho lirgo'.t and mott cxlen-lvo 

CAriiti-iVOK K AC rouv 

Mi tho We«t. W.> manufaot'iro to or.ler aad koop 
con-taiitlv on Iiaad ill kin.lj ot 

CaiTiofireH, I3uf;gri<^»9 


We ttsn the bo't material aivl wnrnint uur 
trork. Koleg extensive dealers In all kinds rf 
cirrlaxn an<7 Wagon material pnrnhas'd fyom 
lintbaadii, caiUel na to s li less thin Ohioigo 
prioea. n'l>OLW A (.KANT. 

aagll Winona, UlnnefOta. 

■ O I.I4kt'OK» 















VTALvan tr. vsvv * v, 

no-Tit ;» 

CHARI.KS Sl!(0. 

i\.ttortie.> H ixt I^a-Wy 

Room So. i, irofAiii^ton Building, 
Cl«r. Vtia atrssrcaitit Pvaaaylrtanlia Ave.. 


Will prosi. ut« all c'nims agiln»t th" Govern 
meet and fr'^e pirlh ular sttnutlon to the settle- 
merit cf I'ino'rs' Aoroants, the Coll'ctlon of 
Bock Pay, ISounty and P.-naluns, ll|.i Colleciloo 
of Pay 'er«e. I.o t In the i;crvlc". Ac, Kc. 

All t>a-lne4s enlmited to -is wl I be attended 
to with prinptne.s euJ on reasonable terms. 
Llb<^ral arrargein"nts nlllbima.Je with mem- 
bers of the prub rilon «n;rusttag bnstno.s to 
our care. 

Poit oni.'.-> Box 7D0. jv:ti-dAw3m 


Sad tilery riard-wa-re, 


For Driving In Hy Time. 

Vly Netn nncl Llnon 8heotis. 

Whips, OoUart, Cnrriigt 4 Buggy Harness , 


lezr-d&w earner Third and Robert t«s 


BOOH Aur.%Tm wa:«tssi to 
tell tli.< lllalOKV OKIML UUKAT Ul> 
BKLI.ION. bv .1. T. IIKADLIOY, now ready, 
complete In ou'* royal octavo volume. AI-..0 in 
two volume', I. '.''10 pages, ro steel engravings, 
Including |o portraits of Northern and ooutbern 
Ij.'neral.i. In Kngiish ami German. 

The author is well known as oneof the b"Ht, 
and the wcrk i^ a v.ry alttacllveoue in biudicg 
and illustrations. Agent, who have dellTer<-d 
No. 1 can now he sa,.pli.«l with No. t. 

Extra iuducem.nlj oli.Tel. Call on or ad- 

Iir fouth Clark urcet, Chicago, lU. 
aui{2|.d.v\vjw _^_^____^______^____ 


Shingle. Stave and Barrel Machlnerr, rompris- 
Inrf ..hinvle Mill', H-edlng Mill'', ll.'aOlug 
Kound.'r« ami Fliner... H.-oitrir .lotn''r.<, K.|ual 
l/lng and Cut Off Saws. Miin;.-|e and Mavr 
.Jointers, »e, *c. All new. »»f ojr own mske 
ant wa muted. 

8»<i and i'l Msdiircn strc»t, ChlcaK-i, 111. 





I'MAn.Ninu BKAiiiriir, 

Mui'«n»r-M<>rn t«> 




(ieneral Commission Mercbauts, 

<'ar. Lunor Lsosis^ A Mbl»y at*., 


Wo ooliult the at<entlon of Uia trade to oar 
stork of (;roc<>rl«s, wlileli have been carefully 
sele.Tteil tn ini-et the wnMiH ot this market, and 
which we sha^i aim to sellas low as any. 

We ara sole Aguuis lU .Minnesota fur 

FairhuiikN Standard Scutes, 

And .hall a'wayshave a xuv>ply on hand tor im- 
mi'dlali' ilvilvery. U'e ate also agent, lur the 


l-loLli lliiiul xiiU H**li'KHWMH, 

With a tuU cuppl) Ul Kepairs. AUolorihu 

t'ase "Sweepslaltes'' Threshers. 

Wi:ti K. |.Ui:', Wo uhall havu ler bolo 


Uf Kaalnrn ma;<uUcture, with Keek Yokes. 

Wli'llb tre<-s, W:igo<. Covers and Chains, 

tog ther with 

(»lu«l« untl l>oubl«^ C.'ui-rlUKCM. 

From the rxt.-u^lve mnnufsvtory ol llAttVtY 
It W A LACK. Iluffaio, N. V. 

Api;r>-'iaiiiig to- lileral patrot:»gi' bestowed 
on the idd llou^e. w.* -hall eud.-avor to irain- 
tain the favorablH reputation estahlUh'd by 
them, liirough ra'eful attention to tlio io'areals 
ol all » ho i.iay tavui us '.1 Ith their buein'>ti9. 



■>. ■>. MmVt,VM.mJLAU. 



and OoriiruiK.'^ioii M.or<*haut8, 
No.;*. .1 UJKtSON tSrUKKT. ST. rAlJl^. Ml.'* V 

Second Door Below MerohantB' Hotel. 

M e have lu »tora one of th« I.AKOK3T STOCKS la ITils mo-'kot of 

Tobaccos and Cigars. 

St. PanI, Jaoaary 11, IWa. 



H.-NliY AMb» &CO.-d UK4f, KORSALK. 

i>. F. mcariLLAB. 




r. w. Mc«i;i&.i.Aar. 


■>. r. .'HcacaLi'An. 

H LJ O A. It. S . 

00 HAKIi«KI.I* UKn .■(«■», I'O.'n 




i'«'<l ami 

P. 9. ■cUKU.l.AH. 


-|«i« n4<.)« pusnc: uio asm 

O. G. JAVA. 
For Sale by 

i>. r. ncOt'BJLi.A]«. 


kioo UAi.r <'Hi:»TM, coaAi^r 





n •■;. 

5 - 

% -3 

n q, 

* .t 






r. > 










USE THE rest:" 

WAJsrcviiy — >vr** rvi'm 

In eyiry eoiinlv In Vlnnesola, to s''ll the 

Oenuine Iinppovi^d Now K'.g^and 

Thj only sma'l M'>chiu" Ihnt g -eM ff.-aeral sallf- Re;ail pri e l|ll».«» •, 
All Kixt'iros Inaulnl, excpt 
HiirnuTii'H a«»ir S«»w«»r Kxira. 
And lor b^Ih with a good supply ol Needles, 
from N-Mi. I to&; also the be>.t q.ia.ity of macliin ' 
oil, at my room , ll»:» I'liird stroet, ■ t Pail, op- 
posite Munger liros. Music Htore. CP bTAi!;s. 
Tnbtei wUh Troad'e. extra. (lO. 

jr. U. iHITCHI(I.I, 
Jein-.lm (ieneral A geut 


J A P A N K • 

I*, r. Hcttt.'XA.I.AJl. 


200 Boxen Coiupx'itsirjjL? 

Kine Navv, Natural Leaf, Ac 

■•. r. .'McHV'I'I'AS. 

For Sale by 


1250 Bai'rols.llall Barrols 

And Kegs, Comprising Sugar DrIpe, Amber and 
Golden aud Sugar llooeu. 

For fsle by 

r. W. McttVIl.l.4H. 


P. F. M<K2UIf.l-.A.l>r, 

Uaa au Immensu variety of Groceries, comprlslDg 
evrvlhing usually kept by a wholesale grocer, 
wbloh he offers to J<>al»i's only, aud for cash only, 
always at lowest market ratei. Iy4-tf 




Remodeled, Refitted &. Restocked. 

A apknUid stock of 



t^yo Stufis, &<:., c&c. 

I'errunier), Fauey Soaiis, 



In great quantity and variety. 

Particular attention psid to Compuundlog 

Agents lor the o'lebrated KIJKEKA UAIB 
INVIUOUAiOB. AlullaofortlucM ol 

Views of Minnesota Scenery, 

Al.. aya on I acd. 

ALLEa A.C-HAmi>l>ll!(, 

Proprietors, Inieriatlonal Hotel Building, 

Cor. Jacksou and Seventh streets. 


Corner Fifth and Robert Streets, 
SSt Paul. Miukksriyiota., 

HANI K^fTfKtll <iK 


Carriages and Sleighs. 

klnde ni raoairing proiu^My attended to. All 
work warranted to giv - mi.facttou. 

BobU ly 

Uoyal Havana Lottery of Cuba. 

Conducted by the Kpanlrh Hovernment. 

im.m a (old mm ivkkt n im. 

I'rlzc' cashed and information fomiphed; the 
'ii)rli"Kt rates paid for Doubloons and all kinds 
'■ - Bi,o for all governmoat be- 

Excelsior Hair Restorer 

Is the t.esi pr parail D -vr i.r» nent d 10 th; 
pubilo for 'lie Hair, and tt>e only arilule pos- 

i>. nn'iig ^1 t il- me itn elai ed for il. 

IT mAur.t> Htm titKt'nr ox 
nai.i> MR An*. 

Arrest* ltd t-.llingotror turning gra". cures al! 
dls as K of t e ^cai:' aud make- ha. 1.I1, wiry hai*' 
'.eiiutltu'lv 00. t a«d .uxur<aatlv glossy tint 
above '.11 Ir. the marvelonj rapld'ty with wh cli 

CIHAV AAan IK nillkTfaMBW 

To iiK orUlnal eo or. Us<' II h f.'w t.inn. imd lo ' 
'iur 1(1 a. tMt:^lrt.-. <lir.ippM:ii .1 fi4 II t.y mitglj 

■ riMXnTA fSVB. 

But ftrlVes at l>'e rmts ol th" hair, •np-.l,.? 
th.'i'.i with new llf- ani oolo'ing nutt**r. Ii ■ » 
much tiett' r dreH,ing than Oil or onia'uiu, sie 
l«\rtli|.* tlii-ir .le I'TeHouN etrre^a. It ts elc; out 
lerluoietl. i- e:i appli. d, aud is ie u'l re>|>i. , 
atr.ejl.ln to III > » n-. .. I., ;.-(! r a f.i'r itial. 
'hi- do.*- r .>! i.riive lo t.e U»e tN*-i pr»pa'-i>ti'in 
'Klbre the pub ic. th-* iij-*U'*> wili In* reuu'i.-il. 
Put up in large bottles and sold by all drug»l-u 
til of' per lioitie. 

int. K. B. CL Cn, Prorri'dor Manc'.eater, 
N. H. Ki;i.L»* It, KITfOH ft IfULLKR, 

Gen'i'.l N'orihw' sUrQ Agentr, <.hl ago. 

U. tM'. atOBISHOll, Ag:*«t, *t. Piassi. 

Tlt« Alphia iistd Omrirn ■owwaor »t 

Kewiiig M.acliines. 

Per.'onH on-l parties wi' to purcbaoe Klisa 
llo.>e'r loli-Ki i.-npr.ived and beet workiug.Shutt e 
Stitch Se «inc M. .chine in the wo'ld, .an do so 
at Hi:t Third street, .St. Pm-jI, tip ktairr 

■ lie undeirj^ni'd is prepared to furnlah any 
size an. I style 01 flnlah that c-hd bo found in any 
ol t' ebest .SHwiiig Uucl'iiie entab isbments Ise- 
where, tiolh Family and Manufacturing Mauhlors. 
All are Invited to call and ne.- 1 hem work. 

S It. .11 II (;» KAJL. Agunt, 
iva I'hird Htreot, M I'aul, Minn. 

Rich and Rare Goods 

I pa 
of U»ia and Sliv 


Solid Silver ^Wax-e, 

Warranted cqnal to ooin. 

Tabic Spoons, Dehsert Spoons, 


Solid Silver Tabic and Tea Knives, 

Table Korka, Dessert Fork«LPickle Forks, Sar- 
dine Forks, Cheese Forks, Pie Knives, Cake 
Bnivee, Outer Knives, Cheese Knives, 
Sonp I.adles, Sugar Spooni'. Sugar 
Sitters, Silver Napkin Kings, 
Jolly Spoons, Berry Sppona, 
Ois>r l..aales, ffusiard 
Spoono.Salt Spoons, 
Ice Cream Spoons, 

BQO SFOON^S, Gold Iiined. 

Preserve Spoons, Sliver Cops and Goblets, Tf* 
Strainers, Tobacco Boxes, Card Cases, Spectacle 
Cases, Port Monaicn, bait Cellars, kruit Knives, 
Child's Knives, Forks and Spoons— all pure S-^H- 
ver. A large assortment of SILVKK I'LiA.tKD 


A large lot, in Gold and Silver oases, adjusted to 
heat and cold— warranted good timo- 


100 Cases Seth Thomas' Clocks. 

A full line of 


Come aKd see the Diamond Uood« at 


The largest a.isortment of 

Gold aud Silver Watches 

In the State. 

Diamond, Opal.Prarl lluby aud Km.ialdSingr 

and Pins, <Jny!C, Amethyst and (Jamet .J-w- 

eiry , Solid Gold itrac<'lot«,<Jold ThlraWes, 

Gold Mecklaci't, Go'd Chain., 

(a largo lot . 1 

Solid Oold 1^ insrw, 

Vacblea,*. — «. J»tt»»«nB, Mtuda, We-ya 

Store in Greeaieaf s Block, 

Opposite Concer". Uall.nearthe ."ost Office. 

TAYiyiR * CO., 
Uaokers i« \v>U-Bt., N. 


Call and Examiae our Stock 



Wholet^ule uud Retail 

G K O C! E R S . 


Unportera of 


European Produce. 

Ucalerf In 

Green and Dried Fruits, 

and Id all klndi of 

Tobacco A Segrars, 

Cor. Third ft Market St«., St. Paul. 

OeUber », 1M6. ool»-tl 

Family Groceries. 



tiBAi»«, CAain*. ciscr 

(..Att.'), Ao., priatod In Chn b<wt style at th* 
OariT Pre-. Hfaiwt 1rf> Prto»l"t 0^r>«. 

A !i «:v.tTO^ir.«i. D.ti.1:. Avn 

jX. SiiCKI r Ji>IMrKL>l..l!.li wtth.'lde 
a' Ai.Wl.*. «l*=o til** U. >•. A-mv and Navy Leg, 
Ih" I'ti'-r Isfurnlh'lo -oMI rs b; the U. S. 
G vcrnraent »I;ho*jt tliar/je i.y appKIng to 
D'>l.'GLA-l IILV, M. D., No. 7.i Pln.i slre«rt, St. 
LauIs, and No. :2 l':iloi> Ireet, Uempbi*. Tenn 
xendfora vimp!i!et 0/ Using dctortpti m a:.d 
n-itruciionn. tayM ly 



_ 'KitM MAKE, varranted th* best io Mar 
k't.'hijt ICC Iv^U and for tale by 

St. Pjn'. nay 11. IMC. wfU 


Portable Circular Saw MilU, 

Hhingrlo IMacbines, 



Cor. John And Water streets, Cincinnati. 
aa^AppIiranta for descriptive circulars will 

■pedfy the machinery they need. 



Ilavo received Ihelr Urge and ^p:<ndid aa- 
sortme.\t of 

JEW E L 11 Y , 

Solid Silver andPlfit'd >Vare, Watches, Fai:cy 

Goods, In fact tvervlbinggenerally found 

lu a ntit-class Ka'aMisment. 

Having purchased our goads mostlv since the 
d<*cUne In go il. we are p-epar>d lo offer them at 
tlie lowen possible rates. Please call acd ex- 
amine our stock. 

•Vl'artlcular artentlon giver. t.J Fla" Watch 
Ri-paiiing and Jobbing. 

A oontio'.a'ii n of favors from our old cut torn- 
era It sollcl'e 1 'or th.* n.w llrm. 

IM Third street, one doar below Shaw's Hat 

Store tit. Paul Minn. h .1-. m 


One large Burglar Proof Paft; lUaa oue 
Urge elie Fire Proof, In perfect order. Inquire 
ol the nndrrilgned or of Theodove Borap. 

Cl»A8. H.OAKK8, 

St.P.atI, May Irt.lM*. Wiy?-tf 

The unilersignnd, havlngjnat opened a choice 
stock of FAMILY GROCr.RIKS, at their store 
comer S«v"nth and .Sl^l.-y sir.ets, will k.'ep con- 
stantly on hand alull acsorlnent of all Goods 
In their line. , ,. „ 

A sharo of the public patronage Is respeotflilly 

soUdted. BUlHtoaAWBM.B*. 

January ITth, luM. JanlK-ly 

i Mills lliMlIEK \m, 

Corner Idi'm.tuiu) and llh 
Minnesota flouse, bt. 




To supply a delloiency longoxiMlng.have printed 

»nd ready lor sale the following Blanks 

forubcin Probate Court : 

CUMUIdSlGNii-U-"' WARBAHTB, (wlthoaUia 













For aalo by tho quire or single eheet. Address 



The undersigned have this day formed a co- 
partnership under the name and style of 

A. H- ^Vlldei- & Co., 

for the transaction at St. I'aul of a 



Qenoral Commission Business, 

At the stand lately ooeai'/iud bv J. C. * n. C. 

Cor. X.awer I^eve* d Wtoley a»re«»n. 

Mr. A. L.Larpenteur »-lll remain with the new 
Arm, and we shall aim to maintain the reputation 
of the old House by a careHil attention to the 
Interesta ol all who may lavor ns with their busi- 
ness. A. H. WILDER, 

St. FanI, March 20th, 1M«. rooh'iotf 



*: f 

JTacLuson str-eet, 

B'iret Door A.>>ove Third strewt. 
Opposite Mcrcbanta' Bo'.ei. 


will keep constantly on band 

Shirts, Drawers, Hosiery, 

Xruuks, Valisos, &^c.,&.o. 

Jew Sm 




Fencinu, FIcoriii?, Dimensions, 

Uuarda, cirsir l.iaasbt>r, Midlssff. 

t$hin$;rteN and Lath, 

Constanll) ou hand ami lor fcult. 

n AnuBrBii. 



Uan nvivodnnothrr supply cf Ihu 

(Vlcbrated Mankalo and Dayton 

W hlcU he offer.*i for falc to the trade. 
AU«n»»» ••«»»•'» «inauiltj of BIII'BB. 



Shop In old Baptist Church Juildlng 
Filth str«*et,near Jacason. All kinds oil 
penter work done to or.ier. 

MSIIEIBB A BBO.. Arclil«s.c»».-- 
• Ofli«.e in the same builrilng as Leonard 
AShelre's Carpenter Shop, on Fifth street. De- 
signs, Plans and dp. clflca'Jor" t-.r I viUUcgPOf cv- 
erv deBoriptlon prnpnred on s^.-r* tic-;.<-o. |n1S i' 

LAW acd Real Kstate Ag- 

vr. o. 

11. J. TAYLOR, Agent. 
St. Paul, June 1, '.".flfi. 

Leod county, 

d Real Kst 

AT"?<>*%aBY AT 
r.t, fli.'noae,Mc- 


A full asaortBCBt of 


«,ul>l>er F»acUingr, 






*.*l':i3'-li««n«l«-«l T'f'oplo have their 
liJCkli rculon-d \,y it to ti.e Hait:, hittremn, 
silken tretite.i of ji.uili, niiil nrt* Usippy '. 

Voiin^ Pf opio, witli light, faded OT rid Hgir, 
li.nvf llif-o uiil';islii'irini.l(* i oIrir« »-ii;:ng'd to 
a bi*auli(iil fU!iiiii*n. an<I r'-,oicol 

i'cople wlio-P Iicadi nr^ <-'.vrre(1 with 

l)iilirlrt:Jf :tut\ llint.ri'-.r u^c j^^ pn,] Jiavt- clean 

<-o.ils an.] i-I'-nr iinil ln*:illliy trjilj.'- ! 

Ylnl»l-TTon«l«"rT T'<>lr'mns linvc 
tlieir ieiii:iiriin" I'w lc« lij;t ti'TM^d. nnd the 
b:u-e 'poiu rov< red with a Inxiiriant prowtli 
of Uair, ami (lane-'* f - .';<'•; 

Voiiti'j (^fiitlpincn lun ii, Lecaaco it i» 
rietily p'-ifi:ii,r<l! 

■^ oitr-.' Ladies nsc it bocaufo it keeps 
llicir Jlnir in pinpo! • 

Everjipody tamt nnd ft<U use it. 1>^rnMi«i» 
it ia tlic iUa,n:J luxl lufl attii'lc in tlj«» 
marJcot ! 

For Sale by Dniggisti generally. 

Mr.u.i, Atr. --, IK<(.i. 
Vr. rr. It. /T<.7.;ri,t nrvrjfitt . 

Ill:.^. - I ; s o" r.-i...'i.'..*r leat wl.*.ii I pur- 
•tr^^.'.i •!.( Iit.'fle ol ICir;,''.- v..;r'»titi!,. Am ..o-U 
.|i 'e w.-e»s agf), tr: hilrwis veT|t»»»y. Ian 
lai.p-, t.i vii I':.' ';.-.(. i*« I. «• I* hn- le-er; r ik- 
pli*teiy re io»e<l If. Us nai'.iral c lor. bl^ck 1 
ioivr 1. uo Nf en ill. m' li^ lei-i. r! t.'>x. r -1 tim«*s,and 
have no b. al.-allor in ".^sii-trg ri-y f'ler.ds »hat It 
i« no huml>ug,'' >^t t|i-,t ir nil -o ad tbM Is 
el'.iniefl 'or It. Icon-Iri r I? Miferior r'>an>tbli)K 
ol the kin.' in ma'k'-t a< a "Hair D^easia,!.'^ 
keeping th.* i^eslp . ■em, l.efirl fp e f;cm dandruff 
and the hair t-oii and nilkv. 

J. g. ADAMS. 
Carrftge Mpnofsdurer, i.lxor in. 

1 oai. 

rar et , 

fi. i'At.1., ." jT-r i n Mif*, 
vouob for Ihe trail) of il.i>nl>n*e atats- 
Sopt. of ,'jt. Han Oa> Worlf. 

w.n'm A a^ n n . Br<3««, 

Sola Wholeeaic ICetall. Age'il. 61. Paul, 
IHInn. irrAdS-wUm 




..-easiness " . Ttt » '._,..n,t',o 

a» P« 


.or.po'^«*,^,^\ess ^« ^;.,, not onW 



"•Teething ■ 






ci.«»-'^^I.r->»'"*'-'^--M Dealer* 






rheoopartnerahip hercloloroojt.Ul.nfi between 
Oie undoraigncd U this day dissolved by mntaal 
consent CHAS.!!. OAKKS, 


fit.Pnnl.Blaym.l Mg. myW 

COAI^IUO 1X»»« B«.0»i»Mt;B« 
COAI„Juet received and .or^.a^e^by^^^ 

St. Paul. May II IW*. 


Real fc^s-ato _A.gents 

Tames paid. I*'' ' Warrants and tcrlp located. 

oases. Lota v^- 


•"ftrraa for sa!^. 


We are now prepar-ji to deliver ICK to the 
cillJcna of St. Paul. 


t»aco Browa'a Block, Third at. 

laa Third uticct, Saint Paul, 



stoves, Tinners' Stock, Sheet 'ron. Nails, 
Gin*.!!, Putty, Axes. i>hovel8 and Spadi'S, Build- 
ers' Uardware, Mining Tools, l.'armiiig Imple- 
ments. Tin Ware, &o.. Ac. 

Having aeci.r.*d the services of Mr. JOHN E. 
MIS80N, particular attention is called to Koor- 
wo. GuiTEKiKO, Pn MBi.NO, fcc. and will 
In all case, warrar.t • natUfaotory and tight roof. 


rm. o»OEi.o'w 

la tte onI> Phy.eian. at a Sp'i- 
elallsf, DOW In Chi. ego thai 
f.(. entile!', relied opon. Go to r. d ro' -L-ffer bat bemtie 
di.-'n*^« ti 11 F'aii. Id yotr * yst^-ns, 
(;i»»pr>iif ■< 1 1 fti' n r •< 'I;, le* 
liUt «"e,.trr,v'ng ;<ni 1 lit ;:l' ess 
aid futi:re p'ro»p«cts cf lite. He 
^BS msde f |tiV= 1 H LSI ASFS 
and Nt-KVOlS rbBIMlV bia 

Vctaw^- •■' etudv for ib"- 1 a-' ■«eii> 'eora, 
and Is' therefore the ereon whon- sll elBicied 
should cone !'. No one evtr i.eR'O ot a pa'.irnt 
if his not betrg cured he bas l»en 'n 
'hi- city. Hir r' petaiiot hai* voufberi. lu tlie 
city papoTH, his patients, and the ni-C'i -'< piw- 
lessi n, heth li re UDdatimad, a>. b'-ii g 'le most 
'killed '.peo«ali-t bei*, ard a ( Diartrr of 
all .exuil dl« »i.ef . if all oth. r* tail, d i:'t de- 
spair, eivr him • call, it is o. I> a c<< woi. oo- 
ru re'nee wiih him to cure *ucb c»^e^ His 
rooms are neporate forl!-dl.>* end eentkn-ec, and 
th" TO"! i*«>nijl-'e '» the city 

v<n.>-<) Vi ^, T^K1! PABTuri-Ar "f'll K — 

ooior Ititel w It. -votes much ol bie time lo*l.r 
tr B'ln.'M' 1 tlio»* .*ase» ca'.sKi b a eret 
habi', »hfch ruin- botb booi at d min'l um.ttirg 
tlie iinf.rtunate n*'l> ii'ii'-l for • liber huHiie'-t- or 
.•ocietv. Ti r sad "fleclp of ihtseearh l^ahi's. 
or 'he ex'-e^i. ot ni.<*r yearh, if u* w • ann and 
leHlitate ii:e ro^"tiiotlei> desrrn\ flu hvsiesl 
and mei lal p'.wn<. dimin'sl: and enieelil" the 
nsiu-al f ' llnt^ and -xh uct ih<- ritn ei i-rcics 
ofmanh* od ; th.- pleai-on-s of 'Iteai** marled. UMt 
object of marii*.j;. fiu-'rafd, nd -xi-tero' il-e;l 
rendered a erni ..I unreaKJiig miserj ai d r pre*. 

ueli per-onr. e..i*<'C!all> 'hone com mpiHting 
marriace, shiu'd lo-^r no time in makiig iniii.e- 
d<a-e appliotlon as by Ur. B., by h » new traaU 
m«.n' '"••nahled to Insure a speedy and pe ma- 
neat oare. , , „. „ 

Oon.-ul-aflon" Iree aud confid- ntal. OOi.e ^o. 
171* * oufh ■ la-k ptr«'ei corner o* Monroe, half « 
blocii iroro I'"' Po t Office Post Ofli e Box iM, 
O'lcago. fyiBce hour* fr' m U A. M.^o^l•. M . 

Send lor his ''.-uide to Uealtb," publithed 
monthly, fVee of chaiee. 

N. H —I adies, a"i,d for a descriptive circolnr 
of Peofarie ttemedle, th. b-st preventive of con- 
u-ptlon knowBi Sent to any address free o< 
oharge. aprlO-ly 

R. MABTia. 


Til s :i I. TlIK 

Bartlett Sewing Machine. 

Prite S30.00. 

Tr«adlo Attachment Five Dollars Extra. 

Every Machine Warranted 'Jhrce Years. 

This Maahlne la patented and licensed under 
tho Patent*, (f the Combination Sewing Mschine 
Co-npanl.'s, having the right to use tli" c-Iebra- 
ttd Weeeler fc Wilson K'*ur Motion Cnd.r Feed, 
ifcwswith aingle or diul.l- tl.reaa. Ader'*.>8, 
FRALK'H dc HVTE.Gen. Act's. 

P. f). Hox f9*, or call at onr ot^ceover Mr". 
Rak'er'B HUUnery Uocms, on Jaekaoa aueet. St. 
Paul. jyll 






Goods sold as low as In Chicago or St. Lonis, 
Buy of n. MAKVLN & SON aud aavethe ex- 
pense of freight. Assorted Crates exactly 
adapted to the country trace. 

Lamp Goods very Low. 

A iiargc Stock on llaud. 

1«9 & 191 Third street, Si. Taiil 


Go to M. N. Kellogg's 

t on 


X-ieserve-U Orincer, 

Toilet and Family Poaps, 


Hemp, Canary and Rape Seed, 

Brut-Ues of evrrv kind, PasV^ts and Willow 
Ware, Uai*.in>, Prunes, Da't-s, Uga, 

Nuts ol i'.vtji'y Kind. 

In fact evrrythliw ;. 3ti want, 






trade to any 
patfrnTEdboord to fbe beat str""" 5 * '^« ^'*- • 
PrlntlM --— * 

BADGERS. jprRHALS, ftf ., 

deri>onvlllc Prisoner. the m-nt 'nteeatlnr, 
Ab.-ortilrg and Ihrllltrg Book rf the Age. An 
Agent got 57 6'jb«crlb-'rs in tvoitays; aro'ber 
has already ordercJ SOC Hooks. Ad-irefs. 

W Washington ftreet, Chicago, III, 

fnr nir Rt t^-e C»i-v Praaa nP:n, 

and all expense-, * o ac'ive 

per month 
acd reliable 
ae' uls 1 will pay the above aalary. or give a com- 
m 9 ion t at •*ll! pav iiO uer muoth tointro- 
SKW NGMACliINK," which is •.ckro" l-dged 
b> all ho use them i'-> t>" th.< •arj:e«t and best 
t'iO Machine ever mtnufaetur. d. For circular 
and terma, adar« a, 
j,'»-2m C. C. BRrKWITP.Chl-rage.lU. 

r Ho 

Rwt iort J 'I Prtntern, Booktiinders, P»p«» 
dealers and Blatik Book Blaiiufacnirert. 












■A ' • ^ • 

— » ■ »* • - 

- " - «»■«%«— K« 





== = 

. t 


^ __^ m^^^m^ n il 

'ilii: t»AlNT jAUL PRKH8. TUBSl^AY, AUGUST 28, IHBB. 

i' LI ki. O 1 A' ^ • 


K<|*»*i- •>» CoinmliKTw on 
v.(lio«>l» HiiU l»roperljr. Av. 

A iueoti..^of the Board of E-Inonlion 
maa ln'M ld«l .•▼••nuig. Vice Pnsiileui 
Vftiitu III thu Choir. 

The S.v;i.t:iry »Uted that Inspector A 
.1 Jljidiih had remo»»id Itotn the Sec- 
ond \V'*rd. mid lit( Ih Ttjfora moved that 
bit »<■'*' •"» tl»"il*r«^d vtcnDt, and ihti Cify 
CVuiioil bd noiificd to fill ihu vacanuy. 

It was ttUo nioviul, in roDsi.jucncii c( 
ihe fact that Mr. NcIkoii Ruliertii bad 
nt'vcr je( apji^urtil and bi-en i]ii)tlili(^d a» 
an Iiitpi'irior, hi* xiiit' bet ahu declarpd 
▼acant, rhonid he foil to appear at the 
IK\' lui'i'tinj;. Carrivd. 

I' wri'< luovi-d thai wueii tbo Hoard ad 
loarii, it ailj'iurn to tho first Monday in 
Oo'ober. Carried. 

In-pi c or Kilit-rtsoo, (roai the Com- 
miTitc on StliuoU, to whom ilic luat'cr 
Wits rcferrvd, reported in iavur of tixing 
thr t<aUries of Mr. Siuiih and Mr Gsteii 
a- $Ui()0.-»cb; that ol Mr K^t h, ofihr 
0«ir(u>iii-Eni]iiah School at $76U, Mi-. 
M4t;kcnrt>tti, asM'taot in lame vcbool. 
$.50(>; Mins Clfuioiil*. o( tbti Jttl'criioD 
School, wan proiuoied to tbt- posi ion va 
ca'ed by Mii>« Itrcwvtfr, of thu A aai.o, 
ft«d Mian J nnii* tVauiMe. to take the 
pl.1 a ol Mibs Clcmtut. Tlw report waa 

lii»p otor Comh*, Chairman of the 
Ci<« ou I'ropurry. in4dt9 a Terbal 
report 1 1 bio noioii in ri-pairiut; tbe iihoo 
bail<ii<i,<!i iliiii.'i; tb;) prutenl vaoa 
tioii. >'<: aliu-Ird in detail to (be impor- 
tant rt'.iaT!* thit bad b«fu nacotiary, and 
thought ibe aoiuutit a|fpi\'prmi< d tor 
mtkiii.; ill' iiuprovenun » wa< s'ari'flj 
•ulli'ieiit. Thij cow .hUVrson School 
Uuu»<i WMti aUifit coatpieted, and wouM 
be rcdtly toi (bo optuiDg ot the bcbools 
on MiimUy nrxt. 

lusptotor Morrill oaoviid tliat a delega- 
ti'-u of five hi appoiii*td to a(tt-nd (be 
Stat.) T'ltti'Lc's' AMociatioti a'. F«ribaolr, 
en Wediioday ncj^t. Carried. 

Ij»p«ctor» Piii'ii), 1*. tH' Oil, Robertson. 
Wd'iamit A d CoiuIm were appoiaicd to 
atl''.i!>i iH-ii ''uuvi-ntion. 
The Bo«rd iheii arjvurned. 

Bn^e Vlnms -iMsjw P. V Furber 
19 taisiii^; on bis piemi^es on StiveD(h 
■«re<*t, s niu of tbti l.trg'H', hiindtioniett 
and moNC delicious pluoia, ever seen 
in this or any oib«r country, and «bich 
ar« tijual in appearance and llavor to 
any eultivtiu-d fruit. The trees were 
Crai/8pliinted a few years ago iu'o his 
ganUn and have receivtd no p'ir(icular 
care, but havi- tbrivrd a Iniirably, and 
tbey now bear beautilal abd excellent 
fruit uic.tsunrig from lour to (our and a 
half incbes in eiroumlerence. Ko oce 
who bus a bcmestead, should fail to de- 
vote a li'tli- attention to the cul.iva'ion of 
the mure desirable speciea of the wild 
p'um, which is a nntive fruit, and prolific 
ai it is rx'i'Iknt. 

An XiiCorrigible Brate.— Conrad 
Sburiz, was up again before the Ci'v 
Just:ce, for brurully assaul'ing bis wife, 
this beir^hiii thud (Unso wiibina short 
time. The cowardly wretih was permit- 
ted once more to run at large upon pay- 
ment of a firie of twenty lou^ dollars and 
costs, but J ud^e Lambert gitve the pol- 
troon to uni'trsland tbat upon his i;exf 
appearance in tbat court, on h similar 
cbiirgf, he would receive a sentence ot 
*u.MM. .«>.^tin nnoTi t''4 u^-a•n g>n(T- i^wo 
tb.U would be loo pofid for the heartless 
wr»^f»' . 

Ba8-< Sail.- * iKTc will bo a inateh 
^aine ol bull betwreii tho Olympic and 
Naxon Cluti* on the North Star {;roiinili 
tim allernuou, couiiULni'iRKat ^^ uVlovk. 
I'hi* gauw i.i piavi'l ta dioidti (he one 
(diiyeil o;i \Vediu'.id.iy lust, which was 
dec'ared dratvu. A great deal of inter- 
••st IS fcU ill the uiatob. and it will au> 
■loubtt'dly attract a great many visilois to 
witness it. 

1mpokt.\nt to Yoi'.Nii Mkn ANi> Pa- 
iiESTH — Youag m«n, and paiouts who de-iio 
III o.luriee Ibcir nons li»r n Mifi-fssiul l>usino»« 
lilV, will l>i'in:ercsli-d i.» l.ii.iw Iho yi'urly 
NisHiou uf that celelirutoil l!ii»lne»» liistUule, 
Ds&duim'ii l\>;ie>;o. ol'CliunKn. wilUonimcniu 
Its Df >. jeurly schsimi ilio 1st o( Scpicintier, 
' n Icr (bu iiUMt favxralile aut pices. 

'riio uuniial ('o logo celo'iratlon will take 
[iiiioii vviiliu'siliy, l.!iU SoptemlJcr. 

Tlii'Mi »li<> Nvi'.U 10 obtain • tboioiiRli and 
pr.u'Ka' lUi-iiiess KiUcatlou, wiU fliid ibU an 
i^xctl cut lustimtlon. 

Kull partieulnrs mny l* obtaiaed by ad- 

ilresstng ihu FiCMdont, U U- liaHimaii, Lli l>. 

Lastmun Collcgo. Chir>Ki>, III. 
— ••»- - 

Mkkciianth anil o'hers in need of 
OlaoK Douks nhnuld go to Cuuningbam's 
Uook .^lorc, W4 lliinl slreot. lUcy hi»vo J J»l 
received a lartd'.Kick, una are ■elliaK'-l'ii^ii- 
dul lull boumi I.rdtJers and Jouinala A/'ypf 
rent lower Ibau the same Ijooks f mi 1>« uianu- 
lactuie I hero. Mnko n noto <•' this. 


.Iirti ii^x'iii'il at K. (). Sonrny & (^o.*s, 
'Jl I Third stire'.anew and kslacied ansiirt- 
iiu'Ul ol 'I'uilut und Kanry Arllclcs, ralnliiiR 
Mittrriitls, SuHim, rerluiiierifN.('ol(>Kiie«, Uath 
\Valrr.s, KxtructN, Sv. Ivnry HrutlieH and 
I'.imtiii, Iliittjlo ditto; I'uir B(i\eM, Powdirii, 
Cusnii ti<|nt<R, a la Kram'uis, if mail de I'nris 
Ac, &c. 

Cuntiii ! Coniii ? Colon ! CoiKiU !— 

Plao'H turn Irr ( •>tiruni|>lli>u 1« llui Knout |ilri«. 
aat to tbo u-ti>»nd rurcit uf sllkoowu rene. 
dica. It I* vol uit'jx.'atiiix. 

It. O. HWKENY, fcCO. 
«u||3l Iw Hole At.'<>Dlii, tit. fcul. 

- ■■■ 

.li'.sr nci'ivcd a Ireiih supply of Ciir- 
wi'll .H Uiti^kV |ir<>(>»rutliiii« coUAiotiuK ol l,ulu< 
llu'm, K Ixcr rfCslatHya IlK'li, flxrr ol liuik 
itnil IroD, un<l uiIkt artic'od to<> Dumrii'U* to 
Ibuatliin. Isli.auUt'xmiuluo at UoMoson & Co,'* 
l)ni« Sliirf. 

Missiug. —Police officer John Pat- 
terson auiidi^nly disappeared from tbu 
city about a week ago and has oot aince 
been l.eard of. I: ia said by some pt-r- 
soua that be is on the track of a fugitive 
from justice, but at hv did cot apprise 
any oce of the fact btforo he left, tbh 
report is doubted in some quar'ers. In 
the mciintimc, some anxiety is felt for 
Paiteraou'siialety, aud hu ui^aterioua dis- 
appt-arance ia wbollv uauc"Ount;ible. 
' ««» — — 

Foltce Oonrt— Jailor Smith, of Ihe 
O'.ty loik up, wai overwhelmed with ])at- 
Tons oi bis fimuus resort ou .Sitiuidsy 
ni^bt and Sunday. Justice Laml-ert, 
however, relieved bim of his cuiiumorji, 
irbo severally paid their "incume tax" 
before tbey nert- pdrmittrd to go uud. 

— Daniel Ho;ia.:y aud Ucuiy MitcLcll, 
for ge'tii g drubk on Sunday, aud incnop- 
olitirg stwewxlkt-, vacb paid seven doitara 
and a b.ilf. 

— IV-'cr CoDDoUy was it 
well us diarik, aud paid a sim lar sum. 

— Anthony Viiicriiiies was ujeUbcboly 
and ui Lap^y, and toik scimeibirg to eie 
Tate his spin's. Ue took a Iinle too 
nuib, bcoiusb b>; hii nor properly gutged 
bu caiia- i'y. and s.j w-is avowed to do 
pait oa pa)Uieiit i. f r>.ieu dollars and th" 
cost of convey ii:g hini beyond tho rekcb 
of teiupta^iou. 

— Ferd. O'lrta and Cbaiks Krkel ware 

drpr>S: cii-ionlerly, aud generally Loisiex- 

ous, and each, in cmik! q nnuu, h:t<l to 

coBie d iwn txitU their regular scveii dol 

lara and a ball. 


Bnoday at liako Oomo —Sunday 
last vraa a liv-.'ly day a' Luite Como, aud 
abou' OHi: hunJred carris^v'^ crcwtiirg 
tbc tu'.iroughf.'.rus and ho'uis around that 
clasaii; watering pLcu was an oidinary 
eight Tb-, '-Liitrt (,',.rao lloel" auo 
the fiiie bb'tiiiig Rs'abiiiilimei'l a<ia':b<;d'o 
the sanio, bi'h of which arc so attractive 
to visiN<r:i, were, of coufsu, extrtislvely 
pttroiiiz.d duriiij; thi; whole day an. I ev.;- 

The (}jrnun Turne<8 of St. I'^ut and 
those ol Mimienp'dis <tnd St. Au'.hony 
bad a Irieriiily (ic iilc h' Liki: t'omo on 
Huodiiv a dtightful 'ime a'iiongth.ii 
clasa of the popabi'ion wa^ Iht; result. A 
brass band added irs charms to the vsrird 
cntertainmenf. Altogethnr. Like Cumu 
ia becomin); a very popular resort for 

pleasure seekers. 

— .««. 

Veriional. — Th j genial and KCL-om- 
pliabed VV. I' Soutliwcrb. P^m] , rea<'b-d 
home yesteri'Ky from a bu.iini-ss trip to 
the Ea»t, and has our thanks for a bu Iget 
of la'e papira in advarne ol the mails. 

— C. K. Alayo. Eq, hardware mer- 
chant, Lss also returned from an Kastern 
tour, and likewi«e places us um.'er obli- 
gations for la'e pap^>ra. 


The ad walks along the extension of 
Seventh street aro much n- eded, and 
there is a g-neral dnaire to bive one a' 
least laid down as soon as possirde. That 
tborouj'bliire will bti ex'ensively (raveled 
as soon a» this is done, and the Street 
Commifsioner, who is a very etlioient 
officer, ii renpectfully requested by many 
dtiseus to put tha thing throDgh with Lis 
usual energy. 

TiiK low prices ailverti^ed hy Inger- 
•olia^C- hnvo drawn in purcUa>cr« from ft 
dUtaacM „„d .u..,e was . p«,fect j.o, Htff* a 
fM% or tUa afurnoca vcmordar. 



Cbippe«n, La Crosse 
AddiB JubDstun. La ^'roiiss. 
Kn'erp i>e. Si Peter. 
MoHiu Mobii-r, I'rcseoll. 
Ariel. MlDD"!i»ta Kit or. 
Chesvcr, rrescutt. 

UbravDi, Prisicutt. 
Addie Jobiia'OD, La Croase. 
M" I'e Uuliler, Preacott. 

B4>.V1H I.IC.W I.Nli THIS lUY. 

fur Dmilii'ii— rbl. .s|»erid»n, at 10 .v u. 
Fur Lal'rosse— D luucl, ur G p. m. 
For La Crosae— Chlpi^cwa, at 10 a m. 

River llvitta. 

Tub river hati l^i ku two inches more, 
and navigu'lou for the larger steamers Is be 
coming difllcult. 

The Enterpriau camu down the Min- 
nesota with two bsrgo loads ot' wheat, bring- 
ing nut the laa: lot of the (.>ld crop in store nt 
8t Peter. 

The Cbippewa has not been sold out, 
butaiarts for La Crosise this morning at 10 

Local JN otioes. 
r.%SHi:.N(;ERH uuim; e.\ht 

will i>aMi riiri'C UoUara lu turo andlOOmilu* 
(D diK' Slice by p'jrotMi.tDg TioketH and golDg 
vis tht- Grand HsvcD route. i<d>> of tl»< Mtram. 
tliipaot till* line leavva Ullwsukao dally (tiatur. 
.layn oxorpuxl) si s.rto r. M., making dlr>ct oou- 
avetlOD* at (jrand llaruo with Kx|irca« rtaln* 
■or all potrtH taut. IhroaKb tickcta f r «alcbf 
OUARLEi TUUMI'bOW, corner of JackaoD 
•treet Sbd 1 »*««, M. Paol, and at all th<> princi- 
pal aKenolea of tho ^ortllwe«turn CnioD Packet 
t^uDipBDV un tbc Uiver. THOMAH RKM , 
Uuneral £iupMrlnt*-DdHiit, LMiroit, 

W W. WII,M»N, 
njilu-Aia {'••••■oKfr ^RHDt, Mtlwauk^o 

. Anothkr invoice of Email de Paris. 
Btui Mytleneaux, Savan Dukiji*, PeUachio 
yut Complexwn I'owdar, just received at 

K.O. SWEENY &CO.'8. 

UfAKRiAiiK AND Celiiiacy. an Essay 
rf WamlDK and Intfu'llon for Tojn< Men. 
Al-'o, liireinii'a and Abaiios whijii r''"<itr loHic 
vital puwere, with ra'e mean* of rlitf. S)>Dt 
frne of charge la rralrd Pltwr MU'Ciopta. Ad- 
dr«««. Vt. J. SdlLLiN ll<jUtiUri>N, Howai-d 
Ar« iciatluD, Piiiladviphiii, Pa. ant; Sd^Mflii 

Turkish Flesh Towels and Brushes. 

Cloik'a (lair U-atoratlTe, So« adrertl'om.'nt. 
Klovtvr \ Bad* tu tet*, and all Uia iKn'eUIe* in 
Perfum-'ry. Call and oxamlno. 

II. W BOBl.NSUNACO.. Rotors' Block. 

TlIK ATMdblMIKKK OF I «)V15 U» r— "'' 

«w«»t rt'cath f'tideaW •-••• ft on* of iha 

r'»all» <) u iiii SO"" '''^' • w'llclnot oi.Iy in- 
V iff )rat«»»- ■ >"■*'"'= *"'' ""• I'eelJ, but runders 
tlu> aaou a . -> frag a ' t a* a r. se. 

A Covoii. Cold ou Souk Turoat. 

rr.'j'iircx Inimcdiate at oDlio, as n<>(luoi oli«n- 
tm (M pxuli* In fin'. Iiuurablt. LiMi' I)!-*"*!!?. 
"'rroK'ii'ii iioac>ii-il Tr^ch-»' »r>" atimiln rpm 
' ily. HU.. will lUaoiC iavarisbly givi imm»diai« 
1*1 i>f. eouAwiw 

Ni:\v Kailuiiau Uol'IK. — I'lOni Sf. 
Paul and Mtnncupoiis to Wioona In tea boari. 
Sartst and moat expedidoaa route to the 
Kubt. Through I'imo Curd — L.'uvu t^t. Puul 
at H 4-5 A. M ; Mfnncspoli.s, 8 40 a. m ; Wi- 
no, 8 00 A. V. Arr vo in St. Puul 6 I'l r. m ; 
Minneupolis, ti 20 v. m. ; WInoini, 7 r. h. 
i'raiutt leave the depot of tbc 3iianctuta Val 
ley RallriMd at the wcbt end o! the BrlJ^e, 
St. Paul, and ihc Minnesota Oulrul Kailway 
Depot Mlnui-a oUm, daily, on and uftur Satur- 
day, .\uguat 25, tSGG, connecting with ovconig 
boat Irum Winona Pa.<sengera by tb a route 
pooa through thu doctr agriou'iural dl^trictirot 
Mma-. !>o(ii. Kaie Irotu Si. Paul Co La Hroise 
S.O i fruni MlbueHpulia to La Croaso 910 23. 
aUK24 2>v 

ATKKKacoric Vu.WB of the woi Id, the 

lurgeat cuHl-cihiu Iu tbe Statu, M WHIT- 
.NEY'S, 174 i'hird street 

AtiTONiiiui.'^G. — rbomas Cohen, of So. 

V2 Nurib i:tiib .ilrtev W illliiw.-b . it(b. who nad 
iber vtmBtl-ui (or 13 1 onrn »n ba<i vaiHodnc 
urutchcn for >lx mr.i tb*, lita bren r««lurt'd to 
^.fri.rt beiiUh by a f».w do «^ i»f Vv-ti Aui'a 
('•. 1. ■ 1 II..I' t'.M- no 11 VKl'T. He la willing to 
Cunll(3i iM-t Btatcu.ent onoaih, If r.->| .irod, 

VAWl fcK, UU.>-E .'- LrrLK, Agenta. 

VLYity & Lv.'trii, boot and tboa dot 
cr». IsO liiird slriut. Lave conatantly on band 
luigu ttnil gu«du«^<ll"^nlcnta of Latllus, Mlsuca 
and Children's Uulmo'iil 'JaUurs, &c. Work 
made to order, uuil repairing Uone oo short 

— — — - »>■ 

•"iiii.-A<i.i--KAKK o»i V Two Oullabs— Sea 
Hiui), Cmt. U, McUrx.Y; Comkt, Capt, 
J. U'niui <.— icuof tbo ab'.vo bast* leave (,uo<i. 
rljh'a 4tiaail>cat Dock. (tHit oi Uatn utrtut, 
Mil«aik'n, every t-vfclnv.ixcppt Suturdii)*, at 
7 o dnok, tuucblut! at it4>. iuo sui Kcnuibn, and 
ti.aklDa •art! ounn otKiss at «Jbl aco wtihab tb.- 
aiuiul.iii ir ii ;i for tin ^:a^t, houlh a d s.iutli. 
w«'-l lliruuKb ticket* bo purcllSfe.i irom 
iitHcliik' ut ilii- b<.nr» lu till pilot.) ^'outh and 
l-.S't. tho ru'.i ol fa... ilmtcla-ii i-tatM roo.i.i. 
»ud iBval* luclud-d,; ata, KalnH.Ur.t cI«h»,76o, 
S'" cU !., 40c; K. .lo'ln, Ur^i.c!a.H», »l ui, mc- 
nad^:lMa, 7 c; i^hloaso, Ur-t claitii, in imi, •,>,;ubii 
oia»ii, f 1 .30 It.lirnad tlo^Hj urc rond on thi'-^c 
Duatc. ill.' dti'.^ITfr- i»f Ihirt ti « &r.' Iht^", cri.i- 
cla^H, 'lid.' w >eal yati^eng-T iit»Kn»'r , wlthelr. 
gant'y furnl-h«t s'nKle un-i d ublc ita'f ruora*. 
f'rnlfhl can led It-.'i. than by rail. OfDcx and 
[luuk lu.)r lit Mal-i mrovt. (i. Ut'ttdU'.!. Ai(i>nt. 
UAUK ilb-M^KIL'Kli, 
Pa»iH£g*r sod ritket Agi<at, MCwsukee, 

_ »■■ 

Mi.NNK HA-HA and other views of Min> 
nesoia Sceocr.t. 

WiiiT.\KT is tbe only publliber of these 
»icws In tho city. 

Uo basu large collee'ioo and is constantly 
aii.ltng new views. He aupplies all other deal- 
ers, huy of Wbitney, selecting liom a full 
asaoriniont i the only one In tbe State, and 
(fct tbe iH-.-it, which ho alwavs UcepN 
fjr (bis retail trade— 174— Tbh-d Street 

Kkau advertisement to strangers visit- 
ing Minnesota, In another rolumn. 18.2w 

(Jo TO \VHiT>Ky'«. 174 Third street, 
fur Hair Brushes, Nail Bnisbc*, Cloth*s 
Brnshcsr BcTfunierv, Toilet Soap, Pounindcp, 
T'lilct Piiwiler, Powilcr Boxes and PntVs, 
Tooth Paste and Powder, Ualr Oil, Dressing 
Combs, Ac, &c . cheap' st In the dty. 
— _ ««.r - 

MiNN&'iOTA ViKws.— ^For views ol 
M<iiii<'*ota Scenery, eo t.j M<ir'lii'ii Art CnlU-ry. 
jnrt ace tho flnt-tt tmt laraeat ntMrtmr,,Hn tli* 
..Uil. all Kli<ia and all [iilona. .''tmng^ra nhoold 
^iit i>:>v bAfpro ejtaralaiKs this uoll'totion at klar- 
♦>n'a \*\, (iajii.j-r. S-'t >*<5t>l sUcat, piySt/ 


4ii *' lrrrsisiibl<> liupiil<>< *' lo 
t'uiiiiutt Criuio 

The Hartford (Conn.) Cnuranl pub- 
lisbi s tho tollowing caidd»>u>iia, made by 
tbc murderer b'arkweatbi r to Deputy 
Si* ritf Fin ib, who sat up with tbe crimi- 
nal for t went \ -two nights previous to his 
execution la^t Friday afternoon : 

MAnN Ill'IIMMi. 

•' In repard to llorucn White's barn. 
Wbi n I wirr hoiiiii Itoui Welles Uui-k- 
Uiid'a that i.i(4l.' - when tho barn wa.i 
burnt — I went tbiough Horace >Vbile's 
l.tiie into bii liini ; ret lire to the barn 
und went ou' the back way bo-nr. 

In rcgird lo ^lo^e1 ti'.'oii's barn. I 
dis'iiictiy recolleel going in'o bis barn 
and re!>iii}{ lirii to It When I went out 
U was nil I'U fire. I don't ace why ii wa« 
uot bunted, for I can swear positively I 
ar' it on hie. I can't till what tiinu ol 
nl^ht It was ; think it wai o e Sunday 
ui(jbt. 1 bad benn (o Mr. ('ainpbeil's 
aiitl to tbo post olU 'o. f Nothing baa be- 
lore bci-n publiabvd abouT. thia tiarn hav- 
ing; b> en bred, and Mr. Scott him»elf may 
nevrr biive beard ot ii. S<ark«vatber 
added to ihi^ above, by aayirg be iiiteniltd 
to have ' a big lire'— to 'burn up the 
whole B( reel.' Ho had uo ino ive, how 
over, hu aaid.] 


••In regard to Undo Wells Hucklanl. 
I look Bouio arsenic eu' of my mo'ber's 
cupboard at home. It was done up in 
white paper, ^uch an druggis s use, and 
that put into annthci- p 'per ot the same 
sort. I took it ou' ot tbo paper and put 
It in a pocket match sale, atid sprinkled 
it out of the sale ; did no' carry the pa- 
per at all I niixeii tbearaeiiic into 11 iiir 
at Uncle buckland'a. While I was in the 
room with lu) uncle, while bo was rick, 
be asked ue to got bim tome water. I 
took three ol bis poaders, which were left 
by a physician for bim to take, and when 
I went be water 1 emptied out the 
nowder and put in about the same 
amount ot arsenic and tljurfrom tbo bar- 


"Sine.! thi! Spring of lb60 or LStil, 1 
have known tbat if 1 was not in reality a 
monomaniac, ( bad an irreaiatabl.1 mania 
or impulse to destruotivenoas. It ail'ect- 
ed me principally with a desire tbat I 
could not resist (o kill (bone persons for 
whom I bsd the strongest affection. Sev- 
eral tiiui-s I bave been savi d from killing 
those near me by somi^ incidental occur- 
rencu which would make me forget my 
purpose. I iton'r know that the desire to 
destroy aHected me duriig the whole 
time, but tor two or three yi'ura no one 
lor whom I ba<l sk natural all.', li-iii, w is 
sale in my pri'^erce ; neither did it impel 
me tu kill only, but to general destruc- 
tion. I never committed any 
crime or wicked net with ma- 
licious intent. I knew my malady 
and siiovu ogr.inst it laitbfuliy — strove 
as a man could to reai^t the desire — but I 
cou!d not hi Ip myself. I bad a mister 
and a Lard one. It I rver rt.a;ly did 
wrotig it was in not making known my 
case to some pcrson.i who co dd watch 
over me ; but 1 was prond. I was fear- 
ful if it should ever bu known, that I 
should he taken to some inaa' e boapital, 
and that was a disgracu that I could not 
refiaiw* ♦etnn. 1 t)nv««<»»e<i a itrona will, 
anilibouKbt that knowing bow I was af- 
lec.eJ I could rontrol myself; but I c^uld 
not. I have hervtofore always denied 
• bat I ever had any such desire or ten- 
dency to de»truciiveness — from foolish 
pride, pi-rhaps, and tbe fear tbat I should 
be contined in some hospital for inrane 
peofdo, which I lad rather suffer 
death — and should nut now reveal them 
but to ahii'ld others who n:iy have been 
auspected of couipli'.'ity with uie, ami to 
cornet many malicious reports which 
havu bci 11 circ dated againnr, me, and 
knowiiig ibAt not until now, could I have 
atatid tbe tacts free from the cccuia'ion 
of trying to clear myaelt from this charge 
on ibo greutid cf iri;:iuity, wbicb 1 ab- 

In respect to tLif crime— Che one for 
which I aui to be cxi ctited — I can onlv 
say that i.', was uexer i remedita'ed. I 
loved noth niothci and tiater, truly, al- 
tbouth th y have been tbe caitan of many 
great ciaappoiniint-uts to luu, which dia- 
aipoictrn'-nia, witti bodily diaesse, |n)b- 
ably pioduceil the mania, and wbicb, 
logetber with my knowledge ol my nm- 
ma, made m^ii leiid a most miserable life. 
I bave noi s-jugb'. to cicapc puniabmcnt 
tbjugh it bH-tiien impossible for mo to 
realize that I have committid this crime. 


Wiih rigurd to the nta'cni'-nf, hereto 
loru put-li-bt'd, that S'arkweatber had 
killeit a man in Xorrh Carolina. Mr. 
Finch H'-ktd him il it was true. H>] re 
pill d ttiat it was not, and said : ' 1 nuv.-r 
bad uiiy trouble while South i xo-pl in 
one inatance, and (bat was in UicLuiind, 
Va. I waa looliiig about the city, and a 
man met me and aakrd mv ^omer|l'lf8tlora. 
I anaWfred biui as wt-ll as I cnuld. Ttie 
mAn Slid, * Vou don't talk like a Si uth- 
ern man ' '.No,' I aaiJ, 'I livn North.' 
O, J (UI are .i N.-nhern man web Soutli- 
i-iii principles !' and then calbd me a 
dougbface This made me ni'.d, aud we 
talked pretty plainly, but didu't come to 
blows !" 


He statid, while makiig bis confraaioo, 
that tbe tii'si time hi^ noliceil the iiii)iulse 
to destructivereas wm when he went to 
rule one nigb' with a IlMwell girl. *'l 
bad all I could do tu reaiat the impulse 
to kill her. .lua'. as i was about killing 
her I hi re came a audden ahower of rain, 
and ih'S started me trtim my retl»ciionH, 
as I at! thought of get'iiig tbc girl 
toni" wi'bo'it her bning wrt. untt I forgot 
all abottt killing h<-r.'" He bad asiiit>iil»r 
wa\ ol telling ibis Story to Mr. Fiuch 
Due nigh: he asteJ : "l>id you ever bear 
ol a person that wanted lo kill soiut? girl, 
and was pn Vt n'l d from doing so becau'e 
ol a rain atorm':'" Mr. Finih told biui 
be had not. Starkw atb<-r then went, nn 
and rtUted the story, rif'rring iO tbe 
tt.ird pi loon 'dl tbe time. Tbe next night 
I.e said ; "You rtmumbi-r what I told 
you last tiicbt about a girl's havirg her 
lilefaved?" 'Yes." "Well, the young 
man I leferrtd to was mysill." 


H>- gave bis expeiience in another caio 
ai follows : " I went up to see Kmcrette 
CampbfU one evening. We bad been 
sittii g on tbo lounge .^ome tiroo. and 
fi'ially I ijot up to go. Sberore too, and 
I took a large knife out of my pocket, 
and drew luy biind luck to plunge it into 
her heart. Sbo looked ine rtiadily in the 
e>e end th. knife dropped from my band 
on to tbo lloor." IIn waa a«ked : '• Did 
you intend to kdl hirF" 'Yds, I did, and 
when I bad killed her I was going to kill 


He stated on Thtiraday night tbat one 
day wh-.n Prof. Simanson was locked 
into hi^ ei'll he could hardly keep his 
banda df fn m htm (Siroorson). "I 
wan'el to kill bim." He was asked 
•• What tor?" and rai 1, *' I didn't kn"tB 
but there iniglU be tcine chance to j/et 
tiwuij!"' 1 bia may panly expUin what he 
states, ill ibe coufeaaion above, tbat he 
" could not rt sint killing tbo»e peraons 
for whom be bad the etrorgest sffection,'' 
^od it may uot. 

isiir,M>i;p TO co.v.»m zvicioz 

Ou T'l-^iuj; I 'fill* list hu inteoded to 

commit aiiici<le, au he said, mid wrote to 
one be thought niurh of atinuuiiiing hia 
iiileution. When aaked how bo was go- 
ing to do if, be replied, " Ily :ny will ;" 
and ibi n ^ave the pefaon addn-said to 
underaland (but Im |lioii dit ol .iiinilbering 
bimst ll to death. On Friday mornitig bo 
wrote— and it was Ibe last biter li>) 
penned— lo the person above rrtf red to, 

saying that lii> diil not rjinniit nuii-ide as 
be. iiil4'iideit becitiibe lie was walobtr«l so 
closely, Hiid added : '■ 1 am notsurtitber.i 
is hopu lor a suitt.le." He then contin- 
ued bia letter, referring to bin situiiiioii 
as lullowa : 

" I want to meet you in tbat fasppy 
land if I can. I do not fear ilea*h, per- 
haps b) cnuBC I do not fully reali/o bow 
near I nm to it. I cAtmnt dccii'io my 
own teeliiif^H. It IS now the nioriiiiig of 
my laat day ou earth. I am iia eheeiful. 
and as Iree fruni all I'-ar ol tbi? future a-t 
I ever bave Lien, and sliuost tree troiii 
tbe thougbt oi di-atb, ^et I try to think 
and be prepan-il. 1 think ! am ai well 
I repared us 1 well turn be un.ler tbe cii- 
cuuiatunces, for T hope to bu saved." 

Illti .MOTIVES. 

He peraiatcl to tho end in dtn>ii>g that 
bo lisd any motive to commit crime. 
When n.sied wbif motive be bad in poi- 
sonuig bs I'oile tSuckltind'a family be 
aaid : " Tbe only motive I bad, if I bad 
any, was that toy uncle piomi^ed not to 
sell any more llipinr, and I wna Mtraul h-? 
would go to ^^llIl•g »(; !" He was then 
a.«ke.l why he H'lrujpt. d to poison the 
whiilo famil} , if it wss bis uncle's lifn 
alone he 8ou(>ht r" His reply wan: "I 
dun't know; 1 bspp'-neil to se-i the bar- 
rel of tlour (berfl aud p'.it the poison in 

TLKAeiM) irtEcr vt iiik mama. 

At tbc I'losii of (bo confission concern- 
irg tbo polnoning and baniliiirning, be 
wrote as follows . '* I pr«*omn I have 
dotiu a great uuny thinga which I do not 
now remember. I never thought it over 
only to iluekle over it, and I now can 
hardly keep f.-oai jumping up and Isugiiig 
and chuvklii'U over I liavu done ; 
and if I wa« not ao weak bodily, I pre- 
n'line I ahoiild be as bud now as ever." 
iii.s r)..iiKi;iy . 

till tbe :lil of lb s luoi'th he uiadea will, 
and gavu all his properly to -Miss Camp- 
bell, " if she would ace pf il." Wbi-n 
asked bow much properiv iii. had, b.- anul 
(here ought to be .$)i<M)U lo $>>iiOO-, 
" but cciii.) to think ot it now," be added, 
" 1 don't know but some of it has been 
aoM." 'Ibeiibe nanl : •' My uncle Na- 
than has bt en here a good many luues 
wiih paners for me t'> rigo, and I bave 
aigntd ihein, not knowi: g what the) 
were." He waa then told tbat one ot the 
eity papers said I ha' he had deedei! Ins 
property to uncle Nathan. Huteplitd: 
•' I ntver bave t«i ni) knowledge." 


CIcu. ^hcrittuia'a Ul»|>atclirN ii( 

The entire official corrospoiidenee eon- 
ctrning tbe riot at New Orleans has been 
published, filling six colunin-i of tbe Na- 
tional lutdliifencer. Our readers are al- 
rendy familiar with a portion of these 
docuni('n(s. Tbe following ia (ieneral 
Baird's first olCcial account of the riot : 
Nbw Oiileank, Jaly 30. 
K. U. Sisntoa 

bm: I have the honor to inform yon 
that a very serious riot has occurred here 
to day. 1 had not been applied to by 
the Convention for protection, but the 
Lieutenant (Tovcrnor and Mayor bad 
freely consulted with me, and 1 was so 
tu ly i-onvimted tbat it was so strongly 
tbe iiit nt of the city authorities to pre 
serve the pexe, in order to prevent mili- 
tary interference that 1 did not regard an 
outbreak as a thing to be upprebended. 
Tbo Lieutenant (J.-ivernor .'aured me 
that even if a writ of arrest was laaued by 
tbe court tbe SberilT would not attempt to 
aerve it without my periuj:<aicn, and for 
to-day ihey designed to 8i:.ipeiid it. I 
ordered a aieamer to bo at .lackaon 
llarraeks, three milta below the eity, 
at an eaily hour ii the morning, and a 
tug tu bu ready to bear orders to the 
eomuMiiding officer! of tbe First In- 
fantry a'a'ioned at tbat point. At 11 3<l 
V. .M , LieuieiiHUt (iuveinur Voorbees 
caniy to ecc me, and aficr conversation, 
be, feeling confident at thu time of tbe 
ability of the p<>lice to preserve order, I 
proposed to bring to the eity four compa- 
nies an hour in advance of (he auppoaed 
meeting of the Convention, at six o'clock 
I' M., to be kept near by in case they 
ahoulil be r: <{>iired to keep clear tbe 
strei ta in the vicinily of the ball in which 
tbe Convention was to meil Hu agreed 
with me that it would bo very deairable, 
but left, not apprehending tbe difficulty. 

At twelve o'clock I drove to see Judge 
Howell, President of (be Convention, to 
retpivit that arrangements might be made 
to keep any crowd tbat might aisemblc 
to protect the Convention out of the 
streets, so aa to avo.d an accidental col 
lision. Whtn I reached his bnuae I 
learned (ha' (be Convrnti in was (o meet 
at twelve oVl'-ck, and (bat he had gone to 

U->turning to ny bea'ttjuarters, 1 soon 
received a li t'l r (loni ihe Lieutenan' 
(iuvernor, inform ng me that large par- 
ties ot negroes w< re collecting from all 
(pia't rs, and comirg into toe centre ol 
the eity, yet be was i.ot sore of hit infnr 
Hia'ion. However, I at onc^eseni lor the 
troopr. Verv lOOD at'erwarda I learned 
ibat a riot bad tak. n place near tbe Con 
vention ball, and I sent a staff clii -er t« 
i.iVeatigate ih'i facta, (n biM riturii be 
reported having met tlud^e Howell, who 
eaid ttc ( unvi Btion bad adjiurned for 
watit of a <| lorum, but would meet again 
at 1 :3<> I' M Ibis me, hu' 1 
•gain sent .o baatfii tbe ariivalof tronpa. 

Immediately iiKertbia (bi; liot aa.-umeo 
a >.:rious cbatautt^r; the police, aided b> 
citizens, bi came ihe a.'::ailan'p. and (r<n. 
th<< ( vkKik.u, I oou iuc«.bU W believe, CX 
ereiaed great biutaliiy in making ibfii 
arrests, F'lually, (bey attack) d ibo < on 
veiitioi bull, ai.d a protrLCied a>rupg!i 
ensued Thu pel pie iMide. tbe bull {;dVe 
i;p. Sonic, who ai.rrendereil, were a! 
lacked alicrward-, and brutally treated 
(jii'c a Urg'; nuuiber were itj'red — I 
cauiiot now say bow man) — Governoi 
Hshn. l)r. Lijstie, Mr. Fi^b, and perliap' 
o'ber uiembeis ol the Convention, among 
tbe nuuiber. 

On the arrival of tho troop?. I eoon 
cleared tbe strecis, ai.d order was re- 

From tho evident e cf the bad feelings 
ot ibe citizens and of ayuipalby wnb 
tbcm by tbe police, I feel comp'-lled to 
(itclaru martial law and appoint a milita- 
ry governor. Irum wbicb I hope good 
rcuHts will rnauc. 

1 ccdusc hi rcwitb u4uua ol my uories- 
piindetce wuh ll.u Mayor, an < u di«patcb 
which the Lieutenant (jnvernor claims to 
bkve reci ived frcm the Fretident. 

I regret fiat no reply to my dispatch 
to you of Saturday has yet reai'bi d me 
(ien, S.'ieridun is ftiU abfcut in I exaa. 

In main, sir, very re^peoli'iilly, your 
obedient scrvan'^ 

A. B.VIlin, 
Brivet Maiur (General. 

Here (oUjws tbe cotrcpondeii" o be- 
twteu Monroe ai'.d General lUird, which 
we bave already puLlisbed. 


Nkw Oiii.aA:iia, Ang. S. 
U. 5. Grant : 

(Ie.nekm. — The n;oro information I 
obtain of tbe alTair in this eity, the more 
revolting it beconus. Itwrs no riot, it 
was an ab-olu'.e uiassai're by the police, 
wb'.cb W:ia not ^ xcccd4-d iu uiurderoua 
cruelty by tbat of Fort i'lliOM If wai a 
murder v.'bi..h ibe Major and police ot 
tbc city perpetrated without a shadow of 
necessity. Furthermore, I believe it was 
premeditated and prearranged. 

I recommend the removing of this bad 
man. 1 believe it would be hailed wi'b 
tbe aincerest gratitnde by two tbirda ol 
the population of (he city There baa 
been a feeling of insecurity on the )var( 
of the people brro on account of ibia 
man. which is now so much increafed that 
the safety of lite and property does tot 
rest with the civil authority, bii'. wiih the 


Major Uenerai Cummtinding. 

Ntw OmsAKS, Ls., Aoguti 3. 

L.ti. Urant: 

Ce.veuai. -I Uvo the honor fo report 

uverythiiig tpiiet in the city, but consider- 
able e.xi'iteinent 111 the public mind. 

There n no interference on the patt of 
the n ilitary with Ibe civil tJoveriiiiieiil, 
wbieb performs all its duti a witbotit hin- 
drance. I b.ive p.»rmilled tho retention 
.;! tbc Military (;.iVcrnor iippaint.d dur- 
ing my abaenee, as it gives e.jnliibiice 
and enableathe militaiy lnkimw what is 
oeuriHK in the city. H"' do a nut in- 
tiilere Willi ci'y iiiutleis riilei.n good 
jiidt;ment i.i » xerci.ied, there will be an 
exodus of No.iherncspitiilillfl nod Union 
menwliieh will be irjinous to (be city 
and wbfde coiiniry. 

1 will leinov.' th.i Mili'ary (iovetnurin 
a day or I wo. 1 iigaiii advi:<e that aoiiio 
ilisposilioii bu iu.vle toebingelbcMayor, 
as I beliove it wonM tend more lo res ore 
eonrukiieo ihsii any lb ng that could be 
done. Il (be pre.ieiil (.nveriior c luld bo 
eliat>i:< d ul.'o, It would not be amiMs. 
U;ijor <ie.nerul t.oiiiiuanding. 

W.tKUl.Nl.KlN, .\UgUbt3. 

Majir Oinerul .Shciiduo.New OrUaos . 

Continue tu enforce martial law so fir 
a.s it may be nt e acary to preserve tho 
peace, and do nut allow any of tbo civil 
aiitbcritiea to act, if you deem such action 
ibingeroua lo tbe public safety. 

Lose no time iii iiivestiK.iting and re- 
porting Ibe Ctiises tbatbd to tho rjot, 
and tbe ficta wlich occurred. 

f.S.OK.\NT, Genera'. 

Th'i .'o'.Iow.iig lire the ••leading i|iea- 
tious" addtessed b) tbo I'rcaidirnt to (ien. 
.Sheridan, tbe answers to which we print- 
ed on Sun -'.ly. Slicridaa's facta do not 
seem to warrant Mr. Johuaou's aitump- 
tions by reveral lung rows of apple 
treea : 

WAsiiiN'a'iti!«, Aag. 4. 
Mmor (ieneral .'^hctidaa, coniuiMndIng New 

tirieana : 

Wc hawc bcfi; apprisri] here that prior 
to the assembling ol tbo ille;;Hl unit on 
au'honzed convention elected in It^ijt, 
mil I 111 ma' ory, inaiirreetionar y apeeehea 
were iiinde to a mnb i-'.iiip m il ul while 
ami colored porrona, urging on theu to 
uriu and ei|Uip tb'-maelvrS lor protecting 
aud ^U9tAllllllg tl o convention in its ille- 
gal and unauthorized proceeilinga, calcu- 
li(< 1 to upturn and aiipcrrede tho State 
government of Louiai.tiia, wbu:li had buen 
rncogniZ' d by the government of the 
Unite.l Sta'es. Funher, did tbe moh as 
scmble, anil was it raised for the ptirpos ' 
ol aafifitipg tbe convention in ita usurpa- 
lion* H»vi; any urim been taken from 
persons since the ^iit'h ult , who were 
>uppi S' ll or known 'o be connected wi'b 
ibia mobi* Have van t'l* individuals been 
shot and killtd by this mob without t;ood 
cause, and in violation of thu public pr-a-e. 
ami good order i* Was not tbea<fm 
hling of ibij convention, and tbe gather- 
iiif; of the mob foi i's protection, (he main 
Close of the riotous and unlawful pro- 
cee lings of th« civil authorities of New 
Orleans? Have steps been taken by the 
civil autboriiiea to arreat and try all those 
who were eng'tged in this riat, and those 
who bave committed offensea in violation 
of law ? Can ample justice be meted out 
by tbe city autboritica to all r Hinders 
against the law P Will the (ieneral pleaac 
furnish ni>! a brief reply to the above in- 
({uiriea, with such other information as be 
may be in poasestion of by telegraph ? 
Answer at your earbeaf convenience. 


a ■ » I • 

NEWS M .nM4K%'. 

Ly.nxii Law i-n Ni:iiKA.''iiA. — Caaper 
Uitcks, a muidcrcr, was bniugbt to NcUrnika 
City, on tbo Ifitb. and an excited crowd hav- 
ing collected, a lynch court was organized, 
tho prisoner taktu Hom tbe i ill and put upon 
bla trill. \Vitii(s.ies wire ibcn sent fur, uml 
tbe trial w.i :i.s cli;.->tly under tbc 1 ■ rnis 
of law a<i clr< amataDcea Mould penult, loiw- 
yora fur tbc pruaeeutiim and di-fi use were ae- 
lected, and ibn arrangemenia fur tbe tiia. 
commenced Tbe jiir> , alicr retiring lorcon- 
sii tution. returned and liniuebt in a vi-rdict 
ot willful niiirder iiirnlnit Casper Uirck.1. A 
propoiitum w;is tboa made to bang Dircka 
iiiimcdiatcly ; hut. upou tbo rei|U at of iiiar.y 
eiiixsna, a respite was granted until o'c ock 
!■ M, and at '.'i tbe piimincr wua t.iken back 
to tbe jail. Kev- It T. Davis, of tbe Metbo 
di»t ebiireh, ati-nd.-d the pri-nner in Iiis cell, 
und gave Lliii tbe c inaolation.s tbat reli- 
gion can nlfcr. Al li o'clock tbe prisoner waa 
hniuglii tortb, and pluccd upon lbs platform, 
and a prayer otiere. I by tbc Kcv. Mr. Davis. 
I>ireka tlivn aaid, tukiuK bo!d ot ibo Dooao : 
"ilolding aa I do liy tbia mpe wbieh la to ocnd 
nie into itiroily, 1 diciare tbat 1 am guilty of 
iliu larceny ; but nt murder I am not." He 
waa alterwiirua asked acverai limca ;( ba knew 
who killed tbu i>>y. He replied tbat be did 
not Ho lb -n aaid, "May (tod have merey on 
my Koui I" and the drop fell Ho atruggled a 
few moment", and a I waa over. 

ANuriiKii Da.iiakiii.v UonuKitY. — Al 
moat as mean a ro'ibory ai tbat ofMr. Hawkca 
at the Mansion House, ia St Paul, took place 
a few daya since at tbc Sherman House, Chi- 
cago. Tbe roldier, named Carey, aacertained 

Ibat a gentleman from Natrbet, Mias , n.imcd 
S. Mayer, wbkIiI a' the Sherman House, occu- 
py ini; room No. IdJ. bis ouiv attendant being 
a younit colored aervaut ('.irpet hag in band 
he tiuldiy appeared at tbe oflice of tbe hotel, 
and Mtaud to tbe clerk Ibtt be w:ia an oM and 
Intiniaie ai fiuiiintunce ot Mr. Majer'a, wbom 
he bad c me to look alter. Ilia itaniu waa 
aucceM.ful and be was abown lo bi-i ' lateeol- 
lege mate'fc" aparrnient. Mr Ma) er was very 
Hi— in tact, be waa in au uneonselous state at 
tbe time Carey bec.tiuo bia atiendiint. On 
gaining the room C'arov made buiiscif ex- 
irrmelv ollicoua, cniirely dispensing with Ibe 
hervii'C'i of ibe colored aervaiit, whom he re 
queitn d to withdraw When niKbl iipproaeb- 
ed. Carey recalled tbe Iioy to ibe room, und 
alter giviuK bim directions as tu bow bu^hlluld 
treat bis musti r, Kalil hu would no nut fur hm 
hour or two, but would return and ait up wi'b 
bis patient d irinstbn niglit. Ills almost on- 
nei esaary to aiate ibal Carey did not co'oic 

XvoT lUEIIt Ft;NEK4L. — TllK DkaD 

Ai.ivB.— A most remarkable case of mistaken 
Identity recently occur, cd In Mndiaon, Ind 
At the time of Ibo exp'osiun cf the Utn. Ly- 
t'c, Mr. Schhirct ol that city nas mlorined 
ihat bia son mis amonKat tbo e killed. He 
went to tbe wburt, und there b:iw ihe curp.e 
ofa^ounit niMO, winch, upon, 
hu wnkkiuiatiid was ibat of hi* Son. The body 
waa niiiiiv. d ID Mr Schlnret'" r.i J. ■...<», and 

, „i) uiiU uv.fil>l>ora, after loukmK at it, 

felt p<rreeily Hn-urvd tbnt it wui. the reinainit 
OI ••Bii'i" Schlarcl The lealurva ol tho liue 
weie not diaii^tured siiaatu rreuiouny duulits, 
and w.' undi r-tafid ibiu (be corpav tbe 
home ink mai ks on th.; uriua as y uung ^cbla- 
ret 'H-'ara. the taniily were inRieal^rlet, ihc 
fiincril t'lok plaeo, Ihe body nus liuriud, and 
Ihe family put on niniirnini; upparcl. List 
.saiiirdny alernoun. bo*tvcr. Bub Scbloret 
arrived in ibe city irom tbc Souih Hia «p 
i>e«ranee at bis lather's residence at ttr^t ere. 
Hied cons'dcrablo fright and (onsierDaioii, 
ul was iilicrward the oeca-ion of iiiucb j y. 
1'be upper end ol the c ly for a liillu while 
waa ill u nt ,lu of excCeniunt. 

^AroLko.v'H ll i..\i-ss — The I'aris cjr- 
reapondtnt of Ibo Ihiili/ A>if» says ; " .\1- 
iboagh ibcrc undouUicdly ia an ' Italian Uilll- 
culty,' I liolievu I may safely (.tale tbat the 
Kmperur'a tudden departure from Vichy lo 
.St. Cloud waa not attributalilo to that or any 
oibcr political reason I am informed tbut 
bis MajcMy is unwell, arid that Dr Ueycr 
biving expressed > n (ipinlnn that tbe Vichy 
wuteia Were doinK bim no good, it wa» thought 
K ivii,abie that bu hbould eonio to P.iria tor 
turlher udiieo It is alatcil ibai be perfurmed 
ihejuurney l> init on a matiraiis ; but this nmy 
very possibly tie a lulsu rumor. The iii<>nieni 
he arrived at M. Cloud, Dra. Nualloo and 
Kiciird w re fcnt to meet bia ordlnarv medi- 
cal odvi^i'ra In conauliaiion. It was tbia news 
more than anything poliMcal, Mliich produced 
• be lunhcr tail ut tb - U >ura«, tbuugn for ob- 
viims reason" the money articles o' tho even- 
ing papers only nliuded to It by aayine Ibat 
■ here were various alarming rumors. No leas 
than ten spi rial niess«iigcrs galloped t>etwuen 
•<t. Cloud and Paris to-day." 


Southern correspondent writes ; " Since tbe 
removal of tbe military from Clloch county, 
Georgia, tbe colcred people arc being treated 
most Bbamefully. Judge '/.. King, of th it 
cuuDtv, sentenced acilored woman to rec ivc 
slxly-threo lu<bes, because ahe iiuarrelod 
wiiti a white woman who bsd made acanda- 
biua ebargoa ngainat ber " A promi- 
nent Unionist In Tnscalona, .Vlabama, 
writing to a friend, says : "Wo are silently 
awaiting the i.s.siiu ot tbc conlliet now g .ing 
on in tbe loyal States, und praying for tbu 
aticce»s ot the party which Itore the old llag 
tbruutib tho rebellion. If tbey tail, wo may 
take op our licdaand walk, for here there will 
bo no real lor tbe ^oles of oar feet. 

Hai'i. op Cof.N-TKniKiTKKS. — Two 
conntrrfei:era named Peter McCartney, a'laa 
W. Wilton, and I,;yl McCartney, aliat John 
Douglas, were arrested at Mattron, III., on 
the 23d, by .Tohn F. Kittcnhouse, Deputy Uni- 
ted States Marshal, of Cham pain city. They 
were taken to Sprinelleld to day and lodged 
in j ill. In possession of the atrnscd waa 
found a'l'.iit titty thousand dollars 
In irniied Sintps Trcnanry niitea, oflhede 
nnmina ioaa ot teo, twentv, tifiy and one hun- 
dred dillars, a lot of b sua postal currency, 
atid tbe enirraved platei of the notes. The of 
arera also found la a warebouse at Mattoon a 
larKo press, lioxed up, used by the party for 
itrikiogoO tbo cgt(8. 

AiiBon IJ.i.NK UounEKY. — Tbo St. 
Louis /'rm<j<-r(i< givca an account of a neat 
iblng in thia line, which oeiMirred at the Kirat 
National itank in that eity last week, (in 
Monday, about noon, the oilleors of thu bank 
were lukiiig their usual liiiirli in the baek part 
ol Ihu IwnkiDg room, Iuuvidk aunrul larKU 
pilea ol iiHinry In tbe draweia and on tbu 
duska. 'Ibo money was in hi/;hl ol tbeui, if 
tbry bad kept their ey es upon it, liut it uppeora 
tiii'V were all so inient upim ^■iil|iini' down 
Ihtir midday iiieul that, lor a iiioiuviilut least, 
Ihcy lost sight of the stocks und ^'reenhacka. 
That nioniuut was euougb lo eiiaMo aouio 
itdroii tbict to creep In, .seize a Slo.lNiti puck- 
uge and steal out uuoli^ervi d. It nua suniii 
liitio lime before tho Ibuti wua discovered, und 
no one eoald tell in w bat manner ih^ money 
waa taken, or what aorl of a man took it Tbu 
deteciives have no eluo by wbleli to trace tho 
robbur, aud ho will probably never bu diacov- 

Im'Ia.n Ai iuk'i lien— 'Not withitand- 
ing tbe rrei|Uent eontrudietiun ol the slot lea of 
Indian murders, tbo reports continue to come 
of luoio ouirngea, In. in good uutboiiiy. A 
letter I'n.m Fort llcao, dated August 4th, to 
tbu Nebraska City A'riri, says Kroat excite- 
ment prevails there— more than thirty persons 
having l>ecn killed hy thu pertldioua Indiana. 
Tbey approach the uuauapecliog travelers 
kboutiog 'Tlow V khake hands, and at a pre- 
concerted siKnui abooi all tbut uru near them. 
Lleuleiinnt Haniels, ot tbu IHib U. .S. I , was 
pined by twenty seven arrows, s<'alped, and 
bia bauds and feet cot off, stripped id all bia 
clothing, and bia laidy sbockiii»(ly mangled. 
Il was the nioet horriblo sight I ever wiiuessud. 
Mr. Floyd, ol Lvttvenworih, while ridinK a 
short oistane.: in advnuee ot his train, was 
killed, ma bead cut oil uud thrown into a 
raviuu. A paity ot twtiity well mounU'd men 
tried to recover hia budy, but were unaucceaa- 
luli kevea ot them were killed and three 
wounded. No assistance can lie furuisbod hy 
tbe military. French Pete, un old Indian tra 
dcr, and lour men were killed titty miles 
aix)To here. 

FkMAN Kl£oi:iiAM/ATIUN. — T. W. 

Sweeney, "Secretary of War, F. 11 ," who wua 

reported as diamla-cd a day or two iigu, ia out 

in u "general order" to the Centres ot the cir- 

clea, ie(|ucstiag them to forward immediately 
to beaniiuarteia ibu nuiucof u competent man 
Irom each circle, lor ibu purposu of appoint 
munt to reorganize tbu iiiiliiary liruueh ol 
uaeb circle. Caru should liu iiikcn tbut UODU 

iiui vxpcriunced and tried ulUcen are se- 

WuNUKiirti. In vKMiuN.— Sidney E. 
Morse, of New York, inventor of the electric 
telegraph, bua last patented n curious philo- 
sophical instrument which i:> called u bathom- 
eter. You throw it overtioird with ita ajipun- 
dagca, In the oceuo, wheru thu wiucr la u.iiea 
deep. It goes down like a sQo, and us soon 
us 11 touches the bultom it turns und comea 
lutck to the kurlaco. You pit^k \i up, and lUu 
tiuudupthot tbe water where it struck tbu 
b'ttiom IS seen oo tbu scale of the l>atbometer, 
jukt aa you aet) tbc aegrcu ot ticalon tbc .<<calc 
ot a thermometer. 

^onctunj $1 CommcrctHl 


ovFica or St. Paul Piixaa. i 
Mo.voar Kvemog, Aux 'iT, IbCC. | 
Kale* of dlrcoont cunlinin- at lo^l? per cent. 
Exchange tirni at .'« per cent. 

Dayius Rat«s. 

liold and irold ooupona • 4^atO 

l.:iri;e ailvxr ;i5<i:ti 

Uites of Kxchanicn '« pr ct 


Buying Katea. 

U ui ted Stales A-'.'U'a 107 to ItH 

" " lo-W',ULTg».. p»r 

" " 10-40' a, am all.. IM 

•* " «'» of liisl... 110 

>• •> 7.M>'t 4 to fi pm. A Int.. 


t^uvercuiunt Bvndaaro qouted at thu follow- 
ing ligurea : 

Jun.> Compound, IMit :. iv\c prem. 

July " " ll'iO " 

AiiKuat " " lll«o " 

October " " lii»o " 

D.'S. " " V^O " 

.May " IW5 T^.O " 

August " " 6\0 " 

.si'|.i. " " •• 5*40 •* 

Oe;ol>i'r •' " -I'tC " 

7-30t;oipuo« I'ar, 

I6II Aoru Land Warrants, nelllna ('■<'-'' 

•• " t ore^c Scrip •' r InKle lOo 

PsrfUnda— U. S Treaaory Notes, National Bank 

Notes, Minnesota atate Bank Notes. 

No Bta's Currency Is paid out by thn Rank-, 

tbn raiaa being mdoemed and retired Irum oircu - 


If.,.^ •'fvi-ia 4i|xt>»* ii|<trk«>, 

lUy lel-Krapli | 

Nk.w York, ADg.:^.'. 

Sloika b-IKT. 

Money 4 ii«r cut. 

.•S crltnK .|U'et at un\. 

(io'jS opened at IMS, closod at 147\'. 


Hvw Vork Proilace n«t>krt. 
I By TbleirrBph.] 

Nkw York, Aug. 27. 

Flour lOill.l.: lower oi rummon f;rade<i. while 
ini-dlum aiel KOod aro anrhtnK.^d, al 4ij.403$.SO 
fur extra sia'.e and (^aiu.uu inr K. II. U. 

"JRAIN— .vri«i . rre»l .i a. 4N KsS tuslieU. du'I, 
I {}'.!c lowers $l.&ufi>r Chieaao rprii'K; ti.'^Ja'i-'-^'* 
liir ^u. t Milwaikc, Kye Hnn at Die lur \Ver- 
tcru. loin, r.(«ipti, I'-'.-'tr. nia-liet lo lower 
with a falf bu'lncas; ;8Shoc for Inf rior; ^n'-id 
s'^ lur ahipiilug mtxe 1 wvatcm, .liufly Kl>ao: 
chni ■«• Iillools Kti,'c. Oats d'lll and heavy at V>i 
-Isc fur Chicago ; 4;4}.'i^c fur Uliwaukeei i^ fur 

I'ork <iulel sni Hrio St > I2 75<|s,^.0O for new, 
clnaltiK at i(>1>.eii oish, and i*3j.SO(i3l,cn for old, 

loi'd Uruierat I8,ita2lc. 

Whifky ijul"! 

Petrniwiiu ^sc for ernde tnd 4IStt: tor rsHaed 
l3 toid,llio lalturfor wailu. 

Chicago ProUuc* Miarbas. 

CiricAoo, Aug. 27. 
Whsat at 91 sSfjl.SJ. Cora w.'nk 
ar.d lojrer at j lailc. Uals d ill at ;."Je. 

aUlwwitli»« Ca-odiac* Hiarkws. 

Mll.WkUKK.K, Aug. '.'7. 

Flou' quW : suiiorflns <i1.Mi. 
<* b' a *■ l'3al.u* (lelUr's opil..n 'v>r August; 
$1 O.t for reject Hd. Coraa-'-. Oitsjic. 

w. i.A> s,ja. 

llOM'r A. S.llTlf. I.. B. m.E- 


liKALKKii i» 

Foroigo and Domestio Exobiuige, 

<*OI..l> A e?n.iVHllt COIN, 

U. 8., City and C<iunty Boads 

Land H'arrants. /'rvmy* Ticiet; ,\c.,ije. 

^■lCUXO^A]«0 ■rOCIIECI. 

Opsn and Pep, fc r caVa! reasonab!.^ prloa. 
Ai,oa yAt>i>Li': I'ONY. 

Ai>ly ot th.) shor In^ Mi >p of 

v.'l Iw Corner 4th and xuhange atreeta. 

oliier largu oontignmcnt ol 

JVe-w Frencli L.cnions 

Ahic!i will bociused out at 


Iblrdritrevt.S:, Faul. 



V\'u are now rocalvinga aplcndid atoak of 

White and Colored Blanket?, 

Ol bU qualitler, bouf(bt I«tv and to be sold at a 

amall advanoe. Otll and tco them I They 

are Ju^t what you want for a Mlnnn- 

S3la Winter, 




In great vanpty and chpop "of courau," Always 

to tw found with ur, a full a'.ook 

of aeaionable 


We aim tu buy GOOD CiOOUS and guarantee 
•AtUfactlon la every caae, 


IS ma.vEAPOLis. 

AM the standard makra in new and dcsirabls 
atyka for the Fall Trade, to be opened ta a day 
or two. 


Buatlc and other bhaden, handaomo and 
obeap. OI.'O aa aoall. 

Iltiri-lHOii Stono Blo<*lc, 


FOR flAI,E-PI.«I9l5«;i .nil,!., 
HASU, I (lOit ANUHI. -NU !<ACTl>KY,iiU- 
Mat»4 on tlie Wator I'owr In MIn' eaii-'lt.', with 
Mac'iinerr. coniilatliiif ofthrw plalnlrg. Ilior ^nd 
'IticK machtnea one Danleln elainu , una gig 
-sw, four clroolar sawn, t«o mort'dog, cue 
lenanting and one boring macbinn, one turuing 
Istbe tog">l!i"r with Imn'jer out work on band, 
all ingjol coBdI'lon Atjly on thu promlaaa. 
.i.j'>llw r.MITU, 


By our own Iteporl.-r. 

Al oiKT '.!■), IHiKi— 1 I', u. 

'J'lii-; Ai.MoM'iiKKK. — Froala are re. 
porl<;d on Wednesday and ' 
nights in AleL.rod and Catver cuuiitiea. 
Dr. C IS. Ames informs us that vines in 
tliosc regions havu been kdled, and in 
uome filaciH rurn 'I'bia aamu Iroat 
touched vegetu'ioii here lightly on the 
aamo ni^^hts. ICarly Friday iiifirnLnf;, 
about bull |iaat one o'elock, tbiru was a 
magtiidcnt diaplay o/ tbe aurora in the 
northern sky. 'ihe brilliant abafls of 
light for:iitd an imiunnae crescent. 

TiiK Ca.nai..— Woik is being pushed 
forward rapidly opon the canal extension 
at the mills. Tin; walls are well up, and 
are o( the most maasive cutialraction. 

FixiNii I'l-. — The Kicollet is being re- 
(urniabud, and tbe crockery On. (irant 
ato hia dinner on when Lire, bus 
been tobi at auction lo dc/jni of the 

A SLUiiir Mi.->IaKI':. — Tho types made 
u4 say Ibe other day tbat Marshal Cole- 
man "alwajs" slejil wi'.h Trotter, tbat ia, 
during the si.x weeks tin watubed bim. 
We bave been informed, and tiesire to 
state, upon good authority, that Marshal 
Lorenzo Coleman never sbipt with Mr. 
Trotter in his life untd FiiJay night, 
when both left on a plea'ure trip down 


Acoibi 27 — 4 e m. 

(iiiANii Kallv i-oit Do.NNKLi.v. — Ilar- 
lison Hall was crowded with citizens last 
Saiurday evening lo listen to a few words 
from their Kepresi iila'ivc in <'ongresB, 
iloii. Ignatius Donnidly, as to tho statu 
ol the country. Kxtraordinary enthusi- 
asm and unity ol purpose was manifested 
throughout the entiro part of his addree.t, 
the peupl.'i rc^ponding heartily and ap- 
provingly to tbo course Congress has 
taken, as uaTratcd by tbc speaker, and 
bestowing ujiua him, for hia own loyal 
course a generous apprr>baiion. Mr. 
Uonnelly ceclared the coining ieeue, to 
be between (Jongress and the i'rceident — 
Congress and tbu North on the one side, 
^nd Andrew .1obn;on a'ad the Soulh on 
tbe other, '.'be narration of thu course 
ol Corgrtfss as seen in thu Civil Kights 
the Frcedinen's Itill and the Amendment, 
was received apparently with great favor, 
aud evinced the determination on tbe 
part of the audience as to their Repre- 
sentative. Mr. D. spoke for nearly an 
hour, and bis conetitaents here think that 
he gave a good account of his steward- 
ship. The meeting adjsurned after pass- 
ing rciolutioni to atand by Congress, and 
approving tha course of their Ueprcscnla- 

A HuRUV .Ion. — The doors lcai]ing 
into Harrison Hall received a fresh coat 
of paint a few minutes before the great 
Donnelly rally convened, and many usuit 
ot clothes wai sadly daubed. 

Sf uiiKN Deaiii. — Mr. Cahill, residing 
at Non.h Minneapolis died Saturday af- 
t: rnoon of apoplexy. He was reclining 
on the lounge reading a pajnir at the time 
of the visitation, and people iu the house 
passed him once or twice, not knowing 
be was dead. 

AcTiiiKNT — In F'letcber'a store to-day, 
the cornice fell down and struck a Mr. 
Ulootn on tbe bead, crushing bim down 
on the show case, cutting his lip b.idly. 

Anotiikk —As a horse and wagon con- 
taining' two ladies and a gentleman was 
akirtingthe edge, of Hennepin avenue, 
Sunday afternoon, the wheel struck a 
post in front of Allen's dry goods store. 
The conacqucuct: was, one lady shot 
ahead some twenty feet, liko a rocket, 
and (he other went over tbo dash board 
quicker than you could say Jack Ilobin- 
son. The driver — well its bard to aay 
what would have bi.-come of bim, for he 
hung to tbe reins like a bull dog, and had 
not tbe hirse been stopped, would hive 
been towed down the avenue. 

New CiiDRCHE.NTF.RrRJSE. — The Fly- 
moutia Congregational Society bave inau- 
gurated a branch church near the school 
bouae, b?low Judge Atwatcr's, to be call- 
ed I'iymouth Chapel. Tbe requisite 
funds for a pretty chapel building, to seat 
two hundred people, are almost raised. 

GovBKNMitNT Tkain — A train of con- 
demned government goods, from Fort 
Wadawor'h, under charge of Wagonmas- 
'.er S. O. Cady, passed through town Sun. 
day morning. It has been six weeks on 

the route. 

. — .. ■■■ 

Ali.en is home again from the eastern 
markets, und behind bim follows a long train 
of boxes, balea and packagea. Cars, steam- 
boats and draya groan under the load. 

tome ot the most anractlve goods ever 
brought to the Northwest, arc now -being 
opened in bia store. Victoria Tarltona, Scotch 
Tarltons, Poplins, Wool Reps, French Mori- 
noes, Coburgs, M«hairs, Plaids and Stripes, 
Fancy Casslmcrcs, Clooks, Cloakings, Shawls 
and Ureas Ooods of tho newest styles. A 
Urge btix.-k of Wool Dlaakcta, Flannels in 
enormona varloty, Opera, White, Check, Gray, 
lied, &c New style Hats, Cloth, Otter aad 
liujver Ops. Aden's ia tho place to get your 
htrgiiins. Quick sales and small proflta is his 
motto. aug'J8-3m. 

riianiaEa. WAJtx«:i>, 

Ah Kirera-in ot uliap Brat cf wafres snd 
On.tant employment. Maat b" an A 1 woik- 
inan, c}mtiei.-nt to do any and ail ktndKof )i> j 
buif(. A' o foi* a -bore tliae one or more ,lunr- 
lll•>lnou Tinnem at rood W3KP8. .»i ply at elorp 
on lirldgc mreet, .Uinueipolm.of 

ttug-'.i .w L,coA.s iiaos^ 

T,0. BalU<ABI> I J.F.nAK.tARD | W.H,n,8HDKT 



•WlxoleMdln iin<lR.«^tHUX>»fiIerailB 


A full and oomplet« a'Aortuiniit v>f 





Office and School Furnitxire, 

oonatantly on hand, 
TTpholS)t«rir3B Done to Order. 

All ordors will recplvc our prompt attontlon, 
an 1 all uoo * delivered at D«>pota in Mlnneai>olla 
aaJ Salul Anthony Irce ol cUathk. 

rriciu furnialted on appUcotlon, SAXJCS* 

Nt. Anthony, Minxi. 



MI IS IS K AP OU ». I>©pa,rtment 

Opnnfd at ibf Mill expr^anly lorthc convenience 
of formera, country and town people. 



JVEW Goor>si 

Spring and Summer Coatings, 

Of Dark and Mght Crown Bod Fbaded Grey 

colors, made from ihebDeet Woolsud 

eapeclallv adapted to the cooler 

laiitndea of tbe Northweit. 


In black and whlic and black and brown plaids 

la aprlnr style, mad(> ea) of pare wool, 

for pantaloun atulTii and veitmga, 

A.11 AVool Tweeds 

Of aupcrau.-'quaUiy and eoft KilkyflnUh. of light 
gntdea foraummcr wear. 


■ A«Tn«B, OVBKOS & CQ, 






14 and 1« JVorth Mecond t-treet. 


Wines and Liquors ^^^^f ^^.^*? '^«®"*'^' 


I 101Xhird.sitr<>et,iv«^o, i.b« Kridsp. 

Uy tha B»ttl<i aad oa l^rAfi, for aaly by 

W« buy antl tell tVoDcrtr.on CommicaioB, U 
all partH oflhlH State and WliiconHln, and oaanot 
full to astinly p«.rtiep d.-imu.. to toil or InvdSt. 
W" hEvc a large amuunl ol property for eale In 
Ht. PhuI, and adloinlnft towu.., anrt throii|ihont 
'111 .S ati-, baunifiBK to partlf*. really arxioaa to 
Iii 4 TU f f V i~^tyt\r^l0^t9 "ll.andat prjcR* thatcsnnot fall tobo r'mune- 
r'A.M.lLlY V)rll\ li./rlili, r»"v. We oir-r B.-alnoM proiH-rty in Kt. J^« 

» , on all thn prlrclpal (itr<M»ta. Houara and kitast 
I all prloPi and In all pnrt« cf tbe dty Brsldnaa 
lots In <>ndl"iia qaantity from <ifO te ain,O00 
»«oh. County i-r-.p^-rty, Karipp, Kaimina l.Aod, 
Hoti-'a, I.«kM Ke-irtencPK, llrrt*r and Hay 
Ivanda, Ice., from (I Inf to p<>r S'^m, In all parts 
of thia ^t•t<>aIld Wt..a'<n«ln. 

W» onnol i;dl tu atitt ar.y on« d<wlrf>ns ol 
purchaalij^, and refer to our BulletiB on flrat 
pa«e. Taxea p:tld in all (<art<oi tiila 8tat*ao<] 
WlKOoDNln. MOHGaM k MeCM>tJD, 

nisblAd&.w1v Hhll 

AV. S]VIlTli. 

Cur 5th Ai JilckswU'tsti.., dt, I'nul, 

Wlio r.jfcrj by pHrmi«»ion, ae a Kuaraotee fur 
their purity, ta Doctora WiUey und Hand— tb« 
aaiuM liuiiit|.; bwn t<-ateil and approved by Uiem. 


KX.'1'UA. «OXTlV'riK8, i 

Iiic roamed lr*entaionsi. IlBArQuaBTi'.iis, .ST«Tr. <ii- Mi.nm., > 
Ai>.iutantG«nkr»i.'«0|'>i<-k, j I 

br. Ha I- . , Mi.\.\, AvRu^t lOth. MM. S ^ 

Under "ct of .luly ysih, 18'C., $100 add'tionti 
b uuiy will b-' paid to tiin>o yearn mi»n who aerved 
their term of eniUtiii*nt, or who were wm-r 
Hi i"»n-K<'d by reaion of nrouuda r<'celv.-d In tha I 
lli;(- of uuty. Also Ui wiJ wa, minor rhlidren, i 
or parents of tbr»,i yearH men, who died whin 
in lh.< t lilted .Stale, h.'vic.., or of wounda or 
dlKtme ciniraoteil in ifiich "•rvlec. 

Kif'y uoilara lioiinty will be paid uiidy liko 
eon'lltlona to two y«ar:< ini>n 

boldier" >>ntitled to i:ic bounty under tba abovn 
aot will hcnd their dinrharao iniMtrii tn thin offlc", 
aud if dischurs d by rea- jn of wouimIh wili olai-i 
whnw and where they wore wouud'^d. 

Wldowa of d(H-.enn d noldl.'n. or pallora, wlio 
have minor ehlldren under tie- rj^c of Hi year?, 
wiilbecutilled to txo doUarn addit onaj pt'nHion 
for wvory such child : and orptmn chi dren ol de- 
cea-ed foinl"rH or xailura aieentltl"u tothe acme 

Widows and iruardlans of minor childrftu ap- 
pl)ing for till) incru'^ ot Don'iun inu^d prove 
the uate of Inn h of such children, and tbat tfc.-y 
arr thH lrgilmia« chUdrcn ol the bror-aaa^d uol- 
di> r. 

All applications for Por.alom, !Viantie-> or 
Euck lay of sol'Jiers or thi I' lu-i s, will r-ceive 
pr.uipt ait£ntl0D iroiu thia olllno rnt-v. ov 
< n.\t.<;K tu claimants by Epplylog tothcunder- 

l..nlti"rBaiIdr»h?cdlime relatin; to any c'a?a of 
aoHlcra' or sailors' claims will rcci lv« a prompt 

U.r.VAPf Cl-KVK, 
Adjutant Cneral and .Stuta Agfiat. 

Jvrounlry papers copy ooHtim«- 

anfrll l-ltdAItw 





Capital, $300,000 I 

luaurf* Aiiraiaas I iiaa of l.ifror ITcr- 
■ oBul tajury tty any At-rldvat. 

Sale of (fovernmonl Property. 

OKFiri: Dki- .tQi arti;i:m18Tpe, I 

J 01iTS."*EI.l.lN<;,MlS!«., AUI-UBI '.;i, .t>6«. { 

Xhn uBdcraiKned will ofl'-r lor salu at I'UBI.IC 

AUCTION, Iron the Warehoui-c's at KOkT 

RNfcLLINd, Minn., at 10 \. M., Uondaythe 

third <ia» of ticptembsr, l^OcJ, tbe lollowii? 

yLAUTtll.MAsTI It's SToU|-s, viz : 

Prctidmt—S AMVKl. D. HA-sTINOB. 

Vite-Pretide'it— THOMAS S. AI.LKN. 
rreitsmer—l). K. TKNN'F.Y. 
tiifural AgnU—A. U. L>.\im'IN. 


I.C< 'HIS Ka I Ki'iiiLo, Governor of VTi^ . ttadl.on. 
TllOH. ^. At.LI N, •.»H.. State, Ui eial I'olnt. 
W. K. SMirii, Sf»tr Trwasurer, Fox LaVe. 
I,' -<TKU »*xr. V Sex-ion, Bro. Mil waukte 
.l.iiiN A. I). iiiiK.^, Dutctier, Itall A Uoodrleb, 

S.S. Hki KILL, G^n. Man. M.&.S-. p. R.B.,»!1I. 
IlARTKT r. HuMaKT,Hifambost Pro., l.aCroaa« 
A. K, Ki.MoKE, Uouv^'uaa Umore,Grc<>n lily. 
«;. C. .Sltoi,K«, Supt. W U. T»l. Co., KeLotha. 
Sam'lI). llAhTIM.s.lnto S'ateTiejH., Madlacn. 
SIXCN MiLt S.Prc;'. Kibk Madison. Mudmrn. 
K. •». VAS.Sl.VKK,l'r.'« !a. Nat. Hank, M dii-oa 
n. K. TavNtr. IJ. M'. ft l>. a.lenniy, Madlaon 
S.C. Bi:.N, tJen.Ast. M.Mat. Inr. ('o.,Madli>on 
A. G UAiiWi.N of M. •■ . fuller A Cj., Mull^on . 
K. \V, KtYiis, Mayor of city of Ma i»on. 
It, V. HoHKi.vs. Vlon i'r<-s. Madison Mut. lus. 

Co., Madison. 

At U. CiAl LOnn. Krcrctary. 


L'li De'ks, 

7f. Chairs, 

'.ll Tahlos, 
loo stoves, 
H') WaRons, 

11 Amhulauces, 

."lis Sflfs Ilarnoas, 

.^') Saddles, 

-11 Hobsleds, 

JliB -Idles, 
07t Joints Stovepipe, 

71 Water Buckets. 

Also, a largo quantity of Mi.'ctllaceous Tocts 
aud dioras. 
I'eimscashin U, ti. Fund). 

THKO. f-CilWAV, 
Captain loth Inf., a. a. Q. M. 
augJI td 


.Seventy-five feat lung, liliwt wide, and built of 
t!ia very best material, ."^he is wirrauted staunch 
and tlsht aud In good order in <>very refp«ct. In 
otutrsu of John CtapnrI, L'ppir Leveo. 

App'y to A. H. WILDES k, CO. 



"Wanted to Borrow, 

On good Bell Estate eccarity. 
Addr«sa Bok SOH. St. Paul. aufr.>l-rit* 



Hair Regenerator. 

The ntoAt wondtrfUl diicovcry of the age. 
Will positively restore Gray Hair to its original 
color, whether black, brown or auburn, and 
Iteiiig a delightml dresalng, it inipirta to It a 
b'autlfol gloasv and beaithy aiipfuranob. It 
will also promote a growth of new hair on bald 
lieads wtierotbegliLds or roots of the hair are not 
d'sorganized, and ctTectuallj removing all dan- 
druff. Itching and hiimora from the scalp. It It 
warrrntt-d to produce the above results or money 
relunded, Prloe $1.00. All orders ahould be sd- 
dreswed to 

V Avrxsn, aaoAK * KTrKR. 

Je7-4tb^-3in U'holi-Ns'e Acents, 

This Compasy lasses poliaies of 

I Loss of Life or Per.'ional Injur), 

' caused by any accident, at as low rates of pre- 
I mlum as are uflVred hy o her rirnt class compa- 
I nic'. Its capHul is aiuyle aad i' 1' p.-csanted to 

North-vs-eHtern Ooinpeiuy, 

Embracing aining its Ktockhol ers mtT>y of tbe prowlnent cipitolisis and nu'iac: s men ol 
tiieNor bwL-it. 

Active aad energ«iij Agents wa8te< in St. 
Paul and <hrau(rhout the Mate. QOOU Ti<;KSli» 
WILL UK GIv K.N. Address or apply to 

D.S.B.JOHNSTOxV, Slate Ag't, 

OtBcc on £lgbth Btr,?i>l, op;/oalte residence of 
Mayor Priaee, •. t. Paid. Htfta. aau-dAwSm 

&i)Ki^ PBia nu:«Tifl- rvBnv- 

if>mitf\f tVtll.,i<K to setlihe iM>»C 
inir.laeas fiai*h«><I unsi onl.v |ir.i<','it',tl ' 
Vstiiilly Mrwing' .Wut'hlae im u«e. .-o- 
soiu's luiest paie.t »iih K"tc*<uiirs .inprovi-d , 
pstent looper mnve^ieu'. «v-PnsCK I* It- I 
< a'CKU S«920 tVe w nt to hire immedi- < 
alely j ,»•• •r»(-clawa (,'iaiaviaaalna: Atrruta \ 
tiy the mtmih. Greatest ladacumema ever of- 
fered . For t«t ma address 

3*&Eaat Water strott, Mllwauaue, Wis. 


Third street, Saint Paul, AXitxn 

mn PATI.M uuiuc bl&ulcisis t casus 

Cloth Caakets and Wooden Cofiina ot the latns 
etyle constantly on hand. Heaxses and Carriages 
aad everything neoessarv fora Funeral furnlabed 
on the shortest notice, 

Kepidenoe oo Canada stroPt„'«bo»" Tertb 


A mi^ni&ceot, Snt'CU-ia 

Hydro-Oxrgen Clock-Work 


Wliha beautifaiaasortJiont of carcfuliy etkctcd 


Also, Curlaios, llrtcen feat m r.> Waxed Ecreea 
and other appnrtcnuioea, all II i>atfect order for 
pallic tixhiuitions. Apply to 

au22 oar. of Ttilrtecath and St. IMer-tu. 


AMVKi' omcjti 

A ttorney al r,»-w. offloe cv»t ParkerPalne's 
Bank, ( bird street. St. Panl. Mia n. aovS 



Has takoo tbo above named Baloon, | iy'^-*n-4thti 

On JiJtclisoii Sti-eet, 


Tf»\.t aloorta Illlagraw-arua'a, 

AndwUIkeepitlnF-asr-CL^SS 8TVLK. Iho 
Bar will aiwaya be supplied with the 

Choicest Wines, liquo-s & Cigars. 



augS) Sm 

Airn MEE »■.' 

TO w£»0»<Te^M:fc:JV. 


English Double Barrel 

TVitli Mahogany Box an^ Kurntlnro belonging, 
all in priuie orior. 

Th's gun wa: Imiiort.d hv a g.^iitlemen for his 
own u -e, At'd will l>.^ auld ut co-.! nt t 'i.^ Ktore of 

C. psaoas., 

au.:v.*5-lw Corner Third und Robert ctrecta. 

K UKi.ANU'^i n>a.'i>lfl «nt new Piut ra 
'Ustoncal Wort, th" moat runiarlc^'jie, tli.-tlliuir. 

Inte'e.ting, attractive and ta'-t selling book of 
modern times. Toclergynr'n.ieactiers. di-ahled 
Mjllters, aoldiers' wIdo'As and all ot!ier Intelli- 
gent i^ersons, wo oir-r unequalled facilities fur 
maklus money, ijend sumii lor jinrilcubirs. J. 
A.sloUOAUD A CO., IW Waehington tr.-et, 
t'hicijfo, 111. Box -'.tl. aug-'^J-'Jai* 

JAMES J. hillT 

Gcmeal Trausporiation Agent, 


Giv.!a on I-'reight \.3 

New York, Boston, Philadelphia, 

Acd all principal points Kaat, 
Time OaartSBMea If Uaslrod. 

Freight Agent for the Lower Dlviaion 
A^UOioe und Warehouae on the Levee, 5?t, 
aul. aa^8 

Thia Deuso la uiw open lor Ihc r.>oeption of 
Gust*. Is new GUI and mr ; Is el'iiatcd oo 


St. Poter, Ric-'aiidElevt^nlh street?, 


O.iii' ur tl Ki\-. r. 

Cr.nrenl nt to all To'nts. wiih • yera! acres of 
ground attached, tlnely atioded, and la one of tha 
mast Celinhtfu sitoall'tns in the cty. au25 

EwTToiTit ^iVis" m ■ ■ w ewoVa 



Hanufootarer of tbe 

Hoop Skirts, 



I Bustles, Nets, &c. 
I A largo and moi't oomp|.^te stock of the latest 
I atylns of Hoop 8klrts and Corsets constantly on 
I hand. M rehants supplied at ^■,.» York pricca. 

Skirts repaired and made aa good as new. 

Goods warranted for three mcntha. 

Please call and examine. 

K. B.— Ord*r- from th« oonntry promptly at- 
tended to. Post Office Box 1,7«. Ho 13« 
Thlrai a*r»«i«. %t. Pawl. «ri» ^Uiply 

St. Xaviers Academy. 

135 Wabash Arenoe, 


Under tbe direction of tb« 

BisterH ot ^MGvcy, 

Will re-opon for the adtnlaalon of pupila on 

IVIcnduy, Sc>pt«ixil>er 3d, IBOO, 

In the new 8cminary. 

Letters of inuulry •biiuid bo addressed to DI- 
KKOlltlXSr. XAViEtta ACADlaUY. t hicago, 


•Ogl7 2w 


An active, lotelllKent, German or Norwegian 
boy, bntween the age ol tlfteen and twenty year-i, 
to loaratlio Dry Gaods bullae's. 

C. M. WUIiAT* LU., 

*««-l^t li'J third etreet. 

Fit'K oxatmtei aU kiv^s «» job Pri.|t<n> 

aru \ m f^ < 

► U ^ til.. 

• » 




Propoaea to acll t'^e coming acason more and 
l>ettcr wood for tbo money, > Ithor 

■Wholesale or Retail, 

Than any other deBl.?r. Ce has all qnalltles, ard 

prices from f .1 50 per cord up. Ilsf tilso 

c-n hand best dry 


IHlivered In any quantity : nice kindlings, So. 
Uaa al-o uu band a lirgc amount of 


Tbe osly baled Hay in market. 

Pl^ew Brisrlit Straw, 

Htraw Tibca filled and delivered. Orders 
solieitedand oromptly aterdcdto at Ills TCtlOD 
AND HAV YAKU, oomer Ponrtb and St. Peter 

c. A. phemcotx, 



Tonng ladles will cppn under tcr own cute, on 
Monday, the 10th of September. 

Tbe sobool for yoangw children will oi«b at 
lientitld'-'ncv on Mo: d«y, August :.'Otb. a«gl7-3a 

EH* CilLL'tt NCiUOOl. V4»B 






! 1 





,J .•*■ \ .. 

„ w ' « *• - '!> 











nju j i n>ji!. i yivt .s: 

llie *5^t.^aul ^aUg f trij$. 

SAIN r I'AUL, AUUU8T 21), 1866. 

now n«n POLi.«itn w«b 
HIM art UM Anit Hi*t i>t a. 

Kvcryltoily has been I'Ud'rlainctl i«itk 
oci-iuioual ai ria t'xtracts (roin Tollartl's 
history ol tlio nbtllio" entitled (Le "lottl 
Cause." I" II '••'••r:i'UT:Htie (ijnei- 

lucu . 

"ItwoiiM l>i' iiiiiiit.i-mulily Uio wiH.Ht iiMi 
:.!.'. lueiit't' »t lU'loat III (111!! wwr lliiit the Soulli 
i.h»uUl lo^e ilit iiioiul tiiul iiilclleiiual liiNliiid 
ivi'iicss an a poople, ami eeiiHo !■> iiamtI ilt 
tcli /iHotmaiipirtorUy innriii'ttum, in polit 
It il Kcholuikliip, (iiK^ lit all thf .itiimlarilt «(' 
.nilinitiiixt ihiiioittr, I'ifi the l'ii<l>lii't' Hit 

This "well kuowii aiipcriurily in civili- 
. .itiuii" ami "ill all the titanilaTiN of i»»4li- 
vidual ebaraeter" upon wbielithe "South- 
ern cLivaliy," »ii<l i-ipcciall^ tLe noWe 
bouso ol rolljiril, i«ti>le Hieiiis«'Iv»'n, \\x» 
fust reecivei! n;bi:iiitiliil illustration in a 
•;allaiit' ami iieeuliurly metliu'val exploit 
wherein 11. Kiveij TollitrJ, editor of lie 
Kii'hiuond t'.xiiminei- and brother t.f ll,e 
luiful Kuight of lh« "Lost Ciuiu" ti{;ur- 
t'll fti tbu |iiiiiii|>al hero. 'rb« Kiehinond 
/)i.i/iii/i<^ "I Au^ t I'b, aays that ll:e 
( ti'iind •liii.) the day l^efole biou^Ll. iu 
uu indict iiienl ti^itiDSt this 11. luveit I'ol- 
lard, Irom vrbieh wo takt^ the iollowin 
•.-xtrael : 






S-A.JLjNT 1:*^UJ:^ WKDJMKfciUj^Y, ^UaLTBT 29, 1866. 

NUMBER 203. 

lion :» virtual proelaiiiution oltho diaso- I ai in W all htnet. And the style imilcuat 
lulioii ul lliii (iuveri.iiii nt and thai (ho o( (he l>uddiii);.i have kept pace wilh tliu 
only lawlul authority exuling in Ibin );o- ' upward uiajch ol biisincMH and (be riie in 
venimmt is oentcrod in that parngon land. Krunt the nuMleit liriek and the 
ol rtuloeratu, Aiulrew Juhiisun. ordinarr sldiir llie . hanrr li;>» In-i'ii ijiiick 

Here \i tbu Ial4 »l rejcripl ol bis IVIojI. i ua(**ii8to ical Societ\ Krib|« and 

Mat;iiiiit'ent lliKbiicMS: 

/Vii re IS on thf vtttfi' of the iitn-ri ntntni^ n\ 
it uiif, ntholii trhtiK attuuifil tohea Con^rmt 

Itf titf I'lliliil SllltiH, III I, IN I Ml, \ ( (.IN 

iilii;>s III oNi.v I'Mirui 1 111^ >Si\ii.H. 

Ill tbcae era/y and looliib, but deeply 
oniinoud words, Ihi^ I'resider.t ul tlie 
United Status, publicly repudia!t« the 
legislative autborily of C'0n(;ru8M as now 
eonitliluted, and a.<« it ba.n been coiisti 
tutellorlive years, and imoelaims 

the nlu^t eliiliorale an lilteelnre , and lur 
Ibiie iiiilin li'oiii Ibe lia'.tery, tlie old Al- 
bany mad eiiaruis and al last tires tbu 
ejo with 111* endlesft row.s ol llic (mist and 
costliest slons. Kenls, ol euiiiAe, have 
uot la|;^ed brhiiidthis enorniuu.i iiiipiuve- 
nitnt. Where thirty years af;o atooJ a 
brick storu lentin^; lur .'yiliHi pi i yiar lor 
liie lirst lldoi', now htaiids a .'>plendid 
waitliouii' piy in^ a return ul .'fiiiO.iM o 

tbo nullilieation of all laws pai.ied by tbe per anuuiu. A. 'I'. Stewart and 'IViiiily 

"\ |irc>uiiliiii'iil luru lorcit)Iotiiir.v nilo tlv 
bouse of Kilwia M. lli).viii, uuJ tre>|iai>s, as 
■iiuilt anil b.iltorv tlicroni 

••Tilt' iciri>is III ilin ('. iiinioiiwealth for Ihe 
i> ot rlie ciiy ol liieliiiMiiil, on ttieir ualhs, 
prt-tiiit. Ill It II. IM\i .'. I'oll.iril ibd on llio Vtli 
day ol AiKU,"!. Ill lilt- \ear Ith.ti, wiiliin Ilie 
jurisilictiou 111 llio >aul Court ut IIu>|iuk'> in 
(bo citv ol' Kicliiiioiul, unit ul .siiul i ily. hiiIi 
fcrciaiul nriiis, hrcik and cuter llie dwelling 
house of V'.Uwiu M. Hewitt, lie, tbe xaid 11. 
liivrs I'ollaril, lH'in^■ ariut.d with lircnrniK, 
.uut (liil Micii ami tliero, in the li<>ii>e ot ilie 
•>«i)l Kilniii M. Ilewiit, iiforcnaiil, ussuu't it'ni 
l/trt'utrH tu siiiiot Jeiaiii llii.-iif, till! Wile ol tbe 
stiid Kdwin .M Ho^wil, ilicn unit tbere bviiiK', 
aiitl (Jul lliili iiiiil thiTv .i».-<aiill uud tieat one 
oltlic female iiimatis ofllic said liouso then 
and there bein»f ; .ind vtntuntlt, uiiil wllb loriv 
ol uruiji, liiaj hir uiil ol tbo haul bou>e, and 
uihir wruiiK'>lbi'u and there did, to the dam- 
age aad >;rcui alurui ..qiI terror ol' all the ill 
mutes ot ibo saiJ hou>c tbcu and tbero beiii^, 
against the i viue uad diguil; ut ibu I'unimuii- 

Frcm tbo character of tbo t;irenucs here 
charged a. the llowcr of thu Uicb- 
mond ebivblry, there would seem to be an 
odd resemblune: buiwcen n " hi^b tuned 
boutbern gentltuian" «iid a Northern 
plug u^ly el tbe r.i>oient profession ol 
burglary, tLo'.i^b even the housebreaking 
Tbu{^ wbo was no niarn ul u gentleman 
(bau to ass.uik or threaten to shoot a 
helpless woman, would be incontinently 
kicked out of ihc soc'ety of tLo lowest 
class ol convicts in any Nortberu psni- 
tentiary. But besides this palpable dis- 
tinction between the Southern geutleman 
and the .Northern rawdy therij ii another. 
Tbe ethereal element which separates the 
two ij that which dittiiiguiibed your true 
knigbt errant of tbe olden time Irom a 
vulgar highwdyman. it was Low, 
the inspiration of all kujghtly valor siuce 
tbe CiJ, which moved tbe soul of tbe re- 
doubtable II. Uives I'ollard to break into 
the enehauttd castle cf this giaut Hewitt 
and rescue tbe distressed damsel from the 
dragons wbo stood gu.ird over thu ala- 
baster pijipius of her virtue. "Hetty" — 
let immortal ballads perpetuatu tbu dulcet 
jyllablus .' -v/as tbo damsel's name, 
ilelty was tbe lair (uistress ul ihiu gay and 
galliautll. Uives I'ollard. Tbo tyrant 
Hewitt kept ber from straying to the 
.irms of tbe amorous chevalier. Your 
dailard ncrthern luvir would have 
sneaked in by back windows and 
stokn away tbe prize «><b tiitb coward- 
ly c.\pediciits as rope ladders, 
bd'et-donx oi aibigoaliuus. But 
not so the bold barun of 
thu [liebniond Examiner. He thun- 
ders at the cuslle gate, knocks down 
warder and .1. ii'.'sebal, cuts his way through 
walls of stone and ranks of doughty ser- 
vitors, till he beanls the grim guardians 
ol his l>ulciiiea in ibo nursery, where, 
with a branJibbid buwie knife, he strikes 
terror to tbu soul of the ogre Edwin, and 
wilb A cocked revolver, frightens the wits 
uut ul tbe ogress Jeft<it', knocks the mute 
Hetty down with bi.i iron gauntlet, and 
ilrags out ib>- I Liutiful prize of his valor 
l<y lb<. hair ul her lead, and luuiinting bis 
horse Wllb his luvily vl':liiii in bis arms, 
gullojis away with a lurieu.<i rabble of po- 
lieciuen ut bis betis, to the Idalian groves 
ol AflilaitJ, where thu polioeiaeu, being 
ol a luodcst t'.irn ul mind, naturally lost 
sight of tbu cbivalrou.1 ruvisber and bis 

The cuurt, nut beiog abld to calch I'ol- 
lard, ordered the forfeiture of bis bail of 
one tbou.saiid dol'ars to keep the peace, 
he having b.M n plai ed under bonds soiiie 
tmu- .•;;ii i.nulb>-r cH\ use ugainiit the 
peace and dif;nity uf the couimonwealth. 
From all which it seems that tbu hsnor ol 
the South IS fufe in tbe bands of the I'ul- 
lards, and itn "w> ll-known 8u)M>rioril> in 
civiliratioo" will not want a champion to 
assert it as long ai tbe Pollards cocGne 
their ispluils to the other side oi the I'o- 
tomac. II they should make a mistake 
in geography and extend th<>ir illuftra- 
Ions ofSnutbi-rn supericriloiy to the bar. 
barous regions of the North— they in'gLt 
bappeu lo be eoiilounded with cciunicn 
burglars i-.iid rowdies and bid tbemavdvi a 
clapped luio Sin:: Sing or suiue other 
liastile, where chivalry t.^cbang.'s its 
ua(<|Ue fur a sbavcd bead and breaks 
atones instead ul pa'es, (or the benutit (f 

Ugislalive department ot Ihe guvernmunt 
siiici; Ihe secession ol (be rebel Stales. 

By Ibis public repudiation ul the au- 
thority ul ('oi>)',ress, he impliedly pi'o- 
claiui.s hiiunll liielatur, and declares ibe 
abiorplion ol (be powers ol all ilepurt- 
mcnls of Ihe governmenl in his supremo 

Ill tiiid declaration ol thu legiiiative ii.- 
oiiipeteiiey id Congress, he boldly ftt- 
et'pts tbo part of Cromwell, which his 
ciipperbead adherents havit ai^iigned him, 
and I'.itiiiialioiisly places himsell at the 
head ul (hn revolutionary lactiou, which 
has ibreateneil lo drin- th« loyal Uon- 
griai Irom its halN, and lo place n rebel 
legi.dHlim- in possession oi tlie eapitol, 
by military loret*. 

It i* no matter (bat Andrew .lubii.ion's 
name is r<ignt.d to a hundred acta of tlie 
Congress whose authority be now dis- 
putes. II he could be arrested iu bis 
mad and revolutionary ciireer by consid 
uratiuus oi personal eonaiiteney, thu 
country wuuld have no need now to 
tremble at every step hu takes. 

Nor will it do to rijy upon tlir; dictates 
of ordinary piuiiencu or even of perf uiial 
s.ifety at restraints upon the turbulent 
piissions ol Ibis reekleaa deuiagogue. 

Tbu President who is mad and fool- 
hardy eucugh to publicly proclaim tbe 
revoluliuDary ductnne that Congress id 
nor ll;e Congrets u( tbo United Stated, 
and ibereiore wii!iout lawlnl authority — 
is laad and foolhardy enough to 
push iLi! iloctrmo to its practical 
coriseijuences. Tho.Me con8(i]uenees have 
already been loresbadowed. They are 
uu armed lebollivu. wilb the President at 
its bead, against tbe lawlul au:borily of 
Congress — its forcible dispossession of its 
caambers ut the Capitol — the inatallation 
ol a rebi! and ('oppt.rhead Congress ia 
its pla. c— two Congreases and two armita 
arrayed against oaeh other in a nuw civil 
war— and bnally, after God kiiowa how 
many yeai's of bloodshed and desolation, 
Ihe irapeacbraent and uxeculiuu of An- 
drew Johnson as a traitor. 

PiilUiiiicNi JniiNso.N in bis last apeech 
di-elared biui.^elf • ojipon-d to tlio indul- 
gence ol egotism." Some one, curious 
in such mutters, boa gone ovur the B|>>iecb 
and (inda that be spoke of himself in tbe 
first person, singular number, nu less 
than one hundred and twenly ciijlU timea. 
The **I" occurs seventy three (iinca; 
"mi/" tbiriy-tbree timua ; " ;«e " twelve 
times; and ''mynlf ten timea. The 
allusion.s to bitnaell in the thir 1 person, 
singular, a« " this huinbbi individual, iV ' , 
are not eouuted. 

Two years ago tbi! New York Wvild 
was accustomed to cbaracieri/e Andrew 
.lohiiHoii as "a boorish tailor," and a 
" uieaii while." It now atyles the South- 
rrii Uniuiii^is nbu hold n cuuventiou in 
Miiladelpbia un ibo 31 of Scp'cmbcr aa 
" mean whites." 


Kr«,MlWi».« - Ila ttuniictful lilalur.'r 
ittuo- l»0«r H<-ltrl l.tli«;a«laH A 
'•'■■< k Ut Clirat %U» *iia*t>tmnnfmt 
lludNrit*, Ac , <kc. 

A.^UHa':«« joii.'VMO.^-M rt, \ (>■.(. 

TiusAsai' stAmrm^.rtt. 

The President's last speech b> 4 »•' ick- 
el and alarmed tbe conservative a' ' w 
abiding »'.-uUment of the America |. o- 
pie even more than :be wild rbapc U if 
lawlc:>j violence and drunkeii egoti.s .i in 
which be desceratud tbe birth day, fend 
belouled the olGce ol Washington, on the 
-'Jd of February last. 

Tbu public have got u^ed to tbu nau- 
seous extravagances of sell-coiiceit and 
audacious tlTrontery of self assertion 
which loruis Ihe staple of all his speeches. 
They were [ nparcd to expect that, if be 
apoke at all, hu would assail Congreaa 
arid all wbo dilTered with him with tie 
coarse violence and indecent vituperation 
which M'e a part uf bis nature — and trum- 
pet the latest icspiraticn ol bis vanity or 
viiidictivecess ai an iuUllible prin- 
ciple of Constitutional haw 

If thcao loceniricities have not ceased 
to disgust (be public, they have ceased to 
interest it. He seems to have been cou- 
acioua tbal some new and more audaciout 
catravagunc-e was ncceasary to fasten tbe 
attention ol the country upon hirosell, and 
he has startled it Irom Maine to Cahlor- 
nia with utterances ao atrocious, ao revo- 
lutionary, 10 subversive of tbu founda- 
tions, fso threatening to the existence, ol 
this government, that tb<- country is not 
now (baking with tbe tramp of a million 
loyal Ireenian Hying to another rescue of 
tbe capital from the assaults of treason, 
only because thefcutter.inces are regard- 
ed aa the raving"* of a madman who for 
tbe present is powerless to give them ef- 
fect. Niverthelesa Andrew Johnaon'a 
(.peei b was the manifcJto of a now llcbel- 

New Yoi;k, August 'Si. 
I bavo this evening taken a ride on the 
ou'sido uf a .i^age Irom the Battery, 
t'.rougli liruadway and the Fifth Avenue, tu Central Park, and am full of 
this the. most splendid of all streets in the 
worlil. 1 b.ivi! known New Yurk and 
lirnadway lor nearly twenty year;*, and 
"have h>?ard witb my ear.<>, and my )ath- 
*ti havo declared unto mo" what, it, was 
in ih'.Ir d,i_\ . A full and miniito history 
ol (bii (jreat tb'>roi]ghlarti huh-m IWJ 
wuubl. 1 am rure, surpass (be Arabian 
Nightu' storica in strai /i;one»8 and wonder 
--i'.i St iitling tranhluriiiiiion.^ during this 
comparatively briel period, il well tuld, 
would oulsbioe. even those oi jour west- 
em prairies, on which eiiie.i hive been 
built ill u day and a iii^bt. iV ih.; lime 
ol iho Uevoliition, Brvadway Wiui (be 
"Albany road" — lb", ntuge, Ihoiuugblare 
Iroui New Y'ork (then below Wall st ) 
to tin: capital uf (be State. In l^t^O, luta 
'J.ixluO were wcrtb about ><1,IWU, and tbe 
Ualtery was the resort lor the beauty and 
la^Liion ol tbu city ; now lots between 
Wall btrue; and tbe Park cannot be 
bought lor less than !iS2'jO,ODO each, and 
the Battery is a resort for loafers, the 
lowest of thieves, nod Caatiu Garden, in 
which Jenny Lied first sang in this coun- 
try, is an emigrant receiving depot. 

So far froia cuutinuing an e.\<'lu<ivety 
le'.iil str- et, :'b It was when 1 first knew 
if, Broadway has bee nu-j tbu centre of 
the jobbing trade of tbe uoiitiaont. I well 
remember witb what trepidation the fir^t 
wholesale mereliants tried thu experiment 
uf moving their trade from Cedar, and 
Liberty, and Pearl aireets, into tbe (hen 
new stores b'.flow Trinity Cburcli, on way . Tbe movement wa.i made much 
as a mouse sticks his head from his hole — 
to reconnoitre tbe ground, ready to spring 
back in an instant if a eat should appear. 
Such ol these merchants as are still in 
business have since nude as many as three 
moves, each time further up town, until 
now Canal street bar Jly;bounds tbe upper 
limit uf tbe jobbing trade. Seventeen 
yerrj ago I boarded for three dollars and 
a half per week in a respectable brick 
house -in Barclay street, opposite the 
aide entrance to the Aator liouae; now 
tbe site is occupied by a sjjlcndid ware- 
house renting lor !?I."),(XMJ per annum. 
1 heu it was lar abjvo tbe wholesale cen- 
tre—now it ia lar below it. When Stew- 
art'j " Marble Palace " was built, on the 
corner ol Broadway and Chambers, it 
was in about the centre of thefasbionablo 
retail trade ; now it is exclusively a job- 
bing catiblishmcnt ; and comparafivfly 
few ladies are Been that f,ir down town ; 
and Stewart's new retail ston-, corner ol 
TeiUb street, would rent lor $7J,(X)U per 
annum. Not many years since but ono 
bank— the Chemical— waa located on 
Broadway ; now there are as many there 

Church ciMporalii'ii are the lar(;e»t real 
estate holders in New York, and a large 
portion ol tbcir posseasioni is on Broad- 
way . It II cafe lo say that a perKon oturt- 
iiig Iruiii tbe Battery and iidiii^^ lliree miiea 
up (he old Albany turnpike, will para 
mure pcr.ioual uud real properly than can 
be luund in any other continuous three 
niilea (ravel on Ibe lace ol (he globe.— 
But enough ul Broadway. 

Au iiiU resting ease occupied the aitei - 
tion of (he Supreme Court not long since, 
growing uut ol Ihe lelationa ol our nier- 
ehanls wi b ibeir Southern Inends and 
tbu Contiocalion Act. The line ol ste«m- 
tis heme lo < b tilest.iii, S. C, was not 
only profitablo stoek, but a fair r hire nl 
it was owned by SjulberiiiTH who weru 
iileiitilied wilb lie rebellion, 'i'u ubvute 
tbo cunliscalion (d tin; potiion ol Ibis 
property held by rebels, their Nort'iern 
Iriends and partners undurtuuk tu have 
the cjucern suld at aueliun in ties city. 
To thin end, lbu.<e who bid furiiljhcd ne- 
cessary aupplies to tbe vessels were put 
forward tu bring suit against tbo entire 
body uf stockholders ; summo'ises were 
issued, to which uo leplics were made, 
and in du3 eourto ol law judgment was 
declared agjinst the line and tx''cuiion 
iaauud, under which the property oi thu 
company w.i<i suld lur a souj, the pur- 
chasers being (by arrangement) tie 
Northern owners, and Ibc entire title Wiia 
vested iu ibcui. Tbesu atuamers, during 
tbe war, enjoyed iiuiucnse prolilj, by be- 
ing employed in tbe (Joverumunt service 
and in general transportation for tutlera 
and others, and made fnrtunea. Mow, 
ihi^ rebellion being at an end, the former 
stockholders, being fully reconstructed 
and having Ibeir pardons iu their 
pockets, olij'ict to being outlawed 
in this uiauter, aud aik iht) court 
to grant them not only a judgmeut restor- 
ing them their former full proprietorship, 
but giving them share ol tbu profits ul tUu 
steamers while employed by tbe govern- 
ment in putting down tbu rebellion ui 
which they formed a pan. Tu all this 
tbu purchasers under ihe snap judgments 
must decidedly object. 

Thi! suit will give rise to euuie new 
puiiifs ul law, aiid may he a soune ol an- 
noyance to lawyers and judges fur years. 
It doca aeem tu an outsider, however, 
that its final delerminatiun is very limple. 
Kvery litigant is iei|uired tu come into 
court with "clean hands." The defend- 
ants iu this controversy confessedly un- 
dertook to eircuniveiit (he cuiiliicaliuii 
Act ol Cjngrejs by a legal (rick ; the 
plainlill'i were traitnr.t atid rebels against 
tbi) goviTnmeuf. who:<e protection (bey 
now invoke. Kryij, ueitherhave a stand- 
ing ni eauit ; tbu vasu wu->t be disoiisscd, 
an<I (ho iioribem sharpeis wbo took 
advaiit:tgi: uf Ibeir traitorous pnrlners 
must be allowed to reap tbu benili'a of 
their xfi disaiU patriotism. The judg- 
ment ol your tonespondenl is recorded: 
it is nut afipualable. 

Buiiness is beginiiing tu biiuk up, tl e 
cholera biviii;; exhiiHtcd itsell. < liir 
merchants are loukmg lor a larger tialc 
il [lossible, than l-;»t lall. I notice in tbu 
market ij liio a number of Minnesota 
uieieliaiil.i, Buui ! ol wbuni have already 
eempleted their purchnsea and are start- 
ing home. With wheat a', s.'.ik) ia Mil- 
waakee, luid n big crop nearly ready lor 
shipment, as 1 aei; the Pit i.^h claims, your 
people oii;;ht lo be able to buy ami pay 
lor a largu nraount, uf sinple and linery 


Vraat HrltUk ■■••■4wri*a. 

Ni M VmiK, AiiK- ■-"'■ 
The //i/u/d',s Britinb Honduras corres- 
pondence dated at Beli/e, July •-'.Hih,aay8 
that Culonial allaira are nut very pruiii- 
ising. Properly was burdened witbdov- 
rrnineiit la.xex and lliero was a general 
desire to avoid Ihe payment ol (he iui 

The piisoners taken by Vucalaa in 
April last have been reeeivid by (he Co- 
lonial (iuvcrnmeiit, and a claim will be 
made on Mexico lor llie expenses and 
eOHts and seeiirily lor (heir good conduct 

The ( ulonisls entertained (he idea ol 
applying all their energies to tbe cultiva- 
tion ul thu sugar eaiie. 

ilwH Snttn iVuk<>r Iff ncutluMlrrf. 

^'i I... , , ,\„^. .7 
The K-ipiiblicaiis ol I lie l.'ib district oi 
liliiioiit bavM nominalcd Hon. .lohn Baker 
lor re-' !ei:liu!i lo Coi)gri;,», by acclama- 


raiKur i«Hnnh.>>4iTa, i 
Al nirou'sUi-Mci., > 

."^aiiil r.eil, Aukun'. '. >, |m.i'i. ) 

llMtlratiil ('•IlitiAM 

Ml »ii\ II. I I., Ph., Auk Jn. 
'I'Le Cony accumuioilaliuii Iriiin on the 
Atlaiiiic A Ureal Western 
while ^talldiog al Puiiauia lw.t nigbl, wiis 
run into by an extra lolluwing it, siuasb 
iug a paiSeuger ear. None ul ilio pas- 
sengeiu ivcro seriuusly burl. TIk; en;;;- 
luer. named Alurpby, wan badly burl, 
and ui:e iTakemaii bad bis leg broken. 

rirr tn ('klcaiKW. 

. CiilcAoo, Aug. JN. 
A liiu ou West Lake street, eornrr uf 
L'liioii, iieslro;iMl uigbieeu I uildingf. 
Lc.iB .Ti.'liMjO, partially iii.^uicd. 

Jwillir M..v«rh .•■• nitlt«K«u 

DaiiiuiT, Aug. Vt> 
Taylor, the negro who eomniitted the 
murder last week, was taken from the 
Jill i:l Mason last n<ghi by a mob and 
hanged to a tree. 

HtMltt^l ni'|irra«-n(«llt<-a Iv ■•kliit- 

Lot iKMi.i I, Aug. 'J7. 
'I'liu Uudictl Uiiian men of thc.'it.h Con- 
gressional District, bel I a meeting al tbe 
oltiie of Kx-Attorney (Jeueral Speed this 
evening and approved the list reeomui. tid- 
ed by the recent Lexington meeting lor 
delegates to the loyal convention ol Phil- 
adelphia, and appointed thirty additional 
delegates lo repruacut tbo ^Ih Cougresa- 
ional District. 

Bi>rao<.i'd Irom Tliird ntriH't to Jsckion— ign 
uf tliM (hr«« Kulitan bilU. 
auw.:ii' U, UKL»I''. Ancat. 

NoTi< ic -ra* •»BL,a««tt'Bii'r'r«« 
CAYcKS l>\ TIIK 1111 OH .Si'. AN 
lilONt . 

I'lT.'ollH e» lilliK |ire|i' rt/ ill lil.ifk ' I, 1, ■.,? .■'., 
lUlii -.Tl IniIIi iiioliirive, 111. -11 itliil '.II, III rile nrlm 
niil Mwu III .suiil Aiitliuny; in liluiik^ I lo.'rt, 
holli iiii'iiiMlve, inSiiInt Aiitlliliy • itv , In lilui kn 
I.', I". l'.i,.it to 4l,Uitli Iii(-Iuiiivi>,lu I'liiniiiinaN A 
llr>iir« Atliliiiiiu tu .--jinl Autliuuy; alau, lull '.', 
'. t. '•. •', :, -, II nnil I'. Ill Bruit's AMltliiii : al- ', 
in Muekn I tu lii iKith luclilfive. Id aiiirrlmli'a Ail- 
•llllon; sliiu, In lilwki) ••, .'I, •, -i. in HiKi-lt"* 
Kuitiicll'ii AnilitlOB : In Mm ki 1 to '1.', I'ulti initio 
^l••■, in nultliu'uuii'i Aililllliin; alMi, in liin-k" 
", '». Ill, It", vn, ■-•I, •-•■,', VI, •«, ?•!, ;ii,.Vi, ;i'i 'I.', ••■•", I", 
II, i:i,[>u, .'il.ti', M ikDil .i.i, la tiutul Aulliciuy I* alia 
aro hrrHliy nuntii'ii lli»t n-rlnlu luU in llicxi 
MiMikii wiro lurtelii'il tu tin- Ktaui iirli^r to .lune, 
I' >, lur till- nun |iU)iri'iil urierrlluriitJ sn I Mlul» 
ISH^M, ap ••-i^i'il tiy Uie ouiiiitl*'*^ uf KaniKi-y ami 
lli-iiii«*|iln, uiiil Ihi'Mliirr are iiiiw Uu- aljsulnti' 
|iru| I ity III' till- .Slate, BUt.Ji'rl Iu itiKiuii-ul at |irl- 
inte Milu; thai linl- ol unlil lute witli blaDk^ lir 

(unvi < in(! the <> are nuw In tin' linmli cf tin* 

Auililuriil Ili>nnr|iin < uuiity, Willi ia»lruclioiiii 
111 limit lie- lale ilieii 'it fur n imtiuiI uf leu lUy 
luloniifir owiiirx nil |i.irtii-ii In Inloreai, ami 
tliereattcr Iu Ul-|iii^u ul Ihe ri'iuuiuiUK lulu Iu 
(Hrlien iniikinatlie lii'nt oiler. 

I lierfliire, all |ierrtinii cuuieinej will |>li a-e 
lake iiutii'i* anil Kuverii tlii'iui>i'iv*'fi aecuriliiiK'y. 
■{•■CHunaliii* atiiili ni<-nl» will l>e allowud Iu tlionu 
|mri;lin-iu|{ within lie .itiiiululeil nine, 

« tlAltl.l'..S McM.KATII, 
auH~J->leuUM AuUltor uf .siuli-. 


Kur thu bi-n«lit uf 

lllliSOUiltia \MlSAIU)iail|;Plll\ llOHniMt, 

Al i.tiivei .< Iliiair-, Vi.iclni , tl. I, I), i .. p ml 

I oueilniitl Ihurnia) e«euiu£,Uil. lith, l~i;.. 
."ii.OUO Tirkt'lK. at l>l •■«'h. ; •«•» rri-iriu,.. 
talui'ilat t?r<>.<iKi, run i...Iiic ul nun tfi mil^uex. , 
l.ut«. 'liniH, IM ini'jnU,. I. 'ni''ry, Silverware, lie. 

A I'.Min— .\ >ar<(ii nuiiilMT uf ilie liokcix re 
nininlna uii-ulil. It will l»' nrrcM nry to |>u<tpui.e 
lhHilruain«t until Ihurmtay. IIim nth of UctutMir, 
!■>' I'.al Hliloli 1 1 nil' II uill|<iiFltlve:y ocuur. 

II "iiy HnrinilllnR it eni"' tfi»t have b«cn 

|ii. ..iiie.l I iiIk' int'liu JurinKlleila-tlewinuii'liH 
Minn-whiil il< l«ye<l iinr <:••• . uiilil m- were al.te 
lo Mtti.-ly thr peujile IhruUKhuut Ihe e juplry iliut 
lliiieuterpii-n wan Kennin ■, aail ■• ilely fi^rchnn- 
Utile |iurpoiH-«. ThH (Jirucluni ura nonlltleni e( 
llie fall' uf evi ry liik-l.anl have iiilulleii auHt 
eleiil lim" to (jiiaraiilei' thi< mli? wllSeut any 
lurther |iui>l|#uiii-ineiit. 

I'u-tnianliT', ItuokMll r> etc ,aii p'liueiitiil I J 
aci an A;: -III It, uod ticki'lK will IwkupijIiciI onaii- 
liliejiii.ii . but iiu cuininixHlun will i •' alluwi <l. 

Major II. A. Hall, I i,>i|i<eat liiiiiliei>' and tjail 
uib' I'uluii I il.riiirlKi r.i|ieti«rt, .Mtijui M. II. 
AltierjliT, WiU a a H. 91or<e, aii<uu)!iii;;t>ir«ctu.-d. 

To War Claim Agents. 

K<|lALli^A'UUN Ul UUIiM'lES. 

Che now Ulaaki) lui the i.vlliHiliuu ui 

MUiiiKS (L\iMS Ni; .\i>brnii\AL mm. 


Voucher (Ueooipti J<'orm Ho, 5. 

Under (be law uf .luly 'M, loOil, 1^ 

A C'orrfvtlou. 

We rbferfii.K piiU!t<b (lie lolbiwin..; 
conucliotf lo (be charge irecnlly made in 
a rei:ciit letter Irom our correnin'iiden' nt 
Hudson, conterniug the urigtji ol ibe t ilo 
fire at (bat place. While the )oiiiig mm 
mr;ntioned is relieved Irom tbu imptru'ieii 
charged aguiiisl bim, Ibe iiriii ul iMessrs. 
J. C It'irbank iV Co. is likewise, exoner- 
ated Iruiu fh« earelensnect attribntcd to 
them ol employing drunken drivers: 

H. n.soN, Aug. •_•■;, isiii;. 
We, tbe uuiIersiKUvd, eiti/.cn.s ul UuJmiu 
City, Mato 01 Wiscucbui, do lioruOy vouch 
(hat Gcorgo Huuipbrty, the stage driver wbo 
was charged by a eoirts|>uuilenl of tbe I'm.^s 
irom Ibis city as liaviaff been thu eaiue of the 
lule lire, has liecn a rcnidcut ol tbe city ol 
Uuil>uu lor Ibreo year.'', or over, and luia nev- 
er been seen iutuxieatcd ; aud tbat Ibe above 
clmrgcs are We, tbe undcrsigucd, tbiuk 
that Mr.' M.' ought toi,'i t tb: partii uhirs cur- 
rectly bcfure corresponding with tbe Tneas. 

MUsii;, flat cuutiinedlu thn "IIomk Cik 
11 K," i« ailaillted Iu b* thu b<'at tbat cia bf ob- 
tained in b >uk lurm. It itciuden ) vfry ta-lely, 
Irum th" Almpb 1 to lb'> in i^l difllcult, ami hai 
i«>ni»lhin( noilKd tu the taatoanii n llity ofevciy 
player. 1 1 ill priotxd ««<ry cieaily un auud wbllo 
|iil.i'r unil canout fail tu prnvu i-atinlactury in 
every way to the piirchasor. Tw J ViiN. ; price uf 
each, in Hoarda. i.-.JU: Cloth, f.!; Cloth, (lit, ft. 
OI.IVKIt UIIMl.N * t)0 , l-ubllkhora, ^.T Wa«h- 
iD(:un itrt'et, liuttoD. au'tU 

'pveaav <'■■<»■§« hiioulu rk hw- 

Pi i' with Kin-ii.un'4 >,•« Uuok, thu 
.lutillate. 111" ll-^l edillon uf whla^, tw«uty thou- 
~anil ro|ii •«, will »oon tie puM. i. ;.- /icn. m/.i r 
tliar IhU n>*w w^n'it excli in many imp'.rtaiit 
li^turfa IliM anlhur'n prvvioui work tli) "II.M:i' 
or. .Il II Ml.' HridH •l..'e<, on re«i<ipt of which 
'• Tli« .luliila'. " will 111! nenl pua' jiti 1. C'buir« 
tupplii^d al $iJa do/, mi. 

(•1,1 vii.;: N *c<>., 

•'JK-'-* i^bllah'ra, Boaton. 

^-r.tvas or iwaansMOTA -<;•!;■ 

bpovial Term AuKuat ■-•Mli, ll<t>ii, 

111 the iniiter of lh« Kuuriliaualilp ot Uarv 
U. Latuar, ininui*. 

On r<>a)lnK ami lllin.; lie p 'lil'nii if VViliiiin 
>'. Mnrrjv, irnardlin nfani i mlii r, iep-u->-i,lt«,: 
niiiunKu-h-T tMncMhit lii< «.i|.l v.ird in «,|; J ui 
ceriaia ^eale^late iu Ihe Stale ul Miunvaola, and 
thai It l< nee"»".irv tli.i' thu i-aiiei ahuuld l.e i-o'il, 
anil prayin^fKr lli.> nre tu »i'll ilin tauu- ■ 

Il in urdnreil iha' Itiuri' liy, the l-:h ila<oi 
tiotolHT, l-iii, at tin u'ci'ick lo Ihe lor^*uuiin 
at lliu oilier ol the .luilf^of I'rutinlii, In th<> clly 
uf St. Paal,l:e a«aii;ne<l fUr the hearlBf; uf a^id 
pi'llllun, and tliat lie- ni>\t ■ I kin • I ^aiil iiiinui , 
andullu'.hi'r )>i'reouaint<*r«a|edi)naei ei-tate. are 
iD'lulrcd to apD<«r ataaoMion uf tbu 1'iuli.ii.* 
I'unrt, tlieii and ll'.*Te tj Im hulitea, (u rliujv 
uiuae, if any Ibrie l<«, why thn prayer uf raid 
pi'illiuu ntiuu'd au'. In' granlivJ aud raid ticjoav 

K. K. CKtlWKI.b. 

wedauc.'J It .lud|te ul Trobaic. 

IK -r T K u « HiiMAi«aau t a- 
J c'ainieil iu tlie I'll il (inioe at St. Paul, St te 
ol .Minne-ut:i, un I IJJi.SUA V, theV—.h day uf Au 
iniMl, iMal. 

luuluHin any ul ili'-re h-tlira, the applicant 
UIU.-I lall lor " <ii/ri i/i.u./ /./^/^,")^i^e the ilatu 
of llii 4 11^1, and pay uue ceni lor ailverliaiuir. 

If not called lur within i>w mnii'A, they wi.'l b<! 
•«Bt tu tho Ofnd J,<-ttHr«>IBce,^ 

I.AU1K8' M.ST. 

Arould .Mt.i Vary r Muure kira Jane 

Aahelnian Mr« .laoe Nlni'al>rr Mrn UiO'to 2 

Uad/ete Mm L«lu li .: Nliea .l.-inin 

Burkitt Mary NU"« Mra Cliaa 

llaki r .Mra Dlinnle K <l(.,unnor U u 

Briiwn Miaa 11 V Uaburn :« M 

liluuil Mr* l(>ury Oaden Ulnnio P ■ 

Kruwn Mlaa lleoriclU PiMt Carey U't) 

ntlck Mi-ta Kiura Pu»ira Miaa Anna 

'li.KAHClir iii.eAitiMK.Nr, t.jMce i./ /nltrniU 
/.'tr<ii(c. ir>i>/iin<7i,,ii. .Inn- 'It 1*01.— \Vle>re«a. 
II A. Uail .tod utiixr!), an "Mansfrluii i>ir»jtorh'' 
• fill" "liiaud Naii'>nal (,'onuurt," tu te h>'M in 
NVarhinitlun, U. C , on th-« Jd or Aacuit noxl, 
li:ive made due a' pllcaliun Iu L ilephin,., r,i|. 
I • tor of lulerniil Kevemie, far the I'ullecti'in 
IMalllctuI Ihe iJia rict uf i.ummt.ii, fur piTniii- 
^luntn liuld a luttery, lallt <. ur cilt entei|.rl-H. 
liiid pr>*»eu>ed Iu Inm •atli-ISPlurv eKldi'iu- that 
the prucei di of aaiil luttery, ralll", or Kilt enter 
pri-e will b« l(uvo:i>d 10 t'liaritabln us«a. piTirlii' 
aluii l< lienhy r^ranted tu nuch "Mtr.a^iuK fi' 
r-'clofa" ,o h<.>hl rueli lulterv. rBine. ur xi't enlur 

firiMi,fr>'o fruui all eliaree nfietlier frutn lax or 
iui-uw, In ivrp«}t to iUL-ii lottery, rail! 5, or f. ft 
cnterprln •. 

^'. A. KULI.I^.'-, ('jmiiiiaoiuLer. 

All urdvra iLual b'j addressed, with stampd oa- 
cloijed, to 

WILLI .an M. .itoaaaii, 

o -crela'v, Lm-k Itus ...', 
AVuililit;.-tuii, 1>. C. 

bout by laaU, poat-pald, upon nweipt ol tbe 
pria<!, ll.OUper i|ulrc. 

a*atft:*s ruan rinu tju., 

BujcIS St. Paul, Mian. 

WTT% 7O1. KVAN, 



cfl'i (or (alP, iu luls tj ault irjircbaHCrK, 

l.WJU Uurrria .Ufa* fork, 

ftUO Udrr«<la ■•ritunMrM «!•.. 
3UO 'rttticra LriarLMid, 
IW.OttO ftUKurt urrtlCuui «a»rU aCwns 
10.iM««* I>lMlu«uti<'a««iaaaa-<l gUi'ldria. 
>!»,01>U PouBilaClfiar Nitir Hmcoh. 

IkU Mo&a-s Hroakfaa* Uaivu. 

aiisl'J I«ti-lm 


To tlie Traveling Public. 

On ii'^d aflnr this date lb« 

Li^lil Draft Fati»eiiger Sleamur 


WiU leave bt. Paul for La VroHae and inu-rum- 
dialepoin'n on 

Tuesday, Thursday & 8alui'day, 

Tlir atulthral IISoiaiiMir un Iho M'alfr* 
•r Ibe l'pp«*r Htaalsaiitpi. 

««-l'AliUKNUKUa UOINti liV 'lUKCflil' 
CKN'r,u:< we bave mail- uu adviuou on account 
of iuw water. 

For Krelght or Posiiage ajiply uu board. 




will open thlH mornloK > fresb stook ul 

Men's, Boys', Youths, 



Uq keeps oonnUtntly on baud a large btovk of 




IIOWl>'a I 

ilruwn Mi^i L.4i,L<.. 
ll.tbbilt lllaK Jaue 
t^mpbdl Mi-^ Ailil I 
I'ampbrll Horrnce " 
CaniiniUK* Mralllraiu 
i'ouley Mrn .1 
*:iark l.uiiaM 
Couptor Mrn Ma-y 
Cral< Ura M 
Cuehran Mri M 11 
(lulliuKWuiid HiiKK * 
Havinrn l.lziln 
Ihiti'in Mra Mary I. 
^'iilridae Mra <i< u-«e 
l-iUh Mra W W 
Kl> tin Mr" STury .(,111 < 
I' I k Mi>" .liiliauiia y\ 
fiKk Ml«i Julia H 
I' IDU< I Sli>a haunt J 
•■ iiren * Hen 
iir»ene Mr'» l> 
Ur> en Aniaii Ja 
<iee Mia Ki|/a 
< ion let Ura Joaepli 
liUUlet Mra ■ e'estlne 

Prpriln Ayale 
Pond Mra Kll/.a A 
I>i<ikI- .MraKa 
I'erra Mta.. l.U/ii* 
I'inkard Mli-- Mary K 
Parkxr Mi>h Kdna K 
t^ lioiivaii Murirrei 
tjuiuiii.v kira II W I 

Khuiii - Mlfn Allay 

Kyao Mra l.i/:£iii 
l(ii|>;> Mra Klmda 
Ivay Mra Ilm^d A 
IC ibinaon Mr< II L 
KliMlea Mi«i llan^a 
Ku IIU ''lid MelUe K 
bailee Alary 
hiiii|>-un Mary Ann* 

.Slun»-r Ml" .leliiiii. kl ; 

Nctiult/. Mra l.uiii/a 
•Sloitueu- Mrn i< A 
Min|i*iin Min- Jane 
s!u»e Mr- Minnie O i 
tltampa Mra Vuiney 
•Smilii JenniH 
Hmiih Mi'i I'.ilti 
.Sneil .>>ara 

WK lib 'ce, uy nKUMisNin.v, in 

ll>j ir lieneral Wiolieid li Hancock, li t> A : 
timeral Ituherl 1' SeheucV. Mr. Ohio, (i.-neral 
Hulbeit K I'aine, M C, Ui-; I^HOHral Juhii II 
Kitc'iam, Mi.N V; lixuerai .lan«4 li Hlunl. 
Kan (■ n'ral .M 1. ilelrick. luwa; Ueneral i> c 
Mcralhiin. t>*.Mienrral II V Uayloa, 14 X \ Hon 
lhs>a W Krrry, M C, Midi, Hon Ucor|t« Law- 
reuci', .M 1;, Piuu; i><; hniwv. t»n.\iC; Ma- 
i ir.I K iJiu'uhty, N V ; 1.1. n Henrv «' Demiiig, 
Mi'.Coan: Hon Kbun r: IngTaull, M «", III; 
lliio t-antii.'l J Kaudali, Mi', I'euu : Hon 1 U 
HerK-n. M 1', N Y: II. a Henry \\ il-ua, U S ti ; 
Hill Irn llarria i; H 1< : lien II K Uadr. II K 8 ; 
iluu Krliau V \Vi aley, M C, Wuet Va; Hon Mil 
ban l> KIley, M t , |-eno; Hun A II Lallin. M 
c. ."M V; Uou I.ennar<l M<ors, « C, Pnno ; Uon 
Willi w A Nxweli, M IT, N J. lion (.'i>or|!.> ^^ 
Juliau. M C, iud; Hon .lleiihen K Wilson, M C, 
IVno; llnn.1 Blirlnnil, M C. luwa , Walor ti M 
Vai ilnien, N V; (;.n It It llayo*. M C, "hio; 
iluu ,s 1 Uuiiin s, M »', NY. lieu U It l.athum, 
.M C, (Vi^at Va; Huu James A Hurvio, M C, N Y ; 
Hun Thuniaa T l.'avip, M 1 , N Y. 

Ten Canvassing Agents 




1 lie Uiii.^t lili'ijii iena4 otie'ed tu i;uod and 
well II -uininenilod bualiieaa mtn. who will de- 
vote Iheirentlrn time aud euer^ry 1 }|lii<buisinrK8. 
Nuiii e|"e nei'il apply. 

Appliuinta will be nutlfi.'d ul tine- and plaee of 
III 'eiiiix lur the|.|lrll0^e<.t niiklii;| arranj(eiu><nla, 
up'Mi reii-i;t {.f upi-bcatlun. 
All c iinniuc titiuua iiil.lreax'd tu 

TMO-W AM J . MMl'B U . 
(iereral .\(,en'. Mad aun lii-ur.iiioe Co., 
lti-1 Winf, Mtui '-Ola. 

Ihia Cuiniiany baa p^id. tbroucli lli.i lieueral 
Aifi-nl in Ihia .Stnle, »ioce Hi < r:.\ day oi Ai'iil, 
imW', Ibefollurt ;nf 




RoBurti' hitune liluuk, 

Third-Bt., St. Paul, Minn. 

Hiike aaleg of i-uruiture, iilock, Meruliau(iih<> 
and i;<«l Katateln UaToaey orany uf t bn adjacent 

They alao reoeikc ^Miiii oti cuimuiDcluu 
B«ll at pri vat* sale. 

1 hev bavn a lar|;e Call in tbe aucund etury lur 
the aul-'of Kurniturn. Thoy are prepared t > buy 



Kurnlture or other KOudii in large or amali ijuau^ 
tien, ur advance liberally on cuaalKnmenta, 

Ihey keeo aiwaya un hand a Kood atock I 
Klaple Dry Uuuda. uf Clothing, uf Bouta and 
tihoea, of llata sad < apa, and Notion*, which 
llnv r. II at wholcBlle or retail, at mucJi le;i« thai 
reffv lar prlc«a , 


prSO-«Hl tf-lal1i 

Joseph liuwroo, 
A.c. \ .in Durcn, 
l-'rank Keel', 
II. C I.ce. 
Cbvlex MiQui, 
A. Uoyden, 
t'b irlea Hamcu, 
1). C. FultoD, 
J..S. .--mitM, 
Wm. U. Hatch, Jr., 
J. M. Wbaley, 
S. 8. Stan-, 
Tb"*. (ii.inore, 
J. n. McKowcu, 
(•lis lloyt, 
J. K. Webb, 
Charles U. Uoyt, 
J. 15. Ilitcheock, 
W. H favin, 
U. V. Brown, 

J. II. Martin, 

W. 1) tiurditier, 

L. r. Wcibcrliy, 

S. A. Clewell, 

.Mian DawbOD, 

Alfred Dav, 

!•'. L. Uarlinn, 

A. D. Uicbardaon, 

U. .s. Ilurhvte, 

it. W. raylor. 

C. Y. UoDi^ilun, 

J. II. Imhiou, 

W. W. Srnltb, 

11. li. Jaguar, I'oat- 

\V. II. Andrews, Assis- 
tant I'.istmastcr. 

Levi S. Rimer, 

Henry liuyden. 

The Street Knilroad Cuiitcst Iu 

New Vork. 

The fuUowing Irom a I'hdadclphia pa- 
per relates the present aituition of tbo 
street railroad contest iu New York : » 

Tbo war between the New York city 
passenger railroads and tbe publie, upon 
tbe same subject of car fare^ is develop- 
ing Itself into some very ijueer aaptscta. 
Il will bo remembered tbat the eoiupaniea 
at lirst relused to sell tickets, and alter- 
ward acid them at jilaees but few of thu 
passengers over visited, and linally con- 
eluded to sell for iji^iJo a long sheet of 
coupons, entitling the pasienjjer to t wcniy 
rides, but which could b - used be bint 
I only, as specified in an agreement at tbu 
head of the sheet. Tbe p>*sen<;crs, how- 
ever, (lAve retaliated upon thi conipaniea 
by Kclliog a decision Irom the Internal 
Uuvenue Kiireau, eoni|Kdiin;; the compa- 
nies to place a live cent aRreeuient stamp 
upoueach of these coupon sliepl.^. ari out- 
lay not at all relished by them In Ibis 
phajo the uiatlor remains at present, but 
tbo public are detenuined that the com- 
panies shall yield tbu point, and sell 
separate tickets at tbo rate of twenty for 

(■rant Mra Henry 

tiOOdwuiMiaa Libbia .Shear.-r Mra Mineiva J 1 
(iray Hl^i Su^aii .S Miurn .Suiau 1' 

(iillham .Mrd l-'a'li 1 K Tejipi.. 1 ucy 
Taylur Ka'o V. 
Taylor Mary J 
'luucer Maty 
1 rvxier Kraa,ii>ka 
Veinnn MIra S A 
Vun Uuri'ii Kuiuia U J 
VaiidiTitaw Aoua 
Van Uur* n Mra A C 
Wilii.miMri Wui U 
\Vel!» Mi:. I Ad* 
Wilinut Abbi.i 
Wa^k'T ^Trs .leuui-i 
Wi-alftll Mra hrauk;j .■ 
^^ luleu Juliaau 
M'ila >n Ha^KleU 
WiiliaiiM Martlia 
^^ cii Miri.aii 
Wu^d Uary a 
U a.«h Mri 

lluliuau Mrt- J I 
lluward Mr.^ M.uBiu 
Inxa'ia Mra I.I//.I11 
.luliuMin Miadualau 
.luhonun klfa K K 
.lackaun Mrn Mary V, 
l,ecl»re Mra Narclte 
i.w Mra KVl Z 
l.ewia Mra Oelilla 
l.indr Mra Aiiua .M 
I. nk Mra K 
L.,inin I i//:e 
l..<>(fan Mra Mjiy !:. 
I.eech Mra 1 lioa 
i.) til 'on A line j 
l.<'e Mra Ann 'i 
Meeder Mri Caruiiaa 
Muran Margaretto 
.Majer Hum ah 
Mullen JulU 
Millard Vn C U 

U!-..M:.bMKM'd LIST. 

A.lklntlboa |{o4.< NIchoUa O'-'onaor Atdw 

A|ipleKaiH M II llnrllST .lob > k'rrK'.owa 
AioKet Jao-ib liamlia (!eorg.i I'lliaiT Kiil^ 

Aualln Juhn Ha•^e| Hubert Itolx-rts Hiltou t! 

.VkxraJohn or Horac Ity n I t Jaa 

AndrvvsCio 11. Iiu U C *.iouUo 

HircliuiaDnM Hall Huirplcr llic: (leu W 

llameaCai.t U llerrlok II H Uu<«ell Harv.y 

U lat« A Vt M Hill hraiik J Kulllna Ijro S 

Ba«» H A llui> Krsnk J Itve Irark 

Hr moher Thoa Hull U C Khinf ft Bloom- 

BuDkrr .1 K Hiir rhnira.< '. ir^iljl.- 
Badiiett I boa Mancuck t'jpi J itibbini Miller 

KkdKeit T M '.- Inicalla Jelin l.'e i.ty Kulu< 

Karluw Mamuei Juhnann .1 h le.'iin-uti K K 

ilooro rc Ji'ukiuaC I / ttadry ThLin is 

Uruoaoo J Jocca I'haa W Hob.m Wm i 
Uoiton Willis Jol<nFou.\udrewBobb Warrei u 

Brown W O hotel keepe- Par^'aut y 1-; 

BrairirCS A J .■> UrO 

lltidK^, Beucb Knni John .slieilock S 2 

aCo KeelyJohn Shear S|l.-<;^r 

Bayhott Alfriil Krolt Jmejili btern lli'uil 

t'oiirai John C Karuliar Malli hinithljtepheoO 

Conklia Win II O 1> Minp.ui Wm 

Caint-roD V.' a Kelly l' .' .'•birai.ion N 
Colli rt Pal Kiiiibali Wm .M Shiirp Jui-epli 

Cilful I. .uia U l.und F hliarp.Umra 

Calvin iiamuHl l.uitan Mr ijuiiui U W 

Cu^bloK JuhuWi.yuch John:) iiebey John 

«^cy KUiuuad LceJo.ivph U'evenalli aryK 

Cobb I) LauKevlu Joe hharpi-Heur?^? 

Cur la I. W Liwton IMvid Kininuna fc 

1' I Ix-ck Samuel Uouoey John Hatton Cha^i 

Marri'.-k John Beaurv* Sastou .\ J 

waKoa maker Malion Jara«a Sawjrrr B 

Damon Jubn Mu^aJu'in rarry l.toaing L 

UaJy .lulin aiiil' r .1 -cub i ruakbUI .\ii< 
Uolan Mi. !iatl MurtLiuu WoiIiWillUuua I, M 

Oro'ser JohTi Muriiaun Wm WreUen T C 

bulohfr MuFiIy Wm IVelli W H .i 

Dms (, illl'ii.J McUuyPI Wortun W >V 

bavin Hcnery Mcl'inildJJ u ardlnii; >v H 

III. ;ii Hoary MaUiiew Jean Wnrd.lobn 

I'avidauukCo MoUelveyJ M WltliruwJM/. 

l-a-lon AlexU Miller *. Iu< A Wai^li (J.-u H 
Kiiick lUnry McKeu^ieluvldWarreu Henry 

l^nnan JiiiKM iC K) Wliliania H>uiy 
KllenlKeger It CManuy Clirlato^Wilaon U U 

Kvant Will M MiadCbailey WillaHM 

Kllia K K Morriaou !>,- U Webb Heniv 

Freiicli A U late^Ioore A b Wolcolt K K A 
uf the V K C Neid-tiki'r Cbaa Warner k'rank 

Ki rrawari A NoNeu Acdera WilUauiaaco 

■•^arnh.ill/ .1.1 i ftel.ou (■• orK'* real e»ta(e 

Kraukliu Jam s Nicklea .lucob aieutK 

Kelion J 1> Nea.H.'l Jo'iu Wilia!iiaAM& 

liumtn"4 Mulh N'eal.labn Cu 

Greeu Chai A Oyutu L«wla Walton Uyron 

Hainea Kfub^n U'Cuanor Jobu M'llder lol A 
licnixer Jai.>b MUIat«iiurK 
Maoaona U8AJ 

J. U. arfWABl , roalmaster. 

t.-iM lai 

i'J uu 

:130 .11 

■ri 40 

. '.;.> CO 
i't -•i 

. V .511 

. i;i.'. 5u 
. 1.1 n 

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:!rt l>-- 
:ii I Ml 

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. .11 I.... 

I A HSE8. 

Tobia.i Call, liuu liae cuuuly 

AtiKu-t Sentkinaa. Hoodhue county. 

P.I. .lotinaon, cioflilhue niuiity 

.I(4ia Haileu, iiiioilhaii oouniy. 

Cyril llulveraun, U'lulbni! cuuuty 

.luhn Mck.iili.. ijuodhue county . 

Andrew Cuok.iiouilhue county 

Wm. Cat Iiu, (luudbue i.iuiily... 

John If.'turt . i.ufi.lliue luinly 

H. II. hinitli, H^nneiiiii eimnty .... 

William O. c< lliiia. Ilenoeiiin county. 
Juhu l>. ^chulie|J, lli'tinepincuunty . . 

lluaaniin Hvlni. Henn. pincunnl > 

Klijah N. Wuuiii.:iii, lfi'iiii..|,in cuiinly. 

11 Pel..rr..a. Killniure couniy 

Wil lain Paternin, \ lluiuie cuuny 

K.i-iai Hrniy, |. illmerecoiintv 

.1.)^. |ih 1. .|.r, Killmore c}uuly 

.lo-liua |.||imur>c<iuiily. 

.I.'bn A.t-'riiiDpl, Carvt'r county. 

Ole.F H.ill.'li. Iluuatuii ..,, 

Jubn Wii-oo. Ujkuta cuiinly ...'.'.'.'," 

Jaiiie.^ Ha'.Hii, 1 i.kuia cuunty 

.laniea « . (Juy. WaahinKtun county. 
• iroijje 1; Judd, WastiinK'uii cuuaty... 
Kulmrt W. lailahtun. Win ma rouuty 
rhuiii'w Lynt'i, H'alia«liaw county 

«Me It. Baauaaa, Kreeburn county 

l.din Biaby, Sle. l.i cuunty. 
**■ ilium Mye, Aii.ikn rnimrr 
Maniu i.. Hclitller, i.eiuonrcuanty. .. 

Alticrt I'urner, Blm liarth countv 

Aud a neiiiticr of oibera, 

«'«a|iUial ut lUa* .ntarflaua 

■ n>urMlic<< «'wlM|i.a«y ... l>M4M.i»a OA 
.1*. t>r Pultt Iria Basurtl. . . ai*..IIU Ol* 
Lwaara pitiil tn mo.a Ia>0,li4 1ia 

CJvox- lU.OoO Members 



A.M> AOkM OK lilt: 

Oriental Powder Co. 

.lo Ciuuala v<'^K'l>t Liiinura aCrlMllctl 
•rior Brpifuabrr lai. 

Curuer Tliirtl dud Sibley sireclx. 

JI'lii<<Oiit .TlouuuK'.abrlia Whiabr. 

OI<l lluiirltua ««biak^. 

Uiil ■•.«<• Mhlakr. 

Uuiluud Ciu, 

CoiiMut Uruady, 

Old ■•«!« Mifrr^ laad Pure Juice 

Par* «Via««, 
Cn Draft and by Ibi llultie, (ur aiiu by 

iT. I. BBArMO.HT. 



I! >I 'I'liirtl .-*tr»'et, ii«iur llieMridKf 

.-:aIN1 PAUL, MlNNEiOT \. 

U«>al Ealatt- ul .Ani-lluir. 

We |.rv>iiiii.« lo aell ut Puhiic Auc'iua on 
Wediieaday, S<-ptemN r tth, and on tlmtratand 
:liltd WrtdU'-eilaya ul lacli ra julh, u' 
our ulIioB al 10 o'clock .\ v., all property thil 
may b- peclally enler>-d lur thai purpi>.-e,\vitliuut 
liiiiltatiniiaa tu iirlc.'. Li^t-. cfthe pra{>e!ty to be 
aold will he putiliabed, and will airo U< larnleln-d 
prior Iu ih. day< r la'e. We willaliiu bcll oa Ihe 
pri'viaf a ut nay time, Karni*, Huuhcs and Lut-i. 
I.aind.<, Ac , ami iii\ ile prupi rty uwiicra to avail 
themnilviv. ol IliU ne '.hod ofdapo'inx ol their 

A I Pitl\ ATKSAf.r. W. .iir.r Tir a«l.. ..niv 
prupi'ity over mIiIoIi He liav.i eauiuiive c jutrol, 
ami Inve the inoMt extensive lint in tli » rity . ein 
bracing iwpruvcd and uuim|iroved bu^iineaa and 
re.-iileui:.. pro|."riy in SI. Paul, f arma aud Kailo- 
lOK Lania thruuahniil llic btate, lota in superior 
I Ily aiii iiaylleld, Wla., aud property every- 
where. MOKIJAM A Mc«;L<ti;i>, 

tazo-lrly Ural !> state Axenli, Ht. Paul. 



IN.SlUiyVNCK >VCil'JN'l\ 
jMthauit airm, bMni>en ^klh nad Ulh' 

Will biy and iidl Keil Kalatrt un coinmlaslon. 
Pay Tax.'i.. Culleut Ueata, and attend to ail other 
buaiu'iaa in bi4 lln«. pruinplljr aii.1 thnroni^hlv. 

In^urd in Traveler-*' ln«iirani-ei;<iifi|,aoy of Hurl 
ford and Accidental inanranue Company ul 
t'olumbua, Dhiu. Lii K iNHCK.Wii. Phlkils 
I.N Piaivint.NT Lii K J:4.siiu.incic i'omi-anv ok 
Chi. 'Alio. augl? latpifebKi 

To strangers and Others. 


Ibia iiu» Hotel ia b aulifuiy niUuiled. Urouuda 
h'Kh, airy aiidvutir>ly irej fium niUK.juitoit. 
Oujli, PJabiuK Tackl4, Una Bird D.>K, A^c., kppl 
lor the eacluaivc uud Ir(>e use of gu ala. fitoa 
twenty-dv«< milra a'xiro St. Paul, ou l!:<! Uail- 
read, and on the bankn ol tbo M!<iti>iiippl ard 
Kuin Bivcrr, It. h. LII TLIi:, 

auKir lip Propiictui. 



Or Uoublo Si>riii!L; 


IS» Third Htrcet, 


Will. II. TEMPLE, 

Third Street, St. Paul. 





rVEW 'i'llING 



DIVIl>hNI>ti IN * SNO NdlK.SI / 

ADVANCK. ^ ^ NO IN TKItKiiT 1 \ 



oV TSvryv A'orlc <Crit>-. 

Vliey wilt uul BiCMi or Ul.KAU, like tbe i-iogle 
aprini;. but will ALWAYS ruKSKUVK their l-KH- 
M.. r aud i:i.AUTiiui. aiiAi-K in all cuowii- 
Ki< As-.i..Miii.ii s, cm Ul iii.>, Tiii;iri:ts,'u,\ii.- 
HiAii OAKS, and for ikiimenaiuc or iiousk 
ii|(i >s— each lioop botsg c imposed of two 
iiue'.y lunperrd alcei iprliif;', hratdcd tightly 
and tlrmly t(iK.)lh»r, ed^c lo edge, fcrming 
one li'rap, and miking the ^'rI:>>N<ill::,^ and 
.MoM' M.K.Miii.i'., an well as thn Mo.^r iii'KtBi.i: 
aud Hif I.l.^il I3K1UT KVi.u .MAui:, infacltboy 
are ^.iTKi.iou to all otbera, comliiaioK Comfort, 
Kronomy, LlRhtnesa, lleKancn and Durability. 

lor diluU'.i) SPUINU UKIKV. kur aala i>«cr}'. 

Manufactured uxcluiively by eole owner of 

vr cbaml>era, and I'J and bO Ueade btreeln, 

Now York. 


Straw, Fur and Wool 

or all irriMlvia and Ike awwa-at atylatA. 


Ladles, Misses & Children's 

Straw Hats and Caps, 

In every variety, trimmed and untrimmcd. A 
handaome line of 


l-'loweiti, Feuthcr* Ai. Uiuaments, 






J. K. Tuonrtfin, ri^Ka 



Paid up iupital $(MH)«000. 

E>ti|>lt«jc lOlllptIo Sklrtw. 

Kur KleaKunie, Uurabilily aud Kcui^umy, su- 
perior to all uthern. 

J. L. t'OMBrALUU * CO . 

!.;» llilid atrcot,8l. Paul. 

Uuplc'x I£lli|>tio HlilrtH, 

The ui}i)t PpuUr, Stylish and Cracelul Skirt 
worn, for eale by 


i:m Third Blrcct, St. Paul. 

Utiplux. lailiptic »:»l£LrlM, 

ll|[. LiKlileal, moHl .^Krc<eablo aud Purfect Skirl 
made, lur nale by 
:■>. »'. IMUKHtM*!.!. * CO., 

auKl&3m|.ilp In;,eriiull'a Bloc'c.St. Paul. 

NO notes: 

\ o 


rr II R 


or BIAHTrUkta^, C02I*., 

25 Barrels Heavy Mess Pork. 

I- or aale by 

J. 1. uKAr .noAT. 


If jou wiah to us? n Fupericr anicle oi 

HiJOi'tiijyr lr»o-wcl«r. 

Buy thtt manufactured by 

The Oriental Powder Co. 

J.I. iBEAr.'no:«T, 

A^rat OricnUl Powder Company, 
Corcer ..J and Sibley it'ecta. 

C'Mah ItapilMl piatd la, b«>aid<'a mccw- 
iuulutioaa. l^JUO,ttWO. 

Sto^liholderH not allowed to draw divnlendii or 
inlereat On Inveatmenta, by the proviDioni of 
their ilinrter, uniil Ihe accumulatloua have 
reach"d two roliliun doilarf. 

All deuciiptioii" of Infuranci' Krantrd ou flrst- 
c'aHS h'althy live«only. lyOfniM paid in thirty 
dayu alter due notice aud pruuf of deat!). 

The rate^ adopted by tlie company are baied 
Dot uiiuD tliM rate of mcrialitv as ubscrred 
amini; the (reneral populaliun, but upon the 
actual ri'curded expertinm of the mortality 
amunx iinoirnt or ml, cltd livu) in this country 
lor tbe lant twrnty-Hv.- jeara. In this way the 
ailual cost ol laaurauci has b«on very closely 
di'terraln<'d from the only true and re lable 
source tor « cli data. 1 he result ii a scale of pre- 
miums on wt-o e lifu policies, \ar>iiig from 

Thirty to Forty Per Cent Lower 

i ban charged by 

Mutaai Lil'c Insurance Coiupauie», 

Thus makiU)! a ca>h dividend in aUvauje of thirly- 
inree per cent per nnnum. 


Is. therefore, ub^n to offer un lbi< descriptiou uf 
pulley a scale of premium which, an cumpured 
withlhoi'eof mutual compaaii s, ia fully etjiiva- 
luat to a 

Ciaali l>i«id«a<lar«-iriy PerO«-wl. 

Payatl'^ at the end of tt/ii yeirs, which is as 
larfre ai that averaged by tlii moxt successful 
mutual cuinj>aDies. A fuller and more explicit 
MHtrmint ul thi> alvantn^i'a of innuriuK with 
this ouinjiany i.inore particularly on the "ten year 
piau"U(Ketl:er with table ol rates and all ather 
luljrmalion, will bi^ Kiven on application to 
A^. u;s. A(n;»il.l WAWTEU in al principal 
tuwns, Ajiply to 

0. CURTIS, State Agent, 
Office 193 ThirU-st., H, Paul. 


KUIiKlil'il. IC<isl£ villattsnd lu all b■sines^ 
apperlaiiiiuK lo reule-itateand to the prosecution 
of War tlnlmi. li.'sjecttulljr relern to tiov. W, 
K. Marsluill, Gen. II. II. Ulul-y, I). V:. InKer.-oll, 
Kill., Kreil. Drifcoll, Et'i. Col. J. t^. Werriain, 
C0I..I. J. .Shaw, lit. Paul; Uon. A. U. CUatUeld 
and Rtone A Mvtzncr, Bella PUlno, Minn, 


JuH.N S. KlL<. m '^idcnt Uoiuie of Keo. ol Ct. ; 

I.iiii.s .1. HKNi)l-h. Preildentof .ttnaFire 
Insurance Company, of Hartford, Conn. 

Ai.i.YN S. St. i,i,« AN, Mayor Clly of Hartford, 

Are aollvelyat work as Officers and Direct- 
ors of this CompaLy. 

l!a|iiial, l>i!bl'les sccumulalious, !^30tf,UH0. 

AoLtimulalioiis without capital pflvo the Compa- 

tor every hundred dollars of its liabilities. Its 
ratio of assets tn liability, with capital iucluded 
Is i;reiterthanIha<of anyCompan> inthe ttnitea 
Stales that beuan bu-iine s iireviout to lh05, aud 
is niurn Uian KULUt tIMKS the averaxe of all. 
With its caplliil exoluded it has 7.:^ above the 
average ot uU the other Companies; nrd it 
shows a Oilier ratio of ilcur siirtilna nilliitf 
i;Ai'lTAt. KXi'i-iuiKii than the average of all 
other oom(>anles. CufiiliU incliutcii. It tjivea you 
a dividend ol cure than 

Thirty Per Cent 

in Advance, 

Uy reduction of preraiam rates. And at Mutual 

Coznpanios usually declare divi 'cads, you 

wiU Uud it cijual tu more tbaa a 

Fifty Per Cent 


It has ttkrn mere life appIicationH In and 
around Hartford, iia home, during the past 
twelve months, than any compauy In America. 
All kinds of polic'.os hsned. 


Chemists & Druggists, 

Pure Unadulterated Drags, 

Toilot /LrlicileM iu HutM, 

And all artlclea appertainiue to Uic DruK Uuei- 
ueB8 at lAO 

Neiv Drug Store, 


227 Third Street, 

myiM-ly-lain •«. VAVAi.HmSfl 



No. 221 Third street, 


<ioveriiincni Koatla, Coin, Land Mar* 
lautM and UalfUreed Mcrip 


Prompt fttt«DtJon i^lveii tn the ooUeetlon of 


Amenta for tbe sale of 

PA.»hiA.GrJsl TiCKKTS 

from Liverpool and t^nenstown to New Tori 
and Saint Paal, 

Drafts on J/tnguina, frttami, Ccr«iar.y, #Vano> 
StoetUuaml A'oncay, 

National Bank of St. Paul 

Paid upCupitul <R200,000. 

'Ibis J>ank Is now !o sucoenKJui opeiatiOBaBO 
tenders ita eervlces to Banks, Bankers and otbert 
In l!>etmn taction of le^ltliBate banking badjieat 

UruftB for Sjile on 
and other principal Kuropeun cities. 
Coil'Ctlons upon all accessible point* in 
Kortliwest will he miwl.- :ii.d remitted for on 
Of iiaymci.t a* current rut s of excilan^'o. Illfrb 
est Market I^ates pcid tor Gold, Silver and Kor- 
oi^n KxchanRe. Tbi- Bank is au acent for sub 
Horiptiiins to the poiiu lar United States 7-SO I>oaa 
and these notes unll at all times be kept 011 hand 
for sale in sams of fk'om Fifty Dollars upwards. 
H. B. KIKJKKIUN. President. 
JOHN atOOLU, Vloe President. 

X>. A. MONFOKI, Ce^hiet. 


j'iiiw moots, : r. u. vakwelo.. 



C. II.SirnL'KMEItB, 
I. C. UKOBtiE, 

St. ra«l, July atb, U« 

J. B. BKADI!:N, 
*. E. SMITH, 



Marine Bank of St. Paul 

PAIU UrCAPlTAl. flUU,(>Ui>. 

(jold, Biver and ICxohaof^e bought and no •-. 

Cospons paid. CoUecticns proo>"tlv madenn 

remitted at current rat«e. 
Agent* for tbe popolar 

7:30 U. S. I^ouii. 

JOUN UOLLAND, Vice President. 

O. B. TUBBELL, Carble. 

Jobn Hollaed* | C. Proal, 

E W Holman 1 D. Wells, Jr.. 

O K. Tnrrill, K^ward Wofcb, 

D. Sacford, I Kcwtor Bradler. 


Uave.iiuel received by Express, direct Iroi 
oelelrateamanulaclory of 


E. C iiurt, JVe-w Yorlc. 

fAtfull asewilmcBliol 



Ladies', Gents', and Misses' Wear. 

We make to Order any kind oi B0018 AND 
BHOEii that la wurn. Call and examiue uur 
stock. jeH-lstll 



Will p.Tchise the sleek and 
bulliicgof athritin;; oouutry store, tituale six- 
U'cn m'les from St. Paul, Ihe pre.vnt proprlcljr 
boln;; dtsirous of imnlnK Into the city. Forpar- 
tioulara apply at A. B. AVI LDE'B i CO.S OAoe, 
Lower Leyec. ang'^^-iatp'-w' 


For St. Paul aud the SUte at large. Address 
tr apply to 



St. Paul, Minnesotai 

auD-SmdAw latp 


The new and delightful 

Hotel^a.l£e Oomo, 

Was opened Juno 14tb, and wUl continue 

Open Uuriug the Watering ScaAun. 

It la one cf thn finest summer resorts in the 
West — coTimodious, elr;;actly l'urnii*hed, and 
oomplete in every respect. Bn-akfai'ts, Dinners, 
Suppers and Refresh men' »• if all kinds s-rved 
upon ihesh rtesl nonre. Fine Boats f r .Sail 
ing and Fishing on tlie Lake, 

Periiinua'ut Bo«u-<loris. 

A few g'lod Iio;ins will b» r-s ived (or 
Boarders who may wish to riinain at Lake 
Conio for a wei-k. month or longer. 


|el0 4m-lstp 

creamIreezers ! 

Faoker's Patent, Torrey's Patent, 
Massa's Patent. 

The above cmbraoc all the best l-reeiers in use. 
An assortment of all sizes kept and for sale by 
Diil(>3 Block. Third-Bt., St. Paul, Ulna 

A large stock of all sizes. 

Plain, Gilt, and Gilt and Rosewood, 

For sale to the Trade at very low prizes, 
Union Block, Third sUeet, St. Paul. 



O. UUUl'IS wUlsoU bis Uonteand Lot, oor 
ner Canada and Tenth streets. For partionlars 
Inquire ol bim oSoe, No li*!l Third street, 

fit. Pant. m. lentil 


The stock, lease and fl xtares of one of the best 
and oldest stands lor Frail ind Confectionery in 
the city. Apply to W.H.BITTEB, 

JaoksoD street, near the Internaiional. 


£li*itlKe Bt^utire. St. I-»:nil. 



FiueHair(ioo(is,liOiig Braitls 

mss, Uair Wiffs 8idc Braids 

At Pi^cs-a wkicli Defy l-»imprtt%lom. 

All goods viurrauted to be made In the n.0St 
oareful ucU la.iti'lul maiiuer. 

Orderf by .Mail or Express will rcoeivr prcoii 

Privet" looms lor Ladiee'Uair l^reBBing,C<l>axQ 
pooing and Dyeing. 

The only Brown Dye applied and lor ualc. 

Partioafar atlcntiou to Ladies' and Cbiidnn'i' 
Hair Cutting. 





.J u .«nr f* Ko K 1 V Kf >. 

Hungarian Grass Seed, 

A oholoe lot lor sale cap.; 

Bi<;iCI.OW, MDRDOf K & fO. 




Office on Third Street, 


From a ijuarter of a ci'ntur\ 's experience Br 

D«- M. promises ex-elleece of' workmanship and 

at reasonable charges, and refers by iwrmltslon 

Mr. Oakes. (of Bornp & Cakes' St. Paul. 
Col. and Mts.Belote, Internationa! Hotel, 
Mr. Kdrerton, President of lid National Bank 
Klghi Uev. Bi-hop Grace. •""«"" nana. 

Kev Dr. McMastcrs. 

Col. RobcrUon, and Physloians of 8t. Paul 
generally. ■ch|.ly.i,» 

Drs. Simoaion & Beecher, 

At the old stand of Dr. S., IngereoU's Blo«k 
S ' Vaul. All Dentistry done tn tbe beat man 
BCT (Ad at reasonable rales, angib-iyn 















?hc ^m\i ^m\ ftcsis. 


UiiiuiiUi'Uii blale toiiuntl**"' 

1h.' Union <.;eJtorii of th.. St»i- ot Minn.».'ti. 
who ar. lufTorof «.-..rtlu/ .ml m.Uf >''»r. 
tl.« right, of th.. loy.l J .-oi I- tl.r.'")<t> '\\" "J' 
r..«"nt.tlvH« m Co..Kr.v.- to , Uwcon 
ditlou.onwhloMI... Ui.> r.-l«l.M»<-" '"«^"■" 
a^.u■Hd,o...Mlc.,..^. '.. th«».."-.U.ov.n-. 

lavor 111" pr.>l'OH< .1 6m.'ni'in>iit 
lonftiIuti>»i, «'•<' tf.iucftfd to 

1,1 :i o.>iiv.'iillonlo bo h>'l<l In Ir- 
i„ M. I'aul, Mini' . <in W ••€ln««»- 
1 •<««». 

ment, nml »li 

to tlio t^ll-T* 

K.'llJ >!•• ■■t*f<' 

j(c>r< >l ' I' '' • , , 

aar Ih*" 1»H»«1»».» of «»|»«««.r. 

,t MO-. !•'<:•' A. "•.'"I" Ih.'l.uil.oM-olnoii.lnniinK 

r,o<lt at"* for .M»t« Avi-lllor nnd Clerk »l th.' 

Supr^m- Con t. to bo Mniorf.-.J »l th" next g.-n 

..r»l.l.'otloii an.1 f.>r ti«u..».tii'K .>«.•!> otl»<r tvi^i- 

B0« «» m.y vrop.rlv comebor.,r.uh..coi.v. utio... 

111., .fv.r.l couMtl».i will D.' cntill.'.l to di'..- 
HM't w> f-llowK, vi» 

. 1 . M'Jlo lac... 




Morrli-i>a ... 







Krr Ull 




Kuni f) 

K»ti*v«*od.. .. 


K uvill<> 



~t LouU . . 


•Si >tt 

>h('rburat.. . 

, 7 


. H 


. 4 


. 1 


. 1 

WHtiinhaw . 


Wu*"*!-.-! . . 

, 1 


. 4 

W ul.iu»i>o • 

. 1 

WitiMtia . .. 

. 1 





r);ar.i/.i'd coi 


Vfa on 

► liie l"»lll».' 


• "•niT 


Cru» Wli'g. 




Dodiia • 


K4 Ini-rf 


(lO^dllui* ... 
Hi". U^-lilU .. 

l»n k 


Ksaa-ifc — 


V^rlin . . 



Ui-b'Ka;-'* •'•"" unor);ani/.id couiiti#H nol 
uim.-d wiU bi! Kubj.'c. to .1113 »cUi»a of the con 


B. Hi.AKi:i.Y,Clialriran. r.V. l>v\ i*'"«. 

J. I i: vMKi-Ni- 11:11', 
1. «'. Mc 11 \:r.. 

K W. mrn 

E. H. Yi'lM ^^H, 
F.tKl) J«».s, 

Ok; J. C. Mi'iT. 

llnio'i »"•■'•' ''.•ot"'' Coir ui I li- 
st. r»ul. AiiBUft HI 1. •'.!■<. 



■ «»rl ICUe. 


ParticularB of the Proposed Trea- 
ty, and Why It Failed. 

Lac Tk.^x eksk, Minn . Aug. U, 18Cf>. 
Kditora St. I'aul I'rera: 

The intense heat that covureil this eec- 
tion ol country a few weeks ago, ami a 
spell ol sicknes'* which followed it, has 
caused me to delay the history of the 
winding up of the negotiations at Fott 
Rice. But I will proceed now to furnish 
you with the main features of the closing 
consultations and correspondence between 
the United States commissioner.-* and the 
representatives of the surrendered San- 

On Saturday. June L';iJ. the commis- 
sioners invited the delegation to a coun- 
cil, and when assembled, Mr. Reed (one 
of the commissioneri'), told the Indians 
that the government was prepared to ac- 
cede to all the demands contained in the 
leter from the chiefs who had visited 
ForL Sully, (a copy of which 1 sent with 
my last communication,)— that the com- 
missioiiera wished thj Indians to select a 
tract of land upon which to settle as a^- 
riculturists, which tract should be secured 
to them, and the government would fur- 
uish the necessary tthsistaiu.-e to enable 
the Indians to resume an agricultural life 
and becomo independent of the precari- 
ous means of subsistence allordcd by the 

The delegation sileclcd a tract txtend- 
iog from Lac Traverse along the treaty 
line of to Kiimpcska Lake, aid 
tbeiice lu the bead ui the Cutuui, ^nd the 
commissioners promised to bav« tlie trea- 
ty drawn up for the signatBWi of the In- 
dians on Monday, the _.jIU. Tlie general 
features of the treaty being explained to 
the Indiana, gave universal satisfaction, 
and the delegation concluded th.^y had 
formed an unlavurable opinion of the in- 
tentions of the commissioners toward 
them without cause. 

Being anxious, however, to study care- 
fully all the details of tho treaty provions 
to signing it, the delegation requested a 
rough copy fur e.\aminution, which was 
promiiied and furnished. 

During the "talks'" at this w-ouncd not 
one word was said to the Indians about 
t le cession uf all their luLtls (^except the 
reserva'ion above mentioned) to the gov- 
ernment in consideration of the annuities 
they were to rei:elve, and ihe ln(li<ind left 
the council under the impression that 
those annuities were granted as a com- 
pensation for their uninterrupted loyally 
to the government, aud /ricI]d^hip for th^^ 
whites, and to replace their annuities, 
under former treaties, nhich bad been 
oortiscat>-d by Congrcts in iSiiJ. in com- 
mon with the guilty and fu(>itive bund.t 
who took part in the outbreak. Juilge 
then, of their surprise, upon examining 
the treaty, to tiiid that, by its provi.iions, 
they ceded all ti'le and claim t) the large 
tract ot land they held in the Territory ol 
l)jkot.i. exien-iinn imnU Irom tin- tr>-.iiy 
line of IW.'il to Drvil's Lake, and t a^t 
from the .fames River to the Ui'd Uiver 
ol the North, whith traitt undoubtedly 
belongs to the Upper Sisseton and Kast- 
ern Cut Head bands ol Siuux. 

Tlie discovery of this important provis- 
ion of the treaty, which bad uot been re- 
ferred to by the comniissioners in their 
explanation of the several articles, eould 
but impress the Indians with the belief ir. 
the intention of the commissioners to de- 
prive them of their lands without their 
knowledge. This created a strong dis- 
trust of the intentioui ol the representa- 
tives of the government toward ih« Min- 
nesota Sioux, aud destroyed ull hope of 
successful negotiations with ihcm. 

The treaty as furoikhud the Indians fur 
examination you have published, and 
your readers are doubtless conversant 
with its provisions. 

On Monday, the Joib June, the delega- 
tion met the Commissioners and prcstnt- 
cd their objecti'ins to the treaty as fur- 
nished them, and suggested modiGoations 
that would be satisfactory to them, in a 
letter as follows, v /. : 

"Fattiers— .U the last council wo a»k<d you 
for, and y uu promised to give us a copy ol the 
treaty you expected us to sign, that wc migUi 
examine its contents and decide whether wc 
cuukl luljscribo tu its provisions. We have 
received wbut purports tu bu a copy ot suid 
treaty, and havlDg examined and discussed 
Its provisions, must ot'j';ei to .luiiio ol them, 
viz. : 

"1st. Wo caonol iissunio tu represent 'the 
iSlssvton and Wahpclun Uands nt Dakota or 
Siuux lodiuns.' We only climii to represent 
itie 'surrendered' (.so culled i portions oftUoso 

'•Jil. We cannot agree 'to icaae ull lu.stili- 
Ues against the persons and property ol lUo 
citi»cus ol iho United Sfciles," Ixtause hy so 
duioft WO iiiluilt that wo have been, and arc 
now, buslilo to thw whiiuii, while in truth wc 
bate violated nunc of thu peaceful roIuth>uH 
wliiih have lunf; existed between us nnd 'the 
citizens of the t'nitcd Slates." Ol tbis wc are 
proud, aud we will make uu record Ihat may 
hereafter lie use<l us {an cv:deocc ol'our having 
previously participated in acts of hostility to 
tbe whites. 

' 3d. We cannot for the 'SIssctoa and Wnh- 
pcton L<<nds of UokoU or bivux lodiaua r«- 

l,ii.|ii. b all rlKbls or title to lands in Piikola 
lirriUiiy, e\eii>t such ii.-< urr ),'rauUd, held 
and oeeiipicd ill n resorviiliim.' W« <Ild not 
siippoxo wc were Invited to nieit the repre 
.onialivca of our IJtOttt I'.itber at Uil-* dUUmt 
pout, lit a season w lien our planlill^;s lopiired 
our peiMMiul alleiilion, lor Ihe purpose nt dis- 
pn.sini; of our lands. Wo ihounht wo were 
eouiinjt to a treaty calculated to restore pcac- 
to thel'p'iilicr, in Ibo aci omp'.i'.hnieiit iilwhicli 
wo eould liceervii'calile, and we were pn pared 
to devote our energies to tho atUiiuiiicnt of 
the » jeet wo ilceuud of primary importance 
In pcneo nepotintions wilii the liands hereto- 
lore hostile. We also liopod that in consu- 
■ lucnec ef oiir undeviaiintr loyalty to the 
Kovcrnment, and friemUhip foi- the wbiles, in 
contr etion with the .services we have reiulcroU 
in protect inR tho Ironlier from Indian raids |, 
we would receive from tho government .^ueh 
as>l laiieo as woiilil .ifiain enaliio unto adoiit 
tlio luiMlH and iiiedo of lile that would adv.ineo 
our progress ill eivHi/.alion. To tins end we 
ii-iu'tl lor a restoration i>( our unnuitics, aud 
a return to tho agrirulinral an>l edurational 
sysleiii adopted iiiokr tho troaly "f !*'■''. 
which secured to each l'aruieri/ii/ieii/nii/ rights 
to lands and other properly, provided mills, 
carpeoter..*, bUekKmUlis, sehoulsaiid leaeliers, 
and enabled Ihu I'ariiiinK ludi.iii to .levoie bis 
tune and eiiir»;ies to ihe eulluinou ol the 
s-jil without Iho uocessiiy ol u resort to the 
chase for subai^uwe 

'•\\ ben you told us that our tin at l-aihur 
would five us assistunee iu our MKrieullural 
exertions, wo were pleH...ed, hee.iusc Wo 
thought ii v> as a ueonnition id Our services 
and lo> ally. Out your paper is uioro explicit 
ibuu your louguvs, and of ouf Ur«al 
Father, your paper says it w our lands 
that IS to tuniisb tho proposed assiitunio. 
We cannot eonseiit to receive liie propo-ed ai- 
sistancc at so groat a sacriiu e. la addition to 
other olijccliou- to the e.>siou by us, ol ihe 
entire landed iutore»uol the Sisseloii and W..h 
pcton ."^loux, wo uro eutihiicd that it would us 
certainly entail another froniior war, as ono 
day i.'i certain to folb.w another, and wo lie- 
,n«ihouicdinni ihrouj;b whieb Ibis salo was 
uia.le, would be siibje. ted to every amioyanco 
wiibiu ilie control of the hosule bunds, aud in 
adilition to Jio loss of lile, our losses in 
horses stolen, and other properly destroyed, 
would l)c greater annually, than the aiuuuot 
you prcpore to allow us for the lands you ask 
us tu code." 

'• Wo have protected your frontieir for tho 
pastliftccn months, and the security the 
frontier settlers enjoy to day, is duo to our 
exertions. W itb reasonable aid from the Oov- 
crnment, wo could guarantee a continued se- 
curity U) the Irontier, security to tho trans- 
portation of tho mails, security in tho con- 
struction of public works and security to trav- 
el over tho national thoroughfares passing 
through tho lands i laimed or occupied by us. 
Wo are anxious for peace, and will do oil we 
can to preserve it. Wo will exert our inllu- 
ence and energies to the extent of our means 
to protect tbe frontier. We are, and always 
bavo been at peace with the w bites, ami have 
no ijuarrcl with any other tribes. Wc arc 
prepared to use either mural or phjrsual sua- 
sion to prevent hostile dtiiuonstrations against 
tho fJovernmcnt or people (ourselves includ- 
ed) of tho United States. We arc anxious to 
keep spiriious li>|Uors Irom among our peo- 
ple, and wo are willing to receive agricultural 
or educational aid from tho (ireat i'alher. at 
specihed in the 7lh article o( tho copy of pro- 
posed treaty with which we have ticcn fur. 
nibbed ; but wc « ish to locate upon our lands 
al such suitatilo points ouliido tho military 
rescrvatious, as may bo selected hy families 
or bands, and ludividiiai farms secured to 
each head of a family, or siaglo person over 
twenty years of ago, as a permanent homo- 
stead. To a treaty embody lug such provis- 
ions, with details hi regard to somo of them, 
to obviate luturo misundcrstiudings, WO are 
prepared to subscritie. 

"Ill eonclusiou we would rtsptcttully rt- 
ijuebt a supply of provisions, to euablo us to 
return to our eainp«, whicti will be a jourucy 
of about twelve days, at the pace wo will bo 
compelled to travel." 

Alter the coramissioni rs had read this 
letter, they asked the delegates if they 
understood its import, and .1 unanimoaa 
"Ho," greeted thair ears. They then 
took "Little Wheat," who was neither 
eUlct, I'ravc or di-.!egat4\ iu»il nut him on 
u chair at their taole, thus giving him tbe 
position of Chief of the Delegation, and 
eniuircd if be and Itjd Iron, and their 
followers (some eight in number) vrcre 
prepared to sign the treaty. But even 
those men who bad been sent over to 
trammel the exertions of the delegation, 
and were prepared to d • almost auy act 
required of them, said they could not 
cede the land of their people, as it wouhl 
ctrtai'dy result iu their being killed by 
souic of the Sissetons or Cut Heads, who 
were opposed to any suchccsaion of thi-ir 

This closed thj business intercourse 
between the couimis.sioceis and the San- 
tee Sioux, except that; abaut twelve days' 
subsistence was Issued to the Indians, 
and iu the afternoon they started for 

their bomis. 

In my nex". I will give you a few de- 
taiij of matters connected with thj Fort 
Rice Expedition which wdl not appear 
on the oliiuial leourd of the commission- 


You will objurvo that I enclosed a por 
tiou of the letter of tho dclega'ion to the 
commissioners, in t.s. This is doiiii 
became I lost one shVet ul tho copy I 
bad to write ihat portion from memory. 
Uo<pccifully yiiurj. 

J.U. IlllUWN. 

|{«-b« I llixiory ol llie Vl'iir. 

fo till) iMlltori <.r llip .St. I'ttul I'resi. 

L'ollard, editor of ihe Richmond Exam- 
iiier, has just, given the world a history of 
the war, with the rebel version. It will 
be recollected, that, some nionthi aihee, 
his paper was so strongly imbued with 
disloyalty, t!...t(Jcn. Grant Euspcnded its 
publication ; but, that, in sppcaling from 
his order to Andrew Johnson, the Utter 
promptly overruled Gen. Grant's action 
and permitted its resumption. 

Tbe gist of the work, ij, disparage- 
ment, villifictlion and abuse of the North 
and the (iovcriimeut— during tho war — 
Vlihuh at;Rrauuizi.mont and cxtolntion of 
tbo Sou'h. Tho popular conceit of tbe 
South prior Lo tho commencement of hos- 
tilities, that, "our 8outhrvn (?) by the 
crack of a lady's riding whip would 
drive a regiment of Yankees into tbo St. 
Lawrence," pervades thu work ia 
• style, not '•borderimj on the ridicu- 
lous," but transcending it eo cumidclely 
as to distance and obliterate a ly ordina- 
ry coucepUon of tho term. 

As Objective Tea ill ill!/, is the most for- 
cible and tingible method of presenting 
instruction, so a ii'iotaiioii from the work 
wilLcocvfty a more vivid and realizing 
sense ol its iruc character and animus, 
than anything wc can say of it: 

"Thu confederates have gumt out cf 
this war with the proud, secret, dcall.- 
lesj, (hnii/ercus consciousness that they 
arc the men Kit mk.n." [The undersco- 
ring is the aulhor's.j Whether this mod- 
est aud "conservative" illusion is predi- 
cated on the display of humanilary and 
Christian gracct exhibited toward our 
prisoiuFH at Saulsbtiry nnd Andcr«o;i- 
ville ; or cii ihc comcwhat Ueicrcpaiit 
and datiuyiii(; uduilssiuii of tho following, 
li'-m I'oUard's liook, perhaps th« reader 
c:iii b ettelt : — "Alour yuar's conteitter' 
mi..ated withthosmallest in ident of blcod" 
slii-d ;it pa<scd by a rapid and easy transi- 
tion into nprofo'.iud and at j. et submission. 
There must be somu explanation of 
ibis tilt conclusion of the war. It i^i 
taeiiy foar.d. Sifh a cuudition could 

only take place ia a thorough i/t'worii/i-'/- 
livn of the, arniioa and people ol the Con- 
federacy ; there must have been a general 
detiiy vt puldic siiirit, [the umlcrscorio); 
isouri, I a general rottenncxs ol i>ublf 
.(//./ic.f." i,»iuTy ; how could "y»;oHi/," 
"(/dHj/c/ou«," "IJtcnau Mkn," sulFir 
such un al>)smal dotrusion of .i/jiiitii, con 
tract such a learliil collapse ol ;>/«(/., aa 
to give over a great struggle without in 
enrrirg bloodshed nnough to amount to 
wimt Mr. I'oUock deems a respt'clabU' 
skirmish':' The author seeks to cover 
the dicgraee oflailuie by making ascape- 
goa; of the head of .lell. Davie. All that 
is shallow paled, addlc-br.iir.rd. ilenicnt- 
ed and idiotic, are compounded and 
brought forth and thrown upon the 
shoiildcrs of the rebel e..icf, wiih a cocl- 
iiesa and cuiiiphii eiicy that «!elies descrip- 
tion. The lac .s uf Ihe case present sim- 
ply a dilemma, eilbt r li. rn of which ^'^. 
TuUard is at liberty to iii8con>'e hiinsell 
upon— wbu'h aie, that ho is giv'i g lo thu 
world lie mostfiigid, soIkI, unadulterat- 
ed, gold seven tiuii sli icd rpeciuicn uf 
mendacity, belying, his eveiy rational 
conception arnl umlerttaniling of fad, 
fairness and Irulh; or else he writes him- 
self a dull, ol llni most slpliilied and in- 
eumparal'li; order. But Mr. I'oUard's 
known iuiellectual capabililie* interdict 
tbo latter p^e^umplion, th*? former is 
then our only alternative lu leiideriiig a 
verdict in his ea^e. 

While the Southern chaiacler is by no 
means destitute of redeeming frails, it is 
yet a peculiar plia«e ot it, tu improvise 
and el.iliorite, without any debaring 
iiualms ol loiiscicnce, any set of slat'. - 
meiits needed to make a case ; 
a<id no matter huw stark, uubluabing 
and unmitligating the po!ir may be, ihe 
most instant and unreserved assent and 
evidence is exacted for ibis species ol 
asseivatioii. Note the dilTerence. The 
North concede to Robert K. Iac, Sid- 
ney A. Johnson and other Southern (Jen- 
erals thu meed of credit due to their 
known reputations ; while of (irant, bear 
Mr. Pollard's critiijue: " He (Grant) 
contained no spark of military gtnius ; 
his idea of war was to the last degree 
rude; no strategy, the mere application 
of the »«■« •Meriicic ;— he had no concep- 
tion of battle beyond tbe momentum of 
numbers ; — ho was overmatched by Lee, 
who showed himself his master in every 
art of war; and indeed left (irant not a 
single branch of the generalship in which 
ho might assert bia guncralabip." The 
reader will instinctively mquire "if (irant 
was a fool, how came it about, when pit- 
ted against sii.'h cunsuiiiiiiute skill, such 
tianacendent powers of conception and 
combination, and commanding min uf 
such 'danijtnius comsciinliiiusnias that 
they are the Bkhkii Mk..\,' that be 
(< irant) contrived to get him to the wall? 
llow happened that, coping with McClcl- 
laii and Meade, men that Mr. l'ollard 
consider ol so low n grade ol military 
talent thu*. he docs not condescend to 
place their names in tho catalogue uf 
liCu's antagonists, bow is it we say. that, 
after lighting thise Genertils .North of tho 
I'otomac, Luo found retreat southward a 
sanitary measure for the preservation of 
his army '' These interrogatories imply 
their own ai:swer : facts aud history make 
their own comments. 

Again he say;-: " It was simply the 
consuuimatiun ol the ditgracd of this 
Commander, that hi) should have taken 
eleven nioiilhs lo capture a position at no 
time held by more than one-third ul Ins 
forties, h»vinjj lost in Ihi; enterprise in 
killed and wounded uiorc than double the 
numbers actually in arms Bj;ainst him." 
Tho tnswur to litis swagger and boin'iast 
is happily very brief. 

For a year or moie before 
the commencement of hoa'.dilies.the rebels 
bad been preparing, by every means that 
industry, stealthacd rascality could devise 
to prepare for the conllict. Kvery gun, 
and all thu munitions of war had becu 
taken from northern rcjiositories, and 
placed on soutbern soil. Military drills 
in every town and hamlet three nighta a 
week, (as wc saw with cur own eyes, ) 
were tbe order of things throughout tho 
length aud bredth of the South ; and 
when it came to the clash of arms, every 
route tha» uu invading army could take 
to a vital point, was a series of ptirallels, 
redoubts and fortifications, built by rebel 
Generals who were educated by the 
United States. Superadded to which 
was their advantage of having the inside 
lines in ull their aggressive or defeusiv.- 
movements. It Mr. l'ollard will turn to 
history ho may find some precedents of 
del-ty in taking strongholJs which would 
somewhat neutralize his pntensioi s ol 
(•rant's inellieiency in taking Richmond. 
Troy wai besieged ten years before it 
(ell ; Veil— by the Koinans— ten years ; 
r^re— by .Mexander— ihne months. 
Leonidas, with three hundred Spartan 
follow ira, held X><r,\e3, with his army ol 
live iiiillioiis. at the pass of Tberuiopehe, 
at bay for three d»ya. The bislerv_ <•< 
war abounds with multipliod similar in- 
stances. But let us sec about the celerity 
with which uorthern cities— the objective 
points cf certain rebel expeditious — lell. 
Huw, Mr. l'ollard, about Cincinnati, in 
lb) summer ol 'Ol, when it wis to fall by 
one swoop of Soutbern st»el, led on by 
tho invincible Bragg? We have to own 
up to tho humiliating confession Ihat 
those men of "dan'jtroiu lunsciounntsa,''^ 
dd not lie "elcvan mouths" before the 
djomed city as did ibe brainless (jrant 
before Richmond ; but the reason that the 
pjn of the historian did not record such 
an event, was owicg to a Irllling, iucon- 
aibiubl.', mcideut in tho plot — wbieh it 
niiy be uiikitid to mention, namely: 
Buell obstinately refused to concur in tho 
performance, after a decisive "brush" 
w th whom, tho "proud, secret, death 
I'ss, Ju»f/croiu conscious" men thought it 
prudent to emigrate to a more southern 
oliuiato. Ono more instance will suflice : 
Etrly, with forty thousand men, iu the 
auiumer of '01 aet down before Washing- 
toa, which, on tbo north, scarcely bad a 
delenoe, and, except the Nineteenth 
corps, hardly had a garrison in it. We 
aU know the farce which tho attempt re- 
sulted in. 

Making all due allowance for Mr. I'ol- 
liid's wounded aeosibililics in coming 
out of the ctiillict fceondbcat, Li; should, 
nevertheless, have niado his atatcmcnta 
with regard to smimblame to truth; he 
s'jould uot have fibbed so egrrgiously and 
I'lriously as to have shocked all sense ol 
right, jusiico and propriety. A3 a liter- 
ary production, considcrir.g ita mistatc- 
menti and Mclional bias, Mr. I'oUard's 
book c;i:i have but a pernicious ellect; 
but ihia is not all : its chief significance is, 
it ia an imlcjc to present sciith.-rn senti- 
ment ; a smtmicnt— under the fostering 
of Andrew Johiiaun — which will teek to 
rccu;)crato its lost prestige by tbo most 
veheuieot justification of its past overt 
acta, and if not eh<?cked in its tendencies, 
will attemp' tu reinstall all of its former 
antagonisms against the 1 \. mouy aud per- 
petuity of thi: govurumuul. 

A worti, and wc close. Tbe South, 
fruiu traditional habitude liaa so lontt 
vaiinl«d theaascrlion that "the North will 
nut light.'' that, in the lac« uf a four 
years' inleriu'ciiie stiugj^lc, fur the mo- 
meiil they aH'cct to believe it; but Ibo 
spell ia liruken, the ileliisioii has vanished. 
A sober lecurrcnce to llio cvenla which 
so thickly lieslud this period, will instant- 
ly bind uiideriieulh all Ibis vaporing a 
careful and thoughtful conviction of the 
real Irulh. I'licie wdl therclorc be no 
more resisting of tbo national aulborily 
by the South; but there will be so far 
as minor deeds go— a repetition of it* 
furnier i iideavors to obtain and hold na- 
tional away, and this too, with all tliedis- 
turbing and disinligrating adjuncts at- 
tending thei/d i hdnm r<;/iiiic. 

'I'Le South ia c<>ti<iutrcd, but the victors, 
in adjasting terms of future peace and 
reunion, seek to impose no conditions un 
the vaii<|iii»betl which they do not volun- 
latily I Her tu bear Ibemselves. This is 
just and iqual; wcru it otherwise, tbe 
party would >| liekly go the wall, that 
iiianilentid the inliiitioii to deal unfairly 
by the South ; and it is the cjnverxe ol 
Ibis which will perpetuate in power the 
present doniiiiaiil parly. The iiauie 
lit j>ul/lii Ull b'-.s no uiore ellect in cau'ing 
this, than has an individual's rame in de 

was fired. The att'eels soon began to 
have a very lively appoaranee, fannera 
arriving from the coiiiilry m large num- 
bers and the children and eiluens uf New 
lllni Ml llieir best allire. The iisacnilduge 
took plw:e at Turner Hall, a beauliful 
brick building which will eoiilaiii L',t)ll*l 

Tbo proccaaiuii stalled al I'l.l", iii the 
following order : 

A iiuuiU-rol eiti/.cnsua horsulMiek. 
ISruss I'iiiud. 
Hoys and girls (si liolar>)-llo) s laiiyiiig 
liuiK hes of evergreens and tho girls gar- 
lands ol (lowers. 
Citi/cnson loot, beaded by National Flag. 
Itrasi gun, guaided by hatteryiucn nnd 
Mounted citizens. 
Kixty tfams of horses, drawing buggies, wag- 
ons, &c ,all well filled. 
The proeeesioii iiumbtreJ over I, (MM) 
people and reached over half a mile in 

On arriving at th«i cemetery the gun 
was drawn unto an eminence on tbt: south 
side. Aa soon as Iho whole ol the peo- 
ple were inside tho cemetery the pro- 
ceeding.s were opened by a number uf 
citizens singing a most beautiful piece. 
Col. I'/ander delivered a most touihing 
address upon the Indiuii luasaacie, near 
tbe close ul which Ibe monument was un- 

1' I I ' . It > I covered and a salute ol three guns was 

lerminiiig hn moral and inlellectual *^"»'^"-" """ " ■•" h 

utatiu. The perpetuity uf the Republi- 
can party as the dominant one, may be 
said alter ull to rest with the South. So 
long as it III liiitaii;! its pieseiit allitude 
of anlvgoiii.'im lo justice and loyally, so 
long will the Republican party aland fast ; 
when it wurge.s into a general iialioual 
homogiuity ul sy inpulhy and interest, 
Kepublicanism, so lur as (he issues which 
ualled it into being ar^' concerned, will 
have outlived its <lav and generation. 
SI. I'aul. Aug. •-'•<, IMio. V. U. r. 


lou tarid MrllKlun— Fuakiunia I.illlr 

FAKIBAII.T, Aug. 2.5, ISfA. 
Kdiior* St. Paul I'leia. 

This is surely a season cf extremes. 
TLc latter part ol May and nearly all ol 
the month of .Line being a season of lold 
and drouth ; then followed extreme beat 
and deluges ol rain uutd it seemed that 
dame nature would never tire of weeping 
for the inlliction of sun-strokea and other 
heat calamities until tho pa«t few days, 
which with their cold northern blasts 
have wrought such a change in the apirit 
of our dreams as to render llannels and 
extra bed clothing necessary to comfort. 
I bear of alight frosts having been die- 
covered the pa«l thrca mornings in aome 
localities, although not sullicient to injure 
anything growing. To day the wind h:fi 
veered to the louthwcet, and it is grow- 
ing warm again. 

From iiii|uiry of farmers I learn that 
the damage lo crops iu this county by 
the heavy rains was not so great as anti- 
cipated, very little grahi having been cut 
wi:eu they commenced. The principal 
dilli'-ully experienced iu harvesting in 
couseiiueucc ol thu wet weather ia in 
using reaping machines, tlm ground being 
so soft as to frcipiently mire the heavier 
machines. ■>Vlieat, oats and barley are 
now nearly all in the shuck aud if the 
weal her of next week proves lavorabb', 
tho harvest of this year will bo pretty 
well secured. 

As to the yield, account j vaiy so much 
that I am unable tu make a sale estimate, 
but think that tbe average per aere will 
fall considerably beluw tbil uf last year 
lor although tbe early sown liclds promise 
as well or belter thin year than last. 
Many fields sown later were so seriously 
injured by the cold dry weather ol May 
and June aa to yield a poor crop. 

In politics, religion, or fanbion, 1 have 
no change!! cf importance lo note, save 
that in polities the bitterest Copperheads 
ol war times are now the warmest sup- 
porters of Andy Johnson and " -My 
Policy." Oueol them having been heard 
to remark in cammenting on the massacre 
at New Orleans : " It served them right, 
for during the war we had to keep still 
and now wc have tbo I'rcaident with us it 
is our turn now." Bat among the Re- 
publicans or War Democrats of former 
timce in this county, if there are any 8Ui>- 
porters of " Johu-Copper-aonism," I am 
ignoraut of their whereabouts. 

As to Religion ail Fashion tbe most 
we aeo or fed cf either, being on Sab- 
bath days at church or at other times and 
pUcca ol worship, we are led to the con- 
clusion that there ia an intimate connec- 
tion between them ; but whether religion 
is the fashion or fashion the religion your 
correspondent is uot aufhv^iently a meta- 
physician to lieteraiiiie. 1 believe how- 
ever our citizens are not running to ex- 
tremes in either, and if wo are not grow- 
irg very rapidly in grace, we are enlarg- 
ing the limits ot the lowii by adding to 

till- immV.r ..( l-..:i.i;i.jJO. 

Yours truly, X. T. Z. 

MoNKAV 2'lll. 

1*. S.— Not having posted my letter 
I reopen it to chronicle the occurronce of 
a small cuLllogration Sunday niarniog, 
although rmall in comparison to what it 
might have been, the loss was no doubt 
aulUcicntly large to the pirtics concerned. 
About three o'clock Sunday morning we 
were awakened by the clangor of hells to 
find thill the blatksiaith shop of Mr. John 
Hunter, on Kim street, wr.a in flames, 
which had made too great progrcaa be- 
fore discovery to be subdued, and soon 
communicated with a t mull building ad- 
joining, owned and occupied by Mr. 
George Burns as a dwelling house and 
aalocn. Both buildings were soon totally 
destroyed, with the contents of the shop. 
Mr. Burns succeeded in saving most ol 
his furniture; neither of tho buildings 
were insured. Very fortunately there 
was but little wind stirring, else many 
other biddings must have fallen a prey 
to the (lamiB. The store of J. H. Howe 
v'i: Co. was within ono hundred feet o' 
ono ol the buildings, and the barn be- 
longing to tho Farmer's House, within 
fifty feet, but the large force of citizens 
in attendance kept the exposed parts ol 
the buiMing to well watered as to pre- 
vent tbeni from taking lire. The loss of 
Mr. Hunter is estimated at about nine 
hundred dollars, that of Mr. Burna at 
aiont five hundred dollars. The public 
ho we VI r, feel the loss ol the former, 
while they will not be much all' cted by 
Ihc disappearance of one or more of the 
many drinking boost s with which our 
town is infested. " v v. /." 

<«rc]il UriiiOiiMtruliuM nt Kcw 

Nisw U1.M, Aug. 23, !»■«'. 
Ke'itois St. i'auJ i'ress : 

This being tho fourth anniversary of 
the Indian mutiny or massacre, the inhab- 
itants of Brown county decided aome 
time ago to erect a monument to the 
memory of those blain by lh« Indians. 
Ths day was usheicd in by the firing of a 
Urgo guu, and at f< v. m. another gun 

fired. Then followed another piece, sung 
by the same gentlemen. Mr. Hielseher 
(hen delivered a very let ling address upon 
the Indian massacre. Near the close the 
"ills advanced and put their garlands of 
■lowers upon the monument and the boys 
their bunches uf evergreens at tbe lout, 
when another salute ol three guns was 
fired. The proceedings terminated by 
the bilpyiiig of miolliei Uaulilul piece. 
Tbe procession thenrclormed in the same 
order, with the exception of the teams, 
which formed in double line. On arriving 
iu town tho band formed un one side ami 
the horsemen on the other, while tbe pro- 
cession passed through, which thin dit- 

Thus termioaled ono ol the greatest 
demoustrationa e*cr witnessed in New 
Ulm binte the Indian mutiny of l.Mi2. 
Tbe weather wua all that could bo de- 
sired. Great praise ia duo to tbe com- 
mittee who jireserved such good order, as 
not tho slightest mishap occurred. 

Youis truly, I'LUVO. 

A l>)ruiiii«l in ilic \iCH(. 

A parly ul live yuiiiigmeii, while on an 
exploring cxpeditiiin recently aioiif' the 
Coloradu river, discovered an immense 
pyraiiiiil on a barriin plain. It was eoiu- 
posed of layers of stone from eighteen 
inches lo nearly three feet in lhiekin-»s. 
and from five lo eight feet in length. It 
had a level tup of more than lilly feet 
S(|uarc, though it was evident lli:it it bad 
been completed, and that somo grt^at 
euiiviilsioii of nature liail di.iplaeed its en- 
lire lop, as it wa.i evidently lying un one 
ol its NiileH, a huge and biokeii mass near- 
ly euvered with sand, lis pre.Hi'iil length 
is one hundred and lour feel, ami it must 
have Itecii formerly full twenty feet higher. 
This p)rHiiiid in some respects 
from the Kgyptian pyramids. It is, or 
was, mure f linder or puinteil ; end while 
those ol I'.gypt are composed of slepa or 
layers, receding as they rise, this Ameri- 
can pyramid was, undoubtedly, a niont 
finished structure. The oul<;r' surface of 
thu blocks was evidently cut lo an angle 
Ihat gave the structure, when new and 
eoniplele, a siiiuotb or regular surface 
from lop to bottom. 

ISi-ciil ltiull«-nl MecliiiB - A Vlilc 
ol' MuldicrM. 

We jtuhliBhed recently a telegraphic 
report ol the great Raifical nieeling at 
Reading, reiinsylvania, on the '2:id. The 
event is further detcribed in the following 
telegram to theChieagl Itcjiublinni: 

'Ibe lieary mass inei-liiig at Reading, 
Pennsylvania, to-day was a great success. 
t*ver twenty thousand s' rangers were in 
tluj city ; thirty full brass bands, and a 
procession a mile long. .Majir lieneral 
llartrauft acted as chief marshal. Among 
the varioua devices upon the cannon was, 
" We will make treason odious. Andy ;" 
"We vole as we shoot;" "No extra 
representation (or rebels." A ibousaiid 
l.oys ill blue from Harrishuru had a lull 
band, and a cannon with. "We have.lone 
our doly in, ihe held, und intend lo du it 

at the polls ;" " Boys, remember Ander- 
sonville, Libby and SauUbury, and give 
traitors back sea's." 

Gen. (Jeary rode at the head of the 
procession, and was greeted with the 
wildest and enthusiasm. Speak- 
ing was had from three stands in the pub- 
lie square. Col. Wm. B. Thomas, Ihe re- 
moved Collector of Customs al Philadel- 
phia, presiding, made a brief speech, and 
was loudly applauded. General Geary 
spoke from varioua stands. Kx-Speaker 
Hall, of the Bute Senate, Col. J. W. 
Forney, and others, spoke all the after- 

fri) (SooiK 


At 132! 

§rtj 4k0Ai» 



* # 

We liuvi> just received a largo asiorlmciit ol 


Auiuug wbl'jhwill bi' luundthclalustaiid 

Most FauLionablu Styles 


o]^£:Ht^ GOor>», 





mt faittt faul irr$!i- 

ruuuHiiBo t>aii.(, tki-w Aiu witaa lt 
Of&oe— WcLioininic tkvm Xirida*. 

Kato!^ ol Ailvei'tiPixjAT 

lOon tlBlo. 

ti Thr<H. tirans... 
I Six days 

• ' Two Wi-eks... 
J ' ThrfH- wiH-kn... 
- ' Ofi'i ■iionlli.... 
wo mdiitlH. . 
'hrf* in'inlhH. 

Oae Sqnarf . 

S f Th 

I W 

. '£ 00 
. .1 &0 

. u <« 

. <l 60 
.10 «l 
.12 fiO 

A ) Ma DioiitbH 

• ( Tw'ilve uioolbn . :.o UO 





Tlic "Hvrly liai;c" 

lu Own* 


Mrs. M'lnalow'a HootUlnjr Nyrup bus 

becomo so i>opular ibat varloun parilen liavo put 
out articles calUnRthPm Mri. WInnlow's. Pleane 
tako notice th»t tho Mas. WiMSUnv oi th« 


luach add. (vjaarn. 
t M 

• • . > > ••> >>>...• 79 
#•••••■•■*•• • ••I fill 

I 7t 

« M 

S B 

S 00 

• ••...a * 2ft 

9 00 

.*.".*." .".'..... .14 00 

I. AdverttHnnK-uin ordered to bu kept OB tlie 
first psfte, r«t« at ttimhlr prio*. 

'i, 8p<'i'lal placn adviTtihi-mi-Dt', double ool- 
Qmn advcrUkefnentM, and advTliHfmpnls with 
oulu, "8p<!Clal NotioPs" and "I.K>tal Notices,*' 
onr lull/ adilUiniuil, 

J, All clumgi-h rale at tweuty wntfi per is'iuarc. 

4."KeadlDK Matlor Notlcof, Id local ormln. 
OKllaD<>ou8 column«,«aed(illarp<>r»iiiare, andno 
nolluH toiinrU-d lur lom tbas OD« dollar. 

6. AdvcrlUemeDlr. inferted In "Want" 
rolumn, 10c»nt« per linP for pach imcrlion. No 
adviTtinemi'iil for le»(i» than .Vi ce«t*. 

<;. Indiifhiad in-ilrriug Ih inifrUon iij I'n 
iUti'jitl vtln rtUtvtfitts vilt hr rhnry€ii full mtrs 
and lir/'t jH-rtitmiilUf r*.-/.'.«...i/./i fitr th*. ««>/('-. 

7. KkIIkIous and Cbantablc Notio n will ratn 
at liiiir price. 

8. Marriai{i. and I>ealli Noucra, (rinpl« an 
iKiitiiconi.'iil,' hlty •'• nt'i eauli iOMTtiun. Obllu 
ary noliiM--, tin o-iii" p>r IIik'. 

'.<. Adv.TtliK-nienlii In tli.. W<M.kly- (or any 
pt-riud within Tim-*- uioiiIIim — fur tliflitHt h.juaff*, 
one dollar lur ■■a ;h iDxiTlion; tor eacli addt 
tjunal i«|Uttr>-, oii<. dollar for the Urrt ion^rlion, 
and lifty ORUto fur t^cli additiunal innfrtion. 
OVT Uir«- monthn th« rateH ar« tlie nam* aa 
tli« Dally lo th>> abovo lablu. 

I . L<>(;al and Uove.rDiD(!iit AdverlJMDi;, 7& 
OBI. p«r iir|uar« for tb« flrat Ina^rtion, and 37)» 
onuUi p«r nijuari. lur <-ach additional iDHcrtlou. 

U. Attoriii-y« ordi-riuK l.«-Kal AdvertlirennntB 
ar.1 r«KardMl aa accuuutablc lor th** name, unlnns 
there In a Hpecial aKTe«iD<-Dl to c!iari;>. tu another 

li. tio paper givan in cuiuidaiialon of Adver 

13. Strangers wlU be re<iulr<!d to pay In ad- 
vanoi. Quart<'rly payments on j early adrnr 
tlaem«DU are dun at any time duiiOK thi> natrur 

raasma PHasTiJi*) c;«». 

FroKfOBH of tho Winona Uostl 
« Wostwurd. 

Kioiiitbx Winona Iti'publioao. 

The St. I'aul I'ltiw.H 01 initiated . and the 
Milwaukee Sentinel and < hi .ttKO Tribune 
have rtptatcil. the asiicrlioii that, "in 
the livdv ra«i."' between lb'.! Win >na »V 
St. Tettr ami the Minnesota Central 
llailroails lo reach Gwatouna first, the 
lirat-iiaui'-il road wai beaten. This ii a 
mistake, and it is due lo the maiiajj-ra of 
the road, who 1 iScrrd under Rreit diiad- 
vantaj;is, that tJi-i fa'ts should be known. 
The first pansciiRcr train lo rca''h Owa- 
tonna was thai of the Winona & t>t. 
I'etcr Uiilruad, from Wiuuiia. The 
Centra had. on the day previous, 
run in a "dirl" or consliuction train, but 
the honor of rcachiii}; the paint of juik' 
lion lirsl, with every appliance for car- 
rying passengers and IransporlinR bag- 
fjane, belongs only to tbe other. The re- 
Bult wai; riavhcd, loo, in ihc face of the 
fa< I lb:U «bo Winnna iV S:. I'eter K id- 
road had twenty-live miles of track to lay 
when tbe loiitcst bt|;»ii. while tie (!tn 
Iral had not lo rxcciil sixteen miles. No, 
sirs, Ibe Winona & .Sr. I'eler is uot so 
easily bcaliu as all that, lis managers 
nre not uiadr ol the material that can lie 
bca'rn by an) thing this side of the I'alher 
ofWatiia. So (;ibtlcn>cn ol the <iuill, 
be courteous enough to give them credit 

rit'HjKKfiS wiUTWaiii). 

Work on the Wii^ona and St. J'eter 
Kadroad, wed of Gwatonna, is already 
beiPR pushed with vigor. Col. DefJraff 
has .'UK) men at work in the blufTs west of 
Straight river, and it is thede'i iiuiuation 
to grade and iron twelve additional miles 
of road before the Winter sets in. The 
iron lor this distance is already on hand. 
Such « nterprise as this is worthy of the 
highest eoinmendatioD. 

The road is now doing a splendid bu- 
sinofs, in the transportation of both pas 
seiigers and freight. Thu ears go out 
crowdrd every morning. The through 
travel is alrea<ly large, and it is diily in- 
creasing, as the knowledge of the fact 
ihat an all rail loute lo Minneapolis and 
St. Paul 18 open becomes known to tbo 
public. Since ibc opening 1 1 tbe road to 
Owatonna there have passed over it daily 
from forty to filty through passengers, in 
addition to the great number of persons 
who go to points this side ol the junction. 

A Caki) to I.NVALiu.s.— a Clergy- 
man, wbllP r.-nidUiK In South America »« a mid- 
kionarv, dl^oovcrt-d a safe and nlinpl<' ri>m'>dy lor 
Ibf- earn of Nervous Weakni'Hi', Karly l><!cay, 
l)ii.t asi n of the L'rinary and ^.•minal Or^ann, 
and llwi whol« train of dUordrrn brought on by 
luuf-bil and vlfclouf habit '. (Jroat numbi-rs 
Iwvn bi'on fully cun-d by Ihia ui»ble ri-mvdy. 
rruiiipti-d by a .li'^lr.- to bfaollt tb« »lllu-t<d und 
uiifortuual<>, I will I'lud a recipe for pn-pariug 
and uainKtbi" lui'dlclni', lu a i>eal«d envelofH', 
to any ono who nei-da It kkkb oKriiAitf.K. 

I'li'u.M- i-nclo <! a |ioBt-iald onvelo|>o, addrvascd 

Addrios .lOSKI'H I. INMAN, 

Btatlou l>. Bibb- House, Mow York Cliy. 


I., f.\\ .III niliil'fli^it ill ••IU'' ""''^^0^!ffi[9jP 
*lil.K ••••''^I^^g^iJ^Sllii^'^MM,, vniilinir 

llf*?fj_^"ii^'^rri 1 !i .■.hli.'il.'-laiiili I -r piii.i.^ 
l*^ U. JX.ui.uui4i.Cw.,l" '»" ^'^''•'■(^hiia6o,Ill 


Wi! will from this dato siU at 


A few of wbleh we will rnumerate, vU : 

The best Prints 20 Cents 
and Under. 

Delaines 20 to 25 Cents. 

Domestic Ginghams 25 to 
30 Cents. 

Heavy Brown Sheetings 15 
to 25 Cents. 

Bleached Shirtings from 15 
to 40 Cents. 

Thia.ia Do humbug. We lauan juBt what we say. 

L- C BU£tT, 

14H Tliird street. 


An ••xix^rlt-ncwd nurso and fi-niaUi pbyaluian, pre- 
acute to the atU'ntion of mothers her 

Soothing Syrup, 

Tor Ctiildrris TrctlsliiK, 

Which greatly facilitates Iho process of K^uthlng, 
by HOltonlng thn gumt, reducing all Inflamma- 
tlona, will albty ALL. TAIN and fpaKinodic ac- 
tion, and Is 

Suro lo Kejulatc ihc Bowels. 



l:j2 Third street, St. Paul, Minn. 

Augast M, Xttni. aug::l 


WebavetbiH day lOld our entire stock of STA- 
ri,K AND FANCY DRY UOOU8 to Metars. 
C. M. WHEAT A CO., who will coutlnne the 
buKlnesH at our old stand. No. I.VJ Third etrfet, 
Catholic Block. Wc would a*k for them a con- 
ticuatlon of the liberal patronage b«rPtolore be- 
Ktowed upon un, asnurlng all that Incur fuc- 
oevkora they will Und guntleraau iu whom they 
nay confide. 

MU.l,Kia nHOH. 4c WAI.HEIt. 

St. I'aul, July li>tb, IkiV.. 


The followinK rati-« of .ubtcrlption for tho 
Pbesh wiU take effect Auguat let, IHK: : 

W K K K L Y . 

nr HAIL. 

One copy one year ♦• •• 

Ono oopy six months I. WO 


One copy one year 

One copy six months 

^« OO 
. 3 OO 

UpOD It, 

rest to youmelTV* 
to jfwr inr"nt: 

A Ball »t I..OIIK: Bruii«-ii -Muissc 
ttl'llM; KtMllfs Prrhesii. 

torretpijud' ii'cN, V. Jrlbaue. 

The dressing was mere i.\trav..gant 
than that at Saiatoga. il impos.-iblc 
were posMblc. Ono lidy in aiofe coltr- 
..,1 Kuzo.. .\c. .•hamh.rv w.ib r:.,i.«..aa m 
uiiio on aims, and neck, and h»ir, wore 
such a llowcr of spider wtbs, and such a 
shawl ol moaiibcams, that iiiy soul was 
stirred within me, and I cried out, "O, 
what exipiisitc, exqifisito lice! llow 
dare the woman wear it here. lest her »x- 
aspcrated ustcrhoad, mad with envy, fall 
upon her, and despoil her of it P" My 
friend, the oni •. .sitting a' my elbow an- 
swered lue: ' "Yes, ht-r toilet is superb; 
there is hardly another so cosiJy in the 
room. Her bujband broke up in Wall 
street six mouths ago, paying less than a 
sbilliug on the dollar, and ruining many 
poor lamdics. Hut maJamo's carriage is 
one of the .'huwiesi. here, and eh'; looks 
content I" 

And then, by some curious optical allu- 
sion, the loops and tendrils of ih-j lovely 
lace put ou tho a»i>cct ol meshes, which 
bad caught the silly woman's soul, and 
through whose goesaintr tangles ol vanity 
and cmptincJB that very atU-nuated entity 
could not slip. 

Another lady, in liiamonds only less 
gplendid, and raiment only less costly, 
danced without rest, with a deep color 
bUzing in her checks, aud the light of 
comiuest bls.-ing in her eyes. "She, at 
least," 1 said, -fmds this delightful, and 
she dances with a rare grace." Me aiis- 
werei me again, "llcr toilet is magnifi- 
cent, but her husband does not pay for 
them. He is a clerk with a salary of two 
thousand dollars, and she spends six 
thousand. His bdls are promptly settled, 
however, and she looks content." 

A very Urge and notic»ble woman was 
much observed for her extraordinary 
likeness to (len. Scott. She is tho wife 
ol a well known citizen of New York. 

A lady from rhiladelphia, in the most 
gauzy, and juvenile, and decollete of 
robes, was a belle of '-'•) years ago— no 
ted lor her beauty, her elegance, her 
voice. Kvcry waning Miminer baa stolen 
something Irom her grace, but she cannot 
bravely let it depart, and gather new dow- 
ry of a'tiaclivtncsJ from the honesty and 
simidicity with which the hard conditions 
ol this rapid lile m ghl l<o aiicjrcd. So 
she look.s a iiiclanehcly ghost ol another 
exislonce, idutehing eagerly and vainly 
at the substantial goods of this gay 
worbl. . 

There a lady whom we noticed 
on Ihe boat, lor her ell locks and dark, 
strange, uncanny face— for her bad dres- 
sing and ineleg4nt manners. And, be- 
hold : she had ehangcd into cric of the 
most superb women in tbe room— in 
•weeping robes of blue satin, aud spencer 
o! .lelidtc l.iee. No onc danced with a 
(juicier gra<'e, nor moved with a less self- 
conscious dignity. 

motherit, it will give 

and rttiei an<i heaUh 

Wo have put up aud 

•old thii article ioT o\ot thirty year*, and can 


w.< have never been able lo say of any other 
medldnn— nkvk;. has itkaii.ei>IN a kinulb 
uncd. Never did we know of an ln«tance of dls- 
aatlefactiun by any one who used it. On tbe 
contrary all are delighted with Its operations, 
aud KptKik in terms of commendation of its mag- 
ioal effects and medical virtues. We ipeakln 
thin matter "wiiAr WK no know," •""r ao 
year*' experience; ANn i-Lii"" "ca kki'Itta- 

riOK KUH TlIK KI'I I ll.l.»n-..ST OK WHAT WB 

iiKKK i.irvMiK. In ai»'>Bt every lUBtanoe 
whem the Inlani in suffering from pain and ex- 
hiu.tioo, relief wiU t* found in lilte'n or twen- 
ty mlnoteB after tbeayrup ia admini.Ufr.d. 

Kull directioaH for using wl 1 accompany each 
hollle. None geuulne nnlenj the fao simile of 
CI IK iu * Ti* KKISa, New York, ia on the out 
ij.Je wrii(.p.>r. 

Sold hy all Druiiijiiil* throuRhout the world 

■>rU-«>Oaly 34 <»««Sa i»«>r Mottle. 


ITl.'l "otNli^, aWU alAlt. OK MINNU 

till A : 

I utile nrit'TOf th-* upflxation of Klias MoHea 
f jr an order directing the translor of corUiu real 
pro|>rrty ; 

1 he -itttle of Mipue ola to Wm. Oawson, Mary 
y.. Mri'jy .laine^ U. Herry, I'eter Berry, Thomau 
B. It.rry, lunlel »I. H-rry, Wm A. Herry, Jaiuea 
K. Fi'rrv, Lewln O. Herry. Hoc. K. Berry, Wm. 
Beiry Wm. .1. Berrv t;a«niu« r.. Berry, John A. 
Ilerrv, IVIfr Herry, Koojh Berry. Jacob Berry, 
Mi/ Morgan, tli' heirs at law, legatee), aud 
all olh-r pernont iuteretted in eetato ^f I'eier 
Berry, d.-ct-aKBd : 

WliiTcai", on tho toth day of August, a. i>. ISM 
• pel Itiin wa» prefeuled before said court setung 
forth thrt I'eter Berry entered into a cootraci 
with Klian Mosen for t'lE conveyance of certain 
property and that f aid Peter Berry departed this 
life on the ninth day of May. a i>. Imw, without 
haviiig f o oonvcfed or trannlerrcd aaid property 
her.'lnaitfr dincrlbed; and wleTeau it appear- 
... ilonei 

fruai ^aid petition that >ou, thi' above menifoned 
pinien, are infcrented in tald real estate. Now, 
youandeich o! yoii, are hereby noUfled, cited 
and required to appear before »ald court at Hi of 
tb« clock In the forenoon, on tbe lllh day of Oe- 
tob;'r, A. i«. 1m'.«, at the Probate office in the cltv 
ot Saint Paul, la the county and State aforesaid, 
and show c:iu*e why Wm. Uawfon.sole execdlor 
of the la^t will and teatamenl of Peter Berry, 
decoaned, ihould not be ordered to onvey (aid 
real er-nie, In puri-uanoc •! eald agreement made 
and entered Into with said Peter Berry, by said 
KliajMows; said real estate olluate lying and 
being In thu county of Mlllu Lac, and Utate of 
Minnesota, vii : . ^ ,. . ^ , 

Und '. of n '. of »w '< ol toot. ^>, and und ', 
of «w '/of ae '.» of seo. M, and und •■, of w ', ol 
ne ' , , sec. It I, and und '. of te '4 ol ne . , , »cc. 
Kl and und ', of n '. ol sw \ of sec tl, and und 
'.of se'j of toe. -^'1, all in townHilp Jtf, range 
.:7 w est. 

bt. Paul. Aug. -Hi'.h, ISOo. 

wauu:: Tt Judge of I'robate. 


.SO IA : 

In the miiller of the applicatioa of James J. 
Egiu, for an order Cireoling the tranffer ot cer- 
tain real prop.'rty : 

The State of MInne-ota to Wm. Pawson, Mary 
E. .Me Joy, .lames H. Bfrry, Peter Berry, Thomas 
B. Berry. Daniel M. Berry, >j;m. A. 'V,">"'t?.''' 
P.! B. rry! I . wis O. Berry. Doc. K. Herry, Win. 
Kerry. Wm. J. Berry, Cassias K. Berry, John A. 
It.Try Peter Berry, Er.ich Berry, Jaco!) Berry, 
Kll'ubelh u..r..>n iiiM lieirnat law. leeaters, and 
ull other i 
Berry, dneeaeed. 


Morgan, tbe heirsat law, legatees, and 
p'rsoni interested In < ?'j»te of Peter 

,..., eeaeed. _ ,^., 

wWeas,ontheW!hday of August a. i..l!?Ci., 
iR'lltloi was presented befoie eald court, setting 
.oribthKl i'eter Bery entered into a contratt 
with .lamn J. Kganlor thecunveyane" ol oertatn 
properly, and that sal.l Peter Bcrr, departed this 
life on the '.ith day ol .Miy, a.m. f^f.., williout 
living "oconveye'd or translerred said property 
llelwnufter described; and whereas It a.i. ars 
from -aid pelltlon th»t you, the above mentioned 



Bave added largely to their stock of 



Which they offer at 

"Very I-k>w Prices, 


Best Calicoes, 20 cents and 

Heavy Brown Sheetings and 
Shirtings, 25 to 15. 

Bleached Muslins, 14 to 40. 

Domestic Ginghams, 25 to 
30 cents. 





A-t Ver^' I^OAvPi iees« 



Ingersoll's Block, St. Paul. 



BeXrriing to the above card, we have only to 
say that eur object in coming to bt. Paul is to 
o|>cn and IniUd up a 


Dry Goods House, 

And n n otder that wc may be enabled to do 

Ihlt we offer the entire stock' now on 

band, oonsletiug of 







At Cost for Thirty Days. 

This i4 not intended to deo-ive, but means ex- 
actly what we say, aud wc only ask an opportn- 
ultv to convince all of the fact, for it is to our 
interest to rwduce the stock now on hand u or- 
der to make room for a 

Fall and Winter Supply. 

Come and Judite for yourselves. Mr. JOB N U . 
WALKEB, late of the boune of Miller Bros. A 
Walker, will remain with us, and will be pleased 
to see bis former patrons, together with all who 
may feel dlapoaod to pay u« a call. 

V. H. WUBAT * CO. 

St.Fa«l,J«lyie. IHM. ylTly 


»r MAIL. 

One year, per copy flO OO 

Six months, t^er copy i OO 

Three months, (Mir copy S M> 

r.essthan thrfnmonths, ose dollar |ier month. 

Delivered by carrier in the city, %1'< OO per 
annum, or ^1 OO per month. 

Mews Unalers, per hundred, ^j 3.*. 

Not:<k r ) fii ii.sf Kir.KRB.- In ordering thu 
addrrsi of your papi-rs chang>-d. to ]>rev(nt de 
lay, tM* sare and specify what edition you take^ 
Weeldy, Triweekly or Daily. A.liie give yoar 
prrjenl and futote address. 


■*K£*iH ■>«»■ » T I S «,< ( O., 

Hi. Pianl. MlBB. 

Money wainted! 

M e l.ave^voiaicvBCud BcUUtg cur ttocV 


AT (liUEiT BARdiAIK^i. 

bomu wu .shall sell without regard to OO&T. 
We will kU you 



And eomu vwry good 

Dress baods at 25 Gents 

from i-ald pi . . , , . ._ 

i.artle-. are interested iu subl real "«»«•'■ , 
jmi and each of you, are bercDy no'lUed 


)iiii ana eacn Ol you, .1. _.- .^^-^ — --- . , 

aud I .I'llred to iifpear I. 'fore said eourt at lo of 
the eloik in the r..reu...,d, on the lltb day -I "c 
toGer, A. i.. 1- -.. at the Probate OjBcc In the cl y 
of hi Paul, In the county and btute alore^aid. 

James J.Egan. Said rea' etate aiiuate lying 
a*? being In the county of Kamsey. and .sute ol 
Minneso.a. an.l described '^ V" vvi^sh.w's Addl- 

Lot seven (7) In block Ave ■> W InsUiw s Addl- 
tloilo' the°d,V°of .saint Paul; ot M.en . , in 
block nine i'.i-.Brunson's A"*'''' V "-i " ' m /JT ?» 
hi. Paul, aid 'lot nil. C» 1" '''"Sw* ^^' 
WinsU.w's Addition to city of .St. I'aul. 

l>at.d,»t.Paul.Au,.-"y .M..^.^^^^^^.^,, 

„ 4tt - 71 Ju'ilKC ot Probate. 

We are underselling 
every other Uo use iu this 
City ou all kinds of DRY 
GOODS. We arc doing 
so knowing that the peo- 
ple buy their Goods where 
they are Kold the Cheap- 
est. JOM fl. CAMP, 
142 Thii'd street. 

bo come uuick Itefof 

I hey are all goiie. 
,. Mil 




(ireatiy Ueduceil Prices. 



VBRY CJtili:.A.l?. 

6UM:iMLlt:i£ HII^WX^S, 


We bai« a s-sod Cray I'tara we »wm 
•elliBK-MI l^l.Ck per pound. 

This fchool has just completed its tenth year. 
Us history has been one ol prosterity and 
growth from the commencement. I be I**' '*« 
years theaverage d»ily attendance has been more 
than two hundred, and many have been retused 
admlllanuefor want of accommo<latlon. 

Is now under contract, to be open for occujianoy 
at tho commencement of the tM »"»■;"'>''" 
•September, and It is hoped llwt herealler aU 
can be received as pupils who »t'I'lJ';, 

The Library, Ai>parat»a and Cabinet are re 
oelvlng yearly, valuible adJiUons; and the pur- 
pose is kept steadily in view to lurnlsh every 
faoliltj for a thorough course of instruclion. 

The Faculty consists ot four male and eleven 
female teachers ; all experienced instructors iu 
their several departments. .. „ 

Ihe Bohool is fully graded from the Prepara- 
tory Department, throu«h the entire coome of 
Academical and Clas-lcal studies. 

For lartlculajs and cital«^''''.»''2.f '«» „ 
m • Mm . ^V SI ■ TK. 

iti Wot Kourtb bUcct, Clnclnnalt. 


Cathcari & Co., 


IMo. 13« Xhlrcl Htrect. 

mn. pjsxrzs, btin^k. 



Brown and BfeaeLed Miislin^^ 

stripes. Ticks, &c.. 
As Cheap as the Oheai>est 



These (ioods must bo sold, as we mu!t liave 
money to buy our stock of Fall Goods, iia come 
right along. Kemcmber the place, 

218 Third street, St. Paul. 


lUisirrhira hi root, 






*^i, Illll * II 



m ■>»**■ 


■ te^ 

=s = 

(lit|3 giavettiscmcuK 

N 'a"^* a"^ ai.'>-'» in' audi 

,I.)N H> lllKHrVDh M l-AUI. 

»n.i K. S ll.Miipllu liun b< .-D l<l''» 

Notiiw i* 



,,..ln».« ru.-.i«y, Iho "'*"r,;VVi,il loli'-r*!"! 
i.mrookwVi-. M.. »'"'•■ V'h.« Bli liil.r...t.d 

,«null....l ...ll. li':"''- "» 

oilier 111 til" »oin 

St." l»«'' 


iUv .li'tflT 

K i.KKIbNU.Cily* l.ik. 
r..... Aa,;u,t r^a. .^.Wi. _^^*__ 
urM 4i»U.-Th.> ilty o';,St 
>ollftri4 li.rlho actiHition 

SI. rtui, July ftih, 1N». " 

at 111" "l"^"' '•" ""' 
,.1« ,.. tl..: ■■''>•'' 'VurtlnVl.V.U'V,'f'de".r«^^^^^^ 

m.l,. »r.l tn l,..ry •" "j, ' "* i*^' oil v. It..' I.'i« 
„..o.,.-:..> |. V'.UV ou ml«out^l.l.. c.f.»'»l 

;i:;::;.";;;:;";:.^u.^oVt:.i:'Hyord..r ....... 

Common CooBcil. ^ ^ |.kU,NI>. Cttv «;i'rk. 
>;(. r»..i,.i>i' 'WW J.-j:Mf 

fprfon* linoitInK '' »"' ""' 

'N*i''<-'r l>y K"*'" V';"tL 




372 A 3? I Kaf^t Water-sl., 

ft. %m\$ g^drnrtixifmrntis. 


ull nil.'.- lull liii-v of SIANKAKI* UO- 
MKHIU'S m th.Wc..c.ii/ .;ii.rf«<i<-«». 
AUv> coui l%utly IWMJO iug JuoJ '«> 

Dress Goods and Woolena,- 

Which cao 0»« 

Huld unJ.'r 

viklue, Wt> »rt» !• 

.,„lr.- II..- »ileull.>i. 01 in« UwHth luM" 
.,„l«,d Jaily ,'• V"';";u. .11 r. UoaltU I nM->ctcr. 
St. f».'l. ■>«>" '""• "^- '"'^ " _ 

Black Clolhs, Doeskins, 

fiiio <Ju.HiBiiu»«i'«'*>^* 

















> M 
I ^ 













Our (iuud Sci-oud lliiud I'iuuo, 
Ouo uot BoGood, Prlco $150. 
Tlircc Hccuiid lluiid Mcludeuiic<, 

\.\ltlUllN I'UiCICS. 

AnU an oodiM" <|ntiillly .>• In«lruin.«ut« ol all iuw 

Down Go Prices! 

A, II, wii.iiKi:, 

OIIAhnihu «kai>uu(. 




IhlrJ «lr< .1, til. I'aul, Mtuu. 


M'l 1,1 ..N <.fSH M '( Ol f I< I . ( 

W V iiis..r...'«,l>. f.AuKU-l IOlh,l^">. I 
Ao Army B..:ir<l. l..><.n»l"l ..I Kr. v.t 

<'.iliiu<l .1. M. Il-ow". Hiiiii.'."> I' 

il.-nl, Urf»»t I.l«.uli'iiaiil 

S.irn.'.m I'- ^. A 

Wholesale Druggists, 


ISU«H1«B.4<»1*M t«> 







iiiilor.1 liiulo, .'» *l''''' w 

will, any ri..u».- .u H«" cuuulry. 

rui. toiiU'OS 



o:' Till. 

I- vow 

Minneapolis to Owatonna. 

1^400. 1?-*00. 1^0*5- 

Oii« .SAIUIUJAY, Au.<ual uilb. l^.-.., 
TMiu* will run In acoardauc with the (oll3« .uk 
TliMK C'A.Rt> : 

I.vavu Miuu-a!'Oll!'. 
Arrive MlnnoapoliJ. 

l^«s,o Kar.t.iuU 

Arrivo Kirlb.vult. ... 
Ldivo owatfiiua — 
Arrive Owatouna 

Oiii liidlitiea in KiiBtcin iiiul 
b\.icij,'ii Murkfts uro bucIi us will 
eiiiiMe iirt to c.iiipeto with any 
lU'Ui^ii ill tho west, luul wc wimt 
every Miiuieriotu uiul l«»wa Imyer 
to give U8a call. Special iidvan- 
tii^jcs (itl'ered ti> all ca.s/c men. Yfu 
olfor hirge lines uf Uouks, ui' our 
own Mrtnut'acturc, a lowest pos- 
sible prices. 

p. v.. SllKUWIN &CO., 
372 and 27i East Water etreet, 

apri& dfcwl v . 



Commission Merchant, 

roK TMK hai.k or 

Tobacco, H«'Mi|», t ollou, Wool, 

And W.>«t«r« ai.a HoalherB produce ■••nrrally. 

No. iVl I'oiiiiuerthil street, 

ITompt all^nllon nlven to ttUoR aU ora..r. In 
lruM.a to my cure. mohrt-ly 

WSSBVi Co. Hm. llW»l!Llif«,;J. B. SHAW t Co. 

SI.Loul-. ' Llltlo Kuck. Ark. | Kl.M.iilli. Ark. 


(leHeriil Tom mission Mercliaiils, 



2.10 !• 


V-M» I". 




7.H0 A. 


a.i s !• 

, M 

ll.M * 


7..IJ r 

. M 

1 l-i !• 


. l.K. 1- 

. .M, 



s. A.. I'rcti 

foL.n.l II. K. Wirlt. 

B»t. «"l. Ainl.onv ll») 

.8ur,«.u I'.H. A..and»r.v.l M«|..r W»rr.-n 

t.M. r, A..»-i<liin» K»rK...n II. H. A,, «''■-'•'■'« 

• r, wlll..f.-l in N.w Vurk my ..n U..- ".H. .■! 

l;;.lli." l.'r a.l».i.^ lli- M .lid sttil oi 

""»u'i..>i-i l~>o^.r twe.ily on« ycam ol 
«■•.• 1.11.1 i-liN'lijlly "."nd. 

A|.i.h.»li.'n"lori>M l.i>llall..ii I.. apiHurlMli.r. 
tl... 11....I.I .'iH.ul.l I- ...l'lr."-'.l 10 llioNuru..... 
li'n.ral V. K. A, nn.l 11..1-I »l.l. II.'- lull nan.-', 
rl-Vi'l..,.'.- un.l .l..t.> «...l pl...- ..I l.lrlhul III- can 
dl.lul.'. r.-linicni»l" u-. to .Imra.l. r an.l .|U» lu 
, itl,...H i..u«t b« l«rnl-l..-.l. II !'.« appllcaiit l.«. 
I,.., o 111 II..- M.-dt.-*l h^r»i..- "l tl.« Aiinv a.uii.jt 
tli..w«»l««)lll»Ollld U.-»l»l».l, I..K.-ll.erwlll. 
1,1. K.M.i.-r rank, and llm.. ami place »( .orxice. 
an.l I. Htlino.ilaU Iroin III.. olBc. r» •llli wl»om li- 
lii« >i>r\.'J "'l iil»o 1." f.irwar.l.'.l. 

^unlluw:ln. lor li.e .-x|..-iim> ol In-r 

■,„nH iiiid'r;:..ii.K Hi- exaiuhialU.u, an II U an 
lnal"|.<ii-abl. (.r.-n .lul-lt.i t.>;ipt.olnlin<inl. 

Tl.ri. ar-' »l pr.»»ni slxlv vuoai.clen in Hi.- 
M<-dical Hiaff, f.ny »1« of wl.l.-l. ar.- orlj!ln»i, 
b»luKOr.-al«d l.y act of Coi.jtr.-.. fiy'.'U'''' •""'* 

Surftcon (I.'u.iral l. a. A. 

aunt." .■."I'lloctr. 

General ('ouimissiou MercliaHlii, 


mylo e4t<i t.i. 


(;oniiiiis5>ioH and b'orwardinj; 



liir|Mii(iuc, Wiudow <ilas.s, 

jcucral (loiiiiiiission MerchaulH, 




uiid OouimiKsion MorfliaiitH, 
No.M. .fAOKWON STliKKT. BT. I'AIT.. !Vll»>* > 
Boooud Door Below Morohanta* Hotel. 


(HIS, Wlillli LKAII, 1 



ol tl.o WINONA k 

s;""?;:^»"f: *K;\.'!"ioAV\ f^ 

'"ir^Jlns KoUiK "orll. will not »top at Ko.t Sn'U 

*°Th.. Mor».«« TfHin «»;'««";•""•.'"'•':;: 
KverlDK Tram koIuk Norlli will n"l ''*»l>_», 
W.r«cott .r ranlle Mock. All otl... liuln-.wll 
«o,'afM.onel.".liv t..rl fcn -llinK. Wencutt «..l 
fii»U<- Uock on ii«nal. 

n.4'. NHKI*AHI>. 

Ufiieral Superiuten.l >Bt. 

Cash Wholesale Clothing House. 





KeiitleiueiiN Fiirul-^hlug Woods, 

«««•<-<■« Lake nixt /l^^»<l>:lp^ strtel; CAkovc.. 
«rParUoul»r atteDUon paid to ordora, 



Crockery & Glassware 

-iO KiiinlolpU-Ht.. 
i.lHO.'VCjJO, ILI-. 

A.»oil«.'d packiK"" "' < iwkery lor the ouuntry 
ra ■„. AUordon. i""»'Pii>;«ti;"'^;!,t«. ,,,^ 

63 Locust Btreet, St. Louis, Mo, 

r attention »lven to tli« "ale of Hour 
JucH an.l rrovl.lon-.. Or.ler. for all 


(iraln, l*ro.U>.- ». '.", " «ii ,.1 .f i.>i»«.t 

klu.l« of promptly «'"«'' 'iX^We 
ralon. One of our llrm de»ot.-« hl» oxcludre 
atlenllontotliepurc!ia*e of Ooodii. , 

Uberal c«»l> advance* made »n couslKomcnu. 

Parker Pain.-. *>'!•.. ^»-»;«f'. *'i?i"„'n 
Paaoil Smltli. K.^., K»-d Wluu. Minn. 
Tbo«. Slmpnon. K».| , Wluona.Miun. 
State .SrtvlnK. A..»<H;i:itloo.M. I.oui».«o. 
rrlnclpal National Uank<of Iowa, 
mcl.^ ly 


190 and 192 Waahiiigton-st., 

Paiulers' Stock Ooiii|ilct«', 

While \\»>\i ami «•'•*'•• »i«*u^l»'S 

rLA«OltlI«U K.%TMA«'r«, 

l*orruii»«H5 1»4>i«i».ilew, 

And all other 


In K'cat variety, 

llowc & Slcveas' l^ye Colors, 

ut CblciuBO I'rioew, 

A (uU Unu ol tUo I'smouii and reilab o 

Nichols' Preparations, 

We Holiclt 11... all.ndou ol tho trail" lo our 
rtiK-k of (JrocerleK. which have b«en c«r';fn"'y 
...I.-.-I. d to n....>t thewani" of thU murk. I. and 
wiil.'h w.. rhall ali.ilo r..-lli.'< low a^any. 

Wi. are «..l- Airen!" In Miiine-.ota lor 

I'uiibuiik's SUiiitlurd Similes, 

And.luill alway. have a supply on hand lor in. 
ui.-di:il.' diliK-ry. W.. are al-.o i.(!«i lor Ihe 


Uolh il;m.l in«*l HmU KiiUf h. 
With a lull Hupply of ttepair*. AUo lor Iho 

Case "SwcepsUkcs" Threshers, 

Willi I4.n'air«. We nhall have lor nal.- 


We liav« lu atow one ul Ui« LABUKU I BTt)CKfl In tM« mark"* »' 

Tobaccos and Cigars. 

81. I'aal. .laniurr II, VM, 




K«~l.-rn nianulacture. with Neok Yokes, 
Wi.illl.-ir.-.'.., Wunou Cov.-m and Cualuit. 
liiuether with 


►— I 













• fH 









Krom III 

mill EAST 

Winona A St Peter R. R. 

(.•omi.-cliiiK wilh the 

Linefor La Crosse. 

I'aul lu Uic morning 

Minn. Stage Co.'s 

Pa-.:.enKer» liavinK M 
teach W Inona the "atn^^-fj; 

W.l'. K*'l>*l'''''^- 



.. •«. >•..• leave* kn»»on at 11 A. M.andT 
""""to'nKWt't leave. W Inoua at 5 :15 A. 

r. M. 
and-ii-. M. 

For TlckeH api>ly 
Comp.ny'a olfieo. 


tie. llinli<'..ota StaRC 

n. C. ATKLNS, 


Maioli 1, \<**" 

Ht. C^iiiil »na r»tteillo 


on an.; alter MONDAY May ^»Ui, 18M. »••«• 
eeuKer Tralna will run as follow* : 
liOlNU wi-ujr. 

».:«» p. 
4-iO • 
4.45 ' 

b-a ' 



Liavea m. Paul 8.00 a.m. ».:H.r.ii. 

>• St. Anthony ».4.> 

M'lnnmln » 1" 

Anoka <• ** „ 

•• Ita»ra "•••* 

Klk Kiver I"-*! „ 

Arrive at ll>K l-ako >> «> 


Lcavoa Hi« l-ak* '•'** 

Klk Uiver. . ■ 
" ItSHoa ' 

■• Anoka 

" Manoii.ln. 

•> St. Anthony 
Arrm- «t •"'t Taul ... 

*'---'*'='"':^""'-i;r'u:er.««lar train 


. nils 
. K.IO 
. 11.46 

3.U0 r. M. 

3.;to '• 

».45 " 
4.10 " 
4 45 ' 
8.15 " 
5.54 " 
helore elll.-r- 

B. & G. H. MILLER. 




Wosteuholiu's IVkel Knives, 


0."> Htate-at., Oliioago 

^*ol•< Ai;.-uU lor the Ofiebrattd AMERICAN 
\fil.K t;i>.'S KIl.KS. Kuaranlo'd t«.jual to tho 
be,t V.n»{Ilnli brands; •very Ole warrantod. 


TOTTence, Manning & Co., 

WHOl.l-.H.\l.K IIKAI.KUS I.l 



P\uu-y Dry Goods, 

a» &,Mk«dk.tV WMhtuii A««>auv, 


New York oOioo 148 Duauc utreot 

A:\imEW8, I1AKK1S& CO., 

Forwarding and Coin mission 


No. 23 South Commeroial streot, 
ST. LOUlrf. MO. 

KKfKitimtK lliiid Nlloual liauk, Meihan 
iiw Bank, St. l..oula. 

l,ilM-ral a.lvanc.--. maJo on oon»ii!Uinenl«. 

fartioular atl.'ntlon paid to •lllnR all kind- ol 
order* lor counlrv ni- nliaiil". j.-, wfim 


Manufacturir of and Dealer In all kind* ol 



JlCkiW-l ST.. .Ms\i wmi; lu iiii;M!i; of si\th 

R.-VrtilrlnK of all kiml* promptly atlendea lo 
and all work warranted. ^ . . , .■ , . 

Nolhln* but tlia U«ht •«l.)«ted Kantern llml>«r 
>*ed. mchai ly 

riiotvtt riapba f»r tO»» »>»■•.••,♦».»«• 

t ur»«a a» »• ••»•.«. I»«" .««*«*"• ♦-»••<»• 

Kor thirty day« I will work at these prioen an.l 
guaranlt-e Hali.<lacliou. 

A. HiNar>.\iii. 
Kwelslor IMiotosrapli littliery, 


With a comuleto and Uiorongh .lock throuvh- 
out. Ihe atteuiioa of the irada Invlud and 
iiutrontK.- .oliclt. d. 

Bt. Paul. July il', IsM. 

aiitl Uoublc CurriugeN, 

!• I Kt.nHivo manufactory ol HAKVKY 
ft. WAi.I.ACK, Buffalo, N. V. 

Aiipn-clalliiK the liberal patronage be«tow<-d 

on the old II.. we ►hall e..d.«vor to inaln 

tain the favorable r-putatlon e.UblUI.ed l.y 
Ih.m. through car.lul aii.-ntion to lb.- inler 
ol all wh.. may favor uh with their businew. 

aprlti tl 



i». r. iiic«rii.t.A«.^ 


r. r. jac«^nA.i.AB. 


r. 9. mvii.viB.MJkM. 

In every county in Minn.-^oU, to ." !• the 

Qenuiae Improved New Kngland 


Th« only »mall Machine that give* general Balin- 
factlon. Iletail prl.3<- IH".'**, 
All Fixtures Included, exrpl 
Kiii-iiiiiii'M 8.^11" e.'wer 
And lor sale with a go.)J 


supply ol Ne.idlen, 
from Nos. 1 to ;.; also the best .|uality of machine 
on at n.; room*, lOT Third sln-et, St. Pu-al, op 
poiit" Mung.-r Bros. Mu.ic hl»re, irr staikh. 
Table* wfih Treadles .-xlra, 
9. B. 

HI ITCH *■<■<, 


X>1*. CLOCK'S 

Excelsior Hair Restorer 

Is the b.Ml prej.aratinn »ver pr<-sented to Ihe 
public forth.- Ilalr, an.l Uk- ..nlv unich- jion- 
seHsiiig all Ih.' m.rits clKlm. .1 lor II. 
Arrests il« fslling olI"r t.. ruing gray, cures all 
disH»s.-s of th<^ siailp an.l mak.-» harsh, wiry hair 
b<^aulllully Bott and luxuriantly glo-sy; but 
above all Is Uie marvelous rapidity with wh ch 
«i».i» MAIM lit IBKWTOMBO 
To lis ori« ci.:or. Use il a few limes and lo I 
our gray hair» hive disaiiiieaid as If by magic. 
WW IW HOT A ■»! B. 
li.ii strikes at the root" of the hair, |.upi:lyg 
th.-ni will, n.w Uf.- and coloring matter. It is a 
much Iwtler .lre«>lng than Oil or fomatum, and 
ttvoi.l* tl.. ir di-l.'erious ilT.-.:l*. Ills e|.-pantl> 
|,.rluin.d,l*ea-.ily applLd, and 1" in nil respecis 
sKrei-alile toll..- sens'* It, afl'-r a fair trial, 
this doe* not prove to be th.' Is-"t pn-paralion 
l,.-fore the public, 11..^ y will b.- refunded, 
rut up in lar((e IxAlles and sol'l by all drugKl-lH 
at i I W) per hot lie. 

DK K. K. (;l/)t;K, rroprlelor. Mniicl.esler, 
N. U., KlNCll fc KLl.bKIt, 

General Northw.'i-lern Ag'-ntr., i:hl.-ai,'0 
H. Wr. HOBABVOM, Ac*at, •» 



c;riv>'-Ii<^n«U-«l l^<-o|>I<- l.avo thrir 

l.tik-* r<-.*l<ir.-.l l.y It t.i 111.- iliiiA, luttrw, 
tilKt-n Imsra of yniitli, ami :ir.- l--.)>|>y ! 

Vkiiiii,' I'c.I.l.', V ill. Iiijhl.faiifdw mi II;. ir, 
li.-ivi- tli.>.- iiiif:i.slii<.n;i1il<- < olxrs ciiaiii;! .1 lo 
.1 Im.'.iiIiIuI uiilturn. :.ti<l n'jr>icc ! 

I'<(«]>1.- whos.^- .-ire <-<iVOTf<\ willi 
I hoKiniJT itif\ lhi',,,,'11 use il, an.l Ii.itc fli in 
I o:il.s aii.l I Iciir :m.l lu-nliliy s< nljiF ! 

lt»I«l-II«'««<l«"«l' V«'l «•»•»»«.* Itnvi- riiiuiiiiiilB Uxk* ti!,'hK-iiiil. iin.l Hie 
li:ii<- >p..i- <iivi-rivl with ;i luxuriant Kr"«l'' 
i.f Hair, nil. I .laiKi- I'oi" j«»y ! 

■^ouiiK ti.-nti" 111. II u'.- it bccauic il is 
riilily |i< rfiiiiK-.l ! 

Yoini'.' T.a.1ioK use- it l>i-raut.f it kof-p» 
tli.'ir Hair in plm-r-! 

Kv«-rylM>.lv tntixt an.l triit hm- il, lMM-a««<' 
it is till- tiiiiiu ,1 all') ImkI artirl.> in tli.r 
n.urki-t ! 

For Sale by Druggists geuerally. 

Dix.>«. April •Z'X, ivif.. 
Wr. n. I!, niyjin*. lynujyint . 

DKAK bin; Yon r«meiin*r that when I pw- 
cln.ed Ihel.ottleot King's Vegetable AmbroaU 
tb.,.e w.-.-V- ago, my hair was very gray. I a» 
haipy |.i ray ll.iil irom its u-e li ha* Is-er. c ,tu- 
p!.-|.-ly reMorert \n lt« natural m.lor. hlack. 1 
Luvi- also s.en Its n.e; 11 li.i.d several, and 
have no I., rliation in n"iirin^' U!y in. ii.l* that It 
i* no -humbug," but that is »l I do all that Ir 
cl»iu..-<l l..r il. I ci.i.- id.T 11 mi. -rlor to anything 
- • - s n • Hair I>re«»t«(f,'" 

'^- ^ 





(Mneral A|«Bt. 

, «>»al. 

ol the kind in market 
_ -eping the scalp cl.-anj 
and the l.air roll and Mlky 

k-eping the scalp d.-an, head Ir«e from dandruff 



COWTint-B TO HB<'eiVK 

LAKliK blill'MKNlS OK 


Portable and Stationary 

Sliiii^lo IVIlllH. 

Kiihard'« I'ower Com Sheliars, 

Kor Warehouses. Uistlll-riv*. Mill* an.l 
► arms. .ViafTlng, rullU-s, and Kh-vator Ma-^.ln 
,iiy huill to orih r. ""R 




hi. I'aal, May 


• tj "sV* 

i^a a 

tng the cars at a discount 

'"iC'^eni.-r Trains meet at Manomii.. I'..rsons 
w'-h ng 'o mak->i short pleasure trip can ake 
wiM.inK M. train Irom St. I'au t.> 

SUnoin n IM mil-., and return to St. Paul at 
?o-wl " orV-.'if. M.. -without change ol cars. 
,lu««lroluot. raul-^;. h'.urs. morning cr iven- 

'"f'4.«-oi:.<rs must g-l tl..-ir llangag.-" ?tt will le' c.rried over the, an.l on 
l^r.,*l nf th-, train at pl»c« of d«-lina-.loii 

li«l>. A. Tl.UKKNOK, 
W. J. MtHBI.''". 

apll Oui 

.lAMea Wkkt, 

H.8. WALK Kit. 


i-uk aii.t tak. 

nnssession ot 
fill not 

must pr. .cut the oh" 

iheir their baggage, as the company 

ta resV.LnsU.le ?o. th- "^'-ty "£ . "y. "•.""A 

i««r 1 ~' rrival at sl;itl"n for which It U check- 

Jld-il being no part of the business 

company to receive a...! 

:t|Jal c'ontr«=tls .--'l^'^ii^iVio. bup't. 

of Mils 
More tmeuan.. uul<-ss a 



DKl^JtW & PO'lTl^H, 


Nt). II Broad Street, 


Solicit <..-:ounts from Uai.ks, Banker., «'"''"''"• 
Inter.-: illaw.-d suhj.-< I to slfht draft 
All kin.- of S.curllles bought and sold for the usual 
commi.'^io,, Sp.>cial atteutlou siven to Oovcru- 
nient S.-.-.irili.-*. 
Ooll'-<tl;>r.H made on all poinU „^.,..,.b-o 

KY .M DKfKW, li:-.N .. W POI 1 ER. 

: itt-retary of Stale.) 

Bpr20-eod£m , 

"city livery s'f.\riE. 

STKKS <Sc NAi: li. 

At their now 

Liv«*ry autl a*iil« 8tol»lo» 


Arc prepared to iupply the 

On mod.-ratu terms. 
ma- Their Uor.ipa ar.> line, CarrliiRea and Uv- 
B. - .-s alt new and of Ihe latest atyle. 

H ■ " 

OrrlcKot CMiHi t..i'AKrKi;M.v.->r»i 
I)i-rKi< r ..K «IINMh>.'f *. 
Kt.liml log. Minn., Au^.'il, 1** 

SKALKD ■■nOI*OHAI.N lit ■»( 
ullMle Willi.' rrc«lve<lal thi* ofltw. nuiil I - 
m Tlmr^Uv An n-t i-tU. I .- tor the delivery 
atKortSiiellmi!, Minn. - )la. ut 

:*W,U«»V iiualirU ««t», tH »»-»l.»- 
• OM iviiaor tt*y . 
1>Oc«r«la -f Wry •■••a *»oo.l. Hay to be .leli»er.;l on or b. lore 
mi ,th.Uy of October, lMi4 and H... «»«>■"» 
or before jinoary ft, lM.,',a.dlnsuv:li-|..intities 
prior lo th»«« .lates as may b« r«.|0lrcu. 
Also, at K..rl K.dg> ly,MlnuesotK, 

kola orOiali, >■ «.atl.>, 
At.r.roml.i.-, D. T., 
iawf Oula, In llAtk». 

BOOTS 8l shoes. 

K a buj.-r who in cousUully iu llio fcael- 
ern Market watching for bargains, »e have ua- 
usual facll-tii s I Jt kwping a 


g|i\aii aaLi-tMu At 

i^ow i^i<-i<jii:h. 

i-n . ,- 


(Buweosors to WArm.n.Um.aMwi"' *0o..) 



• Wn -arn pr«par»d lo farnlah ev.-ry dei-cription 
of tl?H"Cove ViicK-s In auv desin-d quautHy. 
K«-ry d.scrlpUon of Bakery done to,V«"'' •, W* 
iarrint all go-nl* a No. 1 arlhle- .«• • ■ .r- •ro» 




C>. W. llIcUt:il.l'AN. 



I'»owU«i'»'tI uliil 


P. r. ncurAA.LAM. 

|«itt UAOS 

■•Hi.nB niu A NO 

U. ti. JAVA. 
Kor »al« br 

T E A. H- 

UALft- <;11K»»TI», *;OM»l»T 

Oreoiis, Ooloiii;.s and 




Remodeled, Refitted L Restocked. 

A iplundid Btook of 



Oyo Stiifiis, &c., ifcc. 

Perfauiery, Faiiey Soaps, 



In great quantily and variety. 
I'arllcular altenti..n paid to Comi^undlng 
INVIOURATOB. A full assortment ol 

Views of Minnesota Scenery, 

Always on band. 

AI.I.B> * <•■■ * " ■•■•■* 

rioprleturs.Int.rralioiial lint 

Jy8 8ll 


Tkt> Alphia land Oms-gra ■■v«<it»or of 

Heaving- IVfixdiinew. 

Persons and parties wishing to purchase Klias 
Howe's latest improved and best working bhuttle 
Htitch .Sewing Machine in the world, can do so 
at I'Mlhlrdi-trwl, St. I'aul, ursrAius. 

ll,n und.-r^icned is prepared to any 
size and style ot hnish that ran be lound in any 
of the best .Sctwing Machine establi»bm.-uts . I^e. 
where, l)olh Kamilyand Maiiiifai;turing Machines. 
AUaro Invlt.-d to call and ..-e iliemwork. 

S U. mtimiCl.1^, Agent, 
l»:i Third street, bt ranl.Mlnn. 

Rich and Rare Goods 

I can 


Carriage Manutacturer, Dtaon, III. 

ST.l'At;!., April •«, 1WI«. 
vouch for the U-uth of the alK>v<> Rtat*- 
of St. Oa« Worla. 



Solfl Wholesale and BcuU Agent. St. I an I, 
MIub. apr26d&w«» 




yoo lioxo** Ooiitpi'it^inJ4 

tino Navy, Natural Leaf, Ac 
tor blob, p, p.. |,,^„,fctA«. 

^^ 1 lluilding, 

CorV jacksou and bcveulh Btreet«i. 

»,s«U«> •>••■ 

AuJut Kort 
l^.UtlU Itusbt 

iwo thousand bushels ol Oats lo be d. 
Iiv.r.-d *t l-ort Ui.lgely. and 
K.iri Abercrottbie 
ol contrae'. 


£-■=?-? .--5!: 08-"'j"'T-iO 


.•ij bushels ai 

Tmi'iiediat. Iv on completion 

nnd 111.' balance on or l.<-lor« Oo 

'"lVopo;als"^for Ihe whole or any part of lUo 
amount re,iulred will b.- rwlve.l. 

Bi.l* n.rse,.. rat- articles and -eparale posts 
on .lifer, nt sti.-els of pap«-r. 

ill Hive Iheir name* and address In 

• •■ the preclf." nam- and 

m.'.nl>er n.ust. with 

warrant all goinl 

tlie country solioluid and 

lowest cash price. 

Cash paid lor il. i i i-i- 
Call at the 

Norll»Wi>t»'rii Sleaui 

Cornor llob.ii"' an.« 

promptly tilled at the 

LAi.i., Hu'l 


HfiO 1 Jairels.l lall J iaiieLs 

And Krgs, Cooi|.tl4ng Sugar Drlpt 
Uolden an.l .Sugar House 

Amber aud 

Koi sa|.< by 


p. r. nrut ■■.■.AS. 


CS K w H'r C> I* K. 


Comer Fifth and Robert StreeU, 

MANUKA<;TiU'.KK ol-' 


Carriages and Sleighs. 

l-AINTINO. CAHttlAl'- TIIIMMINO. and all 
klnda ol repairing proiu..'ly attended to. AU 
work warranted to give aaUefaoUon. 

mchl4 ly 

Royal Havana Lotkry of Cuba. 

ConducMtd by th.' Spanish tjovernm.-nt. 

$m.m IS WLB mm svehv i7 dais. 

frlic- cashed and information furnished ; the 
highest rSS. paid for Doubloons and all kinds 
• "lUver; also lor all government Be- 

fe!<oIid Silver ^W^aro, 

Warranted equal to oohi. 

Table Spoons Dessert Spoons, 

Solid Silver Table and Tea KiiivcB, 

Table Korks. Dessert Ko-ke,rioklc Korks, Sar- 
dine Korke, Cheese 1-orks, Tie Knives, Cake 
Knives, Butter Knives, Cheese Knives, 
Soup Ladles, Sugar Spoons, Sugar 
Sifl.-rs, Silver Napkin Kings, 
Jelly HiKjons. Berry SiKJons, 
Oyster Ijidles, Mustard 
Spoons, Salt Spoons, 
loe Cream Bpooni, 

BQO SPOONS, Gold Iiined. 

Preserve Spoons, Silver Cnps and Goblets, Tea 
Strainers, 1 obacco Boxes, Card Cases, Spjwtacle 
CaseH, I'ort Monaies, Salt C-Uars. Kriilt Knives, 

Child's Knives, Korks and Sjr,'?""^?'' P"IVkd 

ver. A Uirgc assortment rliAirJ^ 



A large lot. In (iold and Silver cases, ailjusted to 
heat and cold— warranted good time- 

100 Cases Seth Thomas' Clocks. 

A full line of 


Como aad see the Diamond Goods at 

D. C. «KEBaa.BAl>"S. 

The largest asBonm«-ut of 

Gold and Silver Watches 

In th.. SUt.;. 
Diamond, Op-I. I'eafl ""'7 ""'J 1 i"- lald llingi. 
andl'lns.tlnyx, Am.-llo>t an-l tJam.-t Jew- 
elry Sohd Gold Bracelets, Gold, 
Gold Neckiac's, tio'.d Cliains, 
(a largo lot.) 

Solid Gold I^iMpTH, 

■uclilt.a,»l»««»» «u»»«u«, Wauaa, It^ya 
lt€>iala, dtr. 

Store in Greenleaf s Block, 

Opposite Concert Hall, near the Post omce. 
D. C. •■ " - • — 

' - Bovc^' _,asiottel°ut»4 















,vt.--tat»T y^p;-7; 












Ch'C*6°' "to «»^°"' 
6tate»' ^ 




thur«-eo w-d fc. w6m 

-in>Dt will ls< 

Ka. .= 



Trunk Manufactcry. 

Also a full supply of 

Ho-ddlery Hardware 

Whips, Collars, Horse Covem, &o. 

r. PMOAI., 

Corner Third and Kotett atroets.St. I'aul, 
jyj7 Sm 




Operating and consulting 

S TJ R O *2 O IS , 


DiBoaaea of the Eye and Ear, 

Soiil't < In r:. .if reel, 


examined various t" timoulals It the 
letters, extracts fromfo-elKn and home 
, aul c^rlllltates ol our. 
f wid"' r.'pii'atlon, wiiicli 
i,y Dr. ,1. B. Walker, 

I'. O. Box,i-i7. 

We hav 
form ol per-onJ 

have h.>en shown us 

and'they give strong leMi- 

m'onv la favor of tin- D-.ctor's skill In treating 

"•"f^-es ol tl... Kve an.l h::.r. Dr. W. ^^''^^^.'^y^- 

iu ou.» of t .e Urgest I^ndon Uos- 


V::!liV\n'i i-'ii."'^'v"'rv"r:--pea:"liberillv .-duoit.-.l 
'miJ. kiid his rel.-.-«o.-s Sr.- of the highest char- 
Z:tei.--AriJ»i>tri Rrpubliotn, March, IMO. 
KrcnoU arllUaial eyes hncrtcd. »''"'^''y,f iJ,"" 

CWlo repliant I'ailor' 

•r in Hat-., 


raps. Kurnlshlng 

^■;';.,"mi!- »nd Ca-irfimeres, Third sir.-ei 
?';2;? 81 •»-!."""'• t*-" »dvancMl 



to salt 


w..rned not to biy 

All per.sons. .a.rr-'lV^r-'of "l>p->sirof ' WifllSs 

are hereby 
negotiate ."Cylincat.;"^^^,,-^.,^ •»"'''«"• ■""». 
ljro< * l>ii-'t"«r "y;"',, , .,„|y loth.lH...., and. 

,,.,,..,1 ll-'V ■'^"•' ,^'' .,' ,. i certlU^te of dc- 
pjyable to ...y ""'"V. Vi^ut having l» "n -lop 
,o,it being lust aud payment ija^g y,,,„.f 


I'aul, Aujuat 2tii, IWM. 



Bt.Faui., August 4th, lOM 

NOTtf-B ■• ■■BliBB* «»iyBBI 
that in ,,ursu«iK:e of an actentitWd An 
«.-, ,oi.r,.vid.-i...; '""P"'^",*""" 'v;'",'"",;5r 

nubile Drlatiiig,' upi. roved March 1st, ij^si, 
e.l.d ?ro,s>«aN will b.. r.-celve.l at th s olflce 
until S.-pt.-nib-r 3d. l^-lfl. for furnish ng tl... lol 
lowing amount andkln.l" of p»i>er. vU : 

Thrf.''d Uoams llo..k Paper, sUo Hxil. 

Thirty Reams KolloPott, 

Kifty lt»ams Flat Cap. 

Seven Iteams Demy. 

Nin.- K.-ams Colored Medium. 

Kour K.-ams Print Paper. 

Three U.-anis Legal Cap. 

Two Keain-. Double Cap. 

h ivc llundrid She.-ts Iton.l I apcr. 

All bids mu-l contain sami.les of th.-i-nvPra 
kinds ol laper proporcd to l« "'7''''','1' •"' 
Slate dirllnctly th.i price per pound or ream ol 

^Attention Is called to the following paragraph 
in -ectloii 4 of 111.- act ab-yve named ; 

"Andeviry person or persons to whom con- 
tracts hhall have been award'd, nnd who snail 
neglect or refuse tj enl.-r into the bonds re- 
.luircd by this act, shall lorf.dt en.l pay for any 
such negl.-rt or r.-fu-ii.l any sum not less than 
tilty nor more than live huiidr.d dollars, to t)e 
rei-overi-d In the name and for the nse of the 
Stale '* 

.Sild pip.-r must hi delivered at thin office 
In such amounts and at such times as may b.' r<-. 
(i.iired, which will pr.ibubly be about one half In 
November, 11W, and the balance in Kebiuary, 

'"''■ U.C. KOGKKS. 

tuft Secretary of State. 

Winona Carriage Works, 

The largest and most cxteusiv.'i 

<jyVKIUAOK h- AC roil V 

in the West. We manufacture l.>or.lernu.l keep 
constantly on hand all kind-, ol 

Cai-riaEr©«» 13iigrgrie«, 


We OS" th* b..Jt material an.) uMirrnntour 
II or*. B.drg extensive d.-alers In all kinds of 
cirriago anJ Wagon I'U'-f "''i?. 'j?'" 
Ur.l hands, enables ■« «»"",:';''?, .ni" 
i.rioes WOODS AGItAHl, 

' sigit Kirinona. MlnnesoU. 




Guarantied to glvo mora power with tame ciuan 
Uty of water than any other Wheel known. 


Sond for DescrlplUo Clrcnlar. JyOam 

I K r.lLIKY -MIITO. E. I'AI'.khl;. 


Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, 

No. Itiii 'i'liirastreot. 

(Oyer Neihaus' .Store,) 

Sr. PATJt., - - - AIINN". 

mu-t Ih' 

full, and In oas.. ol llrm 
addr.-ssof each in.lni.Ual 
Ihe name of the llrm !••- stat.^d. 

A prh.l.-d copy if thU advert, 
encb.r.d with each proposal. „„ii..u 

A. I bid- luu.l b.- by a wriil.u 
guar-auu - In th.- following f.>riii, \u 

We , »»d , of the county ol , 

vtut» of , do Utii-I.v agree that — — - ■ 

is aOle lo lulUl a c M.lra.^l In k,. or.lunce with his 
i,r>i.ofillon; and that fl.ould his pfo,.,..iil..n b" 
u ocpled, he will al once .nl.-r into a contract n. 
icco'rdai.;.. therewilh. M.0..I. a contrMt b.^ 
awarded hi.u we are,«r.- 1 I j become his 
»ecurlll.>H. Signe.l l.y tw.. respou.ibi" iK-rsons, 
tThos" r.-.ponsil..Uty shad b. »ouch.-.l lor bv a 
* rtmcate .da Ch rk ol the DIsUict Court, or Ihe 
U.S. District Alioroe . ^ . , .. >i.> 

Blilders ar.- r.-.(ue»ted to be preMUt at the 

"'■rn.po.als"lr.^m ie-r,....s who have l-ro* »•''•" 'X 
l,iiled to comply wilh ih.-lr bids Irom disloya 
liersous. and is-isons Irresponsible, will not bo 

I h.. undersigned reserves the right to rej,-ot 
any or all 

A bond with good and fallslaolory security will 
be re.(.iired from tl.o iHtrson or persons to whom 
the contract inav !>« a»ar.:ed. 

Contractors will furnish th« necessary revenue 
sumps for bonds and contracts. 

Bids to be •adorsed " Proposals for 

BOOTS &8110ES 

A l- 





' and addressed to the nndcr- 

Captain imh U. 8. Infantry. 
Chief t^. M. UUtrict Minn., 
Kort hnelling, Minn. 

No. 2 Jacksoii street. 


lias an Immense variety of Groc.riec , com»,. "in« 
r»ery thing usually kept by a wholesale grooer, 
which he oll.-rs lo denl-rs only,and for cash only, 
always at lowest markot ratea. I>^ " 

IVEAV Final- 


Wbole>»al«> aud Hclall 

G U O C E R 8 . 


lroi>orlers of 


European Produce, 

Dealers In 

ereen and Dried Fruits, 

«-H In all kiniU of 

Tobacco & HegarH, 

Cor. TMrd 4 Market Sts., St. Paul. 


of (iold and 8U 



Bankeri, 16 WaU-st.. N. V. 


Particular attention given tJ preparing and 
pro.cculli.g with promi|itne»s and dlsp»tcl 


claims for soldlrrs or officers under the Ute acts 
of Coiiifre»s,oranv other business arlMng out of 
eitlli.-r li.'lian or ll.b.'lllon, not 
My Wa.l.- 
Eanborn A 
aac2 ly 

tl .. late warn, .-iin..-. in-.i.,""! «»■ ■ 
yet llnally andsat'ifactorlly settled. 
Ington correspondents arc Messrs. i 
King , Attorneys at Law. 





Al>K.fT r 

t^air ban U'h 


■ KB A ■ ■> ■.i«t;om* 









JAMACA AND ST. ClltllX i:U.M, 







VrAl.TBM W. «■■■ * CO. 


HiVi, BiBAu*. OAm«», cimcv 
i,.Mi-< "v-'i., prlQi-idln t'.-. b-"t style a*. t':i 
I DiMy Pnwt BXMm Job Prlattng OAm. 

joii;« n. HtMioHN, 

Lslc llvt. Ms) Vol.. 

Attornoj h at J^aw, 

Jinotn So. 4, Wathington Building, 
Cor. tth atr*** lana r^mMylriaitlia A*r., 

WASHl.NtJlON, D. C, 
Will i.roterut.? all claims against the Govern 
ment and give i.irlifular atu ution to the set lie- 
meSt ol fine-',.'^ ">" <f"l'r'-,V'";, "' 
Baak Pay Bounty and l'.ini.lon8, th* CollecUon 
ol Pay l..r Horse, Lost in II... aervic.-. Ac, Ac. 

All buJn.-«s entrusted tons will be atlend.>d 
lo with prjmptn.-rs tnl on reasonable I. rn.s. 
Liberal arrangement* wUl b« made with mem 
bers of the prolesslon en, rutting business to 

""poft'o'ffloe Box 7»0. JyJt.dAwSm_ 


Saddlery IIar-d>vare, 


Kor Driving In Hy Time. 

iriy ?fnlH iinil l.ln«i»Sl»»'«ts, 

Whip*, OoUari, Oarriaj* % Buggy Harnett , 


|c27-dAw Comer Third and Bobert^rt»_ 


October 2. IM*. 

Call and Exauiine our Stock 

BKkOKB PUUt;UA»lNU liLbliWUIittli. 


Family Groceries. 




To supply a dettoienoy lo«>»i<:»},''"°.«'''V.r.Sv»"'**' 

and ready lor sale the following Blanks 

for us* in Probate Court : 




Al-PttAI.SKIlSAl'rolNrMKNr, (With oaths.) 











Kor sale by the quire or single sheet. Address 



.rer's-CKh'f rraU%K" ' •*■ 

A^ H. Wilder & Ck>., 

for the traneaotlon at St. Fanl of a 




should conu'lt. 

myi 8T0KK! NKVI MKrVt^ ! 
Jackisoiii Htreet, 

ifirst Uoor AI>ove'rhird slroel. 

UplK>»Ue Metohaut*' ilol.-l. 

U . 13 A K E K 

will keep oonsunlly on liand 

ShirL, Drawers, Hosiery, 

XrunUs, Voli80«. Scc.,&.<i. 

I>I1. BTGE1X>"W 

Is the only Physician, as aSpe 
cialist, now hi < liiiago thai tan 
be entirely relh-d uiK.n. «o t<> 
him. aid not mlh-r that hcinble 
Mnaf to remain in yovr ►jstero. 
dl^f.gvtirg j<*rfaeei.nd b<.d>,li«- 
,i,^l^ <leM roving >onr 1 at pil.ess 
and future pro^peeis of lile. He 
basma.lePKIVATK I'l'"!'. AS*'/' 
aud NK.KVin 8 DKBII.n> his 
study for the , est Iwenivyarr 
irt'therelore the perron whom »ll :.lllicl.-.l 
' ^"'^^""^ do „„^ „„„ heard ol a isrtirM 
o. ...s uo. .-..g cni-od since he hah >< en in 
this dtv His reputation has voueh<Tt <n :. I tie 
dty pa'^^^r his patient", and the merticral pro 
?;.li.fn,'bothh re and abroad, as beirg themosl 
Hk.ll.-d .wc-iali-t here, and a thorough "'a'tw »' 
,11 sexual diseases. If all others fail, .1 uH de 
!ualr give him a call. It is only a co.- mo« «.- 
cTrence with him to cun- such ca..- IL» 
!T..m. ar.- s.-parate for ladles and genth men, and 
the m<...i -"oipl.ti- 'n the city. 

Yoi nr. Mf -, -- ■ . K Pai-IK I i.AK >■-. 1. k 
Poctor Big.'Inw devoid much ol his t.ine lo-. <- 
lrratra..nt of Iho^e J^T"" -" •'fd I'v a.."" ' 
habit, which ruins l«lh l«od» and mirfl 

th" unfortunate individual lor either ' 
soci.-tv. The aad effects ol the«* .-s 
or th.' excess ol rip.-r years, is to « .. - 

debilitate the constitution, de«lroy the i .y»».» 
and mertal powers, diminish and enle. 1.1" ll.-> 
i«fur"rrVr-l.n.[- and exhaust the vital ei.-rgies 
of manh^o. »..- phasures o( lileare man. d tie- 
Ob] ct ol marrisge frtistrated, .r.l exisl.rc'- .f-" 



1 i 





I— — 





j 1 







nunt IH enabled to 

'"c"on~u7t-alions i^ «»^~»n**:{"5Lroe, half _ 
'ost Olfi.* Box If't, 

M. lobl'. M . 

Send lor his "Guid" to Uealtb," puMished 

"rB-l-'i-^.^'d'Vor a descriptive circular 
of Pes^arie Kemedie, the best preventive of^.n^ 
c..ption known. »*•"• ^ "v address free of 

irii South Claik strei't. 
block Irom the PoU Omoe. 
C h ioaKO . Office hou rr from v 

r . ... ..,-..1.1., Jo 

tj«nt to any 

Ollioe No. 





K.F, MAKVIir. 



L«uu •■.---.- 

'"A'llhllre of'lhe public i-atronago is respectfully 

.oUcltcd. 3^i:a»oa dk W ■■-,«•»•• 

January 17th, lm-6. J""*"" 

lllftOlli Mills IIBGR YMtD, 


C. A B. C. 

Uf»M At.K.fTM ««A^TKW T«» 

11 th..lliaiOllV OKIIIK GREAT RK- 
BKl.' ION, bv J. T. llKADl.r.r. now r.-adv 
complete lnon« royal o.:tavo rolume. Also In 
iwo volum.-, l,L"in pages. To steel engrivlngs, 
Incudiog l'> portraits of Northern and aouth.:m 
G.-ioral-.. In EnKll-<hnn<l German. , . . , 

The author is well known as one of the best. 
*nd Ih" work U a very attractive cue In bindltg 
and illustrations. Agents who have delivered 
No 1 tan n.iw b'' -.upplL-.l with No. 7. 

KJtlra iudueemenls olV.-rel. tall oa or ad- 

•'''*"' ■t.C.TltBAT. 

South Clark succt, CWcsgo, 111. 



aug'il.l.t vv.'w 

I^M*!!. KAA.B. 

Uhiiial'i .SUv.taud Itsrr.-I Mac lii'.ry, eoiiii>ris- 
Ing Shinile Mills, Heading Mill-, IK'i'Jixf 
K.Vun.lers :iii I Pluii.-rs, Heading .lolnters Equal 
liinn and Cut Olf Haws, bl.ioKic and Ntnve 
.loint.-r-. Ac , «c. All n -w. Of our own make 
kn I warranted. ^jLLER k KOK'., 

2.vjand:rt Madison ttreet.Cblcxgo, 111. 


SOCKkT JoINTEO LEG with side motion 
at Ankle. Also th.iU.S. Army and Navy Ix-g. 
- -—■.-"•••■ toldi.-rs by the U. a. 


rilK I.ANK Ai U«I»I-EY, 

PorUbie Circular Saw Mills, 

l?ortul>l« Steam i«'iiKiu«». 

t^liinjarle IMCachines, 



Cor. John and Waler streets, Cincinnati. 
»*-AppUcants for desorlpUve clrcular« will 
specify the machinery they need.^^ I*"'-'? 


Have received their large and splemild as- 
■ortmeot of 


Solid Silver and riat.d Ware, Watcli.-s. Kancy 

Goods, In facteverytl.Lngg.nerally found 

In a lirst-clasa Ks^ablisiiient. 

Having purcha'»ed our goods mostly since the 
decline In goLl, w.- are prejiare.l lo offer them at 
the lowoat posslWo rates. Pl.jKse call and ex- 
amine our stock. . 

^^I'articular att.-ntlon g.v.-n lo l-in.' natch 
l^-pairing and Jobbing. ,, , 

A continuation of favors from our old custom- 
ers is solicit. .I lor the new firm. 
•^""bLA •*■-'"*»*- B<««WM. 
1J« Third slri'.l, one door l>elow Miaw's Hal 

atore St. I'aul Minn. Ica-flm 

irn'xisAnto nn.I t>th 
Afinnetola Doutt, ht. 






Fencing, Flooring, Dimensions, 

SUingrleH aad Latli, 

Constantly on hand an.l for sale. 


H. J.TAYUiR. Agent. 
St. Paul, Juno t.lWfl. >'^ 


Uaa received another supply of the 

Cclcbialcd Maukiilo aitd Haylon 


Qenoral Commission 


Cor. MAtw^r !>»•• « *l«»«»7 .«r»e»». 

Mr A. L.Larpenteur will remain with th« new 
«,™ and we shall aim to maintain the repuUtion 


Paul, March 20 th. 1868. mch-.«>tf ^ 

■•■ Kskwaaan ASHBlBB,Bwil«i«>r>-— 

LW^*o?d*at"rcl.urcf. Building 
KlTth street, near Jack-on. All .kinds of ( 
{.enter work done to order^ 

. "me In the same buH.ting as I^'onard 
A Shelre-s carpenter Shop, on Kifth street. De- 
fllni runs and ipoolflcations for buildings of ev- 
IrfdeairipUon prepared en abort roUe«. Inlt^ 


ildlng on 
of Car 


A full assortment of 


K,xxl>l>er r»acl£ingr» 






S. a*. BRAUB9 * BMO- 

H A W I> "W A. K. E . 


W3 Tliird Hti'<'et, Salut l»aul, 



Sbeec Iron. 

H" wL.d Uei3E?Ute Ag-.;!. GI-nooe.Mc 
Leod oonnty, Mlnaeaota. 


The ooi*rtnershlp horcloforc esUtIng between 

•*»•*»* K. BORUP. 

St. Faul,^»ayJ»Mi««^ ^^^ 


stoves. Tinners' Block, _ 
Gls's Putty, Axes, (Shovels and Spad, . 
" liardware. Mining Tools, Karmlng 

fin Ware, Ac, Ac. i„ni« v 

secured the services of Mr. JOHN K 





Goods sold OS low a- In Chicago or .St. t .obi*. 
Buy of K. MAKVIN A SON and save the ex- 
^nse of freight. Assorted Crates exacUy 
adapted to the country trade. 

Lamp Groods very Low. 

A i-arRC Stock on IIrikI. 

189 & 191 Third sired, St Paul 

MlSSO^f, parlicub.r attention is called to Ro«K. 

iMo GuTTBUiso, PUMBiso, Ao.. and will 

SSi oises warrant a satisfactory and tUht roof. 

aprU-lT . 


COAftr— low TOBS , , 

•,^AL,Ju.t received andforsa^e^by^^^^ 

Ht. Paul. May 11 !»««■ 

^^^r^ATL ICE CO, 


Bartlett Sewing Machine. 

Price iCJO.OO. 

in-adlo Atuohment Klve Dollars Extra. 

Every Machine WarratUed Uhree I'ears. 

This Machine Is patented ••"''icnsed under 

- the Patents of the OomblnaUon »«■»" fK ""' °« 

•omi«nies. having »"" '"f"' '" "iV-nd.T it^' 
leil Wlie.-ler A Wi son 1-our Motion Ln.l. r hero. 

• Sewrwitl. single Address, 

We are now 

oillzens ol St. 


to deliver ICE to the 




(Vovernment wiUioutchw-ge by applying 
HOIGLAS BLV.M. D.,No. 7:t Hn.. street 
I.OUIS, and No. M Union 
Send lor a iiamphlet 1 
I nstructions. 



Ir<'et, Memphis. Teiin 

dnlug dcicrii'tioii and 

nyvA ly 

one largo Burglar Proof Safe; also one 
large sUe Klre Proof, In patfect order. Inquire 
ol the undersigned or of.'Jheodore Bomp. 


Bt.raoi, MA/ ist.iwe. Kjt-tf 

Keal Ks'ate Agents 

laxcs l-Sld, Uand Warrants and Scrip located. 

Jmcs, U, ' ft-"! *tnns for tale, 



ttflic*. Brow-'a Block, ■mirHaa. 

sews ^i;^^-;;.^ A I^WXB.Gen. Aefs. 
«) Box sal, or call at onr office o\er Mr?. 
' Millinery Rooms, on Jackson street, St. 



Go to M. N. Kellogg's 



I?i-t.Kerv«»<l Ci-iT»KT, 

Toilet and Family Foaps, 

"Wnva, B1B» CAUKM, 

Hemp, Canary and Rape Seed. 

Brushes of every kind. Baskets and WUlow 
Ware, Rsisins, Prunes, Dates, Figs, 

Nuts ol Every Kiml, 

In fact evcrythln,; jou ».>nt, 








vw — •. BAT B»0 

JOU BHAL8, *?"■»*'"".» 

Stteri and bot-jd In fte best «ryi<( by the Praw 

' TrU'iM 


an An- 
dersonvilla Prisoner. The most interesting. 
Absorbing and Thrilllrg Book of the Age. An 
Agent got 57 subscribers In five days; another 
has already ordered 30C Books. Address, 

98 Washington ctrcet, Chicago, 111, 

T BBAl. BI.ABm*'«rAU. KUIB* 

' Jslfor itla itt tb« D«liy Prtss oflioa. 

WAMTBB— AUEHTS— tns i>er BOBlh 
and all expenses. To active and reliahlu 
agents I will i<ay the above salary, or give a com- 
mts-iiun fjat will nay ♦iiv"' per month, to Intro. 
ShWING MACHINE," which is acknowledged 
by all vho use them to ba th» largest and b.-st 
t20 Machine ever manufacUired. For circular 
and terms, address. 
jy«-ua C. C. BBCKWITB. Chicago, Ul. 

Book and Job Printers, Bookblnd«n, Fft|iM 
dtralers actl Bl&nk Book &lkngfMt«r«n. 

-4-» i>^H.J.,.- ' ..Btf = 

. II. 


m tm 


w ' ■. * • ■ - I 

r 1 

r 1 

r ' 







Sabo Ball ' ' '■■' »>aU-.Ii {jnoiu ol I>UBL> 
ball l>ri.'>iTn lli<! <)l)inpif ttntl Snxon 
«luhs, t.» ilc'ermini! Ilir |,amtt diclartnl a 
•iritw plioiil on \Vr«lnraday alti-riioi'D 
Ijat. (Viiiu; uii' ypii(er«lay at the grouiuU 
iM'»r St. I'lul'ii chiirtU. IJut very Hitle 
t;ootl I'U^iiit; was cxLihiteJ, tLe 
play«rit iil boih cluba, and oi Ibu Saxon 
ti<|iv'CiAlly, aeciuin^ to bo "out ol Imk." 
Mr. C'uiiii), ol tlie Oi}iii|ii(', iiiatlc a, »i'ry livid "valcb," and Mr. raiiic. ol tie 
(titiiiu t1 il>, liaiidsouikily inau'iuvereil a 
man "uiit'' on ilic third bane. Mr. Wil- 
aon, t-aichtrr tor tbu Snxon Club, also )'>• 
bibilfd ^klll in nuviTAi inataitctH. The 
^4inu I'ould hardly bo called a runliAt, 
Hiui'c ni the close it stood : 

Olympic '....•• so 

oaxoQ. ••**••••••■••*■•■•*•••. •••■•.•*••• I.' 

Wo give the saino in dctnil 

«)lynniu— I'aino, .i; Speiuor, I , liitilcy, I; 
l,uui|>hcr, I ; Ui'll, t ; MilDgcr, .'•; C'lirtis, ■>; 
KrLcmuii, .t; McCouuill, .'>— total, .'!!'. 

^<axun — ('. WilKon, t :L'ollinii, .; ; J. Wilson, 
l.NoycH, U; Toktovan, 1; Caoninghani, t<; 
r. Wilson, a ; Miller. 2 ; ColUir, .1— total, IV. 

Careless*— .V GL-rman, in the cabinet 
(■bop opj>usit«! HartHhorn vVe HoiTman'd 

t;ioc»'ry etorf, on tlackson street, yes- 
fcrday, laiue very near adding another to 
the lo;tf; list of ca:jualtio8 which h:ivu 
la'eiy lakfti {liai-o in ihisi city. lli> wiiii 
ban Hint; a ^uu, and in attempting to illiiM- 
trate itsi lai^rit* to n coiupanion, the pirco 
was diacbargcd. liiiidiiii; an ounce ball 
in cla.iu proximity U> Itis tricnd'd huud. 
It was a niiTi' st:r.i'.ch that an accident did 
not result trom tbi:< cul^.able carcleesnoss 
ol a fellow who is evidently not as famil- 
iar with th^- x\»' oi a tuuskct u he rhou'.d 
be- __ 

SMCusical. - " 'bo Chicago Mu:iii.'al 
Uuvit-w," is iLu title of a new ai.d hand- 
some uiunlLly iiuai'to ju<t issued Irum ihi; 
musij bou.^o of H. M. llig^^ins, 117 llau- 
dolph strent, Cbie.i/»o- •' '•'• "* '" nauie 
indicates, devolnl lo •'the growth ol 
music and ibe advance ot true musical 
cid«urc III th'j We.ft," and, Irom the initial 
uuuiber, we judge it lo be worthy of gen- 
oral patron8{;c ol all t»:5i Ler.i, and lov- 
ers of inusK'. Its cost is only scventy- 
tive cunts per annum, and each number 
will contain omc or n>ore pieces ot new 

and oiij^inal uiu.^ c. 


WTanted. — \ purchaser for a very 
large sized £lepbant named " Lizzie 
Hale's Love Charm." He was won in a 
rstlle when j oung, and has grown 
to bis present prodigious size. Will be 
sold low il applied for soon. Emjuireat 
the rwueef ctlice. If not sold at 
once, proposals will be received for 
stabling the animal. Apply as above. 

Personal. — lion. A. \V. Loomis, of 
i'lttsiiurgh, one of the u:o:it eminent law- 
yers and distinguished geutlcmea of 
Pennsylvania, is now in the city, and 
stopping temporarily at the Merchant's 

— ('ol. T. F. liarret^ foimerly Captain 
of Co. (i., of the Ninth regiment, and af- 
terwards promoted to a Colonelcy in 
the Corps l)'Afri(|ue, and who is famous 
as liavirg luu^^ht the losi. battle in the 
great rebellion, has returned to the State, 
and is now in St. I'aul. 

— Hon. Isaac Maries, of Mankato, is 

on a visit to tbia city. 


Progressing-. — ilc Ojjer* House 
structure is lieginnirg to as ume elubor- 
ate proportions, tb« huge window frames 
over the lim story being placed in posi- 
tion yesterday. Tub heavy girders and 
timbers iiitended to sapport the rouf will 
soon be secured in Ibeir places, and then 
tha heavivist work Wiil have been com- 

Mkh< iiANT.s and oiht^rs in need of 
IUjiiK lliH>Us hIiouIU ^'» to CunniuKliaiirK 
llook Store, Kc.t 'I'liird .slruot. 'lUoy have just 
received a lar^e Ntuek, and aio sellinKxplttn- 
ilid full bound l.cdf!vrs and Journals lifh/per 
ii-nl lower Hum the same ImhiKs can l>e munu 
fuctureil here. Make :i note ot tbis. 

aunJS I'll. 


Dauikcl, LaCros.M-. 
( licuvir, rri'kcott. 

t.'hi|ipLMU, l.'i Ci'ukac. 
ttuuiiicl, ljit'ru»'<e. 
'lollic Mohlir, TrotoU. 
li. H. (»r«y, J'reseoit. 
.\ru'l, Moiii-.Noiu Ki»er. 
itoAiM; iiud kai 
Kor St. l.olll^— IVniliina, at ll'i v. m 
l''or l>italeilh — .Milwaukee, att> a. m. 
I,.-* t'roN.s — Viiy of .si. Paul, iit ti r. «. 

l.iO<'al IMotu'en. 
1'assi::n<;i-:k.s tioi^t; i-:.\nt 

NVIU CUM- Ibric Dullur* .u luru and lev loUcs 
In dlitaacn l>y |nirchnii!ii(i; Tlcli.'ti' nml |!i'iT.t( 
Tlsthn iirand llavrn ruutr. One of I'u; oicani- 
thlpsof tbid lino li-aves .>in«'.>uk( .' Uall) (<atur. 
dayd caixjilcU) at s..iu v, yi., maliinii Olnut ooi> 
Dt'Ctloni) Hi ui..iiti tliiw u Hith l-A>'ii'M liaiud 
lur nil J oiulH I'tti-t. ThruUiiU» Ivr ruli' ty 
C»*\Ul.Ki THOUrst)N, cor.ur i>l .lucknon 
rtrcct and l.c'viw. ^t. I'liul. nml nt till tlin iirinei- 
ralSt^PUOuKcT t(i-> iVor'liwi-Bicrn I'lilon I'ackot 
CoDirsny nn !!.c IMvcr. niOMA.S IIK.I.T , 
(loii'tml SaiM'rtDtcoilcnt. ivirolt, 
W. W. WII.W).N. 
i^sifOOKor AKOnt, SlllwauVp* 

lUj- lO-5ra 

Anotiikk invoice of Email de- I'aris, 
£tui Mi/sliiuitiiJ, >aiiiM DuUiJtc, I'vttiit/iio 
.\ut VvwiUr, juil received lit 

K. <>. SWKKNV tt CO."S. 

Maruiach: ani> Cklmucy, an Kssay 

of WarnlOK <ni<l ln^lruclilln lor Tujii;{ Mfu. 
Alxo, Dii>c4(<i'a :o<iI AbiKcH whljh |>rOHtr.t>' thi* 
vlul jiowiri", Willi ^n••« menu ot rJltf. »«nt 
Iri'i' ot ctiarjjii lu sh'bKiI l-ll t iii.el<ip«H. Ail 
Atwu. Vt. .1. SKII.MN IKiLtill ION. Ilow.ird 
A^'-i'Olulluii. I'hlladclpliH, Pn. nun > dfcw.lm 

Ti'KhiMi Flesh Towels and Brushes, 

C'to.k'o iliir Ul-^tolutiv>■. !"■" iidvi'iti»«'ui -nt. 
KlowtT Vu.'.'< in nciii, uud ull tliu QuvfltU'n In 
IVrlXimi-ry. Call and xxamiiie, 

II. W UolilNHONfcC'O.. Uufiern' Block. 

(Jo TO Br.YANT, SritAtlON & I'lK- 
Ki'.t'^i bt. Tuul Cutuint ruial CuUtgo uliI K<^t a 
BuninndS Kducatloa. Kend lor "C'olIrR4i MoDth- 
ly," which glvea full partlculura. AdilnMii. 
fsbIT eod-dtwkwiy St. Paul, Minn. 

Nkw Railuoao Kuutu. — From St. 

I'aul and Minneapolis to Winona in teu hours. 
Survbt and expeditious route to the 
East. Through Tftne Card— Leave St. I'uul 
at S 1 > A. M. ; MiUQtiupolis, H 40 a. m. ; Wi- 
no, 8 00 A. M. Arrive in St. Paul 15 j-. ii. ; 
Minneapolis, 6 'i>i v. u.; Winonu, 7 r. m. 
Trains leave the depot of the Minnesota Val- 
ley UailroaU ut ilio west end of the UridKc, 
St. I'aul, and the Mmiiejiota Central Railway 
Uepoc Miuoeajjolis, daily, on and after Sstur- 
duy, August 'I'), ItStjG, connecting with evening 
lioal Irom VVinona. I'assengers l>y th'S route 
pass through ihe tinest agricultural Uiscricts ot 
Minnesota. Fare trom St. Paul to La Croisc 
$1U ; trom Minneapolis to La Crusse $!10 2j. 
aug'i4 :2)V 

SrsKJUtcuric \iJty, h ol the world, the 
largest collection lu the Sute, at WillT- 
NEV8, 174 Third street 


l'K4»I«l l>ii;W OKI. KINK. 

Delayed. — The down train on the 
Pacilic road was delayed au' hour or two 
yesterday by the ergine on It construc- 
tion train letting down, and for « time 
blockading the road. Nobody hurt, and 
nobody to blame. 

Dry —Business at tie I'oliee Court 
yesterday was pauduUy ijuier, and the 
worthy ctficial who prcsiiics in that local 
temple of justice sat upon Lis tripod in 
solitary majesty, with never a case to dis- 
turb his magisterial equanimity. 

Rain>— A small oLower cf rain felj 
x^tmtoi Iaj ,*i'>^rno&n. 
- - - -.*•»■ 

A Curiosity —The fmo picture of 
"The Arkancus Traveller." at.lohn Frcn- 
dergrasi's liestauraut, Jackson street. 

Tub Atlantu- Monthly fou Skj-- 
I EM! EH has a variety of valuable and euier- 
tsiuin^T articles. 

"The Surgeon's Asii^itont" is aa iatticstiog 
and ihouRhtlul story turning upon iaeidcnu 
of tho war. 

Mr. Loasfcllow's Sonnet "On Trai,s)attag 
the Divina Cummcdia" is very noble. 

"Woman's. Work in tho MidJlo .*gci." will 
attract lady readers by its accounts of laeo- 
making, eiiibrui.lciy. iUu.i.iuiiiiiiu, und un.u- 
devel authorship. 

"t'niversity Kulorm" is tho orstisn d'.liv. 
ered at the meeting ot tho Harvard Alumni, 
by Dr. UeUgc. 

Kvery ono will reeognUo the iruthlul and 
lively portrait of a "Distinguishea Charue- 

"Tho lioboiinks" is ,i a;;hciou--'ly lighl anil 
sparkling poem by Christopher Pease Cranch. 

The iotertst of "Orilliih Gaunt ' prows more 
and more iutcune, and the lutcy moral ol tho 
story IS imprts^ively developed. 

"The Johnson Party" is a polisihed and 
very eausiic Uijjciiasion ot the puliliuU situu- 


"Lake Chanipluin" is a poem by II. T. 

The rcmainiri; ariielcb — valuable for Ihtir 
tloieliness and intrinsic interest — are: "Lile 
Assurance; ""An Italian Itain-Stor.-n ;" "In 
cideotBoftbc Poritaiid l-'irc;" "Yesterday;" 
"My Little Hoy ;" "Ileviews and Literary 
Notices ;" and ••The Chimney Corner," in 
which Mr.s. Stowe promulgates tome fresh 
ideas concern ibg popular amusements. 

TlCK.NOIt A; FIELDS. Publishers. 

AsTONisiiiA'u. — Thomas Cohen, of No. 
'Ji North gUth ittreut. Willlamabuigh. who had 
thu rh(>uiuutii<ni lur 13 jcarit, ami linn KaUi'd un 
crutches lor ^ix moiitliii, liss ba'uu reatortd to 
pcrfi-cl lii'ullh by a l«w ilon't of MKTCAi.t'.H 

ljiil.ArltllSl'M\TlC UKMbllV, Uc it) Wlllill|{ lu 

canlirm llil'< »tateni«nt ononth. If nMjalred. 

VA'YTKlt, aotm tk K rriCU. Agunts. 

-•••^ - — — 

Flynn & Lymcu, boot and ahoe deal- 

urd, ls() 'I'liird street, have constantly on hand 
Urgu and good assortments of Ladies, Misses 
and Children's Balmoral (iaiters, &c. Work 
made lo order, and repairing done on short 

Uoouuicn^ti Link ok SriCAMEiui kuk 
CiiuAiio— Kauk uslv Two Uollak.s— Ska 
Uiiiu, O.Vfr. U. McUkniu; Uomkt, Capt. 

J. MouKis.— One of thi^ above boats leavo Uood- 
rich's Steamboat Dock, loot ut Main htrcut. 
.Milwauk")'. ovcry eveuin);i c.xct'pt Saturday h, itt 
r o'clock, tuuchlug at ICociun aud Kcnoalia. and 
making ajrn conn otions at Chicngu with all IIih 
niuraiuK iruiuH fur the Kaat, South nud South- 
went. ThroDgh tlekcin can l»< purchaacd Irum 
IUm clcrkh ol the buutn to all pjluln f uuth and 
Kasl. Tlui rate of fare, (tlrnt-clasu ktato rooci 
and mpolii Includid.) ore, Kaoln<<, first clas.srso, 
Hocundcla'd, 60c; KcuoMhs, ilrxt'Olacii', tl.lKi, x.c- 
ond-olaan, 7 c; Chicago, Hr.-t $'.' 00, »<■'"£ J 
olai»i, ll..'i«. KulU^oad tiukcts ar- ,ood on thi'ie 
boalK. '1 lie .Hti-amcru of "-Ja !lnc ari> larx". t'rif- 
cla«ii. tiibi w*'" -' iias.caa'r stwmni'r , wtlhole- 
gantlv /.4> air had siii(l<! aue d:uble rtit'o rooms, 
freight carrli'd I.^s th:iu by rail. Olficu and 
Dockfootr.f JUalu HtriH t, U. II Ul<»o.\, Agent. 
MAUIv IIK.\i;Kr.-K.S, 
I'otfseDgcr and TIekat Agect. Milwaukee. 

Ul^^K U.V-1JA and other viewi cf iUm- 
ncsota Peencrr. 

WiinxKY is the only publisher of these 
vioHs In tho city. 

He has a largo collection and is constantly 
addinfr new views. Ho supplies hU other deal- 
ers. IJuy of Whitney, sc!cctin« from a full 
Hssortineiit ; tho only ono in tho State, and 
get tlio besf, whicb ho aU.-iys keeps 
foriaUis retail t.-:\dc— 174— Tlilid .''treet 

NltW OUI.KANM, Aug. •.'7. 

Cotloa sales I'J.iit halea new mitldlings, 
i'loniil. Keci'ipts, .iS bales. Kxchango 
I discount. 

I llMl.KII \. 

IMiolcra ilcatlia lur llio ■l-* hours cadir;^ 
at i> this luoriiing, 'Jli. The cholera is 
alialiii;; in IIm^ city, but shows no dimuiii- 
lion on the plantations. Negroes ai-icit llicy are |ioisoil<'d by Ihe wliitt .••. mid 
lo'ii^e lo take rcinidics. 

"I l>\ Al " I K.\ V\ .• I .N N |i>l:. 

Hbu. S. M. U/.terts, IVesidenl ol Ihe 
Secession ( '(•iiveiilioti of l.'^iil, ha.i been 
eliuscn Senator Irom I'cxm. Tho ultra 
Ui.ioii ui<n ^utid (ur Uobttts. 

|i|l;l'.< I TA\. 

Thiu'oUcclionof the directiax imposed 
by Coiigri ts in Texas is poslpciicd tmlil 
.luneary 'I'iS. 

CO I I O.N ruoi'. 

t'otlon crop statemcnis coiilintic to be 
gt'iierully unlavorable, but on Iht- I'ppcr 
Hnu^os col ton is yielding wi II. 

Niw You a, Aug. •.*. 
riii: Ksroui OK I UK coMMi.sMuN o.N^riiK 

A 7j;/ua' New Orleans rpccial '^•vstlii! 
coiiiiiiis!<ioii app( iiiled l>y (icio rnl Uaiid 
lu iiivcsti^;alc lite latj not, lias eompleied 
ihcir labors and their re-ior* will show 
the lirst shot lircd from a revcdvir was by 
a Mhile iii>>. I ul the proc^'.^sion cl Frecd- 
111:11. Twenty ndiiites then opiicd be- 
lore Hii) lurt her diiturbanec. took pUce, 
when tin- proeejsicti reficbing thv place 
where Ihe Convt'ulion was in session, tlio 
police iiitcriered with it, and atleuipiing 
tu iiiaLc. iirrc^ls, lircd upon tho frecdiueii 
wlij iclutiied Ihu lire. 

A mob ol ciiixciis then joined the \>o- 
liee and the great tntisfaere eoniinciiced. 
It also shows several polii'iiiKtn hid their 
badges so as not to bu recogiii/ed and 
alter eiiterii g Ihu hall they disregarded 
the white ilag and lircd indiscrimiiiA'cl) 
upon the uuarmeil iiienibcrs ol the con- 
vention and .f|c.:ta ors. Some ol the 
citi/eiis wore badj'.'-a indicating an or 
ganization. Those in the room wilb 
chairs, etc., drove ihe police and attack- 
ing pariy out and barricaded the doors. 
After the b.-irricade was established nut 
a single person in tho building escaped 
uoharmed, and .ibout thirty were mur- 
dered. While credit is given to the police 
for saving the lives of all who were in the 
building, and are not now dead, the force 
is luiiiid guilty ol nearly all tho mur 
ders that were coniuiitled. 'Ihe evidence 
shows the policemen killrd Ireednien 
when they could have arrested them with- 
out trouble, and that wounded negroes 
were thrown in a cart, striigiiling to fre<^ 
themselves Irom the dead bodies which 
had been placed on top cf them. The 
commissioners wdl report that the riot 
was caused by bitter feeling on the puit 
1 the citizens and police towards ihti 
radicals, uaionists and freednien. They 
will al.')0 report it was prearranged, in- 
asmuch as ji was i:i evidence that it was 
talked ol previously for ai;verd dayj*. It 
is the opinion of Ihe ecmmis.tion that il 
the military had not afipearcd al the liiiiu 
it did, tlie riot would litve ifrogressod to 
the extermination of all tffe unionists and 
and Ireedmen in the city. The city press 
is attacked fur what liaird reported in his 
oihcial disputubus, charging bim with u;\ 

J«»II'^M»N <»K 



W\-iii»^. Aug. .*. 

The cxcursiuii parly left here, al V :ii*l 
A. M., under the charge ol Miij. (!en. 
McCiillom. ami RIaj. S. (I. KoonI/. is 
assistant, who Ii3s be<u detailed by the 
Kaltiinore and Uliiu railroad conipan\ to 
go with the tram till Ihc wav tlirougli. 
S<ic4^e(ary MoCnlloch and Hon (>. II. 
Urowning were at Ihc station lo lake 
leave III the parly, they being prevented 
by publ-c liii?<it>. s^i Irom accuinp.iii} iiig 
Ibem. 'I'bo lullowing is a list ol the ex 
ciir.'-ioninls : the I'lcsldciit ; .Secretary ol 
.Stale , Seeretaiy ol Navy, wile and sen , 
Fdgar T. Wi^ll.i ; the I'o.stiiiasler (icii- 
eriiJ ; (ieneraM Slant and Cliiel of Stall, 
(!en. Itawlins ; I'.iriaf.iit with 
l.iciit. Mcdinley, his secretary; llcar- 
.\<liuiral IJidlonl ; .Siirgeun-Ueiieral 
Karnes ; Rlinisti r llomeru, Senn'or I'al- 
lersuii anil wile, and others. 

\I(KI\AI. AT llAI riMoiii:. 

I'm.iimoiii , Auf. "s. 

Arriving itt. Kaltiinore. the excursionists 
wi.TC met by the committee ol forty citi- 
zens, wilb the M;»yor as their 
and cfcorleil iii open carriagcM lu the 
I'nsideiit street depot lo start for I'hila 
ilelphi*. LlTjje crowds Wi re gathered at 
both Iho railruAd siations and along tbe 
line ol Ihc procession, to gi-t a vi"w of 
ih" excuri-iurisfs, who were greeted by 
the WAviiig ot bats nnd handkercliiifs, 
Willi ocrasianiil cheers, (ien (ir»nt and 
Admind Farrii(;:it weic pitrlicularly the 
cVj 'cts ol obsi'rv.ition, and received en- 
thusisstic applause ^Jong tbe line ol th's 
procession. Flaps wir.- gencr.illy dia- 
plaved. The I'nsident's train b-ir here 
n> iOfJO A. M. 

\ r I'lni.APi'tl.fiiiA. 
PlIll.MM'.LI'HIA, Aug. 'J»— 'J :10 e. M. 

The I'lcJ-idi^nl an 1 jmrty l.ave just ar- 
rived al ihi; depot at Uruad and I'riine 

i:.N uoi.ix. 

I o.NlioN, Aug. •.'.t noon. .Jiio. Ilrighl 
delivered a speech last night at llirming- 
bum bcluni a mass uicctiiig of Ihe |N*oplu 
favorable to I lie reiorin UKiveiiient. which 
exceeded all lii.i lormcr'pient ell'urM, 
and created the niosl enthuala^tic e.xcili - 
liieiit among the iiiinieiise audience. 'I'lio 
meeliii;^ was the largi st held ul late }eais, 
and the interest manilentcil by the peuplit 
cAiccds Ih'it ol any loiiiiei diuiions^ra- 
lion in favur of reform linen I^C'. 

■ Ill: AMK.nii^AKh IM ltUt<aiA. 
Mi'.<i>\\, Ki s,.|A, Aug. '-'/. A* lilt) 
buinpiet given tu the .\:iii:rii^ui. eiillrin.'-y. 
tin; speeeli ol Mr. J''o \ in response ton 
I last was euiiiivni]/ ln<ii!a orjr cf lli'i gov 
erlllllell^ uf till C.'.ar and ul lli>^ stall in 
adopted by him winch had bound his 
Bubjectii f,, closely to liii interests. 

■'KWiTI «VANIIII%<<i'r<»N 

Rkad ftdvottiscment to sfrargtrs visit- 
ing .Minnesota, in another column. 18.2.v 

(io no WitxiftKY's, 171 Tlird strf^t, 
for Hair UiumIcs, Nail brushes, Clothes 
Brushcst Ucrfumery, Toilet Soap, Poumadcs, 
Toilet Powder, Powder boxes and Puils, 
Tooth Pabto and Powik-r, Hair Oil, Dressing 
Combs, .le., \c , ehespLst la tho city. 

Throat and Lf.Nr; HisK.vsK.-i.— Drs. 
Kelly & Ramsay, who have for many years 
advocated and successfully einplored Midi 
caleJ Jii/iitlutioH, in the treatment i-f Throul 
and Luii« iiifijetions, and who claim lo have 
tjeen inslrumeiilal iu reducing it to a com- 
plete and perfect »y.stem of practice, have 
rooms at the " Irvine Ulock," Third street, 
where iLcy may be consulted for a few weeks 
on Catarrh, bronchitis, A^lhma, und Con- 

In giving their own divided uueutiou to this 
important iprem/Zy lUtso gcutlemen have 
iMJcn stinmlateil to act, not so much by the 
calm and apathetic iudijrercneo with which 
general practitioners repar.l the territile mor 
Ulity and sulTering attendant upon Throat and 
Lung Uiseaees, as irom the uniform suceos 
whitu b*. followed the iuAnlnti.m treatment 
in both Kugl.tnd uud France, as well as in 

MijjNK.ifir.^ ViKWH. — For views ol 

KiiiUf.ota .ceii.iy. ro :o Mariiir* Art (iiillery, 
tO'! fee the tliittt a.«( Kir</€U iia.t:irtment in thr 
fil;i. »II •>i2' s Br.d all pilcM. .-itrangvrs should 
not tuY belore exnmliiiu* thU oollectiun al.Msr- 
ti;!'* <rt i<9lliirv,zr.4 Third stTAat. myiiS 

■ ■ ■■ 

Ji-aT opennd it R. (). Sweeny & Co.'s, 

•ill Third strict, anew und selected ussorl- 
nient of Toilet aud Kiuiey Articles, Painting 
Mutcrli.!.'-', Soaps, Perlunieries. Colognes, buth 
Waters, KxtraeW, »1c. Ivory Brushes and 
'"omlis, bnlfilo ditto; Puff Boxes, Powders, 
io.^mctiiiats, a la Fr.incais, tniail de Pans 
&c., &c. 


Couuu! Coioii ! Coudii ! Cougu! — 
Pino'.H euro fcr Coiisuiuj.titn U tho most ple;is- 
ant to the ta^'te and hure^t of all knoTtn rense- 
die.4. It U not EUiSe&tiug. 

I!. O. SWKKNY, fcCO. 
suK'.'llw Sote Ai-entK.fct.I'Sul. 


Nbw YoiiK, Aug. 'JH. 

There were live new cases of cholera 
aud livti deaths Irom tbe same disease re- 
ported yesterday. The mortUAry report 
of the |>a«t week showed a decrease since 
the report of the previous one. There 
were two deaths fiom cholera at Ward's 
island and two in the Ljnatie A.itluiu on 
Sundsy last. 

l-KNIA.Ni-->il I.OUKI.NCi ft'. 

Fenian uliairs in this city are looking 
up. Mr. Steph'ins and the escaped Dub- 
lio prisoners are sketching out their pro- 
posed battle ground, and in cons(<|ue'iee 
of their present activity coiisiderul le aid 
is lorthi^oming in the way of contribu- 
lious. Air. Stephens will probably leave 
for Troy to day on his western tour. 

llli: Ktl.lvKN.SV 1 At.^. 

The rival heailipiatters of the Kobcrls 
faction are preparing vigorously '< ■* (he 
coming Senate caucus at Troy on Thurs- 
day. It is er. peeled thai the Congress 
will finally decide whether it i« e:;pc<lienf 
to inau»,urutc another Canadian Invasion. 
It ia rumored that I'residenf Kob.'it.i has 
sent a special messenger to Ireland lu re- I 
port on the state of Fenian allaira '':..,ie. 


Cnr.s.i'a is entirely relieved of her feais 
of an invasion for tlie present, but she is 
in no hurry io get rid of her defensive 
forces. Tho troops at Fort Erie hivo 
b;:en ordereil to break camp, but the ac- 
tive reorgani.t.i'ion cf tb" militia still con- 


An order of arrest against Scnor l)u- 
res Muz ira was granted by .Judge lUr- 
ntird yesterday, at the suit of (icni^ral 
Santa Anna, charging him with fraud in 
the purchase cf the steamship Georgia. 
He statci in his allii.'avit that Mazura 
showed liini n letter to him in St:. Thomas 
purpor.iiig to bo from W. H. Sewar.l, 
urging the pliiintilT tu come iinuiediately 
to the (Juiled States, as the government 
was anNii^us and willing to aid him ia 
hisedarfs inbeballof the Mi xican people, 
which letter was a concoction of Senor 
.Ma/uni's .md by .Mr. Seward. Tiie 
plaintiir sf.itea that through tho deceit and 
fraud of Sencr Ma/.ura, who has betn his 
private Sccrulary. bo has sustained dam- 
ages to the amount of seventy thoustind 


As.i Di.xun, a well known o^slermaa 
w.;:i ywoterday shot by Deputy Sherilf Si- 
nionsofi whiln li*bing lor oysters in New- 
ark Bay contrary to law. 'J'he ShtrilT 
fa>s tbe lijooting took placu while 
I)ixu:i was resisting arrest and v/:!s eeci- 


i^iwholas Hrhart, conductor on the 
Ne«r Jersey 'i'ran9[iortalion road was 
killed, und a brakesman aud fourteen In- 
borers were wore or less injured yestet- 
dav by a dirt tiain being thrown from the 


Thomas Kiiisell, editor ol the Drook- 
lyu Eui/le, has btnii appointed i'ostmas- 
ter of Brooklyn, vice Ueorgo I>. Lincoln, 

.. (; OK iiiK UKi-uu»-ic-this 

CVCBIDg— Mi./uri Uall. Soldiers nttemi. 

.h;8T received a Iresh supply of Car- 
well * Mack's preparatiunn con»ii>ihig ol Lotus 
Btt'm, K.lxir ol OaJaysaya Bark, t.! xor uf bark 
and Iron, anil other artictes too numerous tu 
mention. Calljand exaniln" at Koblnion k Co.'s 
Drug Store. 

Auction Sale of 

On r^aturday, t}4>ptrmb?r lStli,at 10 A. M., I wil| 
<cll wiiliniit r<>»pn-e, my ilouKf and Ten Acre", 
on .St. AntVeiiy b'oid. uii<' and a <iiu*trr miles 
from bt. Paul. Tiie huu.--.- ost ^lu,uou, i< stone, 
well hu'lt und farLUhed, mider.*! style, fourtteii 
apartai'iit-'iWell ani 1 l-«t?rii unJer cover. tooJ 
cellars, Slo. 

Ihe.-e i.s a Iar)»u and oouvenii-ntlv arrar/!;ed 
llarn, with la-(ti> tilHb'o aod t"arria(r« ItoomK. 

Ti-iiui of Sal--, o!io i|U»rter, aud tlei bal- 
snce ineijual pttWiien:.-. in :!,(;, 'Jai..l 1.: moDthn. 

Iho.'C L-ariux to purchaso such pr.-j. 'riy are lu- 
vilelKic-allacdeitsnilne fo7 theiiii-ives bflofB 
the diy of sslo. *•• **• Wl-*T. 

1-'\IK< nil I> A Co., 

Aiictloaiors. cod-t-sfp-H. 

Toiifar <t. HiLTow, 
lOKT, INOIANA. ftTKNttll. 

■.on *!■<*• 

IM.AfK Hi- 

(iKAVI-.It. Mllkr^a Hi r liiiiiidM. St^'elSlatrps, 
Natre riiten, llutil at,. I i;a(jKa;:i< Cln'cks n::i !<• In 
III!' bef f .■<i)le, Kuibrolil.Ty flalo*. Brass Alphs- 
bt.isiit K'Kuru4, Hluot Hrii < lndi>tlltile 'Ut, 
rtriistien. I'raai.s. met the v. . > l...dt .Stcucll To.>ls 
i».il nio, nnd stiui-ll Cult. r'« k<><"I" RenTally. 
Ull.-'d l.wul i.iul Ttavelliijj Ax.'ut« Want- 
ed. K.-iir lo .1. K. Urldliiy, slr^t Nntlnnsl 
ilD:el,a|lnn'>upoll*. auKlT'.'w. 

Li-:nnie.n MTAs^omn. or mAtvr- 
V.iiU MsKK. w.rraild Itic l).'Ht la Mor 
k>-t, Je"? r.'~-"'»"' ar-l for /al" b; 

at, raoi, MnyJJ.nes, 

or /al" by 
A. II. wn.DKt » CO, 



In eonsci|uetice of the visit of I'rcsident 
Johnson to this city to morrow, the cus- 
tom house, sub-treasury, and gold ri cm 
will be closed at one o'clock. There will 
be no beard of brokers. Business houses 
will be open in the morning, but it is not 
proba'^de that anv trade will be done in 
thu af*ernoon. The post oUIok will be 
open as usual, n* it is very dillicult to 
close that inslifulion. 

The Express gives currency to a report 
from Washington that fdaj. lien. 1). E. 
Sickles, commanding the department ol 
the South, has not authjrizi-d the use of 
his name in connection with the tUevc- 
land Convention, und declines, while on 
duty in his eoiiiniaad, to take any 
part ill political inovemeuts. 
r!:i/,i; riniiT. 

A prize light occurred at Morris' Uruve, 
Jnmaiea. Long Island, totiav. between 
Teddy ArcAuIiir.! and I);lly Kelly, lur 
C'OUU. Filtylivi: rounds were loughl, 
lasting an hour and a halt. Buth parties 
Were severely punisbed. Tbe nlTair end- 
ed III It light bttwei ki ihi! ^econds, and Ibe 
laaiii light r';is dcelar:da draw by lu 

C'liOi.UUV l?i THE Wi:«iT. 

II AMI K UK OU\CK, Mil., All((. '_"•'. / 
ll.l>\.M. \ 

\ lai'^e iiiimber cf iivrsons approached 
Ihe ear in which tho l're:<idciit wa.s a pit- 
sengtr and greeted him ivilh repca'ed 
hurralii. Wliin In- uppeaicvl on the 
p!a'(oriii t'.id bowi d his thnnks, n nuin- 
i>ur l:asteno<l forward In shake hands nith 

Pi imv»i\*-.Mi.i »;, Ml' , .\ii,i;. -'■■•, 

A delegation from llelawarc, coa>i<!- 
ing of i'li 111) mber.', came uii board t.i 
escort the IVesid- lit im-l |i!iity through 
that State. Here, us ut Havre de, 
the fxeursion p-rty wi re received wilii 
bu/.zas, iiod crowds gathered at the sidi s 
ol the cars to catch a glance at tin* ilt> 
tinguished excursionists. 

Wii.MiNoioN, Del., Nuoo, Aug. l!:.i. 

A gentleman entered the ear and said 
lo the I'residci.l, "The bo)M in town 
would like to see you." This was fol- 
lowed by cries ol '•(io to tlio rear pUl- 
lorni." The President, in company with 
Marshal (ioodiiig, then proceeded thither, 
and having bowed to the enthusiastic thou- 
sands, three hearty cheers went up. Tbe 
surging multitude pressed toward tbe cars, 
many struggling through the dense mass 
to shake bunds with the President. Mar- 
shal Gooding introduced (ien Grant and 
afterwards Admiral Farr jgut to the crowd. 
They were heartily cheered and greeted, 
and the crowd impatiently rushed forward 
to ehakc their hands. The train, alter 
proceeding a few hundred yards from the 
city, again stopped, when a crowd g:Uh- 
ered und greeted the distinguished party 
with cheers. Mr. William S. McCauley, 
when tho trayi arrived al the Stale divid- 
ing line, took leave of tho I'residenl in 
behalf ol tbe Delaware delegation. 
A i-iiii.;U>K.i.niiA urKKcii. 

PlIILAIiKLl'IIIA, Aug.2.S — 1. M. 

The President's train arrived at L':i:i 
this afternuon. He was received by the 
committee of merchants and military olli* 
cers. Col. .lames Page addressed tbe 
President, tendering him the warmest 
hospitalities uf the citi/.ers ol Puiladel- 
phia, irrespective uf party. He repre- 
»eiile<l ill.' meiclmnis und piofcssiocal 
men of all kinds, who recognized biui as 
Chi^ M'l^istratu ul tho Kepiblic, the 
cboseii protector ol their rights and lib- 
erty. The peopli! (d I'oiladelphia hear- 
tily eon/.ratulAted bim on the close ol the 
unfurl un Ate rebfllion, that pence bail re- 
turned, a I'l brother was no lunger en- 
gaged in war again^t brother, that all 
the Sti'.tes were restored to the Union and 
the con:ilitution, und that the Union was 
one uiid iuseparab'e. They believe, he 
si'.i'.', Ibat. you, Ihroiiglj the divine ble.>8- 
iii^', will bring back peace in deed as well 
an ill iiime ; tliat soon all good e'ti.;ens 
>< iil tluow aside p«rti/,an cousiderittious 
lor the nation's wcllare. Wishing you a 
pleasant enjoy ment ol tho mission you 
arc now performing k sa!.. n-tiirn, wc 
lender yoB n hearty welcome, believing 
that i' '..111 be ii'jceptable in its iiifurmali- 
ty OS it camo mare properly Irom our 
muni'jipal aulhoiities. 

A ruKsinKMiAi, Ki:.sroNM^:. 
The President replied as follows : 
Permit me in rcipons)^ to what you 
have jitst said to tender you my sincere 
thaii'ics and the thanks of those who ac- 
company me for this cordial welcome. I 
hope you believe me when I say I know 
how to appreciate this welcome, made by 
tlio ci'i/dne of Philadelphia. Vou have 
uttered certain sentiments and wishes, as 
tu myself. I respond to them most cor- 
d ally, and 1 Iwlievc they are shared by 
thoje who are with me on Ihe present oc- 
casion. 1 trust peace has come, not 
only peace, but permanent pKft-.'C, and 
thitt in future we shall learn war no 
more. P.^a.e should be peculiarly 
adapted to the nation and to the feelings 
ol rhc people of Philadelphia We have 
h.-.d war enough ; let th-ie be peace. In 
allusion to what you h ive said about the 
constitution and ray I'ast conduct, 1 will 
merely say that every i IF.irt and all my 
inllucnce, either as a cbiel magistrate or 
as a private citizen, shall bo e.xerted to 
bring about i>eaco and restore a dis- 
tracted and divided country. 

Thu speech was heartily applauded, 
(iener^il (trnrt w.i^ ul-w l.iuUly cheered. 


1 ho President and suit were then es- 
corted to tbe barouches waiting iuside of 
the depot, by the lirst city troop, which 
acted as a body guard. Thu military 
were then firmed in line under the com- 
mand ol Major (ienoral Meade, and were 
followed by the civic societies, composed 
ol the National Johnson Club aud other 
clubs, merubants and firemen, government 
employees, and a cavalcade ol eitii^ens 
btiuging up the rear. The whole pro- 
cession proceeded to thu Continental 
Hole'. El uoi's:. 

JIvMa l>.r .ailuutic C;A!tlf. 

Ni:w YuuK, Aug 'itt, 


,'\ Woild special says tbe President has 
cun:e lu an irrevocable decision that Mr. 
Sratiton must leave the cabinet. 

Wahiiinoion, Aug. 'J'i. 

I UKI;|)MKN'h llltUKAl'. 

T'hu letter fion G«n. Howard, chief ol 
the FreedmeiiV Bureau, lo the Secretary 
ol War, lecomniending the cessation of 
rations ex.ept lo hospitals after 'br. 1st, 
IS published. The reasons he gives are 
tliiit chirges are made llci* tli t Ireednien 
are led in idleness ; that the statements 
made by (i-nerals .SV-edinan and Fuller- 
Ion imply thai they eontiouu th dr idlo- 
ne«s i:i expec'ation ol ration.", and that 
the crops are sulli:icntly uiituied to pre- 
vent starvation. 


Tbe coir.missian of Cornelius Wendell, 
Tts .Superintendent of Pdblic Printing, 
wai issued to-day. 

I'KO.U Bt'FF,tM». 

■Srutit uf ilcuu Hlt'ltiuoMil ktrc h|> 
ll«M of Sho a*r<-«i<l<'iiS. 

I'.i 1 1 \i.ii, .\ug. js. 

The Board ol Trade passed appropii- 
atu resolutions on the death ol 1> an 
Kichinoiid, and voted tu i^losi; their rooms 
ou tbe day ol bis funeral at I'uttvia, 
wbieli will lake place at tvio r. m. 'I'hurs- 
da> , .<o.h inst. 

A meeting wks helil at Ibo Mayor's ul- 
lice last eveiiiiij;. The reception ol Pres- 
iiiei.t .Johnson will be roneluled by a 
grand ball at llcj. luteiiiatiunal hotel, 
Niagara Falls, SAluiday t.veuiug, com- 
plinantary to President iTohnsun aud 

tfwmnt (tup* Hisjti. 

Ni,\\ YuiiK, Au^. 2S. 

I'hu UcraUVs Cape Hayti correspou- 
deiice, Aug. .'J, says a tire that destroyed 
.■JTti,!*!)*) wurth ol property occurred 
there on the -dlli ult. 

Thu insurgents had advauccd upon 
Cape Hayti, but were repulsed with se- 
vere lei's by the government troops under 
General Montez. At last accounts they 
were in lull retreat lur St. Domingo. 

" iiLONi!:r.AJiY. 

Om-ii K OK .Sr. I'Ai'i. rK;.>.H, / 
WMirti.MiAr, Auk '-St. istc. \ 
Uates ut di .count continue at lO'il'.' per c nt. 
Kxchango linn at ', p'-r c nt, 

iluyius lial*-H. 

liold and t^oldtwiii-OU" 4J!|li) 

LAr,i«< silver U .s.\1 

Uitei uf txchac^ '4 pr ct 

ti<i\ LiiNnbHr Bo.NU.s. 

Itu}inx Kati I. 

L'mU-d SUtes i-'M't 107 tu lOh 

•• " liMU'a.lurK". I'.r 
'• '• ig lu'.i,Kiiiall.. WI 

•' " iVa of IsSl Ull 

.. •< ^.jo's Itoii'iu. 1 lul.. 

i.uiii-uoo i.'.irEai'jii .Noihs. 
Got •.ri;iiieut Bends arc (|uulc<l at the lollow. 
iBK liKurca ; 

.luiM Coni|>oun'J, Im)1 

July '• " 

Aii^ast *' •* • 

October '• " 

l>«c. " " 

May •• l>6j 

AuKuiit " " 

rM'pta ■•■••■•■•■1 

Oelul'.-r •' " 

7-.IU CuipulM 

IIVi Acre Ijiiid Warranto, KellInK 
" •' i.oliejje Nsrip " . 

I'arfuuda- If. 8 In-u-iuy Not'- 

Nutl^'•, Stinuenulik eitatc Bank Nulrs. 
No Kla<« Curreiirv Ih j.Ai'l on) by tli« liiiik*, 
Iheraui') tK'lat; red<~-niednud relireit IrumelrcU' 

a*» Vwrh Maaar lltf^rUm%, 

I r.y T.-|e(;rai.;i | 

Nkw Vi>l;ii,.\Bg. ;--. 
Mojks b-tl'.r. 

.Mouc^ v.. cat: to»u<; u«»y at I per orot. 
.SerUuK lot „, 
(."'dopKoed at Uk'j. clofeil ut Il*i\, 

SKcoxn I) fsi-A n •». 

Nkw Y<>i:k. Au^;. --, 

The tniin. v niJIket ei'ii'.inues cany ut .|j;, ^^f 
cent liir call lo»n^. 

MterliOK KxeliuuK'- .lull at KS'i ul'C'. 

Gold M nriii T. upeniii;; at l|xv , advnucinx 1.. 
H'.i , anil duAinitut II'' ,. 

Til" t'ei'iiii./i ,(i/'.i m.'iii.y arlic'i' I'lijs kluik'i 
c.iitiQueijul.-i. contrary to a very Keu.-ralvxpeet- 
aii.'ii. li.iv.-riiiii.'uii crifitiiiu.' wrv linn; ..Id 
&-.">'< lire ID deiBaad ut 1 1 i', .jliav . llioailvuucs 
iu th.'sc I'oodn S|'p.«rs Ul b<« du" ai much lo a 
corner Id ttiem ki tu any larK«'^iKn d.nund. 
Y»-.ieriliy and luduy III -r.- wa-. ;i barroviiiiK d«- tliece tiuadr, ulilcli wa.-. Kuprlted « lib 






. u.vo 




. V',0 

• 1 

. :«,o 


. tt\0 


. i'lO 


. 4',o 


. Par. 

. ii>lu> 



.National ISank 

><|iaiiish Boll'. 4U.H <', I i.p<'r 'JK»%Xlc; Usraess, 
1-'. . Kl|.. »l.-'<iai.;'<i.oaU\ »t.6.'.9l.r». 

OAK Hoi". f..(Me; llnrneHs. lln4'C; Kip, 
♦ I ii.|l .."; fall, $ I. .-K) .»-'.< "I; I pp.r, li«-, Krtneh 
Calf, Ht.'.NiMj.;,',. 

•slimpuklns— r«r do/.nn, i|(.i«iitl7.(l0. 

Ill" folluwiiiKarn buylDK ralei lur hlil''i : 
llll>i;s Cri.'-n, <•■' .-; Dry Hull, 1"e; (.ri'ii 
.'-ull, ; ■,!!: |>ry Mini, r.'c : lireeii Cull, l-.c. I'ry 
Itall, ; glie. p I'.IIh. •i4c«|.' W. 

««0«>S»i:,'« «t AUK, 

lb.' i, ill. .HI II); are 111' Inl :,,| lueL.ry t.iid ia|. ». 
Our iiieri'tiuiUs ll||uld«ri< at tlu'si. '|uululUna: 
ratui:— Uhuhmb: ■ 

No I eliiiriiH (ill.Ii'l 

Nil': d'l . . I I tHi 
No:i da I -■■><> 

Kh'ii p.iil nf,'|d off $:t.-:. 
.1 il.i il.i d.i d'l .■;.i.ii 

■I it.' Vllllllstle.l . .'t All 
il do ll<.|^e.llvy bM 

'll'UN — 

No. I %0 ineii tiibn ll.,'iO 
N.i. J IK ini'li d.i 1:1 nil 
N.I. I 1.1 III. Il .1,1 |i.(,(i 
N. -I I11I11, 'I . ji-li. . :i ••;, 
Hall bui.h"l iitna. I 

urert, |H'r dcii.. .. i.5«i I 

.' h'lup jiallii,viir. .(4.00 
I it.' il.i il.i. I.lii 
-' .1.1 blllM< Ihiuu.I >' '"' 
I do do KI IKI 

Tulis. ;t In iicHt... 4. .'11 


Uni'eed Ull, raw.. (I.' 1.. 



H.I l..ud 

Wliliii, do, punv. 


A liliii 





t:«Mtor Ull 


ml \ilrol 

ItlCarbijuda. .. 
C Tartar, pure 
Curl. Airin.juli 










Kpiioin fnltx t •- 

Kxl. LuKwood . . '-•<i 

Tapliici tfh>rlt'<> r»»U! I'.ii 

Madd.r »'-• 

Opium I'J in 

Ki'iiiiii 4<i 

l^uiiiiae :iuo 

hin'pli, Uorpbliie.. s 7.> 

Tartaric A. id I '.'.> 

><pt« rurp«'ntiDe, . . 1 •-'.*. 
KeruMcnn )lil,N<j I 7 . 

Lsmp RIaok... 
Illu.' S ilr..! . 
I lor tjulpliur. 

Wivi.iiw (;i,As.-.'..'(lu, iii^.,'si<|o.Mi; lixl:.: 
liixI'J ,$;>.VOitii,^(i; Iiixll, (ii..',i40,.'M. 

l.t MMRM. 

I • 

I ;.■. 

Intrniii'a l.iiin'r t'.*l,O0 
tid C.iiu'u'r iis.on 

K.'iieiii« •«.(«) 

Ut .sidinir ;;},oo 

U'd Nidine tjM.OO 

N.I. 1 HIiingleK ... 4.00 
.\ t)hlu);leii , 3. .VI 

' Clear I '.. .1 
2 Clear.l Ineli, 
,No. 1 rickelH. 
No.'.' I'ioketH 


Ill tnenrlun ntulT under ii) feet , 

l>lini<n«lon viuir, :;.' f.-et to -'4 feet 

DInienaiun Htuff, .,;4 f.'et to '.'M fiet 

X.\ MiinKU'H 7.IKI 

1st Krrlnx, dr'ii'd 41 00 
id KI'rlnK, dr'ii'd M ihi 

. W 0(1 
, r.'.OO 
. L'll.lK) 
. 4.00 



Twelve ca.ies of cbolorA and 4 deaths 
were reported on lbe'_'7th. Steady rain has 
been falling since yesterday forenoon. 


Twenty-live deaths t'oir ebclera were 
reported on Monday. 


Paki.s, Aug. 'Jl. — The Austrian gov- 
ernment is engaged in removing national 
relics and objecti of a't from Venice, in- 
c'niling the iron crown ol Lomb-trdy. 

bAXO.NV AM» fKltM^IA. 

1 iKi^ic, Aug. JG. — The meeting of 
the national liberal party has lesolved 
that Saxony uugut to b- incorporated 
with Prussia. 


Woscow, Aug. J5. — There was a great 
popular demo.-.jitration here tj-d.iy, in 
honor of the American guests. Among 
the features wa.i 1; dinner by the .Mutual 
Support Club. Spcceh''s were made by 
distinguinhtd |iersuns. AssistaM Sei:ru- 
tary Fox said 'liat the title ol lh<? Club 
must be er:blematical of the relations 
which txisteil between llussia aud Amer- 


Ncisj Siberia states that the in- 
surgents have orgaui/ed tivu squadrons, 
pait of them with the usual arms, and the 
I est wilb sc)tb(s. 


St. PKiKi:>i;t Ki., Aug. I'li. — Murti.d 
law bu.-* bcin abolished in all the govcrn- 
mints in the souihwest except Kiew. 

•fl:KA7Y or fKACK. 

PiADUK, Aug. S7. — The treaty of 
pence made by the plenipotentiaries of 
Ptuf.»i.i and Aestria bas been ratilied by 
the King cf Ptussia. and is now on its 
way to this city for exchange. 


.Mai.kii>, Aug. '-'8.— One of H-.r Cath- 
olic Msj.'sty's frigates has »u(r>:ci'eil i:i 
capturii'g tbe Chilian privateer Tcroado I fuiluwlac agnn • : 
off tbe coast of t-'pain. I LKATiitit-Ue 

Hovlviw of tta«t Haint Pnnl .'■isi-krl. 

I ltK|-OK1l:l> KM'KF.-iSI.Y I'lia TIIK HT. f«i;L 


Oku. K or St. I'Afi, I'xass, ( 
Wi:i>NK'4i>Ar, Auk, 'f. 18<IS. i 

Th.' MisAiK.'ippI IJiv.-r having rweded lo low 
water mark, ami th') larger iititamboalii incoii".'' 
<|ueDCf, b.'lnx compelled to nlve place lu the 
souiller,'fii< hxt no- tx'wa a* bfl>k ai »ak to 
h»v.' been antlolpiled. M.i-l of lli • large di>aler*, 
hovrever, bavla)( npl. iii^h''! their Ktoiks durlag 
llin la«t frn-wF'ki, while uivigatlua w«» in its 
beat •tSKP, couii'ry dcuUraaru vtll'. at>!e to i.iir 
chafe ttieir supi.ti'". In Il.i- ...■rk. t, wliiclj they 
.,0 ,i,.iBX 10 a larjfp extent, rrices hav.'aot mj- 
terially vari' d duilnt^ the pai>t week, but Mich 
chanjici an lia\.' nUen place ae n.itd in il.c 
•lu.'ta'.iiin' wlii:h follon. 

UHAI.V JkXU I*UO «■«•■«> .\M. 

Wli.'al in dull at fi.'j.". jer b'iKliel.amt buyer.'- are 
careful ill tlieir .1 iiUc{;!) even at jrle.'.un ac- 
c.uot «t tho dilfica tir.'. (.1 tlan^p.lrtali m. No 
heavy ttai ^^aotluax luve taken placu within a 
lew da)K. both Luiirs aed {.ellera aftemiog to 
await lurtlier deielopun-sta. Mratu are liroi at 
pr» vi.iu > hKur. :., mlbasilKht advance In chui.e 
(.uiuk'd hauis uud dri.'d bi-ef, Beit Urklii butter 
liriuRs 'i'.'j; thuuKh lir^t olaiiirullBud jirlnt brings 
luiK'li higher ^ute^ ; ili-<-.«< luo di'CbU'd, aud ultu 
new I .iiulo.'rf. 

(iKAIN— Wheal, (il...i; Barley , 40 j 4 jc ; Uata, 
4l>c;Corn, hli^lUil, (iei'iCc, 

f 1 4 >IJK,- Sup.'riluc4i7.'.'&!i7.;i; Kxtra (choice) 
f.s.'i.i; Houbl.- c.\tiu, i|'J 75. 

MkAT.— Live lio)r, biilc; hogs dresned. 10.t; 
Ham*. Kugar cured, '.'>.' :Kreen do. ::0c; ^houlder, 
■..•.'.AV.'.j; lavebeel, 4aJc; live .Slie««p, $.5.00 per 
liuudred live weight ; dried b.-Jf, uoue in mar- 
ket, .toe. 

HUTIKO-Iloft fresh loll, aud print, :ioaT.;c; 
Il'it llrkin, '.t-e. 

K(i(i.S— ','Cc. p«r dox.-n. 

ClIKKSK.-W. It. aud N. V., I^a-t's:; -Vinnc- 
tuta I llarvey'ti 17.jlfse. 

P<i IA ^tJK.^,— New. iViijsiic per tiu>hel. 

Arrt.KS— Grcrii, li.iOaS.TJ par barrel. 

UO.ME^'riV I>RV CiOttUN. 

Largo 8. ijks have l.osn reclved during the 
Ult weuli aud trade i.i very brUk. e'btiifiea Irom 
our lant .|uotattonii are unlmp}rtant, and th'« fjl 
lowing arc carefully cjrreetel prices, which are 
about the same an pliuihtr artlcUsare said ri;r in 

Pkints.— Merrimack, 'Jlc; radllc.lOSc; An-os 
keag 17, a; Waumutta. IM; Kuiplre, iL'.'iO; Kng- 
linh, 17c; Arnold 17; Allans. I'.i; .Syragun l'.''.c, 
MournlDg. '.<oc: American, I'.'j; Kiclimjnd, I'.'j, 
Atlantic, i.'>',o; Krcemas, lO.t. 

tii!<<;HAMN.— Laocatiter, aio; II rtfonl. -.ic; 
Borkalilre, 'iio; Uoanoke, '.joo; Uhifguw, i7: 
Caledonia, '.'Ac. 

hlHKariiit..— Atlantic A, lilr: Atlantic U. i;ie; 
Appleton. '.'.I'jC; L,aca'li, \w, Wa.xlilDgton, 
'ic, Aadro.'icoggin. 17c, Indian Head. 'J4c; 
.Stark A. Jl'aO; Agaw-ain, I'.'.; I.)nitn C. xl ',c; 
Aaguiita He: Cone.<tiiga It, 'ilc; Ureat Kallj, 1'.':; 
yai-fjchufettD, UB. ale; Conestoga, Itlc. 

Ui.ka<;hk;> McsUn. — New York, 4)c; 
Wanifutia, 1-4, :isc; llatos, 4-4, r.r«: Whitu 
Kock 4-4. .'t('>c; Uwa«co, SOc: Cliatun C •.'<; Uatcs 
:Jic; Howe, •.1»j; Waveily, Wc; Portsmouth, 1'.",o. 

Ukmmh.— — Amoakenf, fiHc; York 50c; Man- 
ch''»ter, tile; Bonton, •-■■.•<■; Madiiion. ioc; tlhi'^ter 
l>ock,',iJc; Haymaker, ;i8c; I'eatl Blvur, i>:'^c; 
Nao-rville, XV. 

Iickia«i — \iirk,.'it; Uamilton.Siir; Willimaii- 
tic. 4-1 47c; Wlilinitutic, :;! inch 40c;Fortii- 
inoulli, fi.'iC. 

siKii'Ks. — Amo-.V.'ap. !?so; Arkwrlght, :Mc; 
i'itlslield, Uc; Wide World .l.'ic: Haymaker, 
.lie; R.ianok.. tOc; Nacerville, asc; Aiueriiaa, 
'.'«<■ : WlilitPiidon, Mil, •r>s. 

Iibi..\i.NK.s.— raiiiie. dark, 2i3; Hamilton, '^tlc. 

llKowN Hi'.ii.i..-i — I.ieonia, ■.'?', c; Glob" istc; 
Aiu.ixkeag, '.tile; Ma..i»aliei*ee, '."..'c. 

C'<»rToN*iiK«— Karmers and .lleohaBicf,'<iOc; 
Kverolt, :io(i&7',o; I armer'n t'aiou, l-.c. 


Trade in ihlg liu<- hon revived, aud a Urge dc 
inund rx'tU for leather, which is supplied at tie 


W.' nutiieii larg.' n.lvane" in Tt;.:M>f a!l Riiilci. 
and alter uur .|Uut..lloiiK acconliugly. llu-im-r.. 
furthe |>aiil w.'i k lian b»iii compu'aliv. ly .lull, 
bill l.'w ciaiiitry m.TOlianlrt l.i iKuik.'t 

I'KAH— Vuuug ilyaon, 'uwKrad.'x, '.•>: 
good t.> ch'doe. r I :.'i$l.'.>''. Ooloug, tLlOa 1.4". 
Japan, 4^ >'-'<'> lit. Oi. 

CAIH I'lCK— Klo. fair to guuU ti.s<t'%o; Choiu'. 
:',la; ,lava,40.i4Jc, 

KlICJAKS— tJomiuoM. l.'e; l» I iiii.i"!.",; 
V.'liow «', l.i'.o, Kxira •', 17c'. o; Ite lined It, 
17'aC: do. A, l-*Hr; llardf. I'.'..'.'.S— .SiiRur House. 7.'>"'jM»c; K>riip, 
#1 iK><)l.',;'i; Ainberl„'>>i;l-'.xlra, 

.>> A I . T— Uomin'in >> 

SHICKS — All'pl.i', 4IIC; I'epp. r, 4.ij; CiHHla, 
..HI,-; «'lo»e«. S.ln; Nuimegrt. tl.tiii. 

CAKtmS Oil, -Willie, ;.n:; Straw. 70C, 

SOAI'— <'<iiunion, S41Ic. 

MI.SCKLI.ANhuU.S AltTlOl K.— Slareh, '.V; 
tial.ratu", r.;i,e; fearl llarb y, '.''iloe; IU carli. 
Hoda, rj.jr.'Se; Sal su; i;ai..ty, 'ja-^'aic; 
fancy, a-.c; Itioe I04r,!.t,c. 

lltWDKIl, I.KAl) aNi> .SHor «liot, fi.r.l; 
Hiick, «i4.iKi; Barb'ad, ♦; liliislini; puwd.r, 
• 7: rille <lo i\i). 

CKACKI' It.S- -Butler. '.'!; Soda, l»c. 

NUTS— Aliuonda. Hard Shell. Srii&c, Boft 
hIh'II, 40.j4:i'j. papi<ri-li.-ll, 4.'.,).V»c; KillM-rts i!Oq 
•r,'e; llraill N'llx, IN'i-oc; hugllsh Walnut, Ma 
Mc; IVco'in Nulii. '.i.'a^i'.c, 

Kitl'l rs— leactieB, nn|mri'l 2i'>c,, 40.;; 
llaisibK, p.T box, •}.&•!; • urraDlJi, aoc; I'mne.., 
aU't^ac; Kiga, .'{JO per ni;L>itMii, atic; ruoohes per 
cane. $S.<si.4H.&0 

HISH— While n«h, $10 00; trout, t».0O; No. 1 
ir"ick»rel, ijr..M).l; ove oy»ler», f h lio p.r case, 

itANULhti— .Sttr, 'a:!c; Ktearlne. ls>(c; tallow, 


WHISKY— Comioun, 9l.7:>Dt,lv'>: Bourbon, 
I.' .Vi.jt.U"; Kye, a..'>>.j4 Oo; Muuongtiiela, noni' 
u market ; ch 'Ien Uld Bourbon, t't.lio. 

TUBACO— .Manufactured 10'h. 75aK'ic; msnn- 
fMtured '«'h7ii.j!s.'Sc; Pound, 7U>}INk-; l'wl'>t,tl.a;i: 
Natural Leaf, $I.W<U.7.'<: Sinei;ut SmoklBg, '.".^a 
:»lc; I'lnceCut Chewing h2c<i$l..'l7; tinuO, Ti-s 


Ibe d<'maod for liinuing toola ii gradually di- 

iniiilHliicg, aad KAle.H are limited. Utb'r arlidei 

uucUangtd : 
IltON— Bar, 7c, kmall itiz'M. k.j'j:; nail rod, 

Nuru*y ITk;; llor'oi ihou '.lalOo. 
MN rLArn-I.C. 10x11, tlS 00 pcrbjx, I. .\ 

I0«I4. 9U- 
l,KAl> I'll'K-'; to I',', Irt'icperB.. Bar. 15c 
IH>>>-- Socket. ttO.V);fb»nk, t'.i.SO, 
K.IRKS-',' tin.', ♦siHi;:i tine, »'.i..Vi.<|-i 1^0; 4 

tlue.iiiinure, L II, («.ou; 1> 11 tH-lM^ 

<JltyM>I.K.S ^I'.rKan ualt'Tn, gcnuiuo, $42.0) 
p< rdo/; iinilaii'.n do if:il.i;!'<. 

.-ilMliHit'— fl '.M^iNOii per do/. 

MluVSlLS— »»<}li'. .'lO perdu/. 

H.\(JKIlS-i;i lo.jiuo. 

h.VATIIS— Socket $suu; plate heel, )1UUU; pa- 
tent loop, $ll.litl4l;!.(SI. 

KCVIIIKtJ Blooil'HlJ H ♦l.l;C« $14; S S 
^i:>.(iO:Miliard'.-., $l.'..'iU: $l:i..'.'i; $11, .'.<>. 

.■rVlllJ.', .H.(,Ni;s — '.linen, Cuuuiiii'Ktun, 
i.1 i«i t,e.- l)j.\ ; e.Mra, $:U". 

HAY ll\Kfcd-«o. -', $:i; Ni). 1, $iJ 25, v.r- 

NAlLt^- lUil sud larger, $.yOO ttiui. 

unovm AHU »$■<»■•. 

lliel'iilloivlog are llio wh^lcdil'.' prices of Boota 
and KhO'-H : 

M-n's lliick U. :>. Buota $.'!.,VI<!4.'iO 

■ 'egged Calf •' 4.SU'j.'i .'lO 

" Kip {M-Kged, ', D. H. Boots 4 OUyt.SO 

Kl|i '• ' " Brogauii 1.75«CJ 00 

•' ' " " I'tougli ^hues 't.iKiii'^,'.':') 

liplit " "' " Itrogana 1.4'i'jirM 

I'alfOrei't* Cong. Boots :t.<Hi5:(..'Mi 

lluir " " " 2..'iOa'i fC. 

" luimorala, ', & U. S.u«'c'd 2.(iU3^.2:.'> 

1,'alf ' •' •,'.7.'..i.V.'.'. 

Bi>}K KIp '. I>, "<. Boot »..Vlg.'l.iiu 

" •' " HrogauH I.^.'.'igl.rti 

Vooth' Kip 'i D. H. HootH ',.. •jIHl.j'iM) 

\Vo-nen»' Call Hats, pump '., Ic U.H... 'J.»t>ai.'M 

iiuir •' "... i,7.s<i'.s.iiii 

" jK-bbkit grain " " "... s.i 
Mli"rf>ii " " Call illuirHals l.-'.'.i !,».'. 

Childreus'" " '• " '• H.>c!)l,lu 

«IT. ■■AtJl< USrAlE. nAHIaB'I'. 
The follon iuK are the retail piicoH of fruits aud 
vegetables lu thii iiuiekel: 

riuin*. p< r .piart inc 

I'ranbnriei., p-'r.piart 15c 

Calitiige, •' nead ,'»31i>c 

rumaiues, " d.'Z lOui'Oo 

OllloUH, " I'.^ck tOJ 

Itnrn, " do» 1031^c 

I'uriip", " bunh 758 

I'.ilutoen, " " Weafl 

Jir«>t* York ■*r««luc«i Mtarkvt. 

iry Telegrsph.! 

Niiw V'"-.!', Aug. :;,N, 

I- lour u i.hs<le lirnuf f*': nunnd medium grMl.-i^ ; 
$«'..4<t/iS.ti'i for exrr.i Htate ; $s «15.j lo.Oo for It. II. 

(ir.AIV. — Wheat .|Uinl ao'l llrra tor prime, oth- 
er I. ranils dull and d.'i...plug at *I.4s fir No. '-' 
Ithlcafo Spring; $'J/.;n lor r.'W while Michigan 
Uve.niiet at -.s, for Wo-leru. it^celpti of crn 
llM.'^l t Ouahelii, aud a "lud" firni.T; tales of 107 - 
OtiO liuihelaat 71'9-Mcfor infirior; M'.. i'^.'c for 
.•bilii.ln" iiiiM'd weiileni, nio»II» at llie latter 
pric.'. T »i. .lu'J, li'»»vv al lO^jtlc for Chieigo; 
ira.'i-c lor .MilwBuk..'. 

I'orl. .|ulol and steady. 

Wliixky, Douf. 

rrilroleum Hleidy at •,!7'a :i',!So for oiude anl 41 
a |i"'c for nliin'.l In boa-.'. 

milnwuk«>« l>r<Mluc« IVIurkvt. 

Mir.vvAUKKK, Aug.'js 

I' lour Wiak aud low er. 

(■HAi!< -t^'°h■'atrallle^weakat $ 1 .'.>.' .,i 1 ,'.i3 for 
No. 1 aud$l.,''i3 l.^ofor Mo. '.', Oatu .'ioc. Ky« 
''■.■>c, loru .'lie. 

<^biciAffa rrodurw JHurkwt. 

ClllCAi.o, Aug. L'^, 
W heal dull, weak : No. 1 $I.M3l.^.^; No. 2 
♦ I..'!". Corn lower at 5,";a52.Vc. Oala dull at 


By uui own lto|iurl<ir. 


At TIIK Falls. — The base of Ihcapron 
lor the fall, just beyond Pasbelt iV: (.'o.'s 
pail factory, is nearly cu,'upii:ti'd. Opcra- 
liuns are carried on knee deep in water. 
Take your last look ol the walerfall bit- 
fore long, for tbe .-ijirons will soon <:uver 
Ibcui. Workmen are biiiy reiituvmg one 
of the dirt liiilkli>'.ads uf the canal and 
blasting out the liiuestone. As a cuDse' 
<|iieiiei! the HU|iply of wuti , ia nhul oil 
Irom th't North Star aii<l Minniapolis 
mills. 'I'hey will ruu again very soon. 
Fra/.er tV Murphy's Hew Hour mill will 
be ready lo inn on ihelirGl of Muvember, 
provided the canal IS completed. A. F. 
Smith &. Cu. have just lilted up their fur- 
niture factory with uew sulf-operaliiig 
lathes, and are tuinicg out an imniense 
ainuunl of work. A new style of planer 
there is attracting great utii'niiuii Irom 
furniture men. 

liu tii.K •IIIK Nkw Pi.a*'. — The grest 
play, "Flag of the Free," which waNiie\- 
er before performed here, will In: played 
at the theatre Wcdniisd.iy night. Tbe 
popular actor, Mr. VVildiimii, lakes a 
ben<.:lil on this uccabion. 

Kiii.K Our. — The auction I'mscof Fai- 
rington <.V Co. have sold oul to (Jupl. I). 
M. (iilnier. 

llAiEnKLMAKi.Mi.— barrel makers, tak- 
ing advantage of a scarcity, ili:iiiaud ■'.» 
cents a barrel ,tt (ho mills, and measiircs 
arc being taken to pay '.'<) cents, or coop- 
ers will be supplied frnni Milwaukee. 

Ai.i.i;.N is boiii'' nguin Irom the eBNtern 
iiiiirKet!), and !)ehind him 1'ollov.^b u long train 
uf buxcs, bales and packu;'cs. Cars, stciim- 
boats ami driiy.i groan under thu louil. 

JSoino ot the most attractive Koods ever 
brought to tbe Northwest, arc now bcioi; 
opened in hi•^^l■lrc. Victoria Tarl tons, Scotch 
Tarll'Mis, rciiliiin. W.iol licjis, Kreiich Muri- 
noef, Cobur^:», MuhuirF, Plaids and Stripes, 
I'uney C'tt.s.-,iiiuie», Clo.iks, C'luakiu^s, Shawls 
und liicss U(;'jJs uf tbe newest styles. A 
large stock id Wool Utankcts, Flannels in 
enormous variety. Opera, White, Ubcek, Gray, 
Jted, ie New style Hats, Cloth, Otter und 
Ueavcr Caps. Allen's is the plueo lo get your 
bargains, t'ulek .sales aud small protils is his 
motto. aug^.'~s-;jm. 

Kroin 111.' pa'.luruof the *ulij.crll>.'j, near Laki 
lallioun, 1 i-ptklert ^tel■r.4 yiarsold, liroad horn; 
1 r.'d Kteer, boh till. :t yearn old; 1 red Kfeer and 
1 lineil Lack Hm-r; on all thewcitt'e the buth of 
lb.' tullls cut oH' H(|aare. Five dollarK each will 
be paid a« reward for thane (rattle if broaght to 
aKVUKllkHOULITI'S Boston Hirket, 

a'lg^ti Iw Wabbington Av , MlnneapoUi'. 

rilMKBlft ITASVBO, ' 

Art Koreiiiaii ol shop. Be.Hi ct wages and 
ujuttsnt employiuent. Must bo uu A 1 woik- 
■nan, oumpcient lo da any and ad klnduof jou- 
bing. Al-u fur a «horl tiiu't one ur more .lour- 
ney men Tinners at good »-ag"9. Apply at store 
onillridtre Hirect, Minneapoliii,of 

aag'.;;i iw* LUCAS UiiOS. 

T.u.> | j.F.UAnaAuo | t/.u.r.biiukt 



Wb<>le«<U« MiiclK.«ttttilX>«ialt*i-ai in 


A lull uud cumplutt) acsurtmentul 





Office aud School Furniture, 

uoii4tantly on hand, 
Ulilmlutoriiiu I>on« to Order. 

All .irders will receive our prompt attentiua, 
HDd h'I kooIh d.'Iivered at DepotH lu MinneapoUa 
and ,Saint Antliony iree ul cLar^e. 

I'rioes furuixhed on Ppplluuliun. UALKti- 
UUUM AND 1' Ai; (OR V, 



5>aWSOW & CO., 

ni:ALKIt£ IN 

Fuiuigu tuid Domedtlo Exchiuigo, 

a-OVili tf. SU^VKR COIN", • 

U. S., City and County Bonds 

Land Warrantt, raitage Ticktit, 4c., ijC, 


We aiu now rucelvln^a splendid ulock of 

WiiiU; und Coiured Blankcly, 

Ul all .|u:ili(i.'i', I.n>ukIiI law JU.I to be HUld at a 

hiu«ll a-lvanc". Uall and nee them I Ihey 

are ja:t w!:at you want for a Minuo- 

HO'a AVinter. 




lu great variety and cheap "cf oouine,' Always 

to be found with u^-, a full slock 

ol Heaionablc 

We aim lu bay (JOOD <i.X>L)3 and 'guarantee 
BMiafactio.! in every ea^e. 


All the i-tand.trd raakea in new and desirable 
ulylca for thu Fall Trade, to bo opened in a day 
OT two. 


Kuatic and other bliaden, hand.ioma aud 
cheap. (live us a call. 


HiirriMOii Stoue .81oel<, 

3N r r NN*] A.r»o LIS, 

iRTH STAR lOlES Mill! 

opened at iheMdl expresi-ly lorthe convenience 
of farmera, cuuuiry uud town jnople. 

Vl<?'l'r 'I'lIK MU..L,. 





1<1 u-iicl Its iNortU Heeoikd street. 



IVincs and Iiiquors 

by till- II iitl" an I on Umf, f'lr nalj by 

\V HMJ J \H[, 

Real Estate Agents, 


IHl 'J?hir«l Mtr««f,ntf>ii'_ (he Xri«l(rc. 

Wo buy and »ell Properly, on Oiminii'Hion, In 

all parts of tbi*. Htate aud Wme'iufin, and caanot 

fall to xaliKty i><rtl'-H deiiir<juii to' >'.-!l ur I nveHt. 

We have a larKn ainoant of property lor nalc In 

•St. Pkul, and adloioinif towr.n, ar.d tbrourhoot 

thelitule, iM-louKinK to parlleK reiilly anjiiouN lo 

... BBvs'vr .<<aa.<v^<aiam '""■ ""' "^ p'i"'" that cannot loll to >>■• remone.- 

r A^IIIjV It I\I II ;I^I\ nu've. We olTer B'j.iooM properly in St, !•»■ 

i .^liTXILJ 1 V^ J*.^ fV-Zlilk;, „„a|| ilieprin.ijiilMreet., nI,u«B anaiot.a* 

all priceH nud In all part" ol Hm' city K. -lUerce 

lotH In en.llon:. '(uanlity, from f i^o to f1b.r<H) 

Cor .'ilil iV jN<;k*iOII blx., St. I'lml, ; «ach. (Jouuty property, iatn-i, tAud. 

I Hote.i^, l,Lk.' Ke.idMic-^, 'Ilirl«r and Hay 
(.•odH, &c., Irom *l to (to p«r acre, in all parts 

Who refer I U; p''r.uiKi'>a, an a t; antee for 
tli.dr purity, to l>octr.rii WUley aud llaud— the 
same lia', iui; b-fn tesl.-J nnd aj.jrt.M'd by liiem. 

of ihla Male and H ixconflu. 

W'l Ctniiot tail lu tiuil kiiy o>i<^ d'Tiioun ul 
pnrchaKiiif?, i>:i>l refer lo our Ilullilln on flrat 
page, Tav. :' p.iiy' in all iiart" Ol IbiH ^^tal« and 
WiHOonelt.. MOKGAN AHa(:l.Otii>. 

mohio d&.wlv ttI.T 


SLXi'icv i{<Jl.'.N'A'I^:-J. 


Ineresthied r*eii»ioiw. J^QQ J J) J] JJ 'J 



Mitdiisoii, WkM 

Capital, $300,000! 

Ol NKHAi. HKArvi;AUTi:n.'i, .Sr»i i: <.k Minx,, . 

Al'JDTA.NrOll.NKKAI.'S uri'it:K, J 

Kr. I'Ai L, Mi.N.N, AugUft loih, lui'<i. > 

Under act of .luly •, IS'ii, f 100 addltloniil 
lounty will b» paid M throe yar.-- men wb-i wrved 
llieir t'-rm of eu;i.<tin< ut, or who w. r" i.oon-r 
■li.eaar^j.'d by reai,>n of wouudd leu-iv, .1 in Iha 
liui' ol July. AIto tu v.i,l(W!., minor children, 
or parent, ol tlir.-.- >ear« men, who di'-d wlnle 
111 111'' i;nn.u .siut.s h.jrvice, or of w..undn or 
Oinea.u cjutractcd lu »uoh nerviue, 

Kif'y tl..iltiri. I.i.nnly \,M b.} pai<l uu.i -r lik.» 
coneliioua to two yearH uien. 

boldiem entitled to the bounty nnd.-r the aJeiva 
act will henil their dlbcharRi.' pa;ieri t.i Ihi* ollice 
and If didchar,;. d by rua«on of wouudu will alat4 
wh»n ami when' tliey were wouudnd. 

Widowa of decfaH.d HoldierH or tailor', who 
lutve minor children underthe »;(>t of 10 years 
will b.' entitled tot »odollar» adJit onalpenKion 
for evi'ry huc."! child ; and orphan elii'dren of d.'. 
ceaied ftoldiers or aallors a-eenUtlod to the same 


WidowM and iruardlans of minor children aie 
pljiuK for the iucr.aM- ot pen-ljn mu.t prove 
the cute of birth of Huch children, and that thi'y 
are the Ir^itiuat'i chlld.-ea ol tlie c< c-a^-d i-ol- 

All applicalionH !or ferbioU'., t'ounlie. or 
Kaok I'ay of soldiers or their hel'H, will r-oeivo 
pronii.t attention irom thlK clTice ki;i.k ur 
< MAuiih to clalmanU by applyiuf to the uuder- 

letters addrei<«(dt'>iT:nreiatinx to any class of 
Boldlcrs' or tiailors' claim.i will rec< ive a prompt 

H, r, VAN «;i J VK, 
Adjutant (ieneral and 8tata Agejit. 
49-CouDtry papers copy ocutlmc- 
augU Itidiltw 

Sale of (ioverniijenl Fro|>ert)'. 

Okkim. Dmmti^i Mai.i;\nsTKK, i 

loKrS.NEI.I.I.\<i.llI.\N.,AU|tUl.fJl, JhOli. \ 
The nndcraigned will oHcr for Hal» al PUBLIC 
AUmiO.V, irnni the Warehou'.eii al KOKT 
hNI-.I.LI.M;, Minn., at 10 a. m., Mondayihe 
third dav of ^eptemlur, I^W, tUu foIlowU'K 
yi;Ai:rti;ii.v.sTUK'K sroui-h, vi^ : 

.■jH; Setii Uarncu.*, 

f/J Saddles, 

41 Bobsleds, 

1)71 Joinu Stovi'pi.e, 

~1 Water BuckelK. 

TC ('liair<., 

■-1.1 lablcH, 
too .Movee, 
HO Waeoii", 

II Atnbulauc^I., 

Also, a largo quxulity cf MI'ccllaiisoas loob 
and storen. 

J'ermticjsh In 17. .S, Fundi. 

Captain loth Inf., A. A. Q. H. 

BUg,.'l td 


Hair Regenerator. 

Tlie tnoaC looadarful discnivn/ o/lhe age. 
Will iiOHltively rratore Gray flair to its origioal 
color, whether black, brown or auburn, and 
l-eib){ a delightful dreMdue, il imparts to it a 
b»auiilul ^lortny aod h.'althy aupearauce. It 
will altio proiiu>le a rrowth of new bair on bald 
hi ads where the glaudw or root « of the hair are not 
diiior);acized, aud cllectually reuioviuK all dan- 
druff, Uohiiij; and humom from the ncaip. It ia 
warrrnted to produce the above rceullii or money 
relunded. l'ricc$l,oo. AUordem ubould iH-ad- 
droBned to 

jer-lth1l-3m Wholeeale Aleuts. 


Q.O^{\ PEK jnO.'WTU-EVKUl- 

•~*.»J\/ WIIKHK to i-llthe Im-oS work 
iau-ilif*** MniabftI MutI uiil.i |tri*<'lic'ial 
VMiuil.r Mewln;;: .lliac-lilao in ukv, Ko!- 

Bom'H latest puteoi. with Keichuni's improv.'d 
patent Ioop4'r rnov.'inen'. ti,jFtttt'U IkK- 
C'l'Oei* •• l)f,tO. We to hire imm.-di- 
ately ftiMS liraS-claaa CiaiituMliifr AK'«*nsa 

by the month. Urealesl luduoemeuis ever of- 
fered. Kor termx adiiress 

.1115 1'^t Water etreot, Milwaukee, Wis. 



llaa taken the ai^jve uimi d Hilooo, 

Oil .liielcsson Htroot, 

2V«*il d«M>rt» Jlliu^KHOtlM'e, 

And willkeeuil in KK14T-CI,A,SS ST\ I, v. Ihe 
Bar will always be supi>lied with la.i 

Choicest Wines, Liquo-'s &. Cig.irs, 
'•coiKE ASi> HEE me.-'" 


iMiur*-* A;i.tlust LoM vt Life or I't-r- 
•onul iMjur; hy »aj Act'lMvitt. 

PreuUeiU—'^XUVKL \). H.VoTlNOS. 

yUeJ'reiident—riU»i\>i S. ALLEN. 

Treoiuiei—U. K. iKNNEV. 

Otneral AyeiU—X. O. IMU WIN. 
I.I. • Its KAih<!HiLI>,Uoverr.orof \Vi« . KbUHcn. 
Tikis, ^'. Al.i.l.s, ^e.-'. .State, Ui eial rcint. 
W. K.Smiih, ,S!«l:? i're»»uier. Vox Ijike. 
l.vsTKU bl-:r, .M ISexion.Bro.fti'o.. .Milwaukee 
Joii.v A. l)Lr.;iiit!<, Uulcner, iJal: & l^ooOrich, 

.S.s. MKKiai.t.,0. n.Man.M. &S'. P. R.R.,1I1I. 
IlAiivKT T. huMtii'.Y, tiieamiMiU I'lc LaCroaae 
A. K. El.voUE, Uoui-aian Ji Klniore.ureen Bay. 
C. C. SlIoI.KS, Supt. W \f. Tel, Co., heLO^ha, 
S.VM'I. U. llA!>TiNi.s,Ute HiiiK Trea^., Ma'iiscn. 
Simon Mii.i s.Prcd, Bank .MadUjn.Had.oon. 
N, B. Van. Si.VK K, Vtet 1>.t. Nat. Bank, .M disou 
U.K. ThNNtr. II. <K. » U.H.Tenniy, Madison 
S.C Bi,»N, Gen. Act. M.Mnt. ln.°.Co., Madl-on 
A. G. 1>A|LW-IS of M. K. Kuller Si Co., Ma41son 
K, W. Kkv;;'*, Mayor uf city of Ua:iiM>n. 
U.K. Uot-KINS. Mat fres. Madisua Mut. Int. 
Co., Uiidinun, 

At:Cii.<«All,UUO, t-9Kr»UM^s. 

Ihi-i Comp«iiy issues policies of inoarknoe 

Loss or Life or Pergonal Injurj, 

eauKcd by any accld-nt, al aa low rates of pre- 
mium as ire oller.'d by o!her Qrst cla>>s compa- 
aie.'i. Its oapllal is amj<ie antl i'. is iins^'nted lo 
your favor as a 

No»'tliwet!»t<».ru C7oiiii>a.iiy, 

KmbnuiiiiR uuduk iH rtockb'jl ers loai.y of the 
auoat prominent uapitalikU aud t>a?iaccA laeo ol 

Active snd onerKelij Agents waste < in iit. 
Paul an.l tliroufrhoul the tstate. t>Ui>D TEftMS 
WILL UK tJIVK.-y. Address or apply to 

I). s.B. JOHNSTON, Stale fig'l. 

OiSce on KighthKtritet, op;.ooito resi.lenucol 
UayorPrlBoe, tt. Pual, Minn, anU-d&wIa 


TO wje»omts]m:f:iv. 

JOMIV A.. WTEEifci, 


Xliira !str<4et. Suiiit 2?uul, Alinu 

ami mm uullic buhl cisffi i cAsun 

. Cloth Caskets and Wooden Coflinn ol the latoe 
sty ic cor. stantly on baml. Hearses and Curiaxes evT ything nooesswv fora KoDertU lurnisbed 
ou the shortest n.itice, 
UesidenoeOQ (Jaukda slre«t „ •t'vV'.- lealh 

A inasnilii.ent, lirst-vU'.s 

Hydro-Ox^'gen Clock- Work 


Wi:ha b-.auiilu! assort 1 at of carefully M-ltctu^ 


Also, Cuitatur,iiltccofetitt4 r^ Waxed tcieen 
and other appurtenAnoes, ail ii. ,>etfect order for 
publicexhiuitious. Apply to 

wa!i-i cor. of Thirteenth and St I'cter-sts. 



Attorney at r.jkw. OIBoe a»er rar-erPatneV 
Bank, Third street. St. Paul, Kin c. botS 


English Double Barrel 

W ith Mahogany Box and Furniture briougluc, 
all in i>rime order. 

This gun was Imported by a gentlemen for bin 
..wn use, and will be sold at cost hI t!ie ttore of 
1', PMUAK,. 
aug2S-Iw Comer Third and Bobert etrecis. 

KIKKI-ANI>'6 maaTiifl-ent new Pict. r ii- 
Hiitorlcul Worn, the mostr.'marii'i'ile, (hrilMujf, 
interesting, attractive and fast r.'l.'inj; book of 
modern times. ToCl<Tgymen,i.':'Chers. dl-'abli-d 
foldiers, soldi, rs ' widons an.l all other intelli 
l^enl persons, we oll'er uQeifUtlled lacilitiei for 
making money. Send stamp inr jiirtlrulars. J, 
A.nluUDAHU «r CO.. loj W.isliinKlon 'ir.f:!, 
Chicsgo, 111, Box;.'.-;*. t>ais;.u-'lm* 

cmlock Slaughter Sole, 4:SMc; 

Utl-lOli: OV ClIIKF (jl'AKTKHMAsreu, t 

Fort Snelllng, Minn., August •-•■<, IS .O. ( 

SK.ftI.B» PHOPOMALS ■» »r- 
plieite will' !• r.'ti v.'.l at ibis oIUm until r,' 
o'clock M, Naiuidk-., l<epieaibr Mb, for Ihe de- 
livery at JVrt Abi-roromble, D.T., of 
AOO <^«rila of Cilartl lurrch^tntMliIe 

■I 4ni> t>oui». 

'the Wood to becord'-.l at the Tost and subject 
to .' uch inspection es the QuartiTiiu.Hlcr of Ihe 
Post may direot. 1-'. 'livery \-t couiui.'iice iinino- 
diatelv on coiriilefion of eontrac. ■.V" cords lo 
!•« .lellvereJ on or before November Nt, ISiiC, and 
the balance on or ti"rore,linuiry 1st, Is'.T.aod in 
•iicli .|aaatitUs prior to these dates as may be 

I'roposala lor lh.» whole or any pirt of t'le 
amount re.juired will be received. 

Bidders wiil give t'leir cames und address in 
lull, and iu ease ol tirirs the preoUe uame aod 
address of each individual member must, with 
tlie rami' of the lirm, b.' slated. 

A prln'.ed copy of this adveitlscmcnt will be 
encloai'd with each iiropuaal. 

All bids must be accoxpunled by a written 
guarsctee lu U.e fullu'jriug lorui, \lt : 

Wo , and , of the couulyof , 

State of , do le-r.-by opree that 

is able lo fullil a contmci In accordance with his 
proposition; and that shoiiid his proiio^ition be 
accepted, he will at once enter into a contract iu 
aecordaiic'i therewith. Should a contract be lilni we aro prefiared to liecome bis 
securities, signed by two resjionsiblc p^-rsons, 
whose responrlblllly shall l«e vouched for by a 
certriicale uf a Clerk of the District Court, or the 
U. S. District Attorney. 

Bidders are reijucsted to bu present at the 
opening of bids. 

Proposals from persons who have previous- 
ly tailed to onmply with their bids, Irom di^loyal 
persons, and persons Irresponsible, will not bo 

The und.'rsirned reserves the right to reject 
any or all bids. 

A bond « ilh good and (.atlsfostory security will 
be re.juired from the person or persons lo whom 
theeoiitrnct may b.' awarded. 

Contractors will lurnish the neociisiry revenue 
stamps for bond' and contracts. 

Bids to be endorsed "J^opseals for Woo.I at 
Fort Abercrouible," aud addretsed to tbe ucdcr 


IVK V%" O OOl >S I 

Spriug aud Suiiiiiier Coatings, 

uf Dark aud l>,;!it lirown and ^dladed (ircy 

colors, made from tlie finest Wool cud 

csp''ciallv adipi.'d lo tlie cooler 

htlltud'js of the Northwest. 

FANCY CA»aO!*IM.l<iltK8 

In bliick and vihlie and black and brown plaids 

la sprinir styl.-, made expres"ly of pure wool, 

for pantaloon stuITs and vesungs. 

.A.11 AVool Tweeds 

Of superline .|u.illty and son silky finish, of light 
grades for summer w>''ar. 



Wimbish's Express, 

Carries Passengers, Uaggaga aud every descrip- 
tion of Light Freight anywhere and everywhere 
in the city, at the lowest rates. 

iJfGoes at Merrill's Book store, lyu I bird street, 
anl Sink's Grocery store, Jaokson street. 


Eiijliib, (la»$ical, Malhi'Diaiicsl aod .Srietiiilic 

This i^'chool win r:open for t!ic Kail Term 
noadtsj, ■••pScaabor .Id. 

A tlior.ughbasiness education iuiliou 
— 'jne half In advancs, 
augzO-lW J.EDGARDi.VON. 



Uerueal Truo^ipurialiog i\ocut, 


tiiveu on l-'reight t J 

New York, Boston, Philadelphia, 

And all piincipal poiuts East, 

Time Guisraatrva kt ja««lr«d. 

Freight Agent far the Lower Division 


«'»-Oflioe and Warehoueo on thci-cvce, .'-t. 
aul. auftS 

St. Xaviers Academy. 

135 Wabasli Avenue, 


Cnder the direction of tbe 

^iuter:^ oi iVforcy, 

Wiil re-open lor the admission of pupils on 

lAXouduy. Septenxber 3d, iSGC, 

In the new Seminary. 

Letter* of Inquiry should to addressed to DI- 
UKOiJUX SI. lAVl£iU ACADJ^UY, Chicago, 
111, augir 2w 


Nm,v% VwM 



Kor sale at the CListgo City MHIh. 


au'-'JIwPt Chissco City, Minnesota. 

Dcalnrs In Resjl Entnfo, 

Convrjaiicra tand Mnrvvyor*. 


rroporty bou.i»hf and fold, taxes pald,ool!oc 
tlons made and titles exr.miaed. OtBce In In 

BUgft td 

Ciptaiu IO h U. b. Infantry, 
Ihlety. M,Dist.Mlnn, 

gersoU's Block, up stairs. 


Uf A« AJciBB*, BBvrar ArBa»,*« 

iSM. Bomnd in any atvle d-alerd •• 'ht Prcia 
B'ndflrr. Apr.lT at »Ne Hr-nnfiB* Keor . 

Open and Top, for saloat reasonabl-'i price?. 
Aply at th'j Shoeing ijhop of 

•Jl iw Corner tlh and Ixcbange btrects, 

UAVH MVWT mMvut^\-TEn~Ln 

other large consignment of 

IVov Fi'encli Lemons 

Which will bo closed oat at 


aug^.;i-lw Third, .St. I'aal. 

I?«»«,.*A«-E-ri.AlM«.llC; mii' 
. SAbll, ttJOtt ANDIil.t.NDKACTUitY sit- 
uated on the Wafer fo'A'er in JlintK'apiIis with 
Machinery, oonsistlng of three plaining, floor and 
tl'Jing machines, uue Dauiels flaine,- one ciir 
"■aw, four clroalar saws, two morttcliiB one 

tenanting and one boring machine, one turnin" 

•atiie, together with lumber and work on hanif \r*** 
an lugaod condition. Apply on the premises." -^'A 

""s-'^iw J.u,bMirii. 

Tbi« Houae is uow opeu for the rcoeption of 
Uu'sl", Is n.'W out and out ; isrituatedon 


St. Peter, Riyj anil Eleventh street*, 


Country antl I?i^ . i-, 

Couveui-iit tofell {o'nis. with a'vnrai acres of 
ground attaelied, tinely shaded, and is one of the 
most deliehtfu' situations in tbe city. aa'iS 

AS »~ 111 imrn KnovA 

Uauulacturtr ol tbe 


Hoop Skirls, 




liiislles. Nets, £.c. 

A Large aod mo-<t complete stock of tbe latest 
styles of Hoop Skirts and Corsets conftantiv en 
haj!d. Merchants supplied a,t New Y'ork prices. 

Skirts repaired and ma.le as good as new. 

Goods warranted for tlirec months. 

Please call and examine. 

N. B.— Orders from th» country prcmiitl. af. 
tnnded to. Post Office Box 1,744. N*. U« 
Tblrd »«r«.««. m*. WttmM. apl» 4thply 


C. .A.. i*RESCOTT 

Proposes to sell the coming season mere and 
better wood for tbe money, cither 

Wliolesale or Retail, 

Thanany other dealer. Ha has all uualitiea mtd 

jrioes from fS.&O per cord up. Has al>o' 

on hand best dry 


Delivered in any quantity; nice kindiings, 8 c. 
Has al?o on hand a Urce amount of 


The only baled Uay in market. Also 

Ptew Bx-iglit Hti-JXAV, 

Straw Tibcs Oll.'d atid delivered. Orders 

solicited and uroinptly atleededto at bis WOOD 
AN O HAY VAKD, corner Fourth and !?t. Peter 

c. A. PREsro-rr, 


<|}IX,I.'S MCUOO&i 

DAitr »■,■•• vwmjLm #ob «» 
KICK executes all kiod< of .loh Pr'ctfn* 

W'th ppr.tress »ni dlspsfel, r! • ■ . • .. . . ."" 

»rt>ivM :t.» ' < rn; » n't. 

Young ladies wUI open under her own caie, ou 
Monday, the 10th of bej.lembor. 

The school for younger children will Of en at 
her rc.idcnce on Mo: day, AugUbt 'Mib. Mgi;-3a 























1 ■ 


- - 






^^ j-L - jJ f - : I r- 

1^ Swrf 

•AWI' PAU L. AUOU at 3t. 1W6. _ 


-viol.l .lot-fdat lU^A. No. I 
in Milwaukee l.'H'i. 

— Kx Gnvrmor Morcbead, ol Nortb 
(.'arolinn, (lit'd on Moniliij . 

— Th.i ll.publi.-An.t o{ niil»!<'Il''''» 
have norauuitcl tor ConRre-s Josiph U 
(UW, Hon. n.iirlcs 0-Nciil. Hull 

Myf,«.HmUH.lKeW. I>-K«ll.v lor the tirst, 



sotoiul. lUirU i'BU louiil' OulricU rMpcii 
iTi'ly. 'ihoihico lastnBinca gentlemen are 
nwiulicn .'< tU> prencat CoiiRresx. 

\ (,re on;urred in r.tmirA jcsltiilav, 

ilrairoy ins •;>«»>* '*''*>'l^" »>o"s«^'' »"'' " ""'"" 
(HT or r irrmges. Tlio jail wa» ia .Unpor aiul 
8 orcJKd, l.iit tlo piif.-ticM were not ro- 
iu.>vcd. Lo*ii«.W.ii«»<i. 

--'Iho Ubodrt hlifld doltRation lo tlic 
southern In.un Cnv^ M I'tuludclphin 
1. composed of n.n. Lurnsidc. Senator. An- 
ibooy ai-.l ."-i-rugue, UiprMcnlaUvcs JcuUc* 
aod II.X0.1. l.icul. U«v. Orton, ex-Uov. 
:^iuitli. 111. Dariu'N t^ear^, rroniflont of Itrown 
Aiuversity. l>ele>;«t«» were al.-o sint from 
tbo iliileiont loiinlics of the State. 

The Atlia'ic Cable reports that Na- 

IJOkou will not withdraw Uio Krench troop* 
irom Mexiou until January. 

.\ ijglit wi li till- Itidiand hta taken 

|.laoe ntai Kurt It^no, In which seven while* 
were killed. .V puriy of recruit* were aUo 
attacked near Towdtr livev, uud two Nveie 
killed. A general outbreak of llie Indiainion 
ibe plaius IK iiiiminent, aud will re<iuirc a 
uiaeh siroDfrer force than is now on the (tou- 
tuT to protee'. the si' tier*. 

— \ nini^KT ol SaifT ^"'tt t^onviots 
tttiemplc.l lo Irtnk jail on Monday, and »lur- 
iDg tho nicl.e one of ihe piisomr* waskilIo«l, 
and serial badly wounded. Duo ot tlie 
guaxdi died Irom dUrnro ot the heart oeen- 

sioncil hy fright. 

— 'thu Vt-niiwH of Now York Tefusc d 
to take puit m tlie ueeption of the rrcniUent. 
.\ rtporl on the finaneial uifairs ot Head 
Centre U'.MaUoiiy lis ''Ccn made. Iho oiU- 
cers and Hair elcrk», ot which there were a 
larife nnmber, were receiving salaries of from 
S1,'.*00 to fl,.WOa year; porters and mcsscn 
ger«ff')00 to#80<i; members of the Central 
Council ft ■> a day and exp*"'*'^^- 

— Tho potato crop in some regions ol 
Canuil.i has l»cen attacked by the rot. 

— The drouth still continues in Geor- 
gia, and tLr.iu<;hout the South generally, aud 
the cotton ciop will bj .-mall in conbc<iutuco. 
-Elivea tliOUsanJ fliric hundred and 
toiiyuiiio barrel of llour, and l..ll.M"C.' bush- 
els of wheat, were shipped from Chicago, 
Mihviiukcc and Toledo to Duffalo last week. 

.\t a special session ot f hu New York 

Senate, yc-sitrday, called lor the trial of im- 
yncbaicnts, a resolution welcoming W. 11, 
SBwarJiiihis i^tatc, In company with the 
I'resitlential txcursionists. was' scvcnil times 
votiid dotvn. 

— A cable telegram states that tbo li'm- 
prtsi i'.irloita has ao far succeeded In her 
mission to Paris us to obtain from the Em- 
peror an extension of the time for the pay- 
ment of the ten millions of Irancs duo by 
Mexlo. but he refusea to loan another ten 
uuUjonti to keep Max. on his pegs. 

— AnotLor seizure of Fenian arms and 
aiiimuuiiion has been niado in Ireland. 

— Tho crop prospects in Kujjbnd aud 
Kruncc lire unsatisfactory. 

A Dr. Forbcd, who has made tbo tour 

of the Souihetn States tor the purpose ot esti- 
mating the amount of the coming cotton crop, 
has made Ui.^ report. HcthinU.i tho irop of 
thii* y«ar will not exceed l,lt;0,000 bales, of 
which only about •JOO.Ouo bales can bo spared 
lor cxpuiution. 


or .loLii VV. Vonicy in place of tbo rcntj. 
f^ado Cowan. 

In Indiana wh.ire aBtato ticket ia to be 
ele.ted. tbo local papers ex|.rcss strong 
conUdcuccol a decisive Union victory, 
IhouKb tboy tt'liii>«' "'«» hard work and 
tborouf-b organi.'.atioii is iciuired to 




tlMS «-AA.E, l(f.ailC»0.«». 

The fall tlcctious which are to decide 
wbcibcr loyalty is lo bo branded throujjb- 
out ad faturo generations as a crime to 
be puaiabed with political proscription, 
or whc'.ber tbo victory ot tbj loyal people 
over the oligarcb.oal robcliion is to have 
its legitimate lusults ia the establishment 
of this gavermnent on the basis of justice 
to fill mm — '-1^0 tall elections, wo say, on 
which tujU momciitoub interests butig, are 
rapidly »ppr jacbm ij, autl the armies 
which fought out the war on the battle 
field ar^ c'.o.ia;< for a final struggle at tbo 

(3ld Ve uio-it, tho Gibraltar of free 
principU'H, l.-adi oil' on tho Fourth of 
ticptcmbtr. Uero tho contest is not 
doubtiul, and the K> publican ticket with 
Gov. l>.llin!;h;ui at its bead, will be 
elected by a msjoiity of two-thirds of 
the p.ipulif vote. 

CaliJoruu camea next, ller eldction 
takus place on the tiiat TLursdsy, or the 
Si.xtb of Septeuibtr. No .Slato ticket is 
elected till next year, cnly members ol 
Congrefs ar^d county cllicers arc to be 
voted tor at this el- ciion. The JoLujon- 
itcH have mid i;omenso ill'orts to tarry 
the eh'ctioijs in Oali/orni.i, and the shift- 
ing charac'i r of its population rcrdTS I's 
political status (ioubtful— but a llepubli- 
ean t.,onipU is eoiilidently anticipated 
then by tbofo who arc best acquainted 
with its politics. 

"twiijjjing around the circle to the oth- 
er exlrtme," as Mr. Johnson would say, 
Mniiio I'lu. t,"-!i next iMo the IJcbt. She 
holds 111- el' :; ion on the Second Thurs- 
day, on Ul'h of September. Gen. 
Cb!inib(.rlain the Republican cindlda'*- 
lor Governor and bis associal'.s on the 
ticket will be elected by an overwhelmioy 
maj.riiy. F.v ry DIairlct will return a 
lUdiual Union member of Corgrcis 
though the issue will be lit.rcely con- 
tested in the First District where Loren- 
zo D. S>*ctt 8 a^ain the copperhead can- 

After these preliminary movements on 
the lUnks Lie great battle coir-iences in 
hot earneat on the centre. (>r\ tie Sec- 
ond Tuesd.iy in October, Ohio, "• nnsylva 
nia and Indiana throw their m^hty col- 
umns into the vortex of the condict. 

InOb!r>, where al.vrgc State m.jority 
is certain, »n Auditor of State, ."uu a 
member ol tbo iJo;\rd of I'ubliu \'. orkj 
arc, wc bilicvc, to bo elected this year 
But the mtiin couteit wdi bo for members 
of Con;'rci-s, and the prospect is that tho 
list cf Uidcal Irom that State 
will be inircasc-d insicidil .H.nitiisheJ. 
Delano, who tquiutcd strongly towards while in Congress, may be 
defeate.l, al IniifjUho ii now doing bi» 
best to recover Iho contiden< « of bis con- 
stituents by strong speeches for the pol- 
icy of C -'I'l agttiuut Johnson. 

In i\.; • till the cUorij of the 

Johnsocitcs and all tho inlluence and 
pairoiidfTO of the administration, are be- 
ioRciN.'.aj.a to defeat tb(! Kepublican 
candid.Hte tor Governor. Gen. Geary, 
and elct llcis'.er Glymcr, a rank 
coppe;b id, viho opposed the 

war soil" ■')• 'bat he even rcfusi d to 
vote :mi t 'i i to th.' soldiers. Hut tho 
loyal sci.tiiiuut of the brave old Kfy- 
atone State is fully aroused by the insult 
put upon it by tbo rocvint rebel conclave 
at Philadelphia, and thtie is but little 
doubt that the Uci)ublicau8 will carry the 
State by a large majurity. It is believed 
that in spi'o ol tbj tremendous ellorts 
made by tb ■ 15 -eud and Butteritcs to 
carry some KepuUityin di.striuts, that our 
friends will not only hoM tleir own. hut 
gain niv cr fwo :r .■ir.btr.-'. A Kidical 
Legi:iIa'uro will bo one ccnsetiuence of the 
antioipat'-'l vJ.'ory. wb"ch will probably 

make buio of that result in a Stale so i»j- 
. .-ntly redi.nied from Copperhead as- 

On the r.rst Tuesday m November, 
Massachusetts, Michigan. New York, 
\.>w .lersey, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri 
and Maryland, hold their uleeliois In 
the ensum}* week, the aecond Tuesday, 
Delawari'. Minnesota, Iowa and Kan- 
sas wdl vole. None ol the:.;' Slates 
have yet made their nominations. 
Massachuselis and all the Northwestern 
States, ineludinfc Kansas, will givrrous- 
ing Kepublican majorities. In Now 
York. New .lersey. Missouri. Maryland 
,d Dolawuro immense ellorts are being 
1,. by tho .lohnsonites to overcome tho 
com|.arat-vily mu*" llep"»'»"»" ""'jorities 
m tho*e Stat. s. Hut it we carry the Octo- 
her elections we shall more than hold our 
own in the l;i»t rained States. In New 
York tlm tight will be tho tiereest ever 
known- and tbo defect ion of the Seward- 
Bayiuoiul-NVee.l element, with the im- power of patronage and corrup- 
tion wbicU they sway may render the con- 
test doubtful— but .It present everything 
betokens the triumph of tho Republicans 
ill those S tates. 

Tlia: ttACLHUAl* HACK. 

The Wmona HepublUan denies our 
statement that "in the race between the 
Winona I'e S'. Peter and Minnesota Cen- 
tral railroads to reach «.)watonna tirst. 
the tirst named road was beaten." It la 
a small matter, but as Mr. Chadband was 
ac uitomed to observe, T- ruth is T-ruth; 
and wo arc. therefore, authorized by an 
ollicirtl connected with the Central to 
state that our acoount ol the matter was 
correct in every particular, while that ol 
tho ttepuUkan is groialy incorrect. It 
is the tact that the Central road was com- 
pleted to the point ol junction at Owa- 
tonim two days before the Winona iS: 
S;. i'cter. But tho Wiaona folks with- 
out disputiiig that fact, claim that they 
curied away the honors of victory by 
running a passenger train in ou Monday, 
an hour or two ahead of the Central. 
This is as untrue as it ii pnerile. Tho 
Central sent a passenger train to t)wa- 
tonua ou Sunday, not for the purpose of 
beating tho Winona, but to clear tha 
track and atriiguten things out for opera- 
tions on Monday. The Central could 
just as readily have sent a passenger train 
through on Saturday, if ihey had been 
ambitious ol that barren distmction. 

OnMondtythe Winona cars reached 
UwalonuA an hour or two ahead of the 
Central simply because each road follow- 
ed its own time table. The UepuhUran 
says : 

■f be result was reached, too, la tho face of 
the tact that the Winona and St. I'eter Rail- 
road had twenty live miles of track to lay 
when ihocontcst began, while tho Ceuiral had 
nut to e.\<eei.l sixteen miles. 

Not true. Tho Central did not lay a 
foot, of tr.v.k till the '.'I'h of July— and at 
that, time they had^^//e«M miles to lay — 
and th<i Winona & St. Peter fourteen 
And moreover, afttr the Cc'-tral began 
to lay track they had to wait ten days for 
iron. On the part cf tho latter there was 
no raco about it. Tho challengo was 
given on the other side — and tho ehal- 
lengerj were beaten. So much to vindi- 
cate the troth ol history. 

London dates to Yes- 
terday Noon. 


the; Due iTo Crammont.fbo French unbM- 

sador at Vienna, and that ol <;hevalier 
upon M. Gallicniint, the director ol (Jal- 
lignani's nn-SHeugcr. 

The ChalouH eaiup was broken up on 
the With. 

Prineii Napoleon and (icueral Mou- 
atrea iiad arrived at Paris Irom Italy. 

Weekly returns ul (he Hank ol France 
uliow a further increase of cash over 
o,iXHJ,t»iX) Iraiiu*. 


Kieiirli Tr<M>|>s to Krmaiii in 
Mexico till .liiiiiiarv. 

Tho New York Sonato 

RofuBOB to Welcome 


Fiiiluil('l|iliia U(>|»iibiicau Numi- 




The editor ol the I.a Crosse Jiepublicait, 
writing from Oi;deusbuig, V't., August 
I'.i, mentions tho arrival there on the 
eviuii'p; previous ol Senator Ramsey and 
family on a pleasure trip to the St. Law- 
rence river and Montreal. Tho writer 
says ul our distinguished Senator: 

Ho is one of the sollil. »tauneb, faithful luen 
of the Northwest; auU is rcspeeteil hy mnuui' I 
all parlies fur his integrity and enterprise, 
f hr urst look at the man gives the casu- 
al observer a eprrccl imprecsion of his eh.rac- 
ler. ihere is a hearty, cordial aod manly 
frankness of manner; andawh<)lc.ioiue,whole 
soulcU, vigorous and intelligent presence that 
is tuned up by a ualural dignity which gives 
iissuiunce of a man. llo has stooil up side 
by !.i>le in the Cniied States ^enato with such 
faithful men iis Howe, of Wisconsin, and 
■frumbull. of Illinois. As (io'.m as it becumo 
known that Oovernor Kanisey was h-iro, 
several of the eminent eitiiiiins hurried in to 
|).iv their rcspec-s to tbo Minnesoti (Senator. 
i^liimcKOta h'JS l)ut ouc. Norton is no .Sena- 
tor. Uo IS only a political ailventurer, who 
betrayed the highest trust conlWed in htm by 
that notilo Commonwealth, Iwloro ho had 
warmeil hU seat, ana while the ink in who h 
hl-i oath was rccordcil was yet tresh. He 
niiRlit, live a century beloro ho can ol>lilerato 
tho brand from his furchcact— " F.viTui.hss 

Senator Ramsey arrived honke last 
night. ^^^^^______^ 

TuK aOectiog episode ot Massachusetts 
copperheads and Sonth Carolina rebels 
walkii.g arm in-arm into the Philadelphia 
wigwam, in view of which the President 
was affected to to.^rs, reminds tho Indian- 
apolis Gazette of a speech made by Ai;- -Johnson in IHiJl, from which ir ap- 
p.-ars that the klea of the arm in arm 
tableaux was origical'.y suggested by 
Amly himseli, tbongb with a somewhat 
dillerent purpose, la February, IHGI, 
be said in uia place iu the United States 


I do not intend to bo invidious, but I have 
sometimes ihouglit It wonld tio a comfort if 
Mtt^saiihinMi and South Cnrnlina could bo 
(7i line 1 fcvi (Ate .vs the .'^iiini so twins, sepa- 
rated froiii tho continent, and taken out to 
some remote and sec. nded p'lrt of tho oecan. 
ami '.hero last ub< hored, to rtc washed t)y tho 
wHvc.H and cooled l)y the wUiiIs, and after 
ttiev liiivo been kept therr a siillleient length 
otiime, tho people of the I'nifed States iiiiKht 
entertain the ido^ of takinK them back. They 
sccr.i to have been tho source of dssatisia-- 
tion pretty much ever ^ineo they were in tho 
Cintederaey ; and s imo experiment of this 
sort. I think, would opera'c beneUcially upon 
them ; but as thcv arc here, wo must try lodo 
the best wo can with them. 

lUOi^l KIIICOl*C. 

I KKNCll KV.VCl .vriDN 01 MliXICU. 

l.o.siut.N, Aug •.:'— The morning ToA* 
states that Napoleon has extemled the 
time lor the evacuation ol the French 
troops Irom Mexico until .January. 

CAIII.K ll.KKT sri)KKN. 

LiVKiifooi., Aug. •_".».— An arrival here 
reports huving seen the steamer (Jrcat 
Kastern on thj I'.Mh inst. 


SoiTii.vMi-ro.N, Aug. L".'.— '''he steam- 
ship I lermm. lor New Y'otk, eaUed to- 
day, taking ttiJ.OUO iu specie. 

lOM.Mi;KeI.VI. A.\l> .MelNKTAUV. 

LivKitrooi., Aug. •_'<.•.— Cot'on sales 
to-day are estimated at lO.iKW babs. 
Middling uplands opened at l.'MaiaA 

Lo.NiKKN, Aug. -J'.), noon.— Opening 
p'ice ol consuls to-day is M' I for money. 
Tho opening prioes ol Americian stocks 
to day were I'nitt-l States .< -'tJV 7:.'l; 
Erie railroad 4.)T ; Illinois Central 75^. 

TIIK K.MrilK88 tAllLOTTA't* II1S810.S. 

London, Wednesday, Aug. ■.",».— The 
Paris correspondent ol the .Morning I'oiit 
state* that the Empress Carlotta has so 
far succeeded in her mission in behalf ol 
Maximilian as to obtain Irom the Kmpe- 
ror ol Franco an extension ol time in 
which to pay the French Government the 
ten millions ol francs due ; but Napoleon 
refused to loan Maximilian ten millions 
of Irancs to pay for the e<iuiptue.iit. ol 
troops in Mexico, but will aKsist !u biicb 
ciiuipmcnt by lurnLihing uiatrri^l Irom 
the French magaiines. Thir l^iupress 
also obtained Irom Napoleon an extension 
ol time until next January lor the pro- 
jected evacuation ol the French troops 
Irom Mexico. 

llll .-iSI.V.N Al;.MV. 

PKAiiiK, Aug. I'.s. -TbRlIcad.iuarfis 
of the Prussian army have been removed 
Irom this citj to Toplitic o:i tho North- 
west frontier of Holcinia. 

nr<<M* by Mtauui(<r, 
H\LiiA\ Aug. '."J —The stcauiihip 
Asia leic Liverpool at noon on the l.Sth 
and (iueenstown on the I'Jih, and arrived 
at llalitax at ten o'clock this mornin;j. 
Another Fenian ar.senal had been discov- 
ered at Killmallocb, in tbo County ol 
Limerick. Considerable ammunition was 
seized. Threo respectabln Urmers in the 
neighhorhood alterwards absconded. 
CHOP ANu corroN ritosfKCTs. 
Tho wcaflior in England contiiiu''d 
stormy. Harvest prospects rather iinsat- 
islactory. Reports from Franceiulso un- 

It IS stated that an important docu- 
ment on tho cotton ([uestion has been 
submitted by Dr. Forbes, the Cotton 
Commis8ioii\.r ol the Inilian Government, 
who was recently sei t to the cotton Slates 
ot Ameiica, and alter a tout through all 
ol them, except Texia. now prescuis bis 
retoms. lie estimatei the probable yield 
of North and South Carolina al over 
l(X).i)0O bales ; (Georgia. loD.tXXl, and Al- 
abama, JOO.OdO. As to the other State.*. 
he sneaks of the desolation ol war and 
scarcity ol labor a« likely to redn-o their 
production I o .VMi.iii'il b.Ucs. His total 
estimufe.i, including Texas, is not over 
1,1(J(),0U0 bales, ol which he thmkj not 
more than '-'IHJ.tXM) can bf? spared lor ex- 
portation. Mr. Forbes does not lose 
sight ol the higher (estimates by respect i- 
ble parlies, but believes thu crop jiro-" • 
pects have deteriorated since Ihce esti- 
mates were Iramed. 


Tho Ciar had addressed an autograph 
letter to the King ol Prussia, testifying 
to tho Irieudly relations between the two 
States, and fhows that he entertains t!ie 
overtures made by Prussri relative to the 
luture ri-organization ol Gprmmy. 
iii'.co.NsruuciioN i.v (ii:kman\. 

A royal message upon the iucorpora- 
tton of Hanover Electoral Hesse, Nas- 
sau, and Frankfort into the Prussian 
Territory, was laid before tho Prus:i»n 
Chamber ol Di>putie8 on tbo 17th. The 
preamble to the bill «ays : Prussia did 
not embark into war with the intention 
of acquiring territory. The h :stile atti- 
tude ol these States lias reiiuirtd that 
their indept'ndenco should cease. P is 
hoptd that in the coarse of time the in- 
habitants of tho annexed countries will be 
thoroo.'jbly satislicd with their incorpora- 

In bringing in tho bill Bismark ex- 
prcjsed the hope that the Diet would 
leave the details of accomjdisbiaent in tho 
bands of tie King, who would Bct, with 
the necessary Furtht^r 
communications wiihre(;ard ioSchleswig- 
llol.itein would bo uud.s after the con- 
(■luaiou ot peace. 

The Kin" of Prussia on tha 17th re- 
ceive! the llanovarian deputation, which 
solicited the annexaticm ct Hanover to 
Prussia as soon as possible. The Sihles- 
wig-llolstcin government I .^d received 
orders to prepare lor the eUe^iuu of rep- 
resentatives to the German parliament. 

liKRM\N' ITRM8. 

A graf^d lete had taken place iu Berlin 
iu honor ul Bismaik, and General N'on 
Rood and Moltke. 

A split it was reported was about to 
take place in tho Progressive party at 

The Austrian papers eniphaticallv deny 
that after the withdrawal of the Italian 
troops Irom tbo Trent distrii't. the AtH- 
triaiis wreaked vengeance on the inhabi- 

IIIK ftTATE 8KNA1K HKI fSK.-t to W KI • 

At.nAN\ Auguki '2i). 
At ihe Sp«< ial Session ol the Senate 
to day, a resftlulion was t tr-red reciting, 
that, whereas Pre-ident .lohn>on, Adnii 
ral h'arragut, and (;eiieral Grant are 
about to visit this city on their way to a 
si-ster Slate, to assist in l*)ing the foun- 
da'ion ol a monument to Ihe memory of 
the lalu lumeHled slalesman, Stephen A. 
DotiubiH; iln'relore 

li-ioU;d, That Ihe Senate, on be- 
hall ol the people of the State ot 
New York, welcome the Prejident 
ol the United Stalet, aud General 
(iraiit. lid .\dmiiul Fariagut to our ter- 

Thomas Miiqiby moved to insert the 
name ol W. II. St'wnrd Ayes — 
Collins. Cornell, Folger. Humphrey, 
Lent, II. i'. Murphy, I-. Murphy, Stan 
ford-f^. Nays— Bonuett. Campbell, 
(iibson, Godard, Kline. La'au. Low. 
Sesoions. White, Wilson, William* and 
Wolcott— 12. 

Mr. Folger offered the following as a 
substitute for the first n solution offered 
by Low: 

lUaotvel. That the Senate do, on b«- 
hatl ol tlie i»:;u|d.i ol the .State of New 
Vo:k, welcome l;i< Kxeellcncv, the IVehi 
dent ol the IJni'ed StaU>s and the other 
distinguished personages sceompinying 
him to our Territory. 

Mr. Low otbred the following: 
Resolved, That our distiu^Mshed fel- 
low citizens. General Grant and Admiral 
l'arraj;ut. win aro e.xpeeted at the Sta'e 
tiapitol to morrow, be warmly welcomed 
to -the loU of this State hy Ibis Senate, on 
behallofa grateful pc->ple who reeog- 
niro their rervices aid appreciate their 

worth. . , , 1 

Mr. L. Murjiliy moved to include the 
name of Wm. 11. SewaiJ. Lo>t. 

The resolution wai then adopted, yeas 
lii nays U. 

Mr. F.jlger offered the following reso- 
lution : 

Ruolccd, That a committee of thiee be 
appointed by the chair, in ae^iordance 
with the loregoing resolution. Adopted. 

^taV. IHUl. OK JtlUliK b.'VIIlll. 

Was then taken up and proceeded with. 
Mr. Waterman, counsel for the people, 
openin;: the argument. The evidence on 
the part of the proseeulioii will be sub- 
mitted in documentary lorm. 

mum Ol' KK.VN UICIIMONl'. 

The directors of the New York Central 
radrcad met here to-day, an 1 alter adopt- 
ing a series of resolutions on tho death ol 
Dean Richmond, adjourned to take a 
special tram for BaUvia, lo attend the 
I'liticral to morrow. 


I'liii-AnriiMiiA, Aug. '.•!i 


The Presidential parly 1. 1' this itily at 
7 o'clock this morning. They wen- re- 
peatedly che.ied ou the way to tho depot. 

U&l kl-Tlo.'^ IN NKW VOKK. 

Ni;w YoHK. AuRimt J'.i. 
The Presidential party arrive.l here, 
received an addrcKS Iromtlie Mayor, et.:. 
At the conclusion of t -e ecrenr.nios the 
procession pasted out of the Park and 
proet>eded to FiHh avenue .ind bourlcfuth 
atleet, wber.'. the mdilari were to be re 
view. d. Tijc procession wai a large and 
in^ioaing one. 

■ •iMuU n<-lvaatlon 

ruuMiitXie, U. I., -'•'- 
rii.i .National Union Stale Ceniial 
•Loiiimiltee ol Rhode Island met this 
morning aud eieei. d tho l.dlowmg d.lft- 
gates lo the Siuiln rn I'nion Convention : 
Major Gen. Burnside, Senators Anthony 
and Sprague. and Rjpreseniatives .Jenkes 
auil DixoD, Lieuteiiaut Governor Wm. 
(ii. en, Rev. Dr. Barnes Sear.), Piesideiit 
of Brown University, Hon James V. 
Smith ex-Governor. A'so l..e delegates 
from Providence counly, and three Irom 
caehol the other eouniies of the State 
were apiiointed. Tbo-c w -re selected 
from among the leading men of the 

C'ro|i«lM ri«rtil«-l»r*«lhl« tUfarni* 
tountf rf*«» €irr«-»l»*ck«. 

Nbw York, Aug. ai'. 
Florida reports state that the crops 
are ne.irly ruii<d by continuous rains. 
Six iiu-n weie arrctttd in Choctaw coun- 
ty, Alabama, lor attempUng la murder a 
colored lamily by polsoniii;! their spring 
ul water. They were discovered in the 
act and on complaint to tbe military au- 
thorities were arretted. The drouth con- 
tinues throup.hout central Goorjiia and 
tbo cotton crop will be almoU a total 
failure. Sales ol real estate at. Augusta, 
(reorgia, last week, amounted to $131, 
OM). L'ir|4e quantities of countorleit 
greenbacks made at Memphis arc in cir- 
culation in (leorgia. They are so well 
engraved as to dely dele.etion m nine 
catet out ol ten. 

«*at4t* Mat Iu (MitfdM-tJolldAy. 

OiiAWA, C. \V , Au.T '.!S. 

Tlierot his at lacked tbe potato crop 
in Ottawa county. Owing to the late con- 
tinual ram a; d wind, tho oat crop is 
also a good deal tlauiiged. Thc!>c two 
products w.ll be acsne herein the com- 
ing winter. 

To-day is obnt ved as a pub.ic holiday 
at Ibis capito!. in hotior ol H<«j lajiug ol 
lb : Atlantic Telegraph Cablii, Th<j holi- 
d.iy is not general throtigboul the prov- 

To War Claim Agents. 


Tt-c ii«w Blaiik< for th.i eoll'HJllon of 

stiiiHURs a\m m mwmw, wiwy. 


Vouohor (Rocoipt) Form Wo. 6. 

Uador the Uw of July 'M, IMiO, Is 

Seat hy mall, post-paid, upon receipt of the 
jirloii, »l.'Klpi r iiultc. 

■•««:••• J* UAasiSKit CO., 

nu.ifl* 81. Paul. Mine. 


Nkw Youk, .\Ub'."/.». 

D/fails of the aiiempt to break \\\\ at 
Sfng Sin^ on the part ol a number ot con- 
vict^ on° Monday, state tha* there wer.; 
;;u of them engaged in if. Tho leader, 
IMward Stanlord, was kdled, tbree oth- 
ers were severely or mortally injured, 
and two others slijiblly woui.Jcd. Oiv 
ot the go,ir Is wai hurt ijy a stone, aui 
another one it eil from di^eafn of tho bo.^rt 
alter the tight was over, octaaioued l.y 
tlie c.v -itcm-nt ho bad undergone. 
cuoi.unA UKi'uui. 

No new canes of cholcr.i to report ia 
Brooklyn or this city. 


The Fenians ol this city have determined 
not to take part in the ovation to tlw 
President to-dav. They will (.ursuu their 
u.-jal avocations, and the bcid.i larieiv 
will be open as usuil. An address wai 
ii.iued yesterday to lUo Irish women ot 
America by th < committee ol tho Fenian 
Sisl.rhood. Th.yaskfor cootributions 
and donations for Irish prisoners m Lu- 


A report showing ut) the tinancialatlairs 
at the Washington Stjuara mansion as 
they were found upon tbe resignation ol 
Col. O'Mabony, has been made. The 
report eoutains a lull list of the ofli.ers 
of tha O'Mabony branch of the Fenian 
Brotherhood lor the past year with sala- 
ries as follows : Cabinet officers, .*1,.'')0<). 
Private Secretary ol Head Centre aud 
fen other olU:ers of the civil war depart- 
ment?, $1,^vjO oaeh; seven clerk", AWH) 
ea'l) ; Porter and tbrt»iio.<'ssenger», 961)0 
to $760 each ; Members of iLo Central 
Council, .*■> per diem and expense.", and 
twenty three other military odicers and 
organizers who receive $70 per month 
with expenses paid. 

Thf Ht-r<*|illon In l>balw«l«ili.lilM. 

run. VDl.Ll AlA, .VUft. 2'J. 

In regiud to tho causes lor the inloiiii- 
ality auending lh«3 PresiJeul's visit, to this 
city yesterday the North Amtriwit ol lo- 
d.iy >jy8 : It ia a noteworthy fact that of 
tbo 4b mombers ot tbe Cimmou C mucil 
ami Ihe :,'."» members ol the Select Council 
very few are in the city, and td these a 
considerable luujoriiv aro Domocrats 
The Mayor is taking tbo only rest that 
ho can erj >y lor a year lo come, so that 
tbj objenco of any luuuioipal jurlicipa- 
lion in yeslerd.v^'ii ceieuiories waseiniro- 
ly unavoidable. 

KtvaiMrr .IvMa fruia Kiiv*|»i<— A. Ola 
clatiucr from Kttpvlwua. 

llALll A.N.Aug. '.!'.'. 

The stetimi.r >*sia with (iufcnstowii 
dites to 111 h inst., b»»^ ariived. The 
Liege .liiui-iinl savs a corr spoudent in 
l>«ii» M>..<-o O.I lh*t .be i:,;up..'ror is 
desirous of putting a stop to the propa- 
nation of plii'.s air! proj -ets atfrdiuti d to 
him 1'/ so:n ! jou'.'tals He has ordered 
the Fren<!h Ambassador at London to 
declare to the llrilish (lovernmeiit that he 
never intended to take an inch of Belgian 

\V. ik J. M. KYAN. 


0».;r for naP', in lut« u 'ult purcUascrs, 

l,»<*o llui-rrU n<>*« •••rk, 

feliO Harrrls ■■rlno .'nt- ■■■ do., 
3<IO yit>Tr*> A,riif Lwrd. 
lU.OUO l«atr<sr<.'urf<ICanitt»ia«<d !!<*■■•• 
IM.OOW IMialiiaodt'uaviiasfKltlli'idora. 
ai>,«OU I*auada C'lviar SIdts 0«con, 

5U Botes Birukrasl Uui'uii. 

■ ui;t'.i iHtp-la 


At ft»iil>li« •»ir-I>riv«t«'» Wu.l«? 


ItH 'l"ljir«l Htr«»et,noHrtli« Uri«lK«( 

.>AIM TAUl., MINHK80'1*. 

lla-Ml K»l.»lf> ut Auctloa. 

Wi> j.ropoio to Kfll a'. ruWie Aueiloi on 
Wi-(lnfH<J>iy, H•»^lt•■ra^■■r 'th, snd en tli« flritaml 
ililid W.-Jof»(bij« of o»cli mjntli Ihi'n-aliir.ttt 
our om«' m IU o'clock A .M., alliToixTiv lh»l 
niayb • <!,ecloIly pntcr.^rtfiirtliii' |)urfjo-<',wittioiit 
ninllatlnnii 10 prici-. Untsf fill" prajwirty to \n 
•uU will b • i.utdl-bod. and will »1. u te lornUlii^d 
prior to t!..' day f f ■ a!<'. We will a >o fell .in the 
i.reovl'OM) at iinvUni''. Farm', UouHCsaed Lfti 
l*nds, Ac., and niv.t« property owners wavaU 
lliem.i'Iven ol Ibis method ofdspufiins ol tlieU- 

'^Ai'ritlVATK.SAI.E-We oOV^r fjr sale only 
prou.riy over which »e luiv^ <!Xolu»lv>- ejutrol, 
'n.l li!i..< tUn moHt I'xtnjinlv- list in tli ■ eity , •■m 
brariuK improved and nnlniiirovpd buslni--K and 
reaidn.oe property In Hi. I'aul. Farina aud hum 
iua Liu » lliro'iKtioul the Sltte. I Jt" in .-.up'-ri'T 
( Ity an I BuylleM, Wi-., and propo-ty cvcry- 
wUero MOKIiAN * MiCUlU", 

Mi», u\.y Ileal i' stale Agcals, St. Paal. 


To the Traveling Public. 

Ob aid aitnr ll>U data tUa 

Light Draft Passoi»K«r Steamer 


will leave St. rani for La tJrosHC and Intcrnio- 
dlat« polo's on 

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. 

A'X' t» A.. i»*t. 

fttr 4lulch»a* N*«*i*mi>r •■ t%« W^ikters 
•r She t p|M<r niaalaai^tpi. 

4ViAiibii:HaeB8 ooiso Viv riiKCHir- 

PKWA WILL BAVJi NEAttLY HFIY FItB wohave lutde no advtnoc on account 
of lowwat<>r. 

For FrRlght or ra«»axe »pply on board. 





WIU opna this mornlntt a Fresh stock cf 

Men's, Boys\ Youths, 



He keops coustautly oa hand a largo etouk of 






Third Street, St. Paul* 



108 Third 




H T R, A W 





On tU>- Mib Inst. HAKKId'JN 11. K'JVIS, 
a^.'d :.'l yeir'. 

Kiiairal Iroiu n'-lJ''nc9 of hiii Nrollivi-, John 
hoyoii. earner ol Wavi-rlv and Hlltlwatr Ptrrolj*. 
ikti< f huri-dtty ia:iraini; at 11 oVIn k. Krl»Bd» ol 
til'.! fimlly aro iutit d in utiend. 

|lew gulitrtisrmmts. 


IVo. IttT ThiT-d Htreet, 

Wh/. OFFliR Tv) THli lUAUl', 

•ttIO Huudlra t;oiuiuoii kbr*! Iran, 



J«M:ka«M ktrunt, b»»w«*u >»li aud Vlli' 

Will bjvauJunlI H-J lislat'i on comiulaslon. 
Pay Tax'ii". Cullcct Itouts. and:itii>n'l to all other 
l)a»ln»«« In hl*lin». promptly »nJ thoroiiirlily. 

|.wu- d In Truv^'IcrV insurancfl <:onii>»ny of liart 
ford and AcchlHatal Insurants «;oinpin/ o« 
Cohina>u>, ohli. I ur. iNi. it.VN" i: loi.K iKs 
IN I'U'ivinu.Nr Lilt laiiUU.\N' K Ci^mtany of 

(jlll A<i(l. iwRl' l"tp ifelllfi 



Or Doublo (Si->rmj; 

K I R T S 




TliUflao Uotal is h mitlfuly hituated. Oiounds 
high, airy and ontlrfly fres from inonquUopp. 
^^o»t^ TUhlug Tackl-, tine Ulrd Doj?, .'.c, k.>pt 
lor the <iclu»lvc aod tree use of 8U"iit«. Slltta- 
twcntj-live nill<>fl above St. Paul, on tho Rail- 
road, anJ on the hiuku ul tJifl MUaiasipid and 
Uum nivers. B. V. LlirLE, 

toglM'P Proprietor. 



ITity will not biisu or Uukak, UU« the ulinjle 
fprlnfi. hut will ALVAY.S i-iiBSKEva tJielr pkb- 
Hi' r aud iM'.AUTiiUi- silAri; In all ckowd- 

KUA».11.J1I1L1L.S, tllllKlltS, THli\ri;ti.a,jltAll.- 
l.nAi, OAKJ, and for l-Kl.MtNAUB or HOUSt— E«rh hoop being c 'inposfa of two 
liuMly teuip'^riid ileel tpriuj?", hraldfd lightly 
aud Arialy log.-ithRr, edge lo edgo, forwing 
oao hoop, and luikiuK the :.iK.i.NUKbr and 
.Mo.-,T rLKXiiii.n, as wrllmi th*? most duiubi.k 
and STtLlsiiSKUtT EVtf. m.vdi:. Infactthey 
are sUPUki.ii to all olhpra, combining Comfort, 
Kconomy, l.igUtnrsi, Hi-cancd and Durability. 

(or djuble) aPKIN^ StTltlT. For sate cvory- 

Slanufactured exclniilvoly hy note owner Cf 

patent , 

nrCliTM, BRAU1,E«' * C ASV, 
97 cli»mber«, nnd 79 and »0 Keade fctreetc, 
Kew York. 

Straw, Fur and Wool 

or all rraiiM luui >h« ■•!*••• •trie*. 


Ladles, Misses & Cbildren's 

Straw Hats and Caps, 

In evory variety, trimmed and untrimraed. A 
handeoiae line of 


FluweiH, Feathers Af Uruitmcnts, 



lt>l> Xlair<l Mtreot. 



Paid up (apital $000,000. 

Goveriiineiit lloMtli, Coin,I.AB4 Wat> 
ruut« aud llalf lirccd Scrip 


Prompt attention given to the ooUeotion of 

Agent< for the rale of 

from Llyerpooi aud Qoeenetowa to Rew York 
and Saint Panl. 

Draft* on JCtigusiut, Irelawi, Gtrmeny, /Yoae/' 
Sieedaiand Korviay, 


IN J <N0 N'lTKHI \ 

C¥..\ \ NOlNIKiU-STl J 

TIIK WM» 0!% THE P1.4INS. 

Vallatiiligliatn complained witb reason 

at 1'hil.^dilphia th;»t \v', representing 

11, (KX) I>eino(;ra<8 ia tbe Third Distriot 

ol Ohio, was twisted out ol iLt-. wigwam, 

• cw. Cauiidi.ll, ri'prescnting "thirty 

8i::ibly Ucpublicans,*' was one of Ibe un- 

■ jiii-alioiiyd dclcgaN^B, The Hamilton 

Tc'ei/raj/h says Val.'a ustimate of the 

.Jobueon Ucpublicans in tbo Third Dm- 

ttict is uiii(;U too b!gh. Tbo ligures are 

intiii'sting as a measure oi tbo support 

which tbe Johnson party expect Irom 

llcpublicani. Ia I.Iif.nesol.'^ now we do 

uutktiow a bal{-a-dozpn Johnson Repub- 

publioaus all told, and the number is rap- 
idly diojinisbintj. 

TiiK wonders o( tcK-graphy arc now 
bucb cvery-day aHairs that wo hardly 
notice them. Our columns this luoming 
coniiiin London ailvicca up to yesterday 
noo'>, including tho market reports 

lip to lliat hour. Tbfsc dispatches kdlod and titty injund. The diy was, 
wur.; received at the 1'kes.s olB.e before «« i" usual, m'srktdby a largo number of 

A l-'IiUir AT KOUr IIUNO. 

I.EAVtNWOUTii, K\:«MAi*, Aug. is. 
A light has takm place near Tort Utino. 
where ttie Indians drove 78 govcmmrnt 
mulos from Col. Covington's camp. They 
were followed by mounted men. The 
Indians turned upon lb; pursuing party, 
lulling seven and wonudiog two, and es- 
caped witb all the stock. A party ol of- 
ficers and recruits going to join tbo l»ib 
United States Infantry were attacked at 
I'owder river, and two men were killed 
in the attack. Tbo Jn-lians did not suc- 
ceed in stampeding tho stock. They 
have attacked nvcral trains since that 
time, and kdled four men and wounded 
many more. 

GK.NKnAL (lt'li;KK.tK»l. 

The red ekins are i-.rotiud Fort Ueno, 
tiring on tbe piekuts tho whole night. 
Tbe ludians hold tbe whole country ex- 
cept the mibtaiy earajij. The Sioux stole 
a herd ol liureeK within oiiti wile ol the 
Fort, and a lot of govornment mules. 
Troops were sent in pursuit but could not 
overtake them. Oa the tth ol August 
they stole another held of horses four 
mUcs east ot Itjno. There ia evidently 
a general ouilicak among all the tribes 
ou the plains, and ibe att;;ck made, ujon 
the iuhabitauta ol Kai.iaa causis grca' 
consternation, as there aro no troopi 
there. Six hundred Indians ma le their 
nppearanco on the Northcra line of Utah 
Territory on tbj Iloliiday stage liny, cre- 
ating a gr-'at panic among thu scttl-.Ts in 
that vicinity. 

Mass.vcur. Of MKXicaxs 

The Denver Xcirs has the following : 
The Indians have returned to th«) vijinity 
of Fort (iarUnd, \cw Mexico, and art 
now engaged in the indiscriminate luas- 
sacre of all I he Mexican inhabit tints they 
can Cad. 

Eilt'oeitr Viro In Elmlra. 

Ij.Miu.v, N.Y., Aug. 20. 
An oxtonsive fire occurred hero about 
2 o'clock this moiling destroying an en- 
tire woi d -n block en the corner ol Like 



or IVo-w Yorlc City, 

r>u|>l»x Klllptlc SUirtsi, 

Kor Lletxance, Diirabilily and Eco=omy, su- 
perior to all oihurs. 
tora»!eat. WH"I.,K8ALK ONLY, by 

l:t» ihird 8'rcet,St, Paul. 

Duplex Klilptio feltlrts. 

file moat Ppular. StyU.h and Graceful Skirt 
worn, for luile hy 


13i riitrJl Btn et, St. P»ul. 

IW BuDtllr* nu.itlaa tanil .Imvritrfu 
Rua>li*u !*!•<■<!* Iruu, 

.l.UtiOlba. PiK Tlo. 
a,OOOH»».<-'0|»l>«'r noltama, 
2,o*OllM. nrSMlllcUttUvnii. 

4UU Pliiii|M, 

■too Biiuillpa mrr, 
>,OOOIb». Bh<-<-t Xlac. 

k90 Bo\«-a Vin riuir, 
■2.«»OU nr.*»ii Krtiica, 

TOKellKr wiih a Urge vsriely of 



House Furnisliii'g Goods. 

r<tocii andp'loc". 

Ilt lanAr-HKIl 
' criitra Iv Ice I J. 
Iniiln- at tMa iliic. 
au>,U7 U 

I r< •(■ici'ted to call ar.d nxamlre 
auf,:iu. tiii'Ulp 

C'«ab '. upliul paid in, bvalilus uccu- 
■Mululioiu- l^««0,UOO. 

HtooUUoUef uol aUiiwcd lo draw divldondi or 
In'er.'M on Invci'tiui'r.tH, by Ih" provisions of 
Ihi'tr churtor, nn'll the aocuinolHtlonn h»ve 
reftchert ixo nilHiun di llarn. 

All «|H«jilulloni of lu-.uiiiucc (?rant<'il oii .irBt- 
ci.\«« h altlir llv(«« onlv. Ix)'-i>(< pMd In thirty 
day.1 alter due DJtlcP ami prO')f of Mcat'i. 

J ho rates adopted by the compauy ui ;• m ed 
nnt uDon the rat'- of morlulltv aj uliMiv.d 
amor^ the •<>n"ral population, bat ui;on llic 
actual r^coriV.-d pxpirlfnct) ri ttie uiortaliiy 
amanjr inniral or tihctcil Uixi In tills country 
f.jr till' IttKt twrnty-Sre \ear«. In this way Wic 
actual codt ol Imurancn has been very olOKely 
di'tirmiii'd from tl:') only true and re lable 
.fitTT«»««w«iol»U*»». lUc rcB ull l<_a w cali- o f 
miuiuH uu wLo t_. 111.' i.«>ir.T..-j, f Ky^tiirtwmf 

Tliirty to Forty Per Cent Lower 

ihaiicliarKod by 

Mutual Life Insurance Companies, 

Thus maWing a caiili dividend In advance otlhlrty- 
Uirre per cent per snnum. 


It< therefore, Hblo to oir.«r on tl-H do.-criiitlon of 
p.,'ucy a KcaU of premium which. a»poni|>»red 
with tho.'iool mutual ooinpinlei. Is fully eiulva- 
lent to a 

Caah HI*I«I««B I of Fif«y l»*r C«-nt. 
l*«yaH« at llie end of H»n yeir«, which U as 
larie as that averi-ged by the mod sucecasful 
mutual corapanl'S A fuller and more explicit 
uta'ement of llie advant«)je" of f ni>urliiR wlfti 
tlili- r impiny (more particularly on Uio "ten year 

filau'JttKctlier wltti table "I ntt-s end all attifir 
nf.)rmation. will b.i glvi>n on application to 
AR.nt«. Al'.KM'a WANIKD in all principal 
towB". Apply to 

Duplex Klliptic C^UlrtH, 

The Lightest, moit agreeable aud Porfett Skirt 
made, for sale by 
(V. W. l!l«BWH01.a. * CO., 

auglS-Smlstp IngcrBOl.'ii Bloc*, bt. Paul. 


Chemists k Druggists, 

Pure llnadolterated Uru^s, 
FINE chemicals; 

Xoilct Articles fii Sec«, 

And all articles appertaining to tbe Drag Baei- 
ness at tbe 

Neiv Drug Store, 

237 Third Street, 


National Bank of St Paul 

Paid up Capital $:SOO.OOO. 

Thic Bank i: row In enocesefnl operation sji6 
l«cderi< its services to Banki^ , Bankers and otben 
In thd tiansftotion of legltiraate b«&kin« bupine** 

X>rufl.8 fr.» 8a.le oii 
and other principal Xuropcan oitieo, 
Colt-ctions upon all aocenalblc points In 
I^■ortl■.w<•. t will l»' nidf and romitteo for on 
of payment at ctirr<-nt rat.-J of exchange. Hlftb 
«-et Market Kateo pal'i for Gold, Silver Mtd Ifor- 
eign i;xchiinK<>. Tlilt Kank le an agent for sub 
HOrlptlcne to the popular L nltcd States "-** Loen 
and these notet will at all times be kept oc liaco 
for sale in aumsof fyom Kitty DollarBupw^dt. 
E. 8. KIXiKKTON, Preeldenl. 
JOHH HICOLt;, Vice President. 

D. h. MONft'OKT, CMhier. 




l!,. S. kljObBTUH 
at. Panl. July Itk.lMA 

F. B. FAUWfXI^, 




•T. ]PACI',!«IBK 



Marine Bank of St. Paul 



(iold, Slver and Exobange bonglit and so-O. 
Ooupons paid. Collections promptlv mad« «•■<> 
reittlfted at cnrr* nt rates. 

Agents for the popular 

7:30 U. S. Loan. 

JOBS HOU^aKD, Vice President. 
ii.aa nui^o.^^ ,p tl RHELL. Cashier. 

.inhn Uollaud 
E W Holmui 
O B. TnrrUl, 
D Hant'jrd. 


( C. Froal, 
I D. WnUijJt., 
F.dward Webb, 
I WewtOT) Brsdlov. 




Ui'nt r«'c«lvcd in Hoard. 

r|l»» liKI.— A Iwc-s'ory frame Uwplling, slt- 
1 uwlcd uii I'ol^ege Av»-nuo, between tho rvsl- 
il.'nc* of Air. Win-low »i;d Kdgcrtun. for 
farther parti alan iii<iutae at the premises. 


A lew isolitted arrests only took } and Cro-s strcc-ti. Eight horjc* and a 
place lor trc'ason iu dui; legal courau ; ou [ nuoibci' ol cirri '.ges wore 
the contrary ' ' ..... .. . ..-- i 

it i^ uiscrtcl that 
partitS compromised in iIm Jiairivt wic 
being sent to Italian territor, . 

li-HfcNCil ITK.Ma. 

Tho Emperor Napoleon's fele day, on 
AtiRust lath, was very brilliant, but was 
marred by a sail accidttnt after tbe tiru- 
works. A crush occurred a» thi3 Plat;o 
di! Concorde, in wLioli nin.i persons were 


eiv oVIock last eveninjj. having traversed 
the licd of the Atlantic ocean and half a 


Tbad. Stovers. Gownor Curtin, | continent besides, in leii tbaa six bour». 

pardons and comoiutalions of th't sen- 
tences o( mili'ary and other oirendcrs, 
and alsa by honors cotifcrred, including 
that of tbe Grand Cross of the J.egion on 

Court House fttiiT.Iiil, by th-j ct Ttiunti 
of the firemen, were sav.vl but baJlj 
scorched. Th'i prisoners v.orc not ri- 
uioved. The Ijss is $J(l.OOO, and but a 
small portion was insured. 




FuiL.iui.Li'iii.i, Auf. '2V. 
The Ucpubliiitn Corgrcssioml Con- 
V'lUiun met to-dity and nominated the 
(olbttrir.g candiilates: Itt District, Jo- 
seph U. L)udttll ; '-'1 District, Hon. Cuas. 
O'Xeill; 31 district, Hon. Leonord 
Myers ; -Ith District, lion. W, D. Kelly. 

St. Paul Female Seminary. 

The rc7.t sfielou wUI commc-oj on 

Monday. Reptenibcr 3d. 

lor l.:rlbcr iufuruutlna, or adml>sioa. ojipy 
to the undorf Igni d .it tho Uvnalnar/, corner of 
Suuitnlt Afonurt and St rclcr «ireet<. 

auRno4i J.G. BiaELHAliFSB. 


Western Beservo Cheese, 

Jus* roc'lvcJsiiJ fjrealcby 


M'holesa'e und ilttail Dealer in 


Wall Pap ri,, Wmdow Sbades, 

IpUolstery «oo(ls, Matlrassc^, 
juEiJDirsrci, &«;. 

CiiBftrlUall Block. Third slicet. 

Helom lh« ■*iMit "Mrp.Wi. Paol. 

^^N'rw (>ojJ<t Ju>t recelvul. L'pUol'tertns 
dun ' at tbe ahorteai notice. tmgm^ ly 

0. CURTIS. State Agent, 
Office m ThlMl-st., H, Panl. 

auKl5-lly 'p 

Heal Kstato Agencv. 

BOBKR'r H. HOKE «lllatt-'nJ lo all buBlnon- 
appertaining to i.-al. ■stale aud tolliepniscc'itUja 
of War <,lafini>. Ke«pec;tuily re!cr» toUov. " . 
R. Mar^haU, Uen. U. II. btoley, U. W.InjreriioU, 
Kf.!., Fred. Drieiwll, Faq.. Cfol. J. I^. Mt-rnaiii, 
fol. J.J. Shaw, ht. Paul; Uon. A. 0. t'hnftl"I.i 
and Stone fc Metincr, Bcllo Plalne, M!;!n. 



nasar. c:iiaw<^e.- 

pnrrh% e the st ck and 
building of a thrlvlni; country >tnre, (Itnatc »i.\- 
teen ra'l-s fyom St. Paul, the prrs .-nt proprletar 
being dc»lrou9 .>f moving Into tho city. Korpar- 
ticulara apply at A. H. WILDKR A t'J.'S OSce, 
Kowcr I^vec. au-s < -1iitpJW* 

J OAX orrxcE. 

Bemoved from Third Ktrot-t to Jflckc.n— sign 
of the threo culJen bull*. „..,, . __, 

auvi»- if M. GKOnVAgcrt. 

iW All. tJoITKcmos* Of '•?*«? 

t ..:'. c ,; ti:neliD fun "II'Ml. UK- 
^u be ob- 

Ml.sic, t .1'. c 
( I K.'Mo adinlrti'd to oe the lynt t.ia 
talotd in b)Okiorm. It Include- ►v. ry ^a•^e^>, 
lr,.iu t'i" .imi le^t to the ur.-t dilljcul; « "1 has 
6om-tliii'U <ulte'l totheta '"!*".'' »"""<'i'^,,:„;, 
Itlspr:»i^rt ,erycl.-atly on,«<>0'1 while 





John 3. Kl< K, rreiidcnt House of Keu. olOt.; 

Li""V8 J. HMiiiB. FreKtrtentof .KtnaKlre 
Insurance CrmT.any, of Hartlord, Conn. 

AI.LY™S. Sri-L-AX, Mayor (^it, of Hartford. 

Are actively at work at Offlcore and Direct 
ors of IhlsCompaLy, 

Caultal, beBl'lesBCcumulallons, !|k300,0«0. 

Accumulatious witiiout ra;>ital give the Compa- 

For every hundred doilars of lt« Hal) UUce. IU 
ratio of ae«r.tH to liability, with <»P»»' »n<v'."'}f?l 
Is crcater than • hat of a^iy Compan . m 'hoj mted 
States that be^an t,u line-s prevloui to is«^ and 
1» mote tbaa KO;;il I IMKs Hie avoraRe of all. 
WUli itrcapltul excluded It ha* 7.W above the 
avcra«e cl uU the other Companlos; ar.d it 
"how" a I'Uer raCio of clear turplus utlk tt> 
< Ai'iru. K\(Liii)Ki) than the averago of all 
other companies. Cifiilal included. It eivee you 
a dividend of icore than 

Thirty Per Cent 

in Advance, 

B7 redaction of premium rates. And M Mcfjal 

Companies nnually dedaro divl-eiid«, you 

will and it C'jual to more thaa a 

Fifty Per Cent 
C u^ S H 


It lias tskrn moro life ai.oHta'lons Iu and 
a oird Hartford, ita home, during the past 
twelve monfw. Ihau any company in America. 
All klttds of policiu-i If sued. 

No. 221 Third street, 


Bavellaet rowlved by Express, direct from^the 
celol-rated manufactory of 

E. C. Hurt, Ne-vr York, 
fAgfnU aseuitmc&t|ol 



Ladies', Gents', and Misses' Wear. 

We make to Order any kind of BOOTS AND 
SHOES tbat ie worn. CaU and examine our 
-took. jert-iBiTi 


The new and dellgUaol 

Hotel atX^alie Como, 

Was opened June llth.andwUl contlnuo 
Open Onrins the Watering Season. 

It la one cf the finest suinmer resorts in the 
We8t>-«)a.modiouB, elfRamly J"'-°*->;':,"'' f""* 
enmiihTtTin everv re..!pcct. Ureakfans, Uinncre, 
Suw< r- ttSd VfyeahmontH cf all kind, served 
UP oil "1011, tt«t Fine Boat* f..r ijaU- 
iBg and FiBhlnRon the Lake. 

I?ermauciit Ooaraors. 

A ft-w Rood Ro--ms will be res' ived for 
BoardeS 'ho n.iiy wish Jo r.maln at Lake 



Packer's Patent, Torrey's Patent, 
Massa's Patent. 

The above embrace aU the best Freezers In use. 
An asBortmcnt of aU aliei kept and for sale by 
Union Block. Third at., ft. Paul, MlB», 

I^OOItlNCJ GH^lA.®8E8, 

A large atock of all ilzes. 

Plain, Gilt, and Gilt and Rosewood, 

For sale to the Trade at very low p-lzen. 
Union Block, Third str«>et, St. Paul. 
,•01 dfcwly-Ut^i. 

Brldse Square. 8t. I*»t»l, 


A 1,AK«* Al»»OItTM«ar*OF 

FineHairGood8,Long Braids, 

Wi«s, Ualf Wigs, felUe Braids. 

A* rrteea wklcli »ff» CoB»p»»«»«««a. 

All|toodin<«rrant«d tobemadc in the moirt 
ou-efui and tnstelul manner. 
Orders by BUii or Exprce. will rooelva promf . 

"privL'te rooms for L*die9=aAlr Drei-alr^.RLaa.- 

FartlcuUr Bttcntlon to Ladiee' and ChUdrfe f 
nalj-Cutilr.e. „,..,,,- ,-v I-.AUL. 



Hungarian Grass Seed, 

A Choice lot lor aale "ap." 

BWJELOW, MlIRlM>rii A < 0. 


\f l«l« H AYIVRO' Nt;HO«»I. 

i»A »lte ilie Bap Ht Ciiurcti 


will re 1 !• 1 or 

InKtou tr rut, Uoitoi: 
5 l'?.?U ,^th Mu'^'^'"'^ ^^ Book 1 1,0 


bo sent tsat-pall. CholM 

Mon<U>, t-epteiBb"r:id. *;ia««.'« In Freuc'i a- i BuppUcd «t $1"^ ',;W0. 
Latin mil riM'lve Inatructlon each KternooB. f'^* r. LI VKR un 

• Jgvi) tnK-tAumktuu 

.11 Jt n.Mi.' I'rl- 
«-T>ie.)iiblla'> " »;.l 

[n-'N A CO., 


FuliU»bv.ri, Boston. 


For St. I'aulaudtho State at large. Address 
cr apply to 


t^tu. to Affont, 


St. Paul, Minnesota. 

ftttS-Smdfrw Utp 

^9Wk SAXB. 

O. CURTIS will eoU hU Uouae and Lot, oor 
ner Cantida and Tenth etreet«. For partloulftra 
Inquire ol him 
8t. Panl. 

oaio«. Ko t«:i Third itreet. 
1'. lai^i 

POU »AI<1S. 

The a»ock. leMC and fixlurea of one of the beat 
and oldeat etands for Fruit and Confectionery In 
the city. Apply to W. H.KIT lEB. 

JtokWB street, neu the Intersatlon&l. 

U|28 !w* 

Office on Third Street, 


From a quarter of a ci'ntnrv'u eiper^ence l>r. 
tyoM.promtiiei' cx.-eli«nc<» of wo'kmart-hlp ard 
at rea^tonabU- cli^xr^er., aud reliTfi oy i.ermUaion 

Mr. Oak"S, (if Borup A Oaken) St. Paul. 

Col. and Mrs. Belote, InternHtinnal Pot..|. 

Mr. Fdc<-rton. Preiiiient of 'id National Bank, 

Ulght Kcv. Bi-hcp Grace. 

Eev Dr McMantere. 

('.ol. Kobcruon, and Phyridana of 8t. Pnl 
generally. mohl-ly-latu 

Dtb. Simonioii & Beecher, 

At the old atand of Dr. 8., iDfterFoll't Block 
8t. Paul. AU Dentistry <ioBe In the fcert man 
ner .-iid at reacoDahle ratei. tpsu-lyi^ 



.!»■■■■■> ■ 



I _ 

1 \~^ 







»g, ' 'H 


li> I I tm 

■L .■_.ri 

• - 1 

rvs > ■». u— *.V«.iJ!- 

> ! — », '«.j i .i.^ ' ..»i i I =3r: 

Tilt: SMwf "rAUli DAILY ii<fc..o- THURSDAY, AUGT3BT HO, 18G6. 

■« o«i/» 







?hc J^aint I'ttul |k». 

.vlNT FAUL. AUGUST 30, 1866. 


I'liiMluii Army In »>lKli* o* 

tl>c I.OUilUU 


fniaxi*!! Atniy Cor. •"♦poBdeww o* 

I. a.,, 

Noiuiiig vraii iloiiic *t Lea«!nuarter», so 

.1 j»aity wim niailo to vinit Uiu out|ioat«, 

1> trll/ lor iLc sake ol sonu-lhinjj to ilo, 

III 1<«^J>'M ol btin|» ablo to i-atcU noiik' 

}>liiii|i;i-i of «Lc (iiriiru'iitioiid louml Flor- 

udoil, wliuU are ra|>i«Uy Utcoiuins ••»■ 

inous. A ride oi littii'ii niilfs ovit tlic 

ll«t. *i<'e-.Hpr«*a«lii>ii IM:\i-oh(fUl, «:arp«'tf«l 

witli iiitjfi'loKs, clover (if-Uls. «uJ broiui 

lelts or i»iuliblf, (rem wbii'li most ol Ibi; 

corn buil btoii m-iuml, puat dark wjo-ls 

ol lir and b;;bti'r toiUf'i« ol ilwarf oak. 

iook \i* lo \V'aRr*m. More than ome 

Bcino on.' fxclainied. " What a biautilul 

batilt-iield lor ca\ airy," a« wo rode l.-r 

luiifB over j»round unbroken bvh'nicn or 

brooks, and in whieU tbo only oWgtaelet* 

to tl>e liee {■al!.>p ol liorsea were a lew 

anidl'. ditiLcs, ai:d here and there ii tiny 


'I'lif vi'.lsii'^ ol Wa^jraiu. cel'ibrated by 
tbti ba'tU) won here by Ibe tirst Napo- 
leon, CDiitaioM a ebai>el where are collect- 
ed nianv ol the aMU' tbat were found on 
the ti \\ ulier that jjreat fifiht. A strarge 
iVfUii}; ui awe com in upon one wbt-n 
brou;;iir. lace to lace with these Iru.^it 
uionuiiunta ul the jjreit confln-t 
waj^'d here by tlic mighty 
and lb-' Ion 1 talk an<l 
ot 1 at- le«« .i.lili. r.s liesh Iroin a tuld 
ut b.iltl.', Hiid re. kj; >« ol how soon tliey 
111 j;lil nnr. b lo iii.otlier, wru hushed rot. 
more by the » -"otiiy of the place than by 
iin ftlmosf i..vr>laii.iry reverenee (or the 
vUibW moniormls ot the great battle and 
o( tbe wirtiora who Ml in it. But <iis- 
appointuient, b l» al"0 its place in the uiind, 
tui li w tlumiy. how old Iwhioned. ae- 
ct.Imij; m "iir eyi-.i. look thobn ol.l llint 
niuKkets and heavy .iwords. with which, 
bur a I w :hort ic:»rs tack, ihe fate ot 
Kurnp" - IS (leciiled. Could the «|tie«- 
tion fail ? Shall we, to our successor* in 
the mst neneriiioii, appear to have 
known to bill.' of what acience has in 
•ni-!i a i'»<f^ri fniu-, .'cvelopod. an.i to have 
l)u. II .o i^;nv>r.4i.t o(u».Hc!.aiii'il appliances 
wbi- 1>. wticn once unfolded, appear ao 
si.iipl : .tiid !>o pajiai 1. ? And anoiluT 
lhoii}»ht ivtuio info every miiKl, which 
ariK^c h. me to the I.; irt, for it told fhit, 
in a few i*liort year*, those who have 
toii^h'.i^ Kooifrs'a'z. and sirvived the 
long summer il«y'» »iau ;bter on the 8a- 
ilowa Uiil. will, individually, be e.nially 
lost to Ul. uiory, as thO'C who l.-ll at \Va 
jjram— thir named iiiontly unknown, 
ibrtir priv.i'e dueds uureeorded by any 
hijf >rian. 

About twi» hundred yard.* south ol the 
vdlaRe of Wagram liea the watercourse 
ol the IloMbach Kiviilet. Tuia world- 
kno^^n brook I.s but about ten feet wide 
aod lilteen leet deep With sharp sides 
cui almost «>trai(;ht down, and the earth 
thrown up on either side to lurm dikes, 
which prevent ita winter iloods from in- 
uiidatii.K the eurroundin;; country, it 
looks more like a hu -e artifisial drain 
iLao like a natural rivulet. Along its 
banks grow rows of Pollard wdlows, 
closely plantid together, which tc-dny 
form, d a jjrate'ul f h ide from the burning 
July .lun. The road which leads to Flor- 
ia.iorl ircs.^es the brook by a slight 
wooden bridge, which could bo destroyed 
in a lew minutes by the pioneers of a 
single hittalion. On the Wugiaiu side 
ol tiic; brifigo were two viilettes from ilo- 
henl.jbe'd fine re^iuitiiitol Uhlans, crouch- 
ing, for under the willow trees, 
bat Bteatlily gazinj our, toward Floris- 
dorf, though not au Au:itrinn vidette 
could be seen, for tbcy wenj all hidden by 

Out, though no enemy was in sight a 
view was there which repaid the long 
ri.Ie, and which even the soldiers, accus- 
tom d ai they have been to in.-\rcbing 
lbrou^,h lino scentry, wtrc admiring to 
oac ! olb'T Ai we camu up. ()a the right 
l.iy the rounded hill oi the IJis.-'.mbcrg, 
studiied with vineyards, cornlic M,i, and 
wootn, among wrtrcn wc scarenca m rAin 
with our glasectf to tlijcover any aiaus ol 
the hostilo baltciies. Beyond the Biaam- 
berg could be scon thu narrow gorge from 
wbieh tb_> Danube iuau », and lurther 
ttill the ruugh rugged rccuss ot the hdls 
atjove Klosterneuberg, rising steeply up 
from the water's edge, with their sum- 
mits capped with heavy masses of dark 
grecu liliage, and thi'<r sides pprinkled 
over Willi tir trees. A little to the Iclt, 
and at the foot of the bills, the city ol 
Vienna lay spaiklin,-; in the sun ; the tops 
of the steeples and tha ro»f9 i.lthe housea 
glittered lu the hrigtit flood of light, bu* 
not too powerlully, lor the air between 
us and the town s.^ciued converted by 
th.i heat into a heavy tranuparent ether, 
which spread a halo round the city, lu 
the loreground, a lililo to the l.ft, a 
high church spire 8urround>rd by tall pop- 
lar trees, slriwed the situ iiif^u of 
the vill.ige ol Floriesdorl ; but; no in- 
trcnobraenta could be seen, no woikin? 
p»rti.s could be liscovcrcd ; lln»y were 
all hidden from where, wt: stood by a long 
getiile wave ol the grouml, whicU would 
liave not liet-a no'icrd except. b<>eauap it 
e.\ulud*'<l on our vk:w whit we wishfd to 
see. F;»r away on thfi left Irouc spread 
the Mardli ill, hcioi.d wMcb c'.uld be 
seHii the dim blue line of bills ^ird 
the vallcv south of the D.tnube, while di- 
rectly to the left the daik Carp'trlhians 
towered up to tht; sky, and the gap be- 
tween rtiu Theb>-iibr;i'g'r and the wain 
ridge ahowed whir.; ihu road ran to 
Pre^liuig. and pointed out the siiualiun 
of the villiigi! ol Blau^'uau, the scene ol 
Sunday 'a combat. 

Alter a long .ind fruitb\.(S seanh among 
the poplar trees lor any sign* of intrencli- 
uiciils, during which heaps ol eii'th werr 
pointed out to us as rydouhts, which may 
hrtve bern ir may not, wo turned to ride 
down the UussUiich. The brook wan al 
most entirely dry ; hero and there lor a 
Jew yard. s a thin sheet of water a few 
inches deep covered tliu Jolt muddy bot- 
tom, aid gave refugwto tlo' ks rf ciud 
bedaubed .luck..*, I>ut in general iLu mad 
which fi">ruis the solo ol the wu'.r cuurM" 
lay exposed to the sin, and was dried 
and broken into erai'knandfis3ures.wb;c!i 
ra'i into ei'-ti o'hfr, forniifig a tr;ieery 
not unlike !.ierogly pLic ivriting. All along 
the brook we oauie upon cnn.itant v. 
dcttea, Jilt hidden in ti.e willows on t'<e 
bank, wliich the conditions of tho armis- 
tice have declared lo be for ibn Prussian 
;»r.-jun 1. T !)•■ fmn 1 ol Lor e:,' fert cnm 
iiig along ilivw the sent lies out of ihfir 
uiubueh lar eiioi!!.',h to let us s:iu them, 
but as rocn as th'-y i<aw tic uniforms n! 
the I'nisMan atiilf olli ITS they rtsuin.d 
their steady stare lo tliu front, retiring 
into the shade, and let us pass them a'* il 
they were uot a-var.i of our existence; for 
outlying seniincU p^w no compliments in 
the pre:S! n. e ol the enemy. 

Aboi'.t a mile and a half down the wa- 
ter course from Witgram we lound the 
iieadiiuarfrirs ol the splendid regiment ol 
Ziethtu llu^isars, which claioH, not with- 
out good, the proud titio ol "tho 
flower of ihe I'ru'eiin cav:ilry." llittcrly 
they <r: nipl.iiiieJ ol the want ol food and 
drink (ur their men, but almost more 
louily of fL.« erarciiy ot hay and 
corn for their horses heeauuo the i.'ihib- 
itants of the vill.^.ge had at. pped ov. r into 
neutral ground, so nothing could be 
bought ill the, ar.d th"y are so far 
to the front that the provision columns 
take a lo'-;» ti;no to reach them. Consid- 
ering tlte rial bla'c oi want in which the 
soldiers ol the regmtr.t arc— for the tale 
cl scarcity w.\s no •■XAgjvrated one - if 
said much for tha discipline of the regi- 
ment that the gecsu ol the truant villagers 
were ftllowcd unmolesfed to waddle about 
the village gn en, and tbtir ducka to pad- 
dle undisturbed in the muddy pools ol the 

Another sharp U' toss the Mir. h- 
field brougiit us back to hc.-»d()ii«itiTs to 
lind that no news bad come lioai Nikols- 
burg, and to be informed by It rather do 
spending orderly ofliccr that he was cer- 
tain peace was already agreed upon, for 
be wa* the senior liiurcnant in bis regi- 
ment, and it wouM jast be Hj lue': that 
there should not be another aclion, for 
that wonld protiably promote Lim. 

TUK ri:C8«I.*N8 IIO.MKWAKD liUL'Xl) -liCW 

The I'nusian arm/ is beginning to 

wiihiliaw Ireni the Duchy of .\iistria ; the 
frown I'rini u's army is already moving 
back towards Austrian Silesia, passing 
through Moravia. Fhe .'d (<ir/».« d' iirwifc; 
of this army has eomim-nced its move- 
ment toward IVague. and the rest of the 
I'irst Army will also bi(;in its retrograde 
march on Wednesday alter it bis bi-en 
reviewed by thi King in the Marchliel-I 
on Tuesday. Cicn. Mulbe, who had come 
with a reserve corps Irom Prague lo 
Uruiin beloro tho preliuiiinries ol peace 
were agreed upon, is rt-traeing Ins steps 
It I an not be expected that ilui return 
iiiiuch will be luaily so rapid its that ol 
the a.lvaii c. There la no enemy no* in 
Iroiii to be {.iriicd or hurriedly pmlu d 
buck, so thj troops will nunc by 
easy alagcs until lhc» reach ih.) positions 
th.- are to occupy till lie Ireuty ol pe.ue 
i.s finally signed; then the Prus^iana will 
eva.iiale HoboeiM ami Moravia but will 
still bold Austria biiesi* uidd tho war 
eoiitritiution liivs been paiil by Austria 
• vinlo ihc utrerinost laithmg Wlen 
AcMria will b.' able to pay thib c intrilm- 
fioii the Pru.ssiaiM do not care to ioiiuire. 
It if the money never comes into the 
Berlin cxchccpicr they would be well on- 
tent lo keep the provin;c ol SiUsia in- 
stead oi it. 

•J be troops ar« But ut «U srry to be 
ciUednpon to march again; they have 
bad more than enough rcM after the 
Muick marches of the advance, and begin 
now to lind time bieg rather heavy on 
ll.iir han.U. K»eii smoking gels tire- 
senie when it has been indulged in a- 
L'-.ost ooiitiiin(ui.ily without ih.i interrup- 
tions of par.vde:! or inspections. Helmet 
tops h.ivc bi 'O poli.tlicd and repoli'lied, 
nciilcguiis havo had tb.cir eomplieated 
met hauism Uilien to pieces, cleaimd, and 
put tfge'lier again ; !:word8 and biyoneti 
have been bunii^iliedovt rand over again, 
accoutrements and appom'mentH htve 
been mspecJed clo.^.ly, ami more closely, 
almost in the hope ol finding some rent 
or holi! which mi; ht havP to lie rfpnired. 
all lor (lie sake ol som.lhing to «lo; 
hut all Ih;^ occupation which their nc- 
coutreii.Tts could alTord to tho 
nic.i bai lie«i exh» i.i'vd, and now they 
are rethi cd to stiolling about listles.«ly. 
or hinging over tho leiicci whit h sur- 
tound tlie gar>lee.s ol the ott.igci wbeni 
they are billeteil, sinking jjravcly at their 
long wooden pipes. Now and then a 
..ioldier may be seen atartiiig oil' to cut Ii- 
(lian corn ior lluieovv of ti.e villager on 
whom lie is billeted, bi<l he is seldom al 
Itfwetl 10 enjoy alone bis teni(iorrtry occu 
pation ; « group ol <;omrades, eager for 
eiiipb jm-nt, j 'in him, and in ctinsc- 
ipience, the buck t, the filling ol which 
alight have given one man work for a 
couple ol hours, is crammed full in a few 
minutes by tho thick gr.iup of voluntary 
laborers. The village children are per 
lectly sati.«tied with tho existint; 
state ol atfairs ; they, unlike the sol- 
diers, have no misgivings about the 
heavy taxes which thuy will be re.piircii 
to pay for tho expenses ol the Ausirian 
army and the war contribution to Prus- 
sia ; unlik > the soldiers, they are not far 
from friends and homes, to whom, now 
that the legitimate work of tho ciunpaign 
IS over, these are ea;;er to return ; car.;- 
less ot tomorrow, they are only delight- 
ed to have so many playfellows, for ll.c 
great strong men, who were but the oth- 
er diy hotly pursuing tho Hying Austrian 
battalions Irom Konigpratx, are now con- 
tent to let tho children beat them, pull 
their hair, or sometimes run about with 
their newly cleaned swords trailing in tho 
dust, and are well pleased aiterward to 
instruct the urchins ia the arts ol covcrt- 
iiif a lump ol deal into a boat, or a stick 
Ml sycamore wood into a whistle. 

the party being placed in charge ol an 
ollieer. who explained everything to their 
pcilict salislaclion. F-viry portion ol 
ihe ship was visited and inspectetl, some 
ol the ladies even venturing through the 
tire-rooms and ipiarlers ol the men. 

Alter speiidnig an hour and a hall in 
and abou' ihe ship, the king an.l the royal 
pirty retired, rcceivini'from the men, and 
oineers as well, three rousing American 
cheers, which they acknowledged by 
many bows ninl dodiiug ot chapeaux. 
Tim Au);u»la liied a royal salute, and the 
v:!iil was completed. Cominaiider Mur- 
ray, who was unable, ou account ol in- 
disposition in the nioriing, to be piesent 
at tho prcseiilalioii ol Mr. Fox and Com- 
iiiandrr H.-anmoiil lo the king, was pie- 
seuled by Ailiniral hminger, and very 
hamlsomiily received. 

On yuiidav Mr. 1 ox. Mr. Veaman, our 
mitonlcr. Commanders 
inont, dined with the king at his palace, 
ai:d spent a very agreeable evening. 

mcnt in the tirand Army ol the Kepulilic 
shall be honorably discharged soldiers of 
Ihe liiited States Vidiiiile.r or Itogular 
Army, and shall exhibit their dis»harges 
on enlistmenl. or shall produce satislac 
lory evidence oi having been honorably 
disiliarged. No soldier who has been 
convicted by court uiaitid ol desertion, 
or .my other iiiUinous crime, shall be oli- 
lo meinbcr'hip. 



'Mic [floviiiiriil u WIdf S|»i«u«l 

iif>!i Ovrr llif> <;al»i4-. 

The ioUowing special dispatches are 
said to have been received by llic Boston 
CoiHiitercinl Adoerlnei : 

Lord Htfinly, Itritisb .Secretary of For- 
eign All.tirs, to '*'- '^••ward; "Lord 
Sijinly avai^- inmsc'.l ot iht^ o,,,. -rtuiiity 
ol coii,';ratiiatiii,i.; the Secretary ol rt.-te 
ul the ijnii^'d Siatcd, upon the uitiuu ot 
Kii;;laud .III 1 America. May no diller- 
encc ever separate th< m.' 


Mr Sewitrd to Lord Stanley: "The 
United .Slati a Sucrclary oi State reeipro- 
c'l'i-s Lord S'wnley's wi..h, and, that no 
dilVcrcn u need t.i remain to spparatu 
bln);land and Aiueiica, rei|uu<ita the sel- 
tlemeat ol aliMlt.! biilancu due on AUbit- 
iiia anil Shcnandu.ab account. Mr. Sow- 
ard avails bimseli i>f this op[iorluiiity of 
calling the honorable S •< retury's atten- 
lion to one ol the .\iin ri.aii bdl setlleis 
now at anchor in tb*' Tbameu. 

•MV. ll.b.- 

Louis Napolueu to Kobert illonncr: — 
"The F.mperor cb.'erves that Mr. Bon- 
ner has purchaatd a last .Vmcii an horse, 
at a bigb price, ami desires Mr. Bonner 
to iiilorm him how ho intends to use ii. 
Th.i Emperor impiirts tor the reason that 
he himself has purchased a Mi xican ele- 
phant, at a high a figure, and desires to 
know the American ui.;tbodiDSUch cases. 

/j' Umpire c'tsl puix. 


Kobert Bonner to Louii Najwlcon : — 
"1 ho Amer can meihod was invented by 
Mr. Monroe ; it is a tale (the remainder 
ot this costly lale will bo lound in the 
next week's New York Ledger. Price 
six cents ) Tho Union— It must be pre- 

Bull Run 
Bennett: — 


Tlir liiiitf and Iloynl Fniuily on 
Ituui-a llie Jliuutououiuli. 

Appearaooe and Dress cf tho Fu- 
turo Empress of Hussia. 

A correspondent writes the New York 
Herald from the Aliautonomah : 

< )ur presence here has been a cause of 
coiiMderablo excitement to the quiet city 
..u I'-r 1 u - — •»'- *•— — — -•-«~- 
of by the king and government to show 
unusual and marked attention to our otfi- 
cers. The Danish government al- 
ways buen friendly to the United ."States, 
but never before has one ol our naval 
vessels received any special attention at 
the hands ol the Danish authorities. 
Nothing could bo more marked and ex- 
pressive than the reception this time— ao 
signilicant, indeed, as to call forth re- 
marks irom the peoplo. 

Last week an invitation was sent to the 
kieg, Christian IX, to vieit tho Mianto- 
iiomah, which he promptly and graceiully 
accepted, Laming Friday iia the day lor 
ihu visit. Pruparatious were at onoe 
mado to receive hiui in a proper manuir, 
and a uumber ot ulhucra ol the A'lgusta 
went on board tb« monitor at halt-past 
one to paiticipale io the rccc(,ti''n. Coin 
maniKr Muriay, as senior ollieer, wa« oi 
coarse to aid in ihu functions. 
At, h-iil-past one iLe tLumlering of guns 
Irom the shoie batteries auuouuccd the 
depailurc ol ibH royal party, and the ml 
liric guard ol the Miautonomab aiid the 
nirtii were drawn up in line on the poit- 
aide oi the deck, :^ul the oilic^rs of bo h 
.ihips, in full uniform, arrargcd them- 
selves aft ou ihti sUu board sido, ucai- itie 

The royal vi.Miur^ eaiuc alongside in a 
prcuy little steam tug, flying tha royal 
banner, and navigated by a i oflicer ol the 
engineers ot tho navy. On making fait 
itO the monitor. Admiral Itminger, aid 
to ih- king, steppi d aboacd and was re- 
ceived at the gangway by Commander 

The kieg then lolluwu ., and was re- 
ceived by all thecllicers with uncovered 
heads, the marine guar.l presenii: g armn. 
At tho same moment the royal i..iauil.trd 
v-as hoifited at the tore ol tho Augu«ta, 
and a salute ol twenty one guns tirei'. 
The king gr:tcefully returned the salute 
by repeatedly touching bis chapcan. 

Tho king, a tall, lioely termed uao, 
with black liair, and whiskers and mous- 
tache worn a la niilitaire, was dressed in 
the lull uniloriu ol a gt^neral, and .vore 
upon his breast lUe grand cro^s ol Dun- 
mark, and titrco or four decorations ol 
the lirst. 

Th" <i lefii l.iuisa, a lady of cuirly 
the same .ige as Ihe. kinir, next reach- 
ed thrf deck. She was attired in a sim- 
ple bur elegant i)re..^e, with:io prcteutions 
to gorgeoDS style. 

The C'rovvn I'riuce Frvdcii'.k, « young 
mail ol pi-baps twenty years, m uiiliuiry 
uniloriu. wearing ai^veral dkccratinns. 

The Piiiiceas Daginar, botioihcd to 
the (urlure emperor of all the Russians, 
at'ired in a bla;! silk dress, with white 
stripes, and a pink hat oi the latest Paris 

The little prince Waldemar, and Prin- 
cess Thyra, plairily attired, made np iLe 
royal iamity. 

T'he King's brother. Prince John, in 
full unilorui, accompanied the King. 

Tho oihers tl tho royal party were Ad- 
miral Trminger and Kcveral naval officers 
and ollijcia of tl.o Kn g'd household, 
whose names 1 did not obtain, Mme. c'e 
I'lllc, chief lady of honor, and Mille. Bo 
senhorn, hulv <il hom.r, and scvcial oih.r 
ladies near the Ituccn's person, completed 
the party. 

All ol iht 111 spoke Jlagli^h wilh lluciicy 
and cTrrce'nca.-, which wa;i quite a leli'.f, 
as few f.reigicrs pretend to know any- 
Ihirg of tho iiaiiish. 

Ol eourac, next to the Kin^, the most 
prominent person in the party was the 
Princess Da.tmir, the betrothed of the 
c/arowi'ch ot Russia. Sbo is certainly a 
lady cf more than ordinary claims to per- 
sonal beauty, llcr lace is oval, regular 
in i's lines, plump and rosy. Her hair is 
of rather dark brown hue, rich, glo«sy, 
a"^d wavy, and worn thort in consequence 
of her late sickness, which, it is said, im 
paired her beauty somewhat, though her 
compiexicn seemed very brilliant and sole. 
Her cyca were bright and lull cl l.vvly 
llishps and sentiment. .Shu couveistd 
with freedom, and evinced high ability 
and a comprehensive knowIcdg>i ol ev.iy 
sul'j 'ct touched upon. .Sh'i would be re- 
garded in any eirclc rs a very delightful 

The rnj-a! party vas received by Com- 
mand?ra Murray, Bsaumont, Assistant 
Sacrefary Fox. Lis excUency George II. 
Ycanian, uiitiiitcr rcsiJc.Tt, .-..ul were a^ 
once shown about the ship, each cue ol 

Russell to .lames Cordcn 
T have nearly completed a 
history ol the nexf war in America, by 
an eye witness. With slight alieratious, 
it can be used lor a war in any other 
eoiiDtry. Do you want it? 

HUBS El. I,." 

.1. G. Bennett to Bull Run Unssell : 
"You English reporters are too ilow lor 
our readers. Wc had a similar history 
prepared by one ot our reporters, some 
months ago, and have useu tho tirst chap- 
ter in giving a full and correct account of 
the Louisiana riot. i. u. ii." 

From a New York .Mderman to an old 
friend in London : ' ILiving been in of- 
lice six months, and made a tt^w hundred 
thousands, I'm cnroing back to Lomlcn. 
Is there any opening lor a gcnlleinan ?" 

From the London friend ut tho New 
York Alderman: "Don't co.-ne now. 
Bill, or you'll b« lagged sure. Your old 
pal was sent to Newgate last wouk for his 
share in tho crackman's job yon went to 
America to get clear of. The only open- 
ing now is a dry cell in the jug. A cou- 
ple of uj have got to cut for Ainsrica by 
the next steamer. Sec if you can't nan- 
age our nomination tor a place in your 
city government till our little alVair has 
blown over." 

George Francis Train to Lord Derby : 

41 p,., ,. tv i-. a— A.'»M.. .!■.>.» itii« nner* 

noon. Return to dine with Andy John- 
son ucxi: day. Speak in New Orleans in 
lavor ot white me , early next week. 
Shall smash up the Radical party and re- 
orgaui/.o America ou a new plan at the 
Pinladelphia Convention. Will then at- 
tend to England and sitlle i^Hairs there 
and else. .here in Europe. Three cheers 
lor Ihe American eagle. Kwcp cool till I 
eoiuu over lor my horse railroad fund. 


p. T. Bamuui : " Mermaii'a and lath- 
er Olid iish observing this messag.: pass, 
arc informod the uudetsigncd is open to 
overtures for engagementa at his Ameri- 
can Museum ; as an iiiduecmebt, ho would 
state that the esta'disLmi-nt is conducled 
on cold water principles, and lie is actua- 
ted by no S'^U tish motives in miking the 

Pahju, Aug '2, ItsoG - Arlemus Ward 
lo his Ameiican Busiuess Manager: — 
"Tuii world is orl a flaatin sho. Among 
the principal Shos here, Prushy has the 
best Sho at present. T'he principal euri- 
osi'y in her Sbo bi in the uredle gun. 
Have just konkludcd an arrangement with 
Lewis Napoleon lor a side Sho ol Wuck.s 
wurx and snaiks— terms private between 
me and L-wia. Admission 1 Irank in 
Fretich money, or lilteen ceiits American 
currency. On closin the coi. tract Ihe .^I. 
P. roi' lewarkcd, 'You and me hi..: duu 
a good day's woik, Artemus.' 

A. W 

W.v.-iiuNoro.v. Aug. 2, l!Sii() — A.Iohii- 
■ou to PooU 1^ Co , Merch.iut Taylors, 
West End, London: "Will thrro bo an 
openin tor a journeyman in your estab- 
lishment by March 1. iHGa.^ a. j." 

[From Bn Old Fiiiud.J 
"ALL RIGHT. DkSaoxy." 

Grand Atmy of Ihe neiniblti-. 

Tiiis urganizati.iii, which has become 
qui'c numerous in Illinois and ia cxterJ- 
ing to other S.'alcs, is not pclitical, as 
some havo enppcsed. lis object is best 
stated by the fsllowlng cxtrae' from its 
eonelitutioD : 


Skctio.n 1. The soldieis ot the volun- 
teer army of the 'United States, during 
the rebellion ot 18(11-,'), actuated by the 
impulses and eonvic'ions of palrioti lu 
and of eternal right, and combined in the 
strong bands ol i>.|lowehip and nni'y by 
tho toils, the dar.|;ers ai;d the victories ot 
a long and vigoroujly waged war, feel 
themselves called vpon to dcc!.%r\ in 
ilcCnite form ot words and m d>:termined 
co-operative aeiion. those principl»?s and 
rules which should guide the earcctt 
patriot, the enlightened frcrmnn and the 
christian citizen ol the repubbc, in bis 
course ot action ; and to agree ujion 
those plans and laws which should govern 
them in a united and systematic working 
metir d ; with which, in somo measure, 
thall btf etl'ected ihe prcservalion cf the 
grand rcBuba of the war, the fruits ot 
• !<■ ir labor and toil, :o .\s to benclit the 
deserving and worthy. 

Ski-. ? The retults which are de- 
f i;;ncd to be a'compliihed by this organi- 
zation arc as follow:! : 

1 . Tlio prcsetvatiou ot those kind and 
Iraten al feelings whic'a h^ve bound to- 
gether with ihe strong cords ol love and 
ullec'ion, the comrades in arms of many 
battles, sieges and marches. 

•-'. To make these ties available ia 
worka and resul's of kindness, id lavor 
and mater'al aid to those in need of es- 

o To make provision, wbi?rc it is not 
alr.ady done, for ihe support, care and 
education of eoMiers' orphan..), and f jr 
uiaintcuiuicc of the widows of deceased 

■1. For the protection and aJBistanc 
ct ilisabli'd aoldipra, whether di'ibled by 
wouiii's. b'u knti^a, olJ ago or misfortune. 

.'). For tha estaUi.shment a^ij dc tense 
ol the la'.o soldiery cf the United State---, 
morally, socially and politically, wiih a 
view to inculcato a proper appreciation 
of their services to the ccnntry, and to n 
recognition of such services and claims 
by the American people. 


Skc. 1. liecruiti presented for enlist- 

lii a dcbatu in the Uouau ol Lords on 
the tith iust., Ljrd Kiuiberly, late Lord 
Lieutenant, in the course ot a speech, 
made Ihe following remarks on the Fe- 
nian movt uniil : 

I think it ii ni> duty to stale to your 
lordshipj anil to ih'i i-ounlry Ibat 1 am 
persuaded that since the year IV'JS there 
has not existed so dangerous a condition 
el the minds of th- people ot lr.daiid as 
ill Ihe past year. 1 say ilii.s di libcrately, 
alter much ri iljolioii and «<ni»ider*lioii. 
anil alur comiiiiiiii-.ii in,; with tb-.ise who 
played a p.incipal part in the year It^l'S 
I think there can b- no doubt that th t 
conspiracy in Ihe last named year, though 
it acinally broke out into a slight rebel 
lion, was lar lormidalde than Ihe 
coujpiracy which 1 hope wc have 
now lo a oousid. ra''le extent overcome. 
Ihe rea»oii why Ibis i onjpiracy was so 
t .rnidable was that allu'led to by the no- 
ble ea.i — num. ly, b 'Causu to a great ex- 
tfiit It bii<-> 'Is loots in a loreign country. 
[Hear, htar j If it were not lor the 
cncour.-\gi inent at. < support which the 
eonspirney re ined li m persons v i i 
were (Ik iiisclvei exempt Ir...,-. the danger.■^ 
incurrcvl by ihoc- wiio lemaiii n. Ireland, 
though iheie might exist in some pa.ts ol 
Ireland liisonleni. bordering upon ilisal 
lection ag:vin»t ih (^ iceii's G ivcrnment, 
yet <li«allccuuu would never assume 
iho loiiii el a eon»pir,.ey whi. h eoulil be 
at all lormidable and bUely to . i .1 inr;er 
the tranqiiliiy ol llio country. But ai 
long Bs _\oii bavc a l.ii-g'i and extensive 
society in a loicign lnuJ, supported by 
considerable sums ol moeey, and st r,di:ig 
euiissaiies into Irclaud lur the puipos.- ol 
sowing diiallcetion tlTOn/.boU' ihe C-uii 
try, you will not be Iree lioiu Bolicilude 
concerning an ontlrcak Another l.o t 
worth aiteiitionii that the p.rsons who 
were moat active in p'Oinoting tbc con- 
spiracy were not iha poorer and more i;;- 
norant classes, bu'. personi 1 can b -st 
deiciibe as bclongiDg to iLa ar;isan and 
sin.dl tradesman c'asses. It would bu a 
mistake to suppose that mauy intelligent 
persons ware not oonnecled with the con- 
spiracy. It is quite true — and the cir- 
cumstanci 8 is a most fortunate one— that 
there wire no owners of property or per- 
sons occupying high, eocial or profession- 
al positions ill Ireland who took any part 
whatever in tliii nnvcmcnt, but at the 
same time the leaders and moving spirits 
oi tho conspiracy, though belonging, as I 
hivo raid, to th-j artisans and humbler 
trading ela>se8, were, neveriheless, per- 
soni whose energy ond ability rendered 
tbcm dilQcuIt to contend with. As re 
Rnrds the farming classes, of whom I have 
frcriuently seen t assiirtcd that tbey did 
not sympathize with this section, I regret 
that in its full extent I cannot repeat 
that ettttcmont. In tha south and 
west ct Ireland, although the occu- 
piers ot larma did not take a prominent 
part in the conspiracy, yet, as a matter 
ol tact, it was known that had tho rebel- 
lion broken out in many parts of the 
country they wo aid ba^ 6 been p^irfcc'ly 
rjady to join in it. I do not iiileud to 
pursue this theme, but 1 have said enough 
to bhow you that this sedition, the rise 
ol which his been compai^ativcly slow, 
Inr it has been in preparation tor some 
years, cannct be exp:-c'.ed to vanish in 
a moment by the mere enactment of a 
law suspending the habeas corpus, in the 
same manner that scdi'ion vanished in 
It! IH. And I am convinced that it is only 
wise and prudent to continue lor a time 
tbc c.veeptional powers of the Govern- 
ment, bccauic if those exceptional pow- 
w.o ji.i ...t — ;-* J •- — •— »J --- " •-•i-«i 
ol (Sedition, you wo lid lose the opportu- 
nity of sta^uping out the embers, and ot 
preventing t!io rebellious spirit ' 
again attaining formidable dimensions 

new light much iuperiority, in a variety 
ol ways, over the gas at nrcsent in gen- 
eral use. Among them are its Irccdoiu 
irom ntl'ciisive smell ; its cleanliness in 
Ihrowiiig olf lesa carbon in smoke or 
soot ; its iniioe'.iuus ipialities, being per- 
Ic.lly Irce liom i.ulphur; the ea?e with 
which It can be adnvted lor domestic 
purpuscs, by tho rapidity and ah eiuM ot 
cumplicatiuii in Ihu generation ol Ihu 
gas -the only thing iicccsaary to enablu 
a iimily to make their own gas, without 
buiniiii; moie coal tliHii is iicecssary lur 
iheir ordinary conking operations, being 
one (if :>lr. Russell's geometrical ranges, 
and not a very expensive article ; and its 
illuminating^ power, whieh, besides being 
a pure white, pleasant light, is said to 
Ite thiue limes greater than the coal giia 
given to the public. 

The iippliauces necessary loi the manu- 
la.iure ol this wonderfully cheap ga< are 
remaikable lf>r (heiriiiinpli<-ity and cheap- 
ness. The proiluciioii ot gas by Mr. 
Riisseirs process seems to be plain and 
eHrc'tial efough. The only secret which 
Mr. Russell keeps lu liimsi II is Ihe exact 
na'iirc of Ihc relu^.i matter by wliiih hi) 
is enabled to produce such brilliant le- 
sul:?. This part ut the discovery will, o' 
eoiirsi , icmaiii Ihi) property of t e pat- 
tentce. — London filjr. 


■ ra. Wlaalaw'a Naotblair H/rup liita 
iM'fxiuie no popular tliut v&rtoa' parUea liavn put 
out artlolfs oallluKlli.'iii Mrs, Wlnnluw's. t'loasn 
Ikko uutluii tlial Unt Mi.m. Wi.nh1.ow ok tiik 

AWT o-1111'.K Aururiac, |ei-U*w.lm 


A Caui» to Invauds.— A Clergy- 

muii, »lill« ri'sidtn;; in Houlh America *h a niln- 
■iuDuiy, dl-c iviTe.l a »of.. uml nimble ronw-ily lor 
ttiH cure of Norvous Weaknoss, Karly lM»cay, 
L>i»('asi>a III IhH IJrlaary and heiuiuAl UreauH, 
■nd I be wliolfi train of dlsordi ra tirouKln on liy 
liiDi'liil aii'l virulous hatil'. (ireut iiumbxri 
limii tMM'ii lully euri-d liy IliU mbln remeJy. 
l>ruui|ilisl l>y > duairti to l»'u»Ul Uih allllcU'il and 
uiilurtuiiali*, I »lll send » recI|H) for lireimriuf 
anil u.iiiKlliit. midii;iii., in » i.< al'-d onmlope, 
to any oa<i wliu needs il i iinB .■>' ciiaki.i'.. 

rii-a... eiicio e a poi-t paid envelope, addressed 

Addri-aa, JO.SKI'll T. INUAN, 

KtaUuu U, Ulijlu ilouae, Now York Oily. 


|ln) <B»o&s. 


At 132! 

§ig €i««w. 


¥ # 


« I » ■ • 

Tnxulluu ol lloineolcuds. 

i'.um tlic Vrecliuru Uluuiinrd. 

It wdl bj seen by the following letter 
Irom tho State Auditor that the Home- 
steads are to be taxed, and all those who 
are inclined to complain ot tiic Assessors 
for listmg tiitm, or tho County Auditor 
for carrying them on to the rolls, will do 
well to read it carefully. It will be seen 
that those oflicers are ac'ing under posi- 
tive instructions from ttie iState authori- 
ties, and turtlior that Ihu State ia so aan- 
guiue in the propriety of its course, that 
the proposition is made to pay the expen- 
ses ot any lawyer who will undertake a 
caie and beat tho State. Here is the 
letter . 

St. Fail, Aug. 12, IStiti. 
C. t'. Coltiurn, Auditor. 

Sik: — Yours of August sixth, came 
duly to band. So long as the Attorney 
General ol tie Stale in tructs me to tax 
those lands it's my duty to instruct you 
to do the same, and it's }our duty to re- 
quire the town Assessors to return them 
properly avsessed, and if he does not do 
so, to sei'.d him ba-k as per section lii, 
page 108 General Statutes, then ii he 
does not return them add them yourself, 
liui ii the Assessor will not make a legal 
dsaesemcnt he will not bo culiiled to pay 
for what he docs do. i ho Assessors or 
the Auditors are not responsible lor as- 
: eeeing " Homesteads" we all act as a 
matter of duty, and would bo subject to 
impeachment if we rclust d to do ao. 

I have been trying lor three years to 
get a suit into court to test the matter, 
and now oiler to pay the lawyer on the 
other side in case tbc State gets beat. 
It would be much b-tter for the " Horat- 
stead Seltl'.rs" to bring a suit Icr contest- 
ihan lind fault with a 

Cuiil, Alulr uiiU itluiblv illiuea. 

I'luui tlio ll.'leiia (M..iitaua' i:i.|<uljlicau. 

Montana is daily revealing new sources 
ol wcallh, and every moment brings with 
it new assurances that our present proa- 

{leiitv is oi no •ephemeral nature. From tho 
ast /V.v< we learn that within a district live 
miles Mj'iare, near tho Madinon, discover- 
ies hftve recently been made ot cial, iron 
.'.laie and several ipiarries ol sienite. All 
of the.ic articles areola goo 1 qialily. 
llie sienite in parti, ular is very puro and 
admirably adupted t ■ ibe cjii-lruction ol 
Imilibngs To thesi: cli. .•lin); i.pjris 
irom the t x'rmc xoulhern portion ol the 
terrii'iry we have to add equally lUtter- 
ing reports Irom the extreme north. We 
recently lound a piece of coal as Urge as 
a watermellon upon our table which came 
irom an extensive bed that is now being 
worked by the Upper Missouri Coal 
Mining Company at a poiut torty miles 
below lienton and atiout a i|uartcr ot a 
milebatk ot the Missouri rircr. The 
vein from which this coal is taken is four 
leet in thickness, aud has only been 
jienolrated as vet to the depth ol 
a lew leet. Mr. Uoseiilhal, the a»sa\cr, 
reports that this coal much resembles the 
Anthricite coal oi I'enusylvania, ditfering 
Irom it, at present, in being a little more 
stony, an objection that will disappear as 
a greater depth upon the vein is reached. 
Tne coal contains bu'. very little sulpher, 
but on Ihe top is too hard for blacksmith's 
use, although it is ot a good quality for 
the marulactnrc of gas. This coal ia now 
being taken out for river u-c next aoa- 
son ; and a largo supply will be in store 
lor boats another year, provided the 
workmen leoeive aullicicnt protection 
from the military stationed cidy a few 
miles awriy. In our notice of the Little 
Prickly Fear Canyon, the other day, we 
faded to make men* ion of th'! valuable 
quarrica ol rooCng s'.ate to bo found 
tbcre. Special attei.tinn was directed to 
these by tli" op^nirg ol ths King i^ Gillette 
road. White marble ol iho purest 
qutlily and in groat qaantitiea has been 
iliscovered this spring wiihin fixmdes ot 
111 lena, on Ten Wile creek. It is being 
energetically ipiirri. d ni; ptefent ; an in- 
clmo tweiily leet in width hiving been 
sank upon it. Ii is extensively u*ed for 
the wint'.OT,- :.nd doo; caps of our stone 
buddings.; imporffinl discoveries 
oi copper hive be.'! i made near Helena, 
eoucemiiig which we ^h>lll be abl -. to give 
full particulars shortly. From tho lew 
statements wc bav.j miide, it will be seen 
that Montana's wants arc no sooner ap- 
parent than they arc supplied. As wood 
becomes scarce in certain localities, eoal 
straightway makes ita appearance, tm it 
becomes desirable ta erect fire pruol 
structures with beautiful adornments ; 
slate aud marble arise to the builder's 
bidling, aud as the mechanic needs the 

>.a>laiu u>..a>U Lo l<nJs tll«lll I'loNi; at 

hand. Surely no country is richer in 
natural resources than Montana. 
, » » » ■ » - 

Ifli'H. II. C. Biiihop AlcDoukcy. 

Br. .Vnthony, Aug. 2S, 18C<;. 
bdltoriit. I'aal I'rcis. 

The citiacis ol this pla'.c recently en- 
joyed the pleasure of listening to two very 
interesting addrc3SC3 on the subject of 
temperance, by the above named well 
known resident of \ our city. • ' * 

Il must have been the verdict of all 
who listened to Lcr here that shcia nobly 
fullilling her mission. Assarcdiy one sel- 
dom listens to a more truthful portrayal 
of the character and eviU of intemperance 
to a more deeply thrilling pathos in detail- 
ing its ( ll-cts, or a higher and purer lite- 
rary diction than are embodied in her 
leclurea. While tbey contain playful 
sallies of genuine wit, and pre^cllt occa- 
sional points ol keen satire, Iheir general 
tone impresses the heart ">itb the sober 
conviction that he is listening to the soul- 
lelt. and tariict protest ol an intelligent, 
patriotic and Christian woman against the 
monster whose tangs strike the deepest 
into the vilals ol ihe eountiy ihc loves, 
and whose blighting bieath falls most 
witheringly upon Ihe sex whose worthy 
representative ehj is. 

No orginization or community inter- 
ested in keeping alive the fires of temper- 
ance reform, can better advancj their 
object thun by securing a visit from Mrs. 

The Ukkat Knoluui tiittuutr. — but 

rrt/mrfl rriim a prffcriiilimi of Sir J. (I'irtt 
M. Ih, I'ktficutH Kxtraitnlinary tnthe f/tu)tn. 

lUia Inviluabln medlclun la unlulliuB lo Uio 
care of all llin <« puliiful and rtnriKiroUH dlai>a»<'» 
to wtlloh theleinali'00n«tltutloli la aul.Jerl. It 
moilnruli'ii all oxcac and rnnioveii all otwUuo- 
llona, and a •■uwdy our« may bu rclind on. 

lo Marrlwll^ilii." It la pocoJinrly a.ilM>d. 11 
virill, Id a eliort tliue, liriEK on tha muntlily period 
• ItUriiKalarHy. , „ 

Kaob boltio, prlo-iOnn D.illar, tii-ara Ibe Gov- 
amninat aiainp ol (irnal UrilHlu , to provent eoan. 
Mri.lla. . . , . . 

CAf HON. -rhn- lilh'-ifi!<*tf't A.- <<«trti «'* 
ireMaUi ■turins/ the FliiSI IIIRKK JtfOMTffS 
qf I'rrgnanri/, at they art irtre In hriay on MU- 

rrniLisHRi) uAiLr, i-Hi-WBRKi.r Ain WEaKLT 
Office— ^kcUoininac th« Bridoa. 

HatOH of Adv<.'i'tipinfj!: 

carriayt, tut ut any other lime then are ni/c, 

InalToasoaol Norvoua and Hiiinal Atfeotons. 
Palna In tho Hack and l.iinba, Flill;;u« on allKbt 
eKPrtloB.l'ali.ltattoBollJii. llciiit, Uyatdrloaand 
Whll-a, tlicie IMlla will *'ff."'t a cjni when All 
oltirr ni»an" liav« failed ; and althiiu»;h a pow«ra 
ml r»mi-dy, do not oontAn lioH,o*loui.l,»ntlinOl 
uy or anytblnu hurtful t Uie oonHliltilloa. 

Kull dlrectlou.i In the pami.hl.'t around PSob 
lackiwi', wliloh ahuuld be cai'-fully proa.irvnd. 

Hold by «li UrufCKlaU. »ol« A(?ent lor the 
Unttud StaUia and Canada, .I'>B Mo.s KH, 

•27 alrcol, N. Y. 

N. H.— f 1 and alaiups nncloHt^d lo any author- 
iiM axHut, wiU Inaure a b-dtln, contiiiiiliui I'tty 

f^lU, by rotum mall. . ,. ^ ..^ _, 


We havi' just icoeivcd a lari;o a^jurtmiiil ol 


Aiuoag wbivb will tl- found tUc lat'-i-l aud 

Most Fashionable Styles 

0£l£:(^td C3^00X>H, 



t Or.n Umi. 

i I Tliri-o tlmna 

*• < Hl.-t daya 

J < 1 ».o wnokH 

Za ' 1 tiri'.' w.'i'ka 


wo I'M.tllll...,. . 

t Tlir'-.- »!' uiliK. 

1 Six inontha 

( 1 w<;Wi' moblbn 

- r n 


1.. M'tl an aril. I.' lint M must .i.^ 
"•.(//iii.r. Il il ;i ni;:^^iit 
Ani.K ur. I 



.1.1. l.> fiufii fill 

11,1 ri-k. Fiii.lrf.1 Hump f./i parim 
a. Di.vui;im&Co.,l'i"«»' i'il->ChiesEo,lll 


An oxp<>ricnccd norsa and ft-inaln phyelcian, pro- 
pcnts to thn attention of inothprs ber 

Soothing Syrup, 

For Children Tcctkluar> 

Wbleli urnatly lacllllates tho prooess of loetUIng, 
by soltenlnn tha jtuma, ri-dncInK all InlUmma- 
tlona, will allay ALL P.UN nnd f paamodlo B«- 
Uon, and la 

Sarc lo Kcgulale the Bowels. 

Dopi-nd upon It, motboia, it will give 
rfit to youreelvpa and re;i<-i uii-I ftcairt 
lo yrnr in/inl$. We have put np and 
•3ld th!.i article far over thirty yosrs, and cam 
SAT !."« conrinBKcit Ann truth of It what 
w) have BPver been ablo to any of any other 

msdiclno— StVK- has ITKAlLlSn IX Abl.MH.K 

IHSTASCB TO EKKKOT A ccux, when timely 
used. Never did wo know of on Inatanco of dla- 
aatialactlon by any one who nafid It, On t!i« 
oontrrry all are d«UgIit«d with Ita operations, 
and appjk In tTma of commendation of Ita maj;- 
leal elTcora and medical vlrtuea. We apoakln 
thie mifcr "WHAT WE do kmiw," after 3n 
yoara' eKr«rie«co; akp plkois oub bki irrA 

TIOI Kti; Till'. KUiriLl.Ml;XT <«K WHAT WB 

iiKiia iiicLARK. In alimet every lutflancJ 
where the infant la autfcring from pain and ex- 
hwaUon, roUcf wUl b« found In flaeen or twen- 
ty laluutea alter the syrup la admlnlaternd. 

FuU direcUona for using wl'l aooompany eauh 
bottle. Kone genuine unleae the fao-almllo ol 
CUtlTIS tP'.aKINS, TIcw York, la on tho out- 
-l' ■ v.. ;-'i' T. 

Sold by s'l Kruir^In; I llir./:iKbout th« world 

PrlroOnly »» C«t»«» p«r BvtU*.. 

m)3 d&wum 

W e «IU irum thla date acU at 


A few Of whlcli wo will (numerate, vli : 


Ori-KU) Ills Jt^^'l'IUU ^SltiCK OK 



B ^ S Q U S B 


Thti.:la no bnnibug. We laeaa Juat what we tay. 

I^. Cr. I3U«-TI% 

Ooo Square. Kach add. 8<)«ar«. 
..$0 75 $a» 

... 1 00 7* 

.. 2 00 1 W 

« • H SO •.•«•••..■.•••.■ 7v 

.. S 00 1 M 

.. « 50 t» 

...1000 CW 

.12 50 • W 

..IH ro • M 

. ■'.<> 00 U« 

1. AdverilKempntM r>rdi:r>-d to be kept on tha 
Urat puKe, ratt at ilnnItU pr|u«, 

K, Special plac» ntlvt-nlfli-iiif.titM, double, col- 
umn adverUfenientH, and advi'rtii-<-tuent« «rith 
o»t«, "opeclal Notio<^" and "I..ocal NoUcea," 
one-half aiidilinrwl. 
t. All chang<>a nileal tuenlycent"p<-r nijunre. 
4.^teadlrK Mailer Notlcoa, In local or mla- 
oellan'oua eoluranp, onedullar per i-quere, and no 
notice inaert^'d for l>»a than one dollar. 

5. Advi-rliaiimoDla ina^rted in "Want" 
coliiron, I'lci^nti. per line iur eaoh InvTtlon. No 
adTertiaemcnt lor li-ha- than .'.uo-nta. 

ft, Itiilioiilttalx ortfering th*. inxtrtion uJ Po 
Ulicnl adrrrHtmentii trilJ In- rhnrtjrit full rates 
awt lull pertviuUly retptmti'ile for thr tnme. 

7. Keligioun and Charitabto Koticta wUl rate 
at half pric. 

H. Marii;iK<> au>t l>^atb N'olioea, (aiaaple an- 
nouuuuini-nt,} lifly n-ot'i •■ach lu»«rtlon. Obitu- 
ary not'ca, lin oenln I'-r llnf. 

!>. AilvertiaHmcntH in tin- tTcukly— for any 
piriud utihia th.-ee iconlhi.— for thefirat afiamre, 
one dollar fur euoh Icai-rlion; for eaoh addl- 
UouM Hij'aaia, one duliar for the fir>t iDaertion, 
and tifty cents for each addiliooal UbHrtloa. 
Ovi-r iltri'e months the ratca are tbc aaiqe as 
tho Dally in tho above table, 

1 l^eO. and GoTemraont AdveiUalug, 75 
o»t per a<iuar<* furtbelrat luaertlon, nnd 37>^ 
cents pfar rquare for eacli -.idditloual ioacrtloa. 

II. Altorneya ordeiiug I..<'Ral Advcrtiaeinents 
are rci;Hrded ua aocauutablx for lb'; .-aiuc, uuleai 
Uiirc id a t-j^i-Uml agre<-ment lo oiiarce to another 

Vi. So fipoT given In consideration of Adver 

13. HtruuKcra will be required to imy inad- 
TUion. Quarterly payiaenU on yearly adrnr 
tlaementa are due at any time during the quarter' 


The best Prints 
and Under. 

20 Cents 

l4Lt!^ Tliird street. 

Delaines 20 to 25 Cents. 

Domestic Ginghams 25 to 
30 Cents. 

Heavy Brown Sheeting? 15 
to 25 Cents. 

Bleached Shirtings from 15 
to 40 Cents. 



tbe mat cr. 


Haddlory Hard^vare, 


For Driving In Kly Time. 

Ji'ly Nets und ILlnnn Bhects, 

tVhipsi Ootlari, Oarriaje 4 Bujgy llamesi , 

At C. PROAI.'*, 

Je27 d*w Caram Third and Robert iU 

public olUccr lor Joiug Lia dut> . i« trying 
to collect a l»x, lUr. o lourtbs ol whicb la 
lor thtir own lo.-al purpose., 
CllAS. MclLKATU, Audr. 

Our opinion is that if tho Bcttlcrs upon 
Ilomesteada doaign to risist the coWec- 
lion of Uxei tbci-eon, it would bt' better 
(or all concerned to have thtsiu club to- 
gether and niRkc up a case to test the 
• l-iostion legally. It is folly to ruat con- 
tent under tfce pioa that the ti-x is not 
lej;a!, when nothing is bcirRdone to clear 
it Iroui the rucord. So long as it is per- 
mitted to remain t!.- n-, baokfd by the 
Stfite aulhori ita. the presumption ol law 
is in lavor cl its legality, iit,d an aceumu 
hiion ol interest ut tho r.iti) of :i 1 per 
cent, ia adilin^ au incuinbraLco whieh tew 
tracts car lory suatain. 

Uas for l.c«M titan NotliluB. 

There is ut present to he seen at No. 
Ill Newton street, lli*;u Ilolborn, ao ex- 
traordinary dimple little contrivance, by 
which it is B'jo.rn ligiit, about the 
coat of wlii^h and the grievance connected 
wilb whiih :: ) much h« hfra said, can be 
tnanuf.%cturc I ior positively Icjs than 
nothing The discoverer of this latest 
paa maculict-jring iiuprovtciont is Mr. 
Uussel!, a j',en;lemau known in the world 
of inRcnu; y as a patentee of eeveral re- 
markibly ueelal end publicly benelieial 
inventious. 11 Mr- Knssoira i:ew gas 
po!sc!:>t.i Iiilf the. advantagea Lo claiuia 
lor it, ur.'l wL! :h hu c.rtr.inly aecms to 
irove pretty cloarly ot his temporary 
works in Newton street, it will create a 
revolution in our present means ol pro- 
ducing nrtiticial light of an exfnsite 
character. Visitors to tl;.) temporary 
works at Newton st-cft. will find 
that Mr. Russell will prove to Ihcm 
that ho IS able to ixtroct r»s 
Irom vegetable substanct'S which, 
upto tho prcaent, lave been .'reatcd as 
utterly useless, and which, hf t 'er still, 
after proJucini: the g.ts bec^tmo matter 
of cash-convcrtihlc value; so ihit the 
more of the new gas one mr.nufacti'res 
end coiisuiues, Iho greater rdvantngo it 
will bo to cim pet-uDiarily. 1 1 this be 
10, it only remains for us to come to tbe 
happy conclusion that we can light our 
hcii'cs with this gas (or Ies3 than noth- 

Harriet E. Bi'h'p Mct'oi^k^-y. S. 

. • I > I • 

»♦ All UiKlit. »«^ Saaly." 

As our frifnd lin not appeared at the 
cable's en<l this year, pi^oplu are asking 
what has bciome of him. lie has now, 
no longer, any eonneotiou with the com- 
pany. He resigned, and his icaignalion 
was accepted; bi:<-ause, bo itiJ whispered, 
he bad so testy a temper that he uuiic 
every boJv his enemy. Ilo was capri- 
cious and overleiring, it i^t alleged, and, 
ibough informed of the fault in the cable 
beloro it wen* ovdr, he pooh poohed at it. 
It was this conduirt which caujcd the list 
expedition to lail. Mr. VVillonf;hby 
Smith, his siit'i:fj6or, h:n been coi.iii c'ed 
with tho la> inc; of almost every submarii e 
cable in i-xifl' .iv.—Boiiloii Juurnal. 


(imtK >'i.- CHIKl (Jl-.VKTKKM.\hTKB, j 

Fort Bnoillog. Sllau., August v--, IH ■«. i 

plifilf Willi <• n-cc:vi!.l at ilii» clilw until U 
o'llock M , .-.aluMlij, ~<'[)ici b r fth. tor 111"! de- 
ll;. ry at F^rt Abfraonibl.', U. 1' , of 
aO« « orilK of -«o>d utt-rcbuntnlile 
II an» »oui>. 

riiP Wood to b; CtirJ. .1 at th'' To*' and subject 
toiueli Inip'i'tiin as tlif< Qunrli.iiu.-lcr o^tllC 
Pol•l may ('Ir*- t. liolivwry to ciiinm-Ticc lmm.<- 
dint<'l» on oompl-tlon of coatrac. JOd cords to 
bK.Mlv.TPd onorb.'for.iNt'vemb.'rlHt. IM.0, and 
Itiebalanw onor b.'for<>.»«nuLiry let, Is.T.andIn 
fu.-li lusntltlcs prior to tbcJO datou an may be 

"^'rf opo'^iH 'or th« wliolo or any part of lie 
amount r.-qu'red will be reoelvcd. ...,„,. ^ 

ntdd.-m will glveth«ir ram' 8 und addre?" m 
lull, and In ra." ol tin. s tliM"-'-<^l " "f'^.^S 
addrnss of narli indivi(<ual m. mbcr mu»t, wllh 
thBLamoof ll.i Bun. le i>lafd. 

A printod copy of tbli advcrtla mcnt wUl be 
(•n.lo<>.d with each propiaal. , . . . „.,„,„_ 

AU bi'i» mint b<^ accoii^parilcd by a written 
ifunraetM In tfo followlnn loriii, vU : 

\^o , and ■ cil tlie county of , 

Ktite of , do hprrby Bjrroe »>»< ,-7-7- 

l^ atli' to ful.11 a contract In accoruanco wltli mi 
proixv-itlon; and that should his proposition bo 
lcc<i.t.'d, he wlil at onco riit'-r Into a contract in 
BccorJauco UiTi-wilh. bhouM a contract bo 
Bwarvled tilm wfl ar« pm^ired to brcome hie 
i)..curitl<s. bijtn.'d by two reeponslblc p.-rsons, 
who-o respon-lhllily shall be vouched for by n 
certitiaitf of a Clerk of tho DUtrlct Court, or the 
U..S. District Attorney. 

BMJ.-rs ttr« requested to bo j.rcsont at 
ciir'ninn of bliU 

AiiTari.«M or anmici atio.^ or 

AKrici.i. 1 iK-.r. 
Thl-a-iaclaUonihallbo cOledlho "Wabasha 
(Jold and ijUvcr Mining Comiiany. ' 
.\BTICI.I. SliCOM'. 

The obj.'ct lor which thU •^""•Pf."','!''!.''?!}' 
i.*diHfurlhe purpo-e of ilinmg Uold aud bil- 
I" "ud ollrr'' MTi.«-raU In tho county ofbt. 
Louis, Stntc of Minnneota. 

Aiiri'i.i. rmii). 

Th« capital .to. k of thI. Company •••»'''>«»';'" 
Hund "d Thou-»t.d UolUrs, aud to .b« in ten 
Uou.and shares of lifty dollarn each. 
.Mil .tLi; mi i:rii, 

Siciloii 1 IhP crcanuatiou of thie Comtmi; 
„haldit«fromthi.f.rsl.liyol>liipn... ^. k.I-*--., 
ind to ooLtinu^ ,hlrty years noleoa sooner (U.- 
wilved by voteof Ihi- ..lockiiolderd. 

s.>o a 'I he priucipln offlci lor Ihe bunlut.'u of 
Ih'is Coiiit>any ohall b« at Wabaiba. MInneaV 
ta antil changed by voW of the msjorlly 6t an 
auoual uit uliuK of the nUckholdere. 

.MllKl.l. KIFTII. 

i-cctlon I. The stock, property and buaincsl of 
fill Company shal b« ma.'BH«d bv fpvpo Dir«'Ct. 
crs who sliull b- stockholdHrs ard fhall bo fli'ct- 
id by th" BtockholdiTH annually on the liriit 
i'ufsday In August, to hold tht<ir olBci- tor one 
y. ar, and uutil lli»-ir succ sora shall be chosen; 
ua'<or nioii- <il Ihe said ilircctorj shall reside in 
th> Ha'.« < f Mimmsotn. 

i-HCi, 'J. At th-' annual I'lrfution tho new Board 
of l)lr<'Ctorii shull choose cno tf their number as 
1*' osident. 

S«'C. :i A msjnlty of the Board of Diroclora 
shall All any vacancy which may ooonria th>-ir 
lioard by ileath tr otherwise, unUl the next reg- 
ular u.( I'ling o! tlu! stockholiJirs. 


Src'loa 1. Ih(> atock of aald Company bball 
hsi aold only for pay lo hand en delivery of eer- 
tificitd of stuck. 

b>o. --' Iho c-rtilicalej of stock belonging to 
ftockhoIrtiTH shall not bo auhjcct to assresmfnt 
tor < xpcBscJ or other purpoaes by thi« (>>mpany. 


■the foll-iwing named persons are tho charter 
m robor" andBtockholdcrnof thisCotnpany, with 
rosldoi c" : 

\.!inf$. lifsiilenee. 

Kobert P Andrewe, Wabaeha, Minn. 

Levi Ueetz, " 

W 1". Tenny, " " 

.Ino. h. Morrison, " " 

.Ino. K. Koso, " " 

Nathan K. VTobb, " 

\Vm. T. UuKan, " 

A.G.Kostir, '' '• 

W.W. McUiUgall, " " 


Tho following named pnrsODB shall be the first 
Board of Dirociorfl, namely: 

.Ino. r. Mo.-c. W.W. McDougall. Nathan F. 
Webb, willlaTnT. Ougan, Kobort P. Andrews, 
Jno. K, Morrison, L:vi Ueetz. 


A I'resldent, brcretary and Treasurer shall be 
chosen unnuilly by llio Board of Directors iro- 
inedlatoly nf er tht* uunual i-lectlon. who tliall, 
with the Directors, bo the olBcors of the Compa- 

tateU Wubwha. August 1st, 1S60. 

Hobkut I'. Anobkws, fi.. s.] 
1 1 VI i»Ki;TZ. [L. 8.] 
Wm.I*. Ti:.>-.vv, |i.. a ] 
John R. M<ii:ki&un'. [>.. s.| 
JS'>. V. B<jsi:, [l. a.] 
N. K. Wkbii, I !..».] 
Wm.T. Ul '..\.n. II.. K.J 
A. Q. KosiKii. [I..H.] 
W. W.MeDKLO.tLi., [L. ».l 
WItnOis: D. H. KiiirulRi'.iranklJurk. 
bl ATK OK MINNKSOTA, (;asiia Coi .nntT. 1" 
111 it remombnrod ttat on this loth day of Au- 
gust, 4. 11. l-'ii. personally came before mo tt. 
P. Andrews, I.evl Deelz, tam'l 1\ leunv, Jno. 
i:. Morrison, J. K. Uose, N. K. Wibb, Wm. T. 
Uuaan, A. O. Koster and W. W. McLougall, the 
signers and sealers of the forcgning Inalrument, 
and a-iknowledgc tho same to be their o»n free 
• c* and deed. 

\\iine-s my hand and offlclal eeal the dKy and 
year above writlen, 

D. n.KLDniDGi;, 

thars,augliioaw4w Kegistcrcf Dcedf. 


i;i2 Third sired, Si, Paul, Miiiu. 


Auguet --''7, IMsi. 




Have added largely to ttaelr alook of 



Wkicli tliey offer at 

"Very ILiOw I»i*lceai, 





to this startlirgly agreeable 
Mr. Ruseeli claims /or bis 

'l-roposal. from perrons who hye prjvions- 
Iv lal el to comi ly wiih their b d«, Irom disloyal 
^rinuj, andli-rsons lrre«ponab\'% will not be 

Ttio u'ndor»I«ned rcserree the right to rtject 

any or all bitU. _,, ,,, 

A bond with rood and satl:'fiiotor7 security will 

be r I'lulred from the p.'rsan or persons to whom 

the coutraci iniy bo awarded. 

Contractors w 111 lurEhli the nec'sf 5ry revenue 

stumps lor boiul ' and contracts. 
Bids to bo endorsed "i-ropiisli for Wood at 

Foit Aborcroin'jlo,"ena addressed to tbo uLdcr- 

•«"'"'• THKO. PCHWAN. 

captain.mi. y.j,. Uf«.^^_ 


Cblet V- »• ^l**- 


Al persons are hereby warned not to biv or 
negotlatrt a Cnrtllicato of ivposlt ol wiiiius 
Uros. « Dunbar for throe hundred doUars, nura- 
lieridlllwt. cUt»d at. I'aul July 'Oih, l-xw, and 
pavttble to my order, the said oertHcate ot Ce- 
posit belDit lust andpiymont '"*ll?& ^Vi" "/l"'' 
'* 8'.". I'aul, August -Jid, IH*). ang-:abf 


BUlngte. Stave and Barrel Mrichinerv, comprls- 
Ug aiungle Mills, Heeding Mills, Ueaiting 
Kounders and Planers. Heading Jointers Kqual 
liliig auii Cut Off Saws, Shinclc and btavc 
Jointers, ac, »c. AU new. Of our own make 

and wurrantcd. 


»-i and HI Madison iUcH, Chicago, lU. 

aug5 dfcwlm 

JOHH V. mrTOS, *iO«A»»- 
GKAVKK. Mill' r's lloer Brands. Steel Stamps, 
Nawi' I'iatos, llutel and Baggaiie Checks mud" m 
the beat style. Kmbroidory Plato.", Brass Alpha- 
b ti and Kicurus, bhc.-t Bra"s Indejlblo ink, 
Brushes, Vram. s. and the verv b<-st Stencil Tunis 
and Dies, and blencil Cutler's gools generally. 
Oue Hundred L:cal aud TraveUng Agents Want- 
«.1. Refer to J. E. Grldley, Mrst Katioual 
Hot«l, Minneapolis. ""g ^' -" • 

or KAVT- 

Best Calicoes, 20 ceuts and 

Heavy Brown Sheetings and 
Shirtings, 25 to 15. 

Bleached Muslins, 14 to 40. 

Domestic Qinghams, 25 to 
30 cents. 





A,t Very Lo-w JPi iees, 



IngersoU's Block, St Paul. 


Wahavethls day s Id our entire stock of .STA- 
PLE ANI> KANCV DItY tiUOU.'j to Messrs. 
CM. WHEAT A '.O., who will continue tho 
business at our old stand, No. l.VJ Third iitreet. 
Catholic Block. Wc uoind ai-k for them a con- 
ticuation of the iitxtral patronage heretoloro be 
stowed upon us, assuring all Ihat Inou' suc- 
oesaors they will lind gentleman in whom they 
may conlliie. 

inai^JLiER «««•.& WAI.KER. 

bt. I'aui, .luly lOth, 1m'>C. 

Referring to tho above card, wo have only to 
Bay thut our object In coming to bt. I'aul is to 
open and butld U!> a 


Dry Goods House, 

And n OMler that we may bo cnabl'-d to do 

thiij we offer the entire stuck now on 

hand, cocsletlng of 






At Cost for Thirty Days. 

This !.'< not intended to deceive, but means ex- 
actly what we say, and we only ask an opporto- 
uity toconvinoe all of the tact, for it is to our 
Interest to ruduce tbe stock now on liand n or- 
der to make room for a 

Fall and Winter Supply. 

Come and judge for yourselve.^. Mr. JOHTHI. 
WALKKK, late of the house of Miller Bros. ^ 
Walker, will remain with u?, and will be pleased 
to see his former patrons, to;?etlier with all who 
may feel disposed to pub' us a call. 

C. at. WUEAT A: CO. 

St. Paul, Jul; l«, IWM. yiTiy 

The loUowing rates of subscription ior tbe 
Piii'ES win take cfl-ect Au^ubt let.lMXi: 
W K K K t. Y . 


One copy onoyear 41-2 OO 

One copy six moaths ] 00 


One copy one year 

One copy six monlht 

Mi 00 

.. » 00 

r> A I I^ Y . 


One year, per copy ^lO OO 

Six months, J cr copy i OO 

Tlirce months, per copy '2 &0 

Less than thr. e raonthK, one dollar per month. 

Deiivc-r:J by carrier in the city, 4lIS OO per 
annti»^ ,er #1 OO por month. 

New ,Jei,iTa, per hundred, ^t 7i. 

NoTiCK TO Si nsi Kinnr.a.— In oiderlng the 
address of yoar papers chancd. to prevent de- 
lay, bu sure a,id sp.cify what edition you take — 
Weekly, TriAVci-kly or Daily, Also give yoor 
preterit and future addrets. 


PREtiS PKTX-riSfl CO., 
St. Puis I, HIbb. 

3I()NEY WA^TElf! 

VTo have^cimiaeucod bLliiog our t tovk 


ki ^a^k'i bkmkiSii. 

Some uu ob 

I ecll witbOBt regard lo CO^iT. 
We will eell you 



A£d soma \iity good 

Dress tioods at 25 Gents 

tio conu ijalck 



I bey uTO all gui.u. 
. neli 




Li KaN MAK^?y^v^rTaot~d 'theb«?» in War 

5, ■ty^r^aclted 

ket, )u«t reo.-l»td .an-' for tale M 

St, "111, '.'<»; 'I. •»'•'•' 




IhlsEclicol has just completed its tenth year. 
Its history hai bean ono ot prosi.erity and 
growth from the csramencement. llie la"t two 
years theuverage dsily atfendanon has been more 
thau two hundred, and many have been refused 
admittance for want of accommodation. 
Is now un«er contract, to be open for occnpanoy 
at the commencemont of thH Kail Session in 
btfptember. and it is hoped that hereafter all 
Oin ba received as pupils who apply. 

The Library, Ai.paratus and Cabinet are re. 
delving yearly, valuible ad^Hione ; and the pur- 
poio Is kept steadily in view to turnlsh every 
fiicl.ltj for a thorough course of instruction. 

The Faculty conil-ts ot four male and eleven 
female teachers; all experienced instructors lu 
tlielr several departments. 

1 he Sobool is fully grad-d from llio Prepara- 
tory Depanmenf, throuKh the entire couree of 
Aoademical and c:ifts>ical studies. 

For pirtloulajs auilc^talo^ues, address 

as West Fourth street, Cicclunatl, 
I auguew 

We are underselling 
every other House in this 
City on all kinds of DRY 
GOODS. We lire doing 
so knowing that the peo- 
ple buy their Goods where 
they arc sold the Cheap- 
est. JOHN H. CAMP, 
142 Thii'd street. 


(jreatly Reduced Priceti* 




8UM.M121* »!»H^%.>V1L,«, 

AT BAlta.MSS. 

= . 


t m 


but** M ifoud Ctiui titrune lar* 
■elliosral l|)1.9> p«rii»a«il. 





Catlicart Ck Co., 


M«». 13« Third street. 


Brown and Bleached Muslins, 

stripes. Ticks, &c.. 
As Cheap as the Cheapest 



These GooUs be sold, dc we must li;ive 
money lo bur <"><* stock of Fall Goods. &3 coma 
right it'.oug. Kcmember the place, 

218 Third street, St, Paul. 


ex. PA.T71i, Mnrfr. 



laHITliiird 3M|r-ect^ 









m tmmmm^mmmmmm 




City g^dvertbettunU 

AI»i»I.l«'AXl<»."« .T«» 

N*' a"v"»"''an aliVvVn bass- A1>1>.' 

ro-TK'B or 

HON lO VllK,i:ir¥OKsr.rAl!l. -No"o^'* 
thi- I'ltv ClorU, by ordtir ol tin 

(he i>la< of '*»"" 

,o vucaio tl.n uUny mark. ;'»''., ,V;;7',"aV; ^uWc 

all-'y. runnliiB 
»t b|i>cW uni 

iron, Monro.. """ 'i' '!''"^'°a3 

:ind rut lot 

AiaitiOH. m.1 IMtllio Cotiiinoa 

i'c>un>'il )!>• up 

.iiklKion, aoii io»i ■"" "-":■• j.inv of «)otot»r. »' 
lonr o tloiU r. "••."'"'.. ,vii,.» nil liitci<"«l<'J 

ainn CounotI 

K. T.^■«lKSU.CHy^■l.•lk• 
Au«u..l •-MJ, I WM. »u« -' < ■»* 

tlHIl ol III 




,«,n .School Uou.0 m th.' Kourtb Ward 

tor ilio dctcfii 

liii>>iiliary wbo >'•<'>[ 

■ lh<' Kourtli V 

et. i^kui. J»'T «»•>. '*•*• 

i^ It li. r i>y )fiv," 
TPO-tvod by ib.< Uly 
H..l« to thw city of I. n 

"- '^ I" ir-'niM on" m'r«"uUld« of. and 

:?{ior" to -taio th« number of ticTe. 
BoraorP and I'.-utiou ol Und. 
fommonlounctl. ^ ,.. FKIttN D. Cltv ClTk. 
S»t. >"«ul. .Inno ^U^HW. l_':j!51f 

•^"c to <.»t.t with.- lh« «'•>: "' 'i,f7^^™ 

hftvo lb.' <.i >«• attin.b'd to at once. A ""«'»*'''" 
kJprii^ II.- < 1 rko oin-.. for tbo p.irpo-o ot en 
r.rnU n . -:.n.-^ and .uob oth..r loattey n. re-^h.. attention of Iho Health InM>-otor. es- 
.mined ««»"»/'■ .'TrM.i II T. Health In«peetjr. 
r»ul,.li>"nei:lth.l-<M. J"'*" 

lilt ir.'l'O-iltov* wlllb.- 
( i.rk at hiK otfico for Ibo 
«>r«'ti ol l:<nd mor»or 
i:ur\lmi lilu»--ot .l..«.lani- 



I he prlee 
ordiT ol III'" 

lUl'OlilKlUJ ANl» JOIJUlLUa Olf 


372 &, 374 Kasi Water-st., 

Jit. ^'outs gidvcrtbrmcnK 


r at all Itmex lull Uiw ol "^ IAN 1>AK1» IJO- 
MK^I'ICS at tlie /..iiv-«r i:ii>ti-m >iuoliiticit», 
Aldo oouBtlully receiving Jobs In 

Dress Goods and Woolona, 

Wbtclk 4ian tie 

uold under vulue. 

We aro 1« 

Black Cloths, Doeskins, 




0» TIIK 


irHue CaHHimeree*, 

Kor TatlorH Trade, on which we can compeS 
Willi noy Hoi''' in lb" country. 

Uui thi-ilities iii Kahttiti niul 
Ktiroi^u M;nkol6 are euch an will 
oimlilo iH to foni]>cto with any 
House ill tlie west, and wo want 
every Minnesota and L-wa biiyor 
to <;ivc! usii call, Spocial lulvuii- 
tafioa t)ttered to all cash men. "Wo 
olfer hirgc lines of Coaks, ol' our 
own Maiinfacturc, a lowebt pos- 
sible prices. 

b\lf.. SUEllWIN ifeCO., 
372 and 374^ East Water street, 


apf'S iIkwIt 
























5 ? 




Otw; (luod iSt'ruiul Hand Tiauo, 
Ouu not 80 Good, Frico $150. 

tiircc iSiH'uuci iluiid Mcluilcous, 



au eudleiiH <|ii>iiilllv ol Inntruiii'UlH ui 
dk!<crlpUuu»,ni tow liKurca, at 

Doivti Go Prices I 

j Wholesale Druggists, 




Ihird Btrx't, HI. 


I'RUI, Mlun. 


Commission Merchant, 

F«it rilK H4LII or 


Minneapolis to Owatonna. 

ll-KJtJ. lJ-»Otf. lJ-*ti<J. 

On and after 8A IURDAY: Au«oit JHh, IMS, 
Tt.»ln» will run in acoordanoe with the following 

J,e»vH Mlnnea-'OHn. 
Arrive MInneapoUa 
Lfine Var.biult.... 
Arrive V'arlba'ilt. .. 
Lt'we itwatmna... 
Arrive Owatouna.. . . 

ConncctlnK with Train* ol the WINONA ft 
sr PV:TKR KAILKOAD at owatonna for 
Snuilier.i and Ka-tera polnfH, and at Mendot.i 
•1" . trai." of the ai»n«.«ta VaUey HalUoad 

'" TraUii goluK north will not stop »t Kort Su'^ll 

'°Th« Momlnft Tritfn (tolnR South an! Iho 
Kv«rlr» Train Kolne North will not Hop a 
We.cott or ra.tle Hook. All othe Tiulnn wll 
.TopatMinnPhah*. Kort Bu~UlnK, We»oott and 
e*=tir Kock on fc!i;nal. 

D. C.NHEi>AB», 
Ufiioral S'lpatlulonil 'nt. 
j4lun«»poll9, August 'OA, IstW. augJl 

.. S.40A. 


».10 V. 






.. imK. 


3.(S 1- 




7.65 f 


. . I « I" 


... 1.15 1- 

. M. 

Tobacco, Hemp, <'oUo' 

And Western and boulhorn produce K<-nerally. 

No. 02 Douiiuertial slreet, 

Bf^lWfmi OUv«iii»il Ijoctint-MtH., 


Prompt iitteutlou Kivcn to UUiiK all order* lu- 

truit.d to mv care. uicbrtly 


l,Oul». Ullle ttock. Ark. | bl.smith. Ark. 

cSt CO.. 

SI. I 

m m\ iM m wb. 


Winona & St. Peter E. R. 

Connecting with the 

Mini . Stage Co.'s Line for La Crosse, 

,... rj leaving St. Paul lathe mornlug 

",,ina the name day. .. - ,„ 

. ..<t li-avprt KaJKon at« A.M.and7:S0 

1-. M. Uoins Went leave* Winona at S :15 A. M, 

'"Kor'ruitt. apply to tUo Minnenota Slaf<c 
Couipany'i. office. 3, p. ATKINS. 

Cash Wholesale Clothing House. 

WIllTt: lJK.OTHli:W». 




ttfntifmen's Furnlshlui,' Koods, 

Chiambor*, *• anU »0 Wabash A»,. 

/:<!ir<-fn Liik'. pwi RnniMvh itrerts, VMcngo. 
i^rTfvMa^ii atteD'lon paid to orders. 


ijiroKTiatB AMJ jouaicBaoir 

Crockery & Glassware 

40 Randolpli-Ht.. 

A jBorled package* of Crockery for the country 
traue. AUorder- P"»"«'"!;,'"iitKrciiUM. 


(icncral ('om mission Mercliaiits. 



No. 63 Locust street, St. Louia, Mo. 

Particular attonllon glv.n to 1'"" -■''•' '''. j:,'"":! 
(irain, I'roJ.ico ami I'rovUlon*. < ',''"' f"' *, 
kind, of Morcliaiidino promptly ""^'eiX^ U ' 
rateH. One of our Mrm devot«»« hla excluKlw 
atli'Utlouto thopuicliane of Uoodii. __„„,, 

Liberal ci»h advance- mad.. ..a connlgnments. 


Parkor Talnc, K .,.,bt. Paul. M'"- 
Pa-c..l Smith. l.>s., Ked Wi.ig. M nn. 

Tbo.. Sliop.on, K.1 ..>*'n''»»'"'?"\,o 
Statu Waving- A'looialloo.M. bouU. MO. 
Principal National Bauki of low«. 


Forwarding and Comuiissiou 

No. 23 South Commorcifcl atroet, 
.ST. 1 OlJliS, MO. 

Kkkkkkkck— Trlid Ntlonal Pank, Mcchaa- 
io« UoAk, St. LouU. 

LIbtral aivanoiM maio on con«Unm;;ntit. 

Particular attention paid to ailing all lilnrt^ .0! 
order- for country mercUanti. Je,-w«m 

Repulalion Established! 

jnrn, S. .1. .f/lf w is truly 
u ftttbtif bturla''lr<'HH^ and 
lor iroMhrliil mirrcss in 
unitn ctdattttJ. Uer ftnu*' 
tiutf tiff ttistorfrieH hurt' 
fiouf tiliroiuU *t"ft fo-tttiif 
slu is iif Iter Ihu the tarfi- 
fHt uiattnforluress In thr 

Everybody Interested. 

I ytjtilb ond old age are 
alike in H( lit* d liip fht- use of 
^tMrs. S. .f. Jilh'tr" ^ir'wrlrf** 
Uair Restorer tmd Biair 
UressiHg, They art dwerl' 
hf up<nt fhr roots of ilte 
hair, rftasiug lit.rttriaitl 
growth timl beauty. Your 
hair, U'rha»3ged to grey or 
while hfi t.iekness or other 
causes^ Willsooit Ik rfstrtt- 
ed to ils miitiral color and 
beauty. nnudrnW cradl' 
cafed forever. The Uair 
faUing stopped. The most 
deUcat:'hf ad'dress or bou' 
net can be worn without 
fear of soiling, ^The most 
ddightfitl fragrance to the 
hair is imitaried. If you 
wish to i'estore your hair, 
as in youth, and retain it 
through lifc^ without de^ 
lay purchase a bottle of 
Jftrs, S. .#. •men\s World's 
Uair Restorer and MPreaa- 

Sold by VragghtM throughout tho World 
^ ruiscirAt sAi.i;.s oi tk i . 
|9S & aOO Crcenwich Hi.. New.VorJj. 





1 urpciitiiic, \^ iudoH (i3as.s, 

A. II, wit. UK. 1, ijMA.inmo hkahukt. 


J.C.&H. C. BURBANK & CO., 


An II 

(JSeuerai r/omiui!i«ioii Mercltauls, 

«'»r. l<«wrr ■<•*«• * MII.lf.7-aU., 




uiid OoramisMioii Merclittnts, 
Bouoiid Door Below MoronaiitB' UoteL 

UilS, WHII'li liilll, I 

Painters' Stork Compielf, 
WlilU' WajsU uuiJ oilier lJru^Iu'.s 

ri.AtoKanu isjK-rM.**'*', 
I'orliimoH, I:*<»Miiitl«is, 

And all oih'-r 


In great v»riet). 

Howe ^ Stevens' l))i! ' olors, 

ut CUicuBU l^iictsa, 
A lull liuu ul the l»uiuua and nllab c 

Nichols* Preparations, 

We anllcll the al'iuliou ol the trade to oiir 
•lick of OrooerlK", which have been carefully 
«..loct.'d to meet the waiiu of tbla market, and 
wlil.ili w « Khali aim to h.-ll a., luw an any. 

Wi' ar.- role A,«eutH .u Minnenoia 

luirbaiik's Sluiidurd Scaler, 

And h1. -ill a^wnyNbave a supply on band lir liii 
nieilUU' dellv.-ry. W.. uro ol-o aK*ntM lor ll.» 


H.»tU IliUMl -ma 8«l«KiiU»*H, 

Withalallbupply of Uepalrs. AUoloriho 

Tasc "Swj'cpslakes" Threshers 

»Vi:ti Itei-nlrr-. We Hhall (or tale 


We bave in btore one of the LAEUKbT UTOCKS In thU market of 

Tobaccos and Cigars. 

Kt. PanI, Jauuary 11, le&S. 


01 niauuUcture, with Neck Yokes, 
WbilUeUoei., Waguti Cover* and Challis, 
log Iber with 

Kicm 'h.- extensive manufaclory ol HARVKl 
4. U A l-ACK, BullkJo, N. Y. 

Aii-r^clatlng the liberal patrenngo b."to.«'/'ii 
oa tl... ..11 ll.iu.'. w- ►hall endeavor to irain 
tiiin th.' lrivo'.»l.l.' r"l.ulatlon er-tabli^lu'd h; 
them, through .«r.ful allenilon to the In'erei-t- 
ol lUi who uiuv favor ub « ilh their buBlue**. 


l-OK tJAIJ-. IW QL'ANTiTlfcS TO BLll'. 

1*. r. mtikVtMJLAM. 



















U8E THE best: 






In '■very c.uutv in«<a, t.. "' U lb" 

Gonuine Improved Now K- gland 
l-'AMILV SKUIX*; ,1l\< IliN'i:. 

The only small Machine Ihat g-e.. general (>ati»- 
laetiuo. K»'tail prion ^H*.**'", 
All >"ixturoi Included, 
«:irimi«i'«» S«>ir S<"w.-r Kxtrn. 
And lor sale with » good supply olNe..dles, 
from N .«. 1 toijHl-otbc be-t qualty of inacbin.: 
oil, at my room , fJl Third H'r.-.^t, M Pa'l, op 
iiOHlte Mungi^r Bro". Munic bt»re. Ul' staiks. 

Jf. ». IfllTOMBt."', 
|elS-3u General Agent 

Excelsior Hair Restorer 

fs the Ix'i' pr.panM^i. 'rT nr'-<fnt"d 
<)ie, aiid th 

V, Itli a oumpU-t<i aud tliOruu«^b «to<di through- 
out. Ihe ait-ntloa of tho tr.da invited and 
patronage •ollclt. d. 

bt. l*,4ul, July ill. IWtl. j*-'l 



«su^v;A.l«. tJUi*ici> ham:*' 

Ul!.MtY AMK.S t C'J.'d Bl SV, KOU SALK, 
A*, r. nclkVMMJLAM 





r. A'. jHcut; im.i'AH . 


Uarca 1. U)M. 


Ht. F»axxl and Paciilc 

R A I L R^O A D . 

Onane 3n.r MONDAY, May WtU, \tM, F»«- 
nenger Fralna will run aa lollow* : 

l.pive.'t "^t 

" St. Anthony. 

•> Manomia.... 

•• Anoka 

•• Itaica 

•• KIk KWer. . . 
ArrlTu ut Uig Uike 

Leavea HIg Lake.... 
Klk River... 

" Itaaon 

" Anokn. 

" Manomin. — 

•• St. Anthony 
Arrive at St. Paul 

. 8.00 A. M. 
. 8.43 " 
,. 9 10 " 
. 9M " 
. lO.tS " 
.lO.W " 
.1100 " 

7.00 A.M. 
. 7 4S •' 
.8 05 " 
. 8.36 " 
. I».10 " 
. 9.46 " 
.lO.MI " 

3..W y. 

fM " 

*M • 

6 25 ' 

».4S • 

6.10 ' 

0.45 • 

3.00 r. 

3.M ' 

t.45 • 

4.10 ' 

4.45 • 

5.15 " 

5.55 * 

A, B. & G. H. MILLER, 

iMroKTEU8 Ani> JuunuHH or 


Wostenholui's Tockel Knives, 


SR Sta,te-»t., Oliioago 

.Sole Ag'nta for the oelobrated AMBHICAK 
K/LE CO.'S 1>IL£3, guaranteed equal to the 
best l-.agliuli brand*; eyery lUo warranted. 



Manufacturer of and Dealer In all kinds of 



J.ICKS9X SI., MU mi Til CORNKB 0? SlirU 

R. polriog of aU kiodrt proMidljr nltoadod to 
and all work wamutted. . . ^, , .,_k.. 

Nothing but th« iHwt teboted tAatexn Umber 
oMd. pmMl ly 


Circiit riano Forte .V Mcloili-oii 



Uavlug a bu>er who U con.:tantly lu llio l.aa 
eru Maru.-t walchlng for barKaln", v.c ^(lve uii 
UHual lucllitli-a l\>r keeping a 


ADu a: i.Li.>u At 



l>. r. lUc«fct.AX<L'Jt!(. 

to lb'. 
pubiiO lor 'lie ll.ilr, aijd the onlv ariioJo po«. 
.,.-KKltig ail .lie me itJ" c'ali-.'d for II. 
IT lifAHEM Mtsn «.i*«.«»W^ OJI 
Arrrpin its Ml'ng ofTor turning gr«". c.ure» aij 
dla.-a*'-* of Itie -irali' ami nnkn. harsh, wiry hair 
^<>autilu'lv *■.*.! a'ld 'ijxur antly gloisy : bu' 
ahove all i« Ihr m:irvelc.u» rai.i'i i v j ith wh cb 
To iiM ori'dnal co or. i;»e it a few times andlo 
onr gray hu-' hav di'-.pp.'ird a- it tjy magie 
IT iH mn-r a ifk B. 

But ktrlV'H at l*ie ronix of the i.itr, .upvl' T 
lliein Willi lew ilf-- an 1 coloring mailer. It in^ '"'f rlr.v,iii« than (111 or .oma'um, anri 
a oi.l- lln-ir .1.- •■•"rio'is rl!i-.^». It 1" el"i.a'ir 
i.iluined.i < appll <1, and I. in ul r. -pec^ 

iur lid.- toth.- B u».^ li, alt r u fair trial 

th(iido.-R not Jirove to he the t).-»f pr-pamllor 
before the public, th" mon'-y will be refunded 
Put up In large bottl- r and sold by all drugKitn 
at il.iiO per IJOttJe. _, ^ , 

1>K k7 B. CI.. 'CK, Proprietor.«ter, 

Oenenl Northwestern Agents, Chl;;agO. 

H. w. Hoitiaiioar. Ar***. ■«• ^--i- 




rii'!iy-l»«-ii€l«-cl IN-oplo have thfir 

lixk.s ri-^l<ii(<l l>y It 1.) Uk- '/<"/■, hittrma, 
sill.i-n Irr'srit of ydlitli, !in.l :irf lldlipy ! 

Voting Propio, wi(?i fifilif. fntlfd or rrd Hiir, 
li.iv^ thi-y-o iiiituKhioiiMlilc colors <rhan(;pd to 
a l.cuuliful nullum, :\nd rojoice ! 

r. ojile whoso lieail.s oovrre.l with 
hiiiidri'Jf -.KUiX Ili'inO".':, lisf it, flinl Un\<- rU-nn 
conH .-ind clr.TF nn<l hoaltliy fnilps ! 

«nlrt-f Iof»<l«Ml V«««omn« Imvo 
tli.-ir r.'iiiiiiiiing link<! tij;htonpd. and tlir 
l.iiM' ^iiiiis covered wiili .-i luxuriiint (trowtli 
<(f Hair, and dance joy I 

Yoiins fJonllffnon use it Ix-rauso it if 
richly yMTfiiincd! 

Vouic' Ladies use it IvooatiB* it kof^ia 
tiiiir lliir in jilacc! 

Eviirylwidy f>ii«' iind "•'// u'f it. Itocaas* 
it is ll'ic i/ianr:~t and ''"' article in the 
nij^rkcl ! 

For Sale by Dmggists ^nerally- 

Dixon. April a*, f"*- 
Vr rr n. ITifffffnr Hr^ifipimi • 

l>.'i.M' •'•II- ; ion r..;^^.T.. . »if Ui^ when J par- 
c>ri"d the bot'Ie of Rlr,.''" ^ ep:t ir!,;«. Ain»)rn«1» 
III ••< w.<i« a^o. jn^ hiir <«»i' v-rv ety. I un 
haip, to i-av »'a* Xrr.-n: it» n->- \' ha- U'-fi. r n.- 
p|ei..|y re^ored te itt natural color, tilock. i 
'live also ii'et. it. mf-t! t< -I' ri i-pvr ml tlin'».,nnd 
hive tio bisi'atlon In »>saring iryfrjeed? that it 
i.. iin 'Iiumbuy," but ih»l li •« i I ooa'Itbatle 
<:|.-.ined lor it. leinsM.r It soperlnr ♦- anvthln* 
ol tiin kind in maik^t a* a • Hair l)re«.««^,^ 
keeping the scalp clean, bead f r' <■ fyoin rlondmff 
and the hair »ott »nr1 «ilky. 

.T. y.ADAMB. 
Carrisge Manulsctor.r, I<ik0i., III. 

IdVTG-..^ JEtS. 



n.lMHr£Ut UKFfSBI*. 

Po>vtlei»«?d ixruX 

GJ i'iir\ulttteU. 

P. w, aicttt.xLt'Aai. 

Purchase tickets at the HUtlona before enter- 
log the car-i at a diuoount from t he regular Uain 

'■'tC^«eng.r Trains nie.-t at Manomin. Persons 
winhing lo makea«hort pi. asure trip eantake 
the M r. M. or :i .10 V. M. train Iron. St. Pau to 
Manouiin, IM mil >», and return to .^t. Haul at 
10 30 A.>i.or5.55P. M,, without change of oarj. 
Uone from St. Paul iy, hours, morning er even- 

'"fu.Hengrs must g-t their Baggage Checked 
t'tore ItTt will be carrlf'.l over the road , and on 
the arriv d rf the triin at place of destination 
must present the oh.-ck and Uke possession ot 
their their bau'u'.igr, as the company will not 
be responslt.le lor t.h." safety "J »•>)' .'••'.KM'' 
after its arrival at station lor whi.^h it is check- 
Sd— It being no part of the business of this 
iS^parV i.r receive a d store baggage unlc«H a 
,p,.oV.l tjnlrdCt U madH^to lliat_.'tr.'ct 
my27 » 

Torrenoe, Manning & Co., 

WlloLK;! VI K l)l?ALKK» I.N 



Karicy I>ry C4ood«, 

as l.»k» * 3U Hi^Mbuith Aveaua, 


New York office H« Duauc etrcet. 

W. J. M.\M!"1!«U, 


N.U. Walkkb, 

■»hoto»ri*plief«r tO»» Br>«iai««», ♦«.»*». 
Cur<«*e <l« Vlelt*. r««r do£*», f."!.©**. 

Kor thirty dayi I will woik at thesn prioea tnd 
guaxantvo sitlsfnollon. 

A. wiisroi^AiR. 
Excelslop Photograph iiaUcry, 

Aeuriy oppotU* th* BrUlge. 
bt. Paal, U'tr .'**• "^'^ 

• to K <s 

^ .e i- = 


■*j ^ >, -^ '' 

5 I' 





s-s's--:? . 

s 5 

■ - "- flj G >. 


i>,u^t; * *j, w t, , „ 

; sg 5k ■-— J 

"■5 i,^- 
z S. a f 

< C X * • 

H ..lai.' 

n. l»BA.AaO, Sapt. 




li.l M»j li»Tl. VoU. 


Attoriio>s» at Law, 

rtrtom Vo 4, lK(uAi)i<;eon BuiUint;, 
C«r. »«h atrofaiand p»iiB»yl»»»l»a A»««., 

WA.silINcnON. 1) c, 
will prosecute all claims against the Govern 
ment a.i.l giv- p irtl ular attention to the settle- 
m-M "f < tn.v'V Ac-..Hnts, .he llollectlon ol 
Back Pay Bounty and Pi-nslons, th" Collection 
of Pav for 'torses Lost in the Service, Ac, »c. 

All business eutmated tons wll be attended 
to with pr i"iptnoss and on reasonable t. rms. 
Liberal arr*ngeraento will b« made with rn.m- 
bers of the proleaslon eniruatlrg buslne a to 
our care, m,.-.,„ 

Kost OlBoe Bo x 700. J y81-d*w3m 



At their new 

l^i-v&iry aiMl Sn,l« ^ t:tl»lo, 


Are prepared to supply the 

On moderate terms. 
Mf Ttclr Uoraefl are flne, Carrlagee and iUr- 
■eises all new and of the latest style. 


6 SSl:?|iS|iPl? 

r a s f 


Trunk Manufactory. 

Also a full supply of 

Saddlery Hardware 

Whips, Collars, Horse Covow, &o. 

r. PMOAI., 

Corner Third and Kobert itroets/St, 
JyW 3m 

, Paul. 




Guaranteed to give more power with aame quan- 
aty of water than any othtr Yl heel known. 


m:ii1':k:s gheii'.ivwood 

S'-nd for Descriptive Circular. \ji Sm 

\VAKHK<)*>MS Vi 


«« ■\^''awliliisrtoii WtJ-oot, 

Acta Yuik ir.i/-cri/<>»n B^O Uiondicay, 
Wholesale Agents for tho U. S. for 



(jlold Medal Pinno Fortes. 

As to the relative merits of Pianos, w.' 
would rif.-r to tlin ci'r'illcates of excnllince in 
our losMihhIon frjm Thaloorg, Gott ■ chalk, Ktra- 
ko-di, O. Sa.U-r H. Vbuxteiop., Louts Msab 
aud K. Mu»lo, Musical Dlree.ter of lb" Mali in 
Opera, as also from si.iii" of Ihe n>o^t dl-tin Prer.'.iKurs ami Amateurs in the coun- 
try. All Instrjui-nti guaranL-.d for tlvo yetrn. 
Ako agent-, for 

.\. II. O AI-K Ai 00 , 

Aisd Olhcr First ('l«ss Piaii m 

We have the largest and best nnort d stock 
of rianon In the city, whUh for i>o-*.ir and 
rwe'tren of tone, eB:.y an I agreeable tf-ucb, 
aud l..anty of llnl-h, have, by Judges, boen pro- 
nouuced «/.rit).i/'..f. , . , .. , ., 

Aj-Particul«r altintlon p^ld to th« ».'Ieclirn 
of in.'rum.-iits for dl..tant orJer.^, and a prlvil 
ri<e ol exchange granU'd at any time within six 
months, if the Instrument should not prove en- 
tireW satUfaclory. A libi'ral dNcoun' to Cler- 
irvmon Teach.Ts and Scho.ils. I'erins liberal. 

Wh"l->ale Dealers v.ill Bnd it to I luir advan- 
tage to give us a call, as by greatly increased 
facilities we are enabled to lib all orders with 
dlsi«U:b Persons in want of a Urst 
Clas.. Piano wiJi do well to call before purchas- 
ing elsewhere. 




HarmoiiiuTus, Melod«oni & Organs. 

IVfanufaciure. -ii.l luiport.Ts ol 

mii!Sh;al instruments. 





And otti. r Musical Merchandise. Ihe Silver 
and l)r.iKH Inst'um.'iils, of our nianufactnre aud 
Imi ortation, are used by most all ot tlie best 
Hands in the United Slates, and when.-ver ex 
hi. 'ted bavn ahvayi rect^ved the Gold Medals 
and highest premiums. Having c-onnectlon with 
maoutacturlug houses In Kerlin. I^mosic. Ui^'S- 
den, Kngliind, Paris, w. ar." prepared to luruish 
Dealers, Bands and Individuals, with very arti- 
cle in this line at the manulacturcrs 
prices. Remember till' placi 

Will. J. f^i»*»»»» ^ < ''> 



U. a. JAVA. 

ro, sale b, ^ ^ a,c4irA..i.Aa. 


'J? JS -A. H . 
If Ai.r ciH!»».'4, coatiii- 

INU Oil' VIS1& 





Remodeled, Hefitted & Restocked. 

A splendid i!toc!i oi 



Oye Htiifife, &c., <&c. 

Pcrfiiuiery, Faiiiy Soaps 



In great quantity and yntlety. 

I'artlcular attention paid to Compounding 

A cents lor the celebrated HJKfcKA. UAIR 
INVIUUUATOB. Alullaspoitmciitof 

ViowB Of Minnesota Bocnory, 

AWajB o.''. land. 

AtM-BW AC^M-^ '"■•■•■''' 

rrcprJclois,lnterr.ational Hotel UiilldinK, 

Cor. Jackson and Seventh gtreets. 
Jy8 2m 

J«7J ^ 


(d'lceessors to V/AT«.iif , Pkhhmokb k Co,.) 

iiMiBciiiiEKS m m\m w 


We are prepared to hirnlsh every description 
of the above articles In anv desired quantit;r 
Kvcry description of Bakery dune looroei. Wo 
imrrint all goods a No. 1 artlc.e OrJ^"' ff"" 
Se OMntryaoltclted »n 1 promptly filled at the 

"'crhTMa*"foTT..i;rTK., X.K.u, and E.103. 
(-"all at tf'.e 

Northwestern Steam Bakery, 

i;om»r Robert ntr-'!'. and Lov'.'O, 
•ly)anl* . 

r^jEW mxoi:t,E. 


Kino Navy, Natural l.*af, Ao. 

r. V. JHcat/AlAAB. 

for bale by 


a50 Ban?ols,riaU Bai'rels 

And Kegs, t;umi.riilnfi Sugar Orlps, Amber and 
Gulden and bugar House. 

I'or saW by 

r. It. !acUL'tiL.I.*^*' 




Corner Fifth and Robert Streets, 

MANUf-.^cru-iita OF 


Carriages and Sleighs, 

kindi ot repairing proiu,Uy attended lo. All 
work wsrr..nted to give saUefaoUon. 

mohl* ly . 

llo>Hl Uavaiia Lottery of Cuba. 

Conducted by the Spanish Qovernment. 

IS GOL» DRAWS BVKlil 17 B4I8. 

sued an.l luformatlon furnlfhcd: the 
blsheH rates paid for Doubloons and aU Wnds 
Of li old and Silver; also lor all governmont he- 


Hewing- Machines. 

l*urson" anrt l.a' ties winhing to perch? e KHss 
llo ' t".-^ lii.ur.ived aud liert worUii;p Shuttle 
"tltchSexIng Sr.chine in the wo:ld, lan do "O 
at IM Third street, 8t. Paul, t'l' ktairs. 

The und. r^igus'd Is prepared to furnish any 
sii.' and ftyle ol lIi^Nh that nn be found in any 
ul t'.ebesi K.iwlng Maoldne estabiUhments . Ige 
wlwre, bolb l''aini)> uii.i Maiiulacturiug .M&chines. 
Ail arolt»i:ed to eall and see i hem work. 

S JB. mai'ClHail.l'. Agent, 
!«.» Third Btriiil, ht Paul, Miiin. 


Rich and Rare Goods 



(^olid 6«ilver Ware, 

Warranled equal lo coin. 

Table Spoons, Dessert Spoons, 


Solid Silver Tabic and Tea Knives. 

ittble Korka, Dc-sert Forks, Pickle Forks, -^ar 

dine Korks, Cheese Korks, Pie Knives, Cake 

Knives, Butter Knives, Cheese Knives, 

Soup Ladli^s, iSugar Spoons. SugW 

Bitters, Silver Napkin Rings, 

Jelly Bpooufl, Berry Spoons, 

0;sler Ladles, Mustard 

Kpoons.Salt 8poona, 

loeCream Spooni, 

Baa SPOONS, Gtold Idned. 

Pres.-rve Spnons, Sliver Cups and noblets.Tet- 
Strainers, 1 obaoco Boxea, Card Cases, Spectacle 
Case^Port Monaies.Salt OeUars, i.>ult Knivp; . 
Child's Knives, Forks *«<> Spoons-*li pure Ml- 
vt^r. A lai-gc absortmewt ofblLvtll PLiAliAJ 


A large lot, in Gold and Silver cases, kdjueb-d to 

l»e»t and cold— -'a^ra Cited good limo- 


100 Cases Seth Thomas' Clocks. 

A luU line of 


''"SHC a»d 900 l!i" Uiiunaud Goods at 

O. C. «.REKI*X.BAr'8. 

'Ite largest asaortaient of 

Gold and Silver WatcheB 

In the State, 
Oiamoud, Opal, Pearl Ruby and Kmeiald Ring* 
and Pins, Onyx, Amethyst and Garnet Jew- 
elry .Solid tiold Brvcelets, tlold Tl-.imblee, 
Gold Necklaces, Gold Chains, 
(i large !<M.^ 

Solid <»old Icings, 

ltiickl«ia.M««v*i Rnatona, Stode, Kvya 
keiAla, dec. 

Store in Greenleaf' s Block, 

Opposite Ccace: 

I 0* 



St. Pai'L, /ipr:i2S MiTf, 
for IIm' truth ol Ibe above stal^ 
Snpt. of SI. Pao) 0«. Wortg. 

B»w A tn M . Baev*, 

Sole Wl.'doEale i-ud Ktal! AgeM Kt. Ptnl, 
Minn. npr 6rt«.w«in 





,err.edK.^";»4 ea'^1 





Pt MO i^^" '*retsat^t 10 taVe. ^,„ 


,\lh to. 







- 'tr^-'°-'' 




Hall, nesrthe Post Oflloe. 
1>. C. <»nB£HX.B Ar. 

d uA-t" 




69 Washliiston-sl., Chicago, III. 

A'eto I'urt lFitr.-r-nnn.»SO liromlicuy, 

No. 2 Jackson street. 



operating and consulting 

S tJ K, O K O IV , 


Diseases of the Eye and Ear, 

Omce, 117 Houtli CUuk street, 
V.O.aoK,in27. CMICAWO. 

\ xamln'-d rarlon» tu tlmonlals li th.. 

,' , ..xtrncis fy.'>m foreign and home 

,„. I crlilictesof cum from pfTsons 

of *.:.. r.i.ii-:iHou, wilch hav.i been shovvn us 
by Ur. J. B. W JUr. and they give strong t-istl- 
monyi'i favor ot tli" Hoitor's skill in tr.-alir g 
Sl'ii^Mes ot th- Kv« and Kar. Ur. W. an u,.- 
„,,in.,,i.nt In on« of t le largest London Hos- 
V, • ■ • ' i 11 every resp.iot a liberally edaoiled 

' . refer noes aro of the highest char- 

■iri Iteiiuhlicrtn, Miirch, IWIO, 
.-;illj!al eyes inserted. Price, • 15 00 


li ,,.ii th'. 

BU.' H'N. 


'• .nmoKY OKTHK UKK.ATKi:- 

bv J. r. UKAULLV, nowr.adv, 
,, „ne royal octavo volume. Al-o In 
\ ,iyn pag.'S, r» steel engravings, 
■" ..orirjils of Northern and boutb.'tn 

t"V«.r' 111 Ki)!»!i-h and (ieiman. , , . , 
^' 1 riulhor is «. II known as one of lie best, 
.nVth.^W-rk 1-. a V. ry attractive one in b i,d,,j^ 
iSd U tu'riuons. Agents who have delivered 
i> I .7.. 11. >w l.e ^UIP ■■'< with No i. 
Knt™ '"-*~'"""^ ollorod. Call on or ad 



OKKI»'EOt.-Tlllt SlH:ilKTAllV OlfSTVTK.J 

St. Pai; i., August 4th, 1H0«. ) 

tliiit in |.ii"n»no.. of an a^t enflfl.».l "An 
act loprnvlil.- t..i th • [Uiclmse <il pip(>r for the 
putiU printing." niiproved March 1st. IsiW, 
fesled propO'.als will b.> r.-oetve.l at Ibis ofllo 
until September Sd, isiW, for furnishing the tol- 
lo*liigainouii> aniUin.l' of pvr, vU; 

Ihr. e Hundred Beams Book P.iper, sUe ZtxHT, 

Thirty Beams Folio Post- 
Fifty lt«ams Flat Cap. 

Seven Beams Demy. 

Nine Reams Colored Medium. 

Kjur K.'ao s Print I'ai . r. 

Three Beams I egal «'«p. 

Two Uian... Double Cap. 

Five llun<lr<!d bh.'.ts Bond Pai>er. 

All tlds must contain samples of the several 
kinds nl paper propoted Id lie furnished, and 
state distinctly tlio j rice p.T pound or ream of 

Att.ntion Is called to tho following parBgrapli 
In •.ectlon 4 of til.' act abjve nnmcd : 

"And every person or per"ons to whom oon- 
tncts shall have been award 'd, and who shall 
nrgl»ct or relu'e to enter irt) the bends re- 
quired by tills act, shall forfeit and pay for any 
such neglect or refusal any sum not less than 
fllty nor more than llvo hundred do'lars, to be 
recovered In the nam'" and for the use of the 

Slid paper must be delivered at this office 
In »ui li and at .ueh limes as may be re- 
...ilri'.t, wlilcli win probably be about one half In 
November, ISBil, and tho balance In February, 

"**" H.C ROOKBH, 

au^5 Hecrotary of tttate. 

J K. l>II.I.K.y, l-AttKKlU 


Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, 

N.>. LtJ^J Third •treet, 

(Over Nelhnus' Store,) 

sr. PAUTj, - - - MINN. 



1?. £'. M:«tiUIt-.L-A.lM, 

Uas »u Immense variety ol Groceries, comprising 
ovrr> thing usuaUy kept bynwhol<M»le grocor, 
which he offers to dralers only.aud lor cash only, 
always at lowest roark-t r ates. *>*-^ 

Stew f-ixim* 


Wholesale and Retail 

G K O O E R S , 


Importers of 


European Produco, 

I>calor3 In 

Qreen and Dried Fruits, 

and in *U Unde of 

Cor. Third & Market Sts., St. Paul 




16 Wall-st., M. 




To supply » deflolenoy longcxlstlng.have priute-i 


ready lor sale the foUowing Bunks 
for use in Probate Court : 




Partlou'ar attenticn given to preparing and 
prosecuting with promtitness and dl>p'itch all 
claims for polditrs or officers und. r the late acts 
of Congress, or any oth»r business arising out of 
tie late wars, eitlber In.Uan or Uebelllon, not 
yet flnully and satisfactorily setlled. My W ast^- 
Ipgton corri'spondenis arc Messrs, Eanborn A 
King, Attorneys at Law. augJ ly 



FairtuxnU'H fiscal es. 


;el, Chicago, IB. 

1 can now '-e aUplHl , 

inducemouts olleroa 


lU-Kouth Clark Btrce 

Merclinnt Tailor, 


. • , In Ha' caps. Furnishing Q.iods 
.-'";■■'.■ .t^s and »-Msim«ras, third street, UiP^r 

B (Told. 3llvfir c 7 nre-n'>Mk- . !•»» i 

Winona Carriage Works, 

Tho largest and most ostenilv i 


in the West, We manufacture to nr.icr an.l keep 
constantly on hand all kinds of 

Carriagre«» Biigrgies, 


We use the best material nwl lenrrnnt our 
•nark. B.log extensive deal"'. In all kind, of 
iwrUge and Wagon mal-rlal purchased from 
OTnds. enables «. ^-^^l^^^^^^^ 
•"■j^{, Wlnono. Mlnneaota. 

XB« AHn E.iarom« 


















ri-.rKiir .r »>t*, 
Kf. 'rfl ing. Minn., Au<. il, l««l. 

SEALEO ri»«P«»HA».>» l.^ ■»«'• 
plicate wlllb. r<c»* tlii- ofliai', un'll 1- 
M, Thursday, Au n«t:t..'h, l-M lor the de.iv. ry 
at Kort Su.'i;lnK, .Miuu. s >ta. ol 

:|t.,0<t'* Itn.taota Oui«, In Mrtcka. 
SUM tO'.« »r llur. 
»»0 corUa of Ury Hisssl Wo»d. 
1 lie Oats and Hay to be de 1/. re.l on or b. Tore 
the tr.lh day of October, 1-M, and the \\ oo.l on 
or before Jannary I t, l«".7,!\r,dln ruch.iuaulltl.'S 
prior to those dates m may bj r» quired. 
Also, at Kort Itidgcly, l^lnn.'SOU, 
•.MUM l»M»lsrl« ef Out*, lis aitrlsa, 

AiidatK.irt Al.-tcrombie, 1), 1',, 

l-j,0!;'UI>uabcU«f Uuta, In Huckn. 

Two thousand bushels Cf Oils to be .l.-- Ht K.rt RlJgely, and J ""3 bj-l..-ls at 

Kort Ab-rcron-ble, linim-diat. ly on ooinrlefiou 

of contract, and the ba auot on or b;r.>re jo 

'"propoKals'lor tho whole rr any part cf tho 
amount r.-<i'.lred will be received. 

151,1 1 for septrate a'llcles and sev-arato po'ts 
m..-t been .1 tier, ut til -cts of papir. 

Iiid.i.r. will give til. ir narai^s and adrfress in 
full, and In case ol llrm«th> preciso nnme and 
addri ss of eidi lielividial in..mber must, with 
the name ol tin- lirni !..■ stated. 

A print.dcopy (f this advertisement will be 
enelosed with eacli prrp'isal. 

All bids must b.- aecomp.inlcd by a wtlll.'n 
gunranteo in Hie following form, vU : 

We , and , ot the county of , 

WUto of , do hereby ngr. e that -— ■— . 

is able t -> tulill a c ulrtt"t In accordanoe with lii« 
pr iii.-ii'on; nr.d t'lat ilKJuIJ Mo p:opnnllun l.-' 
ace. It. d, he will at onci « nt.r Into a contrjct in 
aocorJaiico thorowllh. ^hauid a ooatraet be 
awarded Mm we aro prepare 1 to become bis 
securllle.". .s|gn"il by two responsible persons, 
whose ri-.i.on^ibllity shall hi vuuclu'd lor bv a 
oertitioile of a Orkof tho District Court, or the 
U. S. Ui«trict Atlorne . 

(bidders sro le.juested to Le prcseni at the 
opening of bids, 

ProrosaU from p-rsaui who hsve ptevlously 
fiilled to oomply with thtlr bids, t^om disloyal 
p-rH.'.n., and p.-rsjas irresponsible, will not be 

The un.ler»ijrncd reSfWTOl the light to reject 
any or sll bbl... 

A biin.l with good and .alli'ii r'.ory Eccurlly will 
bo ro.i .Ired f.oiu the person cr per.ono to whom 
th» ctn'ract m»y !>.' a-iar e.i. 

t' « ill tiirni-.'.! Hi ' netv :a'y r. \ i uuo 
stamps for botd. aui out'iict 

Call and E.vainine our Stock 



Oetubcr 2. iw*. 


Family Groceries. 



^?^er seventh and Slhley streets, will keepoon- 
mTly on hatsd atulUiaortment of aU Goods 

♦"a sharool-tUo pnbUo patronage Is re.poctfUUy 
soUcitcd, Bni:a*OM*WEI.«.B». 

January lTlh,lhM Janiw-iy 

UaTTIillS Oi- UUAliDIAJ<SHiP=':' WARUAKTS, (with oatUS. 


APPRAlbERli' APPOlNTMIiNT, (with oaths,) 











^or said by the quire or single sheet. Address 


The undersigned have this day forined a co- 
partnership uB^er the name and style of 

A. H. >Vilder & Co., 

for the iransaL-tion at St. Paul of a 



Commission Business, 
ft H. o. 

Jackson street, 

B^rst Door iVbove XUira street. 
Opposite MerchauU' Dovel. 


Wul keep constantly on hand 

Shirts, Drawers, Hosiery, 


rrruuUMs "VttliBes, &:o.( Ate. 

is tte only Pby.ician, as a Spe- 
cialist, now in ( hicago that can 
te ectirel. relied upon. i'C- to 
hiro, aid not ruHer iluit hcirible 
dir.afe tcieinaiii in ycjT ■ jfi'in, 
di.t pl'li^p^o^ r fstest*' ^ert>, I* 
fiii.s .'.•^tr<lvi^g Ji-ur laij.'jefr 
End future jirosiwcis of life. He 
lasmade FKIVAlK KiSKASKh 
and NKBVOIB DEBIl U V his 
VOlA^rr '■■'-' study for the past iwetnty iie«r», 
snd Is therefore llie lerson "•'""»*'' "'"i^'I^ 
should cons It, No one ever heard of a |*t lent 
of hs not t«-irg eu-ed s.nce ''"bas ^"1 '» 
•hi' cifv His repntatinn has vouehers In sll the 
City papers, his patients, and Hie o.edl.ii pro- 
.essl-n,bothh re and, as beiig 'b-n.-.^t 
skilled .peclallst here, and a tboroug . njaster rt 
all -exusi dlH ases. If all otbers fill, d n't de- 
spair, •.iv him aoaU, It Is a co.- mor oo- 
..rrenco with him to cure sucli oa-e. Ills 
rooms are sej«r«te for Isdies aud genUemeii. sud 
the roo^t compi'ir T the cli>. «■ .„ „ 

VOU^.. M«!.,T*KK PAltTI. ll-AE K.-HK — 

ocuir Biuel 'W devotes much ol bis timeto'i.e 
tr at ment of those case, caused h\ a f'-eret 
habit, vihlch ruins bo<lv and mind unlittlog 
the unf.Ttunate noi.idusl for -itber I'U ►"''•-<'/ 
>acli-tv y'-i- sad etiects ol these earl ^'lis, 
or-he excss .d riper, t« «* "-•^•, v.l«1 
i»Wlltatethe cOBstiiuti'T destroy tie 'O'"*! 
and mo tai powers, diminisb and enieeble the 
nJfu^rf-Iint'ssnd exh u.l the vit. e.erplcs 
ofman I od, the pl..»surrs of B«-,ed -Oe 
ol"-t Mmani ^.. rrus.r.f:d, "^^J^ ••';;"«^''^;^ 
rendered a erm ol unceasing mlser> "d r.gret, 

u.ih persons, es^ecinlU "hose «'»'; "I;'"""/ 
marriage sleuid lo-. no lim. m maklpg imme- 
^fe ippiicntion as bv Dr. B., by lis ne» -re^- 
men- .-enabled to insure a ►pe-^dy and pe ui»- 

'"o.'.n'^u'Tiktlons free and confid»nl»I. Offiee No 
ir.y outh' lak street corner «• """"fOS' •" '„' 
hi^k trom the Pot Office Pos, ' « " B" »**• 
Ot Icago. Ollice hours trrm « A. »'• ,',<> b »^- 
Send lor hi.. "Ouide to Health," 

"•r^'-uldiel.t'Tfor a descriptive circular 
ofPeosarie Remedie, th- best preventive of eon- 
caption known. Sent lo an) »<»<*"';^,^'^7_<" 
ehargc. ^ ' 


n. MABvra, 

K.F. MAKm. 


rilli l..\NK Ac HOULEY, 

Portable (Irciilar 3aw 

Portable Steairi X-'iiKiiios, 

Sliinglo IVTaclkines, 



Cor, John and Wat.T strecp, Ckclnnati. 
»*■ Applicants for d-sorlpllve circulars will 
ipeofy the maohlnerj they need. jelO-ly 



m<'"'ihaw und M street, opposite 
mnnesota Jlouse, St, Paul. 


At the stand U^e^oocu;,led^v_J.C. 

Cor. I*wrr «.•»••» si •Ibley •• 

Mr A, L. Larpenteur aUI remain with the new 
llrSVand we s.iail aim to •»■""'="» 'i'-.I'l-JJ^'^'ii" 
•Ji .Wo nUt House bv a careful attention to vue 

»«"• cIlANNlN G 8 k/i BURV 

Bt. Panl, March 20th. 188«. °^'^°" 


A full assortment of 


Habber PocUing, 


t. at. BnADEX & BKO. 

n >V ?R. r> ^W A.lEt'E, 


JI>LA.kl, &e.. 

ffiBAn*, o4.«i>«, cimcr 

p-tuiM In the bast stylo at Ui« 
pally Press HtMM Job Pri.i'.fn« OOto*. 

Bias to bo endorsed " Proposals for ' at 
— ' and addresstd to tho under. 



Capt'ln 1 th U. S Infantry, 
(.h ef t^. M. I istrlcl Minn., 
Kort Snuilinf , Mlua. 



BAI.I. Amu 

A 80CKAI jolNTKU LEU with sl.le motion 
a' Ankle. "Mso the U. 8. and N'.vy Leg. 
The I Iter Is furnlhello soldiers by the i:. S. 
Cvernment without charge by appl) ing to 
DOUULAH BLY. M. D., So. 73 "ne stre"!, St 
Louis, and No. »^ Union Ueot, Memphis r.nn 
Bendfora pampldet lining description and 


Have received their Isrp- and splendid ha- 
sor;mout of 

BoUd Silver and PlafJ fare, Wa'ches. Fancy 

Goods, In fact .v. rj tl.l.iK cencrfilly found 

in a Urst-o!a-!:i iCs-at.liMni-nt. 

Having purchased our goods mosllv since the 

decline in gold, w- ar.. p-epar. d lo nflrr tlL-m at 

tliL- lowest possible rales. PUms.? call and ex 

'"^^jiJJrtl'eular" attention given to Fine Watch 
Retailing and Jobbing. 

A continuation of tavors fVom onr old custom 
*r. Is solicited 'or lbs new Ilrm. 

ers IS '""^'^ jjpiBMAs * BBonrar. 

llifl third streit, one door below .Shaw's Hat 
Store ht. Pnul Minn. M-*m 


Ffi'cins. l'l=>oi'in2, Uimensioas, 

BowkIs. *.l.:ar *,nn.l>«T, KIdinr, 

tsiliiiserJos and i.ntb. 

Constantly on hind and for ealc. 

U.J. TAYLOR, Agent 

Lbbop in old Bapti.t ^''""'», f ""<''»(», °° 
I'th street, near Jackson. AU l;inds of i 
penter work done lo order. 


M. ' "fflt? iJujr sl^^buiwing as Leonjxd 


on l<lflirstre"t. Do- 




» w mm roam JLM.K. 

one large Hurglar Proof Uafn; also one 
larg* sll" Klre Proof, in pej*t;i order. In<]ulre 
ot tlie undersigned or nfjutodore Borup. 


Ht.rani, Mar M. IM* mT»-t« 


Has rcooived another supply "f I'm 

relebralcd Mankalo and Oa) ton 
3E« t, O U R, 

WbicU ho oilers for talc to the trade. 
AI.O on I— .1 - n««»«"y "' »* » * ■^■»- 

HHBntB dc BRO. 

».-„- Ofliie in the sarar 

e.>deVarlpt ! oc prepared on shot r- t ■oo__lntin> 

fl" w!ai"K?MK:\a^ JK-". ai.-;iuo«:Mc. 
Luod oonnty, IdlnB«»o». 
dM»-l"* . 


Thccopan-nersblp heretofore existing between 
the undersigned is tlds day disaolved by mt:toaI 

Kt. P enl, Bay 1st, iwa. '^y^ 

>A1^1«H» XOJIS B«,OJM»BtB« 


S». Pnul. May It !***• 

1'2S Tlsiid street, Saint Paul, 








iHeal Ks ato Agents 

''axes paid. 1*'"' «'»rran»' w* ^<"'P "><*»*'• 

o»es. Lou at!' "'»»«• (ur <«le. 



W8 are now prepared to deUvcr ICE to the 
dUsens of St. Paul. 


t*ac« Drown'a Block, Ililrd at. 


X>l.ABV BOOK*. OA* ■«•*»• 

H i:fPGKRS. JOUHNAI.3, fco. .J^d« tOMy 

p»Ttem t:id bonnd In fhe IMst strl'! "7 tli« Prwf 

Stoves, Tinners' Ftock, Sheet Iron, 
GlaFS, Putty, Axes, bhoveU and Spsjdes 
era' Uar.lware, Mining Too.e, farming 
mcnts. Tin Ware, &.O., &c. i-^rfw v 

Having secured the servloes of Mr. JOHN E. 
MIS80N, partiouUr attenticn Is ca.led to Ho«»F- 

in all oases warrant a satlsfaotory and tight roof, 

l?«r ANTE D-.A.»EK T», 

■J0 3M.L TUK 

Bartlett Sewing Machine. 

Price $;30.00. 

Treadle Attachment Klve Dollars Extia. 

Every Machine Wan-anted 'ihree Years. 

This MasUlne u patented and licensed ubder 
the Pateits cf the dombinatlon Sewing Mschlt e 
Companies, having the right to us.- thee leb.a- 
t^d Wheeler ft Wilson Knur Motion Under Keed. 
Sews with single or dniM- tbri'ao, Adrtre-s, 
^""'rRAilCli A K 1TB, Gen. Att's, 

p O Box ii».l, or call at our o»ce over Mrii. 
Baker's' MllUnery Itovme, <m Jackson street, St. 

Paul. jy" 

PUlSONa, byan An- 

dersonvlUe Prison. r, 'l>'e 'utereetlng. 
Absorbing and Ihrllllng Book of the Age. An 
Agent got 87 subscribers in dvedajc; aiother 
has already ordered 301' Books. AdSress, 

A. H>UDl£R, 
Vi WaHblnKlon street, Chicago, 111. 







Ooods sold as low as In Chicago or fct. I^.s, 
But of R. MAUVIN & SON aud save the ex- 
pense of licight. Avioried Crates exactly 
sidiiited to the country trade. 

Lamp Goods very Low. 

A Lnrgc Stock on Hand. 

189 & 191 Third Street, St Paul 


Gk> to M. N. Kellogg's 



rreserved Ginjier, 

Toilet and Family Poaps, 


Hemp, Canary and Rape Sefd. 

Bruehes of every kind, Ba^kfti ar.d WUlow 
Ware, Rhirin~,l"iunef, Da', s, figs, 

Nuts ol Evoi'>' Kind* . 

In fact everything vou Want, ' 










Liae.A I. *!.««■ Bi. orAcr. 
Jot bM* et l!>« 1^1'? Pf«f.o ifRo*. 


WASTEO— A«JKNT«— »1T» per 
and all .•xpense^. To active and rellab 
ag< fits I will pay the above salary, or gi<n> a ooni- 
mis-ioa tuat willpav ii o per montli, t.j intro- 
Sli-WiNUMAClIlST.," which is kcknokledged 
by all '■ ho use them to be thj largest and bent 
tiO Machine ever mwutkoturud. For ciroular 
and terms, addro-s, 
Jy»0.:im U. C. BECKWITH.Chioaga.IU. 

PmBue rBnTiB« c«>nirABT, 
Book »nd Job Printers, BooKt^lnders, rap** 
dealers and Bi^xk Rook >laiQfaot«f«r«. 

w- ' ■ »* ■ • 


"^ V 

> s . 







1 . 


1 -..: 

" • ^ 

1 \ 1 





I . . 1 



1 II 


1 1 

THfc ttdLlMT I'AUli I'KK^rf, TllUKSDAY, AUGUST 30, 1866. 



ul Wr. A. W. MItr. 


Itiiuiriisc ^liolr«iilo House ol 
J. v.. ■'ur«*|»uiiiili A i'o. 

A »Uly :inil ui>to»ui<Ud «lory bM been 
Bff on foot by sonu porsoii in this . ity, to 
th-trllVcl tba' a tliaa'-ri'i iimnt tiatl omi" 
t!xi«'«il byt^etn Mr. llawkes and Lia 
Will', t. low.ii a<><''<l<'n(any rbot at tie 
AI.ii) f 11 ll-.>inc liU'l, autl up iH this 
•lim fouudatioii a doubt ij alteiuptcd to 
b crtal. lijOH till" c'OTvcvtnesia ol the vui- 
dicl vl l!io jury (bit Mru. llawkvs' death 
was |)iir« ly ihi' resnik ol an nrridtnt. 

Mr. Al- \. VV. Itlcr, ut whose hottl 
Mr. HawWiTt hi»d ivinb- his homn lor civ 
aral iiiniubK, ami brtwten whose family 
tinil Ml :'.i'd Mn. lliwkc!', the clo«ie»t 
intiuiiti'v .kiiil waMinat (rirndn'iip had fx- 
istod. ha^ rt turned lo Sf. l\iul, iilur a 
sal visit, to thrt houu- ol Mr. II iwitos. in 
Illinois, wh re tlio U»\ ii('» paid to 
the reuiniii.H v>\ i'k' iinloriunate wile. Air. 
KUtr, rti'L h!i own wilo, and several 
ot'iiM |;t raoim, lointed the pnrty that ac- 
coiui'anU d the lur.cral oortege to the 
jdaei; of iiiurment, and Mr E ti-r 
b-Avii>^ Lad ilmrjje of the whole mat- 
ter Iriui Ibe hour tint Mrs. liiiwk«s 
luet her tiuLii.iho'y late, up to 
the tiiiii ^hen o! e was <onnnifi''iI 
to the toiid>. i.* i-.»l'ap.-< he'tii- nblo to 
t.)nn a ii' cpiniou in ifgaid to the 
m-ii.l.Mt, 1I..111 my 1'''"'P" i" ^f- 
V.«ul or rljirwWM', w«t """y" jnagmrnf 
ii worth more than auy nakt d sla'twciit 
reo.ived fr in an vnki own source. 

In atl.liiiou to tLi' conclusive testimony 
takeu btKire the eoroiu t'* jury, in whith 
not th • eli^;hte5t ju-pioion could la at- 
tichid to Mr lliwk«*, Mr. K'ter now 
8AV» tli^*: njt a itclit:»ry atntement 
mvie by V^x. UawLts during bis eiay a< 
the M.irsiou llou^.'. b. for.* and a't' r the 
traK..Iy, h^a /*i!«d ft b.ii'« fully corroba- 
rale.I. and t\«ry pronii.«e made by him 
lii» ttiii ei tirtiy luiliiltd, Thefe fac;«, 
if not jilicgitlcr corc'uaivu in bhowmg 
Mr. lIawi.Lii' ii.BOccucO ol iLc Loitiblc 
Clime ipuoranily imputtd lo him, are at 
least M-tlicieut to faiiti'y «ii> rtasonablc 
ptrsijn flat I o'hiiiK has je: trantpired to 
impair the corrcctiuii ol the verdict of 
tho coroner* jury. 

Mr. ll:»wkp»' htulih was hI ill very much 
impairtd :il:d his f>fli:Ui i>ro»traled (roni 
tb«^ ftK'ita of Liii n;el«aichoIy tillliclion, 
and doulita were entertained of bis re- 
covery by bia friends in Illinois. 


Sriiviis Acctdriit lu iVIr. Buiu- 

M\iiKiA<i« ANi» ('KUUAt"», an Kssay 

ul ^V•uruill^■ «u<l limlruoliuii fur Yi>uiiK Mou. 
Alio, 1)Im'u».'i< nii.l Al.ui..'n whl«l» I'toHlr-t-' 111'- 
yllttl |..i»'r", Willi i>iif<> HUM"-' of rrllii. •'^•'"t 
!,..<> ol I'linrK" III wal..,! l..|i»r cnvclni* •. A.I 
.It.. >. Ur. .1. .-•Kll I.IN UOU»ailON.IIow»'.t 
A. ocl.ilion, nillMl.'U'liii. I "' ■■'^' 

..iKlM III 

No l>ctteri>ppi>rtuuiiy could tie dihitol lur 
olMvrviiiR the immeiiM^ Rri'wtii ot ibowliolu- 
bale liiisiiicss ot 8t. I'aul, tbun a vUii to the 
Dry (iooil.s Jolil>iii(; lliiiihuol J. I.. Kori'|«.iii|:li 
.S Co , on Tlurd Hlretl, ami iin cxamiiialio" ol 
tlio iiKiiinlum ot «uu'k wliii'li ix tlicri< |iiloilu|i the iiisiKilioii of Irailem. An a.iilition lo 
till If ulreatly rxtcnaiTe buildioe has lieon put 
up llii!i.-<uuiiiu'r, ami now ivory available loot 
ot Np:iio is occuiiii'J Willi llio new f-iioiU » liiili 
liiivu lately coim; lo luiiU lioiu llio Kajitcrn 
iiiarki'i-', ami whir'' ait carctully classilicil in 
every .--lory from li iomnit to rool'. 

Mcmra. Forepau:.;!! i I'o. have sm cecded in 
liuililii'f up ,1 proili:;i.iu» trade, wliirli ii i.'ii 
Mlaiitly i.iiiea-iiiK, as llieir lanlilii!* .-iip- 
plyii'i! tliiir ciiiiliy ciulouicrs wiili llio licsl 
«oo.ln ut ('liK.i);o r.ili'M ln-eouieM ;;>iiirally 
kiiiitvii. Any niail ilcaler »lio lia.^ pur 
cUa^cU Irom I'liiiaffo anil Iroui tbi'i boUM), 
will admit lliat III. I. liter bu« ml\.inint;i'S ovi r 
11,0 riiniu'i'. iiiul 11 any one iliuiiiiit II "• l'i>'. a 
couipariMin ol llio wlmlcwilo pruCH of Ht.iplf 
arli<le.< in the Dry (looiN line "i ChiCiino and 
Mt. I'aol is »olliiitU. A ptnlkni in fiom a 
eiiy oil Iho Milllle^ula Itner, and tin lieuiient 
dealer in tlic valicy, ytnterdar pureWaHed a 
liilU.I gixiU from Voropauuli ^ t'"- to tUe 
amount of ..^eve'i-al llioinind ilollan, and lie 
had no lie.sila'ioii in a-iyui)" lUat lie did 
lieitt-rliy .^eiunntt bin moek In »t Paul tlian 
lie uould li ho bud Rono lo Chieai;o, where, 
until reeenlly. bu bua been in tliu habit ot' 
luakiDK hia puiehii;<e!i. 

TliiJ rci^on ol'tliiJ U hiiuple cooukIi. Oi;e 
"I iliL' llrm of J-*'-*'"""I'""li'' •'* *-'0- rcaulcn 
in Ibe City of New York, and lio is thus able 
to take every a.Ivantafjc of tbe tnule in that 
ftreai market, nnd by atiuudioR the mammoth 
aucii'^n (iaicii, ciin ma',; c bis purchases on the 
lUflsC lavoralile lerimi. In addition to thi^, 
the dilfcienee 1 e'wcen New York 
I'reiffhta to Chicago and t^t. I'.iul i.s 
of scareely perceplib.'e eonneiiipnio 
ivhrn eompured wilb tbo inerc.iiied turill upon 
f.'.i.i,l.4 whi.'li liiiv.' I" en opened ut and re- 
nbippvd trom Cbiciif:o. 

Tbe»e lactii are bceomiug geueraily kuown 
IhroiigUoiil the State ut Minuet^uui, aud Ibey, 
m part, lueouut for the e\tru.irilinary growlli 
of the wholesale dry (^noiis trade of St. Taul, 
n( which J.I. Foiepnuf;h & Co. have been the 
pioneers, and whieb promibcs to expand with 
the growth ot the State. Dealers In any ar- 
ticle of the Urv Uuod* line, or ol Iloiiicry and 
Notions who do business in the Minnesota 
Valley, or in tho Valley of tho Upper Mi<sis- 
^ippl, will do well, before jjoing East lor their 
goods, to at blast look at the immense stock of 
I'OtcpaugU & Co , and if they are not satMlied 
that this IS the market iu which to make their 
piirebaics, wo have sadly mitiundcritoud the 

Tnuhi.ii Klesb'lowels and llrushtia. 
Clo<W« Hair lt.i>toinllvc. h>e ».h. rtiMin.iil. 
Hower Vuii.'S 111 net". aii'laU lilt' uoveltiemu 
ferluiii.-ry. fall i""' '•«»U'in<'. 

11, W Ul 't>■^>*•>Na 1HI„ KoKcrs' Block. 
_ _— ^ — ■■» — 

,linT received a Iresh supidy of Car- 
well kMae^'* pK»r»r»tioim uunrintUiK ul IlIih 
ll.iiiii, I'.ixer otOalayHuya II.IIU, Hx.-r nl liurk 
uii.l Ir.n. oa.l oUor utlie'.B loo iiiim- i..ii» I" 
m.Miiiun. t.'ttl.[«uil ••xauiiui.' al UatlntDa •Co.'n 

UlUK Store. 

«•» - 

Nk« K.\iii;iivi« ii.ii'ii:. — ^'^oro St. 
I*anl and Miiine;ipoii> lo Uuiona m ton hours. 
.Surest and Iuo.nI expeditious route lo llic 
Kasl. 'IhroUKh linio I'ard— l.'.avo St. Tuul 
at » 1.1 .1. M ; MiiiueapoliN, .S 40 a. M ; Wl- 
no, s (K) A. M. Arrive iu St. I'aul (i \'t v. m ; 
Minneapolis i. JO i-. M. ; Winona, 7 v. u- 
i'laiuK leave Uio depot uf ibe .Minnu*ola Val 
ley liailro.iil at the west end ol ihc liiiil>;e, 
.St. Taiil, ami IhO MinneM>la I'enlial Kuilway 
Depot MlnneaiioliH, daily, ou ami alter Satur- 
day, August '-•'>, l«i(i,ioniieilinK with eveniiif,' 
boat Irom Winona, rassengtrs by this route 
pass through llie llntst agtieuUuial districts ol 
Mmne.-oUi. laro troui M. I'aul lo l.afrosse 
#10 i from Minncap.iiis to l.a Crosse »10 Hi. 

aug^Ji 2w 

— . — .••» 

f^lKUK.-^COiiC ViKVNa ul the world, the 
laigcst collectiou in the Siale, at WUIT 
NliY'8, 174 Third mreot 

AjiiroNiiiiitNii. — 'IbouiaiCoLcu, of Mo. 

tz North liUih hlit«o. WilllaiurturKli, wlio lisJ 
llior'.e inialli^nifor i:i)e»r.i,»ii.i lias walkoliin 
erutetiK for ilx irorllii., hcs ticrn rf Hored to 
p,rf>>«;t hrallb by a fi-w do r* of MaTt-Ai.i'.* 
Uiii.^r KiifiJUia UKMi'.i.v. IU Is wililoK to 
c.inlirm thl* «l«IPDnnt ouoitib, If r.M|'ilri'.t. 

VAWI'IlK, UOHE » tlTUt, AKculn. 

Yecttvday evening at about six uVluek, 
a ttiicus aceideul happened to Mr. 
Fred, baitihulti^er, master mascn and 
contractor at. the new Opera House build- 
ing on Wabasbaw street. While walking 
or staiidio[; upon the front wall on tliat 
atiucturc whieb has boeo raised to the 
height ot about twenfy-iivo feet from tho 
street, the buck work which had been 
newly laid, and wLijb a tlight projec- 
tion, pi'WL- way, and Mr. Uai-iiholtz"r was 
precipitated Ltadloiig lo tho sidewalk, 
with nothing to break the I'.arful IbH. was picked up iuetnsiblo.aml a lew 
minutes sIttrwaiiJs, Urs.Stcwurt & Mat- 
to. ks alfcuded to hid injiries, th« psiuci- 
|ul cue ot wL'ivb was u Imeture ol the 
Ircntat bouu coar the cenlr,: of tho f uio- 

Mr. liariihoUer wiu conveyed lu his 
homo ou E^jglo etreet, and yester.Iay 
evc.iiti;^ bo was doin^ welt, ihoiijjh the 
lull txlcr.l ol hia ir juries was ocarcely 
known, abd m^y b.t more bt:tiouB than is 
now hoped >>y hi* pl'-ysicians. 

JL Ziovely Pair. — Two delectable 
lemftb'f — Mll^ga^et Sh iltz and Margaret 

Monuban— got on a litde bit of a bender 
yei^ttrday, ar.d nhilftt in the Leight ol 
their enjojmeiit, the Aun^ons pitched 
into the husband of the latte-, aud wi h 
clubs and stones gave him nu unmerciful 
beating. Ot eourbi^ he applied lulhe Uw 
lor that protection which is thiown 
around the weaker sex, and ho got, it, fur 
Justice Lambert lined each of tbo (jlff-nd- 
iug fen>ales ten dollars and costs. They 
cuulilu'l pay, fur Mooab.Mi wouldn't ad- 
vauee the money to bis wife, and Shultz 
couldn't conn- to the rtliel of his didicato 
spouse, for hu w.tu sent t'> jtil ia«t wirek 
for beating kei' — aud, so iu this uulor- 
tiinate dileiniud, Justic;J Limbert s.':nt the 
pugnaciouf) women to the eouiity j lil for 
thirty days, and during that lime Mona- 

han can lepnir his damagrs abd hive a 

little peace. 

»«• — 

Fire. — A tire took place on the corner 
of Kigblh aud Miiiuesota stnets yester- 
day alietuoon, destroy icg a shanty and 
stable b.loiiging to Mr. IV. Larkin. The 
jp.iito hetW' I 11 tbc tvio I .i Vlings was oc- 
cupied by a rmall bay ttack, which was 
accidentally tet en lire by a toxM boy of 
Mr. Ltrkiii's, who was playing wi!h 
inatcbei;, and ol C'^urre bulli stablu and 
shanty w. re soon tnvcicpeil in llimes. 
The buildings w«re isolated, ai:d no other 
property was injured. Lnrkiu'a lo^s, 
however, is corniderable for a poer man, 
as in ai.'diticn to his bnildings, much ol 
bis household etuti could not be removed, 
and was cunsuiucd. 

Gkiical Cnawge,— The Ki.v. J. F. 

Dudley, li.r ti v( rid ) ears pastor ol the 
Congngatiunal Church in this city, has 
consented to occupy ihc pul|!it ot llcv. 
D. Butt at Winona, the latter having ac- 
cepted a po^ilion iu tho Frcidmcii'a Bu- 
reau in Teiincdsec. The niany fricuda ci 
Mr. Dudley wdl regret his departure 
from St. I'aul, ui d will be glad to hear ol 
his prosperity ui any field to which Lc 
may m (he future be called. 

XMiuuesota Apples.— Some of the 
tinest spplM ever teen in this mnrket 
were those bronj^Lt in ytstcrday by Mr. 
M. D. Clark, and which were raised on 
his faim near this city. Thiy were large, 
of tbc most delicate flavor, iicd in all res- 
pects cijiial to those prcduced in any lati- 
tude. 11 there are any persoiiu who still 
hesitate about iLc safety ami prcfitRblc- 
ncss ol apyL laisinp in Minnesota, they 
are rcsi.'ctfully referred to Mr. M. D. 

Sischarg-ed. — Morria Fjt/.gerald, 
arrectfd last w«ek npon niffdrion of hav- 
ing Letn Implicafcd in tbo robbery of Mr. 
Hawkes, was examined yesterday before 
Justice Lamteit ; after a thorough hear- 
ing ol the (ase, ihc Judpe discharged the 
deli;n''iiiii, 110 eaee havit g been made out, 
and nothing sppcarin^; in the testimony 
against his gtncrai character for honesty. 

Railroad to St. Clootl.- Superin- 
tendent F. i;. lieinrio, of the .St. I'aul & 
Pacific Kailroad, m.iioarcrs that the road 
to East St. Cloud will be completed on 
Friday, nnd on and sftrr Monday neat, 
regular trains vfill bo run to tha» 
Tbooin^iid time Ul>lo will bii pubJIibed 
ID A law d«yr, 

Forsonal.— Gen. W. D. Washburn 
and family have returned from an eastern 

— Capt. Kussell Dlakely, who has been 
absent from St. Taul for some time, has 
also returned to the city. 

—Gov. Wm. R. MarshaU, Gen. J. T. 
Averill, and II. J. Horn, E^ii., have 
gone to attend tbo I'niladelphia Conven- 

—Senator Ramsey was on board the 
steam::r Addi.' .Julmston livst evening aud 
probably reached home this morning. 

— R. C Muugcr. Esq., otarls on his 
regular triannual trip to New York this 

A Z*ine 7iano.— One of Steiuway 
& Sons Square Grand instruments, and 
one (1 ti.e linest and most costly ever 
brought to Minnesota— Lcs just been re- 
ceived by Munger Bros. Its cost is a 
tboui'Und dollars, ai.d bun beun ordered 
by Col. J. J. Shaw, to match tho furni- 
ture of thai new ai:d mag.'.iliccnt hotel, 
the Merchants. 


[Dcmnrrcd. — Cornelius Casey was 
liucd ten dollars aud costs for being drunk 
and disorderly on Sunday. He paid his 
tine under protest, and complained loudly 
of hii harsh treatment. Ho says ho don't 
l.ko (bat kind of justice. 

Tbe UTeckly Press cau be had at 

the coiiniir this morning re.idy fjr mail- 
ing. It ii an excellent number, and con- 
tai:..H a large umotint of interesting State 

aud local newi. 

■ ••pii ■ - 

Dead. — Harrison II. Keyes, the ui:- 
fortiinate young m.\ii who was run over 
by the cars last week, and lost both lcg.>, 
died lit the residence of Lis brother Tues- 
day evening. 

A r^eat nnd durable fituiiu crossing 
is Im <iig laid acrosii Fifth street, near the 
(aiy Had, by tin- Sinet ("oinmisjioin-r. 

Fi.VNN & LvNC'ii, boot and sl.oe deal 
ers, ItiU Third strcot, have consUintly ou haml 
large and goodassurluituts of Ladies, Mlsse.-i 
aud Children's Uahiioial (iaiiers, &c. Work 
made to order, aud repairing vlone on short 

Gooi'Kicii'e Link ok STKAMicn^ von 
Chu'Auo— Kauk tiiLv Two Dollars— Ska 
Binn, U. »I< IIk.n v ; Comkt, Cait. 
J. MOKRis.— One nf the above boat* l«"av« Uood- 
rbh's Htcamboat Dock, loot ot Main Ktrret, 
.Mllwauki'x, ovory cvcuinjr.i'xcipt Hatiirili>i, at 
7 o elock, toueliiuK «< Kaclii.' auJ Kenosha, «nJ 
making mare conn ot bins at Cat. buo with all thf 
murulDK tr«los for tbo i:a«l, Boulli aid South. 
wi'.'t. Tlirougb tiekits can bo p«rclia,.i'il Irom 
tbo ell rk. Ol the bouts to fill polut< toulli and 
1 :i't. ThK rate of far^, (llmteln s >tali« rooms 
anil iiii-aU Incluai-d,) ore, Kaoln.', Ilrst cl»»a,73«, 
««coDd'«lasi, ooo; Kenosha, llr«t -class, ll.tx), see- 
oud-Uass, re; Chicago, flrjt class, i»J 00. iooond 
class, ♦l.SO. Usilrood tlukcts aro rood on th.'c 
boats. Tbo aloamers ul' this llmi or.) lorgK, 
class, siilo whi>»l pa«»ciig«r stpamor^, with etc- 
g«ntly lurnlsliAd sln^lo auJ d'. ubb- stat« rooms. 
Freight carried bos than by raU. UlUco and 
Dockfoot ol Main street. O. IILllSON. Agent, 
rasieBi;cr and Ticket Ak'dI, klilwaukc", 


A Cot Ull, CuLII in; SOKK I'lllDAT, 
r^qalrcj imm<fdlate atU-ollon, u ni>||luet oKnu- 
times rrsulis In sumH iDcursblA I.unic I>lsi>asc. 

"/iivir/i'v llroui'hini V.J' /i'.< ' ur.i a iliniil • rrm 
rdy, nnilwUl algcoit Invariably Klve Iminrdiali' 
rrfief. foJ.Vwiw 


Rkai) advertisement to strangers visit- 
ins Minnesota, iu another column. lS.Uw 

Ml'ATi: I^tiWH. 

K.M>. — We are |di-as('d to notice 
tbo evident signs ol the prospuilly 
ol the Ued Wiiif' Hiimhluiiii, H> indiiated by 
itaenlargemeul. It Is now an el^ht column 
paper, one ol the l.ii'gcst an. I liand.^utucst In 
the Stale, "aud i.h u.i good as it i< haud- 

WiiiCAT Sim.\iK.Mii.— The .Mankalo 
f xiuii gues ,4 ol wheat sliipiiieuls Irom 
Ihatplaiu kiiKV the o|K'uiug ul navigation, 
iiiiii'iintiiiKlo oiii' hundred and eiglily lour 
tlioiiMiiiil busbels. It NHys that HI addilioil at 
least live hundred and titty iliou.<aud bushels 
have liecngri uiid iu Ibe eouuly, whnb wilb 
ihu grain inatkiled lu other plaeei, la.->t winter 
would reach an agi;regate u! u milliou bush 
els proilueed in Iho lilue l-^arth Valley. 

Ai«'ii>KM wrru * (iTN.— The Chaska 
//. i'a/(< lells 111 an act iilcnt lo Mr. I'ranu-r, ot 
that place, on ,Siiturday evening. In tlrawing 
his gun from tbc wagun by Ihc mu.'.zle, Ihc 
hammer caught suuielhiiig when it went ell, 
the eh:irge parllally striking him in the luoulh, 
entting the lii.s bully am' alsj knocking out 
bii front Icclh. lie wa-i brou,;hl home Sun 
d.iy niuruing, whin Dr. .MeUouald called 
w hu drcsacd Iho wound. '1 he patient i< duiug 
us well as euuld bo expueled. 

Bi oKK ,Iaii.. Two prisuiurs conlined 
lu tbo Caiver Couuiy j.ill.rllecled Hiclresejpu 
oil Sunday iiiglit la'l. Itseeii|.t that lhe> had 
a .tirk kuile weh »hiih Ihiy cut the easiug 
whieU held the boll Ihu'. lastened the dour, 
which was rather Insecurely luuuufaetuicd tor 
a jiiil. Unc of Ihc priseiuers eonliucd for ibelt 
lelt a Very :ilKetiuuate larevvili lu Iho Sherill. 
No attempt has l.ccii iiiado to ihein. 
So says tbo ItenM. 

TiiK WiiK\T Cnoi'.— Tiiu meat stoini 
e.iuscil a greater ilaiii.i.i.'o to the wheal crop in 
01mti«d and Fillmore cnuutic'. It would ap- 
pear, than ill other | orlious of tho State. Ttie 
Koeliester \\:\t scin spocimeiis of 
wheat bea s whiih aiu of k "'1 leiigtb, with 
tbc u^uid nnnilH'r oi rows nnd all the Imwls 
evataiolug cjch a kernel oi' grain, but all bad 
ly shrunk. In m my licliN, {• ii Informed, ilu 
wheal b;is been prmmtnicly b ighted, some 
ol'ihc heads conlainiiig no wheal at all. 

The rrcstou/i./'"'j/i< rtM kivis a .li.icoiiraciug 
report ir.iiu KiUmore cnuiily, xvhieb wc tmit 
will iinprovo as the hirvesl progresses. It 

Tho grc.iter piut ol tho grain in thin coiiniy 
is now in shock. From a somewhat extended 
examination and iiupiiry, we are convinced 
that the crop will fall much Ih'Iow that of last 
year. Sonio farmers estimate Ihc nvenig.- 
yield of wheat at ten bu.shels per acre, 
some al twelve and son.o as lil);h as lilteen 
It will cert.ilaly Doi overrun ihc latter isii- 
matc, and wo hardly think will tie us iiiueb. 
A lew |iicecs of early sown wheat on i-'rul. 
lands will co as higb'as 'iO, win o on the oilier 
hand a great juanv pieces will not lio harvest- 
ed. Karly s«i»rn grub land wheat is tlie best 
this v>ar, prairio next, and iHitt'.iii 'amis la<t. 
The great cause of this lailim? was thi' damng- 
ingell'ecu ol tho heavy rain storms In tho lat- 
ter part of ibo ."cnson. Tbc wheat »vas actu- 
ally drowned. 'Ihc eeinscqucuee Is that the 
crop Is materially smaller tliun last year, and 
the quality much poorer. There will l>o little 
it any No'. I Minnesota wheat in this county. 
Certainly not enough lor seed. There Is u 
lair prospect, however, that wheal will bring 
a hi'^h prlcv, say $1 .')0 at Winona, which 
will in a great measure compensate for the 
diminished yield. 


Tbe Lost round.— Oircer Patter- 
son! reti'.iii::d Ual. evening, on lh<: G. II. 
Gray, from his mysteriou) journey. 

l^»tu.l^'c'K. — We take pleasure in 

e iliiiig the special attention of our readers to 
ihc advertiseinenl of tho .Madisun Insurance 
Company as found in to day's issue. As we 
have said before It is one of the laigo.'l, safest 
and souiidesl companies dolug business in 
the Northwest, and the (reneralcuuUdcucc re- 
posed iu it by our tarniers is amply justlllcd 
by its preiiiplnes.s in paying Us lostes. Of its 
ability to (umpiy with the rcqnisition of the 
recent law no one can havu tbo shadow ol a 
doubt, and under tbe niiino(;emcnt of its 
present prompt nnd cncigoilc Ocncrai Agent 
its success in this State must be certain, rapid 

and safe. 

. .. ••• 

MisnciiAN'ib and others in need ol 
lil.iuk boi'ks should go lo ( uuuingbam'.s 
liooU More, loo third sireel. Thoy have just 
received a large stock, unj are sclliDgspIen- 
UiJ lull bound Ledgers and Journals fi/typer 
cent ,'owcr than the came Ixioks can be manu- 
faeturod here. MaUc a uota ol this. 


(tO TO Wiiitkey's, 171 Tl ird street, 
for Hair Urusbcs, NiUl lirushc:;, Clothes 
llrushest lierfumcry. Toilet tjoap, rouinades, 
Toilet Powder, Powder Boxes and Pufls, 
Tooth r.ntc and Powder, Hair Oil, Dressing 
Combs, &e., &e , cheapest In Hie city. 

MiNJtK.'MiTA Views. — For views ol 
Ilimiefota ,Sceiscry, go lo Mirtlu's Art U^dlcry, 
un.l SCO tho Uiuit ami inrjataanoriiufutiuttK 
citif, all sUi^s au'l tU pries. sbocU 
not bay hclorc exomlninK litis oollectlou ai llnr- 
tin's Art Uallory, ZCi Third street. nyilf 

— . ^»^ 

Just opened at R. O. Swe. ny & I'o.'s, 
211 Third street, a new and selected assort- 
ment of Toilet and Fancy Articles, Painting 
Materials, 8oaps, rcrfumeries, Colognes, Uatb 
Waters, Extracts, &e. Ivory Prushcs and 
Combs, Uuflalo dillo ; VulT Boxes, Powders, 
Cosmetiqnes, a la Francais, fcmad de Fans 

4c., 4c. 


Anuiiiku invoicu of i^'*Nai7 tie I'urU, 

Ktui ilytterieaus, .S' Oulcijie, Pcstachio 
S'lU Complexion Powder, just received at 



or St. 


raury llie 

Coi fill ! CoL'iiu I C'oi'Uii ! Coi'ua !— 

PUo's cure fcr t'uOBumptlcn is the mast pleas, 
ant to tint laHuaud surp. I ol allkuo.iu r"me- 
dies. It Is cu: causialiuj,', 

U. O. SWKKMV, It. CO. 

auK-'l'-w ^"''' Aii.iitH,.Sl. I'lul. 

HO A WD O*' TltA-UK 

Of the City of Saint Paul. 


Ji-ritiU<iJ—l). VV. lugi'rn.iU. 

Vli—. /'i-<-.«(./i »f— IViir liirkoy, 

7'/ensiiri r— II. Kno« lujlcr. 

Hccrrliinj—W, h. Combs. 

Ut^AUD UK UlUKtrillKSi. 
Wm.I.e«, Jos.-ph VVeidc, 

It. <>. Mrong, i;. 1>. str nif, 

.1. H. Kradi'n, ». li. Vawler, 

A. iJ. Ml.'it, K. C. Mungir. 

1. f, I hi-tilri-«. r..!,.: iliMS 



MoUiu Mobkr, I'l'Cico'.t. 

i'iora, MauUato. 

.Viiilic John-.tou, rrcsculL 

Chcavcr, Frehcott. 
Mullie Moblcr, Frcicult. 
ti. II. Gray, Meedotii. 
.\ddio Johnston, Trescott. 


For UunJcllh— Key City nl 10 a. m. 

I'or La Criisse — AnniJ Jelinsun, at i". r. M. 

ILio<?nl _I^ot icee. 

I•ASSE^«iliK!J «01N« E.isjr 

Will savo Three Dollars lu faro aud 100 miles 
la diffarce by purclt.sslng Tickets and gi'lug 
vlath<> Umnd llavon route. One of the steam- 
ships ol ihis Ihiii loaves MIlwAukr-c dally (Satur- 
days excepted} at K JO r, m„ making direct eoti- 
ucetlous at tiruiul Ilavcn wItU Kxpre.'.s Trolnr 
tor all points J a^t. Throufih tickets for sale by 
CIIAKl.KS TUOMVSON, vorccr of Jackson 
^.lre.■t and 1 1 v^ie, lit. J'nul, and at all tbo princi- 
pal Bfrcncica of the horthwestorn Union faoket 
Company on tho Hirer, TI10.MA8 BK.LI., 
(jcceral Superlntoudcnf , Detroit, 
'^'^W. W. WIU40N, 
ra:"song«r AeTf, MUwf-ukce 


MiNNRiiA iM and Other views of Min- 
nesota Sccricry. 

WiinNLT is tho only publisher of those 
views In tbe city. 

Ho bas a large colleoion and iw constantly 
adding new views. Ho supplies all other deal- 
ers. Buy of Whitney, sclccUng liom a full 
assort inorii ; the only one In tho staif, and 
get tbo best, which hi* always keeps 
for bU retail trade— I7f-Tbfr^v Street 


By oar own K^purter. 

STiLtwAraa. Aug.'iO '00. 
You pcrh.ip? h ive come lo the conclu- 
sion that Stillwater, and tho St. Croix 
Valley gener.dly, had lelt homj or been 
swallowed up, but it is all a niistiike, or 
n.-arly BO. Your i( ircpondent is the 
only body of ntiy particular Impoitaiice 
that has wandered from his appropriate 
aphere, (be hasn't been to thu I'hiladel 
phia Convention) and ho iy to gi-t 
b^ck to the land of pure air again, where 
c^ ulera is not thought of, people sleep 
o'r.igbts without dreaming of guerrilla at- 
tacks if tli>*y happen to hivc s ;vcuty-fivc 
cents in scrip in their breeches pocket, 
and where honest men aud womi.'u do 

1 notice several licw buildings u^i aud 
on thi! way since I last iciiorted to you, 
aud business of all kinds seems to have 
gone all right along, uotwit'i.'tanding my 
absence. I'lie wheat harvest is cccom- 
plishrd nnd tho fields dotted with innu- 
merable stacks of gcldon grain be- 
token an abundant return for 
tbc labor of the husbandman. 
Tho irreprcB.iiblo lumbermen, notwith- 
sfandirg the low water, arc stil! busy in 
gangs on the lake, rafting and preparing 
for market, lo;;s and lumber, and all tbo 
mills arc running full tiuie, and changing 
rou;.'h looking pino logs int ) cn?p and 
silky ^Tcenbarks, with a facility that must 
bo pleasing to tho proprietors, although 
it may serve to increase th.-ir inco;ne tax. 
The hotels and boarding houses are still 
filled with ntrargcrs lingering here, be- 
yond tbe reach of cholera and the nume- 
rous other ills that Iksb is heir to iu less 
favored climes, and specially fortnnate 
are those who can do this. I sincerely 
pity |)eople who e.iii't live ia Mir.nesota. 
and those th.^t can, had bettor, by all 
means come into iLe Saint Croix Yalb'y. 

When I get settled once more and 
have time to look about me, I will gvc 
you a more particular account of what is 
going on hereabout.". 


I toai 111-; Now Yotk World. 

Mo cvcut in tk; history ol the Eiiiscu- 
palCliureli of tln! United States bas crea- 
ted more c.x'iting interest than the recent 
reception ol a young lady into the new 
sisterhood of St. Mary I Ik; Virgin— an 
organization formed two years since un- 
lor the auspices ol thti Wi^U- K ven nd 
Horatio Totter, tbo popular Bishop ol 
this diocese. .\ report ol tbo ceremony 
which de'dicatcJ the f.^ir rcUycuic to th ; 
work of mercy umoug all who might need 
thy gentle mini trKiions of women in tbe 
hours of peaitence, ^i^•knl•ss or diiire^^, 
appeared exclusively iu the World the 
morning after its ccsurrenoe. Three 
dioccres were represented by the clergy 
who psrtiiipated in tho services; and all 
tho conGrmed members of tbc sisterhood, 
and there on probation, were present to 
WI liuiiiu tbc new accession to th'3 little 
fold who hiid practically forsaken the 
chariniiig vanities of the world, and hail 
cIl'-Tcd their services on that modern rara 
avis, a humanitarian altar. 

When the services were closed, thn 
Sisters returned to tho house ol the Good 
.'-hipberd. But they bad scarcely re 
sumed tht ir relij;ious labors wh'in a tu- 
mult aro:o in the church. That tumult 
endi d in a gem^ral denunciation of the 
organization which hid tt. Mary for its 
patron. The clergy who bad prayed at 
St. Luke's altar that " Sister Agnes," tbe 
seventh and member of the society, 
might be able to lullll tbe Christian obli- 
gations she had voluntarily imposed upon 
herself, were met by members of their 
congregations who deroauded from them 
ail explanation ol the novel services 
whi.'h, thi'V believed w( re introduced to 
consign Kpiseop tl wuni.'u to a life of 
fa'holic Of libacy. In vain did tbe luinis- 
tcis allude to tbe ancient order of di-a- 
coiiiiess, cotcmporaneous v. ith the apos- 
ill s in ihe pri.ii;tive church; in vain did 
llicy refer t> the temporary character of 
the vows made by tbc Sisteihood of 
St. Mary. Their arguuieuls were re- 
pudiated a^ the cll'springs of the theolo- 
gy of the Vatican, and they were left by 
the disappointed inipiircrs to meditate on 
I he illroutery di.' played by I he laity, 
when they fiii[ipOBO their cLrgy have 
iiitrodu'cd an inuuvatbjn into their 

It is a 8ii'.,;u1ar tact that uouic of tbe 
young Udy members of St. Luke's Church 
were the lirst lo qucsiion the orthodoxy 
of iho services whi'li introduced t(iii|>0- 
rary celibacy among their se.\. At a re- 
cent tiienic of an Episcopal Sunday 
School, cnu of the ladies who witnessed 
the ceremonies, denounced them and tbe 
new sisterhood before a minister whom 
she knew had taken the hand of Sis- 
ter Agnes to cheer her in bcr isolated 

Notwithstaudiug this opposition, how- 
ever, the clergy maintained that the sis- 
terhood had th'i pruslig'.^ derived from 
primitive limes ; and iliat it was a 
iiccestity demandfd by the Ckiircb 
iti tbe Ui.iti d States if not in the 

- - — ♦-»♦.> « 


reeling back, their ucntrr. broken, 
tlxiir line destroyed, their courage, 
gone, ibeir discipline all vaiiisbcd, anil, 
with I'Viiian biyuiiets gleaming at their 
heels, lilt, whole red loatiil crowd, with 
(-'ol. I'> oker to show tbe way, disappear- 
ed in a In her skelter retn at. 

" llowly iiiiiilor, how tli-y im," said 
the cxciicd Hibernian crowd, as it pro- 
uiis'iiou.dy "went iu," and j.iiiicd, men, 
woiiirii and (liildieti in .su di a lii'al diargii 
upon ibi^ lui kli'si KiilitihiTS lis ihi; bent 
stull ill bcr Itriliiih Majesty s aimitseuuld 
never stand bel'ire an iiiNtaiit. 

And HO the li.ld of Limesloliu Ridg<? triiiiiipliiinlly rcwon, to Ibe great ex- 
citement and d. light of 1'.' O Ml or l.'j.tMMI 
spectators. 'I'lie whole ullnir did nut la^it 
III uiiiiutes, b.ii was udmiiably niaiiaged 
and gave, as spirited a represenlatioii ol 
a baltli: as coulA be prodiieed ou a 

CROSBY ART Association. 

Aii<-iii|>l io liii|*iiir I'ukllr. Cusi- 
lidi'iirt; in tliv rssierisrinir. 

IbeC'hieagu I'.ii ul August ' says an 
attempt hits just bciu made to impair public 
c.aiUdonec in Iho inlegrity uf purpose of Mr. in his great Art .Vssuci.ition enter- 
prise. Home irrespoDsiljle individual mall 
eiously,as it would seem, and certainly with- 
out .my grouil'H, bad l< leci.ipbe.l lo m veral 
cistern newsiMpeis llial the pei.pb' here had 
lo.i ull eouti ienec in ibe seheuie being carried 
out, or the prucs ever awarded, nnd thai ecr 
titicites were selling on the street at about ono- 
lourih <'u.>i, and a general belisf 
that ihoe allegations wcic correct might soon 
have lie. omo current. Tho people in Chicago 
know thai Uiey are not eorrcel. Nu one has 
ever CMircssed tho slightest doubt, cither of 
the iiib grity of Mr. Crosby, or his ability to 
carry oat to tho Icturr the adrertl..ied prujoet 
of the Association, 'the sale of Ihu tickets 
bus been, within t'c past two weiks, brisker 
than ever, »i;il mver b.o. ilicre been ihu 
s|i,;bu I iii.liiaU.Mi of tbeir drpreeialiiig iu 
value. In tbc follow ing card Mr. Crosby relt 
crates his ability and dclcrmination lo carry 
out the plan of tho Assoei.ilion. Mr. 
son guarantees Lis uuderlaking, and thecom- 
iiiitteo ap,iuinlcd to tuperintend tho awarding 
ol prcuilums, codorse both. Tho people of 
l'liHai;o rci|uirir no such guarantees, but on 
the contrary the whole cily would bo ready, 
if reipiired, to guarantee Imth the connnittce, 
Mr Nickcrioii, and Mr. Crosby himself, who 
originated, nnd who is sncecssfuly carrying 
out the .\rl As.soeintion scheme. 
To th.. M.'mb rsi/f llie Crosby Opera UoaeeArt 
The sale cfcertiticates in Iho Association 
hr.s already so great as to enabln nie lo 
slate that the disiiibutioii of premiums hero- 
toforo announced will be lutide to their fatis- 
fsctkm, or the luoncy refunded. 

IT. H. CKO.SBY, Actuary A. A. 
llaviii« the utmost eonliJcncc 'n the ubillty 
of Mr. Crosby to carry out his cnterprls.', I 
hereby guaraatco his und. rlakhig .-is alWTC 
announced. S.vm'i. M. Ni''m:uho\. 

Cim A..'., .Vug. '.'I, ISi'ii;. 
Tho undersiiTucd members of Ibo Commil' 
tec, appointed to superintend the iiwardinp of 
piemuims to members of tho Crosby Opera 
House Art Association, take pleasure in stat 
inp that we have full eouiidenco In tho integ- 
rity of Mr. Crosby, aud In tho responsibility 
ofSam'lM. Niekcrson, K.'i , his guarantor, 
and assure the public that wo believe the 
above prop isal will be eirrled out in good 

jAMKi li. Ilowi. ., I'K^''l llauk. 
.'.C. KAunii, Sup'l Am. Kx. Co. 
.V»o« T llALL, Iroasr 0. B. ft. *i. H. U. 
J. C. UoiiK, I'n'sl Mnt Uoinl orTlall.^ 
,1. A. 1-1. 1.1'.. I'.-cr'i 'Jd National Bank. 
CLIN ION lli;iii'.-, l-wliiF, HrlggH&Ct'. 
K. ti. M • l.L., Klinta.k & . o. 
KUANl IS A, Uoi I M ■>' I'-.Y l.i. ul. (jio\ . 

, r.",c 

, ll!0 



, ll'.O 


, r«i. 


Uri-li K <l|.' Hi. I'AIIL I'KKss, j 

liiriisDW, Auk '•", "*"' I 
llm ili-iiiaud 111.- iiiuui'v In in oacvsd ul the abil 
ty i.l thi< iMuks to supply. Carnniey I* elo,. . 
Hull's 111 ill., ouiil on long till. I Kli..ri paper from 
uiln I'iiMiroxnt. Kulcs if uxchaose '4 pcrceiit. 
rii.' lollowing lire Correct .piulatious ul g>nil 
l»iuils,eum|H>uud iuti'rcst uoles and Imi'l uar- 
rauts : 

Buying Kalrs. 

Uolil nod gold uoupous 4il4«'> '- 

l.arKO nil t er .Uin-io 

llste* ul txcliuugi. '< pr tt. 

uuvtauitaM I lil. . -.11^. 

liu^uig Itatt's. 

Cuiuxl .SUI.'S ^'Jl'n IKS lu llo 

" •' llMU'a, Ursn. . p«r 

•' •• 1ii..<0'i,,nmiUI.. |.ar 

" " li'n of ISM ..III 

" " 7-30V .'itoi'.pui. A int. 

^OMfOI'NO I.NTKKKa'l' NltTkl. 

Uot.'reiii.'ut lljiida are .|Uui.-d at tbi? lulb.iv 

log llglllCs 

June Cuupuund, iMli I'lo pr"'" 

July '• " 

August " •' 

October " " 

Um. " " 

May " IWIJ 

August ' " 

.Se|l. •• •• 

(>>)lubi*r •' " 

r:iu l.'uipoiis 

I61) Acre Und Warrants, selling ♦"■■' 

" •• t«|i,gc .-jurip " ^l0ale 100 

I'arfuuds— r. S Tri-asury Noti-n, NiiUousI lliiiik 

Nules, Mluii.'..<ola .><lulv Itauk Nuli-d. 

No .Slue rurr.ii.v is p u.l .ml by lln" Hank-, 

till- ram < being redeoiuiu uud leliri d Iroiu oin u 


■«M Varh l«l*a«T .ttarkwt. 

I By Telegraph ) 

Nl!.w Viil.u, Aug. W. 

Money conliuui's i>«sy at <•■.^p<■r cent f.>r cull 

Slrrllng dull and heavy at lou ', .jlin. 

liuld without dwided change, oiieiiing si >l^'., 
advaii. ii g to Mf-',, declining lo 11-', nii.l eloriug 

I . vernincnis flriii nint ipil.-t. 

Kri'ightH lo Liveri •> .1 .lubt. 

.sir«'«A/i tnnPAicH- 

Nk« V.ikk, Aug. ■-•« 1. e. »i. 

lli»r..„i«i ir> n...ii..v »itl.-'.' siiy- biislros 

In Wall str.i-t Is almost wholly siispeudud on ac 
countof he I'rcidd. Ill's visit lo the tity. 111. 
only PKenpllon Is Intiovrnmint ceourltl-H whlcb 
ha>e bum xellidand very uetlve. 1 Id .V.'n s 
havn sold St lll'( .OKI .,, and at noon were . |Uot- 
1 ilat 11:1'. bill aud 11:1 , anki-d; I'l's wiirc lu ac- 
tive ,l<.|ii.inil und s.ild II IV , an. I at noon were 
.iiiotedai 11.", nil I. 'l'U"uJvancn roee fiom a 
report that Hie iiMii'lf had been iidmltled on l.on- 
dJU Kxeliiiiige; II wasowli g lo lb" fict of tllH 
^tient losing lil'li in lb" r.piirt, llint lb > bunds 
d cllned lu tlio mornlug from li:i.', to 11.:',, 


iny Telegraph.) 

Nkw;Vo;ik, Aug. W. 

Kloar lower ard sleidyf.'r nound; t«.aOiin.t>0 male; Js.i.' f ir K. II.O. 

tiiiAlN— Wliiiiit dull snl •-•(I'l.ilowfr at #1 !:.:'.. 
for iinsHiiii.l (.'likago, jii S1<i.Vi f'lr cliol.-.- No. 1 
lll.wauk.'e, un exlnim prloi'. Corn rcieued 
about IJ li.w.T nni el.i-ed htea.ller at 7s<iH(i' .c; 
Iiil'-rlorHlijii'Jc; mlmd woslern K'io. 
OaiB lc lo\v.Tat l":jli<- Xi<r Clilcigo aod JCu'ilo 
lur Mllwtukeo. 

I'oik i|iiiet ai'.il heavirat W.hi for I.ew, 
e'oslDg sa.'.ro cash, sii 1 if .'H.,•«92^ 7,'i for tid. 

VVhbky uncliangi'il. 

IVtroleuni i(ul.!ial2r,'.!S'-^0 for crude and 41c 
for rillned l»on'J. 


l>oii.lni-M 111 Heal Kw<uio, 

('ouTryanrcs autl »»nprfyor«. 

8. r. rOLSe.JI, I. A, nA.XkKI- 

l'rpl'.''rty bought and sold, tax<>s t.(ild,col!ec 
ttons loaac and titles exsmlnod. Oinoc la In 

nersoll's block, up stairs. 

apriv-ly Ist^ 

Uoaad la any .tvi« dc«i<«d at ttf rrass 
BltdsJTi ▲:>[«'.; St I br f.'ooatlJia ~ 

Tho Slinni FfRlit. 

I'romtUe Biiir.i'.o Exprcfi. 

About four o'clock the ttoops were 
drawn Ot:t for the sham fight, designed to 
produce tn an innoi:<-nt nnd harmless way, 
tbe ir.imortal battle of Limestone ridge, 
with its moving incidents — especially 
moving on 'lie Bii'i,-h part — ar.d its hcro- 
i>; scenes. 

Tbc first veteran company, under Lieut. 
Swartz, had vcLntccrcd to represent, on 
this one ccoa>ioi', fhs "tincjii's Own ;'' 
to play an obncxiaus part, and undergo 
the humiliafin,-r appearance ol defeat, lor 
the sake ol all'jrding entertainment for 
their Irish fncudi. In a elmilnr spirit ol 
self-sacrifice, the Lnimet guards, under 
Lieut. Vaugi n, hail taken upon tbcra- 
selves the i Iraracter of the Tenth royals, 
and wore llaming red jackctn, looking a 
little incongruous in connection with 
the blue p.i'iti'oons which they still re- 

Col. O'llara and stair, perscnitirg th-j 
renowned Col. Hooker and stalT, ledilpse 
forces to tho field seloctcJ, in iho south- 
em extremity of the grove, where tliey 
encountered tho Fenian army of invasion 
nu ler Gen. O'Neill and Col. Starr—the 
British forces firming their line on the 
southern side, with the Fenians at tbe 
west. Tbe «kirffii.thc.-8 thrown out on 
each sidft exchanged a lively fire lor one 
or two i.ioments, when the Fenian army 
advarc d with over confidence, tonnd it- 
f elf in daii<;er ol being flanked by tho too 
extended line ol the British, and so fell 
back to a rew position. Hotly the de- 
luded nil coals prefsod lorward upon this, 
as they did at Limestone ridge, fatally 
full ol tlic infdtua'e id-a that their prow- 
ess Lail already raado utter I'-ute of the 
enemv. Vnotbcr moment and they were 

Ucapcrutc Kiicoiiiiter Willi u 

Al an caily hour yeslerdiy morning 
Mrs. James Van Vcchten who occupici 
apartments over No. 17D, South Clark 
sirett, was arrouscd from her slumbers 
by bearing souje one in her beil cbauiber. 
.\t first she snjijiosed the intruder was her 
hu<l)aud, who Las 1m en absent Irom the 
city some weeks, and who she thought 
had come home on one of the early trains. 
But when no rcjdv was given to h r ipies- 
lion "who's ibert!'" the beeamo frightened 
and screamed lor help. Her cries fortu- 
nately were heard by a young geutleman 
sleeping in a room near at haiul, and he, 
hastily dressing, came to her aid. Find- 
ing tbc door loading to Mrs. Van Vech- 
ten's reception room open, tho cbivilrous 
voung m^iti rushed in jint in time to col- 
lide with a p'-* son attempting to escape 
that way. Both were not a little as- 
tonished at their sudden encouuter, and 
the rescuer rctuming bis eiiuilibrium first 
attempted to scire the burglar by the 
throat. I'he latter, however, managed 
to elude the deadly grasp, and in turn 
threw hi: arms around the gentleman's 
waist, drew him alTectionately to his 
bosom, giving him such an embrace as he 
never before experienced, and hopes 
never to again. Both now fought wilb 
desperate valor. For ten minutes they 
struggled for tbe niadt«'ry, wbca the bur- 
glar succeeded in throwing his adversary 
heavily upon the Hour. Springing lo bis 
feet, without v.atirg to gather up histoin 
garments ni.d bat, the lulH in ran out ol 
the room and .succeeded in making good 
bis '^ecape iLrougb a back entrant e. 

An examination of the preruises then 
took place when it was ascertained that 
the burglar bad gained admittance lo 
.Mrs. Van Vechtcn's chamber by crawling 
over the door tbrougli tbe transom win- 
dow. Before ;irousing the lariy, tbc fel- 
low had inin.iged to get possession ol a 
purse containing one hundred dollars, 
whieb he carried away with him. A val- 
uable gold w.iiib and ecvcral articles of 
j'jwelry remained undisturbeil on the pi- 
ano in the parlor, which the fellow had 
overlooked in his search. — ('hi<Mgo 'J'ri- 


■ — ♦ » » . < 

Ciiolerti nt St JLoiliii. 

The following from the' lieavenwoilh, 
(Kaneas) lUiUclin, ol a late date, doubt- 
less explains the reason why wc h ivo no 
late cholera reports from St. Louis : 

\ gentleman who arrived hero yi sterday, 
from .St. I.ouis, bri>if;lng with him bis fauiily, 
with a view to escape cholera, Inlorms us that 
the disease ii raging In that city to a much 
greater extent than would bo supposed from 
reading tho papers there. IJurlrg tho latter 
part ol last week, the deaths from cholera 
amounted to an nvcrago of 1.50 a d.iy ; und 
over 'JOO died hu>t w ci k. 

— — - — » i • I • 

I.Mrg:r Siir.iln Alii|iiiirata t» BntTulo. 

IJll i-Ai.o, .Vug. iO. 
Tbc shipments tf llour and grain from 
the potts of Chi ago, Milwauke, and To- 
ledo for tho week fmling Saturday Au- 
gust 2oib, were for Bullalo. Flour, 11,- 
ill'J barrels; Grain, 1 'ill', Ci'.'i bushels. 

aK<'OMi UlSI'ATCa. 

Nkw Vduk, Aug. ;:u— (j i\ M. 

Klnur dull f.irliif''rl..r, and high grn.l.-s loj;;i)c 
biwer. while sound tnediuni grail.'s rule steady; 
iii oo.js.wo for exlia state, fh iiOali 1*1 lor K. H. 
c>., aud $lu.:o<ii-.f.uu for trsde brands, markel 
il'JslDg quiet. 

Whisky nn'bsrg'd, in bond <t.'.iy 'il.31<.,. 

(iKAis— vvhial. riceipta 11174 bushels; dull 
ail I •-' 11:10 lower; Sl.lli'i lor unfo nl Chica/o 
sprlni ; $ lor choloo No. 1 Milwaukee, an e.\. 
tri ma price; fri.lA for choici white UicblKin. 

MllwMukr* Prsdacv narkaS. 

Mll.WACKKK, Aug. '-y. 

Klonr noniiual r ud i c lower. 
OKAiN-»VhiB'. llriner; No. I selling al ?l.l>|.j 
l.'.s'.:>o '.'$l.j^; retecled le.'l, Bya 0:13. Corn 

.V.'c. 0«ts:ii.ja-v. 

('hicitK'O l*rudac«i Misrkel. 

CiiicAuo, Aug. '.:'.<. 
tVhcal unselledat $l.r&ul.77; No. 'J. *l.«0. 
Coraaotlve<at iJ9.').".i0. Oals steady at 2«a-'^'c. 

a«t* Vork CJ«t«an atiorka*. 

Nkw Voi:k, Aog. i'.'. 

CiHlon hi'avv, but pries gencnilK »lllioutd'-» 
.1.1 .1 eliange; :i'.>ii:i|e for iiii.bbing ii|.land. 

Ten Canvassing Agents 

mi: IIIK 




fly our own Itejiortcr. 

Al 01 Hi 'J'.l, INIilj — I 1. H. 

.Ai;i;ivi;i> wiiii Hi.-s Ma.v.-- Town Mar- 
shal Coleman telegraphed yesterday lo 
bis laniily here, Ibat he had arrived tiaf'ly 
with Trotter, lie-. Hlleged embezzler, nt 

KvKNill I. 10 .Si>-.iKiiiiiiv. — 'riieMoth- 
odisl church was crammed full lust even- 
ing by people to witness tlie nu[itials of 
Mr. Isaiah Towiiand Miss A Iilio \'. iggiu. 
I' Hon. Thomas <«. .Jones, 
ullicer of United Stales Internal Revenue, 
is in town looking after bis children. 

Lakck.nvoi a Huubi'. ani> Bi licv.— 
A rogue who has been living at Mrs. 
Wilinol's, named Henry Lsiie, went to 
Knsigii's stables at :'• o'clock last Monday 
morning, an<l hired the very best rig, and 
made oil with it. Since then nothing bas 
been heard from him. The horse, buggy 
and harness were worth .'*<7<M). 

A(.'ritioi> Caiii t.ATio.v. — A friend 
of the town has just made an estimate ol 
the number of boulders in Hennepin Ave- 
nue anil Bridge «treel bidow tbc Nicollet 
House, which are sprinkled along tbe 
roadway; the entire number is ^M.tKJti, 
viz: opposite the AtbeMe'iiii excavation 
K.tiiM); opposite tbe l'u|.;.sii cllic7lMJ0; 
opposite :^d street l.OUO; lustwcun Ut 
and L'd streets <i,<J<)0 ; below 1st street 
;», 0(1(1. It is said that un ex-Verinili-n 
cuuMiany is about to break up these 
boulders, as traces of gold was discovered 
in one crushed by a buggy wheel. 

'I'liMi 111 iKiiiijiiii.N.- 'I'll.; Young 
Men's Cliristiaii .\-ao. i.itloii lias in its 
eiiiployiuuiii a coljiorter, who circulates 
tracts about town. Already a large mis- 
sion school has been formed for the dis- 
trict about Ibe couit house, and (be large 
audience meets every Sabbath afternoon 
in tho great ,;ourt room.\i:ii I kilm Oifice.— The ponies 
upon tbc I'isKs.s routes have been removed 
from olK i;~ tbc red Injun animal, be. 
cause he is in some way connccfcd Mr. 
Kdward Clark's field of operations; tbe 
other horse was only a spave. A couple 
of animals of great power and endurance 
have been placed upon tbc route. Like 
tbe " Nitro (ilycerinc Convention " they 
can stand anything. 

BoAftii OK Sri'i;i:M.soi:.s met i'ues.Jay 
afternoon and granted the following side- 
walks : Side walk on northeasterly side of 
First titreet, to Bassett Creek, and one 
oil Fourth street from Nicollet street en 
the upper side as far as tho Court House. 
I'oi.iiiCAi.. — Since the great Donnelly 
demonstration here the other night, the 
Alias has bad the blues, and wc under- 
stand that Mr. King wdl present no nom- 
inee at the coming uonventioii, but will 
wait to see who the Democrats put up. 
Ttio •' DaUij Alias " baby wdl also wait. 


IN SiiINT JMtm. 



14 n,n<l 10 IVortli Wec?o»t<l htreet. 


Wines and Liquors 

liy Ihi) B jttio aud ou Uralt, (or sal/ by 


Cui .'lib ^JacLsuu hls.,Nl. fault 

Who .'ler.| by p. 1 'iii htoii, iih u guHr^ulee for 
Ilielr purity, lo Uoctors Wllb-y uud Hand— tho 
sauei buvliig bueu ti-.ted bud Kppruvrd by ibem. 

Real Estate Agents, 

XUl'X'htrdjtstre(«t,noav iUe liridK''. 

Webuy unl sell I'ropwty on CommlssloB, ia 
all liarU of IMi. stato snd VVbcouhlu, and canoot 
UU U> satisfy pwUcB de-irou« 10 i.ell orlnveat, 
^«liave alargesuiouiil of property lor Mik- la 
81. i'aul, aud odloialng lowi.., si.d tlroiiphool 
ihfl Ktuir, l,i- onging to p»itift« really Li.xious to 
.«ll, and ..I i.rlcea that caunot full tu b<' r.mune- 
f»liv(.. We uffar Itiisiuefis (jroperty iu i>l. I'aa 
on all tliB prlucipbl .'tr'-ils. I^ouH,..a kiid lotiiat 
all prloe,« ai..| in oil pnrlt. .,1 U.e city. Ki 1 idenoe 
lots h; en'l|..« .|iiaiilily, from »K<i I. t'.i.,(,ue 
eaolj. fA>ufi\y prop-rly, i<srinii, l.aiiii;ng l.sud, 
l^'itfl'^, l.'.l.. It. l.Uuc<.", Tiicl/«i aiKl Ufc« 
I^nds, Ac, Iron, }I l<, fio p..| noi-e, In all barts 

j of Ibis I^UlAHnd Wlaw.n-In. 

We esnnut IsU to suit tr.y one desirous ol 
purchasii'g, and rofurto oui Bulletiu on lirst 
pa^e. Taxes pairf In oil t.r.rl.^ 01 tbli- Fttte and 
WlHooBsin. MOBCaN & MuCSUtuD. 

I IMbia rt&WiT 4t!.^ 



Inc*ren,sed JE*ension«. 


hr. I'Aci., Mi.N.N, August lOtb, IHOf.. ) 
t'nder net of July L'Slh, Is r>, tlOO addJtiuuiU 
bsunly will b" paid t« three years men who serveil 
tlieir term ol euilKtoient, or who were KOon.>r 
di'diargid by r<-.a«onof woumls rewivi^d in the 
line of duty. Also to wldiws, minor clilldren, 
or j,an'iiiK ol Ibrixi jears tn-u, who died wh'le 
in thn United Htatea service, or of wonnds or 
'I1ki.r.,p eriiiirsc(i.4 In Kuoh servlc. 

Kiliy liolUrs bounty will be paid und.'r like 
CoQilllionH to two years men. 

Soldiers entitled to the bnunty under the 
act will t.i!i.lilii irdlh-leirgapatir-rs to tbis oUice, 
and tf disehtrxcd by reason of woaiKU wiU rUt - 
wlien aud where they were woundsd. 

V»id.»ws of decttn d soldiers or sailor!!, who 
have minor cliililfn uieler tli<- hk'" of 10 years, 
will be entitled to t*o dollars adajt'onal per.lnn 
lor every such child ; aud orphan chi;dren of d.'- 
eeiied sjldi' rs or s:Ul.irs a : e entlUeo to the BSDie 
inori.a" ■. 

Widows auJ guar.lians of mUior children ap- 
ptjlng for thn Incr. r..e of peD'Hn must prove 
th.' .late of liirtbof sucli children, and tbat Ibey 
are tlie Ivgltmafi children ol the ii>-c asiKl sol- 

AH ap;,!!oatloas for I'enslnns, Koiintl«4 or 
Bucic Fay of soldiers or th'-lr hern, will receive 
prompt aiteuiion Iniin this < Ihoi' KlihK oi' 
I /lAi.oa to clainiauts by applylcg to the uudur- 

l.pttPrsaddroiiBednnie r.-laUni{ to any class of 
soldiers' or sailors' claims will receive a prompt 

Adjiitaut Generul and .Stats Agent. 

43-Coun(ry paji^re.- copyucetlmc- 

auiTlI M:diltw 





Gapital, $300,000 ! 

■ unurws AKMtuat Loss of M<tr<- or ft^cr- 
•ontsl injury by any Acrldrnt. 

TUe most l.b.iral lBrm« oOcred lu good aud 
well re-ommenled business men wiio will de- 
vote tholrnntlrn lime and energy t }tha l>usiuriis. 
None e|.<p need apply. 

Applicants will bo notllled o' tlm> nnd pUce of 
in el^ngfo'•tbepuruo^cofB 
upon receipt of api'llca'lnn. 

K for tbepurpo^cnfDllkluxamn£onlents, 

Alt CJlumuc'Catlons niMressi-.l lo 

■THUM AN jr. ••.VIITII, 

a«Bcral Agent Mad son 'usurtnoe Co., 
Kid M'iag, Minnesota. 

'Ihls I'oinnauvhas pild. throush Ihi (Jnneral 
Agent In ihls State, slice thi '..'SJ day of April, 
IM'sl thcfolbwing 

Tobias Carl, Uuolhue ciuoty 

'. ugunt heDticumn, Oocdhue couuly. 
I*, r, Johnson, tiondhao county...... 

I>rulh of Ex «»o». .'*iorrh«'u«. 

UiciiM.iMi, Vn , Aug 2:>. 
E.\-(JovcrnoE John M. Morchead, of 
North Carolina, died yesterday at tbc 
Rockbridge Alum Springs. 


I'vniana ■.risvlnir C'blruiro f-' 
EH«r- llotllfluy >:\|trrs«. 

CiucAiio, Aug. 2'.*. 

\ large body of Finigans have lelt here 
lor the east. 

Tbe Ilolliday Overl.ind Mail and Ex- 
press Company have moved their ollice 
to this city. 

(iaclnnwll Ckolwru Kr]M>il. 

Cl.NCIN.VAll, Aug. '-'J. 

Twelve deaths from cholera were re- 
ported on the 'J«th. 

I:>ha llalteu, Uoudliae eouDty 

«;\rus llulversun, 0-olhue county 

Johu IS'loliuI's, (joudhaw couuly 

Andrew Cook.Ciood'ue count;' 

Wm. Cittllu, UoolhMi- c .unty 

.lohn Betort, leu.iniie cointv 

II. II. .vmlili, II -nDipiii county 

U'il lain i). 1 elliiH. llHUneiiinuouuty.... 

John U. .'^choliel I, I leani'piu county 

I'linaona llvlni J, Ui,uni'pinoi,uiity 

Klijah N. Woo ii.Hii, II. -iiii-'plu county.. 

II li«|pr>.0B, Klllraora county 

Wil lam I'Jterson, 1 llmore cuuniy 

Kii'lst H^nry, Killmoreconnty 

Joseph l,.?,b.r, Klllmorc cjnmy 

.lo'hua V. lirov.', Kllimur > county 

.1 .hn A. he Impf, Carver county 

OI"J. Hsileii, Houston 

John Wll on, D.ikota county 

Jsme.< ilasrsn, ■ rko'a county 

.Utn»s • . <iuy. «Vashlngtan county 

lirorge )l .ludd, WaaMng'on county.... 
Itoliert W. lailgnton, vVin'>na county... 

1'hoiiiis I juc'i, Wiibiisliaw cr>uniy 

(il<> K. Iliuiiaas, Freeh jru county 

John Blxb)-, Stede county 

** llllim ^ye, Auoka county 

Martin I.. eohllTer, I.e-ucar luunty 

Albert lumer. Bill ( (.artb countv 

Aud a DUin!)cr of others. 

♦JU'i oo 
. .1:; ou 
. SM »« 
. -.M 1" 

. •-•.•> Wi 

. 13 -a 

•i M 
. Ttfj 50 

. Ii n 

. 6y> no 
. Gnu im 
. 7fiS ro 
. iiiu v.' 
. 3'J 0-: 
. 200 Oil 

. iv»s o'j 

. iO <*> 
. 44 (O 

. »» Olt 

W7 41 

. -Ill (SI 

, -IH SO 

. '.vi ;to 

. 'Jitj N» 

. 100 no 
. '.'SI ni 
. :t(i e'j 

. So IHI 

. 44) 00 

. ;iii 00 

. ,14:) «(< 

. rt|K .',7 

W. lAWi^oW. BOB-T A, alllTII, L, K, BKB» 



Foroigu iiiid DomesMo Exohaiige, 

OOl.U *e ailjVK.W COIN". 

U. S., City a?id County Beads 

Land Warranit, Paitag* Tiekttt, 4c., ^. 



Krom 111., pi-iure of tho sabserib*!, netr laVs 
C'slhoun, Up ckle.1 fic-r 4 >i arsold.broa.l born : 
I rod i.t^»r, b-ih ull, l year* old ; 1 red »te r and 
1 llnfd lack neer; on all them e«tt e th-' buihof 
the tail Is cut off fouaro. I'iva dollars *aoh will 
be paid at reward f.irthase cattle 11' brought to 
UlLYDEItAHOBLnrS BostonMtrket. 

:ia»,-j liv " J hii-jton Av , MlBceapoUi, 

Cuitllal of Iht* .Tiudlson 

InaiirMnt-i* (.'onajittny lfiN4(»,I&4 OO 

X«. «rP«>liciriiIa«nrd.... SM.STO 0» 
Losam ii»ld ia IwO.> <|i»0,ll4 IM 

Over -10,000 Membcr.s. 

nuR'.'.i i.t 




Oriental Powder Co. 

Slo Cioetl* (s-xcrps Hqnors) ^rtullftl 
■ r<fr Rritlrnibcr lat. 

Cornrr Third and Sibley slreels. 

i.'ln«.i Oia .Vtonuniral!*'!** M'liiaW.v. 

Olil Doarbass n'hiab.r, 

Oldltyts IThUhr- 

Alollwnd Uln. 

CuifBist' Urundv, 

Old !••••« Sfcerry und I*nr« #uic» 

I*or« Wliips. 
Cn Draft and by lbs Bottle, lor sio by 



25 Barrels Heavy Mess Pork. 

tor sill- by ,. ,.BBAi;.nO»T. 


11 jcu wish to nsfl a superior article u. 

Hpoi'tingr ff» o-wdor, 

Bny thit manatactured by 

The Oriental Powder Co. 

JT. 1. BBAmOXT, 

Ag«nt Oriental Powder Company, 
Corner ud and Sibley tUetti, 

Rk-moval. — John Wcnsinger. the well 
knowu dealer in ]lo3ts, Shoes and Leather, has 
removed from his old stand to Uridgc Street 
iluwn near the Uridge, whore he will be hap- 
py to receive all bii old customers as well as 
slrnogurs, and sell tboni us cheaply as the 
same ;;ood.s can be bought elsewhere in Min- 

— ^.^ 

Ai.i.i^.N is home again from the eastern 
niaikelH, and liehind him follows a long train 
of boxes, bales and packages. Cars, stenm- 
buats and drays groan under tho load. 

Pome 111 tho most attractive goods ever 
brougbt to the Northwest, are now being 
opened in bis store. Victoria Tartans, Scotch 
I'oplias, Wtiol Keps, French Morinots, Co 
burgs, Mohairs, Plaids and Stripes, Fan- 
cy Cassimercs, Cloaks, Cloakings, Shawls 
and Dress Goods of tho newest styles. A 
large stuck ol Wool Blankets, Flannels in 
enormous variety, Opera, While, Check, Gray, 
Ked, &c New style Hats, Cloth, OlMr and 
Heaver Caps. Allen's is tbo place to got your 
bargains, (juick silcs und small prolitii is his 
motto. aug'2S.3m. 

Sale of (ioverflmenl Froperly. 

OFUCK OKPuT <ii;AKTKl:MllBT!.;K, ( 
Koi;iiiSEl.i.iM;,MlN.N.,AuaUBl'Ji, Jf-Gii. j 
Tho undersigned will oiler for sale at fUBI.IC 
ACCTHiN, Irom the Warehouses at FOKT 
NNKLLINU, Minn., at 10 A. M., Monday tlie 
third Uav of tfejitpniber, IsCii, tho followlLj' 
t^l AKri.UMASriiK'S Stlikes, viz ; 
7i; Cbairf, 

'.1 ( I'sbles, 
JOO Moves, 
Hi W 


II Ambulanoc 

.'.Ki Sets narncsi, 


It liubnleds, 

'JTI Joints btovepipc, 

71 Water UackeU. 

Also, a iargu quauiity of iUeccUincous 'I'ouU 
and diores, 
i'eriudcashiu U. S, Knodi. 

Caiitabi lOih Inf., A. A. (j. .M. 
aug21 Id 


BiUKlHi) BROS. ii. SHVEf , 


'V^bciltisuln itnilKetuil JDetilera in 


A full and <»>uiplote aEsurtmoat ot 





Office and School Fumitiiro, 

ociattantly on baud. 
Ui»h'»l»st«n'iua r>.->ii« to Oixler. 

.til ordeta will receive our prompt attention, 
nnd I'll goo 's delivered at D.'-pots lu UiuueapoUs 
aud .Saint Anthony Irce ot charge. 

Trices fiirnlsheJ on appllcatioa, SALl'.S- 

Ht. Anthioiiy, rviiii**- 


We are now recelvlnga splendid slock of 

Wliite. aud Colored Blanket!', 

Of all liualllios, bonglit l»w and to be sold at a 
small advance. Call and see tliemi They 
are ju-jt what you want for a Minne- 
sota Winter, 




In grr^at variety and cheap "of conree,'' Always 

to be lonnd with us, a full s'.cc": 

of seasonable 

STAf't.E GOOli®. 

Wo a'm lo bay GOOD li )OI)i a-id gu.-.ranteo 
satlsfaellon la every case. 


All tho stan.Iitd makes In now and desirable 
stjUs for tho Fan Trade, to be opened la a day 
or two. 

Rustic aud other blades, hand^om-." and 
cheap, Giro us a oaU. 

Iliirrlson Stono Bloelf, 



MTH STAR VOiEi Mill! r>epa,rtmeixt 

OpenM «t the Mill expresuly lortheeonvcnienoe 
of farmers, country and town people, 



IVEW «ooj:>S! 

Spring and Summer Coaliugs, 

Of Dark and Light Hrown ar.d Phaded Orcy 

colors, mado from the Qnest Wool aud 

especially adapted to tho cooler 

latitudes of tho Ncnhvi-eit, 

In b'.ack and whl 4 and bloclc and brown plaids 

In spric? style, made expressly of pure wool, 

for pantaloon stufls and vesimgs. 

^11 ^Vool Tweeds 

Of tupcrQno quality and soft silky flnlsb. of light 
grades for eummcr w-'or, 



Hair Regenerator. 

'rite ;/ioji wouilir/'al iliscortri/ o/lhe iije. 
Will positively restore Gray Hair to its orij{iusl 
color, whether black, brown or suborn, and 
being a dcligbtlul drehstnc, it imparts to it a 
b.iRutlful glossy and beaitby apiH-uranct. It i 
will also promote a growth of new hair on bald 
h.'ads where the glatjds or roots of the hair are not 
disorganized, and clTectaally removing oil dan- 
druff. Itching and humors from tha scalp. It is 
warrrntrd to produce the above results or money 
reluuded. Price $1.00, All orders should be ad- 
dressed to 

Je7-4th'I-3m Wholrsa'e Agents. 

tiiOm^ PBK mOWTH-ETKltV 

t^Jd*}yf WHK.HK to xellihe l»<-at MOrk- 
ImC.Im*** flulshrd and only priscliciil 
■.'wiuily MvwtiiK' .n^chlaa^ tn ua». fo- 

S'lni's laTe-l paiei.t »ith Khic'iuiu's improved 
iiateiit lii.ip'T inov..nien'. lUiFWttCU BB- 
(.'I'CEIS tn i>'iO We w ut to hire Immedi- 
ately >»«• tlr*t-claaa Causviaiwlac Airexa 
by iho month. Ureatest inducdmeucs ever of- 
fered. I- or terms address 

3* Kost Water etre -t, Milwantee, Wis. 



Uas taken the above uom^-d Saloou, 

On -Jaclcson Htroet, 

lV«xl door to lIIiBiranoilU'a, 

And will keep It In KRST-CL A.SS STY L.l\ 1 he 
Uar will always b«.' eupiilied with li.i 

Choicest Wines, Liquors & Cigars. 

'•COME Aan MEE M.K." 

augJ I 3m 

/V«i(/c«/— SAMCJKT. n. lIAoTINGi;. 
yice-Preiidenl—tnOTAAS S. AI.LEN. 
Tre!uuier—V. K. Ti;NNK"i". 
(Jctieral Agcnl-S.. G. DAUWI.N. 

I,i'clusKAlECnii.i),'.ioverDor of Wis,. Madison. 
Tilog. c., rtc. .State, Mi era! I'oiut. 
W. F. SMliH, S)tul.! Irt^asurer, Kox Lak.-. 
I.i --TKu Ssxr. N fexion, «ro. (s:<te..Mii»aukr« 
JuUN A. lii iiiiKU, Uutcuer, Bali & Ooodricb, 

S.S. Mar HILL, Uii. Maa.N. & ,Su P. K.B.,U1I. 
llAKVi.y r. ilCKKi..Y,b;eaml<o«t Pio., l.aCroese 
A, K. Kluoki:, Oousman a Klmore, (ireen liay. 
C. C. hlloi.KS, Supt. W U. 111. Co., Ketorha. 

°8am'i. I). IIastuigb, late RtutcTreas., Madison. 
SlMi.N UlLi.s,Prc~. ItuLk MailUr.D.MadihOD. 
N. K. VAN.SLYKK.I'reii !,t. Nnt.Iiank, .M dison 
U. IC. Ti'.NM.V. H. W. h D. K. Lunev, Madison 
a. C. li!.-N, iicn.Agt, M.Mut. Ins. Co., Madison 
A. O. DM'.wix of M. K. J<'uller t. Co.. Usislson 
K. W. Ki vi:s, Mayoruf city of Ma ilson. 
U.K. Ul' KlVa. Vlob I'r.'S. Madison Uut. Ins. 
Co., lladiKon. 

Al'(il.«iA11.01»J>, Hocretery. 

This Compatiy lisae« policies ef insurauoe 

Loss or Lire or Terfioual lujar)', 

caused by any sc:cid«nt, at as low rates of pre- 
mium as ur« ollered by oihur fir^t class compa- 
nies. Its ospiial Is ample and ii is pjesentod (e 
>our favorasa 

N^orth'^wost**!*!! Coi«»i»any, 

Kmbraclii;; i^miDg Us stockliol era many of tli« 
most prominent c^ipilallsts hud batlnees iben ot 

Aotivo tiid eaergeiid Agents wtute< in 6U 
Paal and tiiroarboul tttetitate. GOOD TliaMS 
WlLLUi: OIVKN'. Afidraso or apply to 

D.lS.BJOILNSTON, Slate Ag't. 

OfCccon Eighth clrwt, opposite realdeucc of 
Mayor rrince, it. fanl, Minn. aul::-dAw3m 



English Double Barrel 

With Mahogaev Box and Kurnilure bclongtsg, 
all in prime order. 

This Kun was imported by a gentlemen for his 
own use, and will be sold at cost ut the ftnre ol 
C-'i VHCP a II/* 

aug25-lw ComerThlrd and Hobert slreel^. 


KIKKI..\SD'8 magniflcent new Pict. riai 
Historical Won, the most remark.ib!e, Ih'llling, 
interesting, attractive and last selling book o 
modern times. I'o clergymen, teach.-rs, disabled 
Mildiers, soldiers' widows a:-,d ull oilier intelli- 
ecnt i/ersons, wc off^r unt.iualli-d lacillties f.>r 
r„,kii,<rmonev. fiend stamp lorpnrMculars. J. 

iiiaklug money, tiend stamp lor pnr; 

A blODUAilD ft CO., V'l Washington ■tr^et, 

tliiciigo, 111. BOX •-•-«.'. uufi-.:3-2ai* 

(icrncal Traasporialioi! Agent, 


Given on l-'rolght Ij 

New York, Boston, Philadelphia, 

And all principal points Eatt, 
Xiutci Ciourantrcul if JUf sired. 

Freight Agent for the l.owor DivislDu 

4a-'0l11oo and Warehouse on the Levce, St. 

aul. aagS 

St. Xaviers Academy. 

135 Wabash Avenue, 


Under the dlruction of the 

fSisterH ol MFcrcy, 

Will re-opon for the admission of pupIU on 

I^IonduT'. Soi>teixi'ber Ud, l&GQ, 

In the new Seminary. 

Letters of loqulry should be addressed to DI- 
KEOlKlXbr. XAVlEil;} ACADiiMV, Chicago, 
IU, augl? im 



Third 8tr<»et, Saint Faul, IVliiiii 

NSK'S PiUJil lElAlUC KlEiil CASI8 k CiSUili 

Ciolh Caskets and Wooden Coffins ot the tales 
style constantly on hand. UeArsesandCarriagos 
and cv.Tytlilug noee^arv fora I'linerol furnished 
on the sh orteot cotioe , 

Se.sidenoe on CioaJa street, ^abovo Tenth 


A manniticeul. lirrl t-U-r- 

Hylro-Oxrgen Clock-Work 

Wilha bf»utilula»soniu'>nl of carefally eiletleJ 


Also, CutUior, >i!teen feet ty re Waj^ed Screen 
and other appurtenuioes, ail in perfect older lor 
paUic exhioiUoBs. Apply to 

W .11 . MAKKOli:, 
vi'U cor. ot Thlrteeath aud tit. I'clcr-sU. 



Attorney at Isiw. OlBoe o»er Park.nPalnc'» 
Dank, fiiir.l slh'. t. et. Paul. Mfnc. Bov* 



This Houeo If now oje-ii tar the reoeption of 
Guests. I:! new out aod out ; Is situated ou 

St. Peter, Ricy and Eleventh street?, 


Country and Hivtr. 

Convent iittoall ro'nls. wltl^""' veral acres of 
ground attached, finely sbad..d, and \-> one ofthe 
mostceliyhtfn sitnatlrtns In the cty. au£5 

KwF'moaKK^ a»u niHaenovA. 



Konufaotxirer of U:o 


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Ziiyr Corner tlh and hxchango strooU. 

other largo oonslgamcnt ct 

]XeAv FrencU I^emoiis 

Which will bo clo ed oat at 



_aug'JHw Third street Sf. Paul. 


Endish, Cbsica!, Malbcnialiril ami Scioutilic 


This School will r open f.>r the Kail Term 

MoBdsiy, •rpt.>ml.«r 3d. 

A llnr ugh ba.-lnopB eilttciiion givec. Tuition 
— ; lie half III n.lvancs, 
augai-iw* J. EDUAU DIXON. 

Bnstle!t,Kit«, ^c. 

A lar^e H!j! most complete stock of the latest 
styles of lioop .Skirts sod (vorsets con^talltIy cn 
hand. Merchants sospUed at Kcw Y^ork prices. 

Skirt* ripalred nd nvide ft« good as i:ew. 

Goods warranted for three mcnthS, 

Please csU and examine. 

N. B.— Orders from th'i conntry pronipil-, nt- 
tetided tc. Post fiinen Box 1,711. Tto. 139 
Third atrert. Ht. rani. silii 4ihply 


S T la !a. W . 

I'roposes to sell 1'>e coming season tsoi-e aud 
belter wood fvrthe motu:y, f it!u-r 


Than any other dealer. lie has all quali'i s , a:.d 

.prices IVom $3.50 p'-r cord up. 11a? s!; o 

un hand best dry 


Dellvcr.'^d tn auy <]aautitv ; Lice kluU^iniiS. i c. 
Ilasal.o oubandai-r^o cmouutof 


The only baled Uay In market. Also 

Ptew Rrierbt Htraw, 

Slraw Tibos filled atd d,>ilvcrnl. <»■«';;" 
noliolted and or'^niptl) at'e dedtoai his V. OOU 
AN U UAV Y AUD, corucr Fourth and ist, Peter 

i Btn.«te. 

C. A. »'M.K»t.OXX, 



1 oea 
fcpclj at t&K 


Young ladies will ei"*" under h»r owa t»i#, oa 
UOBdar. tho lOih of September. 

WCa. oseaetee oil kinds of jrobPrieUn; ' The school for younger diUdxcn wiil otea &t 

iUith tTSxt-ii 

I Jierro»l<l«»c« o* Morday, Aujrast SOtli, taglT-Ja 

9Mi kwwggT ^ e - gL 

•Ti Kl.^^^'^. 

^ , . . 









^tatr^fioal S<»cict\ fiT 

SAlNl' I'AUL. AUGUST .il, !!«>«. 

— «;ol.i closc«Ut I t.i; no .luotatioiiH 
ol wlicitt. 

—A \&Tff- * rowil is .■.x|>oot«a at I'hiltt- 
.Icli.liu noxi Mniuliy in «llcii.l,m.o on tlio 
SuBlhtrn I Mi-ii Cnvoiilmii. ami 
cv«ry Siiuo will l>o Ihi -''ly roprcHt-nti-.l. 1 li«' 
piiviitu .Ml/. IIS u'o iutciiJiiij; to cnlcrtiiii 
larBoly, mhiiip ilr;t <liil not huppi-n at tin- 
Uio .Kiiveiiluin Uiiit auyboily has li««ril «>f. 
U'>v. Ilr.iwiilow, ;i dclcguto fioiii Tl•Illle^»l■e, 
puwcil thiuiiiih liuliannpilis yo.HU-nliiy. 

—The cholera baa marly .liaapp'-an .1 
Uom New York, bul mx dcatbs Uiviu;,- m 
currca oa Uic J'.»Ui. I'Urce wcio ruporlod in 
finciunat. llio »i>mc a»y, and ihirlcin \u 

- Austri*. llio liibl.- iiiloniis us. Las 
(iiUa to rru>!.ia tlio luiii ixuctcJ liom Ucr as 
iiuliimiity lor war cxi«!ni>c.s. I'liii* woulU in- 
.licaic Uml ilio trcaly ol pence hail liBon rali- 

— At the ri'foption of the rresulont ami 
auito iu New VntU, the parly wcro iiUcilaim<l 
;tt a baO'iut:!' "l Ueliuuuicu'ii, ul wUuli Mtssrs. 
Joliasou ami Seward iiiaile lonj; »pceehcs, ami 
Cioucial I ; rant ami Admiral l''arra(;ut »liort 
oni». 'I'lie [iiHM'ch of (leneral (irant was as 
lollitws "(kntlomen. all 1 can say it, it the 
I'resultnl and his labinet hail kept their riso- 
liiliOD. made in .sviTel scHiiioii, to leave llie 
Admiral and myseU to do all llio talUinp, »<• 
tvonid have let you ofl lo »;<> to "" early Iwd." 

I il h 





"BWHTl- M» % KI-K* row »I. %OTiSM 

AT wrAHK.' 

Tho Chicifjo Tribune hoa an elaborate 
article uuJcr tbis boad, obowiiii' bow tie 
rcjcclioii ol tbc (Constitutional Amend- 
ment would atTict tbc relative repreBenta- 
tion of till' Noiib and Soiitb. 

I'bc wbole number ot snits m the 
House ol lle|ire»iutalive» is limited by 
law to -MI lor the thirty nix orpanued 
States. Il no cbange in tbc basis of re- 
jirescntatioii was tll'cctid btlore the 
admission ol tbt) cxulave Status it .•• evi- 
dent Ibat tbc Soutb would gain, an eom- 
p^itcd with the former status, 1!' repre- 
sentatives by the rmaiicipation of its 
slaves, whieh being now free, woild all 
bo counted ill the basis of representation, 
luateiid ot lliiec-liltb.-t as lorunriy— while 
the North would lose 1;>. So that the 
rebel tiutes would be rewarded for re- 
bellion by an increase ol political power. 
e><'iit to a jj'iin ol :'<- votes. This 
la by touiiiari.^on with the relative status 
ol tbo seulions before the war. Hut our 
presvwit pur|K>i<e is lo compare the eflect 
upon tbe relative representatiou o( the 
sections by the a loption or rejection ol 
the t'oiistiruiioiial Amendment i han{;in(^ 
the basis Iroiii the whole population to 
the voliuj; class— and for thin purpose we 
avail ourjielvet ol the caleulalious of the, 
TrUiu^i-:. II repr«'!tentation wire distrib- 
uted upon the present basis of population, 
tltu t:Jt.-»Uvo Sutcs would b>-. entitled tn 
!».i s.ius. and the North to llti, while 
umtei Ihi' C'oti.''lilutional Aim'ndmeiit 
uyonihc voter basis tbo Souili would have 
but 72 seats, and the North Iti'J. ],.et 
at recapiluiikte : 

Norlh, on voier liasis '>i'* 

.North, in whole pipulalion I I'l 

lieioi; a Ions 10 the Morth of iS seals. 

tiuulO, ou voier liasis i- 

.Soulh, l>y lountinK dmlraochised 

ue^roc:! •••• ■••••••••••••• »*•' 

lltlutr a Kuiu to tlic tJouth of 1'3 teats. 
Il by the rejection of thc,Con8litutioui.l 
Aiuondmeiit the North loses •.':1 seats and 
the Soutb t;aias -M, the the loss of power 
to the North and relative gain iu political 
weij;hl to the south in (qual to Hi vutM 
(H ioiijicxn We dont believe the pat- 
rioiio i.topic ol thia nation are willing to 
take .:! votes from the loyal States and 
add twenty-three to those lately in Ue- 
belliou. The Tribune has made some 
interesting calculations in rcferencts to 
the tlleet of adopting or rejecting the 
proposed change in the rule ol represen- 
tation in particular States. I'n the 
basis propottcd by the Constitutional 
Amendment Illinois would be entitled to 
sixteen menibers of Congress ; on the 
Johii:>on basis to only thirteen. 

I'he Conetitutional Amondmeut wtl 
give liidiiina twelve ecats, whichthe Jol n- 
Coj.per.'on solicme would reduce lo ten. 
Iowa, wh'ch would he entitled to live 
members, would lose one by the Johnson 
policy. Wisconsin and Michigan on the 
vole basis would have seven representa- 
tives each. The Johnson plan would 
give ihem but five each. Ohio has now 
nineteen Ui presentativcs. The Johnson 
policy would reduce this number to eigh- 
teen. The Constitutional Amendment 
would raise il I J twenlj-jne. I'ennsyl 
vaniu, which now has twenty live seats, 
would loose three by the Johnson policy, 
while by that ol Congress she would gain 
two, making a dillereirx of live in her 
(avor il the amendment is adopted. New 
York now has thirt) -hreo niimbers ; 
Johnson would reduce tbis niuuber lo 
thirty and Congress would raise it to 


repv at the words of the Falbers of the 
Uepublie of Washiiiglon and Jelferson 
and Madison tombing' a parli>ular sub- 

j, . t without praisiug (lod in aiioih 

er world to morrow morning !" Nor can 
he .lo il now. It wa.t not even necessary, 
iiiidei the "I nion as it WHH," for a man 
to maintain an oppoaition to slavery in lie« 
own mind only, giving no voice lo 
bis opinions, to bring down upon him the 
vengeance ol bis Southern neighlmrs 
he must become its loud nioiithed advo- 
cate ami dolendar or sulldr niartyrdoai. 
U not tbis beautiful state ol things ia lul 
vogue again in the Utely retiellious 
States ? The msils are loaded wi'h the 
complaiiiU and petitions lor redress of 
men who are hunted from their homes 
and their busines.H. either for the crime ol 
being Northern born orot loyalty to their 
governiiirnt and its ll ig ; and lhrou;;li pri- 
vate letter and ollieial report of army 
olhcers it lias come to be understood aa 
a settled thing that lojal Northerners, 
ami tho.H,, who have loUoweil the It ig ami 
worn the blue, eauuot be longer allowed 
to live in the region they have comiuered. 

And as to tho little matitr ol 
slavery, it is .loubtlul il the 
••Union aa il was" afforded as 
much benelit to the Southern people be 
lore as alter the war, iinee in former limes 
the planter was comp.lle'l to at least Iced 
and Jolbe his negroes ; now, in a large 
number of instances he has the benefit of 
their labor oa the promise of payment, 
which proiube is not and is never intend 
el to be fulliUed, while ho of course holds 
himsell entirely aloof from any obligation 
to providv! lor bis wretched operatives in 
sickness or want. And the passionate 
employer lias now this additional ail- 
vmtuge ov.r lh« lormer days, 
t'lat th.ii, ll in a sudden gust 
ol anger he should happen to take 
the lile ola*'hand." it was done at tbe 
rxpeiise ol bis own or bi.s neighbor's 
pocket. Now, be can indulge in thia 
1 h iracleristic nmusenieut without fear of ol pro|>erty or personal liberty. 

Yea ; tin: war, iintcad ol being :i lad 
lire haa been a Bucceoa, and the " Union 
as it was" is fully restored ! 


SAJLNT ^JlUIu. KK1E).A.Y, AUaUH T ol. IHiUi. 

JSJITMBKli 204. 

Ni:%%!t hi lUoatitt 

I'liK 'liKsr Asf.ic.s..,«»K i.\ iiiK Coin 
•iky" l)KtAfiT.vm>.--llere ia an excellent 
I jinmentnry on the Presidenl's sptHieh at 
the serenade tho oiLer evening, in which 
be states that he i.s only striving "lo do 
l;i.i duty under tbo Consi-itution."' It is a 
cuiioes 'dut)" which r«<]uireM the best 
oilicer ol the kind in the cuuotry to give 
way loi- tt mere lireaU and liutter elaiu- 

orer : 

WA;.iiiMiio.\, Auii.'Jn — Iu isnuinj tho eom- 
iiii>Moii 10 (N>l. Seniisky a« Assessor in the 
place of Ilalhcv, ol Jersey I'lty, removed, Mr. 
Met'ulloeh reiiiai Led that lluUey was Ihe best 
A.>se»»i)r in llie enniifry, and that ho was iip- 
pomlctl by Mr. I.iiienln wiih tpceial icier 
eneo to beatio;; ihe CopperlieHds, nml lli:it Ik- 
did It. 

SllKllll>.».N'b ltl.slMH.llKH. — The \V».-«h- 

iiigtou correspondent ol tbe Chicago 
Tribune stales, that the dispatch ol (itu 
Sheridan iu its garbled shape was liir 
nisLed to the coruspondenis ol the papers 
which pulilishtd it, by tbe I'lesident, with 
his own haude. A uigniiicd business, 
truly, for a chiei magistrate lo engage iu. 
The correspondent adds : 

The smokin^out of these dispatches has 
hcen a very bitter aunoyuiicc lo iLo While 
iluusu riug. 

tiioes IN W'lMCn.N.-'iN. In moil purls 
>'l Wi.seoiihiu, as in Miiim >nl '■ lb'' d.unam' by 
the laio storm proves ibuii »a» aiiiioiini. 
cd. A KeiKo-liieorrmpondentorUiefhuaK" 
Tnhune says ^olwllll-la^dlll^r the dire pre 
dictions ol the tarmris hercabuiils as to the 
|,i,ilialile il.iiiiace l<> the crops, owiiii,' to the 
mi-iil hnivy rmiiH, llie driifilniiilly "iHil .mil 
•• drviiiK" wiillier ol the p i.hI lew iI.ivh h>i.i 
reas.siired llieiii, ami Ibere is now no ii|.|)ie 
lien-i.Mi leli Imt llial llie yirld will be .|iiile .is 
lan;e as was auiieipali il al tbe Ik'^iiiiiuik ol 
Ihe season, 'the <|ualUy ot the ^rain in tins 
section is uiiciualled by I bat ol any pn-noiis's e\perieiie» — a lull < .iiMp«n-.aiioii for 
liny bilk may ie»ult Irmu .|iiaiititv. 
All nnlavor.ible anlicipaiion, liowevi r, a.s to 
tho leuvenliiH', was lerlaiiily reasonably 
lounUed- 'Ihi- rain kbowsreildown niotd pcr- 
bistonily for u time; n«iiiin«ly as il lU.- v»iy 
heavens were weepiii*,' over the de.sol.ilioii 
iliey iiiiKlit create. Hiil Willi the adveiil ol ibe 
Mill came ei.iluiK brei/eslrum ilie lake and 
iiciitb, and Uio moisUire was dried j'radiially, 
but nurelv, and the Krain ooco more reared iis 
head, to bow alone lo the sharpened siiKle ul 
Its bnsy reaper. The elFeet lias b<<n iilmost 
iiiaKicill. 'fears have f.'iveii way lo sinileii, 
and a new lii>l>o ami ■' ;i'W energy lia.s Ikcu 
Inluscd. in,^lead ol tbe doi<i«lr which was lor 
some li'iio iipprchended. 

A Www .Mill llr.sii.iNi>. -Charles A. 

I'lmp of SI. I.i.iiis iii.irriiil a wife in New 
\ ,.rk. some years hko, and hail two ehiblr. n 
by her, when ho tell desperately in love wiili 
oue ol his wile's most mlimate Iriends. lie 
therefore c.ime to Indiana. procure«l a divorce, 
and married wile No. 'J, whereupon wile No. 
1 caused him to tic arreslcil al New ^ ork lor 
bigamy, 'this was six years »ko, andt^aiiip 
lorleiled bad, since then he has l»een livinR at 
.Si l.uiiis Willi. .ill tbc I'liKCnl bis irsid-'nce 
bcin« diseovcrid. Hulliv:»as in N.wN^iU 
laat wf«k, m«kln^• pnreh.»aes, when wile No. 
I caai-'ht a Klinipse ol hinl on ihe ..-trecl. ihl 
the illieers allii biin, and bad bun broiif;lil 
l«rore.liidce Knss.ll ill Cliamliers, who iiii 
posed *l,(l<H> bail— a sum lor wliirti t amp in 
sl.inily drew his ehe. k and leli. The Irieinls 
olfanip assert thai the ease will never come 
lip lor trial, m which event the county ol New 
V.ak or s.mielKidy, \mI1 Iks richer lo the • \ 
lent of #1.1100. Mr.s. (amp appeared to have 
some regrets In tlie matter, as she made the 
l»llo«iii»: oliscrv.uiun in the llistriet-Attor 
iicv'h olUee "I suppose KnimiHlbo second 
wilu) will feci bad al this;liui she donl know 
liow iii.inv tears It has itjst me" What the 
Imliaiia divorce may be Kooil t..r in law >■• lir 
as Ihe New York eoiirls are c..ii.erned, inuy 
lie thorouKhly tested if Mr. Camp elects to iry 
the else. 

l)K.\Tii Ol \ Mi.-^nu —The Kt. Kouia 
/(.m.i. /.iMells olaman named ti. Voiidern 
Ibiseh, ua old ticrnun who died alionl leu 
davsnyo. He had resided in the ■ ilv alKiiit 
ibirly years, and was believed to \>c weallhy, 
bnt on scarehiiiK hisellcels. only one .loibo 
could be louml- He wis burn d by siibscrip 
ii..n, and Ids landlord cliarBC ol his el 
I. CIS ami was HlMiiit t<> sell them at uuelion, 
wb. n, on taking up an obi Kre.rsy co,u wliicb 
the deceased had ..n al the lime nl bis deiib. 
he (ell HOnielhiug sowed up m the lireasl. Un 
1 ippiiiL,' open tbe obi emit, Ccvcriiinent bomis 
.Old eonpoiis, anionnliiiK to over yi.W^'. were 
di.scovered. The limllord in ou honest man. 
and imiuedialelv deposited Iho nioiiev in 
bank, and noliliid several persons ol' tbe la. I 
The old miser has uo relatives ni this eouutiy, 
aud kept his atfalrii to himsell. 

Ci.iiMs luu lioi Nl». — Ol IbiJ lolly 
thi.usand claims inr bouaiy lor di-chai^'cd 
.M.ldiers, now layniKon lile m the Pay Hi pirl 
iiKUt, a corre.'poudeiil saya, uot one is in ac- 
cordauce with Hie l<>riiis which "ill bo i-:- 
.iiiired In ease ii i.-idecideil to pay any ol ili. lu 
At present il is only a lossol li»ie ami lie 'in y 
lor soldiers to forward their CaimslHlore the 
ollieial rules b>r eolleetin« llicm are p.iblishe.l. 
Ibesc rules were prep ireil by (iener.d Caniiy s 
Hoard, Imt were snppres-^cd by the I'residen', 
.111,1 mil. vs tbe .>..idiers e\eri a public 
opinion that will liinc Ih.- Adininistralion to 
Ik^iii the payment of li»>unlies. Uitirdiies will 
lie studiously withheld iiniil alter the bill dec 
Uons. 'Ihe slateiiiiMil Hut the Treasury He- 
partuieul stopped He- payment ot 
iMUnlies to colored soiliers iii 


Ihisr \% III! U hifli Tim I) 'I'lioit- 
Mtiitl l>ulltirf««;uu bt: ^tolvii. 

Kii.ia till' N. ^. liitiiiui', "'Ih. 

for several yi ars past the lirm ol 
Crocker, Wood iV i'o., ship chandlers 
and eomiiiission merchants at No. ^iJ 
.South sire. t. hive kept llnir money and 
.securiticM on deposit in the vault 
ol tbc M nine Hank, at th" corio r ol 
Wall and I'carl street j. hearing that il 
iiiighl. be Bloleii, Ihe him directed that no 
one but tbemselvcM should have ace, ss lo 
the bo.\, and iu ord>r tone, inc r 
seeuritv, placed it in a compartment in 
the vaiill with live or bIn others, and p»iU 
the porlcr ol ibe bank a small nuai to tike 
es|.ei:ial I'are ol it. 

»)a tbe first instant Mr. Wood, olio ol 
the firm look Iromtbe bo\ eight hmidretl 
and eeventy five dollars in gold, and re- 
placed Ihe reci ptade in its umuI position. 
At that time the box contained one 
hundred and eight thousand dollars worth 
ol United S'".tes bonds, onehundrea and 
eighty thousand dollars in radroadwtoeks, 
and !i small amount in ;;obl. On Saturday 
last Mr. Wood iig* n visited tbe I. ink lor 
the purpose ol procurinir some of the sc- 
eurities Irom the box. and was surprised 
to find that it was not il i's usual place, 
lie called the porter, and a search w«a 
m:»de, but no track ol the box could be 

It was barely po.isible thai the senior 
partner, Mr. Crocker might have rc- 
iiiovi:d it to some other place ol salety, 
and he, l.eiiij: nil of town, was a' once 
Iclcgraphed lo on tin- fiil)..l. lb- ic 
plied tliiit he knew notbing ol the secuii- 
ties, and Ihe inevitable conclusion was 
that the box ami its valuable contents 
iiud been stolen by some adroit thiel. In 
what mannrr ihii wa« done it is impossi- 
ble to sty. 

The police authorities were at ouee 
communi -ated wnh, and Capt. Young of 
the d.tctive force, a' cumpaiin d by de- 
tective lUdforii, vmte.d tbe bank. Alt of 
their in.piiricB have thus far proved fruit- 
less, none being ubhi to throw any light 
upon the ease. From the HfatemiMl ot 
Mr. Wood, hjwevcr. i'. woidd appear 
that It. was not such a dilhciilt lOHier to 
rob the vault, be and other depositors 
having Ine acess to ilat all times ibiring 
business hours. It would b;- an easy 
matter foi albii I, knowing; tbis lo be Ibe 
case, to have walked fbrough the bank, 
descended lo Ihe vault, and, taking any 
of Ihe boxes placed there bv their owneis, 
in fancied security, make bis escape wi'h 
with il. To illustrate how easily atlnH 
can conimitted by an alroit op<ralor, 
(!apt. Young gave u bint to ileteetivi- 
Uiidlord. and that oilicer mingled wi'b 
the crowd in lb" bank, and, watching his 
oppoitiiiii'y. ought up a till box contiin- 
iug a lag-' niiiouiit olneeuiities, Irom r>ne 
ol ilw eountcr.s. and. pUeing il un<ler his 
coat, proceeded as lar lis the sired door 
without being discovered. 11 ! then rc- 
luriud and replaced ihe box from whepce 
In: bad taken it. much to th • Miipnsc ol 
tb ■ ollicers and employ i-i-i ol the bank. 

The secuiiici being bit in ihc liaiik .'is 
^pleial, tbe los.i will fall upon ibe 
piTSuiis owiiiiij; theiii. It i.i staled ilii; 
a considerable poriion ol the stolen pr.ip- 
ti;, was.iHii.d by Irie.nda ol Ibe lirm, 
wh'i bad plsceil It in their care lor sile 
k< epini;. A reward ol JJilU.HHtJ b^S be;;n 
utiei. d lor tbe recov, ry ol tbe properly. 

|*ill><l»Hr;:li SolilK'iV ati«l Kiii- 
Ittiis' t:uu%<*iiiioii. 

I he lollowmg i» Ihe call lor Ihe Sol- 
diors' and Sadom' (Convent ion : 

In pursiiaiii e ol a lenolutioii p.issid at 
u meetiiij; <d Ibe .Soldiers' and Sailors' 

liiion. hebl in WashiiiKH"'. •'• •'• "" 
Monday evtning. August -'tbh, Ihiiti, we 
invite all s.ildiers and sailors who have 
nerved in the I'linoi army and navy dur- 
ing Ihe late war lor the suppression ul 
Ihe rel.i llioii, and who believe thai trea- 
son • boiild be made odious and truilors 
punished, who arc Opposed to the lesto 
ration ol rebels lo power and olb ring 
pi.innims lo ticttson and tieaeliTy. and 
laviT of the constilulional amendment, 
aid ol conliniiing C ingress as tbe law 
ni'iking power ol the government, to meet 
a' I'lltsburgb. l'enns\lvania. on Tuesday, 
.S^ptemlMr Jii, l.Hiiii, at I-' o'clock m. 
We made our argument in the held. 
(Signed, ) 

L. Kdwiu lJudley,Ma8«achuseM8 ; V\ m. 
A. Sharp. l'eiiiis>lvaiiia ; .lamea ll. 
Koyce, Vermoiil ; William Hunt, Kliode 
Island; S. O. Merrill, Connecticut ; Win. 
S Morse, New York; II. N I'a'herv. 
New .Jeiaey; W. *'. I'orter, Ohio ; 11. 
A. ilall. District ol Columbia; 1... J- W. 
Kirkilev. Maryland; C. K. Copehart, 
West Virginia; A J. Heunet, 'l'«xas ; 
l». M Miller. Indiana; James T. Smith. 
Illinois; J. C. Van Deveiiier. Michigan; 
1> S. Curtis, Wisconsin ; Asbltell ln«);er- 
soll. Minnesota; I'orter W. IVit.bard, 
Iowa; Charles Hirr, Mi.<souri; S K. 
Harrington. Kansas; Thomas l». Dalton, 
Kentucky ; L. C. llonek, Tennessee. 

It is added that eiiditrseiiieiils el this 
movenifiit have been received Irom many 
ol llie iiiosi pioiiiioeid Luldiers ol the 
couuiry. All soldiers and s;iilor.i lavor- 
ablu to the cause and willin;; to have their 
namen on Ibis call, are re<(iies«ed to ad- 
dress L. 1-Mwin Hudby, Washington. 

iVI A.ItItIl<iIJ, 

On the '.'s'h llisl , at !.« rwfe, li / lli» Itev. 
J. lt»iii Mnllli Mr. IIKNKY t*. UoHKN, ol M. 
l-aiil, t > MisK I.HNA It. ->lfci-lJl!,iNiS,ullb«r-'r- 
nirr place 

My till- IIhv.A. II. Un- ■•••iilMn.'^e ol lli» 
l.ii.le'n taller, Au(;u>t '.'.'Hi, i.s<.<i. Mr. KKANK 
allot Mumicfllu. 

^cw !^dvcrti;icmc«t!Si, 


IN'«». IW# 'XUirtl »ii-tiet, 

WH.I. Oil KK TO rill-: TllAHK, 

■ ,«IISw nautra. 
«»«»«• •luuaMr» «'tnMuio» ai«»'»a IruH. 

|««> lluniilra nu«*t<aw und Awirrlrtaw 
HHnaiMH HiK'rt Iran, 

l.»«»U llx LratI ■••|M-anU «lltrr« ■.,ru<l, 

:i.1»WOII>«. I't;; I'm. 

.1 OOUIIta. Copper Hutom*. 

■<,U«t> lliB. Mrtulllr lloMouia. 

■<«ll> ■•uiH|»> 

jUU Mundir* M !§•••, 
»,OOOIIt*. S> •••>«■■ XtMa. 

»«»«» HuirB Vila ritaav, 
-.t.OUO llr^aa aawaalra, 

Tocitbii wl;liaUrK« variety ol 


House FurnishiDg Goods. 

«„ l)fali<r>. aix re.iueotrd lo c«ll md ••xamlnt) 
atoeK and price.. hu«:iii :iiii latp 

to War Claim Agents. 



To the Traveling Public. 

Un KutI altar tUla iUl« tlt« 

LiK^lit Draff. PiWHeiiK"r St«aiii«r 


OA^P'X'A.iiN iii<:i«,M:A.rm 

will loavebl. Paul fur I a t^rosHc and inl'Timi- 
diBt>^ poin's ou 

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, 

iV'J' t» A.. M. 

"Ettm «*ul«k»aa l»a«<«M»rr on thi* »»'ut«Ta 
•r thai a.'pp«-r miaataai|>|>i. 


CKS r, n wc have ina.l" uo advance on account 

ot low water. 
Kor KrelRht or l'a6iu|{e apply on board, 


NEW AlilllVAL 


Will o|mii Ihin inurniiiK » Krosh iitooli ol 

Men's, Boys\ Youths, 



C L O T H I JS U . 


Ill) ki i>p<! uousuutly un hind a larKe stock of 





Third Street, St. Paul. 

A <.;•• >1> Jjli'.o.NtJ li.tV, 
wurk. Appl) ul 

on» wiIiIdi; to iIo 


M-^UIIin'ORTIi fc roiTs, 
11W Third airct. 


,1«»M MALK. 

A '^aluiiti mill li»liir*». to tic »iil<i clHupfor 
c.Mi. Ii..piire at Ihiiollitf". aii«ll:ii' 

>rder lu iilUi I 


I.iik«! UiislnCBS— IInrl>or Sur- 
vey- The N«'w Copper 

"•rilK t .'«10.^ At IT n AM.' 

It has been many a long luOLtU nincu 
we beard tbis party jibrase, wfaii^h was 
oDco so iuuiiliar in tbo uiouti a oi Coppet- 
head Heiuuerati. Alter tbe war to put 
down tiiu rebellion bad really eoiiuneneed, 
aidtbeaefjentry bud beeoiuo coiivinccdlba' 
the denial ul iLu "right ol coercion" could 
not lrif;bteii the Amurieai jieople 
troiii their cleteruiinatioa lo .u<iiiu and 
defend their {{overniuent, ami Ii. ht to tho 
death Its unetuies ; aliur nue '/ b^ll a 
luiltion lI lucii were in the lieb!. an I the 
bloud ul ibou^iimla ol loyal l>oldi•M^ liad 
reddened ibe t;ruuiid at Hull Kii i. i '.id 
liilt's iSlutl, ami Uelinout, and i:'ai O.tks 
aiid.Seveii rmes, and Malvern Hill - .»heii 
it was evident lo even tbo most rabid 
tr.iiior, tliiit by DO eonUivMco ol 
party disi inline or politieal ohieanery 
eould th.; w a' bo «tO|>|i'! I >'i tin: iilleresls 
ol tho roti<:ls, the word was passod from 
one eop(>erle';id uiouth to anuther, and 
Iruui prev.i lu pr> ^i, tbtt il should only 
be pruait«:iit/<')t i»r the restorutiou of the 
■■I'liioii as il was.' And tlm < ly Win 
r in^; i,i um lara in a coutniual din troiu 
January tj IXHXinbcr, with marvelous 
persis'eiiee, until it duinolislrated 
that ibrj Kniiiieipatiou I'roeliiintttion re- 
ceivi I tb>^ support of tbij entire, loyal 
Norib, Hiitl -jruuld bu onlorotjd by tbe 
army and n ivy to the entiro destruction 
ul one portion ol llw "Union as it was" — 
SlaVt^ry^ it eeused as sii Idenly as 
it was atarled. 

Hit if siiiod .liient, the disloyal portioii 
o' the N'oitb, aided by ibdir reeonstruefed 
rebel brethren of the South, havu been uo 
loss iletKrniiiivd iu ihe accomplishment ot 
their objects; and thanks to the li !p o( 
the apoitate who si's ia Lincola's seat, 
they aro sui!e*S3fnl. Tho "Union as i'" is IJ all intents ii'id purpo.tes fully 
restored. "Undor the Union u il was," 
aaid Henry Ward B^echer iu an evening 
scrmj'i whMi ilin wiiur cbin.'odto be 
oneofhuj hjirdrd; ' i wai guarantoed 
liberty ol speech in every .State— ss mii' h 
inlirtorgia aJ in .Mtinu; but 1 could not 
«tep acrou Maionand Dixon'a' line and 

Sn-KUiiiK, Aug. '27, \iMM. 
Ifilllurii tit. I'sul l'res.H. 

Tbo sebooner I'lerpont arrived at Quc- 
b'jc pier on iho "-'Isl ii»t.. Irom Eagle 
river, having luadii tho round liip nnd 
diseharged her cargo ol lumber in live 
days, the tlearcd Ibe '-'.'(th, with a lull 
cargo of lumber, for thn mining towns. 
The steamer Keweenaw arrived on the 
li'i'b, and cleared the samo day, with 
about seventy bead of Minnesota cattle 
and one hundred thousand lath, lum- 
ber, iV:e. 

Mr. Wheeler, ol tbe United States 
couit siiivey, lias iinishtid his e.tamination 
ol till. Harb-jr of Superior, and reports 
the b of water in tbo entry lobe about 
eleven leot, and tbo width of Ibe channel 
tbrea liundred leet 

The appearance of tho new copper 
vein a* tbo Copper Creek mine, in ^ec- 
tion It and I'l, town l'>", rangu 1 1, con- 
tiiiiii's more favorable, and the mining 
a^; '■>' <<* in ^'^^ spirits, >nd predicts a 
second cliU'ininf. We believe tlwt Doug- 
la:: county will eventually pruducn mints 
superior to the best ou the upper penir 
sula of Michigan. U. 

'• I iho report ot tho Canbv CoiuniiK-iuu, Is Mui- 
r- ply al)..»iiril. Soma time since nirref-iionilents 
were rinnestcil lo uiinDUiieo that the |)d|ejri- 
inont was ruaily lo piiy this elii!.« ol lioiiiill.-» 
riiore IS nolliiOK more eeruiin than that iho 
Aaminlstr.ition isiiiiomplinf! loniuke polilicul 
eiipiul agaiust Congress by wilhholdinK boiiii- 

F.VIAI. Ni:llilllU)UIIOOU liUAKU*X.— 

A torrible allriiy occurred at Salem, Indi ina, 
on .Mooil ly nifiht. ll .soenn that for some 
time a violent feud hft'l exi.slcd iKlwccn Dclos 
Htllron and a laniily named Johnson, who 
Kept a saloon in Snlem, and our Inlomunt 
Slates that thu parties hail, some months pre- 
vious, a iiersoiial rencontre. (»n Momliy 
nijflit, atiout nino o'eloek, lUll'rcn walked into 
Jobnson's saloon, uml alter a low words, 
pulled out a pistol oiid shot William Johnson, 
Jr. tho liall entering llio iniek part of the 
head, and lodfjuiR in the lorehead, inuii 'di 
ately over the right cyu. Johnson leli dead 
almost ia un instunt. Uelfron then ^hot at 
Willlum Johnson, .'<r.. lather of tho younf,' 
man he h;i I killed, and at Kdward J.ihnJion, u 
hrothcrof the deceased, missing the latter, hil 
slightly wounding the lather in the hi-ad. 
During the melee soma iierHon, snppiised to 
1)0 one of the Jnlinsons, shot lUU'roii, tho lull 
cnierin« tho lelt ear and running up iwo or 
threu iii'-hcs. I'p to threao'cloca the ball hud 
not been cxtmcteil. The wound, we Icurn, i.s 
a severe nno. liell'ron was arrested and 
lodged ID jail. Uo will ha\u n hearing to 

l*oliur«l tli«! lCf«l«»iiOlal>l«r uii 
tliar «;oiiveiitioii. 

There Bceina lo be several editors ol 
the Kicbtnond i:.<uminer. Wo gave some 
extracLs the other day from ils editorials 
on the riiii:ide.lijhia (.' iriVLnlijli, ».bl-b 
showed al least ono editor ol that juur 
nal to have bucu greatly dist-uslcd with 
the alliir. Wo li.ivo now the editorial 
account of Tollard, who attended the 
Convention and is undiTstood to be tho 
chief edior, which gives a far diUercnt 
view til it. I'ollard was as greatly pleas- 
ed ai his CO laborer aentued to be dis- 

Tbi! sussiun of thu Coavuutiou lasted 
through three gloriotn and harmonious 
diiys. Then; never was so largo a body 
ol ;,u h eniin; accord. We do not mean 
10 say tb^t every jiroposition or principle 
propuiindod met tho lull approval of ev- 
ery delegate ; but it is evident that every 
one telt that it should be. a vital mat- 
ter indeed it should arouse any one 
to an expression of ditference. The 
members Irom the most widely separated 
States strove with ea.'h other in maintain- 
ing harmony. They courteouily exchanged 

A' iImi ' ."Star l-iiiiuili) nii'l aiiieliim- Wurkr ," 
Hi' -liii;)', Minn., Hill' l-air irt Kiirflin-r., ki-v.-m inch 
ti.iri- iwiHtv iMili •triiki', Willi |.uni|.^ i!"»< r""''. 
11 \\li>').| , Av ; ar<' nearly Di'W anil won on ou« 
>liali -••nil I'nciiio un i..'|/ariiti' iron he J. My 
»li...'l -s Hix !■ ••• di»ini|"r, twflvi- Inchi's fac» 
Kf'Kiiii » can IjHhiailii to umi >. ■'.laraiHa' >inull es- 
pi'ii I l(KHI5K, fKAttiiUN * CU. 



I .,i; nil 1 -I ".■ 
AiniiteiirN •nil t'hilieli <<'uuiiDitlc«N. 

i:>iil iiiiin« Inri', li.iii i ami liiliriii Clou to (p^f. 
mm. ,1, .tr. u« i.l piin lia"lnp» an I I'lf^n. mi'I to i-iia 
b" iirgiiiiii'" ti«r,».lilVii|>lii'rt|i)!U. il oltn'r ^'ln|ll•• 
ca-ii-il|.''» H.ilioil Ih" «.-l«lince ol a bud l-i . 
aUoa li-lrt lliniiirv rf lli« o.unn nnd ri'inii-ks 
un i« iTvin-lnii ::i )n, hy Kkv. lli.Niii .Niiii.H.- 
iiiN. M. \., «t Trinity • nl • I'f, i i.u'uii I. willi 
an App«"\, euiifiln!; ri'iiiarl. ■ ii'" th» iih« <it 
III.. U.1,1 i>-«aii :i- a tuli liiiit.^. I li|..|fa'<d «iH> 
an l'n)!>'aiiiiK ul' lliiMirKau in tti« Uusluu Mil. it- 

ITiCi' T.-i eeuH. .Sent i.o»i.i>aM. 

OI.IVKK DllSON A 1) , 
I'libtuhertf, tf 7 WaahlUKloa ilreet, Uuslus. 

I l:c UHW islauka lor thu uoUi'clion of 

SlIlUIMIS CL\l)iS IDi; \UlllT10N.\L BULMY, 


Voticfter (Bocoipt) Form No. 6. 

tnilvT thu l^.v uf July 'M, IbCi', is 

.Siut l.y neiil, j-o-t-iaei, upon r'-o-ipt of the 
priiK*, tl.uupxr ijuire. 

>>uii!iitPHiii'ra:«ci «:«»., 

8t. Paul, Minn. 






Il»«» 'CIiIimI Htreot, 



OUT lor »»l", in luid tJ salt purchtsem, 

l,VMO Urtirrla .n<<ai a'ork, 

fct>A* U.arr«iU ■>i'tiu«i .HcHa tlu.. 
3U4» 'a'tKrari. l,-»t a.iard, 
1W,0«>0 Hunar<ui-r«ICiau».««i.r«l Miaaua 
t0.4K»0 l>luln maaCun****'*"! Hli'ldara. 
l<>,4»OU ■•uHuda Cl<.iar Kld>. Hiacow, 

AO Hoars Bretakftaat Uacon. 




lff5« Third Ntreet, 










Or Double Si>i iuyj 



Froiu m lu ^<tO ■>•' duaau. 

lUUKea lU jWll. liu wm ii*»»« n liuniiiifs »"* I". '. .-i.ll 

mi.rrow beiorc Judge Jewctt, ol thu Common views in pr.vate conversation, and though 


Il> C.'iiii<»<>, iiii«l lilt* IC^r.<-g»lioii 
ut' thv \cy\x>. 

Nk\n Vuiiii, Au{.'ii.-.t •Ji'. — The lfV/7'/ 
nay.s ol the death ol l>.ian Uiebmond: 

Air. Kieliiuu'id wiu struck down by a 
• ."iiibiDatioii ol interuul iiisorderi (>reat|y 
<'l!i;ravated, il not direetly iiidiiee.t by his 
uiiS|>ariii^ lali^ir.^ to brinj; !ilioui. t'rc sue 
iii'Salul ri'suba n lently alt.'iinoil in thu 
National C'unvotiiion at. Pliiladelpliin 
Mil vjife. and tauiiiy were with bun iit iln' 
last, and he leceived th<: most assiduous 
L'^re unit iiileiilioii Iruni thi* best inedii.'al 
ability in ihe eity. Din'tors llluki.'Kian, 
Aloii/.J Clarke, W. 11. Wn I'luren, I\lei I 
i-al), VVillar<l, r.irti. r. uikI Klin', being in 
constant consultntioii ovi e his caio. 

Oil TuesiUy iiiidit. lliem was obii-i veil 
a niiirkid ehttiM;>- bn- the bell c. and hiiiee 
lb It uin.; bis euiiiieiit pbysi. iaiiii bad be- 
(•1111 to hope lor bifi re.:overy ; biii lie f^rcw 
weaker all day yi ..ileiilay. and pu-se<l 
away at ten niiniiteH p^st Iwo Ibii morn 
il (;. without a paii^;. 

Mr. III. hmotnl was barn iii Woodstock. 
N'oMiioir, ;il»t. l.'^tll. 

Alii.\v^, Auf^ii.t -JT.— fho aiiliouiiee- 
luciit ol the, death ol Deaii Kiehmond 
ereatei a |iroliiuiid seiiKatioii iu this city. 
Thu lUf^i an; at ball inatit, and the 
Ceiitial Kniriad ulhees. buiMiii;;i and 
looMiiotivcs are bein|; drapud in mourn- 

K MiiKsiait, Aui^iHt 'JT — The an- 
uoutn.emetit ol thu death ol I'ean Kieh 
Diond eau'ed a gen-ral e.xpression ol 
s'lrrow in this ei'y, lligs were su-'pi'ndeii 
at ball mast, and other demonstrations ol 
iiioiirnint; were made. Tub locoiuotive-i 
ol the New York Central Ktilroad are 
being draped in mourning. The locoino- 
live "Uicbmjnd" was elaborately dr.iped 
in oiourning. 

TitKA.SfKY I)l:SIII'KSKMK.\r.S. — The dis- 
burcemeots of the Treasury last nmnth on ae- 
eiiuitof tho bolow iu«nUoB>.d department.'!, 
wire a lol|.)\vs; War Dcpnriiiient, #ii.ii),3.".'; 
N.ivv l>>'i>«rtiiient, Slf.t.lDI ; Interior Depart- 
nicDi, ;!)il7;,3iii ; toui, #l,d77,U3l. The above 
does not incluile dishurseiucntsi Irom tho .'e- 
eret Service Fund, which is uaderstou'l to 
have be«n unusually large. 

Picas Coart. 

L.V.ND Okhck Dkcision.— The Com- 
missioner of the General Land Ollleo has just 
made the lOUowiof; iniportani dccuion in rel- 
ercnccto |irc-oinptioiis uuiler the Homestead 
Law: Where ii lioiuestoiul settler under the 
eiKhilh seetion ot the ml of 1S<;.' has made an 
entry i.l a trael eontainliiK more than Ki*) 
aerci, he must pay tor ihc excess in canh. 
When he ilesiies to i liiiiiKc his hoiiieslead to 
a eush purchase, \w is erediied with the 
amiiunl of stieh excess and only re<iiiired to 
pay liir liiO acres. Where a parly eiite.-s un- 
der the lloinestcud l,;iw and ahandons tbo 
iraet, he lorleils nil rUinis lo the lees, e nn- 
lUissiuii.s, etc , which at the lime ot entry were 
paid at tho local ollico lor the services ren- 
dered liv Iho KcKister and Keeciver. 

VlCll.M.S ol IIIkKkW tllCI.liAMS Itinl.s. 
— A dispateli from Now Drieans of llie '.i7lh, 
says that ei);ht negroes and one white man 
died al tho Marino Ilo:>pltal|iastwcck, vielints 
of the recent riots. Nearly all the rctnaiinler 
will mover, thuuKh iwuuiy aro Dtill in aerili- 
eal condiiion. Tho same ilis,>ateh ndJs : One 
of Mayor Monroe's TluiK polieeuien iHjasled 
bust niK'ht, on the .street, oprnly, in the pre.s- 
ence of a crowd, lliai he lulled six ui^'Horsaiid 
wi.'Ulided throe wliito men during' Ihe llirht 
and oniy received aslif;hl scratch from a pis 
lol luill on the liK In return. .\ rei|Uesl was 
sent to thu Ma) or that he he put uuder arrLti. 
which he dui lined doinp. anil nil onl.r wns iiueiiily i.-.'iied liv ih.- I'lmu.i 
hut Ihu policeman could not In) tonnd. 

— ( preparations aro^' iu I'hilailel- 
phia torlho reception ot the Southern fulou 
isib on Monday noxi. '1 hu LeuRUV has jast 
appoiiileil lis snli.c.iiiiniilli.i's. I'tnirles (lili 
tioiis It (..'hairiuan ol llie I'lnniiiiilee ol Ko 
replion, wliitli will 111. ike ihe iiir e»>ury iir;;( lueuls. 1 h.' iianiea ot ilelccates already 
knowu from the ^^oulU are nearly thnu huu- 
dred. Private Kenlleinen are inviting the 
ileliu'ales to ihiir residences, and the loval 
people of tho eiiy and HtMiti are dvturniuiril 
to make tbo occasion a f;rand national holi 

Mr 1 K» I (>K \'ii.i..\i,i-; Se.iMivi. - .\ 
youiiK woiii.iii liy thu name ut .\uua t'<ii(iu- 
MMi, ie.sidliif; ill Washhi!';ton,'rti/.ewcll county, 
low.i. Hied III r.iinmit .suuide, at her h'fliie, 
lust W'cdiicjduy, l>> !>w.illo>%iii^ a .(uaiility ol 

p.•i^oll. .\ phvbieiau was ealled, but ut la^t 
aruoiini-. she was nol expected In live. The 
reanou lor the ait, wlinli will pro'uilily prove 
lalal, was the .KosMp of th.' iieiL:li urs, inii 
neuliuK her naiuu ami ot her aisiur in 
.s'liue bcaudalous manner with soinoimile new- 
comers in ili it plare. 'Ihe other fiirl leli 
home, ind wc un.lersiaii.l e.iuie lo lliis pluee. 
It IV hoped lliu Would lio snieide will lei'over. 

K.viu;u.\i> Co\.sui.ii>.v' line 
of railroad hwrttof ore known us the Chie.igo 
and Hock Inland and M. and M. huvini; been 
eoiisolidalcd, is now la'led tho 

"Chicago, Koek Island uiiU !'•• 
cilie Uailw.iy. ' It IS sutcd tuut work 
will l>c eeinmeneed shortly on th.' western 
end, and thai Ul a lew luunlhs it will Ivi tin- 
islied twenty tuiles west lo u Jaaeilou with tbc 
lies M'lines' Valley road, whene' l.oili mails 
will use the simiu traek to J'es Muines. Thu 
Valley is now llnh hrd lo l)cs Monies. 

— As a Hpe-iioen ol American e.xr.iv.;- 
guueu, a London eurruspjudent kaya : "A 
meoiUer of one of tbc largest silk e»lali!i?h- 
ments iu thu world tu!d mu that his iwprc;>- 
sii>n waa that ail this did not ei|ual the splen- 
dir with which the laJics of ^ow York must 
1)^' at this time dcekinc themselves. It was 
hill d, ho declared to ^at sly thu Aiueriean 
inereh.iuts, who alw.iys deinind soiiiethiiig 
fuier than tUo llue.'^t ihiag ihuy have in Loa> 
don. And, bu said, wU u ws » ly, 'That is the 
dnest filk wuru ill fasbionablo circles here,' 
they a.-k to . h.ivc a tlner pruJaeed without 
rpg»rd Ig price." 

Iretiuently agreeing to disagree on some 
poiiita. by common consent they ralraiucd 
irom luggiiii; these non-ussential luitters 
Ih Ijrc thu convention. 

Speaking ol tbc aoti ;i\>atiou by the rad- 
icals oi di.scord, I'ollard says : 

Tbe patriotism ol Messrs. Wood and 
N'allandigbam, however, defeated Kadi- 
cal cApectatiou in the most complete 
manner. They resolved vjluiitarily lo 
keep out. rather than to eiidaii;;.'f the 
granil movemeut by their probeiice. \\ c 
accord them high honor lor their course, 
and wc knuw that their noble scll-abne- 
gati.jn will enshrine tliita iorever in the 
appreciation ol th'.: people. Their letters 
were read amidst thunders ol applause, 
and thus was the only ilillijiilty avoided. 

The opinion oi tbe Northern delegalti 
to the Convciitiou, ol the Kebcl iiuldiers, 
is stated as follow.s. and probably Union 
soldiers will feel ll tttered : 

111 mingling most cordially with North- 
ern gentleinvn Irom various States, we 
took pleasure in leinarkiiig their constant 
testimony to the valor ol uurtJonbtderate 
soldiers. Olliei-i.s high ill rank in the Fed- 
eral army assured in that never did they 
witness suih Iieroisin us our liruvc troops 
displayed III ..11 the iplilitieo that eon- 
stitute tbe lij^tiii ig luuii, all admiticd that 
the ooulhi rii col.lier i .\eelled. 

Alter giving vent to tli.i high entisiac- 
tion wliii'b lb< mIioIi' ullair alljrded bim, 
I'ollard utlora llin lullowiii^, wlii'b illy 
hanuuuixes with Uk' editorial we recently 
iioin'cd : 

All that IS needed now, is lor us to fo.-- 
ti r this giowMij; seiiliint nt and to re-rii 
lone It Willi all our might. Stiotiblie ; o 
hhoulder wilu Northern eoncerv iii.-ni, b't 
us first light lor po.-iiion. an. I when l!:at 
is gained ull other ilesiialde things will 
be addrd unto us. I.rt lii jd <i rtintii'll- 
tiKj voice in the Ui'dinnitnt, and thtn wc 
Jkivc but lu n.tK anil nirirc. 

♦ •-•♦♦ 

lliTiiiiii'-* Miili's ill iii<> Luie 

l*uiiiiiiHl 4.'oiillii{;raii«Mi. 

I'here IS a iii.i al lo J.e di.uvn lioiii oiiu ol 
llio iueiOeula ol the laic il.Mir.iruu» lire ni 
I'ortlaud, sLouid lie earelully ennkiilerjil 
:iy tUoao wtio would uvmd a dunger Ihal is uii 
thu more insi.tions Ijeni'ise wc arc apt to iui- 
at;iue iiiirselves scenic from ii. We reler to 
the tesl that has liueu applie.t to liiu 
aalis of dilluien; in inuUeturers wero 
expottcd to lUe lei rildu ordeal oi tire thcro. 
Tlic word i-AiK. which is applied 
to tho iron chests or boxes that arc 
iniiniitiietnrcd by all makers, is only appliea- 
hie, in reality, to >uch us haeu »ut eeskluliy 
sOhi.I the te-t. und i>ur mheriisniK csduiuns 
shoiv that Itiu Uerriii:; -Sale lairly austains the 
rcpiitu ion It I mi: ai:i> ari|iiireit. oi iK-ing one 
ot ibo most pt rteet tlre-prouls yet made. Al- 
ter ^eclnK me leporis ot the great Ius..<cn of 
valualiles lontained m otiwr .-afes, wo were 
led lo iiKjuirc wliy pi..ip c .«liui>ld lie so liIiHd 
to their intii interest', ii^ lo tiu-l l.ieir tiufc'-uri'b 
i;i »uuh lusecuiu Uepuailories. wlien others 
have Ijven proved and tried in liumlreil'i of 
tireb, eould be hud, and we were informed that 
in this, as in many other mattcri', people for- 
got tbe mono, " I liu licst is the choa( est, " and 
that one cause ol Ihu great li>»s in tbia in- 
stance was, thit the I'orilaud men hauls had 
purchased sales mauuiaetured in the Kast that 
were eheaptr thau Herrini; eould alLinl tu sell 
Ins lor. We vhoiild as soon trust our luuds 
to a street broker, who might oiler a large iu- 
teresi, than the more eauiious uod well-known 
neiffhtiuriiig banker, an put our valuable* in 
an iron box ih.u w ill not stand ihe test ol lire ; 
and having expi-rionccd the satislaeuon ol 
owning one ol Herring's make, we Itie more 
cheerfully recommend them to our friends.— 
Hcotliih Amtrii-vn Journal. 


rrwni Itiaetv TUtttj Wullaara |>i-r daz. 

13 O^ «' I"U K II V VTS 


ft'ram .'Vint- lo t'Iflrcn Itollura lirr Au/. 


•'rum litl to lil'i iM-r nntfo. 

Mt'U*»iVliuyh'Fur^(:iut III laps 

r>oiu 1i«> lo If1>0 prr ISoii-a. 


At 1?hI»IIo orl'irlvAteHalo 


i;»l'l'Uira Ml r«'«*t,TiHiir th«HridK« 


Hral E«tMt« w( Auction. 

W.> propo»rt tn ai-ll at Pulilio Auetlo'i on 
Wi'dni's'luy, 8<>ptenih<r Mh, and on tli« Drstand 
ihlrd W.'dn.-silayK of each month th»r«™, at 
our olli-'e al lU o'clock .\ ■M., all properlv Ihit 
may bi- .p»clally<>nterfd for that parpi>-<', without 
limitation as to prKx". M«ts oftlis propeity to be 
sold will l»! published. Mid will »Uo bo lurnbhj-d 
prii.r to till- day cf m'.e. We will a'so 'e" op 'he 
iiriuilspt at any tlmp, Karni'', Houses and Lots. 
Land", ac, and tnvitx pr"perty ownora to avail'lvis of tills uielhod ofdispOfiug ol their 

'"aI VlilVATBSALK-Wii olTer f..r sale onlv 
pioi" iiy over whicli we hav-' exclusive c >ntroI, 
anil liavn the most extenslvo list in th" city . em^ 
bracing Improved and unimproved basino-s and 
rc:.ldinc« properly In tfi. Paul. Karma aud Faim- 
Inir ;» ilirouglunit llic SUIm, lots in PupiTlur 
U'v iind UnyUalrt, Wis., and proporty evcry- 
wlien-. HOKOAN k Mt.'OLUUlf, 

aui^o-lttp Ueal fcslate Agunta, 8t. I'aul. 

They will not Bkno or Kii» ^h, lik« Ihfl single 
spring, but will ai.w.wn i-kkskuvk thnlr pfk- 
Fh- ■» and Ffc.vurii Of. siixi-k In all ciiowii- 
Ku Assh.niii.iKS, «,'lll■KClll.■^, •riii';\rKi;s,'i;.\ii.- 
K').\l> ivMts, and for iiiomkn mm; or iii.i'«.K 
nitKSs— i-aih 1ioo,j bi-liiK composed of two 
llni'^y tfroi"T.>d sle.'I t^prings braldtd tightlv 
and Hrinly toxi-th-r, wig" to ed;;-, brming 
ouH hiop, und uiAinK tliu hn:.>.NOKsr and 
MOST Ki.K.-vini-i;, an wfil as th« .most ouitMii.b 
and srn.isii SKiitr i!\ i.i: m.vdk. Infacttlioy 
are stiPKui.iu to all others, combining Comfort, 
Kcouomy, l.lghtni sa. Klftganc<> and Uurability. 

(or douWt)) SKKINU UKIUT. For aalu every- 

Manufactured exclusively by 80!e owner of 


B? Chambers, and 7'J and 80 Keade etreets, 
New York. 

No. 221 Third street, 


Haveilast rpwlvort by Kxpregs, dlr*«ot fyom.the 
celebrated manufM-tory of 

B. C. Oui-t, Tfe-w YorU, 
FAlfull assortment.of 



Ladies', Gents', and Misses' Wear. 

Wfl inako to Order any kind ol BOOTS AND 
.^HDKS tliat is worn. Call and exumiu* our 

stock. jl»14-lBt1l 

Duplex MllliJtlo »UlrtH, 

Kor £tcaganco, UurabiUly und Kcoaomy, «u- 
pnrior to all otliers. 
Forsaleat WllOLKSALK ONLV, by 

S. I" JI"OBBPAl.'«l« & C© , 

i:is Third street, St. Paul. 

lUbboiis, 8llks Vehi'ls, Flowers, 

l'E.\'illKUS AND LACtS. 

STATB or Ml 
IX Ol. UAMiik^ 

^.liccial Term 



August Slilh. IH',6. 
Duller ol thu eatule of Michael Melvlii, 

In till- 
d'l. i»ed 

On ri-U'linc and lilinK tbo pi'llilon of Mury 
Melviii. ii'pri's>'iitin^ llist it ii ue e-varv lu 
baiit ulluli>.l^l^uli'lll on Ibe ehta u id vaiil di-- 
eiu... d. aiiil jirujiiig lli.l letters ol udiuiai'lra- 
tioii I 11 ^aid e<tal'' ina> b ■ granted lo her: 

II Is or> ered thai .Salunls* tb«* -irt oay ot s<'p- 
'I nibe-r •. I'. Iwii at leu o'clock in lie) lor.'iioiiu, 
a< llie urticK el the .ludge u*^ I'lul HI e, IU Illicit) 
111 -^t. I'uul, Ih. n-5ii;iied for Hie t ■ urIfiK (if said 
p.'liliiMi, and that Hie le.iri. allaw il >ai.| ile- 
irea-e<l und nil ■•llier p.'i'.'uus Int.reht' il in .Mild 
enijfi., are re.|nlri il tu npp.-ar al n h*k Inn ot tin* 
I'mlialM I'oiirr, then and tlier" to lH«bi>lileii, to 
>h<.w cait-e, ll an, ilief.' b,., wliy ili« pri^>erot 

I aid pelUui I eliOUld not I.e t(tUllle.l . 

K. *.f Itna'V.f.t.. 
I'll ttUK-ll-'it JuiIkvuI i'robale. 

T. 31. METCALF, 

Irtual Estate Urolcer 

A .NO 

j.acisaoi> atrtiet, bntnvea Ath und UtU° 

W ill imv audsHll K-ul Kslate on ooninilsalon, 
ray I'uxei., Collect llenls, andatteue to all oilier 
b:isln>«ss In Ids line, promptly ani t'i<.oiif!'iiv. 

isiui-d lo Travflers' lusuranoerompai.y of aart 
ford und Aecidenlal Insurance Cumpany ol 
t'ol'iiiitMia, Ohio. lihK iNauu.Vlsil'. PoUClKS 
IN I'u.iviDi.Nr I-iKt J.Nbiiu.\.NehCi>ae.\NV oif 
cm Auo. augl? I stpifeb lii 

To strangers and Others. 


Ouplux Klliptlo Skirts. 

Tlio mast TpuUr, Stylish and Graceful Skirt 
worn, tor eato by 


)3'.J Thlr« street, St. Faul. 

Oitplcx Elliptic Skirts, 

Tlic Lightest, most Agreeable aud Perfect Skirt 
made, for sale by 

aug li-3ra 1 St p 1 ngersoU's Block, bt. I'aul. , 


Chemists &l Druggists, 

Pure Unadulterated Uru;;s 

Toilet Articles lu Hots, 

And all articles apportainlni to the Dtng Bosl- 

nedo at the 

Neiv Drug Store, 


227 Third Street, 

my«a-ly-lst M •'!'• PAVJL.HmMB 

Paid up Capital $600,000. 





\ !"s 




oi* Nev^ ^ork CII3-. 

<;oveniineDt Boadt, Coin, Land Wat- 
ranto and Half Breed licrip 


Prompt att<4ntloD Ktv^n to th* ooU^oUob a< 

Agents fortho eajp of 

i»a««aok tickktb 

from Liverpool and Queenstown to N*w York 
ana Bslct t>»ul. 

Draits on Xngtand, /rsJawd, Germeny, Framai' 
Stptytmand Nonoap, 

National BanJ^ of St Fan! 

P»id upCapitja S200.000. 

IliU Bank is now (n suoocsidul operatloBaa6 
t^ndrr" lt« iierrioos to Barkr, BankAm and others 
In the transaction of leKltlmti'' bkaklnK t>DSiaca« 
Drufts* f<yr ft»l« m 


And cthnr princi;ia! Kuropf-»r otOPn. 

CcUfCtlono upon al! accrt-i-lble points Ir 
NorUiw* ^-\ will l>e K,iuj.> hnU r*'niitt*»c for on 
of payment at oiirieui nit. •« of^xchkngc. Bij(b 
eol Markfl tlatsp paid lor Hold, bilv>'r aud >or- 
nigu Kxclmui;)^, 1 Iii.'. Itank U an ax«>nt lor sat 
fwriptiimti to th<» popular I nlt«'dKtat*if 7-!>(i Loan 
and thflve Bot«e will at all timoi- t>f kept on bano 
for sale In sunui of from Kifly Dollars upwards. 
K. 8. EDGKRTON, I»r«elden'. 
JOH» IfICOIJ),Vloe Prpsidfnt. 

I). A. MONhXiRT, Oashiet. 


J. B. BRADi';N, 
¥. R. SMITH, 






I. C. (iEOROK, 

St. ranl.JnIyltli.llW 



Marine Bank of St. Paul 

I*A1I> LI'CAPITAI. $100,000. 


Gold, Slvor and tjtch»nge bouRUt ana «> ' . 
nnnnni. naid. CoIl«ctiona nroipi'llv made a; <• 

Uoopons paid 

lit ■ 

CoIlMCtiona proipi' 
remItt»Ml at current rat«), 
Agentt lor the popular 

7:30 U. B. Loan. 

JOUM HOLLAMU, Vice Prcnidsut. 

O. B. TURKELL, Cash'sr. 

Cisab CispUail paid ia, b4>aideB accw- 
niulatiuua. «200,«*«0. 


I H 



11( M.-<I»IICI» 
i,-citia Iv IjC't ll. 
lij'I'ilri' at thi* ulUcH. 
au..;o IJ 

i:< ut nci'ivi'd iu liuurd. 

St. Paul FeuiHle ^^emiuary. 

Tlif ncHt ^t*i>ciou \^ ill i:i>iiini**.-.on on 

MomUiy. Sepit-iiiber Htl. 

Kor I'Tilu'r iiiliirnuti'iii, or ;i<lniinri»ii uppy 
lit llw uni!i*rrlKU. d at iliv ^M'Ulinar;, idrin-r ut 
bMiiiinil A\<'uua iiud til ''i't«r >iri*»t'.. 

uui!K>4t J.ti. KlliEI.DAl<'l--KU. 

Tblsllnu Hot'd in b-"»ulituly »ilaati-d. lirounda 
lilgb, airy uud ontindy !>(■« from iuoaciuito<>«. 
Boat-, KlnhlnK Tackl", Ano Bird Do(t, *o., kept 
tor the pxclui.ivc aud Irw! umuf Ku-ct!'. ^itoa- 
twfuly-tivo uilirs ttbovu bt. I'aul, ou tliu Itull- 
road, and on llie banks ol tli<i MIxslBxippi »nd 
Bum UlvorH, K. K. MTI'LE, 

auKir Ip fropriilor. 

lic^Jtl 3:Cstale A«^i;ncv. 

KOHICItrii. KMsK ulU altfuil 111 all bui'iin't> 
appHrtuliiInK lo ri-ilfHlatcaud to lIu-prostMiutlon 
of War < laiinx. KMi-'OHully n-tern toi-Jov. W, 
K. ll«ri'liall,Uvn. II. 11. hlolxy, U. W. luR-r^oll, 
E«<i.. Kn-d. l>rl»coII, K..).. Col. J. I.. Wrrrluiii, 
Col J..I.HIiaw. M.raul; Hon. A. O. CbatUi-lii 
aud >t«in« A Ui-tzner, Bplle Plaine, Minn. 

my:i ut^m 

T 11 K 



Oft' ftiAnift'OHa», cohm., 

John H.Kk «, rn-i-idful Houw.'of H.-ii. ot Ot.: 

I ii-.i'H .1. Hksdkk. rrooi'li-nt of jtUnaUrf 
ln/uiauo.< t:uinpaiiy, ot tittrltord, fonii. 

Al I r!« S. Sr 1,1.. AW, Bluyor rity of llnrtford. 

Ar« iifiivilv al woik an Ottlcers and Wrect- 
orB of tia!iCouip:iiiy. 

Jidin HoUaod 
K W Bolman 
O. B. rnrrill, 
D. S:ialji.I. 


I O. Proal, 

I D. W«Uo, jr.. 

iOdwiud Webb, 
I iVfwtcr Bradlpy, 

Ctfiiiial, t»'^^.ll•g^lOonmIllallolll«, »."MM»,0«0. 

Ac':uniulalioiis without capital s'vi' Hw Compa- 




!■ KKm K. 

til\i» liU.\Erf CllOlCK 

WeHtorn Reserve Clieose, 

Ju.-t f*'<' 'iV'-d and Ijrnulvby 


A.ll. WZLUKKacu. 


Wliolona'" and Retail I>.-al<T in 


Wall Papers, Window Shtidea, 
I t»li<>IvU'rj U{un\\ .Miillriis<ics 

llKt>L>I?JG, Jfc«-. 

C»nc(Tl Hull Block. Third ^Iricl, 

ltrl*n •■•«< ■*«■! '''IUr<>. N«. ■■«■!. 



ill |.jrcb»-» the atook and 
tmllJinKof atliriviiii; couutrv «torM, rltuatv i-ix- 
iHcn ni'lHs from St. I'aul, lli" prc-.-nt prourl^t^r 
tx-lni; dinirouK of ni<n InR liitu tlio <;itv. Kor par 
ItcularH apply at A. B. W ILUKtt A i' ).'.S omc, 
L«w<-r l.i-vpc. au-'>?-I«tp".'w* 

4i^Nrw (iooil'i jl-l ri'oelvuj 
duUL' at llM ahonvst nolioe. 

I,10M AALB. 

aue:(u ly 

O. t;t:itt|.-> *.l! «• 11 III" il)u-^an>l I.ol.cor 
ni*r c:anadaatid 1>nt)i 8tr#<»tf, Vor particular! 
tniuir* "I him otBoe.Ko I '^i Third «ti»ct. 

ot. raiil. .1 • l,r'" 

Bou9k .«ifo#os rmiATJtaci ■■ 
III,. :."■• >r7i«Mdat ilisjaweH r»i«,»r ijj* 

St' ttU fr*i4 


Job Prlstui :<:3M, 


Third- St., St. Paul, Miim. 

MiJiv tab'x of Kurniluro, Stook, M' rcliandlse 
an J K<nil Eatut>*ln Ka iii!<-y urany ot i 'u! adjactint 

Tb«>y ali'O rooidvc noudn on oomml" ion 
sell at private xalA. 

Tln-V hiiv a larrfM 'all in 111- si'Oiind rlury lor 
lliH HalHof Korulturp. Th-'v an- pn^.ttrnl t > buy 
Kurniturx or otln-r KOoda in larijc nr iirriall i{usn* 
tlox, or silvaiio- llliTally ou c.iHfiKn'n<'nti>. 

rii.y k.'.-t ttlwava on band a (food Muck t 
htaplK Dry tioods. of Olotliinn, of Uootn and 
ShO'-a. of Bata and taps, and NdUouh, which 
tlw. n.-ll at wholcsalo or n-Uil, al much h-nf tli4ri 
r-ffulsrpric... ^^,„t,„„.„ ^ ^9 

ovSO.'od tft"'': 


llic stock, liauM-au'J ttxturos of OMof tbn b<>st 
and old<?it atanda lar Krult and Conffctlonflry in 
UiPolly. Apilyto W, H.UITIKK, 

Jaoksbn a!re«t, nrai tjie International. 


itOtM U any tty.'e dealrad kttriiY>«<^. 
' ■iSfl«rr Auolv >tt>- .".cnstt^a *««% » 

For ev«ry hundri'd dollars of ll< liabiU'i>-a. Ita 
ratio of »a<.-l>< t'l lUb'lity, wi'h capital included, 
iKL'reatfrihauihu'olanvConipan Inlli" United 
.Slal.'B lliat b^KUU liimii'- i* pri'vioua to 1n.% aii'l 
la« tliaii Kl.'ii ' IMKS tho avfTSe" of all. 
Willi lt« oapl'iii HxJludcd it ha« 7 L'4 nliovo tho 
aviraae ol nil tho oihor <-..inpaid.-; »>d " 
Kl.owa a Inlfr rali:> kI' -I'-'r snriios uilhits 
<'AITr\i. ►xci.i'liKii man th.- avemgi- ol all 
oXh-'roiimvtLuWf.f'ii'iliiiucludKd. Itgivrsyou 
a dividend ol Uioic than 

Thirty Per Cent 

in Advance, 

By rBduution otpn-miuiu ra'^-a. And ai, Mutual 

C'ompnniCH i.i.uallv doclar.' divl'cndK, you 

will and 11 iiiual lo more than a 

rifty Per Cent 

D I V 1 1) E N D a 

It baa ukru more 111.' apDilcuTionx iu and 
around Hartford, ita hem", duriun th.- jasl 
twi'lvo months, than any c.>rav>a»y in America. 
All kinds of iiolicie-" i.^su<!d. 

Ktookholdora not allowod to draw divid'nds or 
interoal on Investments, by tin- provi^ioni of 
thoir charter, nntll tliu accuuiul.i lions havu 
reachi'd two million dnliam. 

All di'aurlptlons of Inauranot' (granted on llrat- 
claaa h»altliy Uvea only. l*aam paid In IhlrlJ 
dav» alter due notice and proof of dcalli. 

I'ho ratea adopted by flic cumpany are ba^od 
nol upon the rate ol mortalltv aa cbfcrved 
among the ceneral population, l)ut upon the 
actual r.>cor<led experieuce cf the mortality 
amonit insured or nekctrd tires in thia country 
lor the laat twenty-Bve years. In thia way tlio 
actual coat of Inaurance baa bewn very cloaely 
determined from the only true and re. table 
aourci' lor s"ch d;its. The result U a scale of pre- 
miums on who life pollclea, varying from 

Thirty to Forty Per Cent Lower 

Than charj;ed by 

IMiitaal Life Insurance Com|ianiei, 

Thus roakinir a oaah dividend in advanced thirty- 
three per cent per annum. 

ia, therefore, able lo offer ou tMn deHcriiition of 
p.ilicv a acaW" of premium which, aa compared 
with Ihoae of luutual coinpaniea, la fully eqiiiva- 
h-ut to a 

(?takh IHvlala-u'lorrtny rrrOw". 
I'ayatile at the end of li'o ve^r-, winch la a« 
largo ailhat avir Red liy the m.i-i mux- aalul 
iruiualcompani. rt A fuller and mo e explicit 
atatcment of the ad\ant"(!e« of inxiirinK with 
thl« comp-iny( more particularly on ihe "ten year 
ulan'-ltcijether with Utili- ol rnn » nml all atlier 
inf.rmation. will bo Riven ..u applieatini tu 
Ag nia. AiiKMlti WaMKI* iu all principal 
town-. Apply to 

0. CURTIS. State Agent 

Office \n Ibird-st., ^t. Paul. 




BridK«> Square, 8t. Piial. 



FineHalr(io(Hls.1iOng Braids. 

WI^'S Half Wisfs, Silk' Bralfls. 

j^» Prira** wiiicb Oofy C»a«p»«t«*«»««. 

All Jfood^ vurranted to he made Id the most 
Oirefu" and lai-telul loauuer. 
(iril -Ir by Mail or Kxpres. will receive ptumft 

I'rlvaie rooma for Ladlea'aair Dressinn JlUaa:- 
poolng an 1 Dyeing. 

The ofly Brown r»>o applied nnd tor sale. 

Particular attention to Ladies' and CblldrenNi 
Halrt^u^Ung.^^^ SQCARE. 8T. PACL 




For St. I'aul and the State at large. Address 
or apply to 



St. Paul, Minnesotar 


r;ie u.'wiiKi .i.'i-KhMiii 
Hot«sl a,tI^«-lio Oomo, 

Waa i>p"ue<1 .tune lllli. ii"'l wdl continue 

0|M-ii nuMiii; ll«« Walt^riiig Si ason. 

It la o-je ll the lineal ►u i..r rc^iirla iu the 

West— oommodioua, .leRaiilly furnlahed, and 
complet- in e.erv reaped. Breaklaata. Dinners, 
Suupera aud Itetrephm.nta if all kmda a- rvcrt 
upon .he ah Meat uofco. VSn^ Boat a f>.r .Sail- 
ing and Kiahing on the Lake. 

l'erii»H.«»oiit Boarder**. 

A few good Roama will bo rea ived for 
Boarilera who may wiah to remain at t*ke 
Coiiio Ijru week, iiionlh or longer. 

# Am K«l «!H RK V BH. Propria- »or, 

lelu 4m-lHtp 


Packer's Patent, Torrey's Patent, 
M ansa's Patont. 

The above embrao>! all the best ^^ee«erB In use, 
An assortment of all aU«s kept and for aale by 
Vulon Block, Tldrd-st., at, Paul, Ulna 


A large Block of all sizea, 

Plain, Gilt, and Gilt and Rosewood, 

Kor aale to the Trade a: very low prizes, 
Union Block, Ibird strw>t, 8t. Paal, 



Hungarian Grass Seed, 

A Choice lot lor bale vap.| 

HI4iKMr«4, MlKliO(k Iti CO. 




Office on Third Street, 


Ki >in a quarter of a centur\'a exp'r'euce Dr. 
Do M . promiaea ex ellunce of workmanabip and 
at reaaonable chargea, and refcrt by iwrDlsaioB 

Mr. Oakoa, (ol Bonip * Oakeal 8t. Paul. 

Col. an<l Mie. Belote, International Hotel. 

Mr. Kdaerton.l'reaideut of ;.:d MatioBal Bank. 

Kight Kev. Birhop Grace. 

Rev Dr. McM asters. 

Col. Robertson, and Phyaloians of Kt. l*aal 
generally. mohl-ly-UtH 


Oefi1«r»« iu ]:t.«tH.l I<lMta,te, 
Vaavrytancva laad Hnrar^sra. 

q, p. FOLSOM, 

1. A. BAHKXIt 

Removed from Third street to Jackioa-Uso j Property bouiUt atid sold, Uxe* paid, opUeo 

of iha three golden bkU<. I tjQM made sua tit'e a ewminea. omoe la In 

»u«i-ai' M.QEOFF, Agent, l |erMU'8 Block, ap stairi. »prW-ly-ieHi 







B UI .1. .ja.'L Mi a.. -4 U-l-K.. i-.iJ^k.JJ. 


mj^^ *- •"»*>■ 

t " ^ 




il i 

k^ J 




k J 

k ' 

a. i 


«tfM«^»t«l«**« »«•** 

ii%i~ ~_ulai^ 


'IHK rs/vlNT P/VUi. DAU.V llCl!::>vN FRIDAY, AUCJUhT ni, 18CG. 

oUc §ai«t pM ^tC?^. 

S.MNT I'Al 1., Ai:Ul'ST :'.l. \i*i>i- 

lU'liitiMii'iiii SSlaU" C<m;muIi«h>' 

i|il.' tliro'ir'illH 11- K'l, 
|i> l.r<•^•■"'"" •'"' •■"" 

1 ilii> linii'rnl liiivt rii- 

III" I .null olcctoi.) uf Hi" MKl. <•• '" "•" ' 

«%: I. r ri l»»..r..t u^ ..I'lirf «' """"••••"t'. 

Hi- f I, hi. of lh>' l.'>.il |''<'|| 

\<t IV lll\.'ii III t'OIIKIi"- 

aiUjii^ ••!» nhi.ti thH III 

allowrj to iadlci»>.'-t-' i 

mom, iMMlwh.. i.v..rili.M'f"l'««M'< •""■'"'""'•'t 

t.i 111- »'r.|.r<il « .•iifliliilii'ii, iito rr'|Ur»l<'il lo 

H nil •''• • ■■'•'■" '" •' ""'^'''>""" l" '"■' '"■'"' '" •'' 

g .., ,l II .1 . 1" ^'- I'-'"' S'liii' , .' 1 ** r«l«i«'» 

ttaf .****' •»»•»•••»» »f •>«-|iH'«M«»rr. 1«»«««», 

«• II UMOC'* .\.M.,IUr III" |IH|10M'«1 llOllllDlllllli 

I'limli'tili-H for tl.itrt AiultiiT .iniU'lfrli I'l lli(< 
.^iipr' >"" •■«'UU. l« li'- ' uri"'<'<«''» »' I'"" »'■*' «'■"■ 
.lal.l.'.t'oi! ami lor l:iiii uIii'K .». Ii olli.r biiM- 
■•'>K as liny |.ri'|"'rl.v .oi-i, lit'liii' lli. ..oivi-'Hioii. 
Th« teur*! cDunlKJi will W) «l4liilf>l lo JcH- 
g«!» m illowfi', »i* 

Anok. « I *«'"'""»"•• 

i|..|iioii I M..m.|.K4li» 

»ltH- I'uiiK > »<<'rriM.o 

Hrowii I Mo».r 

i!.ir^»*r ,.»••••» •! Nu'oll* I... 

ClW* ' ^""'■•".''■•i 

Cro* WlBR I ;.<"' '»•' 

«'M.,.^o ' f .'"•• 

*•••!'«»'*''««• i ^:;';s:;4' ■■;: 

I'llkOI't ' '""WWH* 

|>u>«i(l»* •• ' ll^«»>'U« 

IHmIki- •• '»''■•' 

x^j-ibiiilt - M •••»»"' 

|.i liii..r.- !* f*""' 

ITH.-Iirii -■ MurUurno 

«;oiJtiii ■ il'l-.v ■; 

ll.Mi.lim. ••* S-.'aru» * 

llmiK'uu.. * hiwlu • 

l«»n i.. I ■•»"'>• .' 

JMkouii < \VutM»liiiw ... ; 

Kan.lnoia • Wu.^»»ii . - 

K»a4N-i I Wii-hinmon < 

I^SiLiir 1 «ai..i.«iin : 

M-riln ' "■" ' ■•• • 

Mel^oil. ' Wf't!" 

Mnckcr > I 

Del«.«"«" iroui uiuii(5»n:.:'J couiitifa uo! 

d will bi- » il ']>•■• 10 ;<lia aclioa uf llic cou 

■. Hi..\KKi.\ .t-hitirmuu. 
K W.« I irn!, 
IS S, ^illM »N ', 

ti -.>•. C. Mt'iT, 

Liii'o I 8'ul 
Fl, rniil, Aiij-.i I I"' 

l". U. 1>A» IH".1. 


I, r. Mo I w.K, 

){. K.l'M>« KUI., 

I'l'i'ut'-rlCoa I'Ui'o. 


KiiiiUMK *»* »••** •**••••* ■••»•*•«* '" 
llio VucHiC. 

TUo rttaaoEgera Forty-llvo Days 
la Opou Boats. 

Krointlii' 111 A .Villi (.•■Jii'imrjii'.luuo ■. 

It bas seldom 1)i-lii our lot to tUi-ouicIi-. 
a more unfortun.ic liiimnler than the 
biirnini; i'( '''•• H'Iihi, one ol tin' linest 
ol Iho r\ililoriii,i ll ft of clipiurs, or an 
cacajio more providcntul Ibaa Ibat ol ft 
portion o( llie ^bi^)'8 company. The fol- 


lowmj; unour.t luis bii-n nathtTtd from 
the lies ot Mr. Tboma.i. tb.; third cllia-r 
ot the Kbip, ai:d Mr. L'lougb, a seaman, 
both ol whom bave vi'latives rtsidint; in 
San I'rftniisoo, who will welcome them us 
Irora tbo (;ravu. 

Tho -ViiievK-an ship Hornet, of 1,1-S 
tona burden. Cajit. .lo.iinh A. Mitihcll. 
left New Voik on tbt^ Lull ol .laiiuarjr, 
bo ind to S*n Kjaia'sfo. witli ii (vncral 
c»-f40, toiisi«(inp of coals, iron, (i.'.'oo 
b xe» candltB, •-', I'M) ca.^e» knoscne oil, 
and the us.ual assoriment of miseellaiie- 
oua merchaudijte. Beyond epenkinK one 
or two MS.nN. notbinR oecurred on tbo 
paasai^c oui worthy ol uote, till 7 o'clock 
on tbc luornmt; of the 'M ot -May, at 
whuli hour ihe mate went below with one 
of the hands to draw varnifb. taking a 
lantern. While so eii;^af;ed. an ixplo- 
siun .<uddi nly took place, which sit tiro 
to the sails in the »iil locker, between 
decks. The seamen rushed on deck, 
shoutinf; " fin-," while the iii ite remained 
below Irving to put out the fire, with 
blaukeCs,' which be took til from three 
sick nu-n. 

The «bi[> wus at thin time scudding 
aloiiR beauiiliilly under a six knot south- 
east trade win.i. She bad just crossed 
the etpiator the ev ums pixvioua, in the 
usual track ot verf. la bound to fivliKirma 
in longitude 1 l*.i ."^ . The hatch'ja iil the 
lime were oil for ventilafiBf; the ship, as 
IS eustounry. Unrdly had t'lu alarm 
been given belun! lire aud Jcubc smoke 
came out, ol the alter bai. h, conimunical.- 
iiig almost i:!?taiitantousl> lo the •'cross- 
jack sad," wUliU was Uai:i;iiij; ckwed up. 
In a very lew miiiUtio tbo llames burst 
lhrou>;h the mam hatch, and set firo to 
• be uia!nt.,vil. Wiih the ll-af ahirra, Capt. 
Mitciiell was promp ly on d.:ek, and act 
one watcli to work endeavoring to control 
the tiro, while the other watch was ordered 
to lower the boats and get them ready. 
The <i'iarter boats were salely lowered 
without trouble, but in launchinp; the long 
boat, her bottom was stove iu by an eye- 
bolt, making a hole in the bottom about 
a foot stiuare, which was ntopjied' up wiih 
blaukets and abirts during the entire 
cruise, the boats wtro provided with 
•ails, but these being in the sail lucktr, 
it was impossible lo ),ct at them. A 
studdim; sail, u m;iiu rojal, and some 
pieces of canvas lyinj{ bandy oa ib.i dick, 
were thrown into ibe boats, with what 
ptoviaiona were accessible, eorisistin(; of 
lour biiMis, twelve lii.s ol asaortcd uieala, 
:i box of raisins, scviu (iitces ol imik, ono 
buudred pjuuds ot breiid. laul luur buck- 
ets ol raw potatocD. I'vur dcmijohiiB 
and a barrel, coiitaiiiinj; in all but twelve 
gallons ol wall r, Wvie itlso pajsed into 
the bouia. The ships chronumctira, epi- 
tome, com[)a»»ea, ipiadrants, and a lew 
blanket 1, were also caved, but no rlolh 
iny, ixicpt wtjat the iti'ii .riuuid iu. 

At this time the whobj ship was in 
llames overhead the tiro crcepinf» and 
leaping from spar to rpiir, and envtloj)- 
ing (he rigging!, sails and masts iu one 
vast sheet of Harae. it wa.t iuipossible to 
remain on board any lonf^er, and at ipiar- 
ter belore .s oVloik, or tbree-rpiarters ot 
an hour alter the lira! alarm, the order 

wa.s given to leave tb<^ fbip, •m.'\ nil biifids 
took to the boats and pushed ell' from the 
vessel. Here was ono of those grary! 
sights, often described, but sehlom wit- 
nebBf.d— a noble ship, whiuh an hour be- 
fore was Kli'Vmg rlrjiiily along her course, 
now all wrapped in ll.iuua Irom the di'ck 
to the truiks — a gruu 1 aid rosily pyro- 
technic displiy. in which the niwU, spars 
and rigging formed the byld outlines. 
The scene was enough to sirike terror 
into the bravest hcirt, when he rcmtm- 
bered tl at it was over a lhou:a'>d mil* 3 lo 
tbe nearest land, and the thasiccs tl 
reachuig laud next to none. At eight 
o'clock, ihe masts of the noblo ship weut 
over her side, but the buiiiing hull, like a 
huge lamp, feil by L'U OOt) ^-^allons of kero- 
sene, aud C.iiun bo.tes cl candles, ma'^o 
an awful cuiitlag-aiiuii, lighting the hoii- 
/un lor a bumired uulca arjiiii'), while the 
ll.imes and smoke roll-d up in black 
masses, reaching lo the very clouds. 

The boaf.s remainf d by the ohip during 
the day and night wl.ili; she was burning. 
As the cargo gradually con.^uniedlho ship 
lightened, just as she wiiuld alongside the 
dock wh'.u discharging cargo. I In re 
were no e.xplosions during the burning. 
At •') o'clock on the morning ol tbe Itb, 
tbe lire liavirg burnt through the hull to 
the water, the noble clipiier made a plunge 
Icrward and went down bow first, leaving 
no trace ol her but a !• w charred spar.i 
and pieces ot wood float iii;» a'lou*'. This 
war. in norh lati'.ude •-■ -'"• , west 
tuiie llJ- y, about l.COO miles due f.oulh 
from t'ape St. Lucks, Lower Caliloima, 
aiid :.',.jUI.I mile« east ol Hawaii. 

Daniig the first night Capt. Mitchell, 
who had, »liruu,4ljout the disiister, shown 
a coolness and iii\ivery tijiial lo the occa- 
sion, dislribuied the men inio three buato, 
according to their capacity. Iu the. 
long boat with hiui weie lb,; two pas- 
•engers, the third mate, and eleven sea- 
men, a» follows : 

Capt. Jofliah A. Mitchell, ol Msiuc ; 
JNIessrs. S. ai.d 11. IVr-Mison. of Connec- 
ticut ■ ,1 Sidnev Thoiiias, third oflicer. 
of Ui'chmond, 'JNIiiiue; I'cter Smith, ot 
Amsterdam; Harry Morns, ol H.jvrc, 
France; Charles Cardmaiin. cf Dui 
mark; John ILL-kell. of Fultonville, 
Massaebu.He'.ts ; Joe. Williams, of xNew 
Hedford, a native of .M:i.ieri»i; trederick 
Clougb. of Thomaafon, Mttne: John 
Karris, of Maibrii ; Tbom»s L. '1 ate, of 
I'ortsiiiouib. -N' « Hampshire; James 
Cox, 0( New York cily; Antoine Pus- 
•aic. of Cape de Wrdu Islands; ^eal 
Turner, of New Vork ■ i'y. 

The «. cond boat was j:Ia.-;d in tLarge 
of tlie first clficer, Sau.ii.I Har.iy of 
Chatham. Massachusetts. Mes.dcs h.m, 
there were William L^r-g. of New York 
rwho^BfftthfilJtt slock broker i.. 

K.i,;laiid , (Icorge Wasbington, (coloroj 
cooii.) slcvanl and four olbers, wbosu 
iiaiiies, so lar, wo have not beeu able to 

Tbe lliiid boat ».a> iii cbaigi- of the 
r.. coiid I III. < r, Mr. I'.iii , .1 North Sbiebls, 
I'liglaud. With biin Willi the laipentcr 
and ...IX sca.iicii, whose naiuei wc bavo not 
J ll learni if. 

The jirovisHMKi ami waliT were ail 
r.pially distiiliuH-d uiiioiigthe ibieo boats 
liming tbe litat, iii;',b<, "lusta litleil. nod 
sail.' ml oul lor Ibmi, as will as > ircuiii- 
siaticcs and umieriala would pernii'. Le- 
ing in ibn lia.k ol ('alifureii bound ven 
;. I;., t'aiilain Mit<li« II concb.ded it best 
lo bead iiorlhw. M, 111 lb" i-auie course, 
liH..i.j. til .-ij.hi soiiK pa.^iing .■'•"I'- 'he 
I wo .iiiarlir boa's w. re laden iu low by 
ibc I .i.g boat, and thus ih. y utiiliid ell 
ill :. .iich'ol .-»>iii«' lu.'di- «'l iK liver, n. e 
lb•^ KC1..II.1 .1.11 In.l'.iil I'ubl sbowei.. 

o.vuired, ami soiue lour galUius ol water 
w i.t ol.i.ii.i. d. lo add to their ...iillslo. k 
III.' ..Iil. Is 1.1 I.- Ii;;bi and bi.lHuig, and 
(be sun IcU Willi scorching iu»s on their 

iiil|>l..l. > .I'll b. .ids. 

lb.- Inurih .lay the eourae win. cli.iii;;. d 
l..rl'laiuiii liiaii . li.c.ied in b'lig. HI 
W , III. l> .leg. ;;» mm . but owing l.> 
slioi.g wiii.l;* and bevy sea, itie I'oat. 
weie unable In hi. h up to it. 

till li.e lilili, sixth and MWiiib .li»)S. 
sx dolphin.-., a b..iuto iMid liirile were 
.•iiiieht, i'lid .Hvi.l.l among ib.' ll'ic.- 
boats, givii g the civw plenty el law im «l, 
but. as ih'> b,id no sab, ih. y w. n in. dde 
lo k.ep it. All It.- boat/ news wer. 
now I lit on an id A gd' ol w:i 
ter. ImIi a I'l" nil, aii.l half a raw p )tat.i 
(wii.'aila). r.u' whcu It laimd allhiiulj 
were privileged lo dri; k all the wa'tr 
ihey could catch. 

I'or Ihe next t bin iin d.iis ih.; wiiu's 
coiiiinued light and baillmg, Ihe long 
boat towing the other two all the while 
t)u the sevcuicenlh diy out, two ;-boo 
bi.-s" were caupbt, which were ilivided 
among the boal.i' crews. 

When eighteen day* out, uinler a 
strung trad.- wind, il was fouinl iu'possi 
ble for lie long boat to continue lowing 
theollici.', a.s llie alraiu ami ji-rking wa- 
ao severe ;is Id .iiilanger her, imd (."a|it 
Mitchell de. i.l.-d to i-ast oil Ihe male'#, whi.b in lorgitude I i I 
west, latitude Jo uoilh. Three day.s at 
ler it wus deii.lcd. lor tho same reascn, 
to cast oil tin' second nvUu's bOHt, and al- 
ter along side, dividing tbo beg- 
garly remnant ol stoi.J, and bidding each 
other adieu, they cist oil', all being ip 
good spirits. Tp to tins lime the ihreo 
boata wero all in »i)iht ol each other, each 
having a uaviga'or in ehar;;e, and liea.l- 
ing on the same course. That night they 
parted company, and the two mates' 
boats have not since been hcar.l Irom. 

After reaching longitude 117 west, and 
latitude 17 north, Capt. Mitchell decided 
to head lor "American (iroup," located, 
acioniing to Ilowditeh. in la'inide 1. 
N. longitude, l:;:i .".n W. Tb-: boa? spent 
sevcrardays cruising over the position, 
but fcund no signs of land. 'Ibiia far 
they had endeavored to keep in tbe track 
of Calilornitt-bound dippers, iu hope of 
nil eting a passing tail. l>ut failing to 
liiid land here, they headed lor Hawaii, 
dislunt l,-_M)Oiniles. 

At thii time tbev had no uetaf, and 
nothing to <-.\t but tho bare bones ol the 
ham, and the canvas it was rolle.l in, 
with their regular two gills ol water. 
Pieces ol this canvas and the stavc.-i ol a 
butter keg which bad a saline rtlih to 
them, served as tie main st&nd by, while 
the leather oi their bools was scraped oil, 
soaked ia water .lO as lo make the leather 
holt. This served as their soufi. For 
desert, they ate pieces pi cotton ahirts 
and hatidkciebiefB. Hy nume accident 
there a aupjily of iobacco i.-i the boat, 
whiih served to alUy their thiret, and may 
have been a principal ne-ans ot | rr .serving 
their lives. Hnring th entire p.^si-ttge 
the tltmu^t discipline prevailed, with 
watches off and on, as legular as oa ihe 
ship. Tbo boat leaked badly, and all 
hands took turns bailing to keep her 
alloal. With the strong trade winds, 
heavy sea and sipialls, blowing at times 
almot a gale, t'.is was no light woik. 

Oa the thirty-eighth day, lour Hying- 
lish kindly Hew into the boat. 
were niztd ai.d divided into tiltccu eiiuiil 
parts, and each ale his share raw. Tbe 
next, Jay another ll}ing liih came aboard, 
which was also divided into fifteen pieces 
and s-ived around. ( >n tbe fortieth day 
a very small liili Hew aboard, which was 
given to the Captain, as he was suCTcring 
most Iruin wiul of nourisbiiieiit. 

»>.i ihij luiiy IJiat day, Nell 'i'uruer, an 
invalid se.vman, who bail a severe abscess 

throw Ihd (iovcrnintir.l ll< • unlended 
that by ilicir u'bcUion ib. > lorleile.l 
Ibc r property, their ngbls, an. I llieir 
lives. I'asaing on. he spoke ol the lad 
ul the iight.s ol the .Suntberii U.-presenta 
lives III secure ihiir seals in Congress, 
aii.l i-aid ibat il Uiiy p.<rlioiiol Ihe Soiilli- 
iiii Slal.s had sent a lo) .il man In l^on- 
(■.icss, ll wa.-< oidy lo g.-l I iiii a.litnlled, 
aii.l when lliev b.i.l .-..■• iire.l a represeiita 
lion, lliev woiil.l M'li.l di-.lo\al men. Ke- 
li'iriiig to tbc riiiladclph' I t ', 
be sai.l It was ciniiposed nl men who pro- 
posed lo aetlle a W»r wl'ieli tbC) did not 
|.;;bl, but wbii h I bey iipp.>-.eil iii ii'l p.'.- 
.•.ible wa)s; )>.lld il is the inleiilion ol tl"' 
loyal people lo know b) what nghi 'h''* 
Hi'riv.a'*" to lll.•|"^>•■lvl■s ill'*' p' ivil.'i','" '• 
IS tin- 111. 11 who .ll.l lb.' liglilini; '"" "-'"'• 
wlit> are III ll.l ihe si'lilii'g. 

Ceil, ral ImiiI. r . l-aroi. - • d ibat bod.\ 
lis III.- iiioit leiimikal.l.- Iliiil • ver a^^> 
bled, mid siti.l that Ihe d. legal ion horn 
n.iilierre.lKiii ol lb-.- eouiiliy repro eulid 

Il-tlieii relen. d lo lh.t New tJilcans 
not. and lea.l aporiion ol the eoi ri spun 
. tell. I- ri laiiiig to it, and said the whole 
liiioi ol rii'M.lent .lobn'oii's .lispal.h lo 
i;< I.. .Shertd.iii lo jjloss .iver the ler 
iibh' nllair. II ibil sl.iiuol things eaunol 
b.- aller.-it, lb.! geinrul .■.iiiiinm d, we will 
mar. ll oii. e more, ami wee be lo iho.e 
who UppUAO u..|. 

Iiieoiisiderii.g ibe Ci/iislitiltivinol aiiicinl 
meiit leiintly lolol't. .1 by Coi.;;ie-'s, be 
sii.l ll-: iiol ill l.ivor ol lb.- one lela- 
livi- lo i.eiMo siiU'rage, b.ii ac epted it as 
ibi-bistho eouM g.-t. He was in lavur 
III Iree and iiiipailial siill'ia^.', .iml be 
won!. I try, by eyeiy means iu bis power, 
an-l wb.ti. ver position In- might Im> placed 
Ul, lo secure il. 

In .oncludiiig his spicch. the general 
said unless lln! p"i>|de of fbeNorib 
were In Ml ill iipboMing their Congress 
they will have their woik ol ihe last 
lour years to do over ug.iin. The gen 
.ral was freipien"y applauded during his 

btrs ul the lodge KDd iboto who kn. w bini 
U one loremost in ev.-ry g.tod woi I. . tJut 
o( "ihi- sixaii.l a-ipi irtor cut bath tub" 
hi: saved a aulbeient sum to ere. t lo llm 
111. niory ol bis .h-. iised wibi a large mar 

ble moiiii lit, being llie lin.l ol Ihekiu.l 

in oiir .■.•iii.-lery . 

|)i. I'lMlie. Muuli ipiii ill 

I iiniii.lii'' mill (;uv 




Tli« .»sMi<.slM I'oirrst l*i«'si«ltM 

- l>|.>Ki'»<'<'r"l 4'«»it«l>«'( ol 
Ovii. aitoiiouiaii. 

Mkmi'hi^, 'Vug. 'Jii. — A .Tohnsou lati- 
li. alien nu-eting last evening was atleiid- 
. .1 by about ono thousand persona. < .in. 
lorreat presided. He said there was no 
decision in the late war, and he proposed 
now to go to tho ballot-box. The hght- 
ing aciomplished nothing, and he wanted 
no more of It. He endorsed the rhili.lel- 
pbia Convention as a whole. Among 
Ihe \ lee I're-idenls announced waa lle- 
eorder Creigbt.m. tieneral Stoneman 
took a seat beside l-'orresl. K -solutions 
.leclaringCon.'ireBS a usurping rump were 
loudly cheered. They iudorsoU the I'bil 
ailelphia Convention, but seperated em- 
phatically the clause declaring rvsistnne,- 
to despotism essential to Ireedom. 

Colonel (Justavus Henry spoke. The 
South got nearly all at Philadelphia it 
could ask lor. The abolition of slavery, 
however, was a cruel mistake. 'Ihe 
South rebelled lo save the Constiiution. 
He detdared Southerners unworthy ol 
tb. ir lather! il they had allowed 
the North to take lour millions of 
properly without fighting. Since the ah- 
oliticn tl slavery the delicate hands ol 
Southern women would no loug'T wipe 
the clamminess of death fro'u tbe fore- 
head ol the negro. He eulogized John- 
son extravagantly, and declared if Ibe 
terms oUered at Philadelphia bad been 
olicred before tbe war, no war would h we 
occuired. (Jeneral Stonenmn declared 
the war a linalily. Tlu-y must ii'^w b.- 
reconciled. The soldiers who di.l th.i 
lighting were recoi.ciled. He siiiJ no- 
tbing ol the Philadelphia Convention. 

Speeches were made by Haynes. Avery 
and Cameron, fiercely attacking aiil 
threatening (Jovernor Itrownlow and the 
Slate t;ovcriiu..nt. They declared ibey 
would yet put their loot on the necks ol 
Ihe Ua.lieals in Tennessee iu epito ol all 
they eduld do. 

Forrest was cnthusiiwtically cheered ; 
Johnson but slipbtly. Cnal disgust was 
ll It, among tbe I'liioii iii-n that CiMicral 
Stoneman should pi-oslitule his high rank 
to serve tbe party which is raising heaven 
andearth to prescribe and drive Irntn the 
State his late eoturailen in the service. 

hi:, all. iitioii to .len- 
|.slr». I.rn. :i.' 'ig 111 the "llie ol l>r. .1. 
C. Huvll, who 1.1 tidl pra-nemg b. i-- 

I whose ii.iiiii. ai'p. ais l»r!<iw. lie L- 
\ priili. Kill and, alter llie iisuiil 
,1111. . iinl ol study ami pra-li.e, iiiigiati.l 
1,1 t 'liii':i;;o to |.nrsiie In:, eiilliiig in a 
lima. I. I liel.l. l-'roiii lh<'n.'" be went lo 
New t blians, wheie be was wai< bed by 
uiaiijf anxious Iriends, ami U'cann- on or- 
n.iiii.-iil I.I III.' proli-.hioii ami a l» lO on 
li('.ht III Ihe cause ol libeily and e.|ual 
ii;;liia III all iliell 

11.- vinitt'd Aiiisi.'i.luiii oe. ai-ioiiall> . 
and was alwi>a warmly greeted by hosts 
ul ami aibiiir.-is. His la-it visit 
was.limii^ Ihe d.iik days ol llie rebellion. 
IL; was called upon l» addi.Ms n meeting 
eoiivcii.'.l lor the purpose ol raising vol- 
iiill»'.-is, 111. I was ellthu^ia«lil'lllly greeted 
by all. an. I proved ol >;icat aaai'^l.nice in 
opeiiiii;; the e) es cl li.e eouimunily as l» 
Ihe irii. hial • ol all.iiia ;.l the Smith, an. I 
llm Irii.i cause ol lb" rebellion. Amsler- 
.lain e*ii boa>l ol more hiicIi "soi'p) 
bo)s."l-'. i;. .Spinner, now Treasurer nl 
ihe lliiileil Slates, baviig M:rvc. I an ap- 
pieiili.'.-rhip lo lb'- ban., sa making busi- 
ness previous Iu tM<3 advi^iit ol Hr. I>i>s- 
tie, well a icp. cl ibl.- i iti/- ns wlio slill 
I' iiliiiut s ihv- biii-iiitss aii.l whose liaiiie 
appcar.s below. 

riie letter is signed by .las C. Huell, 
.1. W. Sturlevaiit, John Kellogg, A.lam 
W Kliiu . I>avl.l !».- I'on-Ht. Mr. Kline 
is a democrat an.l u member ol the .State 


4:o|>|M-rlii-ii<li*.iii»H«l Umid :iii«l 

Th" I;>olis coirc'ponib-nl ol the 
('iucmnali Hazelfc writes: 

"Tho car.l- have been li.xed up for lu- 
diana in this wise: 'Ihe coppirliead 
nominees for Congr. fs ate to stan.l, with 
ono CKi-cption, and receive the solid sup- 
port of all tlu'se who ea*. the Presidents an.l butler. The exception ii in 
Ihe Kleventb Listrict. Snow is to \<- 
pulled on, anl tJ.n. Jiiu Slick is lo run 
In the Tilth District tien. Sol. Mere lith 
IS lo make lb.- ra.c agi'ust .lulian P. r- 
di o, the inb-pcinleut eandidr.le in tbe 
Kinhth Distri t, ii to be mule to li.-e 
tbe music npiirtly, or .another man m to 
be nominated This will coniplite tin' 
didegition. Now, bow the mat- 
U-r;' In the I'llih Di.trict Cen. Mec- 
dith Will expect lb.- support ol every mm 
who favored his nomination J ulian. 
Should he gel it, in eonjanctiou with tb.; vole, be will be elected. l!ut 
will he get it ? It needs no prBphet to 
loret. 11 the result. His warm and ardent 
Iriends will desert him. They are Hue 
patriots, however much they may at limes 
be led ml J loolish excesses ol zeal lor 
any man's advancement, and will vote 
for the loyal nominee. Meredith will 
find that they were bis friends 
only bcaiise he stood Mpiarely upon tlie 
I'nion platform. They will not allibate 
with copperheads and rebels, nor vote 
for any msn wlio upon their plat- 
f.iim. And lb.' majerily by which .lulian 
will be reliirned to his place in Congress 
will as surely repre-enlthe depth in lath- 
oms to which Meredith wdl be ^unk in 
the ocean of political oblivion. Tim 
Ceneral will n.'ver again appear upon 
the surlaee." 


Ilou lo >lii» lli«> ivialriiiiuiiiiil 


in the lip, gtive up discouraged, and lay 
down on the bottom ol the boat. The 
rest ol Ihe party were iu good spirit, 
but weak, e.\i> to see land in four 
or live days. Tlierc waa no grumbling 
nor dissenaioD. 

Ua the lorly-lhird .a; out, at 11 a. m., 
ihe cry of "l.iiid ho" was given, and tbe 
lolly summit ol Mauma Loa diecrtd the 
laniislied voyai;era Tbe bind waa eight 
ed a day or two aooinr ihau they expect- 
ed. t»n neauug il, a lUg waved on 
a pole, which was seen by tho^e oil shore, 
bur at first it wai suppoaeil to be a fish- 
ing party. Wbni upjiroacbiiig mar the 
bi'rukcrs 111 J^aupaboeboe, two nutives 
swam oir to ti.e bo.if. mid cii finding the 
di-ntitute cuuiiition ol the crew cliiabed 
into it, shook ban. Is with every one, e ly- 
ii g "lifiw ilo )cu do,' took the oars, and 
bnuigbt the boat salely lo the beach. 

None of the party were able to staud 
up, and on trying to do f o, lell over, |ier- 
(ectly help'c.s, and unable lis inlants lo 
walk alone. The natives crowded around, 
women vieini; with the men, took them 
lip in their arms, and carried them ::11 
ashore, to the house of Mr. Jones, Pulu 
iigent of J C. King vt Co., who rei-f-ived 
iheui with the greatest kindness The 
natives brought all kinds ol fruits and 
vegetables, such as potatoes, bananas, 
encoanuts, &c., for tbe starving men, but 
.Mr. .Jones, deeuon.; .1 not prmlenl for 
tbem to eat these, inado some tea and 
broth, and nursed tlii-m with tbe zeal ol 
a 1- lorcnee Nightingale. Next morning 
they were alloweil to eat a little mere 
freely, but still with great caution, their 
host providing them more at each subsc- 
i|Uont meal. 

W orrt b-vipg been d!spati;hed to lliln, 
t!ie Ann-ri.-Mi Cousul the.e, Capt. .1. 
Wor b, oCMt tliree boats au'l brought th-- 
sailors lo thut. port, Capt. Mitchell and 
the Messrs b'er/uson prefnrrin,'; to re- 
main at L.uipal.ochoe till they i'aiucd 
more slrcngtb. At Hilu the Consul pro 
viilcd (or alt lhc:r neceesilies and bu- 
siowed much earn ou tbt'ni. 

The whole party iu the long bout thus 
reathed lat d sal ly, alter huving been 
torty-lhree d lis f.t sea, nn pl.ort allow- 
ance pari of li-e tinu;, and less allowance 
most ol I'lo'.e. What is more re- 
nuukable, llier'e waa no >(iekne8s nor any 
o! that dizziness v/'iieh is so often the ac- 
eumpauiiueiit of persons kept in a darv- 
inp loni'ition lor »•> long a time. 

To Capt MitchcH'a fitness fur his com- 
niniid is due in j;o piaall degree the sue- 
cess cl bringing this ojicn boat J,.")UO miles 
.safely to 1 ind. lie had a compass, but 
HO ciiiiil .' and steered as with seperhu- 
man skill, or more correctly speaking, 
au ovcp-»uling Providence steered them 
in safely to thu land. The seamen « x- 
prcsB the uni.-il iiiibaiinded eontJdcuoe in 
iiim, au'l fell, li'ivc soldiers with their 
Ceiicval, that flo Ioii;{ as he led them ihcy 
Wi'resale and should reach tbe land. 

Tbe othi.r b( a a-- u;di-»s picked up by 
sOHie stray VlSjcI -have prub.ibly been 
lost. TI|,ough each Was provided with a 
navigaior, it whs not lill after they parted 
couiiian) iliM the lo.ig boat d.-cid d lo 
put oil' lor these islands, 'ihe others 
may ha'.e da no so or nut, but in either 
case could hardly aurvive thu squalls and 
heavy seas cncounturod by the one which 
has arrived. 

Tre Captain and sailors will leave for 
San I'raui.'isco by all laily vcsatl. l>.ir- 
ing their stay in Hdj, they were gene 
ruu^ly supplied with all thai human kiiid- 
ne-js can provide, and probably Uwy will 
m'--.'t tbo tniiii! trcrttmenl here. 

Ciluils lo 

Ncciirc J«ll. 



city ) Georgtt Wmthrop, of J.vndonJ 

\\c have already published a lclei;iaui 
oiinouiiciug Iha'- J. H. l>avis is soou to c 
released ou parole. Tin; correajiundent 
ol th.: N.;w Vork /hrahl gives a history 
ol ibo cllorls to pro-.ure a full pardon lor 
tbe head traitor: 

As 1 bate already stated it is almost 
certain that in a few days Air. Davis will 
be. released on parole or bail ; but this bit 
ol clemoue.y, desirable as it is, will lall 
Ur sliurt ol uatislviiig hia Iriends. Kver 
sime the lailaru ul tho Judiciary Commit- 
tee to bnd any evidence to erimiuat'; him 
iit the assassina.ion ol Mr. Lincoln, and 
esp.cially since the adj jurnmcnt ol tln- 
jSmional Inioii I'oiivcution, several 
prominent Southerners, ling liov.-r- 
nor Perry ol South Carolina, backed by 
lullucniial men ol tbe North, have been 
iiuielly endeavoring to induce tbc Presi- 
pent to grant him a full pardon. This 
clemency is advoc;itedon several grourids, 
but etiitl'ly as a measure of State poli.y. 
It is urged that a general aninesiy, includ- 
ing Mr. Davis, or bis gpe.ial pardon, 
would produce the most salutary results. 
The people of the South have renounced 
th-^ heresy of ge(!P!«»ion, havR aeceptrd 
wi bout mnrinnr the result of the w*r, 
have endorsf'l lullly the views an.l 
policy of Iho President ou thu great issue 
growing otil ol Ibe struggle, and are to 
a nnui 'Icing everything iu lluir power to 
restore their erring States to tb-ar origi- 
nal sliit'is in the Union. Some of the 
most prominent leaders of Ihe rebellion 
are now foremoat in the endeavor to re- 
s ore harmony and revive social and poll 
tied intercourse between tbe North and 
South without which Ihe Union cannot 
be ni de perlect; and it is sincerely be- 
lieved Ibat tho trial of Divis lor treason, 
and the consniuent discusfion of the 
gnat principl- s and .piestions which led 
tl the rebellion, and the numerous sidt 
i'sues which would necesbanly arise, 
would proiluee unpleas int reflections all 
throughout the Sou'b, and detract ntt"'n- 
tion iind interest from the all importiint 
anbjei t ol the restoration of the Union. 
Th" Southern people cannot b. come in- 
dill-, rent to the late ol Kavis. Thty can 
nut with composure see him tried and 
punished lor having, in obcdien.-e to 
their wishes, aa.tumed the Chief Magis- 
tracy of the Confederacy. Ho was merely 
tbe inslriiinent and servant of fix people, 
and they can sec no reason why he should 
not receive as much clemency as them- 
selves. What eiieouragement they have 
rcccivid from the Preti.lent will probably 
tratispiie in a few thys. 

(jieiifnii Itiitier on ilie Sfiiimp 

ill l>liis«.au-hixsctts. 

IJy.-jlii.s. Augual •-'«.— ,\t a political 
meeting last evening t! butler was 
one of the speakers. The IJeiald'n des- 
pfttdisays: "(leneral Huiler, on being 
intr ducrd, said : The iasm-s now before 
the eourtrv were tho same lially 
Ha those ol I'-^eii, and in this eonnec'ion 
he wished to state, the cau-ea which led to 
the r.'^elt.'un ami tiie part lufceu li> tlie 
Southern States in ihuii atleinj-t tu over- 

Dr. |}o»>lic'!> Cliiiruvlcr. 

The World and other newspapers in 
the rebel interest having assailed the pri- 
vate cUvractcr ot tho late Dr. Dostie, 
murdere.l at New Orleans, several of the 
leading citizens ol Amitordam, N. V., 
have written a letter to the Tiihunc, ia 
which they say : 

Dr. Dostie'a fitbcr was a residout of 
Saratoga county, ant! a barber by trade, 
which lact led lo the sou hftvicK begun 
life in that capacity. At an early age he 
:.<une t ) Amsterdam, and opened a "bar- 
ber »hop" with bilbing rooms attached, 
of unusual size and cspieity lor a town of 
the siz", thus making a start for lum-.ilf. 
Duriig his s journ with us aa a barber, 
hu s uJicd at every Irtisuie pioment, and 
rcciicd what, he ha.l learned lo !::s wile, 
ll.! having I'.arrie.l a highly educated lady 
ol Cazenovia, N. V., and thus improve. I 
his ipialities of mind and heirt to an al- 
most unprecedented d.-gne, aud becaioe 
one ol the le*ilin J im n of thu town. In 
the t)dd Fellow, of which be wasaim lu- 
ler, he pMsml the . hief " KxecutiTe 
I hiiir" at an early d»y, and was ever 
piesent m jUUm 'Uaee upon ihe nek, .lav 
or uii'Iit, :i-: ift'jndance might be Ttupiired. 
lie will Ic rcmu'id-erclhy all the nicm- 

Kroiii III.. I lii.ago I'u.^l. 

Wm. 11. Siowe, tie; p.oprielor